The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, January 21, 1933
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 1933 SOCI P. I. A. If ETON Child Welfare Legislation to Be Topic; Speakers Are Announced- ROMANCE Child welfare legislation will occupy the attention of members of the seventh district executive board of the California Congress of Parents and TeAchers at its meeting: Tuesday afternoon at the Emerson school auditorium. Mrs, Andrew Hancock, district president, who will open the meeting at 1 o'clock will report on the legislative principles and Issues adopted by the state board of managers at Its recent meeting In Los Angelas. • Routine business will occupy but 'a short period, several good speaker* betyig on tho program. Among those who will address the district meeting Is Mlris KIdora DeMotts, formerly a member of the teaching force of the Kern County Unjon High School, and now associate field director of the* National Camp Fire organization. Mrs. J. Barnes, of Fellows, district chairman of thrift, will give 10 minutes to the discussion of thrift. Mrs. John M. Lambert, chairman of Founders' day committee, will present a pageant entitled "Lighting the "Way," commemorating the memory of the founders of P. T. A. organizations. Mrs. Albert West, chairman of drama for the district, will direct the pageant, assisted by Mrs. M. J. Meadows and Mrs. James Fltze, who are directors of the seventh district. Each unit throughout the county during the month of February offers TI program for Founders' day. This pageant is being offered at the district meeting for the approval of the district, and any unit which wishes to use It at Its own meeting can secure the lines from Mrs. West, It Is announced. Mrs. Mela Sheldon nnd Mrs. Hancock also assisted In writing the lines. All presidents are urged by the district leader to bring tholr program and membership chairmen to this meeting. John P. Dale, assistant director of the stato department of parent education, will have time on the program to ulsctiss the different courses which he Is presenting throughout the county at this time. Romance and society art going hand-tn-hand In New York this •eason with one of the most recent romances announced being the en- Bafement of Miss Mary Corning, daughter of Representative and Mrs. Parker Corning, to Philip Iglehart. NOTED STATUES TO RELAX HERE BIG AUDIENCE .am PLAY Christian Endeavor Senior Group Performs in Fine . Offering at Church Showing to an audience of more than three hundred persons, the senior Ch'rlstlan Endeavor Society of the First Christian Church, presented tho first performance of "The Old Fashioned Mother," last evening In the church social hall. Miss Harriet Waters, In the title role, scored In her performance of Deborah Under- bill, the forgiving mother, while comic relief was ably supplied by Mrs. Blanche Williamson as Miss Lowlzy Lovlny Custard, the old maid, and Dexter aarrett as Jerry Gosling, the village 'swapper.' The rehearsals of the village singing school, under the leadership of Wldder Bill Plndle, played by Mrs. Alta plerson, provided the action around which the plot opened. Tho undoing of tho vllllan with the return of the prodigal son.jJohn, played by Lee Wllhite, provided the fitting climax with the singing of "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow." Qthcr members of the cast Included: Isabel Simscott, the village belle, Mrs. Bernlce Garrett; Glorlana Perkins, the hired help, Miss Katherlne Holland; Sukey Plndle, "the wldder's mite," Miss Bessie Mitchell; Charlie Underbill, the elder brother, Ray Pierson; Brother Jonah Quackenbush, the mortgage holder, Timothy McDonald; Enoch Rone, the wanderer who made good, Reginald Lenhart, and Qulntus Todd, tho county sheriff, Clyde Blalock. Orval Graves, young local dramatic director, received the plaudits of the audience in his successful direction of the players. Intermission numbers were provided by Elwyn Coats, violinist; Miss Ruth Harman, pianist, a.nd Miss Madallne Hansen, vocalist. Arrangements have been made for further performances of tho play in Tularo on January 28, and In Rio Bravo on February 24. SHE CUTS UP FOR PROFIT NOW Living Models to Provide Part of