Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1928
Page 8
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4'. TAGS'i^tSfft' • - " i CINCINNATI B SQUAD MADE Jack Hendricks Has Few New i Players In His Lineup NO TRADES MADE VirtuaUy I Lafit Year's Squad WiU Take Field in 1928 This is the tenth of a Bcrics of articlen on major baseball league clnbs. , Cincinnati. Jan. j 13. (AP)—Jack Ilendr^cka is e,\pected to introduce ,his 1927 Reds to the djamond , world In-April as thp "Btand-pit- ters of 1928." ProfesslnB faith In . his 1927 ^crew. Hendricks has faced the pllEtyer swaps intended to strengthen hla adversaries apparently vlfh unconcern. Hendricks has made no trades, and at present the surface shows no ripples -tliat would disturb a representation of the line-up whldh closed last season. | ! Aside from the unsuticessful negotiations for Cuyler jwhen ihe Pirates walked him on| the plank Into the welcpmlng Cubs camp, Hendricks has had no sotewortt^ trades under consideration although he has taken in a few rookie [recmlts for the reserve bench. Despite its early season flop the 1927 cast demonstrated cbanipion-,j ship ability In reeling off ;630 per, cent baseliall In the closing three Mildred Devils Trim Richmond In Cage Battle Mildred. Kas.. Jan. in.^The Mildred Red Devi's defeated Richmonti Wednesday night in the fastest gsimc of • the seasdn. 34 to l.S. Throughout the game both teams struggled fiercely for possession of the ball. Xciiher team could show much teamwork on account of ;he defe '%3 of both teams. Huttbn. Mildred center, was again ' In • rare form, making M points, mostly- from the center of the court. Big •Chigger" Mann anil Norton i showed: well on defense, breakin,; up nearly alt the pnsKes of the Richmond team. i Williams of Richmon^.i who i.s always a dangerous player, anl high.point man of the t^am. was off form. The AllMred guarils kejit blm guarded constnutly. ' In the preliminary ijame the Mo- j ran town team won over the .Mil-' drcd high school girls. 26-l.'>. SHARKEY AND HEENEY WILL MIX TONIGHT First Apperance For Jack Since Dempsey Whipped Him EX-GOB i§~FAVORED RAILS ££AD IN TREND UPWARD But Sport Followers Are Withholding Their Opinions .\ew York. Jan. (.\PI — . Jack Sharkey has a one-pnimd advuntaiie ovi-r Tom Ilccncy. for their 12 round heavyweight 't 'liniination" match tonight at Madi.'^on'.Square Oardcn. The HoKloii sailor scaled 194 and . the New Zoalaniler lOT when theywcighcd in this afternoon. *TERFECTMAir mJQUTO Ncxv York. .Ian. i:!. (AP)—.Making his first ring start sim-e being, knocked horizontal b.v Jack Dempsey last .siininier. Jack j Sharkey resumes his heavyweight title pur- Industrial Specialties Al -t suit loniAlit In a 12-ro(ind bout SO Advance During agilu^t Tom Heency. of Xuw Zeal- Tradin? ami. in .^ia(lisou Square Garden. I 1-1.- ox-garrulous ex-gob .New York. Jan. 1?,. TAl'ir-Rails , Tlie llitston' is a from favorite although CTiperseded the industrials as lead- j miiiiy boxing followers «re cau- er of the upward price movenii-ut 11 o u s 1 y williholdiiig ojilnions. in today's .«?loik • marketj Opera-• Sharkey is i-.xprct^d to be the tors for the rise succeeded in. choice by 21- to 1 when ho steps makinii up a nunkber of industrial j into the arena at lo] o'clock for specialties 3 to 6 points In the early trading, but tliey made little head^'ay among the standard issues, whereupon • speculative attention was diverted to the rails which Tennessee's newest Rhodes ''Scholar. shdH <n above iii two dazzled a committee of Judge^ with his pro 'fil -lency at shout cent t >a8eDaii in ine ciosmg tareej which moved .forward in. irapres-i announced that his months Of last seasoii, but the rally I sive fashion Trading, which had ; dc'])<'n<l on the >howi came toe Ipte to put the boys ser- i,eeu rather dull during the morn- ..iousiy In the flag class. If Hen- ing.picked up measurably in the I early afternoon. the i/rospect of punclliiig his way ^_ _ ^ into a championship affair wtth thing from tossing a forward pass to directUi^ia dhurch ^holr. Gene Tunney: | threw up their hands and called him the "perfect man." :• . Te.