The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE ElGHt 'STRAHAN ms#mm t tew^ MARCH §. School Election Monday, March 13 Strahan Men Serve Banquet to Mothers and Daughters (Conttnned from pa^e I ) Nest Monday. March 13, is school election. Two directors are' to br> elected to sncreed W. M. i Vestal and Mrs. W. S. Bradley! brought, fmf we don't believe any whose term? expire. Four cnndi-i man made them, dates have been nominated as* f'nrffs Henri Clief follows: A. L. Lovell, Oilhert C. ! With George t'nrtfs as head McCain. A. P. Shaw, and Strarer j rnet - Chas. Olr-e as head waiter, S. Summer.*. There will probably "• A. Pcttigrc-w as head usher New* a! the Strahan Consolidated School High School Honor Roll for tfc* L**t Si* "• he a heavy vote. Ladies' Union Has Charter Members as Their Guests Thn rr-nnlar meetlnc of the Ladies' Vnim! was held on Wednesday. .March 1. at the home of Mrs. Frank Johnson, who was assisted hy Mr*. Herbert Johnson. The day was Ideal and there was a fine attendance. The afternoon, was spent socially with guessing contests and conversation. The business meeting was called to order by the president, reports read by the secretary. Mrs. Guy Martin, singing and closing prayer. At the close of the business meeting refreshments of chicken and macaroni, mashod potatoes, relish, hot buttered rolls, raspberry pie with whipped cream, and coffee were served. The regular members were pleased to have with them at this time two of the former charter members of the Onion, Mrs. : O. F. Salyers nnd Mrs. E. C. Kay- Ion, who were accompanied by Mrs. O. S. Eacrett. Miss Sadie Salyers. and Miss Alice Bently, and Me«sr?. Molsherry. Kayton. Newell, Conrad. Johnson, Steele. Dye. Shaul. Nlm.». Costello. Hill- Seniors: Lillian Bradley 94 Mary Elaine Churchman 95, Orvllle Coins 93. Virgil Hammack 94, Klolso Olson 91.S. Juniors: Helen Martin 94, Dorothy Wilson 94.5, Thora Cunningham 94.S. Sophomores: Oenevleve Archer 91.». Wllmn Bradley 90. Elma Judith 92. Marjorie Lanehlln 92, Lorraine Olson 90.f>. Freshmen: Josephine Bye 91, Edward Plburn. olovanna Cnn- boys played i RIverton. thrir nrst came in the I tournament, and were beat by a ! score of 25 - ls - yer, Summers and a whole hunch j nineham 9fi | of the yotincer mm to help! The basketball servo, wait on tables and the like, — about forty of them in all—and Georpe Gee and Will W,>lfe to add dignify, they surely had the supper well in hand. When the call to come to tho tables came there were just si.x- ty-elght couples ef ladies, or £;>•> in all, who sat down to ;;»» tabte as guests of tho nu-tt. A ad t£!d: they enjoy the Kfil* rVr."t "«•<.{' to ask them for ther .»:-• it a and did not a«k fcr CUT? and P'-U'U U.*t pronounced it an<i th« »i<rv:«v .1.*. — extra good. There was no <i*n of depression in this meal, nor any unwieldy surplus. Program Given Preceding the banquet there First and Second Grades The fir<t and second grades rompK'ttM Friday booklets of f>-i>-> hand cutting. Th» f»r«t erat!« is completing t'u'ir circu*. sand table project. The fir<t cratie stained one new Man? Do**, £**, Bird* ft Ptt Cetttetef? . brave and loyal dogs, ta- gether wfth a nttmber ef ot»«* cherished ptgfr such a* cat*, parrots aw* eanarteii hare fotrnd a jirftcefol final retting place fn a bMirftftrfty wooded tract ten miles frorft Cleveland. This ig the Cleveland pet cemetwy, which Is owned fcy Dr. W. 0. Woodruff, nationally known veterinarian «n<J proprietor of » dog hospital and pet store in Cleveland, nnd Is the second largest of Its kind In America, The plots In this cemetery are tinifnrm in size, hut the headstones marking the Individual graves vary, from simple markers hearing the name, age nnd date of death of the inimals hnrfed there to expensive monuments. Some of these have EMERSON Gilbert Stogdill. , all of Malvern. Mrs. Joe Pullman of Sidney, a sister of Mrs. Frank Johnson, and Mrs. J. W. Mayfield, a former