The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 6, 1922 · Page 15
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 15

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1922
Page 15
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J - THE WINNIPEG EVENING TJUBUNE. TUESDAY, JUNE (i. 1922 1j GERMAN SOCIALIST ASSAUtTED BY YOUTH STAGE - ENTERTAI NMENTS - SCREENiilJ Oyr Ottawa letter Vf v 1 (Special to The Tribnnef OTTAWA, June . Mr. Crerar made his contribution to the budget i Monday giving tha house the benefit of his judgment on the proposals of Mr. Fielding. He has weighed them In the balance and they are found wanting and so he proposes an amendment, the fate of which hit honor the speaker Will determine today. A nice little "situation" is thus in the brew. If the aub - amendment there Is one ahead of It be entertained and a vote is taken on It, the terms of the pronouncement suggest that both the government and the Conservatives must vote against it the former because it is a challenge to their budget; the latter because it commits' vigorous assault upon the citadel of protection in which they have been ensconaed for years with no evident disposition to drpart. If, on the contrary, the Crerar amendment be ruled out, their the Progressive will be with the government as against the amendment of Sir Henry Drayton. There is no question that parliamentary practice for years past has stopped more than one amendment to tha budget. The new element in the situation arises from the fact that there is now a recognized third party, numerically larger than the oftictol opposition, and not only the technical but the general aspect of the case will need to be considered. - .Mr. Crerar'i speech is taken to reflect the ponderous thought of the Progressive caucus. Evidently there has been some evolution of idea. When, after the first caucus, their whip, Mr. Johnston, spoke, he de. nounced the Drayton amendment and he muttered dissent from the budget but no hint was given of a separate proposition. Mtanwhile there have rjecn rumors and reports and more conferences and Caucuses and the re suit was crystallzed in Mr. Crerar s utterance and amendment. .Mr. Crerar spoke two houis and at one stage he, was labor - , ing a bit, as any man docs who gets j into the technique of tariffs, but. on 1 the whole, he took the high leel. j Some ot his criticisms were constructive or felicitlous, more of them were destructive. His essential point was that the budget la a protectionist budget therefore not to hla liking. Ho is particularly a spokesman for the west, and, Judging by him, the west will not fall for protection In a thousand years. 'His exordium was felicitlous to the prime minister, who can tack right honorable to his name new, and alBO to (he veteran minister tf finance in a personal way." The Progressive leader discussed the financial situation and touching the high of it urged that Jtn dealing with the railways they should quit piling up capital account and charge more to the ordinary. He hus no Illusions ahout the roads paying ultimately, lie says then was too much wild - cattlng In the last 20 years to make any such proBpcct - probable. Then he talked on the cardinal consideration of making budgets bHlance and how it can be brought about. The only way he sees is by economizing cutting down here and there but especlalfy in the machinery of gov - ' rnment. Mr. Crerar sees evidence of duplications at Ottawa, of overlapping federal and provincial authorities, and his constructive suggestion that there he a conference to obviate so much cumulative taxation will be welcome to unfortunates who have to pay income taxes three times to the Dominion, to the province and to his local municipality. Three taxes on one thing: three sources nf tapping the milk from one cocoanut. One wonders whether Mr. Crerar