The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 27, 1976 · Page 3
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 3

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1976
Page 3
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FFA His interest in veterinary medicine was sparked by an uncle who managed a large Angus research ran* in Pine Blulf, Ark. Keith spent several months working there and developing an interest in field research. He has several interests besides agribusiness and veterinary medicine. "I write stories," he admitted in a recent interview. "But I haven't had any published yet," Most of them center on conservation, a topic he can expound on at great length." I did a paper on conservation politics after living on a lake for five years (including summers) and I could really see a change in the land," he explained. "The shoreline gets filled with more beer cans and paper every year. "Congress has passed some good programs in conservation, but the money doesn't always seem to get appropriated," he observed. • He's written several other stories, usually short ones with outdoor themes,and hopes to eventually get some of them published. His only real problem is finding time for all his activities. Besides his school work and long hours at the hardwire store be has put in time on the senior class play, been active in Boys State, managed the wrestling and track teams, and been in the National Horticulture Society. A ^year-old Appleton man, Daniel Smith, received the other top honor at the convention when he was named State Star Fanner last night. He operates a 240*cre farm, and has a 5,000-bushel storage bin and a (,000-bushel drying bin, phis several smaller buildings. Snow warnings continuing in mountain areas By The Associated Press A wintry storm remained stalled over the Rockies today, chilling an area from Colorado to Montana with cold and snow and spilling rain eastward into the Plains. Heavy-snowwarnings were in effect through in parts of Montana and northern mountains ol Colorado, and a winter-storm warning continued through Wyoming. Stockmerts' advisories were up in portions of Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Montana. When your newWausau Home goes up, the price wont When you order anyone of our 150 exciting new home designs, you'll know the price. In advance. In voting. The only things that go up with your newWausau Home are trie value. And your pleasure. Come see our model home. And check our prices. You'll find a Wausau Home costs thousands of dollars less than comparable homes. From siart to finish. CHRISTIE'S, INC. ELBOW LUKE, MINN. PHONE 685-4467 Open Daily Until S:30p.m—or Anytime by Appointment! The cold weather was not restricted to the West. Frost or. freeze warnings were out overnight from Illinois through Lower Michigan, in the Ohic Valley, the mountains of Nortr Carolina and portions, of thf -Virginias and Maryland. Showers and thunderstorm! continued from west-centra) Texas into Oklahoma and ovei .eastern Kansas and Missouri. Light rain splashed into Ux eastern Great Lakes region. Temperatures overnight ranged from 20 at Ely, Nev., U 76 at Key West, Fla. LOCAL HOG MARKET Market: 50 lower butchers; sows steady, Base number 3 butchers 210-240: 46.00; Closely sorted meat type butchers 210240: 46.25-46.75; Sows 27IHOO: 40.5M1.00; Boars: steady 30.0032.00. NEW YORK BUTTER AND EGG MARKET NEW YORK(AP)-(USDA) — Wholesale egg offerings ample, demand light to fair. W h o 1 e s a 1 esellingprices based on volume sales. New York spot quotations follow: Whites: Fancy large 51-54; Fancy medium 47-51; Fancy smalls 35-37. NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) — Butter offerings steady, prices unchanged. . Cheese offerings steady, demand fair. Wholesale.sales, American Cheese (whole milk). Single daisies fresh l.WVi- l.ltBi. Flats aged 1. l-1.49ii. Processed American pasteurized 94 1 4-1.06V J . MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (April26) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — Wheat receipts Monday 192, year ago 312; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged; prices down 2 l j. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 3.45*1-4.7541. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 58 to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each Vi Ib under 58 Ibs. Protein prices; 11 per cent 3.4Wi; 12, 3.66>i; 13, 3.75H- 3.76H 14, 4.10*1-4.12^; 15, 4.34 1 4-4.37?i; 16, 4.6Wi-4.6Hi; 17, 4.7WH.7H1. No. 1 hard Montana winter MARKETS SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) (USDA) - Cattle and calves: 4,800 Tuesday; slaughter steers and heifers fairly active, 50-1.00 higher; cows about steady; bulls steady; load and couple packages high choice 1150-1250 Ib slaughter steers 45.00; load choice and prime 1430 Ibs 44.50; choice 1000-1250 IDS 43.0044.50; good 41.00-43.00; choice 1100-1400 Ib Holsteins 40.00-41.00; good 39.00-40.00; choice 650-1100 Ib slaughter heifers 41.50-43.00; good 39.0041.00; utility and commercial slaughter cows 30.00-33.SO; cutter 25.00-31.00; No. 1-21400-2000 Ib slaughter bulls 36.0040.00, 1100-14001DS 34.0037.00; vealers stow, weak to 4.00 lower; choice and prime 50.00-56.00, few 59.0061.00; choice 38.00-51.00; good 2S.OMO.OO. Hogs: 9,000; barrows and gilts trade very uneven, opened slow, 50 lower, later steady to 50 lower; 1-3 200-240 Ibs 48.0048.50;'few early sales down to 47.50; 2-3 240-260 Ibs 47.5048.00; 2-3 60-280 Ibs 46.5047.50; 24 280- 300Ibs 45.5046.50; sows steady; 1-3 300S50 Ibs 42.5043.50; boars mostly 38.00, weights under 300 Ibs 36.0040.00. Sheep: 500; slaughter lambs active, 50.1-50 higher, again establishing record highs; slaughter ewes steady; feeder lambs fairly active, 1.00 higher; choice and prime 90-110 Ib shorn slaughter lambs 64.0065.00; few choice 85-100 Ibs 63.00-64.00; few shipments choice and prime 90-110 Ib spring slaughter lambs 64.0065.00; choice 85-100 Ibs 62.5064.00; good and choice slaughter ewes 10.00-15.00; utility 14.00-18.00; choice and fancy 6090 Ib feeder lambs 52.0055.00. The Market Analysis DOW IONES 30 INDUSTRIALS High Close Low Close Fit Close 1011.07 988.11 1G00.71 Week of: • April 19-23 —IT WEATHER Affil Weather 1975-76 Ul> 23 29 30 37 35 39 41 37 33 46 44 45 44 46 43 48 47 47 35 48 51 54 53 48 63 52 MIR -1 2 0 11 25 30 30 27 29 28 27 29 30 36 36 37 40 35 30 29 30 39 41 38 38 36 Fci . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .11 .25 0 0 0 .03 .02 .11 .05 .32 .02 .OS 0 .02 .01 .07 .20 .10 1.10 April i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 tAtt 62 67 52 57 61 66 65 68 69 72 66 68 87 74 85 78 67 46 68 60 56 59 56 53 62 62 MM 35 33 29 34 33 39 32 38 45 29 33 44 53 42 54 54 38 M 43 38 40 42 39 36 34 .34 PC* 0 0 .02 0 0 0 0 0 .18 0 0 0 .01 0 .JU .05 0 .03 .29 T T M .15 .01 0 0 Fergis tails (Ma.) Tues.,Apfil27,1976 WEATHER RANGE High I-ow Pr. Kergiis Falls 62 34 Alex'dia « 33 Bemidji 55 26 Duluth » 24 nibbing 52 23 Int. Falls 51 27 Redw. Falls 61 35 Rochester 58 29 St. Cloud GO 26 HIM F8IEIDU BUILIINC MUIIUS mm ' STENERSON LUMBER CO. SOS South Cascade Fergus Falls Phone 73 6-1011 GALENA PLUMBING & HEATING Residential - Commercial Service and Repair 114 SOUTH UNION-FERGUS FALLS PHONE 734-2810 MARKET ANALYSIS-The Dow Jones average of 30 iadustrlals closed last week at LMI.71, up 20.23 over the week prior. (AP Wn-epboto Chart) Cab strike is resumed LOCALGRAINMARKET (Tuesday, April 27) No. 1 Wheat No: 1 Oats Barley Corn Flax Soybeans 3.45 1.40 2.85 2.45 6.06 4.37 NEW YORK POULTRY MARKET (April 26) NEW YORK (AP)( U S D A )-Dressed poultry. North Atlanijc carlot and truck- lot turkey markets, U.S. grade A, ready to cook, frozen, f.o.b. or equivalent: Buying interest for grade B hens good, offerings light at 45 cents. Interest for consumer size A's fair, offerings adequate, with 22-26 Ibs continuing in light supply. Fresh hens sold at 49 to 50 cents for delivery next week. ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A St. Paul taxicat strike Ujat lasted three days in March was resumed Monday, when company and union negotiators couldn't agree on the written version of a new contract. About 350 members of Teamsters Local 120 were involved in the renewed dispute with St Paul Yellow Cab Co., and Radio Cab Co. Tentative agreement on a contract had been reached March.31, and drivers returned to work, but the two sides disagree on what the oral agreement contained. St. Paul Mayor Lawrence Cohen, who sat in on negotiations, said ; pf -the dispute: "In my opinion," the companies, reneged. They backed down when it came to signing the contract." He indicated the disagreement involved funding of a pension plan. Herman Strehlow, president and general manager of Yellow Cab, said that "when we came Extended forecast Extended forecasts Thursday through Saturday: Minnesota: Chance of rain and a few thunderstorms southwest Thursday and over the state Friday. Clearjng trend Saturday. No large temperature changes, with highs in 50s and lows in the 30s. North Dakota: Scattered rain Thursday through Friday. Mostly sunny Saturday. Highs in low to mid 50s west, mostly in upper 50s east. Low's in low to mid 30s. South Dakota: Chance of rain Thursday and Friday. Cool. Highs in 50s. Lows in upper 20s to mid 30s. to write up an agreement as we understood it, the union changed their mind or at least wouldn't go along with some of the things that we had satisfactorily agreed on." The Cleveland Otters 4-H Club meets tonight at Cleveland School at 7:30 p.m. The program is on gardening. Charles E. Adams Volunteer Observer Orwell Dam NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Clear to partly cloudy today. Increasing cloudiness southwest, clear to partly cloudy northeast tonight. Variable cloudiness Wednesday with chance of rain southwest. Highs today 46 to 56 northeast, 56 to 62 west and south. Lows tonight 25 to 32 northeast, 30 to 37 west and south. Highs Wednesday 48 to 60. North Dakota: Mostly cloudy with chance of rain southwest, partly cloudy central, clear northeast and east today through Wednesday. Highs today tow 50s southwest, near 60 elsewhere. Lows tonight near 30. Highs Wednesday near 50 southwest to near 60 northeast. South Dakota: Stockmen's advisory west and south central today and tonight. Cloudy and cool today through Wednesday with scattered rain northeast, rain possibly mixed with snow southwest except mostly wet snow at higher elevations in the Black Hills with local new snow of four or five inches. Highs today and Wednesday near 40 ex- teme southwest to mid and upper 50s northeast, lows tonight upper 20s and low 30s southwest to mid and upper 30s northeast.. .. Thire U Nt Bttttr Time to Iculati Than Now Arefie Fo9n taps fto t«r Into Your Homo • tho Hot Simmon ami tho "Moat" ii Dirii| Tho Cold Winters Before You RetUe Tw Hone or Hake Other Mono InproiomoBtt - CoitMor Insulation First! get 5% Discount NOW Phi Tho Sump from Citing as Well as loalhc Your None Clip out and send to: F. Sauby Insulation LTD Elbow Lake, Minn. 54531 Phone 21J-68S-4255 or 218-685-4330 I ) Send information ( ) Give cost estimate NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE . ..ZIP. PHONE. Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter 3.14=1-4.36'). No. 1 hard amber durum, 4.204.50; discounts, amber 10 cents; durum 20 cents. Corn No. 2 yellow 2.55H- 2.59 '.i. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.54-1.69. Barley, cars 95, year ago 122; Larker 2.41-3.35; Blue Malting 2.41-3.15; Beacon 2.41-3.20; Feed 1.80-2.40. Rye No. land 2 2.65-2.85. Flax No. 1 rail 6.40; truck 6.35. Soybeans No. 1 yellow 4.60',7. VISIT OUR U TEEN' SHOP Middledale Famous Name Brands Justin Charles Hillbilly • Aileen iRuss Girl • Topsy Teen • Peggy Barker THE • Pandora CHILDREN'S SHOP 110 West Lincoln - Fergus Falls WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL! SERVED FROM 5P.M. TO 9 P.M. Quarter pound of pure ground beef with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and special sauce. Served with French Fries and Salad. ALL FOR JUST (Beverage Extra) Just down the road, there's a place like home... mm mm Just a Country Mile West of Fergus Falls on Highway 210. DISCOUNTS HORSDAY and •if*

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