Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 20, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1933
Page 5
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IQLA. KANSAS Nevi^'York, Feb. 20.-iAP)—Lower . ifces] were the rule 6l the day iji a 4uiet. session in tlie stQcltjsxcliangc vlth eyen the so-called "wet" stocks ' yleldihg much of early gaihs. Losses . or. fractions to more than. 3 points prevailed at the close, although the turnover w-as only about 850.QD0 shares. . A 'tnerican !Cah was an .outstand- Jng -weiak spot from the Xirst. as its ifliS earnings report was regarded a.s'disappointing. Acceptance by the house 6f the repeal resolution merb- . Ij'' prompted profit tsiklng in the "wet" group. The market reflected lack Of support more than important .'liquidation, however. Trading tfasv highly professional, with flopi tradicrsl providing much of tlie turix- oveis. Commodity markets acte'c: Wolt; and dollar ilirt ^d, but further IselUrig came Ihto; bonds, particularly U. S: gov- crnmcn s. Most of the loss Jn shares wao registered in the morning, with th-.Ust arif|tlng biore or less horizontal- i ly thereafter, Pinal prices were up \ from the lowest in some instances. AmwicEin Can, off about 4 at the bottom, 1 finished 3 lower. Mont- grbmery Ward sagged a point, and - Chrj'sler; a major fraction, in fnirlv active .selling. Cltie.s Scrv .. sa of liid .. Amn jCah .. Amn T&r ... Amn To^ B' . Anaconda ... Atchison .... Auburn 41 '-j Beth steel Cose J 1 Chrysler Con 0as Con Oil ...... DuPoftt . :.. Gen ?lec ..... Int Harv Mont Ward i.. Packard ..— Penney J C .. Phillips Petr . Kadlo: Socons? I THE NE WMaii^g (Mfti " 1 c^NT HiiEM? ;V. ONE fe. .TUE TDfeM AND V THE EDGES -^«>^^et>l •TI THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONIDAY EVENING, FfesRUARY 20, im. HE KMEVN \OU VT I ^GVn Bfe .^AYi LAST ByGowan ^HJR-r, Burr ,iB4-»-l&iC MM, I'D (jLfcDiy GlVie AT T" AU,- VTVU VieLPi tt'.M LAND, ""PAGE FIVE ''iff HUMBOLDT NEWS Lcanna Ladies' Aid Society Holds All-Day Meeting tn Home of Mrs. V. B. Richardson. SO ot NJ .. Uniont Pac . U S Steel .. Wcstingh E High Low Close 2'.. 2'-j 19', iri 19 55-'i 52-' H 53-'i 101 09^ 100 .53 52 52'.; .6-!; • 6'-. 6'_. 39'i, 3BS 39 41'J 39's 39'., 13", 12':. 12'^41 39',j 40% 11'i 10 V, 10'-:; 47-'s 4C^ 47's 5% !i% 36K 34 ••u 34'. I2->. 12 12'; 16-.. lB--i 16'j 11 10'^ 10', 2>, 2 .'2 23'- 22'', 22^, 5\ '5'-.. 4 3-^ 3's c=^; (j\ 6',. 15 14'--, 14', 24^ 23% 24 70=-:. 68'-.- 68-;• 25^, 25-^ 26' •! 24 u 23', 23'v HUMBOLDT. Feb. 19.—t. A. Railsback. mayor of Humboldt, called attention to the advisablUty of more gardens this year in Humboldt, and urges that on every lot throughout the city a garden shall be cultivated and developed. An invitation is extended the public to attend a community meeting at Uic Oakland scHoolhpusc, south of Humboldt, next Monday night, and witness the play, "Deacon Slips." which will then be given. The ladies of the Humboldt Methodi-st Church will hold a quilt di.splay at the church parsonage Friday : afternoon. February 24. Quilts of extra fine quahty and skilled workmanship will also be displayed, and ladies having such bed cover."; are kindly invited to grant the Kociety use of them for the display contemplated—the society assuring and guaranteeing their safe return. A delicate tea lunch will be served to which all arc invited, and a silver offering is to be taken at-sthe close of the tea to iielp defray the minister's expenses to the annual conference whlcli convenes in Lawrence on , , March 8. j! The next regular meeting of the ji Rebekah sewing circle will be held •••^^:ion Friday next. February 24, to • •''^!