was thinking of a general election or a change of government when, in a flight of philosophic admonition, he hoped that for next year's program, "I care not hy what government, the cost of legislative machinery will be materially reduced " s Mr. Crerar opposed the sales tat when it was Introduced nrtrinsiiy yt opposes It now in Its increased form. He says in effect, that it is imposed on the masses, that they escape who m e best able to bear Its incidence. He thinks the stamp taxes excessive, Then he switched to a complimentary vein commending the government for Its adherance to the principle. of reciprocity, for Its abolition of. the Marking - act and of the restricted depreciation pf German currency. The last mentioned he characterized ss an "outrageous form of protection." Coming to the tariff aspects of the budget, Mr. Crerar uttered his vitol criticism that It Is a "protectionist budget." He says It would not be quite as bad if It bad been accompanied by an outline of future policy instead of being put on the tabU to be taken or left. He found Inconsistencies in the Implement, tariff, In - ho sales tax absorbing the cut in the :arlffs and also in penalizing the United States :4 percent bn extending the British preference. If reciprocity docs not exist, he says. It Is not their fault. It was we, not they, who fell down in I'll. s a s k As to 'i e Conscrvntwo amandmsnt Ih s tun, h? ditmiMes l.'itt fie bat. Is pi. re politics, s.amnv t. c ';ov - frn'm'i.: for not doing tilt. f i . f.'M.servative has A, ,. (.I it i.nould rot do "1 . t us r.r.1 H t m th principle t prntec - ' - - - , iMMi'iiruiWiiiJ Dr. Schneidemann, a German Socialiit leader, was assaulted by a youth, who threw a poisonous liquid in his face, Monday. He fired twice at h's assailant, but failed to hit him. tlon. ai - j. - nt'K the Trogresju - leader, who it..i in't come forwai J with the platform ot his own party. Li!i pri - poo an amendment, It decare the budget proposals based on protection to he wholly Inadequate (herein Ilea the rub for the party in power; and It goes on and sets up the theory that the principle of protection is Hot in the best interests of the Dominion. (This Is .where the Conservative party gets its compensating dig ) The amendment, if allowed to stand and the government objects will bring about acute and curious division. No one Is losing sleep over the defeat of" the government being Imminent, because there Is again combination of circumstance agalnBt any such contingency. The farmers don't like the Drayton amendment, and they will vote w ith the government against it. The Conservatives can't swallow Crerar's strictures on protection and must vote with the government, which is mildly assaulted In another stanza. Tho ship of state 1 not likely to go on the rocks. C. B. Real Political Fights Why Inkpots Wars Scre - d Down P. the recent "battle' 'In the Hun garian House ot Deputies, a mem ber attempted to shoot the president of the chamber, and actually drew a revolver In the course of the struggle which followed. This Js by no moans the only occasion on which a fight has taken placa in a parliament elected to preserve the. peace, although the British r.ouse ot Cqmmons has not figured in any such political "scraps" for over a century. In France, the land of political fight, deputies have often engaged In spirited combat In the midst of a heated debate, and more than once members have heen seriously injured. The most amazing parliamentary "battle" ever waged was fought in tie Chinese parliament, which met for the first time five years ago. v Considerable difficulty had been experienced In getting a parliament together at ail, and some of the members who represented the lu!t. districts openly complained or having to listen to speeches from men whom they would have hanged had they caught them In their own