\ Rickard hopes to match the 1 winner against Tunney but he has i decision will ' drlcks can avoid another left-footed start, he believes hl^ outfit will match the best. Kansas ('Ity Prodnw. Lnque. Lucas, Kolp. and Jablon- Kansas ' Citv. Jan. 13. (AIM — ski will constituteithe "Big Four^' Poultrv: Hcavv hens, 22c: other In ihe hurling shop. The latter. I produce unchanged, a Waterhury, Conn., recruit, showed' prominently in the last of the sea- eon. Pete Donohuc is expected to return to form-after a bad season due to Illness and JakieMay, who pitches either "very good" or "ver>- bad" is slated for inn)rovement of his . weaker nature.. Eppa Rixey may be all' but out of the game. Being a veteran in service pjits- him near retirement and he was weakened, this winter (by a long Illness. He may see relief. duty late in the season. J^i Kdwarda, a Seattle ihiportatlon. is said to bold promise and two youngsters, Kenneth^ Ashe of .the South Atlantic league, and Aloy- soi()8 Sweeney, of Orlando, are new pftcfalng blood. ^ Jimmy Beckman, . whq was ^graduated from the Cln^ dnnati semi-pro's last season, may get a ticket to the Columbus asso- datfou pitching staft Hendricks'. main concern is how; to arrange an already excellent outQeld with two as good or, better men on the bench. BreSsler, left;; Allen, center: Walker, right; and Zltzman.i utility, compose the surft-eyed, heav3--hlttlng regulars.; Straining at Uie halters is the youth, Purdy, whose slugging and eiiTe fielding in the center gardeii was the sensation of last season's closing Red games! Right behind him = is another youngster, Marty Cillaghan, fortaerly of the Cubs and -said to be Purdy's equal. Sukeforth will carry first catcher honors, with -PIcinich second In. command of the plate, while Hargrave and his flatting eyfe will' be caisejln "more of a savior of the day role." All of the ruckus of last season over Hargrave's alleged slowness behind the plate has beeii weathered by the veteran. Hendricks counters tliat catchers are naturally slow because of the cramped pose they must hold behind-the plate, and Hargraves still swings an. emergency club. "Kelly and Pipp will again alternate' on .,the initial sack, Hughle Critz Is on the dotted line Tor the keystone bag and will have no hold-, out act to sUge -this year. "Fbjrd will again be In the shortfleld witi Plttlnger in reserve and' Dressen imdlsputably corners the third l^ag. R. SmmetJt. McCann, taken from Columfbus.' will understudy Critz. Kansas City Hay Kiinsas City, Jan. 13. fAP)—Hay ing of the bat-' tiers. IHiniMie.v's roi)utation for "ruining" his opponents lias' created doubt as to what showing may be expected from Sharkey-. The ter- '• r.rlc body punches whiclj the IJos- ; tonian absorbed; from Dempsey; tontinue in Ilu-;discussion. ' Physicians said that Sliarkey Loral was in fine condition, even better | INDEPENDENCE TO ENTERTAIN COLLEGE CREW Squad Starts For Montgomery County Seat than wh( n.. he faced Jim .Maloney \ steady to $1.00 lower: receipts 137 j and Dcmpso.v. To ontwani .ipp-ar- cars. No. 1 extra leafy alfalfa, i aiues. ho was lim harmed per-' $25.00ffi27.00. . ; imanontly in his clash with the' ^, . . T.^ • . .u .t _ ! .uanassa mauler. - T^'"' "'''"'"'i, '"'.r Kansas City, (Jniln. ;| Among Sl.arkeys m-complish- ''"'i "fern "on about Kansas City. Jan.l 13. (AP)-' ments are, victories over Harry ''7/ ^'"^^ ^^iZlT ;:^h^;: Nr ^i^,^ s v^^i^!