The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 16, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1958
Page 13
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ANWI HOWIfiet APTCR KINS HXP OFF, IV A WOMAN WIVE*/. -WHENISOOBO HIM, I MEANT rriosncid „ U56P SUASION ON THAT AIROAN6 POWN MARY WORTH NOW WHERE DID I IN HIS SUITE.W THE EHVWf HOTEL*"! "DEAR WM.WO«rM>-THAf4K VOUFORlETTINaMt LAST NlflHTi NOW, IF YOU WILL DO ME ONt MORE B ABOUT THAT BUDDY DE mECKllS ^ OH, DROP DEAD/' CHANCE T>«K AT THE CHRISTMAS 6IF1B PABV HA5 HIDDEN IM HER. CLOSET / PRISCILLA'S POF-By Al V.rmw THERE'S SO MUCH I WANT TO GIVE YOU FOR CHRISTMAS, FUkt>, JEWcL^Y PINE CLOTHES, A MARINERS JACKET/ BUT WHY WOULD YOU GIVE ME A MARINER'S JACKET?r- TO WEAR .N OUR BOAT! THAT'S WHAT I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Mojor Hoople MV WORD, HAMECVT YOU HEARD, JA50N1 WE OP HOOPLE MANOR ARE PL AVI NO r SAKTA TO A NEEW FAMILY THIS SEAR.' fTHE P0YS ARE COT BOYINS CLOTHES AMD TOYS AND I AM PLANNIH6 A SIMPLE JS\X SOBSTA^IAL CHRISTMAS DINNER 'FOR THE PAMILY/-~ NOVJ THEN, A BOUILLABAISSE—PfiRHAPS POTPCTOEft DUFPL6-—ESO PLANT A L*AM.OS" OURKEY, OF COURSE, WITH OYSTER DRESSINS/—. AS FOR ITH5 WINE LIST. LET ME MUSE A BIT/ WH6R6 SONE./VlSTAH QUIET SOU KIN ALMOST HEA(?A PU550N CHANSB HIS MIND/IS VOL) WORKIN'ONTHAT MVSTEKV _ „ IMPL6 , SUBSTANTIAL, CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Wllllami LIVIM6 WVONP A HUNDRED Nevada became United States territory (later a state in 1848 by the Treaty of Guadalupe • Hidalgo which ended the war with Mexico. Songstreu Sopie Tucker literal. ly was born on the road. Her moth- * — er was fleeing from Russia in a Paris telephones have a ser- wagon across Poland when the vice for baby • sitters or dog- blessed event happened. walkers. *'l think I'll keep the decoration* for my Christmas party plain and functional. Just some red and green ribbon and plenty of mistletoe!" Uruguay is the smallest South " ""' ABNfR ff 1 WEAI^ONNOUlU I WMNT AT Afcliv USE IS TWESKSHT THI TOODLES UP 10 WK TO YOU EBEtCQA WE SAY "GOOD «A BUT BECAUSE OP PADDY. HAS NOTHING ARCHII I CAU. IT AND BA^4A^4AB BOMPtff SUNDAE; ro BUMPER/ JUST CRAMMBD N WITH ICECREAM/ MAN/ WHERCT) YOU PIG THESE COO CONTAINERS/ JUDD SAXON-By Km Bald and Jerry Brendfitld I ALMOST HAVE THE FEEUNSTHAT SAL HOPES WRIGHT Ntve* COMES BACK..' MAVMACOCIP LOOK AT WRICHT9 APARTMENT.