The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 19, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 6
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I FACE SIX THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, OCT. 19, 1939. Michigan Works Out for Chicago FIRST SET FOR S Henry Armstrong Makes Plans to Retire Soon MICH, STATE Little Interest Shown in Game Which Probably Will Be 'Breather' SEATTLE. Orf. 19. t/Pi -' f ighi ing. Homicide Henry Armstron.c. the ' spindly-i busy little Negro welterweight champion who was poet laureate of his St. Louis high school 10 years ago. hopes to hang up his gloves in one more year. Then he'll retire to a life of The thick-chested, j 't^hi^o'^^uJ Spartan Coaches Still Hope Gridciers May Stop Fierce Boilermakers ANN ARBOR. Oct. 19. A final heavy workout for Satur-1 beating out rhythm in verse in-! Mr day's Bic Ten encounter with'.stead of on somebody's ribs. He i timates IIP'.S the last l{) years. lie's 26 now. and started fighting, at Hi. He's here to defend his crown in a 15 -rounder Friday night against Richie Fontaine of Missoula, nt. guessed occasionally." The Spartan hopes, which rose once this week at the sight of the Varsity tearing Boilermaker plays to pieces, swooped down after drill Wednesday. Had the ball not been brought plays probably would have scored back to scrimmage each time, ten touchdowns against the the reserve team using Pur duel) Varsity. EAST LANSING. Oct. 19.—(/P) On paper Purdue university day's Big . . Chicago was ahead of Michi-; wants to write, both poetry gr.nVi football team today. Sn tar, the Wolverines, who liai-c trounced Michigan State and Iowa in their first two .should defeat Michigan State j prose. A bard rather than a bombardier. A mitt-slinger turned minnesinger. "I figure in one more year I'll Feb. 22. Armslron Mead, announced Henry snap Ceferino Garcia. two- state claimant, to the middleweight crown at Los Angeles, games have displayed little in- j have enough money to bring me terest in the tilt, their second! security. Yeah, social security," of the he grinned. "Then I'm going to quit. I haven't had much time for writing, what with all this conference engagement season. A™%£ n ^*™r Fl & , [^ting. But after I retire I'll squad's indifference was a rc .i have plenty ol time for it, mark that the expected easy! And Henry has had plenty ol game with the Maroons had: affected team morale. ; "As a result, we aren't making; the progress we should," he said after Wednesday's practice. "We're far from the finished ball club we f, ill need to be for some of the teams on the schedule." In Wednesday's workout, the Michigan coach followed up an offensive drill with t'v second scrimmage in as man> days in which all but a few players participated. Blocking re-cseivedj Willoughby's "hot" keglers especial attention. . kept up their startling pace in Passing also came in for a the Commercial league by turn- long session, but so far this year I ing back Birke's Shoes in three the Wolverines haven't opened I straight games at Ludington ' OI up in the air and probably won't! Recreation alleys Wednesday do so until later in the season, i night. In other matches Elec- What line-up Crisler will'trie Tamper took two out of name to oppose the Maroons at '• three from the slipping King's Stagg i'i^ld was unsettled, but! Court outfit and the fast travel- Joe Roccrs, Royal Oak sopho-'ing Bleser Beers routed the more, will replace Ed Frutig,! Watch Case with three straight out with a leg injury. a.s one of i wins. the'ends. In last week's lowai Beckstrom sparked the Wil- contest Rogers held John>loughby aggregation to victory Nicholson's end post. : with a' 575 series, including a At least three full teams will'. 215 game, but his best was entrain for Chicago late Wed-; topped by Spoor of Birke's who nesday afternoon following a: came closer to GOO than any- other bowler Wednesday night. Spoor led off with 190. then hit 223. high game of the evening. Tuesday his manager. Eddie I college at L.iFayetto Saturday, would |,bui. as the Spartan coaches declare h o p e f u 11 y: "Football gamc.s aren't played on paper. 