The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 9, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1933
Page 7
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flU MALVfetm LEADEtt, MMMJIft fttMCtt t, 1933 PAGESEVEfr HASTINGS' a* f Kdftti Grwe Mm Saw far Sneak fMevi! enterwd the Iff- tag apsrtMeirts of tfce psstor of the Hoffn«s* etaft* fit tfce 1C. of P. burtdtt* SttttfUbtt night ot StJrtday, Feft. *6 Of 45, and abstracted sett* |«6 frotn a tfniik where It had t)Wfi plfcced tot ftftte keeping. !t J* d*ite a sertons loss for this worth* p*«tot. No definite cine its to the thieves its yet. School Boafd ticket Piled School election is nett Monday, March 13. the ftainea of Dr. Edgar Christy and S. It. Palzell hare been filed tot director and Fred Lookabill for treasurer. E. Church Sunday school at 10 a. in. Epworth League at 8:30 p. tti. Church at 7:80 p. in. Our Sunday school .attendance was low Sunday due to stormy weather. On* missionary program directed by Mrs. Setnon Cox was postponed until next gun- day. Some -of the members on her program Were unable to get there. In Epworth League we studied the Bible and Us use last Sunday evening. We hate three more lessons dealing with this unit. These lessons are very helpful as well as Interesting for our group of young people. We are having a fine attendance in League. Let's keep it up. A grot* of tew in th* Grove Betghtwrnosod, eleven In all, gathered at the timber last Wednesday and proceeded to pot in & food daf» work for tterff old friend and neighbor, John Intel, who ntt been laid op, all winter as a result of an accident. they chopped down trees and cut them in proper lengths in the forenoon; then la the afternoon with Paul Richards'* power saw they sawed it ap, split it, and hauled In seven big loads for Mr. Itoel. they have still another load to haul, it was a fine neighborly thing for them to do and very much appreciated by Mr. and Mrs. fmel. W. B. Fahnestock and family were out to Bcribner, Mebr. over the week end. A. Plumb, son of Val Plumb, Is moving back from western Nebraska where he went some sixteen years ago and will farm up near Macedonia, Mrs. M. M. Stockton has been quite sick the past few days suffering from an attack of lumbago. Mrs. Callle Davis had a birthday Monday and was remembered by friends with calls and messages. G. C. Oreenwalt. ex-secretary of state, has taken a position with a finance corporation in Davenport, looking after their farm holdings. He will have his headquarters in Des Molnes. Chas. Brown baa rented the Sam Bowen farm near the North Grove school house and moved oat • '' ' -**••• Strahau visited Friday ^evening'in the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. M. B. Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Parks of Malvern visited Saturday evening in the Clarence Smith home. Clifford Parker is reported not BO well the past few days. Mr. and Mrs, Harry Euans and ? daughter, Shirley, autoed to f Bbenandoah Thursday. ; Jim Dhcon of Qlenwood came ' Saturday and visited a few days , in the R, p. Crawford home. ,-' Miss Edith Viner and slster-ln- f law, Mrs. Roy Viner, autoed to - Carson Friday where they spent r the week end with Marguerite ' Young, « Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Hanseom - and son, Robert, visited in the 1 W. R, Bhepard home Wednesday evening. ; Cecil Woods moved Monday to t the Martin place Jn the north- east part of town, » Resolution* of Respect Hastings, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1933 Once again one of our beloved sisters has crossed the silent river to Join the loved ones gone before; has passed the portals of eternity and entered