The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1933
Page 4
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NBW8 OP THi WHK Iff MALVtttf tottf Wend* wffl appreciate h*vin* ttwi* vttfti ffl«ntlo»sd tt ihfM colwnn*. i>h»n* 109. ' -—: Mr. and Mrs. Abner Clark and Miss Eva Clark of CTarinda drove ttp Thursday to spend the day with his mother, Mrs. Anna Clark. Will Snodgrass of Emerson was greeting old friends in Mal- rn Saturday. B. E. Combs from sonth of Emerson was in Saturday and was telling ns that qnlte a number of the members of the Mills County Holiday association drove down to Thnrman Friday to attend a trial in Justice court held in the feOuntry near there, tt seeined that a dispute was on ovef the possession of a farm. The man on it claimed to have rented it the latter part of January. A few days later another man secured a lease and the suit was brought to determine which should have it. The case was decided for the tenant who will thus get to remain, Ed Hetzel was up from Randolph Saturday greeting old time friends and attending the sate. 0. M. Ogden was up from Stratum Saturday doing a little trad- Ing and visiting among old friends. He has been coming here for the past forty years or more and always finds a welcome. Henry Schick and Bert elites of Emerson were in town Saturday and attended the sale. Mrs. Lillian C. Beattie, Representative of New York Life Ins. Co. 31-4. Lloyd Short Allen Wortman went to Des Molnes fttitt*. day evening, returning the following evening. Fred burtrfn, H. H. Lisle, and L. L. Robbins drove to Bes Moines Sunday, returning the following evening. Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne Scoles of Glenwood and Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Comer of femefson were Sunday guests in the T. C. Lake home in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. Scoles accompanied the Comers to Emerson that evening for a visit there. Follow "Luck and a Horse," which commenced February 26 in the American Weekly Magazine of THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, a smashing western serial by Max Brand, master of western fiction. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. 33tf. Collins Lyie Bellwood from east Deer Creek was In Saturday and called to check up on his subscription. He asked us if we would take cream checks on subscription and we assured him that we would. Cream checks are always good on subscription with us. Alfred Shaw and son, Paul, from southwest of Hastings were in town Saturday. Paul is a member of the baby beef club and la fitting up some good ones for this year's contest, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele of Strahan were Malvern visitors Saturday afternoon. Rev. John A. Cunningham, pastor of the Strahan M. E. church, was in town Saturday and made our office a pleasant call. Ethel's Art Shop open only on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon and evening, adv. Dr. and Mrs. I. U. Parsons and , Mrs, H. A. Deardorff were in drove to Waterloo Saturday for a few days visit with Rev. and Mrs. Harry Moore. Mrs. Moore is their daughter. Carl Clausen of Omaha was an over Sunday guest in the Fred Farquhar home in this city. Miss Gladys Oillilland went to Emerson Saturday evening and visited over Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Homer Conneli. Harry Hilton went down to Randolph Monday evening called by the serious injury of his mother, Mrs. George Hilton, who fell Sunday and broke her hip. L. W. Boehner returned last Wednesday from a brief business trip to Washington, D. C. Fred E. Mulholland and L. W. Boehner were in Des Moines Sun- . Mr. ft*i »rl. 6. I* .'