The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 10.18 Ammunition Ship Fire Ends Battle Jewish FocHons Fight Until Gunfire Ignites Explosive Cargo i> i. By Ellav Simon 'ra d Av r ,'v' SUff c °"-«i«>"<t«'i 1EL AVIV, June 23. <Ut>> — A Wherry Lets Fly with Old-Fashioned Kigh-Powered Political Harangue BT.YTHEViIXR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS on ship— brought ,, waterfront. vV 10 " 1 ' toltle bet >™?» Israeli i,f°° !>s IUKl "««™'*t "-Bun " ""'" ended '""'"I""!- « ai,d 1S »' l "i t ' y ""W'oli army m,m and their o W »n W u.s of ,l,e Ireuri v^f I"" 0 " " luse «' '•'-•'••"- ""-' tm , f ?"• '" cx l"^»°i> tl'M tut l£irt H «"'»"'»<''«> aboard Hie Beached ve.ssel vouhi explode. ' UlS ° f ir, , I, ' J.siri --i. including » -. ]ya "°" s trllcc observes and sovornmiMit oflurinls w>i.j .i sovornmiMit oflurinls w>i.j nC'irh I?' 0 * ""' liah(ill s >'•"'" ^ ' I'M by Kate Da,, Hotel rushed inland tot- sa.'vcy. lm ll! , C , rC 'I 1 ,' 1 '™' 01 ' "<> >»'>l ii B tlie blazins S hj p ., ••biuulonec, by the 'frg.n • ?f i!SOUK!lt 'o '»"'! anns Ir um H in e mnnce of ,ht- United Nations trace in the j lo!} . j,. lll( , " H-f, 1 !C , aSt S ' X J ' = u ' lis 's and two Hannah ni oi, i md b! > ei , km «l in the , m?i ," g W "' ch bfBa " "•"<•» <"e J'" Sum.'ik maoe an abortive attempt I.?,,' 3 ', am " luniti °». vehicles ail guns horn the vessel. The Tel Aviv waterfront had >,esn fcff? r by nf! ° alul "" lehhlc sun ^.auliels for several hollri bt ., o ,° (t ™" m " of smoke rising ftom lhl , snip served notice that the By Sanilor s. Klein (United I'ress Staff C'orres|>i)iiilt>ni) CONVENTION HALL, 1'hiladel- pliia, June 'a. tlll>>-scn. Kenneth s. Wherry o( Npbniska set the Republicans to roaring today. For the fiisl time since this liv- publlcan National Convention started on Monday, a speaker gave I the delegates what apparently they | were looking for—an old-fa.shion- j cd, rip-snorting, name-calling, victory-claiming, milscpuuiidincj 1X )li- tical harangue. He Hung his amis, shouted and worked up a healthy sweat. He tugged President Tinman ss about the •most-'vetoing president we've ever had." Then lie roused the del- csatos to the noisiest cheering so far by adding: "But we'll veto that fellow right off his balcony." The Nebraska delegation save their favorite a good show at the end of his speech. For the first • time in this convention a batch | or delegates put on a complete. I 'roimd-thc-hall parade behind their I state standard. "We want a fieMing man for president—we want Wherry," the Nebruskaus shouted. Although it was loud and enthusiastic, the demonstration was slrlet- • ly t> one-state show. I Even before his speech Wherry came out bobbing, weaving and ducking. | So the picture men, (lie boy.s ( 10 .shoot at the drop of a period, mid : to do it all over again—a couple of times. j In this case, the Sonator from | Nebraska, about to address the lle- ; publican National Convention,drop- ped his manuscript. He did It twice. And twice, while he was rtiirtlnif to retrieve it. the flash bulbs went off and the photographers r.\|x>sed their negatives with a lot of blank spaco. The sccoud day of the convention had got off to a slow start In a hall that looked like a football sladliim niter (he game w!> s over But the photographers had lo have their pictures, so the schedule was slowed ngnin while Wherry gave Time (i few gestures and li flrsl- shnkc or two, not (o mention « couple of bobs and weaves. The double-retake killed considerable time, but Wherry finally not to give his speech -after temporary chairman Dwlglit H. ore™ had introduced him as "one of |he greatest voices in. the Republican Party." i This Introduction cheered the Nc- I biMskjm. jiud it produced the first demonstration of the day, complete M'llb shoitts and slundnrd waving. Wherry's siwcch was the first old-fnshloiied political rouser of the convention. HP did even belter for i Die dclcgnte.s than he had for the . photographers. And he shouted ! where other speakers had merely j talked. He e<)t a lonelsh roar of approval when lie declared that tin- cr,-- vcntlon would nominate a ticket i "that will move out- party into the I White House In 1949." ' And he played to his audience. I Once after the dnlogutes cheered j one of his heavier blasts against the administration, he remarked: I "You want some more I've uot i It right here." aiul f Unmanned Radio-Guided Plane Crashes in Sea guided B m . ., Jun( , i')— An umnanmxl ratlin- plane « nt out of' con o! a » " rac " Ce Ilight ovc '' Cane S , ? ay am( Intcr ™* re- to have crashed Jnto A radio report from the fishing ££?,***? O. said the robol cratt had plunged into the ocean 10 miles off ,Vo Man's Lund a small island off the Southern Massachusetts 'coast. ^t^ ft , °" ard plnnc was sent ftto that area to obtain further in- r formation from the Roberta D 's crew, and to look for wreckage. Marriage Licenses , The follow-in.? couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday in the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythc county clerk: „ ' Michael Stroble of St. Louis Mo and Mrs. Essie Bisiux of Peoria',' Monroe Joyner of Chicago ill and Mrs. Elizabeth Hcflin of 'nar- risburg, ill. S. O Sesvell and Mrs. Lena B Carper of Catuthersville, Mo . William octom and Miss Virginia Tnpp of Cnrbondale, 111 Ralph M. Wafler' of steele Mo and Miss Fayon E. porter of Blythe- Precautions Against Polio Include Rest WASHINGTON, June 23. (UPl — The U. S. Public Health service ! said today tlmt the host, precaution npiinst poliomyelitis is rest nnd avoidance of crowds. Dr. Charles Armstrong, cK«f of i the Communicable Disea.s?s Branch ! said that during the hot, monliis, tlie polio season, children should not be allowed to over-exert themselves. Case histories show, he said, that a large majority of children have been stricken after an arduous period of play. The biggest carrier of the polio virus, he said, is the human. Although the common house fly is believed to be a carrier, it is not known just how important it is in the spread of the virus. Dr. Armstrong saici children should not be allowed to swim in crowded pools. He frowns on movies in the polio season, too. So far tills year, there have been l,44a recorded cases of polio.