Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1928
Page 5
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NEWS NOTES OFMILMED TOHB BaskeibaU Team Plays the BIcfimond Team for Ben^t «f ^laao Fnnd—School and Local Xew-s. ' MILDRED . Jan. 12.—Mrs. R. R. Neiitt jr. and -Mrs. Ira Norton ate din icr at the Kelley Hotel In lola " S'..t di-y. - ijhere has been, qultf a bit of etcltenient hqre oVer John Barky '8 store belnK robbed at Bayard 'md' it Ls hoped that the thieves • , Mill be caught soon. _ The town basket ball team will play Richmond On the home court AVedntbiiay evening, and the' proc-e (Jsi will be Biveii ,io the nigh schiol piairo fund. Everyone here synipathiecH with - Mtsri Millie I^UHtlng in the IO«A oi her niotlicr. Quito a numbfcr from here cttended tlie funeral' lu Kln- ' chid Sunday-. aft '^rnoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thoinu£ Wlnter- - roud. Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Wintt -r- . roud and Beulah of qhaniKc, Mro. Noblo WIntorroud and'BOMS of Buffalo. Mr. and .Mi-H. Wtlsou of JJrayme'r. Mo., and Mr. and Mr?. E. K. Brown took dinner at Tom -I ^«rwlM'H Sunday. Scotl Hrdwn and fj'uilly and Mr. iiiid .MPH. Wilson were 8up)Hr KueKts at ihQ Lewis honn'. ;Tlie lt<v. .1. C. 1,iin.' ri-iiv the tiiK's of tin- Mclliodist i-Iiur<!i Hun- day niBlr :.ii(l i'nninii>nt <^d on tlicni, lifter wli;< !• (IK- Ilov. M... llunsa- kci-' piiv.' ;: talk. Arllm • I)i .'an and latiiily wen.- here from Lcftoy and spent tli.' •»eck-«!lj(l Willi home folks. •Mr. jind -Mrs. Kd lliti; were vi.-i- U^r.- at Ira ^.'ortons Tuesday, s i>on Ray and family were Sunday visitors at Lloyd" Iteynolds's. rJrs.'Koiton called on Mrs. Snod- prass Wednesday afternoon. .Mrs. Pno'tlfirass is improvini;. .Mrs. .Mott and .Mrs. Waile. dauphters. here. ENGLISH MANOR!DRAWS AUTHQRS —•^^^w^^^fjw-^ ' are ,. ^ ,, • . , 'world of art and literature. <;ontus -Miss Robirta (.iilloup painted a"""" . .-^„ picture of Christ walki.iR onithe is a more important < H.a and presented it to tlie church, for entry to the salon than rank. it ik a good picture and the church : people appreciate it. .Mrs. Bulai Hastincs spent Sunday with .Mr.s. Pauline Knsminger Tit LaHarpe.' The Ladies' Aid OF THE DAY Oliver Knmlile and Faiiiily and .Vrs. ; M. J. Knmbel (io to Texas for ' Vrinter. - Install Presibrlerlan Minister; OF HUMBOLDT ' MORAX. Kans.. Jan. 12.— J. MJ INjul. wlio suffered a stroke of aipplexy Sunday evening at his home was reiM)rted siigiitiy imp rove il Wednesday morning. Kriends are ver>- hopeful he will sotili l>« gaining rapidly. Although pajfft elKhty ycar.< of age Mr. Paui liaij enjoyed r.markable health ami strength and he no doubt finds il burdenKome indeed to be com- jielled to lie in i >ed so long. • Oliver Runil >el and family and his niother .Mrs. W. J. Rumbel. left Wednesday morning in their ear for southern Texas, where they will ."pend the reinainUer of the winter in the hope of benefiting y \L Runil>e|°s health. Kurly last! wprlllff on (he aiivitre 'of specialists, ! Mr. Rumbel gave u |i his personal'' atCentlod to •buslne.'