The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 7
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•T* PAILt A»P WEEKLY. ALL HOME PBINT. TBB amtiroti is the only newspaper In Ca roll county that Is printed all at home and It con •Ins more local and county news than an; othe tw> papers ID this county. POWSRS ft CoLOto, Propi. FRIDAY, Jen 27, 1894. B LOOK OUT FOR STORM. The signal service predicts sever local storms for this evening tod tonigb It might be well to keep your Weathe 070 to the north. For this intense bea will in nil probability be followed b severe storms. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Hlippers at Moore a. Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. ' The best f 1.00 work shoes at Moore's. Pabst's Hofbrau beer always on tap Henry Theirs*. Wire door mats with vour name wove in, at Martin & Clovis'. J. Everett Smith was a Glidden vieito today. Inquire prices on screen doors an windows and Hocking Valley cob 18 Joyce's. Babv carriages for sale at cost t Woodring's furniture store for a fei days only. The ladies' band of Dunlap will piov quite an attraction at the Hot Spring excursion next week. Thirty five days without rain, the pas month tbe hottest on record, and still w live. The ball game between Carroll an Manning for today has been called off o account of the extreme heat. Plmplei, bolls and other humor* of tbe blow! are liable to break out In tbe warm weathe Prevent It by taking Hood's ssreaparlllii. Hammocks for sale cheap a Hatton's; 14 foot sea grass 7 cents, colored $1.OO. A safe, simple, and effective remedy fo indigestion is a dose of Ayer's pills. Tr the pills and make your meals enjoyable The rain flag has been run up and w are delighted to know that tbe signs service bus not entirely given up in de spair. Mat Barr again proved the whee horse in the convention and his remark were listened to with unusual close at tention. Do not spoil your shoes with inferio dressings, but if you would like some thing good and nice, you will find it a Moore's. Ten dollars to all part of England "Ureat reduction in steamship tickets U all part in tbe world. Call at once Moses Simon. ' Found—A lap robe. Owner can bav tbe same by calling at tbe Bank of Car roll, and paying for this notice and prov ing properly. Have you made up your mind to join the Hot Springs excursion Friday. Au gust 3. If not,' better do so at once Tl) is may be tbe last opportunity thi summer. Thomas White, general solicitor fo the Rock Island railroad, died suddenli in New York yesterday. Mr. White wa a man prominent in railroad circles and Will bo greatly missed by Ibe Rock Island people. The convention ball yesterday was th hottest box we ever got Into. Tbe room was packed with a swealtering mats n humanity, but Janitor Kelly did all be could to make the delegates corofortabli by furnishing them plenty of good coo water. Hot Springs, 8. D., is tbe greit sum mer rt>sort of tbe northwest, Tbe F. B & M. V. will run an excursion to tbli place next week Friday. Tbe faro wil be very low and everybody who can •bould join the crowd going. Ask the local ticket agent for particulars. - < Now that (he Democrat! 1 ! convention Us over and the party in thii county can 'pull together again we will no doubt he able lo furnish rain in abuntluuce. During tue paitf mouth tbe party hai beoi too busy to look after tbe water supply and bencetbo county hai gone dry. When traveling, whether ou pleasuor bent, or business, Uke on every trip a bottle of Syrupot Figs, as It aols wo»t plen* atitly and effectually ou Hie kidneys, liver anil bowels, preventing fevers, headache* •ml otliar forms of sickness. For sale In fiOo. and 91 bottles by all leading druggist Manufactured by the California Kl byrupCo. only. / Dick McNeil say* "for twenty-eight yours 1 have icourocl tho blalu* of Iowa oo my engine but yesterday wm Hie worst day 1 over experienced." The Iwat wa* almost iuffoculliig and It WHF almost Impossible for them lo remain IP the