the grand Lodge above and received the welcome plaudit: "Well done thoti food and faithful servant, enter into the Joys of thy Lord," Whereas, the All Wise and Merciful Father has called from tabor our beloved sister, Emma elites; be it Resolved, that we extend to the sorrowing ones the sincere sympathy of each and every member of this Lodge, and commend her to our Heavenly Father, who is our only help in the time of our needs. Be it further Resolved, that we drape the charter in our lodge room for a period of thirty days in her memory,, with the endowed spirit of sisterly love; and a copy be spread upon the minutes. Even death has a wonderful mission, though it robs us of those we love, It lifts our hearts from our surroundings to long for that meeting above. No matter how heavy the burden, No matter how great the despair It makes Heaven seem nearer and dearer, to know that our loved ones are there. Bessie Purcell Mary Kelley Grace Hathaway ., Committee. w, t. has »o*«d to tn* In* <Jfe«*&n f«n» northeast of ffftfttftitt and fat Orwseon's tew* meted t« wWfte Itlvet, S*. THlr, tot. and *»r». Pletd ftitt and Wedr* c«»ford **t6ed to Carton fMttrrdftjr. Hit*. A. V. Clfte* ftnd family Mrs. fgv«H-Mt tfsfted rtlMfvw ift stout dty over the *«sk end. Mr. and Mrs. Hannah ot fihen- andoah trtfted thorsday in the n. I,. Christie and Mrs. Mattle Stockton homes. toelbeit ord was confined to his bed the past Week with illness but is reported some better now. Harold Mitchell of Omaha spent the week end here with his parents. Mr». ft. L. Cbtistrft has been assisting in eattog tor Mrs. Joe H*d«* and Mby. Jeanette Char> the past we**. the Lfcdieg' Ceffietery assorta- tfoit held thetf regnlar business fteetfng it the ho»e of Mrs. J. j. Starr Wednesday afternoon. Another tte«ttfti wflt oe held taea- d«y at the Grace Hathaway home when they wjfl ele«t ii»ew officers. Marjotle lean, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. frank Walker, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ord. Walter Hnbbell and family moved last week from the W. R. Shepard property Into that of Mrs. J. J. Starr. Leslie Dawson and family moved to near Rivet-ton last week. hnogene - S. E .Mills Many Move* Made in Imogene Territory Louis McCafdle Goes Back to Hojittital for Treatment March 1 was moving day in and around Iroogene and on that day and the preceding week a lot of residence changes were made, nle Edmundson hospital in Conn- Louts McCardle, who was Injured in an auto accident several months ago and has been laid up since then, was taken to the Jen- Public Schools Sports tbe boys basketball team went to Glen wood" Friday morning for a game with Emerson in the sectional tournament, the score was 23-13 in favor ot Emerson. Bud Mitchell was high point man for Hastings. The girls have entered the sectional tournament at Henderson, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 9, 10, and 11. their flrst game will be Thursday evening with Wales, ; Sheriff* Sate f mr BY VJR TUE. OF AN I9XEOU- f,TJON directed to me .from the of* flee of the Clerk of the Pistrict , Court of Mills Bounty, Iowa on a judgment obtftlnw4 Jft SftW court, .. j 1933, in favor aj Mjar*a.ret Aistrons Fj-Jt8 t . i_< dant, for ,tt»e 'BUJJ of §187,8.87 costs, tft«s4 a| Mate 6 - OUQW| ^ deftw>1 &«3 ***J IfSw. James Dyke, an Armenian, recently gave a talk in the high school auditorium which was very interesting. He performed the wedding ceremonies of the Turks and Mohammedans. Edgar Lookablll and Ruth Dalzell were, principals in the Turkish ceremony, Jack Mitchell and Dorothy Haden were principals in the Mohammedan service. They were dressed in the costumes of the people