<s and soiiglUj- hours, or n tho mountain climate^of Colorado: " million - The numbei Jinx for !fo has b.-en for three; mwnths. to restore Ills health thi^t had begun to fail about, that time, bow- ever, it was* not until late in the Eupuner and after the fkm'lly Itad .,, ,,, - j rtjurned home tliat it .was fully' d.iermincd that a tubercular con-1 rr?";... dliloh wan developing t "W- mar ;ne people, but it tiice to Lieutenant Frank ('. X'lowley of the ;"first purMuif siin idroij «t Selfrldge Field. Ml. (• eraens, .Mich. Lieutenant Crowley was born< on i:<ih. in 1S !>.S. and has bi.-eh assigiieil has flown v^uu •arly a ()uartei> of iniles. without 8il«- In !an automobile ill he was lahf up Friday, tlje plane .Vo.'.l.l to him. ill hap. but crash last fi and the!""* w cu;^:-o,;i:;ed:"Ti.e w;;;t ;.^;i ^'-_5-i^: .r^^'r ^i .y In an old .Kniili.sli manor lioiiso (iit top> in CiarHiiiRton, KiiKland, Laiiy Otioline Morrell (above) keeps the la.ft of tlie salons. Every Sunday, a small jiroup from Oxford headed by Lytton Straciic.v, author I (upp^r Fiphti, and often including I Robert RrldKes (loww riiliti, po^'t j laureate, galherj- to discus.s the .society will ! great victory for the home pirls. Glessner Brock, right forward. In- inp high point pj.iytr with eighteen points. 'Viola f'urley. left forward, scored fourteen points. The boys'i game which fuIiowtMi was evenly matched and resnltid in victory for -Veoslio Falls. Tli-.' score was 8 to G, Harold Ooz-ior was high point man. meet with .^^rs. Holeman Thursday at»d they expect to have an election of officers. Floyd Wilson and family spent Sundaj' at LaHarpe. Jap Brown and family visited Ills mother ;it Centervllle and her mother at Kincaid" Sunday. \ OSAGE VALLEY I>r. n. H. -Vevlit went to Kansas (M^H. Kdward Sisson. ''Mr''*"Phillips received a ^^^y letter, from her parents. Mr. an.- ir.' Mrs. Kelly of Ybpr. Fla.. and they ^ are well. , Jke ne.ker horn _ . .„ The Rev.' .Mr. ininsaker spent Sunday visitors at ih.i Jt>.- t.ill- Sundav nlKhi at Mr. .Mulllns's. ', ham hoin<' .Mr. and .Mrs. . Mr. and Mrs. Clare Wilson spent ! •'<'"••'•'• <:illa^pl.-. Mr. and .Mis. Saturday nipht at Flovd Wilson's. Berley Mefford and Miirk Clllham Little Htl.-n Rvan is quite HI' were dinner gue-ts. |{.:ali and NEWS NOTES OFGASCin fx with pneuitionia. A trained nursr Is ciirlng for Inr. .Mr. Ryan, who • Is workInK at Chanute. was called ! honii'. • She is lu^lter today. . Clarence Isaac ^nd family spent Saturday eveninK at the Ater '^•/ime. 'Hank .Mc.Vdains and family were dinner gut^sts at .\. T. Curley's last -Sunday. SissDii tt(ir atl'r Kd- • ItenCel Wa.viK lUKiii visitor.''. ICiirl SIssoh look diiiiHr at w;ird Sis.son's Siunlay. Mr. {ind Mrs .llm TInsl.-y family spent Sunday at Dj.k son's. .Mr. ami .Mr". lli-v, cv I'arent-Teachers Hold rrognim Friday .Vklil- Kpworth I.etiKiie Holds I{u>iness .Meetini;. (Mrs. A. F. Holten) <;\S tMTY, Jan. 12.—Services next • Sunday at M. li. i.hurch: Saturday ] J Y,..„.,,j„^, Sunday'school li.ireiital |.,| jj j^t-.-igue at 7 p. m. Leailer. .Mi.-s Hazel lleiiton. Sntidav srh'.idl at Church tif find :!t 'i: I 'll acliiii;; at 11. Ireach- iiig asaln at 7 ..'iil. .Mr. :iiid Mrs. Will Wood spent Siiad.iv nJKlit with Mrs. Liny Cor- ii.