c'ties. At the first meetili It 'vas thought that all these difficulties had been composed, but hardly had the speal.ep declared the debate open when one of the members, resenting a remark from across the chamber, picked up a heavy Inkpot and hurled it at the head of the offender. The effect was electrical. Beror"? the speaker could call for order, dozens of heavy inkpots were being hurled'in all directions, while the "cabinet" fled and left the battle to the government troops stationed outside tha building. More than 20 members lay wounded on th floor. Next day, when parliament reas - embled, the warlike members discovered to their chagrin that every inkpot In the chamber had been screwed to the tabiea! Similar s - wip iiMeR$d ai the last meeting of the Russian pto - j visional government at .Moscow, when Lenin, knowing that he could not ! hope for a majority by ordinary j means, sought to stampede 'the 1 moderates ' into voting for him by j ordering all "Red" members to attend fully armed. The result can be Imagined. Before the sitting was half over a pitched battle waa ln'progress, and it ended In the rout of the unarmed mod erates. Then the victorious minority ! asserted, their faith In inferior num - ! hers by solemnly passing the measures which their opponents had rejected, t The "palm" for parliamentary battles probably belongs to a small island near Tahiti. A trader there Induced the local natives, who are cannibals, to abandon their wars In favor of more civilised procedure, and to encourage them he built at his own expense a fine house of commons made of plaited palm leaves and furnished with soap boxes as seats Alas! for his faith In parliaments. When he turned up for the first day's assembly it was to find that the - government" had attacked the opposition party from a neighboring island by meeting them ha;f nay ard kidnapping all their warriors allowing only the aged and infirm to continue the Journey to the parliament which was io settle the.r respect i - e fjtur. - s: IMPARTIAL REVIEWS OF THIS WEEK'S SHOWS Edited By EL DRED UNIQUE MENU AT THE "PAN" The w hole program ai trie Paulas th la . l of an ex. epdcmiiy Ir;;. order. Tii Bob Pender Troupe, t Lie head - liner tnie neek, with their celever aio - bailc and eccentric dancing feats were greeted with enthueiaem anl the atllt walking dance by the who.e trouue. which ae both 'novel and eitraurdlnary, brought fortli continuous ro untie of aip.aue. Thia act was one of tha moat original aeen at the FantaMee for eome time O'Jianlon, Zambounts and Elvirado, classical fipaniah U an tee that ara without an equal on the vaudeville stage - Among them are Included the folio win ff da nr e "HI Fado," "Kl Tanu and noma otnet - a among - whirh la the ' senaatloral "l.oa Apaches." Uladva Oienn, a Charming blonde, was very entertnlntnc with her aiz" steps. Misa Cieenu looked uunnmc ;n her pretty coatumea and . - '9..i illy her act was ef - fe'tie. Ooerta and Verdt. ei pert eitponente of stringed lTiatrumenta. played aom very enuelna; pie ea on the violin and feMo. Their rendition of "Old Pal" on the 'cello waa especially Una. Their dialogues weie funny In the extreme. Jamea Thornton known as ".Ttisr .T - tar" aucrasds as an entertainer. Aa a monoloe - tat Mr. Thornton la In a r!ft" - a ty himself. Hit stories are original "nEPHnTEn mtshint." at CAPITOI tiREAT COMXIIY "Reported MlMlns" ! the, tunnien mo - lion lctui have evtr en. To live, my llfS I couldn't tll you Jint what Incidents were the. funnleit, but many of them had ' many in the audience at the Capitol thoatre leal evening laufrhlnir thmielv6a into ahapea not uniiha a Jack - knife. A foieward freely confeiaea that th! picture lma no plot. It aeseniblee In ludlcroue aequenco a hods e - po1go of the hokum that la Introduced tn ao tr.any plcturea with aetloua Intont 'l'ne comedy la a nv., - h Msher