Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1928
Page 1
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."I Tfc€ REGISTER'S CtrcMto- fion ivcords open to public inspection at any time.' t- ; VOLUME XXXI. No. TO-i Sin-<?«-!«sor t» The Dully Register. ,The l>il:t I >«1I .v Recnrd and Inia Dally Index. lOLA. KAN.. SATURDAY F:VENING.'JAN TROUBLEFOR U.S.INHUGE TAX CUT NOW Such Is Opinion Mellon Gives in Address To Women WILL HURTCOUNTRY Taxes Would Later Go Up And Business Would Suffer, He Says SING SIT^IG WARDEN IS OFF TO PALM BEACH TO REST AFTER EXECUTION New York. .Jan. 14.,(AP)—Warden Lewi.s E. Lawes, of Sing Sing prison was on hi.s way to Palm Beach today for a ten-day rest, his nerves shattered by the ordeal of the executions of Mrs. Ruth Snyder and Hienry Judd Gray Thursday gp„p__i • ' ' He went oh the advice of his physician, his secretary • night. said. The w^arden has long been opposed to capital punishment. ^ .. i His friends.said he was also ex |<> orqised because someone in tlie execution chamber took a photo- LINDY TAKES HISVACATION INBOUQUETE iti UARY CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a -Neirspaper Has to SeU Its Advertisers. I ->} 4; 1928.. The Weeklv Register. Eatabllshrtl 1SS7. The lola Dally Register. EatabUshed 1S97. SIX PAGES EUDURANCE FltelFAILS graph of Mrs. Snyder as she wa: in the electric chair. The photo Aviators Witi^ Colonel on Hunting t Trip Today ) ! OTHER ACES ARRIVl: PASSES I trusted reporters that night aut'.] on»* of them was unworthy it the. ;i;r!;.^;^"':::;!^:'s'^5'""'^"^'"''French- Flier^ Honored• But This the men for cameras. It was said; the camera was New Yorlt. Jan. 14. (.\l'>—Secro- lary .Mellon- predicted here today that if Cougress ijeduced taxes below the J225.O0O.0O0 recommended liy Ih.- treasury, higher rates mlKht) liare to be voted soon to meet Kovr j « rnmenl with a conse-i (lueiil harmful-effn-t on business. Addressing th-j Wonu'n!s .National Ki 'iiuhlican club, the secretary' | vald that while It lulBlit be good i busiV>ss li> luwei- ta.\e >i. "It ino-;!^ •assvrredly would .not help matters ' to be obliged to rals • them." "It must be remembered." said be., "that our jiresent <lUI' whldi has obtained for si-veral i"tars, and any reduction in" taxes j J^QV .\iicees. will be made on the assumption! Another statement of graph wa.s. prominently displayec'(strapped to the leg of one of Ihf in a pictorial newspaper. • witnesses and the bulb was pn-.ssed He was quoted as .saying: • ; frrm a coat pocket: | "In the futiire there will be onl> ' The executioner. KoBert Elliott J one man fi;oin the 'press in ih : admittoil he had called upon a phy-1 death chaiiiber during electr >cu j sician yesterday but denied that he | tions, and liell be a man I Hn-jw was ill. i HICKMAN GIVES ANOTHER REASON FOR HIS CRIME ABBEY TO CLAIM BODYOFHARDY* BUT NOT HEART In Panama After Long Hop ''arai -as. Venezuela. .Ian. 1). . f.M'i The VenHzu'^l.tii gii.fiii-j merit .is making "vtf usive pre-1 pnrati'.ii jor the .•j-liinf ("old-* net Charli-,^: \. l.indlitfrgh who. wlUfly here from I'linama en j route to 'Havana within the| next t<;ii (lays. Intense interest in the .Vnieritaii air hero is displayed everywhere and there is great- "iitlMi^iiisni among '.he j )i '0|ilc. Coiini NIGARAGUAN DRIVE TO BE GONTINUED IN AIR- MARINE HEAD DECIDES His Plane Forced:to Land As li Nears New Re<jord ^ ~^S. iMARK Managua. Nicaragua. Jan. 14. (AP)—The drive against the rebels Will be continued by air rather than by marine pa-; trols which run the risk of being ambusjied " " Bombardment of rebel -positions^from airplanes has been" very effective. Col. Louis Mason Gulick American marine commander in Nicaragua, said, in announcing bi^ poIicjL The rebels were dispersing ""- TRAIN, WITH COOUDGEjE IN FLORIDA Because of Mit-Ij.ll lure the w r--'-(ird Avif <-nic l\ Ml' Q. Wllliali tlii'v aiin <i r» i -J i-k ikT iil'^"" '•^^vy cover today fearing thf iKeCOrdiUoeS IN Ot'Effect of bombing. .Marine infantry detachments massed in the eastern part of the state of .Vueva Segovia They intended to the rebel j teneral Augustino Sandino in cas< I ^e should jCttempt to escape down i tihe Coco river to the • Caribbtan ! Sea. Tedhnicalitifes Field. .V tY.. .Ian. 14. IX ^Jiird Htteniiit to cap- rld"s duriiftoirnicht h- !