| which all members are invited. • •••^\ The following Humboldt boys will RADIO PICTURE OF BLAST i!HAX QUELLED MUTINY LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts Eggs, seconds Egg.s, tiiii-ds „ I^ggs, Ajngradcd .7c!, t^ke the physical examination for Hens, Hens, , ^0. 1 8c i gjjtrance to the Citizens I. ilo. 2 Cc I Training camp: Roy M No. 1 Springs, I'-j lbs. up Military Myer, Bert 6c 1 ^ejjb. Roy Hase, William Allan No. 2 Springs , 4c Horn. John Hatch, Stanley Lxmdine, Capons, over 9 lbs. 11c jgff shaffer. The examination Capon?, over 8 lbs 9c j given the latter part of this Capons over 7 lbs 7C 'mouth by Di-s. H. M. Webb and H. B. Capons, under 7 lbs. Capont, under 6 lbs. .. 6G ...3C Parker. The community program given at aips s , •^<=ithe Cuppv .schoolhouse west pf Butteirfat. lb. 14q Humboldt Friday night, was well at- Stags, Jb. 4t. tended and heartily enjoyed.. Cocks, lb. Mrs, John Hess and son John of ! Humbbldt attended the funeral of Guineas, each 10c • ^ ^Musin Joe Doyle which was held Whi_t€ Ducks, lb. 4c i ^ucsdav morning in Lawrence. Colored Ducks, lb. 3c ! ^j -g LOUJS Rounsavell and daugh- Hides, per lb Ic ! (g,. prankie went to Iota Thursdai' Mixed Com. bu 13c ; pvp^inj, for a week-end visit with Ydlow; Com, bu 14C : Dr. C. E. Wood. wneati^bu. 27c ; ^n all-day meeting of the Leanna Ka..r Com , La^jics- ^id society, southeast of : Humboldt, was held Wednesday at Kansas City Produce. I thg country home of Mrs. V. B. Kansas City, Feb. 20. 'AP)— 1 Rich.ardson south of Leanna. The Exigs, 9'.-;. I day was spent quilting and at noon Butter: Creamerj- ' 21; buticvfat [a dinner was served to the follow- 10-15; jpacklng butter 9 '5. Poultry: Hens 8-10; broilers roosted 4-6; springs 14. lAPi — Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Feb. 20. Hay: $0 cars. Alfalfa: No. 1. extra leafy. $12.5013.50; m. 2, $11.50-12.00; No. 1, $1011; Na 2. leafy, $9.00-10.00. Pj-ai.rte: No. 1. $7.50; No. 2, $5.00750. ; Timothy: No. :. $7.0O-.50: No. 2. $550-6.50. ^...•^^y.^.rt...- .fftrr frfiffi^f.'f.-,' •.•.v.'.:v •.•fj.:v.:::vJ'.'. •.'.•.'T.'.f.^.'.^.V.-' Eighteen mutinous sailors were killed outright, scores injured and the rebellious crew of the Dutch battleship De Zevea Proyincien forced into submission when a bomb dropped from a pursuing seaplane, exploded on the deck of the warcraft. The photograph from above was snapped from a nearby vessel at the moment' of the blast which.brought to a dramatic! climax the exciting chase by the entire Dutch East Indies fleet. The retouched picture above was sent by cahle from Java to Amsterdam,-Holland; flown from there to Lonfion, and from London transmitted to New Yprk by radio. / 'Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Feb. 20. (AP)— Wheat: 148 cars: Unchanged to lower. - No. jJ. dark hard, nom., 43 '4.•il; Nd; 2. hard, 43'-j-45; No. 3. 42'i- 43'i; No. 2. red, 44-,-45'-; No. 3. 44',•{:. . • Close: May 41 •s: July 42';; Sept. 43>i. , Cora: 48 cars: unchanged: No. 2. white, nom., 21'j-22; No. 3, nom., 21-21'.i; No. 2, yellow, nom., 21'^;22; No. 3, 21'-^; No. 2, mixed, nom.. 21U--^; No. 3, nom.,-21-21'::. Close: May 22'.,; July. 23:':. Oats: 5 cars; unchanged; No. 2, white; ISVl: No. ,3, nom.. 17-18. Milo maize, nom., 45-51. , Kafir, notn., 39-42. I Rye, nom.. 33-34. Barley, nom., 21H-'';. , iiis who were present: Mre. S. L. H.jLiLile, Mrs. Walter Bicknell; Mrs. ; W. H. McCulIough. Mi-s. Arthur Bali linger and son Gene. Mrs. M. J. I Roberts. Mrs. Elmer White, Mrs. Hoyt