Fun at Woman's Club Annual Jinks When business fell off,v Mrs. Sophie Smith, wife of, a San Francisco butcher, didn't sit around and moan. Instead, she learned the meat, cutting business, and now she cuts and chops with the best of them. Two Patriotic Units Launch New Term at Installation TOPIC OF SPEAKER "Worship, doing something for and wfth others and knowledge are the three present trends of religious education," Mrs. J. E. Adams of Berkeley told a conference of teachers and officers at St. Paul's Guild hall last evening. The Reverend •William E. Patrick, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, presided and Introduced tho speaker who answered many questions In regard to church .school methods. Mrs. Adams, who combines the positions of a member of the faculty of St. Margaret's House, Berkeley, and piirt-tlme director of religious education for the San .Toaquln district, was a guest overnight of Miss Margaret D. Gardett, superintendent of St. Paul's Church school, 1826 Twenty- flr$t street. Among those present last night besides the above-named persons, were Mrs. W. B. Lyons, superintendent of tho primary department, •Mrs. C. E. Webb, Mrs. William E. Patrick, Mrs. D. H. Campbell and the Mleses Ruth Lyons, Irene Gardiner, Mary Frances Ashby and Barbara Mangun, and C. M. Mangun, principal Not only the modern play boys and girls of radloland will take part In the "Follies of 1933" to- be staged at the Bakersfleld Woman's Club on Monday night, but the gods and goddesses from Olympus who liked to stray from home will also participate In the fun fest, It was announced today by Mrs. Theron S. Taber, general chairman. One entire act of the extravaganza will be given over to the classic mood and a real classic Is promised. Minerva, Diana, Ariadne (sleeping), Venus (armless), and many other noted Inhabitants of Mount Olympus who were strong for publicity in their day and whose yen for attention has resulted in Innumerable plaster casts of them in various poses will be present, It Is promised by Mrs. J. Bruce Payne, who Is arranging to bring the statuary to life.. There will bo tho famed Discus Thrower, The Bor Extracting the Thorn, Joan of Arc, Danald and others whose Immemorial acts are caught in stone, but who will be able .to relieve their .static positions by motion next Monday night. CLUB ANNIVERSARY PARTYJPATION Something unusual, the celebration of the birthday anniversary of 'a 21- year-old needle club, with thrue of the charter members present, was enjoyed yesterday at the home of Mrs. A. K. Carson, 1215 I street. The original members in attendance were Mrs. F. A. Nighbert, Mrs. E. G. Morris and Mrs. J. P. Shields. Mrs. Carson was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Mary Harris. Tho clubwomen exchanged gifts, It being the annual custom to defer exchange of holiday remembrances until the birthday of tho organization wor^ needlework. Mrs. Carson used a tasteful selection of place cards, In dainty tints of pink and blue. Members were bidden to tho home of Mrs. F. A. Nlghbert for luncheon a. fortnight hence. Those present besides" Mrs. Carson And Mrs. Harris were Mesdames F. A. Nlghbert, E. G. Morris, C. H, Shomate, A. J. Ferguson, James Parker, Charles Bailey,-. Lum Moore, Charles •of the Lerdo school. The choir will sing "Woodward's "Te Deum" and an offertory'anthcm, "Seek Ye the Lord," with tenor solo by Percy T. Neato and chorus n.t the 11 o'clock service tomorrow morning. Mrs. Hill G.' Mattly IH organist and C. E. Wukfiflekl, Jr., choir director. The Reverend William E. Patrick will preach on the subject, "Facing Our Task In Social Sen-ice," which Is being considered in pulpits throughout the country tomorrow In the Protestant Episcopal Church. • ^ •' 9 ' Teachers to Assist at "Big B" Dance Alf the "old-timers," the campus celebrities of other years, were expected to join Bakersfleld High School students of the present in a gay reunion at the high school gymnasium tonight, when the "Big B" Society will stage Its annual dunce. It was listed aa an Informal sports dance, and one to be remembered as one of the high spots of the high school social year. Tlie patrons and patronesses will be Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Splndt, Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Hart, Mrs. Helen S. Craig, Miss Ysabel Forker, Miss "Eleanor Fratcr, Miss Edna Keouch, Miss Mary Jacobs, Mrs. Barbara P. Baclj, Mr. and Mrs. J. IB. Loustalot, Mr. and Mm D. M. Griffith, ,Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dalbom, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shreve. DIIS oy motion next wiuuunj jiigui. .. , - „ ^u Assisting Mrs. Payne will be: Miss S>P™guo and J. P. bh Harriet Buss, Mrs. Kenneth W. Rich, Mrs. W. C. Clarke, Mrs. AV. C. Crutcher, Mrs. G. H. Gra'ham, Mrs. Mrs. Xathan Strauss, Mrs. C. L. Claf- lln, and Miss Evelyn Payne. A pantomime, a dramatization, a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, a bevy of chorus girls, u torch singer, magicians, and "Ben Bernle's orchestra," are among other leading events on the "follies" bill. Tho affair will be open only to members of the club who are urged to attend iu whatever costume will fulfill a suppressed desire. OEA'ENTT-FIA'E members and spe- 0 clal guests gathered at Memorial hall last evening to see the Installation of officers of the Daughters of Union Civil AA r ar A r etorans and the AVoman's Relief Corps for 1933. .The hall was attractively decorated and tho officers and those who acted as Installing executives were gowned In white, making the. general effect a particularly pleasing one. Refreshments were served at long banquet tables at tho conclusion of tho ceremonies. Mary Alice Holding, violinist, with Betty Goldlng at the piano, furnished music which was much applaudod. Installing Officers Those in charge of the rltew for tho Daughters included Mrs. Lillian Gormly, installing officer; Mrs. Juno Stevenson, Installing guide; Mrs. J. IS. Ketchem, Mrs. Sadie Williams, Mrs. Lillian Bailey and Mrs. Edith Baker, installing color bearers, and Mrs. 1 Frances Byrne, installing chaplain, and Mrs. Fannie Root, installing soc- I rotary. Mrs. Gladys Owens was the installing officer for the Corps and Mrs. AVInlfred Ketchem installing conductress. Mrs. Klla M. Heath, past department junior vice-president and past department officer In various other capacities, was seated at tho right of the president. Other special guests wore Mrs. AVInifrcd Ketche.m, senior vice-president of the United Spanish AA'ar A'oterans'Auxiliary; Mrs. Molllo Porsel, president of the U. S. NMKDJf QUEEN i cvorul Standing Committees i onnood; (lirls Buying Milk for iMimilics Scvcrnl standing committees and ••halrmen of forthcoming events have iccti named by Ml^s Hotly Graham, lolioreil queen of Baki'i-.vfli'lrt Bethel of Job's 1'auKhters. In chart;,- of a February fashion show and card party arc tho Missus KIsic Myers anil Norna .Icnn Graham, who will bo assented >y Miss Orahnm. Arrangements for n visit Tuesday nlRht of Mrs. Thella. Hachpldor uf FJerkeloy, grand guardian, nro In thu hands of Miss Thcrefiu Lacasollii. refreshments chairman, anil Mln.s Vivian AVatMon, eiitei l.ilnment chairman. [ Miss Doris Walters has been named j chairman of publicity, Minn Velva Hcndrlcks of flowers for tho sick, and tho MI.SHCH Dorothy Cook, Bmilali Agey and Jean Blodgot, of the auditing committee. The bethel IH furnishing ono quart of milk dally to seven needy families. Miss Vivian Watson Is rhalrmun of this project. Mrs. H. D. Hciidca Is bethel guardian. POPPYDAYDATE SEIBYHLOR El Tejon Parlor Will Hold Benefit Sale Feb. 25 for Homeless Children | Camp Fire Leader ! Will Speak Here i Tuesday Evening Miss Eldorn DeMots, associate field director of the National Camp Fire Council, will be the chief speaker at the meeting of the local Guardians' Association on Tuesday night. The meeting wlll begin at B o'clock and wlll be held at the home of Mrs. W. C. Harman, T880 Pacific street. Miss DeMots, who was formerly head of the girls' physical education department at tht local high school, and active In local Camp Fire work, has been conducting institutes In Camp Fire work at both Richmond and Petaluma. She wlll go from here to Pasadena to continue her activities. B 1 B1H TO . INSTALL SWF Jacob J. Licbcrman of L. A. Will Scut Leaders Sunday Nighl orlnn for tho U. S. AV. V.; Coral F Roberts, pant department commando of the United