|tart»d-Vy flar- antbtfrlin and RoRer at: d:iwn, Monday, .1 raii.-iiUi^ .laii. of <>i>^nit II I A I'. Til.- poAt revenues ar-<! to the high level of prosperity It Is Attempt To Aid Defense: Be Buried Beside His Wife that this prosperity will continue jthe kidnaping and slayin;; ..f little without any abatement. .! Marian Parker has been adiled t-i "While ,at prt-sent the general" trend is reassuring, nevertheless, if there should be a falling off in .business, with a conseiiuenl and infnTediate r'.duction in the yield of the corporation and indyidual income taxes, ii may- be necessary tor Congress to levy additional Itaxe.s'in order to provide for the jrevc^pue needs of the government. "O'nce ,^he excise taxes have been -jons of til.' l'iii(eil Stales^ J arnfv at -Friince fitld repor^^il ni But Prosecution Charges > Heart of Englishman To noon today that C'olon'-l Charles LindberKli landwl saf. ly at n::tu a. in at Hoiii|U('t-v v,!:vie lie -will. !-peiiil several days vac-atiiiii. DorilK ster. Kngland. Jan. U.' t.olnn-l l.iii'lbi r:;li. wlm wa.'^ n- fAl'i-In jhe early morning moon- ,.„i„|,:,,iit.d hv s>-vei:il ;.rniv ,i-isi- light on I>ors,.fs windswept downs : ^^^^ j,,,,,. the body of l.ho.nas Hardy - c.x- „„. .j,,^. ^j,, ;„ the already bulky coUecUon cif con-.torever--^was taken away today for i i.r.v .,f (imii vol.ano Th'- fessions penciled by William Kd-;'•remation prepat^atory to burial in{^.„,,.a„„ has been extinct f. r four : Presidential Party Planes returning . trom the Qui- lali district Thursday vigorously j bombed t^je- rebel kreas near Quila-; Ii. wher<> .American troops^ were I ambushed last week. Colorfel Gu- j j y lick announced. He said that the " I Li Li End of Trip Key West Nears to GO ON SHIP aviators - reported that their Ijoin-i bardmeni wa.s carried out with dis- Battleship TexaS To Con- actrous effect. . ! . i - - th J> i - 1 ~ An offer of a conservative army' Vey tne r arlV 10 to aid tlie marines in their drive ( HavanU against the general. Sandirio. wa; [ ____ I President Cui)!! IK- .Train En Itiiut- to K (AP»-A~ I'l. -Ill iiu-eil tonii;ht. n. lAl'i ir.otives in .Mli.-hel! F (.VP" flan Olid atti-n'ipt a lu-w worl ord r.illi'i! tf Tli«- jdnn III. II wiiul to rfiiiain' iii beat the recti The filer new .\meiMi-i li;.d iu tt-iied! llii':ir<: 11 riill :ii I::;:' p lit »!'iii> ii is" III till" ijir tor ii III'' old rejTir hiivt- III 1.11.:;;: 14 eld. .V Y.s Jan lice Chainlierlin's sec-, Ibis week to establish i s dui-Hliiin' flight rec- j iiiiay. i DEMOCRATS WUI BUILD STRUCTURE i^OR CONVENTION made by General Einilianiv Cha morro, former conservative? presi- :!^"'- 14. i traveled today to'.-.iii -l b:t^.J::.i';eceIL,^!Party To; Spend $100,000 the air until 3::u to Building To Hold All Delegates rd held ill tJermany. Iso falN'd ito make p I record, although hi ^—•• •. the old mark of .".1 i Washington. Jan. 14. (AIM—The " n;:i "'"tjie "r^S- ' —'"'^^ arrangements for the ce.s.sury tti ri'inain in t democratic national convention at t least an hour after. Houston. Texas, in' June, today d. That ' ••' p. 111. NAYALGROUPIN HOUSE WILL NOT jFOLLOWWiLBUR Committee Votes; to Fix TimjB For Completion Of Ship Program jtiiiii- would' ijaunched plan-s for i-onstruction ; of a Sl'.'O.l'O" temporary building in which the next Democratic of the .Florida pi iiiii.-i:!.i to Havana. Cub;!, of winter wa.'< Lit ii* sonvillc. which 1;- n... i the iiiorniiig. ^imu - \ bright sun ciiii n;:: ••i expectation nf ;i , .ninr r he had m-vi -r ii -;n -ii.-l president. I'p early to ••:iy K -'-'i ret .'ir .v Davis of i|:- ment- who b-f; fin- sonville. .\Ir. Co'dirin-" his table in tin diniiij; a breakfast m' KliMii:;i .-• p e (• i a 1 <t. .i 'lii ("iioiid^'e r.'W fi 'ul • :i \<\~ way vi-srii^e I 'arlv'in r .-:;f !.;r a . . his;. ir vvliieh- h. ii>:-;-, as I •. • - ! o Sf 'C- if' jKirt- i; ;it .lack,-;;s .-aim ut t[> eat tr 'ilus; ivith Washington, Jan. 14. (.API— Dis- rice cakes and hdii-y. T'-i' espee- regarding Secrctarv WilbuTs rec- ially-engraved rr-:::i.i. ommendKtion. the house naval com- mittce voted 1.5 to 1 today jo pro- oranges, vide that any. new wajr.ship con- I>i-aving '.