member, but now of Tabor, were also guests for the afternoon. The next regular meeting will be held on March 15 at the homo Itorium as follows: Piano solo, Helen Martin. Vocal solo, Eunice Barnard. "Wonderful Mother of Mine." __ Vocal solo, Betty Lou Barnard, "Baby or Mother," These were accompanied by Robert Barnard at the piano. Reading, "Mason Family on Exhibition," Mrs. C. H. Amlck of Henderson. Violin solo, Mnrjorle Laughlln accompanied by Thora Cunningham. j Following the banquet nt tho Third and Fourth Grades We hare four new pupils in our room: Rosemary Toland and Imogen? McGiit are in the third grade and Kenneth Grindle and plates nnd pictures of the mlm.nls whose graves they mnrfc mbedded in them. Although the nnimnls are generally buried In simple white pine hoses, some of them have been provided hy their owners with expensive caskets of burial hoses. And the pets horled In this quiet spot are not forgotten. On Sundays It Is not uncommon for hundreds of people tn visit the cemetery and decorate the graves.—Detroit News. was a program In the church and-i! rade and Kenneth Grindle and Itorium as follows: ; June McGi11 ln the fourth grade. OB neia on March 15 at the homo flowing tne banquet nt tho of Mrs. Chas. Kayton, who will tnbles the following program was bo assisted In serving by Mrs. slven - wltn Mrs. J. A. V. Gun- Hrtwnnl ITnvtst»> ' l\{tlelii\Tn nt tnnnt»**»»*«.... Howard Kayton. Mrs. Walter Roberts of Troy, camo Friday night for a week end visit with her parents, Mr nnd Mrs. Zeno Bass. She was accompanied by her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. AV Roberts, and Miss Wheaton. one of the Troy high teachers. They all returned to Troy Sunday afternoon. Guy c. Martin came down £?£ K?°'« '?' tt . vl8 " w »h home ningham nt toastmaster; Presentation, Mrs. Cunningham. "Our Daughters," Mrs. Chas. Glpe. "Our Mothers," Ruby Warren "Jigsaw," Miss McCray. Address, Mrs. D. J. Shenton, wife of the district superintendent of the Methodist church. This was tho Strahan men's first attempt at a thing of this sort but they surely handled it right and the ladies are already The third grade Is working out a project of a Japanese garden. The third grade Is also beginning to learn their sevens. The fourth grade have had some simple work tn fractions in Arithmetic. New pupils in the fifth and sixth grade are: Paul Toland, Claude McGIII, and Esther Hatten. New pupils In the seventh and eighth grades are: Opal Tolland, Clyde Hatten. Sybil McGill, and Helen Grindle. _ — --• « >4wjfc wiiu iiome i «Mwica 01 e already folks last Saturday. He was ac- Jnslstl ns that they make It a reg- rampanlftd homa fr y Mr , g nphtn ular annual event. arainard of Blgourneywbo \flff ('"""''" "-•" make an extended visit with her emulate them. children, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus. Mrs. Zeno Bass and children and Kverett Gipe, Marvin. Viola and Juved Woodnll autoed in from Lincoln Saturday f or Mr. and Mrs, Buford Pettigrew visited relatives in Shenandoah on lost Friday. Mrs. Walter Knop was called to the home of her father, Carl Selpold on ncount of the Illness of Mrs. Selpold on last Friday. Miss Gladys Laughlln was a week end visitor in the home of her brother, Dale Laughlln. There was quite a bit of excitement in town last Saturday when it was discovered that the Strayer Summers house was on fire. Mrs. Summers was alone in the house at the tinme and she lost no time in calling the neighbors and the Malvern fire-department. Prompt action on the part i of the neighbors saved th MIUI IIUIB uauiHge: n wrag tinguished before the firemen arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Summers are loud in their expressions of gratitude for the friends and Feudalism to Modernism Marks Japanese Attitude The spirit of the Japanese people tends toward extreme realism; n skeptical, "debunking" attitude ha* taken the place of the former psthe- tlclsm