Spanish War Veterani- and Mrn. Granvllle Brown, pre.siden of the Daughters of tho American Revolution. New Leaders Those seated for tho W. II. C. fo Lho new term were: Mrs. M:irgare Summers, president (succeeding 1 Mrs Hertlm 1-Vnton) Mrs. Sadie Williams- senior vice-president; Mrs. Gran Clausnitzer, junior vice-president; Mrs. Mary B. Hampson, treasurer; Mrs. Minnie I^ane, conductress; Mrs. AVIlla Aubrey, guard; Mrs. Angle Mc- Hmlth, patriotic Instructor; Mrs. Nora Cassclman, chaplain; Mrs. Mlnnlo Campion, secretary; Mrs. Ada Crosland, musician; Mrs. Rosa King, press correspondent; Mrs. Minnie Bauer, conductress; Mrs. Margaret Hopson, guard; Mrs. Florence Pcvey, Mrs. Mne Poppy day was announced for February "a and th« dates were fixed for several other evonts last night when Kl Tejon parlor, Native Daughters of a business Tho annual the Goldon AVest, held meeting at ISagles hall, salo of golden California poppies is for tho benefit of tho parlor's homeless children's fund. Mrs. Mary 11. Ilampson has been appointed by Mrs. Jacob J. r.leborman, Lou Angeles attorney, will act an Installing officer tomorrow night, at tho annual Installation of officers of I.ialwrsfleld Lodge No. 7iH, Il'nal B'rlth. Tho ceremony will bo held In the Il'nal Jacob social hall, .Sixteenth and I streets. Attorney Llchermnn IM an officer of the gniiul lodge of the order. Ho will bo. assisted by Harold Goldberg, recording secretary of tho Los Angeles Il'nal U'rlth lodge and secretary of the southern California officers' conference of the order. Tho officers to bo Installed arc Henry logger, president; Harry lOlscn- stoln, vice-president ; Samuel K. White, monitor; Kdwarrt llaum, assistant monitor; Jack Lltzensleln. secretary- treasurer; Morris Hlfkiml, warden; Irving I'ohn, Sam Hayless, trustees; Trvlng Colin, Samuel White', delegates to tho annual convention; Harry Header, Jack Lltzeimtcln, alternate delegates. Tho lodge will sponsor a potluck preceding the Installation cere- Talk. Music and Dancing Numbers for L". D. C. Affair Tuesday One of the most filgnlfiennt nnd Interesting" affairs of the year for members of Mildred Leo Chapter, United | Daughters of Confederacy, n niemo- I rial tea In commemoration of Robert ID. Leo, Stonhwnll Jackson nnd Fontaine Mnury. will be held Tuesday. January III, at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. C,. C.'onry, 714 Flower street. Mrs. Seymour Koblnson is president of tho chapter. Mrs. Thomas C, Austin will speak on the three heroes, an Instrumental trio will play, other music will bo provided nnd n program of dancing numbers will he" presented by five pupils of Miss Martin's School of the Dance, accompanied at the piano by Miss Juanlta Miller. Tho dance selections will be: Too dance, Georgia Louise Taylor; acrobatic dnnce, Beba Randolph; "Jingle Bells" (toe), Gloria Valencia; tap dunce, Janet Graves; and ribbon too dance, Margaret Van Meter. Tho Instrumental selections will bo by a trio Including Miss Kllzabeth n»;han, viola; Miss Paulino Willis, vlo- | Iln, and Mrs. (iloanah Ball Behan, liino. Mrs. Behun will present a deal selection. Little Misses Barbara Tlbbetts and Betty Adams will act as pages. Com- irlslng tho tea committee besides Mrs. Conry, hostess, are Mesdames .Vllllam lllueilen, T. C. Austin. A. tt. : Iltchcock, Leo Shamblln and Miss Vdsi Frank Anderson. The program committee comprises Mesdames Edgar Wasem, Carl Ger- 8on, Hoy Lewis and George Hamilton. nies, while brldgo contest will , ., . . . i 1, ll|l'lll(jr>, W II I It? tV UllVIfaTJ i. ini v-ni, iitu Ralph Sanders, president, to be chair- f(i , low ' Ui( . (>xorclseM . Tllcl . 