Alford, Mrs. Roy Boggs. Mrs. Ralph Phebus. Mrs. Nelson Arhett, Mrs. Gifford. Mns. Frank.Maynard, Mrs. Lee Lasley. Mrs. B. E. Barkley. Mrs. -Charles Arnett and daughter Roberta Ann. Mrs. B. Phebus, Mrs. George Alford, Miss Dorothy Gifford, Miss Bernice White. Miss Hattie Maynard, Mr. Lee Lesley, Mr. Roy Maynard and Mr. Richardson. The next meeting will be held on •• March 1 with Mi-s. George Alford-. ! Miss Jane Braucher and Junior Drake, both of Humboldt, were guest.s of an informal party Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Phyllis Armstrong of Chanute, given to members of the cast, in a play recently staged in Memorial hall, Chanute. Tlie, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lehman, Humboldt, is reported to tie suffering with a very sore throat. The e.xecutive committee of the Social society of the Presbyterian church, composed of Mrs. L. T. Bunnell, chairman. Mrs. J. E. Wakefield. Mrs. H. H. Stewart, Mrs. Olive Ernst.'Mrs. Kaid Adams, Mrs. C. W. ! Works. Mrs. F. C. Miller, and Mrs. iW. Eastham. met Friday afternoon ! in the church' to make plans for a . i parish sUpper ; and "get-together" meeting in early March, • also to . ; ,K. C. Livestock Close. Cat|tle: KlUhig classes of cattle „,^,,„^ . 25c:16ker. Top 852 lb. year- ^i^ke further arrangements for a liOK steers $9^. Sheep-: Lambs 25c to mostly 40c lower;. Top to shippers $5.25. Ho^s unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 5,000; hogs 4.000; sheep 9,000. ft,- 'I dramatic play the society will put on .shortly. Two interesting basketball games were played in the Hmnboldt school gymnasium Friday evening, the Humboldt junior high team scoring over Chiuiute junior high, and the Cha- KaL ^s^'^t .""^^".-l -^.P. Xr ^'rZ^^^^^^ i^r^L^'^^nl-t^^^^' ^;^f>';n The' Cremona Community club, L^^-^lT '=^°if,il°;f ^°i 'southeast of Humboldt, met at the nniin^cf 4 • home of Miss Edna Osbom Mbnday l^'?n^'Xv^?l^J!:,^'^'i=**^ '^st. The guests were enter$2.10,^60. stock pigs, good and choice tamed with games and music, re- 70-130 lbs., $2.35-75. Cattle: 11500; calves: 1,000; killr frcshments bemg ser%'ed to the fol- lowinii persons in attendance: Miss Ing classeis slow, most early bids ! Alma Breiner. Miss AUce Friederick. weak, to lower; stockers and feeders i MJ-SS 'wilma' 'Wheatley, Miss Irene mostly steady; steers, good and ; priederick. Miss Betty Brown. Miss cholc*, 550-1500 lbs., M.00-6.75; com- pipn'and mediimi, 550 lbs. up, $3.00- Marjon- Berthot, Miss Ellen Frt^crick. Miss Inez Lock. Mr. Lyle Myer. 160;-heifers, good and choice. 550- 1 Mr. Wayne Berthot, Mr. Dehnar 900 lbs., $3.75-550; cows, good, S2.65- \ Evans. Mr. Arthur Myer, Mr. Everett 3.00;'yealers. unilkfed), medium to Lock. Mr. Clarence Eastbum. Mr. choice. $3.00-5.50; stocker and feed- ! Hugh Wheatlev, Mr. George Kelly, cr steijrs, good and choice $4.00- j Mr. Ralph Osbom, Mr. 'Verie Dean 5.75. . ' Evans. Mr. Lerov'Breiner, Bobbie Sl\eep: 14,000; market not fully Dean Gant. Mrs. Marie "Wheatley, established; a few opening saics and Mrs. Margaret Osborh. lamhs 25-35 lower; top to shippers Tlie Bethany Sunday school class S5.25: lambs, good and choice iXi ,of the Prcsbj-terlan church held its 90 lbs. down, $4.75-5.25; good and | regular monthly class meeting choice, (X) 90-98 1 lbs., S4.65-5J25: ewes", go<5d and choice, 90-150 lbs,; $1.75-2.60. ' Quotations based on ewes and wethers. Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Marion Manion, the teacher. Mrs. W. B. Glover, however, was unable to be present owing to temporary indisposition. The evening was spent m a social way and by solving jig-saw puzzles. At the close of the program.the liostess served delicious refreshments to the following members of the class: Mrs. L. T. Bunnell, Mrs. Alvin,'W(0Od, Mrs. Gail Redfield. Mrs. Jesse Van Nice, Mrs. Chalmers Clark, Mrsi. Ballah, Mrs. E. :B. Wise, Mrs. G. W. McCreary. Mrs. William Shiclair. Mrs. Byron Ijoser. Mrs, Elwyn Campbell, Mrs. John Perrerioud, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Alfred Lamb, Mrs: Wiley Hack, Mrs. Harold Moore, Mrs. J. B. Parker, Mrs. Paul Ehrig, Mrs. Lester Cation, Mrs. Raymond Jordan, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Robert Townsend, Mrs. Clarence Williams. Mrs. Kaid Adams, Mrs. H. H. McClelland. Mrs. Whnberley, Misses Ruth Wallen, Amy Myers, and one guest, Mrs. Prank Stewart of Wichita. AH present reiiort a most deHghtful and pleasant evening spent. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Loser of North Twelfth street spent the week-end with relatives in Kansas City, leaving their little son, Robert Jr.. in the city for two •ft-eeks to receive medical treatment. A gas explosion, occurred about ,two o'clock Sattu^ay afternoon in the Drake bakery at Chanute, blowing out plate glass windows, and causing severe bums to the hands of Ivan Perkins, bakery employee. This is the second accident to occur in tlie new bakery since its removal from Humboldt some six weeks ago. C. H. Spurrier and M. J;. Roberts, southeast of Humboldt, were business callers in iChanute Saturday morning. Mrs..M. T. Keefer. Humboldt,.returned home Friday following a few days' visit with her sister, Mrs. C. A. Rowley of Chanute. The Big Creek Ladies' Aid society, north of HmnboldtViwHl meet with Mrs. C. E. Wanamiker Tuesday, February 21, for ah all day meeting. Miss Goldena , 'Vance. Chanute, spent, the ,wfeek-ehd here with her friend. Miss Winifred l^omliosoD. also atteoiling a party given .by Ui^ Tomlioson to a number of her Humboldt friends. .C. E. Cullihspn, farmer, northeast of Humboldt, who sustained a light stroke of paralysis Jast Tuesday, is repotted to be Imptovlhg. The M.'B. S. cliib celebrated its twenty-fifth or silver anniversary Thursday at the home of Mrs; Guy Bales, north of .Humboldt. All pres- eht report a most fehjoyable time Spent. Little Joyce Ann Miller, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia the past two weeks, is slQwly ini- \ proving. The Sunshine Thimble jClub met at the home of Mrs. A. C. Sterling Friday afternoon, the tinie being spent in making ties. Tlie hostess served refreshments to six members, Mesdames George Longbine; E. E. StATkey, George Moore, Alpha Shoemaker, Clyde Carrol and WnUam Dauster, also one guest. Mrs. Wil- Uam Ronsick. The next meettag will be in twb weeks with Mrs. George Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson left, for their home in Albucjuerque,! N. M., after a several days' visit herei With xelatives. Mr. and MrsV Rrccoe Gerald, whoi have .been.visiting friends here thel past six %eeks, have Clinton, la., where both haye epiployAient. Ernest B. Droz of South! Eighth m m In «Aur HU *t &JlL n ^MK Northv forc"' wii.K I.ST;!, in lititGi, Noilhwcsl M< i"csl Moijutc-d Polirr- .MlI.lSHEI) IN hcinmi- ilie Hoyal miii<''l I'olire aiul Is now ihi' Ito.val f'iiiiiKjiau .Mouiiifd Polif... TlniT arc' :•,-.; TABI.K- Sl'OCfNS ill .-1 pint. Tim world is (lividid iiitii 7.", i.t;itf.s iind priiui- p .