and Idealism, writes Diane OVonnell In Current History. The whole national Interest Is concentrated upon social and economic survival. Hitherto the highest conception of virtue In the old morality—In fact, the fabric of the whole national life—was based on filial piety, cnlmlnatlns In devotion to the semi-divine person of the emperor and the divine ancestors. This tends to explain the Intense patriot- Ism and Inj-alty of the Japanese nation. The chance from feudalism to modernism Is reflected In the country's literature. A vogue for Hus- slan proletarian nnd socialistic literature has heen sweeping over Japan, Invading even the pages of the women's and general family magazines. At the same time came a wave of eroticism, nnd new Ideas of morality have weakened the old virtues and caused much confusion. Schcro! Etetttoft Bring* Ftmr Candidate* School election tt ne*t Monday. March is. Two fflfeestefs are to be elected to strcceed John Tailor and D. c. Coppage. These two have been nominated for the place and two others, H. F. Cheney and Wifb-ar Morrison, hafe also been nominated So there will be a real election, with fonr mighty good men as candidates. Miss Carrie Lather of Hastings spent the week end with Mrs. Minnie Whisler. Miss Marjorie Taylor was a Red Oak visitor Saturday. Mrs. Jennie kellenbarger is visiting her sister at Mt. Ayr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oglevle went to Bossy Saturday afternoon to visit relatives. They returned home Sunday. John Moats of Prescott spent Saturday here with friends. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Davis were Olenwood visitors Saturday, Mrs. Mary McOIIl returned home Wednesday from Olenwood where she spent a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Carrie Woods, Mrs. Clara McDowell Is taking care ot her daughter, Laura, at her apartment In Omaha. Laura underwent a major operation re- was able to leave the the lire department was called to the Bitten iartn wfcetft S. S. McKee lives Satafday. It proved to b* a false alarm, the ftae feeing stopped tip, making the smoke pour all over the house. The five school declamatory contest was held at Strahan last Ttiesday night. Emerson was very fortunate, winning two first places out of three. Billy Rlpley gave "The Supreme Menace" and won first place In oratorical. Maitine Shaw gave "Submerged" and won first place In dramatic. Frank J. Shaw was their coach and Is to be highly commended for his Interest and the time spent In coaching these young people. Frank Gibson ot Siotut Rapids spent Sunday with his father, ^f. B. Gibson, In the Alfred Griffin home. PermanentA «. Frederics with ringlette Curls, |3, $4, $5. — Pearle's Beauty Shoppe, Emerson, adv. 34*2, _ to* Strati*, demote The wets are tnowfag right pteaswre at the prfcai having a aew -fray of taxing t selves. It is the first tltoe tt „ tory, so faf as *« know, wkeft new tax bat beett a wftject for- lubilation — Portland OregotMl* < CLASSIFIED ADS ABSTRACTS Mr. and Mrs. Elmer dleiah hare disposed of their household goods and left Tuesday morning for York, Pa. where he has a position on a dairy farm. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Fogarty of Council Bluffs spent Sunday in the Susan Burton home. Mrs. County Abstract Co. Olen^ood, JoWa , MISCKUANEOtJS ttt For Rent—Two modern hoasw In north MalVern. Call Lattdl* Hardware. 32tf. Pot Sale—.Brood sows, will farrow soon, — f, W, Hastings. Plefee,; 33tr, ( Want to Buy — A good young milk cow. —Claude Brooks, Sal* I four. Phone m*F20, Malvernis . , B k< home Sunday from Council Bluffs where she had a goiter' removed at the Jennie Edmundson hospital. ."S £T cS'T'^'r;!