The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 26, 1976 · Page 9
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 9

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 9
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THEY'RE ALL IN REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES Fergis Falls (Hi.) torul Hon., April 26,1976 Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising The DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible for errors after the first insertion. For corrections, i\t\ 7367513 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. WACHINERYOF all kinds. Traclor parts. TifM, treated posts Roman ROB-!, 218517-KII. 4-ROW planter!: IHC 450; JD 494 ftnd 410, 4-rovrt; CMivw 540; 1 John Owe LLA 14-fi. drill. Interstate Fans. Minn. WHITE AIR pra.iiers, 5'mp:«t pramer available. On hand 4, t> and 1 ro«. Pull or tool bar. InlNKlK inc.. Sates and service, Fergus Falls, Minn. MULCHER FOR d.scs and Held tg.iivaTcrs. various lil*s. rnler. Slate Inc., Sa^es ana Service. LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanted. Any si!< Have out of Slate orders. Csn pa highesi prices. Check our price betofe you sell. 33 years a dependable service. Gordon Nes Hector. M ; nn. tnUilm Fergus Fans, Hi™. NEW COLUMBIAN J5M.bu!he price. Interstate Inc.. Sales and f Service. Fergus Falls, Minn. ! 6 OLIVER unit plsnters. Interstate inc.. Sales ar.d Service, Fergus Falls. Minn. , ,<T vnno .:..-.,.„. 100 AND MO gallon Md »f».»«i- WORK WANTED HOME OR farm repair, cnfmney repair, cement *ork, ihiAgilng, ar.o ne* addi'iioflS- Build new nOmtS, \i M $q. Ft. 7J6 245*. CARPENTRY WORK, sn'r>glinfl, pole buildings, remodeling- W3- MARWEG'S PAINTING and Roc' no. Spring ii cpming— *e give free esiimates Call 7M-SW3 DOZING AND scraping work. Have a Dl Cat. M! 1775. PAINTERS. HOUSE arvd cottage paiming, Efficient, experienced, reasonable, free estimates. 734' 5146. CONCRETE WORK, Shingling, rerooling, chimney repair. 739- 3WJ BESIDES PAINTING, we'll also ccmraci |us) the scraping, sanding arvd caulking. Thompson Pamiirrg, Pelican Rapids. 843-4632. AUTOMOBILES RUST PREVENTION for your nt* or near new czr with guaranteed Rustop Corrosion Proofing at. 19JS DODGE Dari Custom 4 door tfrfan, slant s'x eng'ne, automatic denxi wltn 4,000 miles, you can really save hun deeds of SW$ on mis one. Fergus Dodge. 19750ODGE Coronet Custom 4*w sedan, VI, auiomatic trans^ mission, power steering, rado- orandnevr 1 . only one lefi. SaveiiH Fergus Dodge. FOR SALE 1975 GMC Blazer, 4 *tiWi drive, excellent. 49S-3440. FREE BUS (or Minnesota Motor custon-.ers leaves for downtown F*rgu4 Falls every 15 rnfngtw, J :3Q a.m. to 9 a.m. and on me row through 5:00 p.m. FOR SALE 1945 Comet 2door,2WV- 9, M5.00. Phone 736-3437 or sw a Jaeniscn Industries. AUTOMOBILES V9IEISM1 VJ&T CARS MORI THAN •• It Olds Cutlass Supreme, air conditioned, radial tires, power steerikj, automatic. "H Ponllac Bonuevllle i door, AM-FM stereo, tilt, cruise control, M-*0 scat, much more. 74 Matador 4 door, sU cylinder, automatic, AM-FM stereo, vinyl roof, power steering. "74 Chevrolet Impala 4 door hardtop, vinyl roof, air conditioned SALARY EXTENDER Tn:i } bedroom bungalow has a fvfnrihed basement apanmeni, E. I terms. rVoen ReaitJ, 7344969 or after hours ;3*.7U1, 714 I3S4. COMPLETE SOMEONE else's dream. N.E. counirys'de location, beautifully landscaped, lower level of 71x40* spill foyw. Corner fi« place, J bedrooms, dishwasher, carpeied and ofaped. By appointment, M Her Really, 417 N. Friberg. W-3H1, 7344S15. HOUSE FOR sale by owner on 3'j acres, 400 d. oi takeshofe with cr without Wx26' insulated workshop. Within 5 mites of Fergus. J!5,600. Possible contract for tiwd. 73* 6?U E-l-M LIST YOUR livestock for custom processing. Killing Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Call Bill Martinson, f>hw« 7 M 7014, Lake Region In^jMritv LIVESTOCK AND horse ira:J«S lor ia!e, all types in stock. We trade and If nance. We uii corral panels. Double AA Western. 