\;ii !;-iTi-. dents train !:ii)v< d . • structioft program must t-all for corapletfOti of the vessels w'ithiii a ward Hickman. The latest dot iiment was scribbled yesterday by Hickman in the presence of one of his alienists, one for. the prosecution and th<; count.r jail .pb.vsiciun. I,t ihimediateV" drew fire from the prosecution camp, representa- • Tiioki 4»lT Thur>ila} The tih-rstook off from nominee for the presidenev will be 'specifie4. time, w It fiHd., adjoining .\Iilchellfie;<i;^^^^^ ' | The c()mraittee also adoptj^d by a similar vote' a motion to prevent tile committees decision to, .Mayor j -v or-! fraught wish; intense ph.vsi<al hard-.' (jg^-ar Holcomhe. of Houston, l.ttl«-,hip loss.,!: fuel because of leaks'^ „ that' : III their oil land gasoline systems >-^"'""""' It 1»:rj a.; 11). on Thursday, .\lmost; ^f'"'^''- ^. ^ , ^ , • . from 'he imminent they left the i ! In announifing that he had wired tlieiir flight ;had been [.Westminster Abbey, Monday, . t,,,,,,,,.^ v.a.< .Jis'usn^s^o^iijrStQ^-K™^^^ ^ villages, one pictured in imagina-' tion the best of gho.utly figures. 1 •''"''P nie".--. Thi-r. .•h-ir-ii-tt-rs from his noveN- fh^fi"" " '"l^'-*'- : 111 tl'idr oil and g.t.-<i>iiuc :...iLi-ii..- . from his novel.s, that. x^xxWmvi in the ivsi.... :s ex i t.oublr wl-lii the-dials of their fiv-! the temporary building would ac- celleiit. tapir.-', mountain !l(>ns and ij,g in.-truments. and iinfavorable' cbminodate about 2.5i00i) persons ::iv.- riiru . a . J,'.'. ' iiis- •;IJ:!..- gi-^v^ ':;i- I'rysi- li'.-.v.-.iVd lo'::! i:!!). <! tr .-ir, V.'.^x? !.•- u ili i-.m- .-.-hip t-.>x:i.>-- the president from suspending con- eiiniinated. they will not be restor-i lives of the district attorney-s of- ed. Th- tlrsi move will be to in-«fee hailing the new work ot Hic:i- ^•rease the rates on individual and. man-spenci; as a d^^^^^ ^ corporation incomes taxes, and 'he '^»r no'^*'^" t^^^ UUes of the valley accompan- yery per-sons now urging an ex-1s ons preMouslj made b> theyoting .^^^ ^.^^.^j,^ 1,^^,^ itessive reiluction in taxes will be:8lajer. „„.•„,„,, „„.; card'inscribed; "ToM'- Darling. rose to bid farewell to the genius who created them. ' .\ handful of narcissi, was sprinkled beneath: the coffin and one beautiful wreath of arum lilieH The first to pay the penalty in any increased taxes which may be nec- is.iar.y for the. production of need- i-d revenue." "From-the point of'view of the lax payers, this is undesirable, of .<ourse. Hut it has a greater sig- nliPicance than (his. Tf productive business'should again find itseif burdened . with disproportionately hlph taxes, not only ibusiness itself. bii th the whole country would hrse benefits now beginning to )ie • felt gs the result of getting liai:k to a hiore balanced svstem of taxation. ' • The principal evil to be avoided in any system of taxation i^; that of excessive rates. Kx<-'ssive rates .upon any i -lass of property or tax payers are hanniul. becau-ie they jtlistort or obstruct the normal 'flow of tradi- and investments. It i.s not' so'iniixiriaiii just"* tax is levied, but it is extremely iniiKjrt.ihi that no income. <-orpor- ate or private, and no property, tangible or intangible, should be " disproportlonaKdy burdi -ni -d." '^I'h" se<-rft;iry i -harsed business iiK<n who weii.-:.siit:ci'stini: a larger : r.Mhu.tiiin wj-r- iiskii;g the g'lvorn- jnii-nt to lollow a iii):icy :ibat they ^tli-mselvi'-- wi'iild luit adopi in t!>e conduct of l!i<'ir own bnsini>->;*'.-- by invoivin;; tii-' iiretifly of budci'f. ..Mr. .\Iei|iin prai.-ed i'l-~ident ( o.didgi' and ilie jidmiuisiration fur a '"polii-y.' of srund and <-on- Flriicflvv e<-n:ioi!iy at W;isliiiigton." • •: I deer being numerous. French Aces Fleted in Panama The state's forces pointed oUv that the new story in the case con- ; ,, , tained 'inany peculiar and out-] ""'''ly'^' •'<-"n buried st.-uxdiiig-absurdlUes" and in spots'"'""^'e R^V'- contradicted Hickman's two previous statementK. one said to have been given to officora on his way bark from Oregon and the otlier to a Los .