*«** to Vffim &««a*y w*ef* they «- tetded the efetet*»ttot 61 the Mtf-fe*rth -»«4«t*i *tt6f*e*B4fy of her p*iwtti, tt*. *»« Mr*. T. J. Ootrley. Dr. That. W. Gffiey Sftttfe to Des Moine* Snnrfay eteattg a*d on Monday attended i meeting of the executive %e*rd of the state veterinary Astdcfation. He **• turned home Monday night. Mr. and Mr*. Riiph Crfcttef are leaving ttfday (•Hwsday) tor Cincinnati, Ohio where Ralph h« a position waiting. A farewell party was given the Cramers Wednesday flight fcy their ineigh- bors. , Mrs. D. Steers aid son, Dickie, of Laurel, tfebr. are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mr*. Vern Crook. The ladles are cousins. C. L. Knnee made a business trip to Randolph Wednesday. Dr. D. M. Kline was a Des Moines business visitor Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frink and family of Henderson and Max Ireland of Omaha spent Sunday at the Aden Ireland home. Mrs. W. W, Tannisoft returned Wednesday front Des Moines where she visited her brother who has been ill. She left him much improved. News of the Churches T Far, New Write Interesting Letter* iMftttiBafa VVj^gjtau.a| j K many ronnwr A»k far ' day and business relatives. Monday looking after matters and visiting Reduced Prices on all stamped goods at Ethel's Art Shop. adv. H. H, Amos, Smith-Hughes vocational agriculture instructor in Malvern high school, attended a district meeting of Smith-Hughes instructors in Red Oak Saturday Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Davis re- urned Monday from a brie uslness trip in Kansas am 'exas. M a r 11 c i a accompanied tiem and remained at Baylor col ege in Belton, Tex., for the pring term. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Gibson trove down from Council Bluffs 'esterday to visit friends and ook after business matters. L. T. Martin of Red Oak was ooklng after business matters in SPORTS Methodist Episcopal Church Roy E. Ottgelet, Pastor From now until Easter we are hoping to emphasize different phases of evangelism in the Sun* day morning services. We hope that a large number in the church will get tinder the burden of this effort. We want to have something that is especially adapted to young people from the junior department age up as a part of the service. We want these services to be helpful to many people. Services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and' preaching at 11 a. m., Epworth League at 6:30 p. m., and the union service in the Baptist church at 7:30 p. m. The sermon subject in the morning will be "Animalistic." Dr. Henry Dale White will preach at the union service. The Bible reading assignment from March 16 to 30 will be I Corinthians. Statistics tell us that seventy per cent of all conversions and sixty-eight per cent of all crimes occur between the ages of twelve and twenty. Which way is your son or daughter going? Someone has said: "If absence makes the heart grow fonder, bow some people must love the church," „ Mdftrt twn Mm. (ft** Ifc ffttttaft *tttai« f rein Bfttfft, «*%?. ftft« order* The Leader *e*i them ftiiothef feat. fittest tttefcfe wfttes «s tinsm fcodawat, F8trte two. and sends la his rettifii fof The Leader. Ml** i» Wttf writes us from Chftnttte, JCift. and encloses a check to reftew her Leader and heft trl ft Httie with the depression and the ftdds: "To help raise my spirits hf aews of home folks who are ttltt *holine folks' to me aftef twenty-five years absence." Mf*. ft Leather-man of 316 So. Shefidftn fcitd., Waukegan, tit, writes ns ftiid orders The Leader fof a yeftf M she can get the ntftrs from the old home town. Aimer eTfttfc writes from ClaN inda and encloses the wherewithal to boost his subscription up ft notch. Henry ScWillnfc of Emerson writes and encloses remittance to take advanatftge of our special subscription otter. W. M. Hottser writes us from Henderson ftnd encloses cash for a trial subscription to The Leader. E. A. Jenks writes ns and says: "Please mark me up one dollar's worth of subscription and if you would rather have fifteen bushels of corn come over and get it. That would make up enough mush to last you until my subscription runs out again." LOCA t«« » Firemen, Buick* to in Los** in t»oth theft **»«*" Hi* 