^'''''''''' ""^ :r^;rm ;e ^''urin«ici ig ^'^o'^' K^S '"^ney. record in...udes two en- J""'"'- -"-^ .on.ght In nhp bard $1.27J&l.i;.5; N'o. .3, $1.26(f<'1.3.S; counters with I'uulino fzcndun. So. 2 red, nominally $1.4if/i.47; oneof whiih wa.s in the Spaniards No. 3 nominally, $1.36<fi l.-li 'i. j favor while the other was a draw. Close: .May $1.24Ts: July fl.20'i.. Iloth decisions were unpopular. Corn: ReccliMs . 133 cors: nn-| Heenty has a victory over Johnny changed to Mc hlgflter: .No. 2 white i Risko to hi.* crcilit. however, and nominally S0(?f82c; No. 3. 79(BSO | RIsho <onquered Paulino. conference opener for the lolanii. Conch Stockehrand took eight men on the trip, and was plannlnfi to start the same team tonight that ho started aKalnst tin- V. df E, Reserves last Friday night, with the exception of Fronk who is not He: No. 2 yellmv 84V4c: No. 3.! I" a ten-round .semi-final .loo Barber will probably be 81%@83%: No. 2 mixed SOftJiOMic; i Sekyra. Indianapolis light-heavy- \''';,^""'°':,ri !!^^^^„n '",f "JI„^^^^ Xo 3, 78(!i79'/ic. . weight. mee».<r Yale Okun of .Veiv "rst time this sea.son having hurt Clo^: ^May M^ic: Jnly 87-?ic. t '''"^^ """^ "f • ^"^^ n''""''. ' ZJ^^J Oata: Receipt* 4 cars! unchang- dlstau.o. .Sunny Joe. Wii::. . .s of J"" 7"'^^ game However he ei Xi. 2 white. nominaUy 55r„. iCalifornia will »tuck up ""st P--o^aWy no g« o^^^^^ 67«4c: No. 3 hidi'nGc. i'l»u Bogash of Bridgci.ort. service as f oach Sto kebrand is Milo maize! $1.40« 1.4.5. ^ -With a top, price of $22 per . ok- : '"«J" ''^^f, ru • - , et. indication.s were for a capacity, "^'."^'."s Po«s>il will fill Kansas City Livestock i crmvd of 15.000. - ' 1 Fronk's forward berth in tonight s Kansas City. Jan. 13. (API—(IT. i The principals compare as fol-, ""iJ"^'- poses, ^ver>-- They ID JDNlOplGHS CmtODAY Stiff CbmpetStioh B . ForlLoc^I Court Today : Ued (Contirioed from Fiffl One) will be back at his desk Thursday mortilng. -r-;! The addresses of Presidents Ma cha4o and Coolldge will be broad cast* through the Nstiohal Broad casting Company's comiblned re< and^blue networks, with the short wave transmitters of stations WOY and KDK.\. The broadcast will b( gin at about 10:30 ~a. m., casterr standard time. . Numbers (ConUnned from Page One) _ minutes to live, she told him. "I am very, very sorry, l.have sin- [ned and I am paying dearly for It. "I asked her how sh« fell toward Judd." said Lonardo. w;tio quoted • Airs. Snjider a^ saying, "Well, we Binned together, and I gues» we i»ill go jl together,! God knows where." " , , ."i; asked her about the child, what she hoped for the child. She said, 'If I had my life to live over again, I would to toe whiat I want my child to. be—a good girl.'" • . Samuel I> Miller, counsel for Gray, who remain^ with his cli- OTt untJl after 9 o'clock, reported be left him entirely resiff^d. Gray, said Mr. .Miller,' rfeels that his punishment is entirely Just. He .parted In titn from his mother. It was most affeciins." S. Department of' Agriculture)— ! Iowa: Hogs: 3,000 active, lOf 15c higher' Sharkey than Thursdays average: stock j 2(> pigs scarce, steady; top 8.45 on i Iti-'i choice 225#280 -lb8: bulk 190-lbs. np. 8.25^8.45; 140-180-lbs. 7.75« 8.20: packing sows. 6.40 @ 7.35; 8to |ck pigs 7.50^18.00. Cattle: 1,200; calves :!00: beef steers slow, weak; quality gener- alfy plain; other^ killing classes scarce, steady; stockers and feeders strong: good weighty steers, $14.50; bulk desirable short fed steers, eligible to sell around 11.75 @13.50; veal top 11.00. Sheep: 2.000: lambs 15(ff25c lower; odd ,lots sheep'steady: top 65- Ibs. fed lambs. 12.65: others mostly 90^95 lb. kinds. 12.00#12..';5: clippers 10.50^10.7.5. t-L : Number2 (Continued from rage One) 6 ft. 76 16',i 42 4.'-. 32 14 14 22 1.-. Heenev Age i 28 Weight ; 195 in. Height 5 ft. 10 >4 in. • 72 Koacli i 10 >4 in. • 72 Ne<-k 171 Chest, normal 43 i Chest, expanded 47 1 Waisft . 