\ngelcs newspaper. Whereas he previously said ho took thrt small girl's .life 5n the fear that his apartment w learched. in his last declaration of motive Hickman Wfote: "The irafiulse to into my head. I w the sear<'h." in : of be wj-ather. j : insttead of the ij..iOi> which the pres- Uick of fuel caused the plane to! i Houston auditoriilm can seaL dascend. Th? trans-Atlantic flier, „^ , landed sklllf'.Uy with • "a dead! The ne.xt meeting of the commlt- stiek." Hp previously had dropped-tee on'arrangements will be held a message saying be would Hy un- in April at Houston, at which the til the tanksl Went dry. The ofTicia! gtJo,j Q^Vernor Smith of tinv of landing was 2:n-t:17 p. m. (•lianibejlinj ,anil his Convpanion -S [ew York for an early conslder- ion of the party platform wilt be Pdnania City, Jan. 14. <AP)—; l.'olont-l diaries X. Mr.dbergh to-; day des«>rtHd t!ie Spirit ot St f.oiiis; foi tie \>.)i\ and uuii. \i bi.e I'anama; {jogcr (i. Wililiai!;.-!. wer<' obviousFy a bis first wife b.-neath the' spreadisfp,,.,! „i,,.r ,e:. I.rate;! ;iirmen.i (i,-,;d when tjiev >tepped:out of the taken up with other suggestions. Ing branches of an ancient yew j Tbe'Fr.nch liyci-. nieiidounoi cockpit of the plane. Thev were tree. The graves of his parents Ic,,;^,,.., .,i„l j„sei»h l.turix. whc4 covered witll grfaif atid grime and grandparent-s are nearby. flp,^ j,,., • .. . . i. r The service at Stinsford will " Mr. Joiies also made clear that iIr>U5ton's Wd for the convention ward .Miami, -.vli. !.i detrain lati>. !•"!;..v f.-u tour of the <-iiy. r .'i. li tinue on to K- y \V>--: tomorrow on tli.- I ':it !l for the cros .-ini; to !l Uii::::^ Vv.> , , - , ^ aibfress ht-lori- tiii- l ';ir.- ".irie: ;car structioijof any of the craft at any - .„i,v n„„-n- time without the consent pf con- ing. gress. . • 1 Ilepre^enfitive McClintic, Demo- Cuba Sccks cra.t. Oklahoma, was the only com- HarmonV af Sps*;inn mittee iteiober who declined to .?o "armOOJ aiJtieSs^lOn along Afrith the majority -on the . , . first motion. He voted "pfesent.-, ira^n-j. .J ,-m. 11. (AP. -< ni.j and on-the second propos^ -no." ' aPVan-ntly d-i. nniiM! lod;!^ -V • ... I • . I provide a h;: rnji.ui!. .ii.- :itT;ii)~!ii;i ftrst resolution, adopjed de- nuetin^- o; r!, - f-„-^ clared it the sense of the wmmit- ..^^ ^,.;., p. tee "that the naval cons^uction -j.^^.^ -••••v > till shall provide for a fiMe year fjicxes and FabiVilV v. •'.: prbgratii to tib complete*! ip eight years, stating the maximuno number of ships to he undertakrti each year, aad the maximum cose of the rame asd following ibo principle ed by Cuban [lolin- ''.".•.> y here from Mi.xii-n ./ri -iii.n y r* lice as .serl'-d t|':i. i:; plans to i-i1riy ' r'-i* •.•u the w -iii -<l : during the coiit'-i-i-r.i i a simple village burial, and will' .„,•„„,.,.,,,, take place at the same time a« the tooK .inn small gins .mc in i.if;|, , , fear that his apartment would be'*"""'^' \\esiniinsfer Abbey and ^ J , .„,—,,..„ the memorial service at St. Peters i .^i „ .i in Dorchester. ' ,Ask.>-i w.!,tb.-r tb.y >w,„l,i , ^u „ kill just popped ' ••ff"r'« ot Great Hriiain to lasn't scared of I'ardy is indicated by the list of distinguished pall bearers In telling of the dismemberment 1'"' ^yt'stminster Abbey funeral of the bodv,-Hickman added a new P"''"'" ^^^y- I'remier Bald• •• - ....-! .,1. win heads the list while others are iroin; <iiiay«:Miil durinji paused bv li-aking oil pipes. They . u- f • i - - - "".".^ .-.i. ; weajher ih-y Uav,. en-j ^V-.TP ru-'hcdilaway ti> a hoteli tc had no connection with the out-^of the five year aviation program; ^.a„ i„tin,atPd th.i in anty I 'f thrir flishl.-J f-stiipr tli>- crowd .of .^dveral bun- "standing w hie h isMugrt-gated • national ra= tr -rf :e-jli- r-.-it- I'o- 1 -->ii>r.i ' It will 11} to fiiiii ii-.. Vciic/.ne.'a. n' d;i-d per ^oiii. 11 fi-.v da;.- :'s will l.itidherKli, about tli.:i: ;' which ' ap- "This diebt bit. of his previous stoi"ies. writhing: "I played a. jazz record in j the bathroom duriuK the crime and FJarrle Sir I dont think it wa-s a cold blooded • ^ji^jinpi.ishod representative murder. , , ! from Oxford and Cambridge uni- ThrouKhout JiindberKli Ciistiiiplii'd li. had not iiecn a.-ki-1 but V'm".; lilv to. .\ re";! .jii-riod uf ihrei- >>r fo;ir days is ahead of Unilliersl" before he continues his. flipht. lit hide away at a iiiiiitliig and ing lodge at David, nrar the wesi- Distingui AtRo The lolii khed Visitors ary Club Dinner debt of the committee, j proximaies $a2.">.00t>. ' has not been paid" he said. It: will be met by -prominent men in tlie ' 1 party who have more means than they need, and I have Received as- from such men that the Democratic j adopted;.toy congress last i»ar." | effort to .