Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 10, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, A4ICHIGAN THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Friday, June 11 "The wise man control? li i s destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (Mar. 23 -- Apr. HJV Don't he rteccivcri by promises or threats. Bring common sense to bear on ail questions Moon- Neptune conjunction highlights hidden areas Die deep! You could uncover valuable clue TAURUS iApr. 20 — May 201: Best to hold off on any legal action, decision. F r i e nd could mean well, but unintentionally "involve" you. R e s pond intelligently. Check details. 3et routine tasks completed. GEMINI (May 21 — June iO): Work toward goal. Time when actions speak louder than words. Read your paper. Find Jut where to go, whom to see. Contacts indicated Extra e i !ort pays off. CANCER (June 21 — July 22): Concentrate on quality. Ac- lept no substitutes or excuses. One close to you may be try- Ing to "cover up." Be gentle, tactful to bring forth the truth. Good evening for visit with friends. LEO (July 23 — Aug. 22): No time to jump to conclusions. Finish job at hand. Stay away •rom arguments Guest may be striving for your "weak point." Remain aloof from petty gossip. VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): Individual with u n i que i d ea could prove helpful. Get o u t line, format on paper. Read today's Gemini message. Visit. Test and experiment. Fine night for entertaining. • LIBRA (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): Day to complete project, e n large horizons. Recognize p o - tential. Don't count on money from one generous with p r o - mises. Set your'own pace Don't be rushed into foolish move. SCORPIO (Oct 23 — Nqjr. 21):: Creative desires need to be fulfilled. Take initiative. Express yourself in original manner. Don't be held back by tradition. Time to break out of rut .... move forward. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 — Dec. 21): Strong promotional methods indicated. Ideas can be obtained from movie or advertising medium. Be perceptive. Look behind the scenes. Ask questions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): Separate desires from actual needs. Your problem now comes from wishful thinking. Find an ally in new friend. Exciting evening for attend ing ipecial event. AQUARIUS (Jan 20 — Feb. 18): Questions from top sources could get you started on ex- AFTERNOON CHARM— Simply elegant for special dress-up occasions! This brief-sleeved frock for the matron comes in a wide range of sizes. NO. 8252 with PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52. Bust 38 to 54. Size 38, 40 bust, 5% yards of 35-inch. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Exciting, Inspiring, informative—the Spring & Summer '65 issue of our pattern book Basic Fashion. Just 50c. BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 10 A .1 9 7 5 ViKi * K D 6 2 *KQ3 RAST * A 4 A K 8 3 If QJ10 85 V K 6 2 *54 »J1087 410842 4.075 SOUTH (D) AQ1062 ¥ A74 * AQ3 + A.T6 No one vulnerable South West North East 1 N.T. Pass 2 A Pass 2 •) Pass 3 A Pass 4 •} Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—•/ Q i also i successful tournament j player. I She points out that North has ! a perfect Stayman response to his partner's opening no-trump and can afford to raise- to three ! spades after South dutifully shows that he has four spades. Soutn goes on to game and I has no trouble making It He wins the first heart, starts after, trumps and eventually loses one heart Tick and the ace and king' of trumps ; Without the use of the two club convention North and South would never find the spade suit. West would open