-ll. 'Ih'' Ladl>s" Aid <nii t for an all | i I'ay ineeiin« at tin; lionu" Mrs. .,,„) j.lohii Dodd Wednesday. Thereiwcro .Sis- 1 members jiresetit and one iliiilt was (iiilltiid. ami .lack spent Tii.w.Uiy -vening i ^V'' '"*='"' , . -.i... Kvervlmdv ronie. Mr. and .Mrs. Press neihni. Mrs. 1 '"^ ''••<•>'••'•'- ! Mr.-, l-'n-d Tompkins, who has fMine. Mrs. Burnett. .MrS. Thomas! Chwler G'llhair. i- •vi.-:iiinf: l!is;j„.,.u unite ..-irk. is very much ini- Lewis. Mr.iand .Mrs. Fn nk l.saac.' "f^^'?'*-"-^''--- "'-rl-'y Mcrfoni and Mr. j,, at this writing. Mrs. Meiir and Harold Drury at- j -^'efrord. ^ I .-;..veral of the l.iai;uers motored • " ' We are cerlaiiily liavifn; fiuv "ver to Inla Mcmdriy night to tJie 1 weather .the last fi 'V/ days, tliejh'uno of .Mr. IIar<dd Moore where roads are very liad in some plac- 'lie niontlily husiii'.ss meeting of les ttiough. ".h<- Can Kpworlh League was held. tended Rebekah lodge in lola on Thursday night of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Wilson " ' •> h»ve been here visiting her si^; r. Mrs. ,E. R. Brown, left Monday fur their home in Braymcr,' Mo. Waype Rice returned (o Amsterdam, Mo., after spending two weeks liere with, his mother. Mrs. Fa'nnie Huston, who lias been here visiting II.T son. .1. T. Huston,- has rt 'iunnMl to lier home in Lock Springs. .\!o. 3. B. Ijirklii .ail who lias be;n here ion linsiiics • i imiiei-terl with thw cement plans )i;i^ returned lo Kahsds <>ity , " • Wendell Rice ha.-^ b •en vi ^ilillg -hia father the past week. J. T. Hui-lon and mother visited friends in lola Wednesday. . K. R. Brown is building a barn . oil his farm east .of town. Mrs. Kqtchum and Mrs. ' E. E. Harris were lola visitors Saturday. Mrs. Millard Heath spent Tuesday with .Mr.<;. Elmer Bibens. Mrs. Eugene Sinclair and Mrs, (JMssefl Warren called on .Mrs. <."liance Tremble at Bayard Tuesday. Wf are glad .Mrs. Tremble is improving and hope she will .soon enjoy hi-r usual hi-altli. r. and Mrs. Fred Haddy of Pot ca City. Okla. spent the w«ck- eiKi at Kvep'tt Kctchum's. I reston Patterson and family s'peiitMonday evening in lola. ' (ilarence Warren Is taking a-va-j catlori from his duties at the Sin- cluir|meat market, and he and Mrs. Wart'en are visiting at the parental Uldwell home. Mrs. ('.Ill Ruxion visited Belfry school Monday afternoon. . .Mrs. Eugeii" Sinclair was an lola visitor ^I'UKI ;. - .-iriernoon." Sehmd ^>otes. TIK' junior wil' ilicir iilay Wi 'dnesday ii( lO'M \<i'i-l<. .lann .irv IK. Kvciy I !i>- i- iinitid attend. 'The liiBh M-liiM.l iiiid-teriii i -xaiii- iiiajpns will hu lield Thursday and .^me of tin- mothers t;ave the j program at the gi-ade chapel Fri; day afternoon. They gave a niitn- j her of rcadit >Ks. musical numbers i and a dialogue. .Mrs. Mont Miller visited school >ikvnday. ' .The grade rooms are putting up their Jannarv- decoration .s. The seventh antl eighth .grade readiirg classes ha%p made soine excellent "Good American Code Booklets" and are making a pictorial scrap book of historical ref. erences. . , • ' The primary foflks are studying the Esquimau^ and -the sw-ond grade made posters suggested hy this study. The first grade made snow' man posters, i The basket ball game between , Neosho; Falls and Mildred was plavpd iFridav night and it was a i conditions are so changeable l'^'"* • ^lei^ilrt' Col • ihsi the. trip south is being made I j,^^; j^.,,^ , „p a„,, so that oiu d.Kir living will be Pos-. ,,,er ^ith a "group s.liie at all times. ..Mr. Rumbel has^j ihlldreu » hi.