oab, W. II. Nelson, who Is In the drug bunl- ne*» at Kingvllle, Mo., bus no iiiuuh eoull deuce lu Oliimbfrlalu'a oollo, cholera »mt diarrhoea rommiy that lie warrants every ttotlle and offer* to refund tlm money lu any ouilomer who li not latlsfled after us lug It. Mr. Nelson takes no risk Induing tbU buo»usu the remedy Is » certain cure for tlm diseases for *hlou It It) inteuiUul mid he knows U. It In for sale by J. IK. tt*ttuii,ai'uvgist. , F. T. Bulmeu wan la tbo oily ulldudiug tuu county convention and informed us It'll be bad disposed of bis Intortiili In the Monitor to bio partner,Mr Funk,and would sever his connection with the newspaper business. We afe sorry to gee him retire from the field of jourfinl- lim, for he is aByoung man of exceptionally bright ability and would Boon rank among the leading writers ot the country press in this part of the state. J. Lister, of Glidden, but interested in the Onawa Sentinel, which Is run by his son. favored us with a pleasant call this foreooon. lie is as enthusiastic for the .People's pnrty 88 ever.'and sees great gains in store for It. The value of a good name was well exemplified the other d»y, when n man asked one of our druggists for a bottle of sarsaparllla. "Whose?" Inquired the clerk, "Whose? why, Ayer's, of course. Y« don't suppose I'm going to run any risks with Hannah, do ye?" Cllde Kennon, of Oxford, Neb,, Is in the city visiting his uncle W. O. Rich, He says that everything In the southern part of the state has been burned out by the hot winds. The corn crop will be a complete failure and email grain did no good. They are much worse off there {ban we are here. J. H. Gable Is airsnglng for a side excursion Aug. 7 from the Hot Springs to Dendwood over the Bald mountains and will see all the mines and stamp mills in Lead city and will return the same day by the black Hills and Ft. Pierre, the most soenic route in the world. Do not take in this trip. The round trip to the Hot Springs, South Dakota for August 3, will cost only f 18.70 from this city. This is the lowest excursion rate ever given to this popular resort.. Everybody who desires an outing can find no more desirable trip than this. While the weather is sweltering in this locality it is cool and pleasant in the Black Hills. Gee whiz! it was a sizzler yesterday! The[government thermometer registered 108 degrees in the shade. Nothing like it has been known for years, and to think of that convention at the court house and the poor candidates. What must have been their feeling? We give it up and will wait for cooler weather before we tackle the problem. The building committee for Germania hall bought 500 opera chairs this morning of an agent from Andrews & Co., of Chicago. The chairs are of the latest pattern and are very handsome and comfortable. The society did well in selecting BS good seats for their hall as they have and the citizens of the city will fully appreciate their selection when they attend entertainments at the hall. A horse kicked H. 8. Shafer, of tlioFree- myer house, Jliddleburg, N. Y., on the knee, which laid him up In bed and caused the knee joint to become stilf. A f rleud recommended him to use Chamberlain's pain balm, which he did, and in two days was able to be around. Mr. Shafer has recommended it to many others and says it is excellent for any kind of a bruise or sprain. This same remedy is also famous for its cures ot rheumatism. For sale by J. W. ilatton,druggist. As Florencourt defended the charge of "Mugwumpory" which had been mndi against him he looked like the "Gramles Old Roman" of them all. He was evidently somewhat excited, but he itn pressed the fact upou the delegates Urn while he is acting as a free moral agen he ie a simon pure-Democrat; but when under the dictation of a corporation hi is prone to Republicanism. This is no strange, tor a great majority of the corporations are of Republican origin. $100 Reward, $1OO. The readers of this paper will be pleased to team that there Is at le».t one dreaded dneaie