Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 9, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker iccepts Local Street •ovemeiit Street Commissioner William H. •Buchholtz yesterday accepted the Frederick Street improvement project. 'And he announced he is exploring means to stretch funds remaining from a $350,000 urban development bond issue to cover extension of North George Street and widening one block of Franklin Street. The commissioner accepted the project for 'he City of Cumberland yesterday afternoon following an inspection made with G. Bates Chaires, district engineer for the Maryland State Roads Commission, and officials of the S. T. Brotemarkle Company, the contractor for the federal-aid project. Buchholtz said he was "highly pleased" with the modern street which has been provided and that the final results were beyond his expectations. .He termed the construction which! included the drainage, paving, curbing and sidewalks for some 7,000 feet of Frederick Street, from Woodlawti Terrace to Route 220, as an'Joutstanding job all around. -There are a few additional things to be done, he said, but they will be-taken care of by the city and the contractor wi'hin the next few days. Cost of the work, he said, will be ; ;3'b'dut $270,000, including the city's {estimated share of 3250,000 and •Jbout $20,000 worth of extras. »»TIe said there is a possibility of Mhte city's getting some money Sack when final costs are in, add- .'jing' : that the State Roads Commis- vsfoni which . had charge of construction," wilT try to have the final Sosts within:the next 30;days. DOCTOR RELEASED ON BAIL—A smiling Dr. A. Arnold Axilrod, his wife at his side, leaves the county jail in Minneapolis, Minn., after being released on $50,000 bond pending a decision by the state supreme court on an appeal. Dr. Axilrod, 50-year-old Minneapolis dentist, was convicted last week of first degree manslaughter in the strangling of Mrs. Mary Mooneri, 21, a patient. He drew a sentence of five to 20 years. 'Axilrod's attorneys, walking behind, him, said it would take several months before an appeal could be readied. . . • (AP Photofax) Jacoby On Errors Better Than Aces ; *At present, he said, the city has :'gBout $80,000.left from the $350,000 "Urban Development bond issue -^sold in 1953 to finance the:Freder- •jck Street job, extend North George ^Street and widen Franklin Street. •^Buchholtz said he has under con- :*sideratibn a less costly plan to :get from North George Street to ^Bedford thau in the original pro- igram, which called for connecting •to Sanders Street. :;:i,This, he said, would- -extend iNorth G e o r g e Street straight /through to Polk Street. He said the :plan under consideration would re- "ejuire a minimum^of property,ac- Sqjjis'ition. ' " ' . '' JiThe;widening of Franklin Street ^oiild affect one block of the street "between North Mechanic and North ^Centre :streets/ long termed" one .jofc the. city's traffic, bottlenecks. BY OSWALD JACOBY . Written for NBA Service Today's hatid: wasn't easy defend properly, but the defender had to make at least three mis takes for South 'to fulfill his con tract. Since the mistakes are quit instructive, it •won'trhurt to look the comedy of errors, v '.'•'• = NORTH WEST 493 V J 1083 4 AK74 + 542 4 J10 8 5 ••"• *AKJ9. EAST AAJ105 VA5 ... • 932 * 10 8 7-3 SOUTH ;JD) VKQ3642 4Q6,, • . Both sides vul. South West North fcasl Pass Pass 1 + Pass tt¥ . Pass a A Pass 3..V- Pass Pass P.siss Opening lead—* K r HEARING AID -.A dramatic new Zenith concept in ^wearing case and superb performance! : : -Not a novelty or "gimmick . . . a genuine ^highest quality, full powered Zenith ^•hearing aid! 4-transistor circuit, minia- ;-,':ture extended range Pcrmaphone® ..and famous Zenith fingertip controls .^combine to offer remarkable power .'^and clarity. Includes Zenith's nmor/ng iT«rw dime size earphone. '.':•' 10-Day Homy Bock Guaranty. ~ Ix; Vftar Warrooty,..5-r»or S»rvfct Plan .'^•'T,* Budgtt Payment Plan ' S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY CO. West opened the king of dia monds and ^.wondered about a con tinuation when he saw his pan ner's discouraging deuce. It's eas to see now that West could hav taken the top diamonds and shifte to a spade to make sure of a thin fast trick, 'after which the defend ers could sit back and wait for twi trump tricks. • t West didn't actually see thi when the hand was played. Hi decided to shift, and chose to leac a club instead of the more appetiz ing lead of the nine of spades (With a spade lead, of course,-Easi would have to take the ace o spades at once and return a dia mond-to defeat the contract.) South took the second trick with FUNERAL FLOWERS Try $ AA Fon«ral Our *5,00 Baiket BOPP'S FLOWERS 19 N. lib.rty St. Ph. PA-2-4330 Ann Page SALAD DRESSING 39c «. Ann Page TOMATO KETCHUP AftP •' TOMATO JUICE 2 ±! 