The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 16, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1933
Page 2
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THE MALVERN LEADER Aft AtL-COtJSf t WfifiKLt ftfcWSPAPftft SlOjH InfD0D TTiWtr T uSn !• ^PBH W, P. WORtMAfr, festered In the Post Ofllc* it Matveftt, lows, M second cfitt totfl, tefttter. feint <rf P*f«t»!i la OB* tofy one f**f - • • 14.00 Die tnff thit* teonths* .69 One eoj*y stt months - - A 1.00 single <*tt * * • * • * * -OB Th* **t« on the pflntei taft shows tie Unas to whfeh ih« itte NATIONAL IfUTOlUAt ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL ootnrrr PAPEBS—AU the oiaaii *toc*eding« of the fcoaWI of Bnpefvlsofi i*» ftHftted In fall in this imp**. Advertising 26 cent* ft column Inch; E cents afi inch additional tot composition. Ettra tot guaranteed position. IXX3AL8, Classified LOCALS, «mon« reading mattet * * * * * Obituary Poetry - * Resolutions - - . « Cat* of Thanks» - * Be * lln« IOC ft tin* EC a line EC a tin* BOc LEADER rabrorlben »re Mked to notify the subscription depart* meat protnptly of any ctuuigM in their addresses. Under the new portal laws, newspaper* and perl- odleaU must par poitan due for notice* of any chance* In addfMa furntahed by the poet office. In addition, there Is ateo the prob- Inn of delay In dellrenr or failure to get the paper. The beet plan U to Bend the change of addreea In ad ranee. EDITORIAL President Recommend* Passage of Beer Bill In probably the shortest message ever sent to Congress — Just two sentences — President Roosevelt issued an appeal to Congress Monday asking the Immediate passage of a bill making legal the manufacture of four per cent beer. Evidently the master minds in Washington feel that the people need beer more than they need economic relief or farm- relief for the farm bills seem to be In the distance. To the people of the middle west the question of beer means very little beside that of economic relief and better prices. But the big brewers want beer considered first and in this they are ably seconded • by the big moneyed men of the taxes — anil the two of them make a hard combination to go , up against. So, we presume, Congress will pass the beer bill and the question of bread can wait. President Roosevelt deserves hearty commendation for the able and active manner in which he has taken up the banking situation and started toward a solution. He also is to be commended for his desire to cut expenses and should have the free hand he asked of Congress to accomplish this. In this he did not get very warm support from his Democratic Congressmen, some of the leaders making a virulent attack on the bill and ninety-two voting against it. Had not a large number of Republicans rallied to his support this bill would not have passed. The two bandits who made off with the mail sack from the Burlington depot were caught last week. All due credit should be given the long arm of the secret service, hut considerable praise goes to our own Night Marshall Jake Frazier for hia part in apprehending the criminals. Now if those who have been perpetrating our numejv If you had made this INVESTMENT Jf, two or more years ago, you bad invested in plumbing and fixtures you would have realized, and would still be reallz- iug, a good return on your investment. Think this over U you have money now or in ; the future which you to invKsi, if you , it to lie safe, to pay j Ada »UHldlly iUlll j ;>•, invvtft it In I ous other robberies can he caught we'll not need to worry about our crime wave. the whol* » - J ak'.-.^^J, jiB^L lia^* fea- 'flfejfj HZOTO ITT 1600 in t*no _ _ _ Cdnoftitfn. With aff tte frrttte to tfcoW who ttrte It e«sy for «i to hut things on "««*y Uaymewtr' ire betlere that the *ou*d«tt rule for indmdual or gWftirn- metrt ft to ffri within tne In- President Roosevelt has It least shown tons!deta%1 e strength of Will in Ms condttct of his ottee thus fat. Proper strength and contage and wisdom fit the condnct of his office as President win eliminate any necessity of changing tt into i dictatorship. it Is quite true that what the banks need is the confidence of their depositor*, that confidence, however, will follow sound banking policies, rather than cause them. Universal confidence In the hanks would Inflate the nation's credit far mote than any possible direct currency Inflation. Sttt such confidence, after the record of bank failures in the last decade, is absolutely Itt* possible until some radical changes are made in hanking methods and procedure. Most of us didn't know how easy it is to get along without any banks until the condition was forced on us. Let's hope that these March snows alt finished by the time the first of April comes. Two years ago we would have sworn that we could never have lived through a winter like this. We share the belief of those who think that the panic and crisis which closed the nation's banks clears the way for a return to normalcy. As we view the financial and economic mistakes of the years since the war it seems inevitable that the country must face the consequences of those mistakes. For instance, in our own community the municipality has not balanced its budget for a number of years. There is no other consequence but that this must be paid off in later