736-3J76. WANTED TO buy- Feeder, pigs. Nta! Goorfwm, Osakis, Minn. Ph. SS92495. WANTED: HORSES and ponies, bro^e or ur.broVe, also disabled horses. Roger Kraus, Lcng, Prairie, Ai;.732-3??0. _ WANTED TO b-^ - &ood clean teeder p^i, 4' Lbs. and up. Nessande Feeder P«s, Fairfax, Minnesota. Phone U7-426-7B36. FOR SALE Pionetr Ferformance. tesied b**l bum. all txeeds. 71»3135. Edwin EkJe, Route 2, Fergus Falls. WANTED TO b-jy (eeder catne. Kenneth Benzinser. Phone C213) 331 6153. FOR SALE 3vearo:« Appa'oosa g. 73t7»14 alter 4:00 p.m. FOR SALE Chester Wnite boars. . 3M-240 pounds. Good meat type. Read/ lor urvice.'Ross R^ef. CcrruiocH, V.inneso: 3 farm wagons— ai-fters— grain hanflling equipment— tru<:k boxes ar.tJ hoists, Jim Brill, Route I, Fergus Falls, M'nr.esota. 318 734 565?. FOR SALE: international 400 tractor, v/ide (rent, with new Paulson loader. Sen as one unit. Greg Frosiee, Vmirvg, Minnesota. 769- 43S4. FOR SALE: 1951 A John Deere, rolkjmasic, poiverirol, with 2SO aual leader, marvure bucket, dirt pia:e, grapple fcrk. hay s*eep, with push off. Wdi sell separatiHy. Fargo, Trefian, Carbyne, «c. Call Charles Evenson. Phone CEMENT WORK, shingling, pole biddings, rerr.odeling, carpentry ol all types. Plan early, call new, 739-9233 DIAL 736-7513 for Journal Classidw Aos. SERVICES FOR SALE: JoMn Deere 70 dies<H, power steering, live pcwer, live hydraulic, w'de front, rims good. 10 foot M"nneapo!t$.Molifie tandem d.'sc. 12 foot John Deere tiefd cultivator. No. BO 1KC PTO eomb : ne. Sieel evener for S-section BOSS harrow. Howard Unren. VkiVvg, Wrm. irjTERNATIOKAL 2A hay- con. oViioner. No further use for it. Wanl to bur herbiCKle aitachrr.ents for 494 John Deere planter. Phone 6472680. Glenn L. Brandt, Rothsay. ASHBY SEPTIC lank ar.d farm I'mu'o; p;t cleaning. Gary Bothun 589-8540. FOR EXPERT repair on small engines ot all makes, see Verr.e di Otier Tail Coop Oils, 2M W. " AUCTIONS FOR SALE: Ha:fblood*d Chiang WHI, 15 ironths okJ. Very growthy and stretchy. 318 630SSM. LIVESTOCK AUCTION Every Wednesday as 1:00 p.m. BaDy calves, feeder canie, teeder p*gs, sows and boars. Fergus Tails Auction Market. 73d 3125. FOR SALE 2 rid'ng horses. 1 Morgan quarter horse g«kt : ng and a '.'? Arabian reg : v?red mare. Call ah er 4:00. Ash by 747-5039. FOR SALE Angus beer cows, calving now. Don Meyer, Ur-derwood. «66MI. AUCTION — EVERY Tuesday night 7 p.m. Too'*, lif niture, misc. Some anHques a) every sal*. CotHignmenti welcome. D. J. Harier, Bennie Hoi man, auc- ttenwfs. Bail I e Lake Auction. Battle Lak.e, Mmn. FRIBERG UPHOLSTERY Shop. Material on hand. 73*.7«6 or 7399134. EDDIE'S INSULATING Service. The home foamer, also blown insulation. Phone 734-4743. BERGE'S CUSTOM Upholstery. a IS E. Vasa. Phone 7U-1929. SEPTIC TANK pjmpjig. Phone 495 2ZSB, Julian Tollerud, UnSerwooo 1 , Minnesota. EARN MORE on your savings ai Western Minnesota Savings 8, Loan Assn. SANDBLASTING, A.LL metal surfaces from tricycl« to trucks. For your retinisning call 736-7824. FOR SALE: W3 Yamana 750. 1973 Grande Prix. Both in excellent ton d, Ion. Call S89-B8I7 after 5:00. FOR SALE 1975 Bobcat Wagon V-4, power steering, power br*k«, 13,000 miles, mm*. Must set) Soon. 1945 CHEVY Blscyane Station Wagon, 3 speed, n«w tires and batiery, good condition, make an offer. Pttone 736-4797. I9M PLYMOUTH S3ielllte Sebrfng. V-I, 2 ooor hard*op. 12,995.00. 