48th Subscription C. T. Norton writes us from Wayne, Nebr., Jan. 28 and says: "Enclosed find money order tor |2 for another year's subscription as per your offer. Glad we are getting more for our money. Wish more people thought as you do. This is our 48th subscription to The Leader." Hafd games were played Monday evening as the second found of the final tournament of tne volleyball league got under way. Out of the fracas fonf teams emerged to claim places in the championship and consolation finals which will he played next Monday evening. Firemen and Post Office clashed In the first set of the evening, the Firemen winning aftef two games. Working in excellent form the Firemen withstood heavy offensives on the part of the Post Office and wete able to run their own score up rapidly. The Snicks and Farmalls, each with heavy borrowings, also put up a fast scrap, the Snicks winning in two games without danger. After three close games the Cold Storage were able to claim victory over Mulhollands. Both teams borfowed heavily and the contests were closer thaft any of the preceding. Collins, 100 per cent borrowed, came through with a slow three- game win over the Leader team, the final game of the set going to deuce before being settled. The scores of the evening: Firemen -—. -—-16 Post Office 9 Bulcks — IB Farmalls 12 Cold Storage _ 16 Mulhollands _. .-10 Collins 10 Leader 16 donia by the same tally. Villisca took the tontnament title, heating out Co. I »y a to 18 tally. Ed Died fa Tabor March 6 Charles O. Schack writes us from Council Bluffs taking advantage of our "special offer" on a year's subscription. Mrs. Caroline McClain writes us from Eugene, Ore. and encloses two dollars for another year's subscription. Mrs. McClain formerly lived In Emerson and has many old time friends there and around Malvern also. P. A. Shulti writes us from San Jose, Calif, and sends in bis renewal for The Leader again, 16 7 16 8 12 16 15 11 Henderson Girls Win Tournament Good Game* and Large Attendance Feature Games There was a fine attendance and lively interest at the girls' high school sectional basket ball tournament held in Henderson last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and the Henderson girls came out the winners of the beautiful sectional trophy awarded by the Girls' High School Athletic Union of Iowa. The Henderson girls have played seventeen games this season and won every game. For this Ed Mumper, who tot the past twenty-nine years has been a resident of Tabor, answered the final summons Sunday, March, 6. He had been ill for a long time and was confined to his home during most of the per °* httt recently rallied enough to Denture, up town occasionally. During most of his residence he has been in the employ of the city as its marshal. His long Pelfdof-wrv* ice was an evidence of his faith* fulness to his task and to the confidence and esteem In which he was held by the various city administrations. He was the type of public official that served with credit to himself and with honor to his position. Charles Edwin Mumper was born in Pennsylvania, Feb. 9, 1868. He had Just passed his sixty-fifth birthday. He came west with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Mumper, when a lad of about nine. They settled on a farm southeast of Tabor. Ed was one of a large family of children, seven boys and three girls: A sister, Mrs. Clara Rush, preceded him in death. His other sister, Mrs. Nettie Anderson, lives in California. He is the first of the group of seven sons to be called by death. The others are John and Grant of Wyoming, Frank of Montana, Fred of Oregon, Orvllle of California, and Walter of Florida. He was married Feb. 28, 1888 to Jennie Maxted. Two children were born to them, Noah Everett and James Genon, both at home. Mr. Mumper's devotion to his home was rewarded by the constant ministry of the wife and sons and Mrs. Noah Mumper. Noah carried on his father's work