represented. Qur aged friend, James Moore, has been quite sick at his home northwest of Hastings but is reported to be improving, He made his home with George Miller, R. L. Christie and Frank Hannab were Malvern visitors one day last week, The. ladles' Garden club met at W. Colling of Mrs. Thursday afternoon, Movers enjoyed the best of "moving weather" during the time. Among the moves noted: John Malloy Sr. moved from Red Oak back to his farm near here. His son Ray and his son-in- law Jerry Royster and their families also moved to the same farm. Andrew Delehant and sister Anna moved to the James Powers farm vacated by Jerry Royster; Clyde Heaton moved to the farm vacated by Roy Malloy. Joe Regan went to the Will Kammerer farm west of Imogene and V. M. Crow took the Feely farm vacated by Mr. Regan. Ed Maher moved to the Me- Cardie farm. Ed Hanklns from near Malvern went to the Nick Ballain farm vacated by Andrew Delehant. Albert Cults takes the Van Pelt farm. Will Malloy went to a farm near Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Malmberg moved to Mrs. Nora McPherson's farm. Frank Pritchard takes the farm vacated by their son Arlie who moved t.o Des Moines about Jan.! 15. Clyde Listen moved to a farm three miles northwest of Shen- andoab; Ralph Listen from Silver City to'the Mrs. J. O. Weaver farm vacated by Ed McGinnis. Clyde Hatton takes a farm recently purchased near Btrahan. Roy parties moved from the Pat ctl Bluffs last Wednesday. His . C. 1. Caw«Tl has been *t-*K. A, Baker, provision*—Poor Fund Bisting Anna and Andrew Dele- Mnt with tfcet* nfovtn*. Mrt. Ccsseft helped then) move onto the pi*e» they left twenty-three years ago and no* helped them leave It. Mrs. Floyd Gee entertained a nnmber of ladies at a (jailtlng Monday afternoon. « Many farmers were at work In the fields last week enttlng. raking, and burning stalks. Some did discing and plowing and reported the ground plowing very good but the snow and rain will tie np farm work for some time now. All were glad to see both as the moisture is needed, Mr. and Mrs. C. j. Cassell were very much surprised when they received a letter from Mrs. Anthony Cassell of Cedar Rapids, saying their son, Anthony, was stricken with appendicitis Thursday, Feb. 23, and rushed to the hospital for an operation, from which he Was recovering nicely. Mrs. Cassell was expecting him here every day to see his father who Is In poor health but was glad to hear his operation was successful. He ia manager ot a large J. C. Penny store In Cedar Rapids. The Methodist Ladles' Aid met with Mrs. O. F, Howard Thursday afternoon, March 2, at her arm became very painful and I home three miles east ot Imo- swollen and an abscess had form-, ge ne. There was a good ed that had to be opened and fti drain put in. Colonel Butcher i took him to the hospital. Latest reports are that he was resting easy. Dr. Mlch*el 3. Carey, medical aid—Poor Fnnd Citizens Power A Light Co., services old ladles Poor Fond Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fnnd A. H. Crawford, provisions-—Poor Fund Collins Drug Co.. drng«—Poor Fnnd N. W. Coning, pr«tl8iot>«—Poor Fund C. W. DaviM, rent old la-dies home—Poor Fnnd Dr. Ward A. DeYonng, medical aid—Poor Fnnd KnHerton Lttmber Co., provisions—Poor Fnnd Fntlerton Lumber Co., coal, old ladles home—Poor Fnnd- Lee Gillfillnn, provisions—Poor Fund Glenwowd Lumber ft Coal Co., coal old ladles home—Poor E. E. Goodrich, provision*—Poor Fund , C. F. Hlnes, provisions—Poor Fnnd Dr. P. W. Harman, medical aid—Poor Fnnd la. ChUdrens Home Society, care of Chas. Lonp—Poor Fnnd 7.06 5.00 B.05 42.00 2.85 1.6S 14. SS 20.00 26.80 8.62 22.75 12.01 8B.09 B.SO 7.08 15.00, 84.00, Jennie Edmundson Hospital, service?