The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 8
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ILLED two DEPUTIES. Officers Shot by Desperate Alabama Strikers. AFTER THE SHOOTING THEY FLED •alt Doxen Companies of Troops on the Scene— Will Close In on the Murderers and Capture Them Dead or Alive — Fugitives Are In the Mountains Near Coalburg-— Another Fight Expected. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 25.— War has broken out again among the striking miners. Tuesday afternoon two deputy •herifls were Wiled, a third fatally wounded and a fourth badly hurt. Two desperate strikers did it all, and they are , rorrounded on the mountains near Coalburg, refusing to surrender, The officers •are determined to take them, dead 01 alive, and will close in on them as soon as more military reaches the scene. Deputy Sheriffs Charley Cole and James Smith went to the residence of R. H. Hudson, near Coalburg, 10 miles from here, to arrest his son, George, on a warrant charging participation in the Pratt mines riot, when half a dozen negroes and deputies were killed by strikers 10 days ago. The Hudsons nro bad men. Old man Hudson recently refused to vacate the company's house at Coalburg and loaded it up with dynamite preparatory to blowing up with himself and •whatever officers might attempt to arrest him or in case an effort was made to evict him. ...... When the two officers reached the Hudson house they attempted to arrest the younger man, but he got a gun and began firing, and the old man soon .joined. The officers also began firing, Irat the Hudsons were too quick for •them and Deputy Cole was shot through the heart and instantly killed. Deputy 'Smith was shot in the breast and died three hours later. The younger Hudson killed both officers. The elder Hudson was wounded in th» hand. Smith lived Mong enough to tell the other officers, who came to the rescue, the etory of the /killing. After the killing the Hudsons :fled to the woods, both heavily armed. -As quickly as possible a posse was or- ;g*nized at Coalburg .and another sent from Birmingham on a special train, followed by troops. The first posse surrounded the Hudsons on the mountain a mile from the noene of the first encounter. The Hud- eons refused to surwnder, and. fired on the posse from ambush. A lively battle In the bushes followed. Two of the posae fell, Buck (Jay being mortally wounded and ' James Woolson seriously hart; The Hudsons again fled, As 'soon as ' reinforcements arrived the entWe place was surrounded and orders sent for more troops, which have gone out. Thesei' with the civil officers, will close in oh the Hudsons and capture them, dead or alive,' if they have not al- leady made their escape. It is expected •a third fight will take place when the .officers come up with the desperadoes .•gain. Sheriff Morrow has a large force scouring the woods and half a dozen companies of troops are on the scene. K Coreun King Kidnaped. TACOMA, Wash., July 25.— A. special from Yokohama states that Coreims and Chinese engaged in a battle on the 12th inst. with Tungsi's rebels and a large number were killed. It is reported that the Corean king has been kidnaped by the Japanese. The Chinese consul at Nagasaki has ordered all Chinese to leave their homes. Eight Japanese and three Chinese men-of-war and 20,000 troops are at Jenson. Trouble is imminent at that place. Cholera is increasing at a fearful rate, Santa Va Pepot llurned. LA JUNTA, Colo., July 25.— Tuesday night a lamp exploded at the lunch counter in the Santa Fe depot in this ' • city, the flames spreading so rapidly to other portions of , the depot that the night train dispatcher and other em- ployes had barely time to escape with their lives, The depot, which was one of the largest owned by the Santa Fe company, with all its contents, was soon reduced to ashes. Two Hundred Hone* VerUli. WASHINGTON, July 25.— The stables of the Knox Transfer company were completely destroyed by fire. Fully 200 Lorsea perished. The etables of the Adams Express company adjoining were also destroyed. Two firemen were seriously injured and it is feared a third ii l)uri«d under a fallen wall. Loss, f 150,000. _ Will Open a New Market. NEW YORK, July 25.