-; bu.siness ,s« arranged tliat he can remain away for a year but! Ills many friend* hope it will he but a slioi^ time until he begins to improve and by the spring time s<i much i«:overcd that a return to good health may be fully assured. Mesdames Anna McKitrick, Charles Mendell, Lucy Jewell and Misses Minnie Carmain, Edith [ Strong, Rev; and Mrs, Peck drove to LaHarpe Wednesday afternoon . where the ladles attended a meet- ] ing of the inissionary .society, together with the ladies of the La­ Harpe church. A motor car accident resulting ia serious Injuries to'.Mrs. Ilackiiey of LaHarpe, distracted greatly from tho Hnc program that had been arranged for jtho afternoon but otherwise • the time, was ver>- picasanft and profitable, f Tuesday evening the Rev. Mr. Peck was installed pastor of the Prei*>nerlan church. Dr. ^lathis of lola. Dr. Horn of Humboldt and Rev. Dunham 6t Chanute were the appointees of ; Neosho Prerfbytery who were present and conducted the installation services. During the short residence of Mr. Peck in Moran he and his family have endeared themselves to Uie church jieople .so much that they are looking forward io a mort suoccssful. work under the nc^*' pastor's lead- 1 ershlp. ; •.Mrs. Jim Smith is now improv-; Ing after a very severe attack ofj flu and her friends hope she will soon ho IK her usojal health. •air. and Mrs. Lloyd Wlnslow, and baby daughter have returned' home fnmi Kansas City. . | !on last Saturday evening as a result of an organized rabbit hunt a: group of ladles belonging to the country clul) were honor guests of their husbands who gave them aiflne oysler supper at the Prairfe ' Hiose- .Tchoolhouse. During the day ! 2}i2 rabbits were caught and the I ei'ening party was tho climax of i tho day's sport. The following guests matle up the list present j for supper: .Mr. and ,Mrs. Cliff Isaac, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Nolen, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Tlce. Mr. and Mrs. Moyne Knapp. Mr. and lid .Mrs.'A. Jefh'rUs, I equally as much as those older. Eastern and Western VirLs'Ions . Kansas ruihles Company Hold • Banquet Here. School Facultj: Entertained. . Mr. and, Mrs.;CIydo Mrs. Will Wootl, Mr. ie Twadell. Mf. ami KULMBOLDT. Kans., Jan.-12.— This jmployes of the easterit and weshrn division of the Kansas Utili ies>' Company, held a 'banquet here this evenins at the. diii- ing room bt the -M^ E. clrprch.' The banquet was served by the women of the church. The em­ ployes of the division niimber ab^iit ninety, and a large majority of theih attended the banquet. They came from a number of Kansas towns in which tho Kansas Utilities company operates. Mrs. Floyd Strong of Manhattan nee aiiss Alma Hartzog of this city, is siwnding this week at tlie home of lier parents. .Mr. and and .Mrs. R. F. Hartzog. Mrs. C. F. IV»yer and children.! Crayton arid Margaret, who have ; been here for several weeks with .Mrs. Uoyer's parents. Mr. and Mrs. (.'