times and it nearly always is the case that it is more difficult to make such payments after they have been delayed We have long contended that the best possible stimulant the government could give to com* tnerclal credit would be to withdraw from competition with it As long as the govern* ment issues bonds and short term securities for Its own financing, commercial borrowers will have to pay more for their loans, no matter how low the governmental rate of Interest is. It is impossible lust now to sell municipal securities and virtually impossible to get private loans. Withdrawal of the government from the field of competition tor credit would throw an Immense sum back on the commercial market and bring this credit to a reasonable rate and availability. Cheer up. Things are not as bad as they might be. The men haven't gone back to wearing celluloid collars yet, anyhow. Add optimists: the would be saloon keepers of Milwaukee who have already organized to fight high liquor licenses. Time is capital which costs nothing to get, but everything to lose. Let's All Take One The thing that's surprised me more than anything else is that all lines of endeavor haven't come out with plans and pleas for holidays. Just think now great it would be to have a newspaper holiday. Or a grocery store holiday. Or an electric holiday. •M-l- Farni holidays and bank holidays hove left the country uwuoved, Things were so ' nearly motionless anyway that no one noticed the holiday until two Oays aftar it started, *M.)' Even the school election was the slowest of a decade. That indicates that we've hit bottom . . . or something. -f-t-1- After we get this new infla* tion money perhaps they'll stop telling about the man who paid off $800 worth of debts with a counterfeit «10 biU. Then the inflation, will not hare been in vain. -t-t-l- Hoyoucl Me Fifteen persons commented to me on the story about the famed two-story what-do-you-call-lt published a couple of weeks ago. AH were favorable, is that an indication of public taste? -f-t-1- liest way to incur ire of a cliurvhuinu who jlwries public npatby for (Ju» chimhe# I* to uuUtit coufelructive eriUciwu of the Institution, fry U wimtttUue if yftu h»v» awy tu «uaki>, -f-t-l- FIr»i. (aud only) ulgaten* at the juutoc c}«gs play report a Br&iM performance except thai those back of the llr»t ten row* couldn't bear what wn» belug ; said. Tha ardent patrons of th» drama (us«« 4 to JO) who mo- firwt raw ««*m«4 to tU« Ida* that with t»« WtWi. a»fJ» M* the rural missioner Wiley Dunn is to run the town road scraper down the curbs of paved streets, thus scooping up debris into convent* ent piles. Former method of do.' ing this consisted of shoveling the stuff into wheelbarrows for carting away. Again the machine age makes inroads in employment. -f't-lT Most popular work plan Just now is the five day week among Malvern industrial organic Uon*. Executives insist that the unemployment might )vst as well be outside as to the plants. •M-1-. A new industry is reported to have located here, embodying the most ancient of professions. But this department has been unable to verify the report. So few things one hears can be believed. •H* Again finishing the year without a deficit J* afajrem's Business Hen's Athletic asjg. elation ^^ only athletic organ* teation to the town's history to wake such a recant. -f-t-1- Scoop of the Week News scoop of the week was scored by this department when we were reliably informed by fjve persons that ex-president H. 0. Hoover had loaded several hft»«» of gold on a sloop &ud sat 08 tor England- Vigilant co«#$ai officers had apprehendeil tba wyy fsJi«w and brought «in» bajefc aiivft, . •M- The laugh i» on ta« daily pr«w whow slow pake havso't heard of tt yet. 4-H- 4' Tww* to 8tor* Mar»U«U fft wni ttt KIWI flCNQIIL I*««BLT {ConUntred from P*g« fhe ficafdjiey bin takes its place on th* calendar with the Pattettofc tiw personal income ftnd corporation tax hill, which was recommended for passage some days ago, and with the Har- ringtoft gfoss income tax, and there is good prospect of ft battle of the tlxH, Whether any tax revision measure can get through this tal-reduetion-tnlnded session is problematical. frohftritlofi oa th* past week several demoisstratlofts by prohibition organizations have been seen here. One day 800 persons from Polk county alone crowded the lobby between the legislative halls, Wearing cards showing that they were against the repeal of the 18th amendment. Many, many persons are engaged in lobbying, or at least trying to Interest the solons against repeal. At the same time repealists are active, as well as confident, and the result seems to depend on Just what they can compromise upon as leg* islation they want. No Mixing Alcohol and Oftsollne The House last Wednesday by a vote of 67 to 48 refused to pass the bill requiring the mix* Ing of 10 per cent of grain alcohol with gasoline for motor fuel, and levying ft tax of lOc per gallon on all gasoline not containing e ee A Wnf tfrtrwn out ft«d bitter «gnt fed Up to the defeat of the »«*• *r«, whfch frfetds claimed wotftd tmfrfsh a mat tet for Iowa's sut- ptus corn crop. An amendment was *oted wtttn* tfte penalty tax to Be per gallon, and reojrtrtng tnree ftdiottrtng states to pass the law Before ft wontd oecome effec- Ute. After