— A Valparaiso dispatch Buys: Congress has granted a c oncession to a syndicate headed by one RawBon for an opposition railroad to the nitrate beds. The railroad will reach the port of Junin and will open a new market. It will probably -run to luuiqua or Peaagna. _ Tu«»'l»y I»»itel*»ll UamM. Cleveland, 18; Bt. Louis, 0. Hullime an* Klmmer; UreUtmnteln and I'elU. Umpire, Hurst. Heuwid Ottme-Clevelftnd, «i Bt. U»U!B, I. Cupp; und Klwwurl Hawkey »nri Pete. U)i»' plre, Hurnt. OliluHgo, 18i rittuliurir, 11, Hutctilnson and XlttreUge; Oumbort, Eli rut and ilauk. Umpire, ly&ob. boui*vlll«, 81 Cincinnati, 4. Latham and Orlifli 1'ttrrott and Murphy. Umpire, G»B- New Yurk, 1; .Baltimore, 0, |tu»loHiiit fur- roll; MoMaliim und HuUiiisou. Umpire, Hun- llo. WMTJEHN LEACJUB CMMKi Milwaukee, l>i Toledo. «• Wlttrook »nd fcohuiiur, Huitlioy und MpJfarluud. Umpire, .Mh.o.rlduu. MUmuupulU, Ml Betroll, W, Vurvlu »nd Burke; Uuyl* ttiiU Jentwn. Umpire. <»ld. tiluux IMty, Wi Ii»dlunu|)ijlU, M. CJi 1mm mill Kruiw. I'ciuw and Murpliy. pire, I'OOI'llld. Kim»u»01ly. 11: Urivml itnpld*, tt. •ml jJiwulaie; KlUuu, Hulv, uuU «ijles. pire. Kurtui, WWI'KUN AWOOUTION tft. Jauuphi 14: Uiimlm, 18. .lU; Uuiiiuy, T. • 10; IVurlu, u, , Itt; Mm-olii. *. A. R. u, OFF;CERS_WET A REVERSE. Court Decided Answer Piled by Defendant* I] Not Sufficient. CHICAGO, July aft.—Debs and the other officers of the A. B. tl. met a decided re- Verse Tuesday in their fight against the prosecution for contempt in the United States court. The court decided that the answer filed by the defendants is not a sufficient reply to the charge of contempt and the motion of their attorneys that they be discharged was overruled. The cotttt will hear the evidence of the government to sustain the contempt charges and the defendants will be given an opportunity to produce evidence in their defense. The argument in the case was finished shortly before 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and the decision of the court was announced by Judge Woods. He said: "The main point alleged is that a contempt case like this is a criminal proceeding and the motion is to discharge the respondents on the ground that their answer denying the contempt is conclusive. It is true a procedure like this is criminal technically, but not essentially. It ia an incident in the main case in equity under the bill filed by the government. No case has been cited here in which the federal courts have sustained the proposition put forward by the attorneys for the respondent. "If anything should happen to change our minds during the further course of the case, the defendant will have the benefit of the change. As it is now, we are content to rule that the answer is not complete, as the case is to be further ex uinined, it is well that all questions b« kept as free as possible from opinions from the court, and we will, therefore, not give any extended opinion." REPUBLICS NOMINEES f Moines Convention Selects a State Ticket. BALDWIN TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN. Want Krfiploye» Made Deputies. SAN FRANCISCO, July 25.—The Southern Pacific managers have made application at the United States marshal's office to have 25 of their freight engineers and freight conductors deputised, but as yet the request has not been granted. At the marshal's office it is considered impracticable for train hands to act as deputy United States marshals. It is stated that the railroad company hoped by giving its regular employe) official authority to run its trains without going to additional expense of employing separate men as guards. Negro ghat Seven £yneheri. LURAVILLE, Pla., July 25.—A mob of negroes, lead by a negro preacher named Marshall, went to the house of Jack Thomas (colored) to lynch him for committing rape on a negro girl. As the mob approached the home of Thomas he open fire with a Winchester. His first shot killed Marshall. Thomas continued firing, shooting six other members of the mob. Four of them are thought to be mortally wounded. The mob fired at Thomas without effect. Thomas baa surrendered to the authorities. Slenplng Oar Assessment* Railed. PIERRE, S. D., July 25.—The state board of equalization advanced the assessment on sleeping cars 83J^ per cent. Assessments against railroads, telephones and telegraph lines were also slightly advanced. „________ ~— •_ j, Copper Plant'* Bonn*. SALT LAKE, July 35.—The copper plant's city bonds for.fi5.000, given as a bonus for the starting of a big copper plant here, have been placed on the market, the company having already spent $600,000. Big Strike at Gold. SALT LAKE, July 25.—There is great gold excitement in town from the discovery in Emigration canon, 10 miles from the city, of gold ore assaying over $100 per ton. Many claims are being staked out. Gold Shipped to Canada. NEW YORK, July 25.