0 wlll ,, c door and brldgo prizes. Tho affair la open to the LA ES1RELLA CLUB IS Williams, Mrs. Georgia Greenleaf and (charge of arrangements are Mrs. Margaret Sage, Miss Marie Hehdorf, Mrs. Gladys Cooper, Mrs. Margaret Carlisle, IP T A li e Ro Aiio TAFT, Jan. 21. — The regular montrly meeting of the Taft Primary Parent Teacher Association, held AVednesday afternoon in the Taft primary building, brought together 40 members of the organization with tho president, Mrs. Mabel Edward, presiding. During tho business session, Mrs. H. O. AVard was unanimously elected to serve on the nominating committee to select officers for the AVest Side council, representing the Tuft primary. .. The study circle, conducted by Mrs. Mabel Marshal was devcted to a discussion of playing marbles for keeps among school children and many interesting arguments were presented. For entertainment, Miss Marian AVatson's rooms sang a group of throe songs and refreshments were served. Mrs. Charles Hirsh was in charge, assisted by Mesdames H. A. AA'llllains, N, J. Freed 'and Charles Rouse. NEORMALTEAIS ENJOYEHYCLUB Mrs. Wliit Barber presided over an informal tea in connection with the last meeting of tho Pontalpha Club of Security Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, at her home, 205 South Chester avenue. Mrs. Norma Austin presented a reading entitled "Land Dolphin," by Longfellow. ' Twenty guests attended, helping In the planning of events for tho coming term. Among tho affairs to bo held will be a series of card parties. Mrs. Blanche Browne, president of the club, appointed chairmen, and dates for the affairs will be announced later. Meetings are held semi-monthly. Mra. Barber was assisted by Mrs. A. B. Mclntlre und Mrs. Felice Loustalot. JW. Auxiliary; Mrs. William • Patrick, president of the American i Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Grace -Brown, ; secretary of tho V. F. W. Auxiliary; J. E. Ketche-m, department his- Mary 1 lessen. Mrd. Mary Phillips, color bearers. For D. of V. Officers of Tent No. 13, D. of V. include: Mrs. Virginia Preston, president; (succeeding Miss Florence Taylor) Mrs. Vornlo Sprague, senior vice- president; Mr«. June Stevenson, Junior vice-prei'ldent; Mrs. Anglo Smith, chaplain; Mrs. Suydam, treasurer; Miss Florence Taylor, Mrs. Ada Crosland und Mrs. Abblo Dickey, council members; Mrs. Georgia Walters, patriotic. Instructor; Mrs. Kva Veon, sec- i man, Anna Scott, Catherine l.'odcn- retary; Mrs. Mnreda Baptlstu, press correspondent; Mrs. Ionian (lormly, guide; Mrs. Georgia Greenleaf, guard; Sirs. Anna Hopper, usslstnnt guard; Mrs. Ada Crosland, musician, and Miss Florence. Taylor, Miss Una Walters. Mrs. Mabel Bock and Mrs. Louise Moore, color bearers. Congregationalists Elect Of ficers at Annual Meet of officers, announce••-' ment of committees, and reports of retiring offlcers^mado up the program of tho annual meeting conducted last night at the First Congregational church with the Reverend A. S. Donat, pastor, presiding. Tho session took the form of a dinner and the commit- STALS Drink Crazy Crystals A Natural Mineral Water Product FOR CONSTIPATION, STOMACH TROUBLE, COLITIS, NEURITIS, RHEUMATISM Just Add Them to Your Drinking Water We Are Agents for Crazy Crystals in Bakergtield Call In for Free Pamphlets Kimball & Stone Tht PirticuUr Drucgiiti Phon* S3 Pkont 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakcrificld, C.lif. Children's Party Honoring little Miss Franclne Miller on her eighth birthday, Mrs. B. J. Miller entertained a group of hoi- daughter's little friends recently at tholr home, 246 Lincoln street, Olldale. The earlier houra were spent in games, contests, races and a special feature of the hour was a jelly bean hunt won by Buddy Burton. Another prize was awarded to Billy Klrkland. Refreshments were served at the Close of tho party with Mrs. Barrett Baldwin, Mrs. George Clark, Mrs. L. G. Taggurt, Miss Faye Roquebrant and Miss Edna Runion assisting the hostess. Those present were: CJenevlcvo Mooro A'irginla Knight Doris Traggon .Marguerite Sturdy Sarah Jane Avery Barbara Baldwin Dwlght Taggart Gleason McCoy Eugene Selbert Billy Klrkland the chairmen of organizations. Especial mention was made of the 1 charitable and philanthropic, work of tho Guild, Ladles' Aid Society, Friendship class and the Sunday school. The activities of tho primary, Junior and Intermediate departments were applauded. Three i/ew activities wero added, Including: hoff and Miss Sadie Cl'-ndenncu. Plan Party Those to b>- responsible for a card bridge n nd include party dcilic hundred, February 1 J. F. Dale, representative of the •itnte department of parent education, will conclude his series of lectures here within tho next two weeks, It was announced today. As this wlll mark his last appearance here, parents are urged to take advantage of tho opportunity offered to attend tho final parent education classes. Mr. Dale Is scheduled to appear he- fore groups meeting in the study hall of the high school music building Monday morning, from 9:30 to 11:30 o'clock, and In the afternoon, from 1 to ;i o'clock. lie will speak again Monday evening at McFarland, at 7:30 o'clock, at a meeting of tho Mc- Karland I'. T. A. Tuesday morning Mr.