-It thir: i:i'-!-.i-!<--i im (I:sriii-!i::nci- wbfn District, ^|r. [J. Uamsav Mardonald, Rudyard Kipling. Ceorge Bernard .'^haw. Siri .^^ „i,. i^,i,,„„.<. .,!„.„| j...) fr-..^.'. Mr." Kdmund GosH.,„j,pg - - , , . . - rtotary Club had the i will|hoiior last ntght of entertaining at^u^ance fish- dinner th<'. Ci'viTPor of this Kotary i deh\ will be paid iiefore long." Karl Foster, and his j About 4,0O0 from Oxford and Cambridge his new <onfesslon . . Hljkman wrote of n "kind of provl- |^er,suie.. dem'e- which he declared '"''ettted i . mTrpp „nA RHATIC: hliii in what he called "this terri-j U JtLiA 1 HEiK aUQ ble crime." ..... „/•l''-' '^yy''i'''-;'"'h ofjg^ attpnj rt,e Democr Panama. T'le iirim i- t-i.piilpa. (fklEiliiiinn. ftoth ol course I • .... • 1 vention proper and visitor.-* arc ex- pal game of th- ii'^ioi; i.~ df-r and wfri- ivlled ilnoii fur addresses and' wild turkey. Menib.Ts ol .li<-irniy their i esp<in,v;'es were heartily en- pected to exceed 20,0iJi). Jones said, pursuit group "ill -an''''il':'".^] i:-\ri] • | . ' ; First, consideration for accomrao- Lini'.hergh. : ili.v. ric.r iFosfr fir^-l took ihe ^.jn ^e given equally to 'It took till! Fn-in-h flyers iiiin- f|ii!> nti :i •({"tary .lininii-y Kifiind Twins, 75 Years Old, i FOR KANS.VS: MoMly unsettled 'tonight and Sunda}: po«.»in >lj some ^ t , ' . n' .1 t s'liow northeast portion; much Celebrate Birthdays eoider. ' For lolti; 3Insflj unsettled to- r.awr«'nce. Kas.. Jan W. (Al'i— nlthl and Sundiiy; mnrh c «»1der. I The-committee deferred J deter- pj-esident rnoiiik-. ;i!.:v - uin-r- jmiua'tioa of the program it" would row afternnon ;•!)!,;ir .l baMi-— recommijnd. a iiumber of mJembers ship Texa^. indicating that they were not pre-' E.->rlifr. two li.iJii'i ;-;il--- ner" pared: to support in its present refused pernii-sj .i; r.. i.-i;.; Snn- form 'the $740,000,000 plan submit- tiago. Thi- I!;!ii;in-. !)r Pi»Tre ted by Secretary Wilbur and pro- HundeL-ourt Dr i -i^ f>.|ie- posing construction of 71 n^w war garde, belong to ;i i:ii>:•:•> bpposed craft but with no . proii-isjon for to President llroi;.. n; The completion of these vessels; within' official annonm-i:!;. n' i-i rh-- r-fus-i per.'^ons are expect-|a glven'tjme. . ? |al of pei :nii--sii>!: u, i .-ir .d «-;i.; that .Mr. A*"nbur in testimony-;; before their pai -spor ;r- .i. i - ii::;,ro;";rly the committee, vigorously opposed, visaed, placing la'jjy limiting date upon the • Delegates (•••w. :•! '.in recomm^ded warship construction I publics wi>! and adTgcated that the piesident! the sixth inurn-ir ;I,I;;.J . be given^the discretion to suspend; of American smr. - Th he construction of vessels at any time. One K3lled And Three Injured in Gun Fight includes ni;it'i-r- ni ican judicl .-il iMtur.. tion prohre::;-. inf li' eratlon.'ecimnir.ii .imi lenis. r;r:.n re- •-.-.-ti .-n of .r ;:<T .-!icf» iigenda 1 ^-.•\IIIer- -l•::;:::;;r:!(:a-., n;.il ci>-6p-j p:(.l>- i:: hour.-< and two miiiii-u-s t., .'"'.'r "th"'Worb!'• 7aking"a'map of'Th" ' •"'''^sates and newspaper ^men, the you miles between (luy.vaciiiil, world he tra cd the 4.^ countries in •'^aid, and it is a^ely that visitors Ki-udaor, and Campo Lindbergh, which Uofar^V now has orpanized will be put upF"i private homes Lind.nergh had intended to meet, ei,,},?. the nfost widespread non-; j„ Houston and Galveston; them in the air but missed them > rellgioiis organization in the world! ' The Frenchmen, whom Lindberch, with the po.ijsible exception; of theicAjii Coj,r/.hifnr fnr ' i Ciiica«o, Jan. 1-4. (AP^^ne had met in Paris lust .-umnier. and; nrder of Ffee Masonr.v. TJieh hcj'^"" V' ^ o ii i ' man «fs killed, two policemen; the American finally niet.a=ain a-^; discusse<l the influence of Kotary.l Slayer Of Small Irirl were wianded and a passerby was the municipal building wh.n-first upon international rcaations.' _ . shot in'rjhe head today when two, rii /vri»«TAi n n«n »/%l «r 20.000 persons assembled to .heer;tiien upon biisinos.