—Gold to the amount of $100,('OU was withdrawn from the subtroasury for shipment to Canada. liank CuHhiur Sllhilcles. ATCHISON, Kan., July 2E>.—Martin V. Ward, cashier of the Valiey Falls bank, killed himself, No cause is known. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS IN BRIEF. Several Nominations Made by Acclamation. Platform Dealt With National Questions. No Reference to State Issues—Wlteontln Republicans In Convention—Jerry Simp•on Renomlnated—Other Politics. DES MOINES, July 26.—The largest ami most enthusiastic Republican state convention for years met Wednesday at Calvary Tabernacle. A caucus had been held earlier, at which members of the credentials, permanent organization and resolutions committees and members of the state committee were chosen for the' ensuing year. The great hall was handsomely decorated with American flags, bunting, etc. Hon. John N. Baldwin of Council Bluffs, was made temporary chairman, and delivered a speech. Nominations by Acclamation. At the afternoon session the following nominations were made by acclamation: For secretary of state, William M. McFarland of Estherville; for auditor of state, C. G. McCarthy of Ames; for judges of the supreme court, C. T,. Granger of Waukeen and H. E. Deemer of Red Oak; for state treasurer, John S, Herriott of Stuart, and for attorney general, T. Milton Remly of Iowa City. At 7 o'clock the convention adjourned' to- meet at 8 p. m. to complete the ticket, It was nearly » o?clock before the delegates reassembled and' the heat was so intense that all suffered greatly. The committee on resolutions reported and; the platform was unanimously adopted.. The filling of the ticket was then proceeded with. The ticket was completed as ; follows: Railroad commissioner, C. L> Davidson of Sioux county; clerk supreme court. Chis Jones, Washington county;: reporter supreme court, B. I. Sallinger, Polk county. The convention then adjourned. Below is the platform as adopted: Iowa Republican Platform* The Republican party comes again before th« people of Iowa, with every promise performed and every prophecy fulfilled. The history of the past year has again demonstrated the unfltneis and in- oompetency of the Democratic party to administer the affairs of the nation and has again vindicated the eternal truth of Republican principles, , :,'. From the universal disaster that has accompanied Democratic supremacy we turn with confident hope to the sacred duty of restoring peace to a. distracted and disordered country;|we again declare for ft syitem of protective duties so adjusted that every American resource can be developed by American labor, receiving American wages,, and We insist upon A tariff that will accomplish these, ends. We have bat to mention: the disastrous results which have followed the mere menace of free trade- as conclusive evidence of the wisdom of the Republican policy in the past upon this subject. We adhere to the declaration of the national Republican party in 1891 upon its monetary policy. We reaffirm onr belief that the interests of the country,its farmer* and worktngmen demand that every dollar, paper or coin, issued by the government shall be as good as any other dollar. We favor the largegt possible use of silver as money that is consistent with the permanent maintenance of equal values of all dollars in circulation. We do not favor monometallism, either of gold or silver, and we pledge ourselves to continue to work for bimetallism, to be brought about by all flt means within the power of the Rovernment. Resolved, That the honest and industrious emigrant who comes to our ,land with the intent to become in good faith an American citizen is always welcome; none other should be permitted to coine. We favor the amendment and more stringent enforcement of the Immigration laws, so as to exclude criminal, pauper and all other undesirable classes whose presence tends to degrade American labor and incite disorder. The Republican party, ever mindful of the patriotic services and sacrifices of the veteran soldiers of the republic, reaffirms its position in favor of liberally to the nation's defenders. the British and it*f Fair. The revolt 6f British eittifeitofs at th« Chicago World's fuir is fMing fresh expression. Managing DirectcwGoalport of the* cllina company has notified the eocrotary of the British commission of his dosirfl to have the award of his company canceled because the awards of the cominikfrae were granted to amateurs for exhibits of a trifling character. These awards were of equal value With those made to the largest and most important exhibitors. Mr. Laboucliere, in Truth, urges the other exhibitors to take the same action iu order to produce ft salutary effect on the next World's fair. From Belfast, Irdnnd,. James J.Corbett nnnonnces that he has no intention of meeting Fitzsimmone or anybody else until he has settled accounts with Jackson. The large smelter works in Wyandotte county, Kansas, will soon be put in operation to extract alumlnnnv from-clay. THE WJ4.