^IOU NEVER CAN TELL.. , JUPP CAN'T 6ET EVENASUMM6WN* CLUE FRCWTHE COOU,DI9NTERE5TfO LAURA LUCAS MORTY MEEKLI I OIDNT EVEN KNOW HEt? BEEN AWAV. WHERE DID HE GO? UUDONT \WBXL THINK. THAT9; KNOW VER/ -/IN A LIKELY L MOMENT WHVPHE BE AW DIFFERENT THIS TIME? ALONS TIME HE MIGHT BE OUT OF TOE HABIT KNOW HOW OUR CAVE MAN WILL, BEHAVE THIS TRIP rru-BE GOOPTO SEE OOP AGAIN WASH TUBBS DEATH? HBAR01 I LOST TRACK OP HIM AFTER HE MARR1EP A3 AIM I THAT FLOPPEP, TOOi PCJR V THAT5WH/ YEARS HE WROTE SCRIPTS FOR HE WROTfr THE SBC. AL SEEMED OBSESSED FURIOUSLV WITH THE IDEA THAT HE'D DIB A TO FINISH BROKE; AND LEAVB H!S> A THIS . DAU6HTEK NOTHING WELUITHlNKHftPINALLy N6KTMONTHV AMOSINCI ELLCM IS HI5 OMLV HBRi /EPB, I SAW ' AL HARROW IK) LOMDOM A FEW WEEKS BEFORE v HIS DEATH PLAVl POORAL M& AWBITION WA5 TO WWTff AHIT.6UT- BUGS BUNNY 6000NES8 YBSI I MUST SOMETHINCS AUSTIN (Mfnn.) HlRAtO f A Twttday, 6t*,19li IW JACOBYS BRIDGE 4)054 *Q43 EAST , •/K7S *AQT 4A86S 1TA658 4>10«2 *K107 4kAKQ> W«M North FlM •y OSWALD JACOBT Written for MCA l«nrte» WhU« • oontnwt of on* *{«d« !• not very •lotting, ta* pity can b* Juit M intwrMtlng M that of » gnmd »lwa. It you don't think w>, Ju*t look M Che detent* put up by Mr. and Mn. William Ourtu of Daliai. To start with, BUI opened the trey of trump*. Shirley 1 * ]aek forced 8oua»' queen and South promptly led the tan of heart*. BUI played the deuce and •hlrley took her aoe and led the three •pot right back. Bui won with the king and led a aeoond trump. He wo* *ur* that Shirley'* heart play, (bowed Sour heart* — not two or three. Bouth took hi* two top trump* and BOW had to break one of the minor •ult*. He ohoee to lead the king of diamond*. BUI won the ace and now mad* another fine play. He underted hi* ace of olubj. flnlrley played the ten and South won with the lack. A club wa* led bank and Bui tot Shirley made her king. She tod a third olub and BUI finally took hi* aoe and led out the lait olub. Now declarer had to loat two more trick* and was down one. Decorating Magic 597 Dwt *ww »w «tai law _ _ ^___^_^»^. from »>« sdvsriiss ii Anslii Dally Classify Pages are Satlsflsi. Why Hot Try <me *nS53SBSSSlS5£i - - — — — tlona (or few 97: tt«p-t>tep (Una* l*mpob»<l«* M Quart sariias Sen»«'s B«st enJ A 1959 CHRISTMAS CLUB CHECK o You Want Extra Cash Next Christmas? . Bud TWrtj . Hie Cud (eotoi) (cut M > «*&ti &W tsa« ol*»§ atftiliaa. Bead Then a Christmas Club at the Austin Slate Bank Is your an. swer. Knowing you will need extra cash next Christmas, why not take a step now that will assure you having It? Start your Christmas Club tomorrow . . . Don't just think about M The modern idea is to provide for-Christmas expenses in advance with a Christmas Club account. . , . Just think, $2 set aside every week will bring you a welcome check of $100 when you need it most — at Christmas time! Open Your Christmu Club This Weekl AUSTIN ^.^ STATE BANK Member F.D.I.C. We're here to help you get what you want er NeMlex sJ«o« (o «0er ^^im^, vss r ' tbe book, i olothee fo (bis P«ok. '», The Comft&t Fmeaiit, t» ftf- i*,Utu.n»ti«i*ito*4t*r<j<fr»j«t tod if suppoiM by pubU« tw4*

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