that icleuoe has been able to cure In nil IU itags" •udthatlicatHrrh. Hall's catarrh cute In tho o'jly positive cure now known to the mvdlcu fraternity. Catarrh being > constitutional din ea«e, requires a eonitttutlonal treatment. Hall'* catarrh cure U taken Internally, noting dlrootly upon the blood apd mucous nurrucei ot tha iis torn, thereby dMtroylng the foundation ot the disease, and giving the patient strength by >ulldiDguu tn« oonitltutlon and aiilitlngiia ,ure In doing It* work. The proprietors have 10 uiuoh faith In IU curative powers, that they ofler one hundred dollar* for any cam Unit It all* to cure. Send for iltt ot lentliuoalitU. Addrois F. J, OUKNKV 4 CO., Toledo, 0. SVdold bydruggliu, 76o. fiBATED 'iitllM. '1'hld «wk hai INNUI tlm hottest one known in Ibia part of the atnte. For several daya th» thermometer bud been ab»v* 100 degrees, bat yeetarday it broke all former records aud registered 108. Tbia in tU bighwt ever reached a Ibia city of which tbera ia any record. sovereign remedy tor nil dlnentes due to im- poveMthed blood, such as consumption, bronchitis, weak lungs, ecrofnln, and their kindred. MIDLAND MONTHLY. The August Midland (Dos Mollies) presents still more reading matter and still more variety I Its pages are lengthened and widened and two columns take the placeof the single column. Profuse illustrations adorn the pages, Including portraits of new Midland contributors (a tegular feainre now), Thy new gunboat Ericsson, built at Dubnquejs pictured and described. Col. Keatley vividly pictures life In Alaska. Hon. Ben Olaj ton tells of tiie non-partisan national farmer's organization o( Which ha is president. Mrs. Cftdy tells a romantic story of old mission life in California. Director Sage, of the weather service, speaks out about "Haln- making." A Dublin sUotch by Mr? /Ishby, ft hunter's sketch by Judge Davis a sketch of boy-llfo by Miss Mctlenry other stories, home themes by Mrs Smith, child poetry, summer poetry, teachers* Institute poem (humorous) b Emma Eggleson, talks about new books editorial, etc., these comprise some of th Midland's heart-dispelling August attrac (ions. Hood's Made Her YoungAgain. COON RAPIDS. IA., July 3, 1894.—I have neve taken any medicine equal to Hood'uSariaparllli After taking two thirds of a bottle of It I was new woman In my reelings, and I felt as youn na when I wae eighteen although I am now forty live years old. I aid not stop taking until I ha taken almost three bottles and now I have goo health and believe I can do at much work as an woman In town. NANCY EicHin. Hood's Fills cure elck headache. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication o their letters In the weekly, must mall them s they will reach our office Wednesday.] Pb» wind bM been blowing a perfect ale and tbe air bM bwu lull of dmt. LI time* suoh olouda of dual have awepl lowu I he itraala Hint it baa been impoi ible to MM aoroaa (beat. Tb* hot winds hbt have visited Kanww and Nebraska luring I he week reached Ibia koalily aud il aaanad »« if avery living thing bat MOM within raaob of il« aoorobiug wingi would be burned lo death, But b* wajr regulation wilbalood yaatar- ay'a baal aod hoi wiuda ia remaikabl*. 'udaf it it eoro» ooolar, but Ihe mercury » alill above tba oue hundred noloh, but ha air ia not ao dry and parobiog M il w»i yeeterday. Tba signal service bae predioled rain lor Ibia loualilv wilbiu Ibe >ext tvaaly four houra, and «a earneally iray Ibat il will not disappoint ua Ibia me for wa ar« iu a fearful ooudiliuu without it. What ia a Palindrome? A Ckllutlroniu It n i«ut«iu«tbatr«vcr«*<l rvuda w ««uw a* wlteu taken from bvglnnliiK to «ml. 