-K /S Of Elf to health and strength, if you're a nervous, delicate woman. The medicine to cureyou, the tonic to build you up, is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. You can depend upon it. The makers say it Will help-you, or'cost you'nothing. They guarantee ife As a safe and certain remedy far woman's ailments, nothing can compare with 1 the "Prescription." It's an invigorating,.restorative tonic, and a soothing, strengthening nervine, perfectly harmless in'<«ny con>- djtion of the female system. It's a. marvelous remedy for nerwnis-and general debility, St. Vitus's Dance, Painting Spells, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, and'oil the' nervous-disorders due to functional derange^ ments. It has often, by restoring the wo* manly functions, cured cases of Insanity. PIERCE'•• CURE OB MONEY BCTUBNED. -THE KEEP COOL See our Sbecial Low Prices on all Summer Clothing. Must be Ciosecl,Out Regardless of Cost. Steam ship tickets to and from all parts of the world! at lowest rates. BEST SECURITY. OF CARROLL. IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. BurplUB. $5,OOO.OO. Opened business Feb. 4, isss. LARUEST PBOFIl'S* Loan Association C. A. MAST, - tt. W. WATTLES. U. L. WATTI.K8, 3. E. Griffith, M. F. Sturges, DIRECTORS: President. - Vice President. - - - Cashier. T. Hlmlohii, Chas. Wsltencheld, Bumner Wallace, Interest paid on time deposit*. Manny to loan on good security. Drafts for nale on all parts of tbe world. Steamship tickets to and from all iiaitauf Kutope. Insurance written In tbe brat companies. Um- Um- W. J. Schuster's hardware store was closed by the sheriff at Kankukee on a judgment for *3,28fl, S, Hische's store at Vincenncs, lnd.,was robbed by burglars of $500 in cash and a gold watch. Mike Maher was killed by a cnr on the Hammond, East Chicago and Whiting Electric line ut Hammond while stealing a ride. The National Association of Fire Engineers will bold their 22« anuuul convention at Montreal Aug. 14 to 17 inclusive. Officials hope that exposure of the fact that the Atchlson had paid $7,000,000 in rebates will load to « change iu truffle methods, Uev. Henry Preserved Smith denies a report that he intended to make a renunciation of his views. The Minnesota Iron company has closed a deal for a wlxtli mine on the Mesuba range—the Virginia. A 14-year-old girl, 7 feet 8 inches tall, died from consumption at her homo near Fort Wayne, Ind. The National Wine and Spirii association U endeavoring to unroll all the dealers in the country and contempliiteu keeping u representative ut Washington. At u colored fuutivul in Watktusville, Scott county, Ky., there ww • lively HtiboUntf affray, which) resulted In the duulli of George Vinegar, mortal wounding of Charles Kdwurdu, and painful wauuulnx of four others. At Kufaula, I. T., Samuel Checota and Hilly Numiiuo, two Creek*, shot and tn- Htantly killed Frank Hawkins. A reward of 1500 wiw ofteriul for his body. .JuniL's ThoinuH, formerly u wealthy oltt- gun, died a puupur ut Hancock, Mil, 1'aul I'rovost, an uurobnt, broke hU nuck wliilu turning u hund-vpi'ing at Pull- udulphlu. Tlioina* Olcary, nephew of Aruhbluhou (,'|.;ui'y of Kindlon, Out., died tmddeuly uud inyuUirlumtly ut (JiilcuHO. Tlie iliiL'uyliiK bmllfif of two ut'gro mur- iluivi'H, who hml Ijc'cu lynched uud for- i;uiu-ii, \vmi found UuiigiiiK to u tree near 1,uke Cormorant, Mi«»u*ii>i>l. Joliu Vuu Horn, uu uiiKlitiwr ut Huu- iliuky, U., ulttycd ut UU punt und *avuU thf livi'suf 4umy i>a»Buuifur* during •*•• tuul colltbiuu. He wuu killed. Witcoiulu Hepubllnuu. July aft.— One of the largest and most enthusiastic conventions ever held by the Republicans or Wisconsin met Wednesday at the Academy of Music. Chairman Thorn of the state central committee called the convention to order. After the organization was made permanent, Eugene 8. Elliott, the chairman, delivered an ad- dresi. The platform was adopted, and after taking five ballot* for governor tbe convention adjourned, being unable to •elect a candidate, Uphara has the best of the fight so far. Each ballot showed a clear gain for Upbam, the last one giving him 180J4 votes. Nomination* IB Illloal*. SpRiNOfiELD, July 3».