- Dale will again conduct a class In the music budding study hall. In the afternoon he will address n. Seventh District I'. T. A. session at F/merson School, nnd Tuesday evening, from 7:30 until 9:30 o'clock, he will bu-;it tho Hawthorne School. Mr. Diilw's course of lectures aro being given under auspices of the Hiikersfleld levelling High School, with the co-operation of tho various P. T. A. grimps. Mrs. .1. F. Fuber, representing tho high • hcliool in arranging' for Mr. Dale's appearances h,-re, status that Officers elect..d during a business \ requests are still coining In for ad- session wore Mm. Harry H. Lusk, dltlunal Classen, but that the educa- presldeiit; Mrs. V|I- K H Andrews, first 'tors' program Incompletely filled. Sho vice-president; Mrs. Hoy DeArmund, I therefore stresses the Importance of five | second vice-president: Mrs. Dre'xel j a largo attendance at thu meetings u...,'! Blair, secretary, and Mru. F. E. Smith, : already scheduled. man of tho sale. Another monej-making scheme will bo tho giving away .of a hope chest In the spring. i On .lanuury -f>, past presidents of j the onler will bold a social meeting | at tho homo of Mrs. Italpli Hinder- , liter, 1703 Forest street, to which members of tho parlor arc being Invited. Expect Visit Preparations were begun for a visit of Mr;f. Anna Nixon Armstrong of | To compliment Mrs. L. .1. Baker, AVooilliinds, unind president, May 3. In j r,l!l Flower street, past matron of Caledonia t'hapter, O. E. S., and rosl- dent of Hiiker.tflold i.'2 years, who moving to Merkeley Saturday to live, ii DALE CONCLUDING LECTURE SERIES HERE Mrs. Krnestlne Krhvurds, Mrs. Kather- farewi.ll shower wns held by !.i\ Ino Klncer, Mrs. Tilllo llenso and Mrs. | KstrclU Club Friday afternoon at tho lujine. of Mrs. J. I. .Sullivan, ld-2 On February It, Mrs. Minnlo n. j l.tcalt: avenue. Heath, supervising district deputy. Mr. liaKer ha* been transferred by will make an official visit. Initiation ! the Southern 1'aolflr Company and of members from Desert Gold parlor j has alruady left for the north. Mrs. .Siilllvnn was assisted by Mrs. inns, Mrs. Hnriliiii Taylor nnd Mls.s of Mo.lave Is planned at that Mine. Tho committee In charge lnclud?s| Mao Inmham, JIalllo ]l,,w- I Mary Sullivan, In her liostt-ss dutioK. Juanlta Tettls, chairmnn. Miss Jewell treasurer. Wade, Miss Blanche Matheron and I Mrs. Sage. PAST PRESIDENTS PLAN PARTY I'ast presidents of tlio United Spanish War Veterans' Auxiliary were en- Those attending besides the honoree and hostesses wero MeHdnnios n. 15. Thomas, Jon Thomas, Fred Boden, A. U. Johnston, F. K. Smith, C. | Ii McNumara, Krod Blnns, Allison i I Kl.-y, D. 10., Theo Hand, i •Vance Stroble, Virgil Andrews, W. H. tcrtalnr-d at 1 o'clock luncheon :it decked artistically with greener}' and toyon berries. Official Staff Tho following staff of officers will servo for the ensuing year: Mrs. T. L. McCuen, clerk; doac.onesses, Mes- damos L. S. Harman, Frank AV. AVurthorst, Cora K. Grandy, Julia C. Darlow, H. L. Morton, James Ogden and Miss Mary BUBS; deacons, AV. T. Allen, M. F. AVllcox, Paul Vander- Elke, A. C. Hart, F. AV. Hickox, B. S. Hageman, James Herod and Henry Kazarlan; trustees, Asa C. Dlmon, T. Friendship Relations, headed by Mihs Harriet. }?USH, Mrs. V. L. Nelll and Mrs. M. F. AVilcox. Calling committee — Mrs. A. R. Thelle, Mrs. A. S. Brown, Mrs. A. L,. Renfro, Mrs. James Ogden, Mrs. J. A. Raner, Mrs. F. AV. AVtirthorst, Mrs. S. C. Long and Mrs. Sidney Het[ueni- bourg. Chairman of church decorating— Mrs. Leota V. A'lotor, assisted by eom- tbe home of Mrs. Thoma.