'liU tur oxuiuvlDi'Now livu won." UtiaJ buok- uru« or furwardi It I* tue imuo. mil yon mtu 01 ttiv«(*e lb« »euuiuve ot dvuib lh«t» u«tfi«ot- d ooW lafolyei, unleis ifpu at once uke Dr. two's QolUeu Midloal Ul*oovern. TtiUI* tbe oui blood fooil KDO blood purUler. U it u OAK HILI,. We'll try our band again with th pencil. Farmers are looking bine these bo days, corn being badly bnrt. E. S. Wine had B well dng on hi farm laet week, Titne doing the work. O. W. Vaugban made a bneinesa tri| to Carroll the other day, Mrs. Vanghan going as far as Olidden. A. Tuel pnrokobed a new MoOormiol to grub oate with. Nearly every one finished barveatini last week, a few email fields being let over for this week. Maude Bohrieber vieited with her sis tere in this vicinity this week. H. Smith baa been prospecting fo water with poor results. Found, near Oak Hill, Jnly 20, etrnw bat, some the worse for wear Owner may have the eome by proving property and paving the editor half dollar for this advertisement. Out of a very large field of oals Obae Anderson found only a very email por tion of them that he could cat. I. D. CLAKK. BAST LIBERTY AND BOOK UDN. Drouth still unbroken. There have been showers aronnd ne We are glad to have others blessed. Thoe. Smook baa an abundance water at HO feet. The tabernacle meetings at Hobba bridge will oloae this evening. We liuai much permanent good baa been aooom pliebed. Rev. Hughes returned from South Dakota on Saturday. He wae too late to aee bia friend in life, she having diet a few hours before he arrived. / Mr. Tbede died very suddenly on Tbureday morning. He wae preparing to go to Carroll and while going from hie barn to Ibe bouse be fell, became tin conscious, and died in a abort time. The funeral service was held in the Lutheran church, Rav. J. Seesler offloiating. A large congregation testified by their attendance to the high regard in which be wae held and their grief at hie sudden removal. He wae not quite aiity years old. JIM. •lulyiM, I'fcBABANT U»tL. Milton ttaybuok sbot a large wolf near Spring Branch bridge laat week. "Dear Jim"—It seems u though we are among Ibe survival of tbe fittest, witb oar copy. Win. MoOurdr and family visited last Sunday witb H. O. Raybuok. 0. A. Davie started bia Ibreeber last week aud eaye tbe oate run about eeven Imahele per uore. A Hue ooll owned by H. L. Bqairta wae fouud dead in tbe pact are last week. Il'a only a question of line bow long we can eland Ibe drouth, u tbe ouMook a very discouraging now. A, B. MoOordy will olerk for Oboe. Davie tbie fall, wbile Mr, Davit Ibreehee be few oate Ibsre are. We learned tbal Ibe Ralsbw U. 1). church will b* dedicated uex! Sabbalb, Shier Porter presiding. H. 0. Huybuok'e team ran away laat week witb a bay rake. air. Uuybuck was >rui»ad aeverely, Tbe sociable at Mr. Uergau'slas! week woe a auooeM nil arouud. 13very oue reaent eujoyed Ibe entertainment im. meuM. Q. W. MoNeught, of Oliddeo, propos- ed to make a Well in Carroll ton, it th fown folks help n little. 0. W. Brnner, of Carroll, Was in ou vicinity this week looking after bia ictar eat ia political lines. Tbe Templars of Oarrollton attended i convention in Dedham Thursday of thii week. We learned that parties were in ou vicinity recently buying up the stool that could not be fei. Bat tbe stool still lives here and are in fair condition SANTA. UNION TOWNSHIP. Some ot the farmers are stacking the! oate, Mies Ethel Morris has a cousin visit- leg her at present. Mies Lowella Ramsey went to Carroll Monday to attend the college there. Quite a nnmber attended the show a Coon Rapids last Saturday. J. B. Downing and wife visited a their daughter's last Thursday. There was a picnic at L. Harris grove Tneeday. Geo. Morris is going to try for an artesian well on hie farm soon. Mies Emma Zsvilz, Mrs. A. Ztvilz am children spent Sunday at Mr. Arbing ast's. Bio FOUR. iHotlce of Dissolution. Notice Is hereby given that the co partnership heretofore existing betweei the uuderslfti.ed, under the firm name o "The Laundry" has this day by mutua consent been dissolved. All bills and notes owing to said co partnership will be collected by F. J Miner, and all debts owing by said firm will be paid by said F. J. Miner. Mrs F. J. Miner will continue the business a the old stand. Dated this 25th day of July, 1804. 