747- ?2K Ashby. 1972 OLDS Oeita U Roy ale 4 door sedan. Clean. 747-22M Ashby. TWO BRAMD new 1975 Dodge Dart Swrrtger i door hardtops, i/anl six eng'ne, automatic transmisiion, power steering, or.e with air. Go'ng ai close-wl prices. Fergus Doc'ge. 19U FORD 2 door hard:cp, S1SO.OO. 734-3797. FEED-SEED CONTACT US for top prices on si-nf lowers, market grain ar.d seed. KnappSeed, FoKhome, Minn. WANT TO rent — hayland. near Battle Lake. Call «4 8122 alter B p.m. FOR SALE reg'istored Evans and Common Swilt- sovbeans and registered Snobird millei. Robert Jerjien. 21873*6390. FOR SALE high protein, Kilt wheat, IS percent germinaikm. Charles Evenson, Ro - -:e 5, Fergus Falfo. Phone. 736-63 U. FOR SALE certified Kill wr.eas. certified Cluteft llax and Li.-xiti flax. Ordean Haarstad, R. 1, Rqlhsay- 736 7729. AUCTION SALE: Located iC& 3rd St. Southeast in Pdlcan Rapids, Minnesota. 1 p.m., Saturday, May 1. Lurrch. HouscnoU: A full line of efettrfc app^ances.- bedroom and dining room furniture; misceildneoui. Anlfq^es: Marble !cp dresser, pressed back rockws ar.d cnairs; trunk from Norway; hanging lamp: churn; crocks: [ugs and more. Also miscellaneous; lawn th*Ti; bee hives and equipment; mailboxes, etc. Emma Lyden, owner. Charles Clausen, auctioneer. License 5601, Pelican R dpicK, Minnesota. Clauson Sates ~Service, clerk. ZEON LUTHERAN Church, Saturday, May 1-2 p.m.. 202 Easi Summit, Fergus Falls. { and Miscellaneous) DAHLBtRG HEARING a:ds. Rolandson Hearing Aid Cen:er, 120 E. Junius. Phone 736-5925. WRECKER SERVICE, 24tou/S, call 739-9940 or 736-66N. Jim's interstate Standard. ERICKSON'S SEPTIC pumpinff service. Fergus Falls. Phone 736-' 6290- If no answer call 736.7671. WATKINS FURNITURE Stripping. Usir.g Bix coJrf system. « mile Essi of YMCA. Otter Tail Like AUCTIONEERS MISC. FARM TRACTOR TIRE vulcanizing and repairing. Prompt service. Call 4- (J03. K and K Tire Service. SOFT WATER: 2.500 gsLJonJ per load, delivered anywhere. r^lidays and Sundays, 32.00 load extra. Call collect 736-4911 or 4- W15. Wjs. Obert Ho-jg. THE.WADENA "All Crop" Sito • features cokired roo's, swing plywood tf&ors, packages. Call 6)3-2527 Cor more rnfcrrralicn and ofFcei. LET'S GO Ihe be*!, bolh hay Id 5* and silage. See the latest in leaiixei, go Rochever Silo Inc. Ca:i Johnson Repa'r Shop, 736 «^9. FARM BUREAU mEm&ers ~ He«d ttr« or batter-es? Check our pf kes first. Prone Eitw* LaXe, W5 «*5, your Firestone and Safemark dearer -n Eitx:w LaVe. DEAN J. SHlerud, licensed and bonded auctioneer. Roihsay, Minn.. 847-2535 or 734-3712, Fercus Falls LICENSED AUCTIONEER. Charles Irene, Pelican Rapi'ds, 6431131. WARREN E. Beckman, auctioneer, Pti. 826-6937, Underwood. AUCTIONEER LEO Kugler. Phcne 7347712. EMERY OTNES. Licensed Awr- tonew, S« W. Cavow, Fergus Falls, Minn. Pnone 73&-5713, AL JEDLICKI. all type sales, specializing in farm ar,d livesiock Hies. J95-3139. AUCTIONEER CHARLES Clavson. Clerk, Clauson Sales Service. Check our r*iei and services first Phone S43-«77, Pelican Rapids, SKOPONWHEELS On the job service. All types of meoianic and wehding services A lo ^ ci/siom repair. 736.7306 or 5W- BIBJ. I- & F Furniture Stripping ar.d Ant*q--es. «'» mile East on 210 — ^i mile Soulh, Underwood, Minn Phone shop 926-6901, 82^6436 or 4S5-2521. 736-76??. ELECTRICAL WIRING br.d vice. Bill's Electric. 739-2931. ser SMALL BUSINESS. Bookkeeping. Phone 734-6500. CONCRETE, WOOD ar.d steel. We do it all. Estimates upon request R. D. Field Constnxlion. 