34 j Biceps la'i ' Forearm 13 Thigh 25; Calf 15'^ • Ankle 9'/i i 1 fiNTS tern (By llie Asaiclated Press.) Burger will again start at cen- ing that ho gets another such scoring attack as he has had in the .last several games. Kemp will again be at forward with iyjClopine and Schllck at guard positions. Other men making the trip The locals will probably meet some of the strongest opposition tonight that . they will meet for some time, and are hoping to start off with a victory over the Inde- lence team.' j If lolan's can win tlioir first j semester games, things will look ; very bright for a good season this 'year as Fronk and Iha will be added the second semester, greatly strengtlK'nlng the team. The junior high sclitiol basket- eers toda^ I j opened th«ir season against <kh^r Junior bigtas with a douhle-lieader game algainst the first and second teams -from Fredonia.. The game was [started at 3 o'clock iriithe Junior brlgh scliool gymnasium.! \ • > The lola junior high ;S ^hooI team has probably the best .prospects for a suoceiaful season; this year that it'has'ihad for some seasons with severd! lettermen back and a faaft, smoq^ ri^nlng.f accurate scoring bniich. • The So^tjlieast Kansas Junior High School Basketlball League will not s:tart untjll the early part of February! and sp sevoral games are being played by the ^olan» before that (line, in order 16 have the team at its best 4)^ the time of the conferepce «taTtli|s I ^ FINDS MANY About 200 Entered For $2^ Stake In Gblf Play SMITH ^ IS~FAVdRED Is Fresh From Winning Two Tournaments In California Long Beach, Cal., .Tan. 13. (AP) The $2,500 Long Beach open, final milestone on Southern California's tournament golfing trail this winter, today attracted a field of some 200 members of the links clan to two courses here for the -first 18 holes of qualifying play in the eVent MacDdnald Smith, Long Island. N. Y., stylist, fresh from victories In the Palds Verdes and Ikis Angeles open tournaments, upheld his place as favorite in the Long Beach event with a brilliant practice round yesterday over the municipal course, one of those to be used In the qualifying rounds. With ah unbroken series of deadly chips and accurate putts, the veteran linlcsman toured the layout in 65 strokes, eight below par for the course. The Virginia country club course will be the. scene of the major part of the tournament. Part of the field was slated to use the yirgliiia conrae in their qaallfyingplay^ today, the othiprs uSlng the ];nunici- j)al,layout. The fields will be re- Verbed tomorrow, and at the. end of the 36-hol(e qualifying roniid, 4he low 6-1 scorers and ties-will 1^ paired to ^If in the championship flight over the country club course Sunday. -• \ Tommy A!bnour. national open champion. won:^he Long Beach open last year, and his defeiise of honors will he in the face of such "big gnns" as Ax Watroua of Grand Rapids. Mlchl. the youthful and brilliant Ll^thorse Harry Cooper, of Los Angeles. Bill Mehlhorn .of Chicago and Young, Joe Turnesa of New York. FoiirT Games to B(i Played for Tdnight PinSBllRGHTO kansis City. Jan. .13. (AP)-^ Four gripes opening a t^o-day series between Iowa and Itissouri and Oklahoina aiid Kansas, ionight will hold • attention of MIssdurl Valley conference fans. -. The (.'hampion 'Kansaj Jayhawkers. who have won but one of three starts.tiiis season, weriejat Norman today tio face Oklahotna. leading the Valley with five wjns and no losses! i'The Kansas Aggies, tied —-—_ ^ with thie Jayhawkers ^or fourth Mildred High TO .OppOSC Visiting Squad Has Good Prospects, Reports Indicate SECONDS'WILL PLAY place, take on the Oklahoma Aggies at Norniah. . Mfssoiiri and Washington, tied for tjilrd place .with three wins and one loss each. pla> GriuHell and lolii Stale. Thf- ijrwa teams! invade this state withouj a victory to their credit, while Washington has peaicn Nebraska twice and the Tigers Jjave trimmed the