14-St MINNIE RISK. F.JENNIE MINBK. Carroll Market Report COKN-35 OAT8-25C HOGS-84.40 POTATOES BUTTEK-10 to 15 EGGS-Tc CATTLE-S2.00 I •10 HII wmm n mHy concern: Notice ia hereby given, that an Ins writing importing to be the last will nient of Henrietta F. Wadewnrth dec Notice—Probf of Will. State ot Iowa. Carroll county, gs:-Dletrlc court In vacation. To nil whim It IDHV concern: .... ...__ . t . — instrument in and testa deceased,wn this day produced, opened and read by Mi undersigned nnd that I lime fixed Tuesday th 28th d ly of August, 1894, as tbe day tor hearing proof In relation thereto. Witness my official signature, with the seal o said court hereto affixed, thin 23d dnyof July 1894. J. W. KBN'KntCK. Clerk district court. READY FOR VETERANS. Preparations Completed For In terstate Reunion at Superior. PROGRAM OF GEEAT INTEREST Many Speaker* of National Reputation t lie Freiont—Olonwouil Grain Klevalo Burneil—Singular Fire at Ituviil City Blun With Plunty of Monoy Out No Mem ory—Ntibnulta Happenlnfu. SDPEBIOR, Neb., July til.— The flna preparations Imvo been completed for th interstate district reunion in this city next week. The W)0 tenta have arrived and been placed in position in military regulation. Tha artillery ia also on the grounds. The opeakors whom it is known will be present: are: Hon. John J. IngalU, Hon John M. Thnrston, Governor George T Anthony,Guvi<rnor Crounae, Hon.Church Howo, Uopurtiuent commander of Ne br.^Ua; Gonornl W. P. Campbell, de- piirtiuent commander of Kansas; Genera Dick Blue of Kansas, Hon. Thomas Majors, General C. J. Dilwortli, Gen oral H. C. Russell and Hon. W. P. Hepburn of Iowa. Aa nearly us can be estimated from notices received, largo de-legations wil come from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa am Colorado. By the middle of the week there will be from aO.OOO to 40,000 peo plo promt, and vvery preparutifcn hot been made for ttt»ir enjoyment aud con reuionce. i I'lmity of Muuvy, but No Memory. McCoou JUNCTION, Neb., July 27.—A stranger arrived hero considerably intoxicated. The uoxt day he sobered up aud inquired whore ho was. He had large sum of money, carrying it in nearly every pocket. Ho does not remember where ho ouino from, uor know whore Iw Is going. Hliigular Vim at l»avlil City. DAVID CITY, Nob., July 37.—While threshing on the farm of John Klosterman, the machine caught tiro by friction of the gearing, burning the separator aud the lUkedgrain from the 40 acres ol wheat. Orauf* Vint National Clewed. GUANT, Nob,, July 37.— The First Nv lonal bank of this plaoo has closod. DupouiU, I^O.OOU, Tho county has $14,' 000 ou Tho bunk will probably wy out iu full. RVAN DECLARED THE WINNER. Wlui UU UftlUtt Witb "My»t«rluu«" Hilly autllb on I'ului*. MiNNMrouu, July D7.— A decision ot loo Choynski Thursday uight uiakM rommy Eyuu the welterweight chump- on of tho world. The contest botwevu and "Myutorious" Billy Smith of Boston, which has been attracting the attention of ring followers for several weeks throughout the country, was a 80- rouiul uffair, the men to woigh iu at or uult>r Ha pounds, tho winner to take tho iitlru uiottey going to the lighters. Tho Ight took p)aot> at the Twin City Ath- otic club aud'was witnessed by a very arge uudiouce. At tho end of tho 90th round, with Smith ou his foot suilliug, though bloody, Choynski declared Ryan the winner on points, although the and!-' efice to a man, except the friends of j Ryan, declared it should have been a' draw. Delegations of sporting men from all parts of the country were in attendance. _ _ _ lloincatcmdrrn Losing Everything. PRENTICE, Wia., July 27.—Homesteaders are flocking into this town in large numbers from the vicinity of Worcester and report that not one has been able to save a dollar's worth of property from forest ftres which are ragiug in every direction. Unless rain falls within 1SJ hours this part of Price county will see nothing but charred timber. The town of Clifford, 1'i miles from here on the Soo railroad, ia almost certain to be wiped out. Bridges on the railroad are burned for miles in every direction and trains are suspended, Corbott Coming Home. QUEENSTOWN, July 27.