734-X>3. CARPENTRY WORK: all kinds, roofing, remodeling, additions, lichens. fJnisntng. 144 WG5, Battle Lake. CUSTOM BOBCAT work, barn cleaning, back tilling, general dirl rr-oving. Reasonable rates. 734. 7838. 739-3478. RADIATORS — HEATERS: Cleaned - Repa red - Recored Jack's Radiator, Jack Neigel, Highway 55 Ncrlh. 739-2527. ' Small Dealer Small Town BIG SAVINGS THOMPSON Sties & Service Asbby 747-2280 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS S 1973 2 door" hardtop, vinyl roof, rdd;dl tires, tin) glas;, power slewing, 3SO V S, Wyrni's )2-mon,ti, 12,000 mile gwranlee. Werner's Auto Sales. CATALINA 1970 4 door Karttop, vinyl roof, till v^ie«1, air conditioning, power steering, .radral fires. .Werner's Auto Sales. , ' ' CHEVROLET NOVA 1973 Hatchback, V-I. auiomatic. •power sleering, priced to sell. Worrier's Airo Sales. im GRAN TORINO * ooor, vinyl roof, auttmalic, power steering, radio. a;r con d'lk»vng, Wynn's 12 monln, H.OW mile guarantee. Worner's Auto Sales 1947 CHEVY Impala, i door, 283. axiomatic, power steering, power brakes. Good condition. Snirler's Standard, Rottisav. Minnesota. ~U Ford LTD 2 door hardtop, vinyl roof, air conditional 74 Plymouth Fury U 4 door, vinyl roof, air coBdiUoited. 14 Buick Apollo 2 door. 73 Fw d LTD 4 door. 74 Toyota Corolla 2 door. 33 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham. 13 Olds Custom Cruiser wagon. 73 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon. Every car above features Wynn's 12- mbnth, 12,00ftmile protection. Ask salesmen for details. WORNER'S AUTO SALES 38 y ears of sales and service. Your assurance of satisfaction. 1103 NORTH OAK Easy to maintain 3 bdrm. bungalow with newer hi-low shag carpeting. Reap the rewards by improving on the walk-out basement area. $23,500 includes F.H.A. or V.A. financing. RIVER OAKS Gorgeous river view from the din. rm. or deck highlights this 3 bdrm. split foyer home with super traffic Bow. $49,900. HOOT LAKE Lake living is super with this S bdrm. California style home featuring split-stone fireplace in L.R. and downstairs rec. rm. I/OL- of glass overlooking the parklite grounds. 177,300. L AUTO PARTS FREE HOT-LINE Servke. Wehave" a direct wire with over 300 auto- trxck and tractor salvage yards in 7 states. And olfer low mileage Crop-in molo« lo 1W3. All matXes and sizes. Car arwJ truck trans- miss*.ons.C»r *idtr«k rear ends Body parts. Dakota's leading scrap iron yard. Philip* Fur and Wool Co., Wahp«on, N.D. PERFORMANCE — ECOHOrV\Y headers, manifolds, camshafts, carburetors, automatic trans- miiiion Kits, shiftei'S, wheels, Urn, gauges. All ma for brands. Arwin's Shop, S2& 6UJ. Eostad-Lsrson- m Mann, inc. Ml- 127 S. Mill PHONE 736-7591 After olfice hours call: Vcrn F. Johnson 736-3C50 BillBehrens 73»-»M RugyrOlspn 75fr-3750 V;HY LOOK througti all the old homes in town when yo j could own anewWauiauhome. we provide a complete selection from $20.000 and up. Come down and !ooX at cur model hcme or give vs a call. Chrhtlansons Inc., Elbow Lake, Minn, 218&544£7. DON'TTOUCHATHING Ast move into ihis spotlessly clean, 3 bedroom rambler, beautiful k!:chen ar.d eatmg area. Yard well-landscaped, custom drapes, cer.lral air, double attached garage. Moen Really, 736- £?69or after hours, 6 7U1 or 6-4354. BY OWNER: 3 bedroom rambler w!ih walkout basement *i village ol Battle Lake, v/i baths, hardwood floors. 1 block to school. Call 6W 5552. PROOF THAT good things stiJI come in small packages. 3 bedroom collage, carpeted, some furnish'ngs, 75' x 200* level lol. Wall Lake, Miller Realty, 417 N. Fribwg. 