1 ' The Michigan State coache.s arc not reluctant to state that offensively their tram does not slack up with the Boilermakers' 1939 combination. Backfield Coach Joe Holsingcr brought back amazing- tales of the prowess of the Purdue team. Biggest headache to the dream! is the only fighter ever 10 hold the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight; simultaneously. He already holds a decision over Garcia and declares he can beat the bolo-punching Filipino again. "All you've got moving and not lei nun get set. j Ho mily hit me once in our last • fight." commented Henry. | Armstrong is here with his > brother. Harry, who he credits : with tear-hing him" all I know about fighting." Harry has a ; yen to write, too. but hasn't got .(round to it. yet because training- paid off." They collaborated on a book. "The Glory Road.", .soon to be published, which they , say is a .story of their lives. ' , Harry has a college education.: Henry wanted to go to college: and .study to be a doctor. but j hard times forced him to fight I a living. Now he provides, business for the doctors. ; But in another year the Armstrongs tell you. they'll be pounding typewriters instead of torsoes. BOXING PHU..-\r.EL.l-HU !r',.'i. r.".itp:.'HU; ;! M.i. NY-'.v YITK. •;: NEW YORK --I- to do 'is keep ! of a Spartan victory i.s Purdue's I't him get- set. j "three bee" combination, Lou Brci-k. Jack Brown and Mike Byclenc. a trio of fast ball carrier--. Holsingcr reported Purdue had It Senior.s among its first 22 men. seven of them on the first string and .-even on the second, besides a sprinkling of juniors, j "Those Seniors have had two' years of biu ton combination." Holsinger *aid. "while we're going to use a bunch of Sophomore bad'.s who can't helo but be out- GETS JOB BLISSFIELD. Oct. 19.—i.-P)Louis Levine. former University of Michigan quarterback from Muskegon Heights, has been named football coach at Blissfield high .school. WRESTLING (I!y Till: A.-,sori.\TKU 1'KKSS) MLWARK. N. .'. Kami K:\iusrr. 20'1 Hungary, thr.-v.- Jark:p 193 Texas. '25:13.. BOSTON--Maivin W.-M-iibpr W.t.-h.. cicfra; •: ci Gu* Sonnen- :?;ti JT.^'PM i-.vo [''ii;s '»"* - Ai NYiUcnv. !•!•!. !>.-- Li-.'!i.ird D.I (.;«.•! i HI Bruno n. brief signal drill on Ferry field. LOUIS BOCKSTANZ The Big Seven conference, the present time, has every chance of showing up its most, and wound up with 182 for a to- wukW^m. if,;;. tal of 595 pins. Olson of Birke's i ., ( ^ A ^V XD '. c Shoes was close behind with a' hu^'w^d^,' snappy .580 including a 213 i i HCVIDLNCE. game. Taylor and Ra.smus.sen of' j^-, ^'v',''.?', 1 ,'.",'^-. the winning five each had 207, "''-'' !'"';' t _..."' SCRANTON \ I';n-b;;rii;!. _-;< -jipctl .I.iC k Munlty. Sc;-;;iU'iM. < :> i. ST. LOUIS-- K< n Ovirlm. 16-> J .,. rn",!!'. III.. iUlpi.ini; (i Aim .Miillh 1M'... S!. hum- >nn.—"Wild Bill" Mc.-.-:s. i.':tp;nn;< cl .StoM- Alr::;p!ii-. H, .iii H;<:<>lu Hhirk-hrar. CM!;: .--;•„ piK'd A! !>.' '• l : L t> ' K. '• - Albert Maiicni), stnpp-.fl Tuny Co:-t!i. :. n. !., i ti!. MEMPHIS. I'Ji w.. 11. \M. 'It games. Willoughby's margin in , winning three was 112 pins. It at: now has 14 wins and one loss. j Up-and-coming Ble.ser Beer pin crashers jumped into a ountain Group to Meet Fridav I natural weakness, one that 1 three-way tie for second place 1 FOUNTAIN. -The Parent may start other points again! by whipping the Watch Case! Teacher assori;i";hm will hold clamoring for a Ludington-Ai- three straight. Consistent bowl-i their October mcefir.g Friday night in the high .school room. A .--pi end id program uf music, songs and reading^ will be given pena game. The situation at tne present time is that if both Lud- ing by all members of the team enabled the Beermen to knock ington and Alpena win the re- off 2.675 oins, high for the eve- mainder of their games, the con-j ning. Hanson and Campbell led' bv Mrs ference title will -be deadlocked | the way for the winners with ' " with neither team defeated, lijfine 576 and 570 totals, respec- such a result arises, there can bej tively. Hanson had a 211 game no solution because the Orioles; to his credit while Campbell and the Wildcats do not meet on! went him one pin better, spilling 212. H. Anderson topped the losers with 575 with a 206 game \ the gridiron. However, if such a situation arises, Ludington will deserve a! thrown in. slight edge in the final reckon- i Closest match of the evening ing because the Orioles play one | was the King's Court-Electric more Big Seven game than does i Tamper tussle, with the latter Alpena. Of course, that win finally emerging on the heavy •make no difference to intermediate room. Rcfre.-hmc-nts will after the close of tht The quest ion a.s to hot lunch club will this year will be pupils of be .served program. wheilier a be formed j :-u.s.';ed. All: interested should be present and, exp.e.s.s their opinions. Freesoli Mrs. Bernard Tubbs of Alpena.i end of a 2-f game count. Neith- ! $?