<; ethics and then I I Flint. .Mich.. Jan. 14. (API— policemjli tried to arrest a» work-j f I \H\\ieiiy three of the greatest a'rraen in ihe;„,,on its iiidlvidual members. The Avidesnreacf search for the slayer o! i er in thi> Pullman car and manu-j ViiVrulllU ijJuUuliViri world. Costes and Lebrix • dinner by President Chiari MOODY MURDER CASE JURY OUT Veniremen Have Had It Since Yesterday; No Verdict th>: J.Mrs. FWirence Hi^Rs and Jliss TcmperaJure—Highest yesterday, 'Frances Miltier. twins, who came 6.".. at .T-30 p. m.: lowest last nighu to Kansas from Krie. Penn., in ni, at 6 a. ni.: normal for today, 1S62. today relebraied their sev -i ,",i'i: exi -eK..; yesterday." 2S: excess tnt.v-fifth birthdays here. siir-i': January 1st. 24 dej;ree.s: this They were living in f^wrence at date ;iast year, highest,- 19; low- the. time of the Civil war and dtir- est. <>. 'ing the resulting border warfare. Pre< ipitatioii for the 21 hours jama after the piibli jl^awrence was at that time the ending at 7 ;u m today, .'jO: jotal They mircheil into the dinini; roorti; },eld the interest of those wholjjt. Morris, continued today, home of the Delaware Indians. Mrs. for this year to date. .02: deficiency to the tune of "Undbergh in Pan-.i-.^yrd it las] night and who were';" Two meii.jbrought under suspic- I Biggs is the mother of fonr .sons, since January 1st, 0.5S inch. ania." a song which is now popular _ ,i„;«nimous m pronouncing it one • ion during? yesterdaVs develop|.Miss Milner taught school and later Relative humidltv at 12 noon yes- here. They were given a lovingiof the besi ; ddre^ses to which .the nients in thp "search. ' are to be became a nurse. Hoth women are terdav. 47 per cent: 7 a. m. today. | cup a'niost two feet hiph M din-|ci„h has ev|-r listened. viewed by Archie Bacon, .Mt. Morin good health and in addition to 7fi per cent: barometer reduced to ner tluv sat fceside the prt-sidenf, j 'Following Cov. Foster his friend : rjs farmer who saw the child's household interests are active in sea level, 29.31 inches. | who speaks French, and he talked:.Mr. Wilso;i was called upon and. giayer a short time after the crimt church, cltfb and "W. C. T. U. work.' The menn temperature durini;, with them alternatel.v. This was .nj for twenty iiinntes he entertained Uvas committe.d. Police had littU contrast to the luncheon to-I.ind-1 ti,e c\,^^ ^vi h a .most clever mix-r hope that either suspect would KANSAS EDITORS '• Independence. Kas.. Jan 14. i.\Pl---Charge.>-; of violating the stale bone dry law -were file<ji this aftcrnoou against Hay .Moody. .10, Bentonville. Ark.', whose fate in connection with charges -of murder was in the hands of a jury - in district <onrt. Wate"r Work Survey Report To Be Out Soon Indepiindence. Kan.. Jan. 14. (AP) - -A jury in district court here today hei'd the fate of Ray .Moody, pr .st 21 hours. 38 degrees, is about the same as is generally expe«-ted here during the latter davs of .Vpril. Sun rises, n. m.; sun sets, 3:23 p. m. : Word has tome from Kngineer, ' Koitd ConiUtlons. .McDonnell, of Kansas. City, that j ,\ll clear, all i-oads goofl. he will be readv t6 present his ' ' ;— : 1 Z 'tt t-lh-Trek°^J:m • Le?_[on__and .Auxiliary next Wednesday. On that day. therefore. Mr. .McDonnell doubtless will .-peak before the noon , Thf .American Legion ami : thr luncheon of the Ch'amher of Com-' Legion auxlllar>- will hold a joint To Hold Joint Meeting bergh. at which neither spoke more than a dozen words. After dinner, Lebrix said they would fly to Bogota, Colombia.' after reaching Caracas. Then they would return to Panama and continue northward to New York. merce. and'it Is propo.eed alsk) to arrange for him to address* a mass meeting of <-it-izens at .Memorial :!0. Beiitbnville. Ark., charKcd with Hall In the evening Further no- murder in connection with death of Miss Vona Kinney. 18, Cherry-j vale. November L lust. Till? state alleges .Miss Kenny dieil as a result of administration of liquor, assault and exposure to the elements. .Moody', on the witness stand, denied he had attempted to criminally ^sault the girl^ji:hlle the two were returning to Cheiryvale from a Hallowe'en celebration here, and siald Injuries, the. state alleged 'were caused ;by attempted criminal assault were the result of a fail on the emergency brake lever.