736-3531 or 734-4515. HAVE YOU smelled country air on a ipn'ng rr«rning? NO? Wfll corr.e out today and we this fmn-aculaie split level 3 bedroom with ? car garage ai Ally's edge, ^/oen Reany, 736 6W9 or ader r*i,rs, 6 7UI or t 43S4 SMALL ACREAGE CloW to filf Everything ne*. 3 beorooii horr.e. Pole barn, garage. Call Jo^Jorgenson Realty. 736 4903. Evening! !3d-2»13 or 736 3222. Member MLS. SUPERTUNtTY Brand ne\y 3 bedroom bLr.gato"" nestled fn ntce seined area, fairly ctose in, hvrry to p^cx yq.r carpet, don'i worry about seilir.g yours, tradeitin.MoenReall ) ',7366$6vor alter hours, 1 7141 or 6-CSJ. HOME BEAUTIFUL INTERIOR Featuring 14 bedrooms, all electric split level, fea:ures formal dlnir.g, extra largerec. room, 2 car garage. rVoen Realty. 736 6569 or after hours. 6 714) or 64354. A.H. MORRILL Co Real Estate, Fergus Falls. Phone 73S5*«. Ai bin "Babe" Mornlt. WELL DECORATED rambler offers gracious living witri 3 bedrooms, centralized traff.c p'an. UV'JKJ room wrrti tirep'ace. The kitchen is appiiar.ce eqjippeo ano offers family dm'ng area, f 'nished rec. room, single attached garage and large deck. Minnesota West ReaJly, 6273A. Even'ngs 7343-139. OWKER SELLING: 3 tWroom, recently redecoraied, crap*ry. 1'.? baths, large private lot. steel sidir.g, large screened paiio, at> tacnw single garage, excellent location to all schools, U3.WO.OO. 736-4274. 435 ACRES beef and daiiy set up. Barns, ' silos, machine ihed. granary, nke home. Heavy so ; ), 170000 per acre; 305 acres, 2» under plow, $435.00 per acre. Barn, si'os, milking parlcr. Keavc soil, nice home; 335 acres beef sei up, 5135,000.00. 3 bedroom home; 200 acre beef set tp, MO.000.00. Neaer home and excellent bvild'ngs. On tar, 240 acres, 39 stanchion barn, • silo, machine shed, cerfecr, S500CO per acre; 165 acres. 113 inder till. Real good. WS.OOO.OO; 120 acre, nice home. Newer Darn, $63.500.00; 120 acres. Home, barn, silo. Near all t^'able. iSS.000.00; 60 acres. N*e house, barn, silo. 70 acres tillable. $36.500.00; several small retirement Farms and laXe properties. Resons. motrts and other businesses. Douglas County Real Estafe Company, Alexa.-tfria Hoxe and oifke number 612-762 1555. TWO BEDROOM homeciose lo fit stt.ocls, large lot. (rait :rees $15,500.t3. Call Jo* Jorgenson Rpaltrr73i6W3. Evenings 7W-7813 cr 7343227. rV.ember MLS. FOR SALE 3 bedroom and den. r.e* carpeting. Completely ir.sulaied basement also. Basement paneled and carpeted, large tot and shade trees. Phcne 7343513 airer 7 p.m. WE HAVE more buyers than [•cuses. We need listings tcr 2-3-4 bedroom homes. For prompt, cvrteous and experienced service give us a call today. Moen Realty, 736 «S9 or allW hours 734 7141 or 7344354. HELP WANTED HELPWANTED Food waiters and waitresses. Apply in person to Pat or Russ. Seeker's Supper Clu?. NOW ACCEPTING applications for spring and sum m er em ptoyment in kitchen and dining room. Full-lime and part-time hours will be avaifaWe. Counirv Kiichen. COCKTAIL PERSONS. Apply in person, Becker's Supper Ctub. MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. BE! HOT PICKUP SPECIALS 1915 Ford R» Ranger, i wheel drive, 18,000 miles, *0 V8, radio, power steering, power brakes, automatic tran- TRUCKS 6454. OHfce t?IB) (6>2> 644-9491. JAMESWAY POWER ' equipment and parts. Strge. choring Hennirvg CUSTOM SPRAYING — Will do crop S"pray"ng of ail types wltfi Spra-Co-Jpe. Call Dcnaid Ber<jerud, Rome 4, Fergus Falls. 736 SOU or 7364738. FOR YOUR concrete work. polebarns, garages, «c., contact Bob Ncrdick, Foshorr.e, M'nn 736 41*4. NEW 1976 OyJje p:ckups oo han, '-i-ton, Vion, Club Catii and t *ti*el drive models, immediate delivery. Ferg.s Dodge. 