49c Mild LONGHORN CHESE 43c „ Bordan's AMERICAN Cheese Spread the queen of clubs and ran two more top clubs to discard the queen of diamonds. Then he led a low trump from dummy. East played low, and South won with the king. Declarer properly led a low. trump next, and East had to win with the ace. This was the last chance for the defenders to go wrong, i East came through. He led a fourth .round of -"clubs, -. hoping the ruff would do-his partner some good. : - : •;-•••• This was fatal. South discarded small spade, and West ruffed with a card "that would have been a natural trump trick in any case.. Now. South lost only. one spade trick and could easily draw West's last : trump with the queen of hearts. jSoiith lost only two trumps, me diamond, : and _one spade. ~ should have had-.-^irump Crews Clear PPG Water Line Route Work on the water line to Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company is underway, it was announced yeoter- day by Water Commissioner William J. Edwards. He said crews of the Cumberland Contracting Company, which was awarded the $165,175 contract for laying the line, are now clearing the right of way in the vicinity of the North Branch plant. Ditching will begin, he said, as soon as pipe begins arriving 'iii quantity. Edwards said the 18-inch line will be laid from the glass plant property to the city and that the Cumberland Contracting Company plans to have it installed by early spring. . ;..: . The S. T. Brotemarkle Company, which was awarded the $3,820 contract for'unloading and storing the pipe, yesterday had slings pared and notified Commissioner E"wards the unloading job will began-today at 8 a. m. The arrival of the first carload of pipe, however,'does not set the stage for the beginning of installation. Officials said the car to be Hatrorth V Counsel By Mail unloaded today it not a "package" load, complete with fittings, and that a considerable variety of lengths and dresser couplings will have to be on hand before crews can begin the -installation job. Edwards said the pipe will be stored at the B & 6 Rolling-Mill yard arid used as'needed. He said some of the pipe will oe in'50-foot lengths and that the job of installation will go quickly when all preparations are complete. The overall cost of the 27,000 foot line which will supply the plate glass plant with water for sanitary purposes and standby fire protection, is estimated to be slightly over ; $400,000. At the end, realized that ;trength 'Since would have led East West otherwise _So,uth a high frump instead of a'low trump to force out :he • heart ace. If West -had re- iurned a diamond. South would have been '.. obliged to : lose two spade tricks sooner or later, thus losing the contract. •'• Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart Pass 2 Hearts . Pass . rj . ..•. •. . ~ ' ; •' You, South, hole.. *3 VAKJG2 4AJ875 *7 4 What do you do? A—Bid three diamonds. You want your partner to bid aggressively if he has diamond strength but. to sign off at three hearts if he has three small diamonds. Game is not at all out of the question if the two hands fit welL TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: A3 VAKJ642 4AJ875 *7 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Men Pay For Hurt Dog, Held For Bogus Check NORFOLK, Va. — (#) — Two men whose car struck a little boy's dog thoughtfully rushed the dog to a veterinary hospital. They came back next day to check ,on the dog's condition and gave the vet a check for the bill. Then they got law. The , check nipped— by the bounced, cops picked up the pair, arid charged them with a series of bad check operations. Want To Sell Your Property? WE CAN SELL IT AND GET THE CASH FOR YOU QUICKLY! - SEE US TODAY Irving Millenson REAL ESTATE 108 S. lib.rly St. PA 4-3590 Editor's Note: Mother asks whether son should pay board when he travels for his iirin, : DEAR MARY HAWORTH: Recently my son took a job that involved some travel. He will cover territory both near and far from our, home. He will- be away from home for varying lengths of time, say from a day to a month — and during these trips^his employers will pay all his expenses. From the time John first started working after hours, while still in school, he has always made his own spending money, never asking us for a penny. And since he has been employed full" time, we felt it our duty as parents to have him pay board—to learn responsible habits. Th'is .he has always agreed to. Now that : John- has a good- paying job, he pays his own modest accounts, takes good care of his clothes and is financially self- sufficient. The question before us, however, is this: John asks if he still has to continue paying board, if and when he is away, from home for a week or more in his new job. He thinks not, and my husband partly agrees with him. I feel he still has an obligation here—as he may be home weekends and the trips are simply part of his job as long as his expenses are paid. Parents Don't Need the Money The money involved isn't the point.' We can do jucely without it; and John says he will pay board gladly, as he respects my judge-1 ment. All of which puts me oh the I spot; John is still quite young and I want to do only what is right for him. But-am I right, in holding him to the board .bill in his