-? -'"»« StST* ren of Red Oak, were week end i .. .juiuiuaj lur a .mi xi iieu VJ.IK, were week end 1 \i» „ j i. —• short stay nt home. Mrs. M. C I visitors of her parents Mr and! i . nJ? Mrs ' Oscar Belk »ap Woodflll accompanied the chilli Mrs. Scot Irvln ParelUS ' Mr> ttnd »nd children, Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Woodflll accompanied the chilli Mrs. Scot Irvln. , ,„ dron b ack to Lincoln Sunday. | Miss Jensie Gee came to the j day Chas. Gipe is having qulie a! llome of Mr. and Mrs. E G time with an infected thumb i derqvist on last Sunday and is causing him a great deal ] remain to assist Mrs He has had to have the wl lh tne household attention of Dr. Kerr in taking "Wring, care of it. '••--»*•*.« *>» 1 E>. v> Ittll Jones, autoed to Lincoln Satur- for a visit with relatives, v were unable to return home Rutila The former Russian empire extended from the Baltic sea to the getTTo' iBSnftjutJ^nSjiW BjEiiSllte^. nearly hnlf-way around' the globe nnd Including an area of 8..TOO.OOO square miles. The area has heen decreased by 300,0*50 square miles to Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, ' ~ been and Esthonla, recognized as which have independent Mrs. Horace Eacrett who has been ill s ,ich a long time this ^M! r : ,; vas , ablc will, the help , . ^ dughteri Mrs. Al Lovell, Gail and Betty and Wesley Spears and Mrs Jnsse Wilson were Shenandoah shoppers on last Wednesday. - 1-emonds,; Mra - Dale was hos- e nn, ' -, - n was os- come down stairs for th« first I ««<H to tho S. H. D. club at her e ° if "'T U ' l!i w ^.|'.ome on March S. The afternoon DOVT S(,UH and coffee. There .,„ . • aridity, heartburn and sour stomach often lead to *i«rlou.s stoniach trouble pr Km ^, d ,!! i .. Ta ! 1 . 1 , elsco »" l ^«'the8e' ve (juick relief. conditions Collins were present ni no regular members ,,. COCI1 i and one visitor, Miss Aleta Uayes Frank Belknap of Lincoln was here at the home of his son Oscar for several days last week, looking after his farming Inter- Public Sale at the Malvern Sale Barn Saturday, March 11 Commencing at ONE O'CLOCK Sharp ••-•'• ' ' we had one of the be*t We will have CW ~ W - HOGS "* Br B rmgr m whit you h*ve, We havt the *"** A . A me* lot baled Timathy h*y, LUMBER - PO$T$ - WOOD good »»Uv e * 9<Mtt, S*vw»l Jo*d, of out wtklw i f wroJture, AMI » ot of veg.t*bl M , -^F^^^T ^vwl^^l^B of the storm. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Curtis, and Virgil Curtis were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Uay Allensworth. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Pettigrew were hosts to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel. Clarence and Dorothy and , ., , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stcele at din- ' n ,. th " T" 11 !? of . tne countries. The official name of Russia Is now Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and Is a federation of seven Socialist republics. Russia Is mostly a plain nnd nowhere does It rise to heights exceeding 1,200 feet. It produces quantities of grain, skins, hides, furs, flaj. hemp, timber, wood pulp, pitch and ttirpen. J! ne ; Cnal Is mln «' west of the ' Alao south of Mos «>w and Iron Is mined in the first two coal fields, In the neighborhood of Krlvol near Kertch In the Crimea, ner at their home on last Sun- The A. G] Williams family have in ° mlles n «rtheast of Kherson'and moved from the Steve Criswell """"•"•*-•••-"'"" .'J? the IJarr y Conrad farm insf seaso re thefe f ° r th6 C ° m " Mr and Mrs. Louis De Case are the parents of a son born to hem on March 2. This makes thiee sons and a daughter in their household "":!:^ cou ,.? rvl » ™ qmte sick very bad attack better buU^tljl ^^£» 1S 1932 Scab Epidemic May Have Weakened the Seed Tho epidemic of scab on barley and wheat in 183? may have killed or weakened much seed which is Intended for planting PM' ^ P> * cc ?. r< " u « tQ *°rd r^ Porter, extension 1I laboratory the » w » State college may be reduced w »,i « 4Q Per cent by scab. Tests of ' .h the germjn.