1976 CMC l-ght and mcd'um duly trucks on hand for immediate del i very at Super CMC Tr ix k Sales. H'ghway 59 South, Fergus Falls 197 J CHEVY C.H), au1cm»tk:.307 V- 8. Heavy duly SuSptnS'-cn. 747-22U. Ashby. FOR SALE 1975Chevrolet Silverado shorlbetJ 4 v^iieel drive ' 3 ton oicVuD. Loaded »:ih exlra's : n- ckd'ng a ; r, rcllbar, desert dog tires, wtiite spoke w»gon *t.eels, djfli tar.ks Excellent cond.tion Se1l : ng a! book price, 15.50000. AFier ?pm. call (617) 677-3232 o^ (612) 2M J?17. FOR SALE: 15W F C rd 'i ron pckup, good. *952253- SWALL ENGINE repair, power and ric*ir>g lawn mowers, rotot'rllers, sharpening bjades and ba fane ing, sharpening and repair of Chain saws. Garden tractors and snow blowers. 704 North Springen, drive, 15,ON miles, 3tt V8, radie, power stwring, poser brakes, 4 speed transmission, steel belt radial tires. Red and white, I tone. 1975 Ford R5Q Ranger, 23,OM APPLIANCES. FARMLANDS conditioning, radio and auxiliary gas tank. Hut and white, Z to*. 1975 Ford F15I Custom, 2i,m miles, 360 V8, automatic transmission, power storing, power brakes, radio. Blue finish. Your choice of 32 used pickups, easy lo buy if you get here first! SEPTIC TANK Dumping. Hrrb * L *AVS THE BEST Roi'8'1 Creq Barry. Ill 6SM or SELECTION IN THE OTTER 8 » "»•TAIL EMPIRE AT YOUR CHEVY TRUCK HEADQUARTERS. SEWER PROBLEMS? U hour service for all your sewer need!, drain cleaning, septic pimp-ng. new systems. 734 S5W. 0:terrdll Sewer and Water Service. LETTERHEADS. ENVELOPES, bus'neu cards, stationerY. YOU narr.eil. We'll 0*0 it in any size run. Br'ng bs camera ready COPY and re!l us tow ma*iY- Secretarial Service. 309 West Lincoln. Dial J3». U04. FOR SALE: 14 cuVc 'oot cop perlone refrlqera'or. Pnore ?i4 PASTURE FOR renl. Hjis ol water. about 80 acres Ten Mile Lake area. Phone SW-847) DAIRY EQUIP. DEL AVAL Eqj' DAIRY and Clay Sales arct serv : ce. PETS, SUPPLIES BARRY'S EXCAVATING. Basements — Sewers — Gravel — Landscaping Underwood, 126 (474 or Ma-ne. *95 3W. SCHROEDER BACKHOE Service. Seplic tanX. dra:n fields, waterl;nes. Ca'-l Totfd Sthro*Q>r, Da'.ion 5e?81». Fergus 734-7158 CUSTOM BOBCAT and backhce wryk, barn cteanii>g, e«cavat : ng. UNIVERSAL PIPELINE m-lkws. sales and s?rv;cp Also ~»ws «uic-nen!. Dovs'as Co Coco, Brar.don. or Perhari COOP 0 1, Perharr.. WFNPOV/ER P.T.O. fa'm sia-.d by generators For (ree oo the l&rm analysis *TITG or pAo^.e U-'en WJipo*^ Services, me , U en. Vinn. Ptxjof 318-596 S4?6 SURGE DAIRY equ'prren'. !alfS and service Coriact v-s fcr all c-f vciw dO : ry needs. Mer^'rg S^rg*. PAT/ BARN cJeaners drd 'e« fis^tfl^g pqu ;! t. Fvnkfo.^c Eq-jiCrnent. Da'!cn, V rn. Eienr.^s 519 SU! FOR SALE J^n D«re-l?*A p'a-L' er Also fterb : cide ai'achmer.t 'o' fttA o'-sr'-ff PT-one 3*4 2441. •WENDT'S TROPICAL Fish C«Har. 412 West Bar.crofr 736 iB?5,- Vonday fhrou^h Saiorday. 1 9. REGISTERED BLACK Labrador ptpwts F neh.'ntlng S'ock Evfn dispoi>t-on Call 7J6 4«1. TO GIVE av.av Sair.t Bernard ma'e dog. i-rear-old. Ho*am MCTI, Er^ard, Mw.esoia. J ^ miles Eait. B'7 52SA F0« SALE 7weekow Samoyet; p-_po e$. AKC registered Eff.«t Ay^ison. Campbell, to>r*\ 218 349 N34 FREE TO oood ho-ne, 5 vtetk o'd EX^p'es. ' > Gtrman ShfpnenJ ard '» \x-Aeg-3n Elkhc--r>d 824 67«. &4* 5626 ai-er 6 MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. PHONE 739-J331 garden tilling J34I73S Reasonable! Call PART-TIME HOST cr hostess wanied. Ses Mr. Nelson. Country Kijchen PRIOR MILITARY service - earn UO-W a rrontri v^im Minnesota Kdlional Guard. We need your Skill ar.d experience. Call 7343320. 