- ' . The ckse was given t j the jury • late yesterday. After dfcll»)eratlng an hour the Jurj- was exim.sed until this morning. Under the court's instructions, five verdictis are pos. sible: acquittal; (irst degree mur- -der. second degree murder, first degree manslaughter aiid fourth degree manslaughter. ? No verdict had been- 'reached whenv the jury . was excused for- Itmcbeon at noon. ,; meeting .Monday night at '.Memorial hall.' X class will be initiated by the I.,egion po.M. An entertainnieni will be presented and eats provided. Mothers, sisters and daughters of all I,eglon members are Invltei' Want a treat today? Order from I lo the meeting, Jim Buchanan, po^t voar'grocer PICKWICK COFFEE.'commander; said; • . lico will be given In due time. Hi' yBoys From Many Towns Are . Meeting in Parsons Over Sunday Parsons, Kas., Jan. 14. r.\P)— Three hundred and thirty-two Hl-Y boys from more than a score of Kansas cities are here for a section conference, which will end tomorrow afternoon. , The boys attended a dinner last tiight. .\mong the speakers were the Rev. Donald K. "West Kansas City, who also spoke today: J. H. Shellman. president of the P.arEons Cbanfter of Commerce: Harold Little. Fort Scott, and local civic cliib officers. .Reese HffgEes, superintendent to sctioolsi, presided at tbe dinner. Officers elected were Albert Batten, Pittsburg, president; Hubert Thomas, >\rkansas City, secretary; and Woward Walker. Pittsburg; \1ce-rresldent and president cf the Junldr;HI-Y organization. | Grotip conference discusslond Mere oti today's program. Cities r,epre8ented at the meeting are Pittsburg.. Chanute, Arkansas City, Fort Scott, lola, Cedarralei Colon.v, Cherokee. Cherryrale, Coffeyville. Columbus. Emporia. Fre- donla. Cirai-d, Grenola. Humboldti Independence. Xeodesha. Yates CeiQter, McCune and parsons. Christian Church Is Packed for Lecture The Christian church was packed last night to hear Rev. J. D. Rabb In his lecture on the Holy I,and The lecture and pictures were greatly enjoyed by all. Rev: Babh secured some wonderful pictures of the Orient and while the pictnrep were being shown he told of the Interesting happenings along thf way. His knowledge of the Bible anti the scenes shown iltade a very interesting and profitable evening Rev. Babb came with his picture; and lecture through the Invitation of the Men's, class. Boum^ Is Nearing His Goal in Nicaragua Now Bourne. Fla., Jan. 14. fAPI— The Tropical Radio company received a message at 3:07 p. m., today say•» ing thai the United SUtes Marine corps plane enroute from Miami to Nicaragua had sighted T0a. Hondnras. and expected to reach Managua in two boors. The message from Major L; M. Bpnme, pilot, was relayed from ^Casiilla:. near Tela and did not includo tbe time at wbicb -^klajor Boame originally KQt it fure of stor »s and narratives, all told in an;ii Iniitable style, a combination of podest.v. drollery and humor that rarely met with outside of a Uiehtre. I Both th.( tisltors left a delightful impre>!sron upon their host.* aiid a mofio unanlmousi'Iy that they be inviteVl to return whenever they could was adopted. Two Fords Damaged in Street Comer Accident A Ford touring car. driven by R T. Bates. 11,03 .N'orth Cottonwood prove lo be the right man. Kansas Representative May Be Given Clearing'- in whlcK fused tri later ti^ed to lynch the policemen wli<i were in plain clothlW and whom tKey though were banjiits. Coal Case To Pe Under of Supreme Court Topeka. Kan., Jan. 14. G \Pt I The supreme court today nar>ied"~F- i.M. Harr;'.'!. of Ottawa. a.= coiumiu- sioner t« make findings of fact.s in the Kan^s City. Kan., coal? ca Most Successful Year, j Is Assertion Made By ; President Wichita. Kan., .fim. I!. •IVil'l -As tbe tliirty-...i.\th .iniin^ii i •^iiv.i-Krion of the Kans ;ts I'n-.-^ .i --m i;i;;uii drew lo a CIOM' r- ii.ii.'v. /.ha:-. P. Beeiie (jf the .\.-oi.l. <i :i .-^liii und private se. rttjir..' ' i ( .uvk -raor I 'aulen. ladi-liii it ih r-.v^-^t snc- cessfiil ill liie liisKiry v; Tii-- ';r;ran- tzation. .Mi. Uf-lii- r-tir--- f -iday idi 11! of Iii' Republican representatives twlay were recommei]ded for cleai^ title to their seats in the House by" an elections committee which dLsap- proved contests by Democratic opponents. They were Repl-esentatlvo r>a- Guardia^of New York, whose election was questioned by Warren j : Hubbard, of New York^ and Repre- | Kansas City. Jan. whose' record jieace time t« make findings of facts in tzation. .MI. IJ.