—Poor Fund 242.35 Harry Lehman, provisions—Poor Fund Verner J. Scott, milk old ladles home—Poor Fund Wm. Slezak. provisions old ladles home—Poor Fund John Waller, load of cobs—Poor Fund A. R. Brenton, repairing well. Co. farm—Poor Fund C. W. Booth, nursing Co. farm—Poor Fund Walter n. Copley, work on engine Co. farm—Poor Fund _ Cllpson Pftlnt Store, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund Citizens Power & Light Co., services Co. farm—Poor Fnnd R. E. Davis, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund R. H. Daniel, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund Olenwood Lumber 6 Coal Co., conl, Co. fnrm—Poor Fnnd A. P. Kllmartln, tank heater, Co. fnrm—Poor Fund Morgan Bakery, bread Co. fnrm—Poor Fund A. R. Newton, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund F. H. Rnynor, burial Co. farm—Poor Fund J. R. Wllcox. provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund Stroddard Adams, repairs—Maintenance Fund Allls Chalmers Mfg. Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Austin Western Road Mach. Co., repairs—Maintenance _ John Baldozler, posts—Maintenance Fund R. M. Bacon, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund A. C, Buch, supplies—Maintenance Fund Ralph Bufflngton, piling—Maintenance Fund Citizens Power & Light Co., services at ulied—Maintenance II. A, Darting Oil Co., ga«ollne and supplies—Maintenance Lunch *«« .«£.? i* Vfc. Derb ' r °" Co - gasoline—Maintenance Fund , Lunch was served by the rullerton Lumber Co., supplies— Maintenance Fund thos. O'Conner spent a few days of last week in Nebraska on business. Willie Rogers spent thursday in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Mrs. Micbeal Martin spent Saturday afternoon visiting her mother, Mrs. C. C, Maher. Mrs. Maher is nursing a very bad cold. Sunday was the birthday of our station agent, J. R. Minnlck, and Mrs. MInnick served a nice dinner in his honor. Their son, Maurice, and wife from Leavenworth, Kan. came Saturday evening and spent Sunday, and Beryl Armstrong from Sidney came over. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Minnlck left in the evening for their borne. Miss Vonceal Pool who has been In the home of Mrs. C. H. Amick In Henderson for the past seven weeks returned home Friday evening. Mrs. Clem Maber who received a broken knee cap in an auto accident on Jan. 14 is able to be up and around some on crutches now. ... let us ou GOOD printing pays! merer house in Imogene which he recently purchased and which was vacated by the torn Regan school children who moved to the Skahill property vacated by Clyde Hatton. Clem Maher moved to the West Hayes property in west Imogene. Jake Bussard went to the bouse vacated by Clem Maher. Cleave Davis moved to a farm near Malvern. the weather and roads were ideal for moving and all who finished moving last week were highly thankful when the big storm came Sunday, that they had finished the job. Mr. and Mr. Harry Comstock attended a birthday surprise for Mrs. Comstock's uncle, Erail Tellman, in Essex last Thursday, Micheal Martin and son James were Malvern visitors Saturday, Miss Pauline Hanklns spent a few days the forepart of the week with friends in Qlenwood. Mrs, Kate Rogers who has' been poorly for several months is able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. E. Qutscnen- S. H. Pal?ell, Tom and Ruth were Omaha visitors Saturday. Mrs; Herman Schurr was a Sben.a«doah visitor one day last , |*. sha,w and spn, Paul, visited in tfte N, W. Colling howe Buuday morning. W. P. Crawford la niuclt im(n some ways but {9 still to talk, Mr. ftn.4 Mrs. Frank Waldon of Pfreaaftdoali