than - alap - - atlck and a notch uhder polite comedyV There are no tranlc premlaee to bacltttround tho humor of the piece. You rvalue from the atart that hero la a fanciful la!e which tiie plavero to be enacting Jue: for tha fun of reiatlns it. Tho hero la a einp. He admita 11. lie wants to be oomeboily bocauae hie bext tlrl wants htm to be somebody and. so he exercises an option on some of the thous amis of boato that have been lyinc ehcut rntttna - tnco tha armistice He is shan - Shaied. A hydroplane, a seaplane and a destroyer flKure In ills rescue. The villain la a Chinete. The heroins is beautiful. Tho comic foil le a nenro. A little cbtM has a pathetic role. A monkey enters tho plot. There a a flsht in a Chinese den. B.s; business is at stake There's a hlith dive from tho rlseinn of a ship. A boat la caught In a storm. It is rpol entertainment. Tho Capitol sNmphor.y orchestra w.r.s new laurels with a masterful Interpretation of oevera'. choice arias from "Carmen'' as their, his effort of tuo week. , It is a credit to! the condurtor, Earle r. Hill. Other acreen 'entertainment Is of s high - class ordei. K4THKRIM - . MACDONAIJ PLKAVES AT THE AX.CN Katharine Marrna!J Is tatu' - ei' on tha Allen screen this wek in a bright romedy - drama. "The Beautiful Liar." The story, with its many tor.ght aoota as well m ,tenae moments, Is oye to he appreciated hy any aufliem. Ml? MaftdOhhici. beautiful as ever, takes the leading role in a p'n - dld manner, while sho la materially lif'p'd in hoc good worjt by Charles Merretlith, plavtng oppos'te The story tr,s o Helen 'Hayrea. atenog. rapher In a .broker's offl - re, who is persuaded by the manager of a famous summer hotel to come for a two weeks' vac - a - t'on and impersonate ft graa t. aftrens. E.aie Perm else. No; until ahe la at the hotel doea He en dieovar ahe ta to play a part In a society benefit, piny, she refuses, until ahe learns that fch Bobby Betes, with whom aha has long been In lave (unknown to h'.inl la to play oppoalte her This seta a'de a objections on Helen's part. Bohhf finds he la vary murli in love with the artress. tut ahe will not marry httn until he lir.ovs everything about her in. pernor. a ttoti. But when the real K.a.e Purmolle appears on the a' - ene. - thinga move rap - Idly, .l working toward a delightful ending. sOre of the beit eomed!"4" Mn for weks la "Ths na:nmaker." featuring Is'.oyd Ham llton. Hamilton prmlu - ea some, very original comedy. A rainmaker, t rave Ulna; to reiievs the drought st Sahara vli'.e. la left at a side at at ton. and Lloyd takes h's pll'l. Arriving at Haharavllle, the snMrs village is nut in hathmg suits, prepared f tf wrJM - .g of th wor.t.;. T.ui U. efforts to get rain. the rainmaker a cot. dertly ;vta the wrong cloud, and a bllitiurd romes. Then follows some good comedy. Char es T'rban's Movie Chats prove Interesting, nhile the Allen oerture was greatly n;oyd. nOLA DANA. GATOS GLASS. AT OABHK K Flooded with rovfl t54 in n rtrt to suit thf moil xrtci tnr t ;?, "Thr Ar N'o Viilfc'.tii," lth " ' Lni ftTid Ontton OiAss entrenchet in thn rteiir roftm. ! the tntrHteTi vfnoplri(f feature of ntprtlnmnt At th Oarrlck thi ek. A rermony im ttarted mufh ftr the ftccuitoniffd f - h:in. but lntr - ruptAt by ilia suddon pptnrnc of roile. rninv'.t d I thould :iy vet. Th poltc sDan - rfd. ton trk th window into Tnl'hretia Tou vi:onlz th deed aa th vir.tln'e dirty work; but ynu'r all wronrr It conv4 tntrct!on to the wddn. pTlncipa; t hy hurnrdly appear at tha wlndon, - . end the n:nit'r on the pave ment aevcral iLortes below riuma th" it - I V! ). itid trvrs I'ftUp; ar tnafrid in tint; m.vy P'.'k of tlirit to nave hubbv fion. j an uniiappy ending prrhap bt - nind th'i birs Alo different The nirl flrttvt:el f; tn love wi:h th man whom whe U ' nndnwinu. hi, pr hanre - turn rtui I l.e, well. r,ol h!f bad, in fart, he