. V. .Mathlas, returned .vcsterday to their home in Fresno. Califorivla. .Mrs. F. C. -Miller etrterlalned tho: Entre .Vous club at her home this I afternoon. < " " j Mrs. Robert Rounsavell left, to- where sfa^prill undergo treatments; at the Mayo Brothers hospItaL The Tumlral ot Mrs. Charles Kelley, who ^ssed away at her home here Sunday night, was held yesterday afternoon from the Methodist chuj^-h. A' large number of! the ;frie^c^. of Mrs. Kelley attend-ed the s^irice. ' iDi O. L. Orion; ^^^^^^^^^^^^ officiated at the cer ferment was made at| Cemetery. _ _. ^ Mrs. Lloyd Johnson was hosteas to the wpmen ot the laiculty of the Humboldt schools last night at a towel shower for Mrs. A. J. Trueblood. Cntil about two weeks ago MrsL Tnieblood was Mise Nello HamTO. |I.,arue, Dave " Tice, j The Cliff I<aiighlin family are "now octnipying" their new home re- 1 <-ei:tI.v: purchased front .Mr. .M. L.' ho enjoyed the fun 1 Shetlar. . . | Wf^ cordially invife you to come in and see the spring- stock^ The Evans Store Insure an Even Temperature For Your Chicks BY USING LESH HIGH GRAVITY -j Incubator Kerosene LCHII Incubiilor Kt'i-o.^ciK.-, of its higher Kntviiy.' }.'i\c'.s a lowei- flash and fire, which de- tcrniJnc'H .th/ ca.~c ol' Jijrhtini,' and dear burning. Il tic)«'.< hiol havt! Ihu ver.v ^eavy fractions found in ( koru.-^L'iie. and this inSiures all of the l\t!ro.<fia' burniiiir ui) clean without any stnoking of chimney or charring of the wicks.. A smooth tvcn kero.'^fne naturall.v in.sures even temnenitiiro in the inciiliator, giving the maxi' mum rt-.'^ult.s to the hatch. Hafei'iiard your chicks—use Lesh kerosene. Lesh Oil Co. ELMER SLACK, MGR. Delivery Prompt Truck Opposite .Ice Plant , Phone 489 mm exten boundaries of Roasting ((No other roasting process ckn produce such ufillmited goodness ' A GRANDF-R flavor! A richer aroma I I^Iorc sapsi'action per cup! This is what HiUs:$rds. gii'c the West by roasting coffee a lew ppimdi at a time (their patented, continuous process) : instead of in bulk. \ b •. No other coffee can taste like HilU^Bros. Coffee, for none is roasted the samef jway. C|)ntrollcd Roasting is I Iills,4Jros.' ptfjcpss cj^Iusively. They invented it and patented it. But the rare flavor Controlled Roasting^, pro -r diices is yours to enjoy always—^no tpjattcr where yoti go in the West.' By pa^cking ^hc coffee in vatuiim (a method «) Hills Bros.), all of its richness i^ kept intact jfor you. Ask fpr Hills Bros. Coffee by namj; and look for th|c Arab on the can. Send the coupon for a fr^c copy of th'e booklet; "ThejArt of Entcrti^ining.' HILL."; BROS.. I>rpt.'.:;; 2525 ."^mihwrst UUJ.,>Kaiu. , Cii;. iU. •Cfnt'rmMi: ' ; Send n»c yuur b «K >^let, "Tlic .\rt ot t^tertaii^init," free of chif^e. Kimr 1^ , — Strett : i : : City - . — i ^ttf I ; -—.— HILLS BELOS B«.O.K .r*t .Ot. 'resk from the orig'uud ba^uum fack. Easily

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