-iUru;,, roHntiiii; tlie eiitii 'i- Urit- Isli Kiniiiie as u uiiil. istreet liad the misfortune to fall a few days ago, sustaining two fractured ribs as a result. He is, however, according to Mrs. Droz. gradually improving, Mrs. L. P. Rossner, who with Mr. Rossner are malcing their home with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Johnson here, is reported to be quite ill. We re^et to report that Mrs. F. B. Bailey of Bridge street who sustained a slight stroke some two weeks ago is not as well as formerly [.and her, condition has occasioned some mlsigivlhg to her family. SKYROCKET Feb, 16.—Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woods and Mr. and Mrs. , Harley Cation were calling at CharUe Jones's Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Holmes and Keith, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy I?pb- erts and Gordon, were Sunday dinner guests at Russell Ludlum's. Mrs. Elmer Mattson spent all day (.Thursday with her daughter, Mrs Glen Bradford. | D. A. lAidlum, Uttle son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ludlum has, been quite sick the past few days and is imder the doctor's care. Mrs. C. L. Alderman helped serve lunch at the Ladles' Aid meeting in Elsmore We^esday. Beulah Alderman £pent Thursday night with Hazel Page and attended Grange at Old Elsmore. Lloyd Page was an overnight guest of Russell Zimmerman Saturday night. Mrs. Fred Daniels visited her daughter, Mrs. Harry Laver and famtlj' Simday. Russell Ludlum is confhied to his bed with influenza. Mr. and Mrs. ^hn Zimmennan and Mr. Tom Zimmennan transacted bustoess In lola Monday. ' Mrs. Dave Alderman spent Thursday at Russell Ludlum's helping care for her little grandson who is ill.f Ml-, and Mrs. Cecil Baum are spending the week at: Bert Hayes' west of lola helping care for Mrs. Hayes who is ill with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Alderman ate Sunday dinner at her mother's home j in Elsmore. GOLDEN VALLEY Feb. 15--Mr.; and Mrs. Charles Hawkins and daughters have been entertalntog their isonand brother, deorge Hawkins of Carrolton, Mo. On Saturday everiing fhey entertained ihfpiinally for him, young people of ;th |B | neighborhood. The evening was ispent socially and playing giames. Refreshments were served. The gu^ts were: Misses '\^elma Mehbeck, Margaret Stewart, Irene Baker and Ruth Adanis; Messrs. Ricbert and Everett Maribeck, Ralph Stewart, Clah-e Baker, Scott Adams andi Garrell Chaffin, and the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawkins and daughter^. .Mi^. Stewart Vrho has been con| valuing at the honie of his son, E. R. Stewart and family, relumed to his home Friday in Chanute. Sunday was observed as day of prayer at Golden 'Valley church. A playlet, music and address by the pastor were very interesting. Mr. and iJLrs. Saih Lower and Sam Jr. spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and-Mri W. C. Walker. Mr. and .Mrs. .Newt Dickens, Diamond district, were Sunday after- hoon visitor:; of Mrs. Smith and .son Ora Smith, i Miss Perry .and. her pupils gave their Valentiine program and exchange Friday afternoon. Miss Perry served pineapple salad and wheat bak^ to her pupils and guests: Missies Vehxva Mapl^eck. Helen Perry and Lilly Maley, and Uomex Perry. Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Qates and baby spn.werie Sun^lay dinner guests of Mr. arid .Mrs. Clyde Baker. Ml*. and\Mr3. Charles-Koliler and Charles Jr. had Rev. and Mrs. Pauli and sons for Sunday company. Mrs. John Stuteville is the first in the neighborhood to report having baby chicks. Mrs. H. 