-i Nolan, fi-4 Nlles street, Friday. Mrs. Kd Pcivel, Incumbent president, was u H\ guist and Mrs. Leo H. H finer, Junior past president, was Initiated. Others attending included Mrs. John McGulnness. Mrs. J. E. Ketehein, Mrs. P. F. Davis and Mrs. C. X. Potter. Plans were completed for n SITU-H of six card parties for :i fund to sead delegates to n convention In Stockton, May iil to L'.". Six score prizes and a guest award wlll be Riven at oacb affair. Tht- first will lie held Fuhru- \:<ry IS In the community hall In Oll- ilale. All past presidents will act as hostesses. Monre,, A. Grimes, J. H. Moon, lirexil lilalr, Charles Martin, Harry H. Lu.nlt, M. N. Cutland. W. lleatty, Roy DoArmond, C. I'olt, R. C. Liliby, F. U. Kalloch, F. K. Lowe, J. P. Howluml, \V. A. Osmuii, Minnlo Axley, (ii-rthii Owen, A\ r . Drlegs, 11. M. II. Hilton, Lena Frowert, Heine. Maudi; Rawltngs tho Misses Dorothy Verna. Libby und Floreonco Kalloch. FELLOWS ML BE CHURCH GUESTS School Graduates Guests at Party Twenty pupils who are graduating from AVaohlngton Grammar School this Homester wero guests lit a party at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Trail!, 131 Lincoln street. Two of the graduates, Miss Charlotte Moullot and Miss Joanne Trail), wero hostesses, assisted by Mrs. Trail). Mrs. Moullot and Mrs. II. i'. Kvnns. ilorbert Evans, another of the graduates, was a special guest, as tho occasion celebrated Ills fourteenth birthday anniversary. A cako with 14 candles was supplied, and a special cake was also prepared in honor of the graduates. Games, dancing ami music entertained tlio crowd. Local Lodge Men Visit to Taft On Sunday morning First Methodist Episcopal Church Is to bo host to a. delegation of 100 or more mouthers of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Htbi'kiibs. Members are to meet In Oochsll hall of the educational | building at 10:4!3 o'clock and march en ; masse to tho main auditorium of the i church, where tho center section hus 1 be,,, n-served. Tho Rev. Fletcher (.!. Watson, pns- . , . F. Burke, H. A. Splndt, Roy Loudon, Pressed to the many friends and mom Doctor C. E. Porter, ind Arthur Culhoun; financial aecre- j tary, H. J. Burt; treasurer, K. AV. faithfully tho work of the church. mlttoes .from tho Aid Society and ' sever-il members of Bakersfleld tor of the church, has arranged a spe- Gulld. ... . . ... . . An expression of gratitude was CT- Commandory, Knights Tern- clal mossagc for Sunday morning In Buddy Burton Sonny Clark Lee Bowser Geneva Stewart Rose Mary Sturdy Betty Jo Avery Geraldlne Bald- ' win Mildred Ann Runion Max Bowser AVayno Swanson Qulriten Stewart Richard Klrkland Eugene Stool Rich; benevolence treasurer, Mrs. K. AV. Rich. For Other Duties Other officers Include: tinners for; :he morning service, Ray Loudon, L. ' C. Quick, Sidney Hequembourg, H. J. ! ""ulllngton; ushers for tho evening I Douglas Keith * « • To Los Angeles Mrs. Dwlght L. Clarke left yesterday to spend several days with Mr. Clarko and their son Edmund In Los Ancelea. SPECIAL MUSIC Special music at First Presbyterian Church Sunday was announced today a% follows: Choir, morning, "Seek Ye the Ix>rd" (Roberts) and "Let Him In" (Excell). Evening, duet, Mrs. J. W. Marshall anfl Mm. Harry Blnns. Organ, "Beside the Still Waters" (Werne), "Melodlo" (Massenet) und "Festal March" (Roberts). Evening, "The Rosary" (Ncvln), "Poeme" (Fib- iuh), unct. "Henediction" (Vincent). , . . , , , > oya ,rc asons, acco - , C. A. Fowler, A. S. Goode, I.! hers of the church who liuvn assisted j ^ ' ... c,.| lcs Kr and commander, to i Lord," and Mrs. Charl^H Patters er, N. D. Hudson, L. C. Quick financially throughout tho past year • -'^ft "iv't evening Mr Crltes was : will sing as a solo, "Tlie PonlU-iil." ' ' !im ] Kern Valley Chapter, No. honor of tho visitors. Th« choir will noyal ,\rch Masons, accompanied '-«lng as nn anthem, "Great Is thu son II determination to eontlmio moro ! is Stockdale Dance to jth.« installing officer for tho AVest j At tho vesper service, which .Slue organizations at the Masonic . scheduled for 5 o'clock, tho Uevi-reinl itemplo In Taft. A 6:30 o'clock din-! Mr. Watson will loll the "Life Story nor WHS .served. | of Charles Wesley." He will also tell In the group from hero were. .1. T. the story of that great hymn. "Jesus. Graham. 'Inspector; J. S. Stockton, A. 1/jver of My Soul." A nuartot from MoudPll, coinmnnder of Bakers-field j the choir will sing "Tho Old Hutfg'-d i r'omniaiidery, A. Ti. Tied;. F. S. 