* ™j ll ™<*-™« ^H'.st of whose backers will immediately! er team exhibited the bowling it ' assume that their team could! is capable of but it happened have licked every team in the i King's Court was a little Tubb.-i, more loop and they will claim Lheirjoff form than the Tamper'crew. full share of the title. i Herb Johnson of the winning Of course, the final outcome of! five had high series for the .the title race is secondary to the match, 547^ including a single Individual games. By looking game of 205. George Hillman. forward to the end ot the cam-1 with 541, was best for the losing paign too diligently, we may find j aggregation on which not a sin- we have lost a game, and we I gle man hit 200. Jack Croncn- have three tough ones coming j we tt and L. LeClair of King's up, and that will immediately • Court, two better than average shoot all chances for the title. ! keglers, both .slipped below the U Alpena should by some freak, 500 mark for the first time this of gridiron play be defeated by season. Petoskey tnis Friday evening, TAMPERS (2) Ludington would hold all claim: Newhoff 188 152 163— 503 to the lead in the loop and would! pelawski 181 156 145—482 be dir&ctly in line to cop the title j Gilbert 125 188 158— 471 with firiree straight victories. H i Cartier 210 162 144— 516 Ludington should be defeated | Johnson .... 205192150-547 by Traverse City, however, and i the three leaders, Ludington,! 909 850 760-2519 Traverse City and Alpena ended KING'S COURT (1) the season with one defeat each,; o. Ilillman .. 191 169 181 - 541 Traverse City, with six games; L. Anderson 181182164 527 139 160 160-- 459 148 154 163— 465 156 148 190— 494 Mrs. Clifford reuirning Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Tubbs, were guests of Mr. and Mr.s. H;tl-' berg of Scottville, Sunday. ; Mr. and Mrs. Marshall"Sc-it? "I Fountain, were Sunclav eveniir.; guests of Mrs. Marian SeKz. '. Mr. and Mrs. Robert't ! had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bennett and family j of Scottvilp. 815 813 858—2486 . _ , ••' Q--.....—.,, jj t /111VHJJ .3 scheduled would take the title by R Huwlev V. few percentage points. ' i j. croneiiwett , A , U .?. f ) vh i ch brm ^ nome the L . LeClair .. . fact that the Big Seven race is I far from finished. Practically! every team in the loop still has a i Chance to carve at least a piece | THE BLESEK BEERS of the championship for itself. iSchoenherr The Orioles touted by some as j Galinski .. the favorites to repeat as j Groening I'Champs, find themselves with a: Hanson 172 211 193— 576 171 190 178— 539 164 172 168— 504 147 167 172— 486 {plenty tough schedule, especial-'Campbell Jy In the teams of Manistee and' Traverse City, and probably will be obliged to play 1,000 football , \in order to keep its title. /•* * 181 212 177— 570 : Bpartan Runners 835 952 888-2075 STAR WATCH CASE (0) Wilson 126 180 135— 441 Heglund 135 168 169—- 472 Karstens 174 157 141— 472 Tfio-n +n Tnn*«« TV^««4. ! Starke 155 179 ] K ' 2 ~~ 510 Jrian to Enter Meet! H. Anderson ias 200 ISG— 575 BAST LANSING, Oct. 19.— (A>) -Michigan State college will Itajdd *U\e men Wednesday for t» Second dual cross country j Taylor 145207138 Bet of the season, an encounter I Beckstrom .. 215 168 192—575 ,th the University of Pittsburgh! Baillargeon 773 890 813—2476 WLLOUGHBY CHEV. (3) K 490! !1" ley park course Saturday. State team will be led by ihr, who last week won penlng dual meet with Itate. Pitt last year lost Spartans 20 to 35. ~o making the trip will be <3iK>rg5 Keller. William Ed Mills, Warren jUbert Mangan, Dave , WUson Scales aiid Al- Rasmussen 178 183 155— 516',« Lather ...... 181 162 185— 528 162 207 149—518 881 927 819—2627 BIRKE'S SHOES <0) Spoor 190 223 182— 595 Vegter 124 125 109— 358 Olson 213 193 174— 580 Weir 164 167 136— 467 Slyfield 173 164 178— 515 864 872 779—2515 At Our Modern Alleys You bowlers who appreciate perfect alleys, alert pin-boys, and comfort facilities will really like Smith's. We have the best! Plan to have your crowd bowl here. SMITH'S RECREATION THE ENTIRE SCHOOL IS DEVOTED TO PRODUCTS, ETC., TO BE FOUND AT It's the last clay of the school Scores of special prizes including two huge baskets of groceries, and a grand prize of a gas range. Also a huge sack of flour and scores of other prizes. Be there—you will enjoy the school and also you may get a prize. TIME: 9:3(f FRIDAY MORNING PLACE: KOZY THEATER PRIZES FOR EACH AND EVERY DAY

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