mo ' m in th d '.'"i'k - it - lv buitief. but In, lb cniiracte: - o n boot.eRire - ( A tlier llaoy Veggy ttfjisifedy , end tea - : CURED HIS EUiTISM ' I am e.rrhty - three years oid ar.d I dofl - tored foe rheumatism ever ain - e I cam out of the army, over EK) yearn atfo. llke many other, I spent money litiety fur eo - caMed 'cure' and I have re1 about 'Urin Acid' until I could almoet tave it. I rould r."t sleep night or waik without pain; my hrs.i - i'l wrt to tore and tiff T could not hold pn. Hut now 1 am again in active bumene and cm welk with ee or writ fell day with ignTt. Friend r Bur - prlced at th) change. " Tou might Juet a well attempt to put out a fir with o.l v. try to get rid fif y.ur rhfurr.Mt !em. ntirlt; end Ik cm '.ptHtntfi hy taking trcntiTViit uppoeed to drive t nc A fid out f your blood ard body. It took Mr. AehHrnan f fiy year to fln.1 out The truth. H Irarnd how to get r'.d of the true c a tine of htn rheum a u sin, oth - r dieordrtj, and recov hi urength from "The Inner ilyteriee." row beng d'aiributed free by an authontv who devoted over twwntv vara to ih cientiftc etudy of th trouble. If ny reader nt '"The Tr:bun" wleh - - ! ''The Ir,n - r Meeri' - e of nheiin.a n rrl',ki tv ti nr tor ri m ' nt 'm f ir rrti",!":" Ttar .n pi - it sr a pon' frrl nr - (r.; - T p t It - arA : N". 21H H St - - : Mia'n1 r.i run ' ion f ( - (; t : If ti'.' ft nu fff - i - i . i - t ut the ni ; and hi i '1 til rvif er. - l f.pjio: t :;;i. t ' t.j h i - "'"'ii f - - .sf.(i . r h - R. - ri.i a,:; . - . as'.t. I 1'' - ' t ut n r - .a ! w he , - t,r.v . ti : ha e - .i :. A'i .. clnatlng views of the Canadian Rockli a lloHlnic sonib nt;ii v ;ous svenery, are other enn rirtintiig pui - iiuim of the program "A IK) I. I S ltolMi ' A I' LKEIM, WITH AZ1U0A The duty of every ttdmtQ to fit heise.f for occupying some use'ul position In life, arid the t - ta!nty tllst othsrwtse she l!l eie merely as a plaything In a toy - house. Is the theme on which le bas. ed Ibsen s "A lioll's House." made popu lar In this country by Naalmova. the Russian actress, and whose film version of w.i:ch was - ptesenied laal Bight at the Lyceum thoutro, wlih Kizimma heistlf in the star jcle. The 1,1. lure Is line thai hss s rtlr. - t snd distinct iippnsl to eve - y women snd every girl, sud might aleo be seen to great siantat:e. hy a lot of husbands and fathera, hi well ss potential hus bands. The moial In A Doll's Ifouse." If It may be called such, lias been sa.d to stand out as etho strongest lesson esr tsught t.uough the medium of tho drains Anil Ibsen, tiie Norwemsn playwright, whose works neve heen made populs - in Ihe l.'nlted states by Narlmovs. has hsen credited wllh having ths remarkable fore - eiK - nt tiist nanlediim to see that woman was bound to stri'.e, to develop snd to at - tahi ultimately her pre - nt place In the general scheme of word affairs When Ibsen wrote - A I toll's House" he created a sturni of protest the world over by h's then advanced Ideas of wo man' right to her own dnstinv an hm theory thM ahe would in time flgnt her woy out of the conventions 'which n.ade her more or lesa man 's plavlhlng and come to assume a real and Influential part in all the great, phases of life. Thst Ibsen waa right In his vision is demonstrated by tho present statue the world over of woman, and liar over Increasing influence In Industriol, economic and political clrclea GRIITITH'S TRfl MPH fiTin IMl.Ri;t AT PROVINCE Tf on hcn1tntN to reflr,( urT'.r tha b z itiitatar.fllnv mnMnn p oturea of ,tha run ton ty. oni of th recent revival la on of tha forf - nicst of thma, rmna othr than "H - arta of th World. " prortucfd by rha "ur.d'B (rrcatat maker f motion pJjtur. r. W. Oriffith. This (treat drama of tha war, which no loutv rtid mor to at r to thf vary flop'h he h?arta of tho who at horn - car. - i0 th? firianrial burden of