visited in (be Everett Purcell home Sunday. Mir, and Opal Bayes of itt the Mr. and Mrs, Clack who U&j week. toeu , re- 10 tUt» Hftrry f. P^rfe (urn at ritter, George and John, spent Saturday afternoon in Red Oak, Mrs. GuttBchenrkter visiting her mother, Mrs. Rate Higgtns whtte the men attended the sale. Miss Marie Carr, teacher in our public school, drove to her home in Malloy Saturday, She returned Sunday evening and said she found the snow storm was local. They had no snow at MaU loy Sunday afternoon when she left but ran into sojne a short distance from Malloy and ag$iu when she reached Clarlnda she met the snow that extended to here. Mr. and Mrs. J, P. Bussar4 spent Thursday evening of last week with tlielr daughter, Mrs. Daa Patience. Mrs- Wayne Prake has been entertaining ladies each after* noon at a quilting party. Pr. T. N, Weber 4rove here tfce forepart of last week from Wo> nu,t for « visit with Ui» wife's COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF tHE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Qlenwood, Iowa, January 28, 1933, On this the 23rd day of January, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment ot January 16th, with all members present and acting, The minutes of the meeting of January 16th were read and approved, i „,. ...., „ , , -—•»....» .«••!! up tuu uiauui ui taurassmg tuu vUtU BUUt' In the election of a drainage trustee in the St. Marys Drainage District, and finds that five ballots were cast of which B. F, Anderson received four votes and Joe Foster received one vote, B. F. Anderson was declared elected a trustee for a term of three years beginning on January 21, 1933, The Board now takes up the matter of canvassing the vote cast In the election of a drainage trustee in the McCartney Levee District and finds that seven ballots were cast of which H. M. Lincoln received seven votes, H. M. Lincoln was declared elected a trustee for a term of three years beginning on January 21, 1933. Hattle Clatterbueu was granted aid for the care of her daughter at the rate of 11.50 per week beginning on January 1, 1933, Greenwood Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Qlenwood Lumber & Coal Co., lumber—Maintenance Fund J. C. Goss, supplies—Maintenance Fund International Harvester Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund _ Interstate Machinery Co,, supplies—Mnlniennnce Fund Kunce ft Nelson, supplies—Maintenance Fund Lincoln Road Machinery Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund . Morgan Wheel & Rim Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund __ Roy Marsh & C. C. Farrel. piling—Malntennnce Fund V, Melchiors & Son, repairs—Malntennnce Fund J. R. Mlntlc, land for right of way—Maintenance Fund -_ Cliff Miller Tractor Co., repairs—Maintenance; Fund Montgomery County, placing culvert—Maintenance Fund- McCord Hardware, supplies— Maintenance Fund Omaha Welding Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Omaha Steel Works, supplies—Malntenancn Fund Pottawattamle County, constructing bridge—Maintenance Phillips Petroleum Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund Oeo. 8. Reading Jr., labor—Malntennnce Fund Rasch Radiator Service, supplies—Maintenance Fund W. C. Short Auto Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Sinclair Refining Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund Bhnrwln Williams Co,, supplies—Malntennnce Fund Wright & Wllholmy, supplies—Maintenance Fund J, R. WIJcox, labor—Mulntnnnnco Fund Royer Hardware, supplies—Maintenance. Fund White Eagle Oil Corp,, gasoline—Maintenance Fund Oscar Leo, labor—Maintalnunce Fund Wilbur Bower, labor-—Maintenance Fund B, H. Abel, labor—Maintenance Fund C, E. Kirkendnll, labor—Maintenance Fund G, L. Blackman, labor—Maintenance Fund C, C. Christiansen, labor—Maintenance Fund , Geo, W. Curtis, labor—Maintenance Fund Louis Mnyberry, labor—Maintenance Fund E. P. Plumb, labor-—Maintenance Fund Walter Glenn, labor—Maintenance Fund Ben Reed, labor—Maintenance Fund . W, H. aJ'n^^ tiimcnance TTinu ..... 