during his last illness. Mr LUIUCBD to *«e, *" %?6fn*r* I* ffHfc — xfk4ra€t fn€ifr 0vB*6 Wftn «•»**«*• «u V j were Mytfftly NftwtOft, Mfntte frftd Hurtle Mftxted. tfe* death of Myrtle in iJlff affected hfm as deeply *t though *fce h*d h*«n his own datrghtet. ranetfti sefvieea wefe held Mi the Methffdtst ehfiteh " ' aftetuoon at S ifefdelt t by feet, *. d L*%«« *f tte wir . gtegatfottt eftWet. assisted by Rev. ft. 6. Bttehafraft, pastof of the Methodist ehOTeh, a&rf Fted Rosentfader at the Faith Home. Rev. peter Jacobs of the Congregational ehttfeh, Shenahdoah, ft totmef Tahot pastof, gate the message. Hymn* were sung by a mixed quartet. Mrs. B. V, stopper sang ft solo, the casket bearers were Ray fyftet, ttay Rhode, Carl Redenhaugh, Fofd WesHn, Df. T. d.' Cottef, and Afthn* Mauk. I The Red & White Store The Be»t For Le*« Friday and Saturday, March 17.18 CORN Red A White Fancy f A, C, Q. No. 2 can.—.IVB SYRUP White or Golden, § jg „ 6 Ib. nail..-.—-.*PB White or Golden, MJ.. 10 lb. pail ...-^IB DRS. KLINE & KLINE Dr. D. M.• Kiln* ' P'Jihi'.A . COFFEE Red ft White Vacuum pack.-. Dot, a good cup..— Blue Arrow, good for...... .S3c 23c CHERRIES Green Maraschino, 14* 8 ot. bottle- .lOv GARDEN SEEDS IOC Bioux City Seed*, 3 pkts. :! '-'4 Mffacr whfl-« « Clarkson hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hartman of Elliott were Sunday dinner guests in the H. H. Amos home. SPECIAL every Saturday Complete A J e m i t e Grease job and oil change (5 qts. with good competitive grade oil) $125 1 With Conoco Germ Processed 50c extra. SALVERS AUTO CO. gjmwuon oi amfeHon wag n Malvern Saturday afternoon, bringing Mrs. Bellwood for treatment. Suffering from rheumatism 'or some time so that she has >een unable to walk, Mrs. Bellwood Is showing some improvement and expects to soon be able to walk a little again. Mrs. Zeno Bass and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Strahan were in town Tuesday and made our office a pleasant call, Mrs. Johnson brought in an account of the sixty-second wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs, Adam Gipe. Morris Kelso and son, Leonard, of Lone Tree came in Tuesday afternoon and visited over night with his niece, Mrs, E. D. Herlng, and family, They were enroute to Omaha and drove on up there Wednesday morning. Mr, and Mrs. Howard Kayton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton, and Miss Joyce Molsberry of Strahan were dinner guests of Mrs. E. 0. Kayton last Sunday. Mrs. s. j. Clark of Omaha came down Tuesday to visit awhile with Mrs. Annie Clark and her daughters, Fannie and Sadie. Mrs. F. H. Boggesa of Red Oak returned home on Tuesday after spending & week with the Clerks. Mrs. Clark Is still very ill. Mrs. Alfred Coons was taken quite sick last Thursday and Dr. O. M. Kline -was called. M«. Coons was confined to her bed for several days but is now able to be up the greater p&rt of the time. R. W. Mansfield drove to Hamburg Monday to gee his father who is quite sick. Uhnrch Pastor, Lee Roy Bobbltt Decide Saturday night to retire early and be at the Bible school Sunday morning at 10, and then decide to stay for church. Theme of morning sermon, The Use and Value of Remnants." The Community service Sunday evening will be at the Baptist church. The pastor of the Presbyterlao church will bring the message. The audience last Sunday evening was too small for three churches and the town of Malvern. Has the newness and the thrill of the Community services about worn offt Young Peoples service at 6:30. What a lot of time many young people w.aste on Sunday. Why not give God and the church more time? "That man may Jast, but v never lives, who much receives, but nothing gives," We can give .time, talent, and money. WILSO N Electric Quality CHICKS ACCREDITED, CERTIFIED BABY CHICK PRICES Standard Grade _, .. $6.00 per 100 end Assorted,, 5.00 per 1QO Certified A A Grade „„,.,.