1 FULL-TIME and I part-time wait- ressor waiter lor night shift. Also 1 part limecooV, experifncehelpJuJ Apply fn person at Highway Host Restaurant. PERSON TO wait on tables 11 a.m.- S p.m. Apply in person at Normandy Caie. WANTED: PARTS Person, ma;or Une farm equipment dealer, prosperous North DaXota community. Must be experienced. Top emp'oree benefits. Send resume to Box 26JZ, Fergjs Falls, MM. NEED PERSON with gas welding experience to v^ofk Sn muffler shop. Apply in person .nly to Les, at Master MUf;er, rargo. North Dakota. FOR GENERAL construction laborers and experienced car- pen.'eri. Wage dependent on experience. Call 642-4317 or 6*?«ai a Her (,. ATTENTION SOPHOMORES, juniors and senvjri. "Wanted part time stock persons for evenings after scnoo' arid weekends. Musi be at least U years oW, must be neat in appearance and be able To assume responsibiliires. Immediate opening. Apply in personal Scolts Family Center, IX West Cavour Avenue. An equal OPPOriunity employer. V/AN1ED RETIRED co'.-ple for work at Oner Tail Lake Camp grounds Must have own irailer. Phone 215 W4-5W*. HAVE OPENtNG for full and part- time summer heip. Kentucky Fried Chicken. WANTED BARTENDER, ex perience noi necessary. Appfy in person. Wheel Bar, Oltertail, Minn. 347.2310, OUTSIDE SALESPERSON lor auromotive parts and supplies. SOT.C automotive pans and sales experience necessary. Wrile I ?MB, Fergus Fails, t EQUIP. RENTAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Cement, contractor, l*»n, garden, p*:nt ir-9- decorating, pli.mb.'ng tools, and other «im'pm«nt. Fergus Fain Rental Center, 7147824. TOM'S STEAM CARPEI CLEANING And Janitorial Service Restore your carp«t to a new finish. Free estimates. Fergus Falls 736-25?! END PAINT WORRIES ffeSMty CtlkjIoseFilxt Insulation B!o»n in side *»th and attics -F;«Estjrute$- 736-7253 8266731 ttC-S!E^» i:iM} KM! FERGUS FALLS MARK ROSTAD SMALL l cr 2 bedroom wiih Targe tat. Great rental potential. 510 W. Doigfds. S« inside after 6pm. Sold by sealed bids end ngMay 1st ALMOST NEW This is a I year old home, oo a large comer lof and btautifnlly decorated. It has 3 bedrooms, largt living room ud double attached garage. Drive by 1315 A DREAM house. Bunga'OM styling with a totally new interior, featuring exciting decor. ne*r kitchen, dining room, waik- rhro'.ah bain, central air, attached . garage, rec. room, paiio. much rrore. 131,500. Jensen Really. 73?3381. Evenings J36-2iC5. 739-317*. NORTHSIDE; OLDER ho"rne "of- fer;r>g lotsof liveable room and at a price in thetow20's. see or call Joe Jorgenscn Realty, 736-6$?3. Evenings 736-2813 or 73S-3222. Member MLS. BUSINESS OPPOR. SHOPPERSGUIDE TYPEWRITERS STRIPE1NG - PARK I KG lots, cross walks, ere Reynolds Construction. Ur.derwwd, «5 3»2. BILL'S PAINTING, Specializing in steeptes and farm buildings. Airless spray. T 36 tttt DICK'S BACKHOE ServFce — Excavalirt^. Sewer, Dr*'n and F-eid Tile inuaiiaiKXi Call 734 4?S9, Dick Hanson, Rouit t. fttgtn Fans _ GET YOUR sprrng painling siarled. Call ?3A64Q?. Free esti male. M A N D K F urn itur e Str;pp : n9. We 1 1 1 oo r^at me«y stnppir.g jot for you. Please call i>i at (211) 7»J1U Locaied 11 miles Sou'h on Cour.rr Road i from Fergus Fails artd 1 T.iie Easi- CfcV.tNl WORK, sh-nglirg. pole bv-lcJTrgs Phonf 1975 MATADOR 2 door Coopt. Lots of extras. 15.000 m : ies factory warra-ily remaining. Belo« book. S?& 6655 after 6:00. REPOSSESSION. 