th wor'd oatat i - npn is neing featurad this wefic at t.ial ..'tifiiB ii't - Hiiu, mu may nave aeen ir onr, nr may ha twice, but at It la an attracMon of potent appat, brlminlnit ovfr I w th i.i.h a eal'h of flnaJl that even fori mirn - T nie - a - tnrra ta in It aomethina; they hd overlooked oiv previous reyesra oinathina; that t Oiffrtrent. bo tt aeerr.. In th:, b' - aut'ful and talented T.1TH O.ah and her a.afr, I'orntliy. the pulXTi ootnedlenne are aen In the xenith ofTheii art.Biry, They nt m though UiBpirad. and no doubt they were, in view of he, momontoua task ei, rusted to tham that of ref ;ri .'.nf the tarrora ef war as they leverrould b rf:etd in primed pnga or apoken word. It Is great antortainmeV for a:i. t.FJSt INK 1 RRAT NATIONAL The i ar.Re s'ory of s man who tiisd !o forgei h' pea; and begin life anew is ahnwn In foTefi:! nrreen drama In "The Man Who Married Hia Own Wife" ths pkture a:artlr.g Krenk Mayo, which was lre - enteil at tr.e National theairs last n'.ght. I - Frank Mave nutg loaa from the hand - Borne and likable ries and gives a noteworthy rharg. terliatlon aa a man who was almoet repulsive In appearame and who supposedly rnmmttted sulrlde bs - rsuse he thounht hts wife hated him. Ms tinted his fgee ao he d'ad bv proxy in order thai his wife might not ht to look upon tt. Then he got himself a naw ls - :e. The story is by John Fleming .1 - s on and Mary Ashe Miller. "SRFIIKS WIFE," (OLXKUE "The fhnk'1 Wife," presented at the Collego last night, is different from any produ - tlon made in Una country. It b; - eatiies atmosphere oT the desert sands, tho camel, caravan and the aplnted Ara - GO The mm Am 1 ai WtU F f LEADER OF SHRINERS' BAND FROM GALVESTON . '"Srelas,isai ! . " j WILLIAM SCHNEIDER Mr. SchVs'dsr is bansmajter of El Mins Temple Shnners' band, from G'alvsstsn, Texas, that visited Winnipeg today en route for San Francisco. bian hfIrB Pt - al Aiam pe ftir: - (i hommanhip known .q. lu t - r.n . It U a pi. ture thai r ni? in';1 - ' an I'ernaina lt!i t - t hp tn'.ni K f i. c omattv anil tlie r.ui Nrws ".n !:' e t)ll! of ral tr.erlt. mi niM, AT OSHOKNF. romin' Thro' t' - .a rtva " ahnwn a tie Osborne tbeat : e lust nU - it . s t"'d a id the rye and nr.. of the len - U'eat tnI - ever screened. T;e taia are - i '.:i.t . pv - feonaitiea ami tl.o n .,r t - , rm! n'e. worthy supporters OT ita kiml r.1 'm i - t wa:.', Helen Mather" 'fi' - hi :, - e I it.. - .! 'a a perfet I er.Mii.e n' a c' . t . p of Er.nllB'.i life and t!.i.u:i M fe. t! t. Itepaort'.i, p;odu nee: s in l a e in - aacked tha lountty fo - nj't'n a'r la - ilv 'f the moBt per'e'ily e - - Mit irtHy Miu:l type. The stor m mii of atrcngth as wvl a - 'irc - u hivI n ixta ShOUld miss nmn lb! pi ij:e Tue hrt round of "1 e lm,if PtiBnei.s' s thown a!sf Afnr.ty Hh,.Ub i ".'.tjil) Mm - ried" and fii':en fr aimii'V "TEN NI..IITS AT STKUNI ; iii rs nhi a a ) .ll - r A 1U! V Kfi e ,! t'nd in the Isifht of , n ni the h.ilti ; a m d , Tf . Nigh'a it. tir - Thcre se ifin.e . number of po,i.e i aa a p.easuro to e" the recent alter!. o: Cusfons of Cariada. ' room"' w, I certain '.y a"ca' ur.oB.ty and a deiire li ace viiii l lib - tunity :s offered It Is tiorcwghly enterta;!' touches t;f suhtle rinn - il h corned rel!'f trom the ci. - tfjiiv - ng. frqU - ' rurintig - .v.. ho i - .g j l u - i t.ona. It 'a on dtatiiav ih. s i i - l theaire. arid t as ve;y - vide;it .urn: rvt - n - ing that ft was be. rig r;,nh',d wtth h.n de.lght Huriout'dlng en t t - rr a :nmen a - c.asB vhara - tei FAREWELL GIVEN H. L. NATHANSON Motion Picture Men Honor "One of the Fellows" Soon to Depart For East Au Vie voir, "Hank" Nathanson. That, it 6c.nb. best sums up t lie kindly spirit munifcslt - d at th ar' - well banquet Kiven In honor of H. 1.. Nat.hanson in Manitoba hail hy ludal i WITH 1j mid - wrek Moonlight runs to Winniiice Beacli Wodiiosday ( vcnini:. Go down with the crowd and enjoy thedance Thf Royal Alexandra IIlH snappy picraniinc f up (lain' ln - tll TIk - rogular inid - w crk lininuim nio parties loaves ( I'. If. ! CM in or Winnipeg inwiicn ;.!, wv. rxhihiloi - H hi. it tv - t'MaiiKi - iiu - n last niKht. It was a joU if I'a.ii - ii. Vt t, ti mil h was sai - i in a inuniiiM - nut hmiii to bn forgot ton by tin) honurod gut m1. (ienrj - o (iraliiim expronod the s n - t.: ni of all pii 'vent, ami those who found it impoMMiblo to be tlmrp. when ho dt I.ti t - d in M v. Nttlhunson. "ll o biif;np.u wum losing a true friond. a man ni' Hterhni; uunslti ,l!isaiwi,,a' : i i : s j 1 1 1 1 . niHM. first. mM m: M" y edit t' d un ;m of h :o - w .rk its would Iihv - bfon Rlad to do, thai 1 a b: future tv .1 s alirad fo? - Mr Nh - 1 tr,,uisoti. In MTV HtiiLH ip toi m ' John ( tit iU M it aio put in words wnai ; v, i.s nn ; ln hi 4i ta of h'. g;i h i'd th i v M . . NahanM was p; .' with b fitit - Hold WHt - 'h s.iiij.ltly .r.Ktarod. . Mi .Nat hii n. - MVi. who for v .' inn Iikt w cstorp tna nn y or vf K si a I i ; in V.v'm o.ino.iiav for Tofon'o to t.ui - . hari:p of distribution (oj al! (aiiiolu of Pat bo products. ; (noraluia 1 :u.s. w 1. : Sidrn - I., t IttiiNl i no. , i J - 1 ! 1 e 1 1 1,'. til her an: ,i - in lilt' Ko.i! AlvMlt.iirii . .'i V :iii o'c.c ii. cliiffc(iH t - wa - 'I'ltt I' iI'luu i i i l; will iie the t cmi - pi"' urn K Ml - til. M.i ' Itop.ij i.i. ..I r Wai. c 1 mi - l.a - sH Wlih ') Ikmu - .hu Ah . lr:;"V I,.;h..' Km I.i l,..tu i - t !. Mm.. H tb; HXt.ut - i iiUll! Mmv B:ut - h ' . ,j r ,'f I fh I. Me 1 1 . - ti - 'H',t',,.', t.:itl K - n i: i M ra. lM.ln'v h. tioida: .ne ruff, Linme ; l'alift MuMi, - fr - .m F: S.'lujtiei': Kr,irt Steinberg Ny - r.i.h a. - d I'tjn Mrs. Mi.iiu - He. tnb'.M g I 1.. Gout nine FORMER HERIOT PUPILS FORM CLUB IN WINNIPEG orn;c: - pupils of George Horiot 8 fnl;uol. ICditihurgh. Scotia nd. decided to form a Heiio; club in Winnipeg at a nifftwig; hPld in the Paris bui'.d - irtK. Monday evening. The officers cud wtN - e Hon. Dr. P.. S. Thornton. hnno: :t; y prt ,idii. , Ma lor W. B. Wood, president . II. 0Hiiiplnl Grant. - In:: Hiiion nd Krir building. Bcre - tni y - t ifaHurer . and a omniitteo. roi)i.s:iiik of Pot or Thornton, Robert Grip vr and Peter ilny. There are Henot riub in eevordl riiiffi of i'Hiiada, ancj old Hernd boys, lioliling lmporti. nt pouts, are to be fou - t all over tilt world or, ORPHANAGE PUPILS PRESENT PROGRAM: A i nnret t and dramat.c rex.itat.on to cl'hrate the sixth nnnn ersttty of the rei rpt mn of the Palilum" by A rrhbi. - hup Hehveau. wan g"ion by the children of St. Joseph orphanage. St fkmifaee, Monday evenirip. Archbishop Helivrnu i"vi(ed the tl!(Mlll, work done by ihtt h inters a fid told lit - ch.lflivh in what diriT - ' tlon their tfi'cirth Niiould be diivi - led if, thv wanted to sui - rei - d HI 1 i f v Exhausted : i n ii gf - , jut un h yo'i n b. As mi are nov. . ft.) ore nai I, As I .ill) now, mi ou miist be Step uii the v,t mi tollOsV nie. - 1 1 1 1 I i t ' t en in n - lllllllllr IHU - i''. M . 1 1 1 Beach HE crowd ; cm m Ill'Mnll ul - ni. - - 11 J W''lu. - d,v t 7? FORMER FAMOUS ACTRESS DIES: Noted Beauty of 20 Years Ago DoocpQ Awav in I rcXaoca HWd) lit sses Away Pittsburgh lit ( aaftilian Prff F'lTTSttL' rit ill. Jun; 6 - Mrs. ptUfrBell Moot - , niiV of A lc.r.dpr Moure. liiibMi - hOi - 'if ihe I'it t xbuiKli I , . . ., , , . . , . . ., , : Hides of the ltdt. A doctor advised 1 I - ailt'! . iitul ioi. il niujje hcaun "fa.,., ' - and m.ttv. ,,,,, - s fasi. ,., - .1 at,"1" 10 have a" "l'anon. hei hi.ine . a 1 1 y n.d. - iy alter an l.ln - s ! "' "l.ti'led iaking "Kruit - a - tives' and ' uf HiMiiai wi - ci.f iDllutvltiK .m ac - lii a ii.rdlrinp lias tour - 'ote'v rel fved ridfl'l snfl'i'i'i d uhi:.. r.n t!lnliimi . . ,.,,. . , , ni" of all my m sery and