$ 7,50 LSON'8 IRY Presbyterian Church Henry Pale White, Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning worship at 11. • The theme of the morning is "Our BverJivIng Saviour and Ad* vocate." Hebrews 7:?5 John 2;1, On Sabbath last we enjoyec greatly the duet sung by the Misses Serkhimer and Caudel with Miss Helen Jones at the pi- a&o. It is a source of gratification that the union services are go well attended each Sabbath eye- Ding. We fee) that they have cre» ated an atmosphere conducive to a Sue spiritual appreciation of the value of enuring luto the Leaten his subscription another year, He ias changed from route eight to route three. Sirs. £, M. Puke writes us to change the address of their Leader from Stanberry, Mo. to 204 Washington Ave., Sbenan- doah, la. Mrs. Virginia E. Glngles writes us from Revere, Mo. and orders The Leader sent them for another six months, Carl Nelson, writing from Hemingford, Nebr. to renew his subscription, says: "The depression is here like It is in Iowa. Hoping things will change." Mrs, Lizzie Shields of Qulnlan, Okla. sends in her renewal for The Leader again. Mrs- Minnie V, Pavls writes us from Hawk Springs, Wyo, says: "The Davis famjly^ are all well. Art's family and myself are the only ones Jeft is Wyoming Frank and Pode and family have moved to Philadelphia. They have gone back into the insurance business after having spent two years here on the ranch recuper. ating from a serious illness Frank underwent two major op orations and Pode had hear trouble. I am glad to say they are both well -now, Crops wer good in this locality last fall. Regards to all Mills county friends. O. E. S* Meeta Tue»d»y The regular monthly meeting o| gilver Urn Chapter Order o the Eastern Stw- will he held next a perfect season's playing, The team line-up is as follows; Jeannette Luther and Lois Wilon, guards, Eleanor Phillips and Alta Simmonds, center, Jeane Creamer and Arlene Harbor, forwards. They have made a total of 663 points this season against their opponents' 296. Three graduate .his year; Jeannette Luther, Alta Simmonds, and Jeane Creamer. The others will be in next year's lineup. The games were as follows: First Games Henderson 69, Randolph 16. Hastings 9, Wales-Lincoln 38. Pacific Junction 16, Silver City 23, Second Games Henderson 64, Thurman 17. Wales-Lincoln 37, Silver City 12, Thira ana Final Henderson 33, Wales'Lincoln 22. Henderson made 156 points in the three games they played. There was a nice attendance at each of the games and the receipts a Httle more than paid all expenses, Offlet hourti 1 to 8 p. m. and 7 to I p. m, on Widnetdiyt and S»turd»y» Oth»r Hours by Appolntm*nt Office over Iowa SUU Savlngi Bank X.Ray Dl»0notl* Phoneii Qfflet 13Z, Houta 126 Now! ASBURY Chss. Shaw went to Des Sunday to attend the Farmers Holiday meeting, returning Mo» day evening. _, j / „ . „, .- I Among those wfeo were Tuesday evening, Man* |j, In 1 Q 8k visitors Saturday were; Legion room la the Commit nity building Paries HHIon, W. M. Mr, a»a Mrs, Harry Neat Mickey «f stopped |n Malvern Tuesday {or a brief visit vie poujrtas att d fefflily, Mrs. AJ, McQjnnis, Mr. ft»d MM, Scott Artecburn, and Mrs. Qr& Douglas and daughters. Ed»» and Porto, and Miss Mildred Sederburg, Mrs, GbM. BlOT and sou, my, Bed Q»k visitor* Moada-y. CttW»ipgb,am. bo»e from Qniahft where they tended the funeral of Mr». j a »ea Brown. Boscoe teaded the sale P. Ratbko a B 4 Wm. Rod* vl Oleawgftd w«r* to tava mad* a pieajftftt «ali. Mr. ftad M«UV Q, & Bay MPRESO THEATERO tfre seliopi elaettofl at ter BCbool Monday Ha?Yl« U* Wftl Friliy i titirdiy Ww'4 Hmrim an wif te "IIB imulu. "flflhnftl iwm^^» 7^^^^W» Alton Ifflff MM You Pap No More for this Extra Quality Oil CONOCO GERM PROCESSED MOTOR Oft'"" t • m^^^ ' ^^9 f* > - d6Op«rqt- Any oil would be beUer if Gerro Proceed §nd to 60N06 get the te§st preBUam stt §ble, Privs ia,today ss& flfcw with ttote txira mM®M ?W* costs DQ more than ordinary lub» ' ' '"

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