Com- huskers/once. ' ; Tomorrow night all nen teams will get into; action for the first time thl^season. The Kansas Ap- gies shCrt from Stillwater to .Vorman to'; itace Oklahoma-; Kansas meets thb Oklahoma Aggies: c.rin- nell Is thatched with, AVashingtoii: Iowa State engages Mis.souri and Nebraska plays Drake at Dcs Moines, r" lolans In First Contest High School Debaters Win From Fredoiiians Anderson's Quintet To Play Richmond Anderson's Terrible Swedes.: local basketball aggregation, at last has billed a game. The quintet will journey to Richmond for a game feext Friday night. The game originally was. billed for tonight. - —J— : : week recently Bengal reported no. fewer than 2,139 deaths- from cholera. The high school debaters proved themselves better and more logical speakers than their ^ Fredonia opponents yesterday, taking both debates ;in the first pre season contest for the local team. The lola team won all three Jfidges in Ipla and two out of thi^e'e at Fredonia. 'y ^ ; Jean dfoghlll easily proven herr self to be the star at Fredonia by taking fi^st place In the. kidivldual ranking 'Jof all three of the judges, while Liicille Wagner arijl Maxinc Wolf who were iipholding the argument as Jiut forth by the negative here, ranked high. Ira jMijCacty. second speaker for lola o'ji the af-"" flrmatlv<t also ranked well up. The Idla (cams were . showing reaj pow:6r in rebuttal as* well as in main speeches to win tlieir arguments. In the absence of Coach 1^. R. Thompsop. who is not Ijack in, school a^ yet. Superintendent A. .M. Thoromap accompanied the team to Fredonia while Principal Fleming wa-s In charge here. ' Jhe lodal debate was held before a large crowd 'of studon'ts with Jlrs. Guy!: Lamer. Rev. ('.» I. Coldsmith an^ Hex. J. Lee Re^eford . TS judges. ?. Ijocal basketball fans will probably see two good games; tonight when the first team of the high <hool clashes with Pitt^urg in the main game, .with the ^seconds battling the invaders from Mildred in the preliminary which will start at 7:15. The high school'first squad: has seen some stiff workouts this week to revive the team from the group and a great attempt has'been made of players that met defeat at the hands of the Parsons ilgh school team last Friday night The team is going into the game tonight with a spirit of fight and drive that should either gain lola a" victory or go a long ways toward i stopping ih(j visitors' attempt for a. win. Though It looked possii>lo-thai a .' serious shift mighft be la line, IjM Monday, only one man has be3a brought up' to the first- squad to start who was hot in tJi& lineup last Friday. Breckenridge, who proved himself somewhat of a star in Ithe high school versus junior high school game, last .Friday has been put onto the first ei^t and will start .at Hubbard's guard. Some of the players for lola may see .some" service in both games. Coach smith will use Donaldsoii and Trombold as startersi at forward tonight, with. McGuire. at center.- Breckenridge and Round will start the game at guard. The -second string line irp will consist of McClay and Malone, forwards; Ifall. center: and Wagner and McCarty, guards. The main game will start' at eight while the ipreliihJnary will start at 7:15. Both • games will probably prove hard fought 'and will give a definite Idea of -. the strength of the locals in basJtctball this year. I I 1 ? —Wanted to Buy: .colored rags at the Clean light Register. Kew Location. 108 £. Hadison. Hrst Door East of Drug store. Phone 17fi HEART DISEASE If rthere '.'j l)re.s.sure on the heart nerves Right where they leave the spine; Then, the heart will you trouble •Till the pressure'.s off the line! DR. cJz. MONTGOMERY THE PAL^IPR CHIROPRACTOR lola I^aundry Buildin£r Phone 138 Korl Thomas, Ky .