a heart against whatever no-trump con tract; South played and the bidder j would be held to seven tricks •EN CASEY citing project. Be ready a n < willing. Revise the old in orde to rebuild for future. PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mar. 20) Favorable lunar aspect high lights "journeys of the mind.' Gain indicated through read ing, study. Fine for plann i n g vacation trip . . . attending unusual lecture. Seek stimulat ing people. a * -tt If today is your birthday . . your most unusual quality i. intuitive intellect. You are a na tural teacher . . . love to read . . and you can inspire people to utilize natural abilities. * 6 * General tendencies: False alarm indicated on Internationa news front. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS BUGS BUNNY / URK1 SYLVESTER'S WALKIN' IN HIS SLEEP 1 WAKIN' HIM UP IS DANJGECOUS, AN' HE'S HEADIM' PER TM'STRESTl THERei I STEERED HIAATH' OPPOSITE WAY' r LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, DOCi WOULD YA RATHER S6ET HIT BY ATRUCK? CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner • Htlt,Nt*.Uc.TMi,.tM f- on all this By JACOBY &. SON The Stayman convention i s used primarily, to allow a partnership to find a four-four major suit fit after a no-trump opening. Basically it uses the two club response to an opening no-trump as a forcing bid. The opening no-trump bidder rebids two spades with four spades; two hearts with four hearts and without four spades; and two diamonds without four cards in either major suit. From that point on there are almost as many variations as there are expert players, but the bid is an essential to successful play and every bridge teacher includes it in her advanced classes. Dorothy Jane Cook of Wilmette, Til., is a former president of the American Bridge Teachers Aosn., chairman of the program committee for this year's meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago on August 4 and 5, and Quick Quiz Q—How long do lion cubs retain their baby coat? A—Tw.o to three years. Q—Who served as manager of ' one major league club longei than anyone else in baseball history? A—Connie Mack (Cornelius McGillicuddy) managed the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 through 1950. Q—Who was the first mother of a president to witness the inauguration of her son? A—Mrs. Elizabeth Ballou Garfield. i Q—What is the best .depth of i water table to produce the fin- I est timber forest? i A—Four feet or deeper School District Loans Approved by State LANSING (AP)—New schooL district borrowings against anticipated state revenue have been approved by the Department of Public Instruction, as follows: Soo Townshp, Chippe wa County, $20,625; Lake Linden-Hubbell, Houghton County i $17,000; Republic Central, Marquette County, $5,000; Hartford Van Buren County, $30,000. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 * Pass 2 • Pass 2 * Pass 3 • Pass 3 N.T. Pass 4 • Pass f Yon, South, hold: *KQJ2 VA104 *32 *A654 What do you do? A—Bid four hearts. This mast be read as showing the aee of hearts and interest In * •Iain. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid four hearts and your partner bids four spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Fisherman Fined for Trolling From Boat Richard Geyman, Rocksprlngs Wis., was arrested on Mercer Lake, ^ercer, by officers of the Wisconsin Conservation Department on a charge of trolling for fish from a motor driven boat Geyman posted a $30 bail bone at the Iron County Court at Hurley which was ordered forfeited this morning by Judge Arne H Wicklund. Evidence is mounting that some meteorites come from the moon, scientists report. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox ''Good morning Mrs. Spears. I'm your friendly neighborhood odd-Jobs man, out to make a fast dime!" People Ahcwer to Prtviout Punt* ACROSS 1 Johnson's successor 6 Feminine appellation U Official account •13 Masculine appellation 14 Legal pica 15 Leased 16 Members of the 17 Diner 19Goddcsx of the clavm 20 Deportment 22 Mae 25 East (Fr.) 26 Damage 30 Exude 31 Notion 32 Ireland 33 For fear that 34 Johnson (ab.) 35 Nickname for Arthur 36 Hops' kilns 39 Completed 42 Social insect 45 Chemical compound 46 Singing Tower 49 Bullfighter 51 Segregate and detain SSEluder MVicart deputy 55 Appellations 66 Intelligence' DOWN 1 Arrest (coll.) 2 Feminine name 3 Three-banded armadillo 4 Negative word 5 Cornered (coll.) 1 Footed vase 8 Tardy. 9 Anatomical combining form JOPuUto 12 Swap .13Salut* , 38 Troops <ab.) 20 Authenticate • officially •21 Civil War battlefield 22 Cry 23 Prince 24 Forefather' 27 Fruit drinks 28 Pause 29 Entangles 35 Protective covering aan uaan • cam G3H OQBIH EJQH' 36 King (Fr.) 46 Vegetable 37 Belted garment 47 Worthless 40 Rabbits bits 41 Order 48 Leg joint 42 Solar disk 50 City in the 43 "New" star Netherlands 44 Cockney street 52 Cornish tow» or (prefix^ ft'S BEEN A VtAR AND A ^> HALF SINCE I'VE SEEN JOAN. 1 WONDER IF SHE..../ I'M GLAD >00 COULD COME EARLy. IVE SO MUCH I WANT TO TALK TO M3U ABOUT. GOOD. I'VE BEEN CURIOUS ABOUT... UH-UH. IN THE GARDEN. SNT IT NICER OUT HERE...FOR TALKING,! MEAN. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MenU r YOU Re ©OtMS WQHT (NTO THE WATER LLJNCM.LARD? AFTER ALL, WHO WANTS TO EAT WET SANDWICHES? PRISCILLA'S POP By A1V« M\SCHIEF _ GET INTO TM>S TIME? DID VOL) TRIP THE FIRE BELL ASA1N •at DON'T TELL ME \ CAME TO COMMEND "lOUON PRISCILUA'S IMPROVEMENT THIS TERM; MUST ALWAVS SCARE LIKE THAT?! MORTT MEEKLB By Did HOW ABOUT YOU? Af^VCUAHZAID X HIM CUES OR. A£*C HIM AGAIN ecr ) "J CAPTAIN EAST By Leslie WA5WT IT RI4KV VE5..THEVO BE6UMT05TOP CAR* I 2 HIP TUP CAR fErUMD MV COTWeE BEFORE . — ' If KYA5 REPORTED WWINS. WEEKS LATER I PROVB IT NEAR TROON* HOME AT NIQHT«. ANP TRUCKS ON SO/VNE ROAPSl 5O t DETOUREP TO THE FROZEN FOOD HOME WITH V LOCKERS WHERE I KEEP IW MEAT. VOUR LOOT?\AND HIP IT IN My tOCKERl gy THEM THE- ^ POLICE WER& ALERTEP1 2? *&* I'M TOO OLD TO TAKE UP ROBgERV, I FIND! TOO HARD ON MV CONSCIENCE. VOU'RE SO I'M SENPINS MV CONFESSION TO SCOTLAND VARP...WITH THE KEV THE MONEY, TO HH LOCKER. FULL OF BANKNOTES! JlQO HOPE U8E IBilEflTWITH VOU I THE BORN LOSER .OOCHATHIS IS > ANP THESE ARE TOW*,)82H PA6H J My FRIENPS, LOOM* 2 X MARS y DA2ZA ANP ZARGO CENTRAL. HOW COME XXJ GIRLS COME-WW DOWN HERE FOR A PICNIC? OH.WE THINX/^ "\ ITS MORE >OUR EARTH/ MUCH \ EXCITING IS A MOST / PRETTIER \ TOO BEAUTIFUL I THAN OUR PLACE V MARS OUT OUR WAY—By j. R. Williams WHAT P'YA MEAM, I CAN'T TAKE THESE WEIC3HTS ALOMO? I'M OM A BOPy-BUILPW PROGRAM AN 1 1 POWT WAWT TO HAVE IT IMTER- RUPTEP JUST 'CAUSE WE'RE <SOIM' OKI VACATION.' WELL, YOU CAM JUST TOTE THEM RJSHT PACK TO THE EASEMENT- THREE WEEKS WITHOUT THOSE THIW63 AREM'T GOINS TO CHAN6E you IMTO A FLABBY WEAKLIUG/ WE'RE TRAVELING &/ PLANE THIS YEAR. AWI7 I'M MOT ABOUT TO W/ FOR EXCESS WEI6HT 0MCURUK56A6E/ HEROES ARC MAPE- OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoopte LI6SEN,/HA30R,tV660TA PROPOSITION PORSOOA 1 HAD CONeSlRD SMITH MATCHED WITH TI66K ^ RILEy FOR MY MAIM EVENT— THErt T16ER ' PUNCHED A COP AND BROKE A HftND / BUT AFTER THAT 6PREAO ACE H«5H 6Me ROC*/ x FIGURE- sowe CHUMPS MISHT pAyTosee yoUR Boy IN ACTION/ OR WAS THAT 3UST 6AOC6- IN THE WATER BOTTLe -/0|8oUT> - HIM8E1N6 A KILLER ? MAN TRAINED IN SCIENCE.TNBVr EXASeERATe.^ PECAPlTATBj 60NSBIRD.^ T ga o^ ^, & w man NEVER HEARD

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