^tio« of diseased i have their barlsy muy L, f per ihHt farmers a Another dlaeuwa of reJucM yie Wg ^fc This <jl»«Me «»y be detected, by a Iftboratofy tent which ai«e«ae Still Unknown Many kiwis of animals as yet unknown to science are believed to be hiding away in obscure corners of the earth. They lurk In the spots unvlslted by roan—dense jungles, lilgh mountains, Isolated islands, or in burrows under the ground. Only when they come into collections do they attract the attention of systematic biologists. Several new types of animals haye been, found to the collections of the Smithsonian InstJ* tutlon. in most cases they are close relatives of known animals, yet dU« ferlng sufficiently to merit Independent classification.—Montreal aid. Miss Dorothy Briggs had her tonsils removed last Wednesday In the Jennie Edmundson hospital. Mrs. Susan Burton was quite sick Saturday afternoon. She is much better at this writing. Mr. and Mrs, H. C. Knight and daughter, Helen, were Red Oak visitors Saturday. A number from here attended the state sectional tournament at Glenwood Saturday. Thurman carried off the honors. • Miss Gladys Smith of Red Oak spent Saturday afternoon here. Miss Marjorie Briggs went to Omaha Monday to take a course In beauty culture, Mrs. Everett Coontz and little daughter are spending this week with Mrs. Emma McMullln. Mrs. R, E. Good and daughter, Iva, were Red Oak visitors Saturday afternoon. «*»<> >l6Iu«>iBua.-uiis IIQOU on the sick list the last few days threatened with pneumonia. She Is Improving nicely. Fogarty remained to care for he: grandmother a few days. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Evans Saturday to meet their son, Jack who Is a student In Wentworth Military academy at Lexington Mo. Jack has a few days vacation and will visit his parents at Excelsior Springs. "The depression has been a boon to social climbers," says a New York dowager bitterly. What a triumph, to find one's name among the 400 In a delinquent tax list! — Des Molnes Tribune, WESLEY CHAPEL Due to the storm Sunday there were no services at Wesley Chapel church. Quite a number from Wesley attended the dinner Tuesday given by the Cooperative Creamery at Glenwood. Mrs. Ward Fickel Is ill this week with tonsilltis. Dr. Christy lanced her tonsils Monday and we hope phe will show Improvement. Mr. and Mrs, Gerald Babbit, have been .visiting her* ~" • ^wii*"« i "»jm" i F"flHi^^Wi|Hp| l nw% Plumb, have returned to their work at Macy, Nebr, with the Babbit Construction company. ..._.... _ _ The ftiatont Mill wilt Corn in exchange for floar, and chicken feeds, Phone Malvem, mt, accepi' M-IMI FVir Sale—We have several* good used Maytag, Dexter, attd^ Automatic washers with gas en* 4 gines. Completely overhauled and?, in excellent condition. Also somsll good electric washers. Also newf I machines as low as $39.50.— ' The Thomson Hardware Co., Oak, la. 34-4. For Bale — Good sewing ma-» chine in excellent condition.—>, I Mrs. W. E. Kerns, Malvern. 34-litl For Sale — Buff Orpington,, hatching eggs, 18c per doz. «-^J Mrs. Verne Hammack, 34-l>; SEEDS AND FEEDS *V>r Sale—-Baled wild hay »ft farm ity. _ miles southeast Silver ;| -Harold Uafferty. Oats for spring seeding. Ma, 60 bu. yield last y*ar. — Ralpi Robbins, Hastings. 38-S, Malvern,' lastlngs. For Bale ~ Alfalfa „„, .. barn,—D. O. Cunningham. 82 WOfUCW^ ..... .._'_ - ^a «- f - * v, aj-j-ju j Fine Printing m ' - From Etklmo to Strange «B it BWy seem, |t In said on good authority that the nearest relative of tba tiny pet is the stalwart Eskinio dog, wolf-like p*ck MlmAl of the north. GOB noteworthy ch istlc that these two have in common with eacb fttfew »»d wlt!» er uorthern bf§«4» of dags habit of csjrrylng th*lr taJU§ over their b»cjss, Jt I* though the northeia trait to In t»tl» frow {Ml Thtt WM Plffiriuu I GOOD Printing-letter heads, envelopes, office forms, stationery, circulars, cards, etc, will help your business, ,We are well equipped * * to do quality printing i at an exceptionally low dost

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