1K« 0:dsmob : le ToTor-ado Will lake besi offer. Submil b<di K> Don or Bill. Norft- western Bank. 1963 FALCON t door. 736 5523 after 2.00 p rrv WANTED: worVfrl, i Lhien. THREE laundry nmedialety. Thorn PERSONALS GUESTS COMING? Fi'li f HEATING 'TvTw LP GAS and appliances. Local Gas' Co. Ptwie WANT TO RENT ROOM TO SPARE Four bedrooms. Three baths, large living room, fmQy room and all the extras that give relaxed and comfortable living. List with MLS brokers. Trie MLS is the best way to sell your bouse. List with us. PARK REGION REALTY 325 West Lincoln . Phowdayornite 218-73S-5616 NEATRETRfeAT This spotless 2 bedroom bungalow will tea pleasant surprise, roomy kit w;rh rre«s. AVxn Realty. 736- SM? or after hours, 6 7U1 or 6-.I3M. THIS DELIGHTFUL ranch has mwJi to b« prou J ol r the in comparable view of Hoot LaXe, trie woodtwrnicg fireplace, the private deck, 3 twcroomt, 2 baths, 2-car garag«, spacki'js grounds. Moen Realty, 13&M* or after hours, 6 7141 or 6 1354. 3 BEDROOM house for sale, Coo- iract for deed or will rent. SU5.CC monthly. 914 E. Vernon, 5OT-M79. FAMILY GOT ROOM -A-TISMT This common "n«nl room" diseasB is curable, sec this 45 bedroom with formal dining. On, rec. room, family kitclien. Moen Realty, 73A&96?or ader hours, 6 7141 or 613SJ. RESORT WITH approximately 21 acres, year around home. Store, 9 units plus many extras, expansion room, on good fishing and s*i.-n- m:ng laltt, $45.000.00, good terms available. 30 acre hobby farm, modern wim good buildings near Otter Ta r l LaVe, r.=ce yard and trees, U5.00000. 3 acres wiih buildings, semi-motfern horne, $10,00000. Near Olter Tail La^e, BJCJO trs'ltr on nice wood*d lot, U.WO 00. Oan's Really, Battle Lake. I4J-59CO. 1W 571$ THE CHOICEST PRICE IH TOWN... Home is located in Carlisle. It's sp Iri e street [rom the Town Hall M the right side. TMs 2 btdrooni vrith basement on a nice lot has all the makings lo become a btautilul home . . . with some pounliig and pa lot. It's about W percent complete. We've got to sell now! So the best offer will get it. Materials lo finish cai be made available. Immediate possession with small down payment and law monthly payments. No dostag FOR SALE: Tht Pub. UnHtrwood. 3.2 and leiups. Ptwr.e I764!01 dan. «i.!iJl THE GREAT LIFE! This is Bow you and your family will feel after smarting a sales career with us. What makes it great? Your pay day, first of all You can expect.average earnings of (250 • f3M per neek — more if you're above average. You will have a guaranteed income during your intensive training program. Next you will have UK prestige of working (or a 46-yeai^old company that has an outstanding reputation for service. Benefits for you and your family are tops, such as free hospilalization insurance for the entire family. You will contact both established accounts and prospective accounts that have contacted us. If you are interested in a sales career with unlimited opportunity for both income and advancement • CONTACT GENE ROSEWALL WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28 1Z-6P.M. 218-739-2211 HOLIDAY INN, FERGUS FALLS NOW HIRING EXPERIENCED COSMOTOLOGIST • Full or Part-time • Good working conditions Send resume or apply to 113 North Mill,7M-5924 After Hours, 73M73I KEED. FUEL? Dial a wjrm nun-ber.t-Mn. BccVund Rian Co^ MOBIL FUEL OH, avtomat'C knp f?rj SWv?c*. 734544), Ferjys Oil Co . HFotmay 59 Norm ar.d Oax Slrwl LOCAL BUSINESSMAN with «Mt costs or commissions to pay. ^,r^^r!.ca,r7« 3 &c « and tiw » «<« us n" offer. August. Ptw.e IM ;i»3. 5:N Central Time. FINAL WEEK TO SAVE S 100 Our factory rebate on new Ford Pintos and Mavericks ends Friday, April 30. • WE STILL HAVE TWO UNITS LEFT PRICED AS LOW AS $ 3035 BOB MOORE FORD LINCOLN-MERCURY 326 W. Lincoln — Fergus Falls N ow open Wedn esdayandThursday unJil 9:00 p.m. for your convenience.

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