suftenni. when .she njiy Ktiiiniiif; lioiu l.u - J ro.e. "' H1" ft - ce of pain and hoadncheii Mis - Mo, lie vi li,., inn r - - 'y sci!'and 1 h f i terrible Cnnstipailon. ' and known for h. - i - interest In Llvir lll.t'. - ..v., me : thn fruit medl. - itte. I'ado; . and i ot. d stage htaiih of a leiv was in Licai ocniand as a I speal.ei se ailr.ely lntet m i it - - arraits and wan a lettt d .is a iitiltui' j re - t.., lettder in unman s mot cnents. i Lillian R. t i h op ra t it: rol1' and l.i.p'aid !. ih "Q - .ien of Am starred in ft nous t m tht1 I nitft! State's i Shi' w a s ono of f he niosi prtp.dar .s:npii: ; inn,rt Slatos itaK.. t '.'( hbom (In th? Sho nfli horn lititon. lown, 1 4. Sd1. Misi' o had licfii t hri e niai riod be - lH.'tnnir'n M r. M 001 c. ! Km - ' form Between Friends iX)Hs I nr'anio eriacrd to iir. khonff last n:nht. And just think : w f e lMti loj,wtl:pr only tht o t ines J lncle Ned I nee; well, that's the t i eason. School Tfinrhor ' hat lesson do we Uuni from the huB Uff'."' Tommy "Not to set stung." I Let Cuticura Keep Your Skin Fresh and Young Daily use of the Soap keeps ths skin smooth snd clear, while touches of the Ointment now snd then prevent little skin troubles becoming serious. Cuticura Talcum is ideal for powdering. W2tc. Oaten! li tmi St. T.lcas2k Sold throughout I tie IVimmjon Cansdsn Depot: Ijsi.n;. Imi4. 144 M P - sl It H Sulml aw4rMCuticura Soas without msus. iMSllllllffJIl ALL THIS" WEEK 'Reported Missing' STARRING OWEN MOORt; YOU'LL STRIP yntiR lanr.HisjG GEARS AT THE SWIFT MOVING SATIRE ssrasssna 2d aVfaa i riilna5iasiirrtiiris'..Bfs'iasiiwJi Bob Pender Troupe r.feiili(r A sr,.lBllr IhltM - ltic .lll l illkrs nt i.hi i.i; siiil. - iill. 'H.iiittrt Uant - rr O'Hanlou, Zambounis & Elvira "In T 1 1 Is - AMI I. Kill, IrtlNStlj " 'Mrtngiiit JAMLS THORNTON ".Itt.l a .Is.tT " COLLEGE THEATRE Hill 1 "THE SHEIK'S WIFE tf Hro - wad BVriT' - .. if r n Jf "tOIIN TM HO' TIU. KVK." VI j I Hound On - , l4lhr rii - lisT. l I jCfw 1 - - u t 1 1 : Ihr Mixlh h a - .urw Thf hriki I iff i u Kiot. I.n'l Mi II. ( I aisaasassa(aasssissassassSBSssssss.sssssBaasaalsBasaasas sss - aasasssassasaaBs - I. - nisaiu'uiii1 I I nli.W - I II M M WO in "THE MAN WHO MARRIED" HIS OWN WIFE" SAVED FROM AN OPERATION "Froit - a - tiYes" Completely . Relieved Me ' J 9 ; 4 Union Si, ancouver. B.C. "I siiffcv - p l with nil the symptoms of I'VniMie troultlc. with ciironic Consij - pn:.uii rfiul constant Headaches. I l:ltl n.iltiH Inn rimvn in that hack and ... , m MADAM M. J GORSE." a box. 6 for $2.50. tiU! ir. 2hc. I At dealers or 'iit postpaid by FYult's Limited. Ottawa Advt. niiera ths rts.f Pictures ara A In Shown. MA. THIS WEEK Tha hrrerD'e (ireatat Emottasal Actress NAZIMOVA "A DollV House" lit. t.reat Htors of Watuao't kmaJiciiwrJon AJ HHOWINO ' MB TOIIARD TOMF.nV ! THE A N I L CHORl!." nriiriMi An rDiA h.WH i.AtrrB 0 ABVIVK IV PRUK Rrdtn - ett ummr Prtoes will re.ail for this big - festure. Matinees I tienings 15c I 25c Trtv Kuril. Sf.XT WFtK "LOVE NEVER DIES" f7i A play of the, light that lies in a woman's syes and lies and ' lies and lies H..l HA.VllLTU.v in RAINMAKER" 'THIS NEWS Ml'PIO REVIEW TONIGHT, AT 8 P.M., . WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE NAMES OF THE WINNERS IN THE O.B.U. BASEBALL COMPETITION THIS IIKi.R BE HAPPT SSS ' VIOLA DANA 4 GASTON GLASS THERE ARE NO VILLAINS l.OVB THRILLS LAVOHfl . Al( BABY PEGGV.S ltst fwnwly Srrsm "TH F. I.ITTI.K nW.M. " rtt vii. i, limn K nut II I. ill t (onilna: HIIIUN. - dS tRlfldT STARLAND Ml Htl IOOA 4Ten Nights in a Bar - Room PON' T M !H IT ow Mtfinivo 0. W. GRIFFITH'S 'Harts ol the World" Thf iertt Ixi.e tory of the "War r.Tr Tulrt. RIALTO - HMIIIIII lrolil "A SAILOR - MADE MAN" wii iiiHUinr mniiNwiv n niK roi'r tiimi..' ALL THIS WEEK Rxfiurtn Js. M In iii ll! ill if r II

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