rotteg tfte amendment the legislators defeated the amended ofll. dirt* PoHowing ft Joint meetlftg of the House and Senate committees on insurance, before which appeared Insurance Commissioner Clark and a number of leading Iowa insurance executives, the General Assembly late Wednesday afternoon by practically unanimous vote authorised the commissioner, nndet direction of the governor, to call an insurance moratorium in Iowa, under which the companies will not be required to make immediate payments of death claims or loans, and policy holders will be given an attention of time on premium payments, due to the ban'k and financial situations, the Insar- . STUBS to e , sets of the companies ««**** of this «*«**«<* rlage law re<tuirfi»* marriage license* to **««* marag days after license Is issued hefof| the wedding ha* heen tntoj I »"J will soon be taken off the statute Senate Thursday, ttd **•*•*•* plenty of plain *P eaklng, to Mit leh the law was accused of everything but the virtue that was «*l«M for It In the way of *" hasty or "gin" weddings. Senators, and some of them bach* elors, argued for the retention of the law; younger members suite generally were for repeat. How* ever, most of the state bordef Senators voted for repeal. low* Without Lient,*€ioteMiof? Members of the Iowa Senate financial situations, -me insor- neuiuc>° »-— —.- -- , ance heads stated this was neces- and politicians In general, are do- sary due to the mortgage fore- in* much B peculating as to what closure relief measure, adopted earlier in the session ,and the recent closing of the banks under a state wide holiday, They said it was either this relief or all companies doing business In Iowa would ships. be forced Into receiver. The new law is similar to those adopted in New York and other states, and was adopted speedily to protect Iowa policy holders. Under its provisions B. W. Clark, insurance commissioner, with the approval of Gov. Herring, has authority to assume complete control of payments by policy holders to insurance companies of all classes, and payments of compa- will happen If Lieut-MJov. Krft» schel is appointed collector of Internal revenue in Iowa, as is e** pected in democratic circles. Nftt» urally, Matt Cooney, senator front Dubuque, president pro tern, would function as gavel wielder in the senate in such an event, but Cooney was this week con* firmed to membership on the state board of parole. As neither will take office until after the end of the present session no va* cancy will occur, but the extra session which is planned for August would be without a presiding officer. It is believed that in case of a vacancy the governor may appoint a lieutenant-governor. , tgsa&K , jKHtaj.^ may viMr of lt»e trtrt frtmt |«it. S*m may parents ffl«y fof ft* CM HOtisS *ttfSf «l tte t«Mt« tit redaction Wtl, whlcn fedncsi fit t«ff«i tot i6ii-8i 18 fl W tMfti of the 1980 levy, by firing In6 tsaitmutt levy at 81 pet eim ftnd tttktni other minot fttteisdmeats. last before the not* MMeM tt toted to fttnend the bfll to feqnlre 21 per cent reduction from the total tftx coMettlMts bf 1980 by * tote of «i id 44i but OB rscenvefiing at 1:80 resdnded tfce previous tote and defeated the ftmendttent 16 to 31, ftnd ttilM ftddpted an amendment by Bfftdy of PotU- wattamie fixing the IS per cent levy fti ft eomprdialse. the amended bill was passed by a tote of $9 to I. Tax reduction- ists claim the amended bill will reduce taxes $16,000,000. the bill must now go back to the Sen* ate which passed it before the receas, and If they refuse to eon' ear it must go to conference. This is considered the inost important tax reduction measure of the sea* •ion. , " , Auopt fwhecloniiw Moratorium The House Friday forenoon adopted the hill extending the time tor redemptions under sheriff's Mies until March 1, 1936, by a vote of 108 to 0. tinder Its pro* visions owner would retain possession and be given first right to redeem. FIREMEN'S BENEFIT In connection with the regular Community Sale in Malvern on next Saturday, March The Malvern Fire Department needs money to carry on its work and plan to raise some by a public sale held in connection with the regular community sale at the Sale Barn Sat, urday afternoon. Bach member of the department is donating something for this sale, In addition they will appreciate any donations from anyone in Malvern or surrounding country who would like to help, Jf you feel like helping, and we are sure that many do for the department is always willing to help you in case of fire, just bring or send your donations to the Malvern Sale Barn before sale time Saturday, We'll Pick it Up If Necessary If yew wsirt to donate something and have no way of getting it to, the saJe just eajl YlfJN CRQQK (phone 34) or KWCK & JTOQN CphQB* 8§5) and they will see that it is picked up» Help the Firemen have a good naie by donating what vau^aS i^ to ( Apstoeer Tdbott i SSK? y jl e i^J ~ Wi? it •zunuining w§ plaa© andcl^k ThAMniw^L ^US^^ 99 ^^ i«RSWW| ^fflfS;,,/»/ , ' • " 4 -*' - 1 "-' ". -'*'* -•&,*.- f ';,*-$' - - f ' , *- • •* - >*> " ' ' I-', • ";**t t; "*^* ^^L_* t**|> si*. What have You? Poultry • " ^ Grain --,: <(J Livestock ;.-;" Vegetables ; • *\ *** Wood Used Fruit Mi or to WETLL ATE IQEOMJll inf-,

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