— Illinois Republicans made the following nominations: State treasurer, Henry Wulffi superin. teudent of public instruction*, Frotewoi M. Ingllnhj for trustees of the stats university, 8. A. Dullard and Alexander McLean w«r« nominated and Mrs. J. M. Flower wa* the third nominee. Motion to nominate a candidate for United States senator wot voted down by a big majority. _ _ ^_ E bestinvestment JL in veal estate is to keep build" ings well painted. Paint protects the house and saves repairs. You sometimes want to sell — many a good house has remained unsold for want of paint. The rule should be, though, "the best paint or none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use clieap paints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at the brand ; any of these are safe : "Southern," "Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.— National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colors ate sold In one-pound cans, e&oh can being sufficient to tint as pounds of Strictly Pure Wlifte l-ead the desired shade; they are In no sense ready-mixed paints, but a combination of perfectly pure colors in the handiest form to tint Strictly Pure While Lead. A good many thousand dollars have been •avedproperty-ownert by having our book on ainting and color-card. Scud us a postal card Depoiita received in anonhla of 55 oepta and upwards. Interest paid on time depcaila. Certificates of deyetit iennd: ; / : •••••• •••' ' • ' ' • ' For three' months, a&......~.« €>per cent For six months, a& ..... . — - 0 percent For twelvemonths; atfc ...... ~. ~.7 P® r cent Fall paid capital Btookmow being iold# earning' better than Gin be owned attar two y««t». A? THE OFF OB, ANt SES'OUR II am now prepared to do all kinds of Nacksmithingj, horse shoeing, plow/work and! general repairing. Wf\OON A first class workman<in<wood is employed in'the same building, and we are ! prepared! to «o all styles., of wagon and carriage woxiStand repairing. US A CAxEL. ' < , JERRY LUCY, Prcqmetor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied! by Fred Franzwa,. Q 81. Louis branch, Clark Avenue and Tenth Street, Sl.LouI*. <(k • AAA l» moneyj uUo other valuable 9K I Illlll premiums to noo<t Ku<s»«r». Bate l|r I V W ball «uthu«U«u, this Is your op- uurtuultjr. See offer UOMK AND COUNTliV it.UiA/JNE. rrlcuiifio Alloewidtitlerii; or 68 Kuat lOtU «tr«et. Now York. 8-11 Mowln*t« • ro|>ullit. LEAVBNWORTH, Kan., July 2«.— The First dUtrict Democratic congreasioual convention, held nt V*H«y FulU, nominated H. O. Solomon of Atchlson for oongreu, who already nai the Populist nonUuttUon. 811 wr Indorsed ut IU to 1. n» Aruioud MonttuittMl by Acvlaumttim. HABRIBONVIU.IC, Mo., July tW.—The Democrat* of tbe Sixth coiiKrusslonal district nominated Hon. David A. P« Arinond by acclamation for re-eleotlon. Bf\R LOCK The Modern Writing Machine la (be invention ot genius,, uu fettered by old-wbool tr»- dittoes. It baa been brought to perfection in to tusobaoioal details by four years ot experieooe, baoked by ample capital, helped by practical men deterwiaid to space no endeavor to nwuufaoture a high oradf maobioe wbiob ibull produce the beet work with the least effort and in the shortest tim». Ita prioe may by • little higher than that of others, but the Bar-Look !• made (or the olais who want ; The Best Typewriter Pottlble, Aud tbe only double key. board mubi&f that EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. SNDOltdED by those who use it: H. Q. torn * Co., 8t. Paul, Minn. Pinherton National Detwtlve Agenou. (8) New York Central & Hudnn Rloer R. R.(10) MioMyan Cantral R. R.Co,(10) Damport Vuily Democrat. Davenport Dally Times, Superior flwuliiff Telegram. Katlonal Wall Paper Co. (7) Anil thousands o/ others, ON TRIAL ID your offioe, and unlew yon life* II you pay nothing. Old n Our Argument; Beat on trial the Uar-Look has it ohanoe to wdto staud oo it, own Hlm|>»uu HUTOHINSOK, Kttii., July »" .-Jerry Biiupsou was nowlnutu'l by ucolumatlou at Uio Populist owgiwioiiul couvontipo bore. ^_ _ _ Kt<w V»rk Uu»)ubllv»uK ru u l>i»t«. NKW YOUK, July aU.-Thu l<f])ublluttn Btutu couvuntiou will lw b«W iu oil Boyluiubtir If, , TYLER'S FAMOUS ROLL CURTAIN DESKS. f4«W 8TYUB8. OuoimtumotUcutalotruuut HuuU CiMinlvni. uud uthurUUItit) rMrnlturu fir 18W I Vt'MWt » MWtF»* **M Iu., uud tit iuul4>lM«!«» (ur BANK CQUNfEBS'fOpntiER iq'Vlt ANY ROQM. CUMMttVNO frtw. Bojiu Via Iu ( cover jKwl The Columbia Typewriter Mfg, Oo M C.-H. COLLINS, MAN*«CR. St. Paul Uniiiuh,

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