ab sence? Or does he become independent of use when he is working elsewhere? John believes the latter; and 1 would like "to agree with him for his sake: but my intuition tells me differently. Perhaps your com ments will show us the tight. I love your columns. — D.S. Travelling Man Isn't A Gypsy DEAR D. S.: When you speak of paying board, you mean paying for an individual share in the comforts *f- your- overall, jiving arrangements, of course. You aren't referring to table board exclusively. So much for preface. " Now, if the essential purpose of having John pay board (as defined above) get him accustomed :o financially responsible attitudes, it would be quite unrealistic to waive his bill, when he travels for his firm. After all, even a travelling man isn't a gypsy when he takes to the road in pursuit of company business. Assuming he is a person of any substance,! who has been frugally acquiring a-backlog or useful and necessary possessions, he can't take the whole inventory with him, every trip. He has to have a place, somewhere, that : he'calls ijome—if only for storing his extra goods. And whether the travelling man owns his fixed-address, or rents it —in. the form 6f. a- house,. or an apartment or .a single room—the costs of upkeep don't come to a lalt just because he takes a trip. 3e has to pay something to insure that he will have a place-to come back to. Retaining Fee It Businesslike At a very minimum, the home owner pays taxes, retains an option on utilities, has to keep the grass cut, the structure in; repair, etc. And the apartment lessee has to continue paying a holding' rental; as does the permanent claimant to a room in a'lodging house. Otherwise his 'backlog goods would very likely be ejected into the streets. All of which has a bearing on John's question. Certainly he should continue to pay at least a retaining fee—"token" board, so to speak—while on the road, if he intends" to call your place home, and to live there between trips. That's the only businesslike way to do it. To strike a happy medium, between your idea of his paying as usual, and his idea of' paying nothing at home during trips, I suggest this: - Cut down his retaining fee when he is absent. Allow him a rebate tor the meals he isn't having at home; and assess him' only for room rent and accessory services, such as laundry, maybe, and looking after his effects. Thus if he pays $10 or $15 a week when home, you might charge him say $5 to $7 a week when he is away. —. M.H. . : i * Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. Copyright, 1955, The Washington Post Distributed by King Features Syndicate Tubed Jelly r NEW HOLLAND, Pa.-(INS)A New Holland firm is turning out jelly'packed in collapsible tubes like toothpaste, . ' • . .: -f The Department of Interior has created a new Division of Anthracite Mines ir the Bureau of Mines to help increase productivity and use of hard coal. About" 9 per cent of juvenile delinquents are .mentally deficient. FUNERAL FLOWERS Our Specialty • Arthur Bopp 1621 Bedford St. PA 2-5414 1 CASH LOANS TODAY! $500° $2.95 month—24 moi. Larger' Amount! en Similar T«rmi. ' LOAN SERVICE Incorporated 8V E. Main St., Freitburg 18 S. Libtrty St., Cumberland mitis Ethiopia, currently is expanding ts airfields with a 24 million dol- ar loan from the Export-Import Bank of Washington. South Cumberland Residents . It's'more convenient to pay your telephone and electric bills here. Cumberland Savings Bank M.mber F.D.l.C woiild be hard put to judge between the ; distinctive beauties of the two decanters., Tf . *X s .. ' '. , ., , ' If you decide to make a truly handsome ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT New Floor Care Ends Waxing One of the difficult jobs of housekeeping is to wax linoleum and asphalt tile floors. Now thahke to Glaxco, its no longer necessary to wax and scrub; just apply Glaxo about twice a year. It maintains a high lustre, non slip coating that seals out' dirt. Glaxo dries in one hour and is water clear. Its cheaper than wax in the long run, besides saving a' terrifc amount of work, plus truly a beautiful floor. • ROSENBAUM'S HQUSEWARE—FOURTH FLOOR ' - ' ' '' - " " " -* TUST ,as America knows no^finer 'J bonded bourbons," the -art world kriows no more beautiful decanters than ,,,--,,_', x ,*< th^ClassicDecanterforOLDGRAND-DAD - fl . . , - , * A ' ' iv*v" -w " -~ •"."•-• ^ '-- ' .-^grft, why not favor* your best friends - ana:, thec^resetitatioh /'Decanter for-.,/>.- -,..". .. .. -•• ,-"« *'-"J.'', - - - ', \"—' " - . - . -' te -*-^ with both these rare bourbons in their oLt> TAYLOR: , -* ><- " -- " .. .. „ _,..-. ^ T ' , ' > -' :>, o - " •, artistically perfect decanters, '-'*', - - *'' '~"-~-_ 1 And ^just as-'your friends, would havext-^Whetberyougiveoneorb6th,youmaybe difficulty deciding 'which : of the two sure that money can buy'no more flayor- - deeply/ mellow ; and ' richly flavorsome bourbons they would, prefer, so they ' some— and wekome—^bonded bourbons, nor-, art'Sdevise decanters : in finerOtaste. 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