—Jatnes J. Corbett, the pugilist, sailed for New York on board the steamer Majestic. Before leaving, he said he was returning to the United States sooner than he expected in order to meet Peter Jackson and arrange a match with him before the latter started for England. He said he would not be prepared to fight Jackson for six months. This would be his laat fight and he intended to be in perfect condition when the battle took place. Will Reduce Salaries. NORFOLK, Va., July 27.—The Atlantic and Danville railroad company has noti-, fled all ita employes, including officers,' their salaries will be reduced on August 1. The reduction of the officers salaries will average 10 per cent, while that of the engineers and other trainmen will be much greater and will probably cause a strike. Chief Arthur of the Brotherhood of Locomotive engineers has been telegraphed for. Japanese Minister Recalled. TOKIO, July 27.—Gozo Tateno, Japanese minister to Washington, has been recalled to Japan and Mr. Knkino, an experienced diplomat, has been appointed to succeed him. This change is made on account of dissatisfaction at the manner in which Minister Tateno has conducted the negotiations with the Washington government looking to the modification Of the extra territorial treaties. Democrats Favor Fusion. GKAND FORKS, N. D., July 20.—The Democratic state convention voted in favor of fusion, although the Populist ronvention refused all offers of fusion. Following is the ticket so far as nominated: Judge supreme court, Judge i'empleton; for congress, Budd Reeves if Buxton. Ijtnu County Itauiocrats. :?EDAR RAPIDS, July 27.—Linn county {Kmocrats met in county convention at Marion and selected delegates to the Itate, judicial and congressional convention. / Have Bargains in Summer Co And Gents' Furnishing Goods. The GUI Reliable ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS, NOCKELS & tf] South Hide Square, Carroll. Iowa, INSURE In a company that is able and willing] to pay all loses. F. E. WESTO1V, At the Herald Office The ART AMATEUR. Beet (The only Art Periodical awarded alledalaV the World's Fair.) Invaluable for all who with to make their living by an or to make their homes beautiful. TTrkT» 1 CV» we wl " send to anyone mention- C Ur 1VSL> tlonlng this publication a speci men copy, with superb color plates, . .^^ _ (tor copying or framing) and 8 sup- 4 Bit plementary pages ot designs (regular 1 1. J price thirty five cents). Or • ^^ • TPrvn OKn we will Bond also " PAINTINtt r OF ^aOC fOR BEliINNERS"(90p»ges). Montague Marks, 23 Union Square, N. T GUILD'S GUILD'S OREf\T CLEARING SALE 1 COMMENCING TOMO11ROW AT GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS S10RE OUR stock!too large at this»8eason of the year, we have decided to reduce it just one-half. In order to do so we shall CUT PRICES RIGHT AND LEFT; As every one already knows that we are headquarters in Carroll for low prices we will still make them lower and guarantee to save you 25 cents on every $1.00 you purchase df us. Hure are a Few of our JiurffiUiiH t Very Fine Tennis Flannels, worth Si; sale price 6C Best Shirting Prints, I „ ,,. Spragnes andMerrimacks f ° 3 ' Fast Colored CheiEouette I Dress Lawns j Lawns and Challies, \ ' 10; " 5; " 25; " " 25; " New Patterns Imported Dotted Swiss Beautiful Designs j Imported French Jacconets, "20 pieces Cassimere Imprinee, " 80; " AU our French Penangs, " 15; " Good Apron Ginghams, " C; " All our Fine Pongees, " 124; " l£ic 15o lOo, Laces, Veilings, Hosiery, Underwear, Bed Spreads, Toilet Soaps, Handkerchiefs, nnd •NOTIONS- go at swooping reductions. We intend to make every out) remember GUILD'S FIRST SEMI- ANNUAL CLEARING SALE if dry goods bargains will do it, t^lt will pay you to bo.on hand early if you wteh iim choice. ft I III IV VJ V/ I !• in/ UMV <l»ur to Bliuou'« tiluthluy Store

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