'V. Adams attended the program and Valentine Exchange at LaGrande Tuesday afternoon given by her daughter. Miss Ruth Adams and her pupils. Games were enjoyed by all and refreshments served. Miss Freddie Stafford is siJending the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eastwood- Mesdames I. O. and Russell Morrison entertahied with an all day meeting the members of the S. C. club. Quilting and quilt piecing were done for the hostesses. A lovely dinner and delightful time was enjoyed by all. RISING STAR Feb. 16.—Only eight pupils were at school part of last week because of the fxM weather. Mr. and Mrs. (Charley McCoy and Mrs. Logan Frame attended the funeral of Loren McCoy at Klncaid Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mi's. Ira Norton and Mlna Lucille Patterson of Mildred and Lee and Loren Snyder speni Simday at the Elmer Hite home. Lloyd Hehns and Merle Mann were afternoon callers. y^illard Smith and family spent Sunday at the Van Biu-en home near Redfield. .Mrs. libj^an Frame and Dee called at Charley M«Co>"s and Bob Daugh- ertys WedxJcsday afternoon. Arlo Hopkins ground com fo:^ Nate Ketchum and Clare Wilson Wednesday. J : Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Slsson and Patty spent Friday evening at the Clare Wilson home. • .Mr. and Mrs. Harley Snyder and I*e visited Wednesday at A. J. Springstons. ' Arlene Hopkins was a Thursday night guest of the Stumbo girls. The children enjoyed a Valentine box at school Tuesday afternoon. The teacher gave them a treat of candy hearts and candy j bars. Miss Georgia Pyles of Kansas City, is visiting at the parental Sam PRINCELY NA^ A prominent member of the Naai party, headed by Chancellor Adolf Hitler, is Prince August Wilhelni of Germany, a son of the former Kaiser. Shown here fn the unifoi-m of the Nazis, the prince may, under the new government, have an important post. His name also has often bemi; linked with monarchist rumors in event the Kaiser should desert his retreat in Holland and return to Germany.' • '31 .FORD COUPE 'il PLTJMQTOH COACH • PONIJIAC SEDAJi ' ES .SE3C .SEDAN - See ns tor all kinds of: auto repair and paint jobs. ROSS ARBUCKIE GARAGE ' CE»TSI ,ER-PLX ]ViptJTB Sales—Service—Paris EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male MAN WITH CAR—Wanted to supply customers with famous Watt kins Products in lola. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write THE J. R. WATKINS CO., D-63, Winona, Minn. 15 Situations Wanted—Female LAD'S"—Warlts housekeeping. Manley. 212 West Madison. Mrs. .FINANCIAL 17 Bnslneas Opportunities CITY OR FARM INSUR<\iiCE-At ccst. Farmei* Union Ihsuruuce Co. G, B. .Rose, agent, Lallarpo. Phone 684. ' LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry and.Supplies ALL STRAIGHT Breeds Ch;cks, day oldi 500, $25; started chicks .slightly higher. Special 4eal on Custom 'Hatcmhg in case lots. Sunflower Hatchery, Oaa City. BABY CHICKS—For Pebruaryj 20Ui. hatch,'400 8. C. Reds, 175 Barred Rocks, ?00 Buff .Rocks at $5.45 per 100. Book your orders now for custom hatching; l^ic p«r egg. - Taylor Hatchery & Produce, 201 South Jefferson. Pyles home. Mrs. P>'les is in La- Harpc helping care for her lather who is very ill. : Clare rWilson and family spent Sunday at the Hugh Wilson home near L^Harpe. • Clare Wilson and family spent Friday evening at Logan Frames. Norman Bbyer is heljjing Logan iPrame shuck corn. ' Richard Wilson was a school visitor Tuesday. BABY CHICKS 1007c from fli>^ blood icsiea and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. • Ail heavy breeds 5',ic Ass't Heavies 5c Custfim Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES CPormerly Cantrell) 2 mljes south on 73W.or L. E. Steele Supply Co. '•Talk'Chicks with Willson" CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modem Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4iic, big breads 5c, assorted S'.jC. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone .955-3. You probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people know about it Is through^r Cla -UJiflptl AHB ANNOUNCEMENTS SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly.. 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Phone 190. 29 Machinery and Toots AUTOMOTIVE AntomobUet For Sale OUT OUR WAY STEP OVER T'WAPIDS TH' tvAEpe-THERE- 'AT« jisT ABOUT J ©Top} RlGHTT NO>A/l OOW'T •^ou ©•JAP TV \P (f PijcroBfe! AOMVT SHE Neeo^ MiowE. OViOEWSTAMpiKiCr-^Peci>kU >ir OF MOO —. AKib XO UtT WER UBAOM FROM t ">cip >e«\EVacfe,»F \T CH«>4!T CQ«»T MOUEvynrpVHAV'E.SKftAR -r ALECK PvcToRES pmhirrc,D , bnw -ro Be TOWM OP- 1 KNbSN V/ERV WEt-U UfeR FEET UOOVC-iuST VOO CAN BE HEE -viEEl AT weR 6^H-^AHv By WilUams \MV:\V MOrvA&a& GET GRAM. e ,M,,v«>,»T.^: 2-20 THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 VL> ton. Chev. Panel Truck 1932 Chev. Sport Sedan 1929 Chev. I'/i' ton Truck 1930 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrj'sler Sedan 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coupe 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Fbrd Victoria Coupe, 5-pass.. 1930 Ford Coupe 192ff Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHTJCE MOTOR CO. P/""" IMPI .KMiTNTP at Pre-Wqr Prices. .J. I. Case Hi Lift,sulky $4)s.aO; .l4 -iiiun waiivtug p,ov\, $14.00. Save on harness and implements at our store. Shannons Shannon Hardware. Phone 29. - 30 MBSlcal. Radio SEVERAIi good used radios.- Terms. Hennlnger's Fumituye Store. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flqw^ FLAX SEED—yrutless, $1 -per bu. Alien County Implement, Co. '26 DODGE 4-door sedan; '27 Chevrolet coach: used parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 Dodge BALES Dependable Used Oars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO- Phone 3 01 Cash—Trade—Terms SEEDiS—Blue "grass. 15c lb.; white clover, >45c lb.; garden and field Brov seeds. Brownie's. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats APARTMENT -r3 rooms, niCely furnished; ground floor, private entrances. 601 North street. iPho. 13. Real Estate For Rent 36 Fums and land For Rent FINE^ IMPROVED BO-rNear Kln­ caid, and one 80 improved north of Colony, No •wWtWg ot phone. Seej owner, Richard Grow. Mdran, Kansas. 200-Al Fra: -T Improved farm. See Ellis, Brown's Drug Store, 37 HonM For Bent FOR RENT-rHouaes, good location, ~ 0,E,P«!ea, iM^HOUBB—Furnished or un- ilshed, at 801 East B/oadway. J.W.OIah. 6 Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. Wholesale—OAS, Per Gal., 5% (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gas) "VINE OIL & GAS CO. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Service Offered HARNESS DEPT.—We are now prepared to repair harness and saddles. Prices on new harness reflects the low price of leather. Shannon Hardware. 7-RO!OM.HOU8E-At 422 So. Washington.' Inquire L. E. Horville at lola State Bank or phone 474J. _ 38 Wanted—To Bent WAI^D BY MARCH r4-Small furnished modem house, with garage, close to grade school. P. O: -Boi 57. - . Re^IEstate-ForSale 41 Houses For Sale 10-ROOM HOUSE—1?; acres ad- Johilng city. Phone 1334. ; •_ 43 To Exchange—Real ^tate EQUITY ilN IMPROVED 80 ACRES to trade for good 4 or 5-room house that can be moved. Address - Box 87,'care of Register,

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