'cross." Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT SPECIAL STEAK DINNER SUNDAY $1 Merry Widow Crab Cocktail Celt-ry en Branche Green Olives Sweet Pickles Chicken Gumbo Soup, Louisiana Grilled T-Bono Steak Mushroom Sauco Long Branch Potatoes Asparagus Tips, Florentine Orange Ico Assorted Hot Pinner Rolls Special Fruit Salad, AVhlpped Cream Assorted Pies Peppermint Candy Ico Cream and I'ako Tea Cot'fco Milk Among' the events looming on the service, Robert Nolll, George Hanley, | social horizon is tho Informal month- Walter Rlley, David Delemeter, Den- ly dance of the Stookdale Country Wheeler, George Buhn, Thomas Hope, | Three Kpworth Paul Hornung, G. the junior r'razee, John i high, high school and senior, meot at CulhertKon. John I'fniiis and C. 13. i 6:15 o'clock. ton Stockton: organist und choir dl- Club to be held lit the clubhouse on Bradford, high of Kern Valley rector, Mrs. H. J. Burt; for the Sun-I Saturday evening next week. • i chapter, day school: Mrs. S. C. Long, cradle | i n accordance with the unual CUB roll ^superintendent; beginners, Mrs. I tonl| dancing will begin at 10 o'clock. H. J. Cullington, Mrs. M. H. Perkins, Many dinner parties are being orgtm- Mrs. Joe Smith, Mrs.. G. E. Adams; 1^,1 previous to tho danco. ' I primary, AIrn. M. K. AA'llcox, Mrs. O. Sagun, Mrs. Kdgar Hagoman, Mildred Cuneo, Barbara Thrasher; Juniors, Mrs. A. S. Donat, Mrs. Roy Lou- j don, Mrs. J. A. Rnncr, Mrs. T. W. | Plnncll, Beatrice Kltch; Intermediates, Mrs. II. K. Dlckfion, Mrs. Itobcrt Shrcvo, Leslie Buchner, C. C. Keene; argonauts, Mrs. Margaret S. Sngo, adviser; Friendship class, M. F. Wll- sox; homo department, Mrs. Mary Bu&s; Chinese church, Mrb. A. P. Harness, Miss Harriot Buss, Mrs. T. AV. Plnnell; brotherhood, O. O. Hagen; Ladies' Aid Society, Mrs. S. C. Long; The club commltteo In charge Includes AValter Kane, II. II. Warren ! and Malcolm Brock. TO ELECT OFFICERS \ „ _ _ » i Officers for the next, year will bo i Ol JVlOOSe Are e.lected Monday evening when a get- ! together iiu-ctlitjf and potluck supper | Is held lit Highland Park by the Com- ; munlty Club at li o'clock. ' Hostesses at Party FRATERNAL -<*> FUbekah Card Party Bakersfleld lU-bekah Lodge, No. 47, I. O. O. F. will entertain at n public- card party at thu lod^e hall, 1710 Che.s- I tor avenue Tuesday ''Veiling at 8 Plymouth Guild M«. H T Strong; O ^. IO< £. The puLHc l« bel«i InC ed BoyVouU, G rJoctor M K: ^ml^'S ! Brld «"' <". >.««,«* "nd podro, wil, | tor, Mrw. c. A. Hare. N«w Departments bo wu Mra. Katherlne York was elected ! treasurer of the of the, Moose ! at n regular moeting Friday evening In Moose hall. Installation of Mrs. , York and Mrs. Kvn IJioome, g'.ildo, will be held February 3. Following the business meeting card;i wore played, with arrangements In charge of Mr*. A. , L. Knoles, Mrs. Harry Krough and Mrs. Harold Broomo. Prizes were won by -Miss Laura McMillan, Mrs. Hurry K'roimh and Mrs. I.. 1 . N. Totter (consolal ion T, Mrs. K rough won a special prl/.<> ami AlMrs. Mlnnio Jacobs tho attendance umull admission charge will be made, j j u charge of urrungementH are Mrs. | . On January , 27. opon nicotine will Encouraging reports and a large va- Ada Stewart, chairman; Mr.i. ICHa | be held with members of tho ].,oyal riety of activities wero presented by Altstaetler und Mrs. .Mary l j hc)p unrl th.-lr f;"iil!IC" SPECIAL 7-DAY SALE OF PAINTS House Paint pal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick drying qt. 79c Liad and Zinc Paite 100 Ibs. $8.75 Floor Enamel oal. $2.25 Floor Varnish gal. $1.95 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed Oil gal. 79c Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. ?aiO Chester Ave. Phone 1441 DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST New lo* prieii an plttti ind brldievwk Mido In our own l«bont»ry 1421 Nineteenth Street Atroti From W«lll'« Phon. 175 HOARDED GOLD Wo p» eiih lor yeur i|d unu»bl« iild !•»• «lr> or dtntil gild. Get uielul dollari fir y«ur uieleu icrtpi of proeitus nottti. THE WICKERSHAM CO. Corner Nineteenth and I Streets W> Oo Not Employ Outilde Solliltort . 1

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