* This compares with 1,094 cases in the like period last year. About half of the total thus far this year were reported from the .states "of Texas, California, and North Carolina Dr. Armstrong said there is no truth in the common belief that once a child has recovered from polio he Is immune for Ihe rest of his iiie. There have been a number of "repeals" reported, he said. Pleasants Only Interested In Halting Track Permit MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 2.1. frjp) —Mayor James Pleasants issued 'Unscrupulous' Builders In ^Atlanta Area to Face Federal Prosecution ATLANTA. Oa., June 23. (UPl —Kenneth A. Campbell, regional housing expediter, said yesterday Hint the names of several "un'- scrupulous builders and construction companies" in the Atlanta nrcn will be turned over to the U. S. District Attorney for pioscciltion. "The indictments will be lor fraud In violations of the veterans emergency housing program dining 194G n/id 1W7," Cninpliell saiil. "We have a tremendous backlog of complaints some .1,000 in the SoutLfcaslorn state's which we are now Im'estigatiiiK." Campbell said Hie agency has received hundreds ot bona fide complaints from the Atlanta area alone They include charges that contractors have specified certain items- such as basements and refrigerators -to be included in the homes but they nrc left <„,' find [he veterans pay for them anyway. Merger Plan Approved by Two Churches OBEiU.lN. O., June 23. ~<ij]>)_ DclcBiUcs lo (lie OeiH'rnl Council of the Congregational ClirlsUmi Churches yesterday npurovcd « merger with the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Final union, however, will be delayed until sonic lime n i\ n , Jlin i 1949. Meanwhile, more clinrclies will be cnnvnsscd on ihe proposal In an effort to Imwnse Ihe Individual church bucking [roin 65.5 per cent to V5 per cent. The overwhelming majorlly of the 200 delegates (o (he Council's biennial convention here approved Die merger, wlitdi will create » "United Church of Christ" wilh some 2000000 members. The vote came after I three days of ilebale dnnilnated by tivo factions, one uri;li)K linnieillato endorsement of Hie merger nnd the other hoMtiiu mil for a 75 p pr cent affirmative vote by the churches. U.S. Judge Denies Court Order to Prevent Seating Of Mississippi Delegates I'llll.ADEU'llIA, June 23. (Ul>) —Federal Judge J Cullen Onney yeslerday denied » motion for a i teni|x<rary restraining order lo prc- f vent the Keating o[ ,m eli>hl-mem- bcr sils/ilssliipt dck-endnn to tlie Hcpublleun National Cnnvenllon. Tlie delegation has been considered favorable toward Tafl. Tiie pelltlon had been filed on behalf of George L. Sheldon, former Nebraska governor now living In Mississippi, nnd Nelson E. Taylor, Le Flore County. Miss. They sought to seat their delegation in place of a ruction hencleil by Negro Attorney Perry Howard, already recognized by the NMIonal Committee and the Credentials Committee. In handing down his ruling, Galley said the court was without liuriscilctlon because the Sheldon- Taylor friction had not "exhausted all remedies" under (he GOr convention rules, counsel for {Tic Sheldon-Taylor forces maintained they hart availed themselves of all r/ penis under convention rules. Nipro Filet Suit Wfc.n University Refuses to Enroll Him at Student I.EX1NOTON, Ky., J mle 23, (Ul>) —Lyimui T. Johnson, Louisville Negro, today sought to force the University ot Kentucky to admit, him lo lUs graduate school. In a mil filed in fcdenu court wen th* boar* o< PrMldeot H. L. *k>» be declared a violation of 14th amendment to tli« Statw OoiVBlltullon. Joljiuon wu formally denied en- Iranw; to the gradual* »c)iobl S«U unlay. 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Bollled by: Undtr Seven-Year !,![« Botnnists say tlie longest that wheat grain can live is about seven years, disproving the statement that wheat grains found in the tombs ol undent Ees'I'l have sprouted when planted. brief statement, yesterday w ,,en Informed that the Arkansas Racing Commission hearing n- as cancelled Asked to comment on the meeting's cancellation and Gov. Ben liners remnrk that he had let Plcnsmits runt and rjiv,.-" about the proposed track, Plcnsnnts saiu: "What I'm interested in Is that / ^ k sh °"' d not * st Memphis. SPECIAL Beer Per Cose Keil T«p Ate J2.00 C.ries«(Hcck 3315 I'abst Blue Hitilion ."i.yi.75 Builweiscr 53/75 Russell Marr Liquor Store 111 So. 2nd St. Phone 807 FOLDINC CAMERA CUSTOM-BUILT CARRYING CASE $2.00 One of me best camera values we've offered in years. A beautiful inexpensive folding camera (hot "has what rt takes" for real picture performance. Gives you •parkling. c | ear , professional looking >napshols. 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