-I n- r-:ir-- nday ; nja.s City. Kan., coal? case as presidi ii! of tii- li.iiii i:. \ ;ii- Mayor Don -McCombs re-1 The r port i>! S-ir<;..iy l5. W. .i •i sign contracts approved by Littie. read in rii- iriiii .r, iinbi -^fli- \ k -;coramission. -. ately after tl;. nuuii r.r>--s. sjihow- s WaKhington, Jan. 14. (AP)^Twoithe city';coramission. ' ately .Mr. Harris was appointed dn apr ed that 1.:! |.;iprr. plicalioir of James M. Gettj^ andjate meinbi-rs had Wiliam Brennan, representing the,the as .'sociation for li: city comjnissioners. V jThis i.-, a ;;ain of :;:: p.-.iii into t "place was contested by AV. .\. Clark ;.*l!«.00 established by choice jearl- antl-gigaiet .te law .!.. r lortj said « of Hoxle Kans. The committee lings last-Tecember. was paid agajn further. A sta:;d,ini ruu- i ..rd for - adopted motions to seat the two [today for five loads of choice; Kan-! advertising was mz'<\ ii ,n tu<m- and a Ford ruck driven |iy H W isontatlve White, ot ^sas. Holllng.thead 112 .North First Were badly damaged in a; crash at the cornef I f J'effer.ion and .Mon-igfiQpted roes street s bout 7:15 o'^Ioo^k this Republicans and will make a for- mornlng. A man riding jrlth Hol-t^a, report later to the Honse. llngshead rei eived a slight cut on i the head. Mrs. Bates was in thf touring car liith Bates. 6ateswat driving southi on Jefferson;and Hol- llngshead fca i going west' on .Monroe". • ^ . .: jias: a ;;ain nf :;:: li [and a loss of .-.i.x a.-:•»' ir -ie jbers ovi.r i:t2t;. liii- r, ::.,r; .^ti The prini-ipal m-hi-v. ni<-:,ii IS winntiiL' I;.'.- ing Kansas imbli -ii. i ; li;.- riiTi 14. (.\P>;—The publish <;Kitr-tr.. •,-A\--v<\~\nz price here of'Iowfne rh'- -tat.'- r.;-.;- r.: Record Price I^ Pairf For Yearlings in %£, year w; Lv .fiir. •jt-rs :-;-m- tlif> %'iv: to fol- its sas fed\stcer8. 1,375 poands. Chic^o; Heat Mark Is Set During Afternoon Chicago,- Jan. highest temperature to which the • climbed In! Chicago U was reacjjed here mercury eVe on January at 2 o'clock, , . , J , at 60 and: sbll was rising. The j "state, was predicted for former mark Despite tbfe cold is on tb i -'»'i. •, Jammry's Mild Weather Billed [ To Change in State by Monday The lot aveVaged - bers to avoiil iiiiin)>;f ioi.- on th 'i 'Kansas press hy ad -.-f-rti -i '-r- .s- ..'k. ' ^ ing law rat<-s and fr '•' [I'lfilicity. f L. F. Vaientini.of int fl^ty. <"<•»,ter Times, retirint- -.!• •-i .rt .-^id^nt. ; probably will <-ii:i-'i-'r ; r. sitlont ! to succeed .Mr. iie-in- T);- con"en- tion next year wiil n,. • r in Topeka. • . 74. (AP)-Thel*T.r"'''Lr. Topeka. "Jan. 14. (API—The end ot the longest period of mild .'anu-, _„ , , • .... • u, 'to 30 Iff eastern and southern ,coun- record Is in sight ,.. ; r expectej'il to drop to about i'O in northerr» and western .Kansa.x anO said S. D. Flora, Jteterologlst. this morning. Unsettled and much cold uid nti in tb« today when- it stood in tbe aortbeastern secfon of tbe 24 houi*. nor for several days pre er weather, with a chance for snow ; cipltatiou was recorded ties. Cleaijskies were reported:, over the stal-^ this morning and nt^ pre- last was 4S made in 1S94. land tomorrow. spring like 'wieatber, s way and a temperature of 10' a love zero is ^eaipected by weather < fOcIals })j Mouiaj- tonight ceding.=; Last Itight's low marks rejsorted Today will make the sixth s^c'-. were a & above freezing, Dodgig City cessire day that temperatures have ) and GotMlland recording 34:.;Con- igone above 55, Mr. Flora an j.cordla;|;t8; WlcblU and TQpeka nounced. Tbe mercury tonight is 148: Kaiwas City, 50. > All Reno Suits for Divorce Not Granted Reno. Nev.,- Jan. II i.\I'i-5^AIl suits for divorce in iN :ii> courts are not granted and on- was iirned down by a jury last ni!(i.ii;;ht '••hen a decree was refused to Dr. John Miller, late physician ar.d surs^ebn m Bellevue hospital. New York. The wife contested the- suit. , She is suing In New York for .separate., maintenance. ^^^^^

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