-f -Jinimy Hack- Hnward Cantonwind lev. I .X.S Angeles, defeated Spider ^aniOnWinU Lcnvia, Fort Tliotnas. (10). Independence Highs Win From Neodesha ered second degree murder and first and fourth degree manslaughter. Mrs. Moody, who came from Ben- tonviUe to aid her husband testified as to taking her husband's soiled clothing from his rooming. . house to a laundry two days after j'>a*''*''''''''>H race by winning a nip hlfi arrest. She said there were l"t'k game at -N'eode-sha 21 to no blood stains on the clothing. !-'"- Coffc.vvllle plays jat Cherry- Moody, who took the stand late Independence. Kans.. Jan. in. (.VP)—The Independence high schiilo last ni^ht eliminated Xeo- deslia from the Verdigris valley Wins From Jenkins Emporia. Kas., .Ian. 1.1. (AP)— Howard Canfonwine of Iowa won by a foul over Clarence Jenkins of Emporia in a wrestling match here last night. The lowan took the first fall in 25 minutes, and yesterday, was under cross examination this morning- He admitted he had had trouble with bis wife because she wanted him to ^ stay in Bentonvillc. He said he left j home because he was unable to find work there. On direct examination yesterday Moody denleil he had attempted to assault miss Kenny, but amlttcd he gave her liquor, which, he said, might have contributed to her death. Moody said Miss-Kenny was In a stupor and that he experienced difficulty in driving a 'borrowed motor car "because thp girl was limp and kept slipping off the scat." An attempt was made by the defense in rebuttal testimony to impeach the testimony of Dr. W. J. Aldrlch. county coroner tliat Injuries "suffered by Miss Kenuy had been caused by criminal assaulr. The defense read into the record the statement of the coroner at the preliminarv hearing that a fall astride the emergency^ brake i 'could have caused a. similar in-:' Jury." , j The state elected to stand for! conviction on its second count' ainst Moody, that charging Miss Kenny's death was caused by ad-j ministration of liquor. aSsauU with ' hands and fi.sts. attempted criminal as.sault abd'exposure to the ele-ij ments. , i- r\rgument£i were htarted H>y County Attorney Mitchell after the <"obrt '8 instriictions were given to Ihe jury. .Jenkins came back to win the second 1.5 minutes later. After Jenkins fouled Cantohwine three times following the second - , . .fall, Cantonwine was awarded the vale and Caney at Fredonia tonight.' match. E-L-I-T-E J.^.st Times—Admission 25c-50c Ramon Novarro and May McAvoy —IN— "Ben iiur" S'our last chance to see thi^ lavish, thrilling, death-detytdg .-spectacle of I>ove and Romance. Never before has a picture b^n planned with greater tiiought.of your enjoyment. DON'T FAIL TO SEE THIS SUPRE.ME .MASTERPIECE OF ALL TIME. Kraxy Ka't Kartoon Komedy Saturday—1-4 P. M. 10c; 4-11 P. M. 10c-20c Leo Maloney "Border Blackbirds'^ Blood oozing under the door—his friend murdered—jailed" by a tiif-k of the guilty man-thls is the way "Border Blackbirds" starts-, and it ends in a whirl of speed, surprise and suspense. (•«me<ly >»We<ldlng Daxe" 4th Episode -Crlm.-son VULSV . Krnxy Kat Kartoon Koniedy - o •-. (•O.MI>« MO.XDAY FOR FOI'K DAIS MARY PICKFORD in "MY BEST GIRL" "America's Sweetheart' In her most thoroughly modern dramatic comedy of th<^ 5c and 10c stores. Old CoL Wellinan certainly did know tobacco! H is secret method^—now ours exclu- • sively —puts Granger right at the top for'^taste. It mellows and ''mildens" tobacco as nothing else can. And that's not all, for Granger is cut to bum slower, toof it's Rough Cue ..^ny dyed-in-the-wool smoker knows what that means— cooler smoking4 All the quality where it coMats—inside the pairkage; not a 'penny wasted for show. It's a product we can stand squarely back of—and we dol No nsllj tin; tenspily ; patted iu btatrj JpU; htnct lb* price. GRANGER'; I GRANGER ROUGri OTT MADE BV THBIlGGEIT AMyERSTpBAtCO CO.

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