52.88 5.88 29.05 l.BO 21.40 3.00 1.00 1.05 lfi.00 1.40 14.40 11.40 9.00 7.02 14.9S 49.00 1.65 1.20 90.22 19.IS 6.00 8.00 67.90 71.00 1.80 289.1!) 28.18 1.90 2.85 246.87 1.88 22.53 11.10 1.60 4.60 3.92 51.90 20.96 5.00 62.44 61.95 10.42 11.11 7.60 343.33 22.55 31,65 3.00 1.50 32.35. 57.83 41.64 4.25 10.78 38.59 79.80 15,00 1.80 15.75 22.05 4.50 4,73 2.20 26.10 56.92 56.92 C. W. Boles, labor—Maintenance Fund .. Emmott Delavan, labor—Maintenance Fund C, C. Fleselman, labor—Maintenance Fund _ Herbert Boles, labor—Maintenance Fund ROSB Messlnger, labor—Maintenance Fund Lowell WilRs, labor—Maintenance Fund J. E. Merritt, labor—Maintenance Fund _ Joe Walker, labor—Maintenance Fund • . A, F. Smith, labor—Maintenance Fund .. Grant Chamberlain, labor—Maintenance Fund Bill Scott, labor—Maintenance Fund " Alton Alberts, labor—Maintenance Fund F. J. Steele, labor—Maintenance Fund There being no further business to come before the Board at I Harold Sowers, labor—Maintenance Fund this time they now adjourn to meet on February 6, 1933. Attest:—E, A. SCHADE, County Auditor. Approved:—W. E. AGAN, Chairman Board of Supervisors. OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, February 6, 1933. On this the 6th day of February, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of January 23rd, with all members present and acting. The minutes of the meeting of January 23rd were read and approved. The following claims were allowed: Haldon C, AHekruse, assisting clerk—Court Expense Fund ? 58,50 J. L. Anthony," piling—-Maintenance Fund 30.50 Louis Bostedt, wolf bounty—County Fund 10.00 Choate Publishing Co., printing—McCartney Levee Fund - 3.90 Chris Chrtstensen, election board—McCartney Levee Fund 3.00 Lorton R. Carson, defending prisoners—County Fund 20.00 Cherokee Hospital, care of inmate—Insane Fund - — 60.25 H. O. Ferguson, court reporter— Court Expense Fund _. 60.35 Genung & Genung, attorney fees—McCartney Levee Fund 30.00 E. E, Goodrich, care of minors-—Poor Fund Jackson & Lawler, insurance on court house—County Fund Otto Judkins, Co. Treas., Jurors' certificates — Court Expense Fund „,.,,„..-.„ _ __. Otto Judkins, Co, Treas., gopher bounty—County Fund _, J. J. Kiser, trustee—McCartney Levee Fund Mrs. J, B. King, matron, old ladles home—Poor Fund C. P. Kinney, Del. tax collector—County Fund ~, H- M, Lincoln, trustee—McCartney Levee Fund 30.00 15.32 26.20 33.70 18.00 20.00 13.81 _ D, F, Lincoln, election hoird^-McCartney Levee Fund ,IZ 3.00 S. 0, Lincoln, trustee—^MiCj&rtney Levee Fund _ Helen McCoy, assisting recorder—County Fund NW Bell Telephone Co., services.—County Fund Harry Norton, wolf bounty—^County 18,00 15.00 68.35 10.00 _ ___ _ ___ . Oakdale Sanatorium, care'of patients— Poor Fund I- --II 380,60 Railway Express Agency, express — County Fund __ R. W, Rhoades, p, M., postage — County Fund _____ R, W. Rhoades, P. M., postage-rr-Construction Fund 1.39 13.00 33.16 State Juvenile Home, car'e'jbTinmates—Poor Fund"—1— 206.16 Cliff 8, Plumb, Anderson Twp. clerk—County Fund 24.7Q J. M. Sowers. Anderson Twp, trustee—county Fund 14.80 B). P. Plumb, Anderson Twp. trustee—County Fund 12.00 H. L, Daugherty, Anderson Twp. trustee—County Fund — 15.00 H. H- Pean, engineering aervices^-St. Marys Pitch Fund — 18.76 »n4 to bring UIs wife au.4 Uttle 4<M) bouie with lUrn. er*> visltlug. ion of Mr. an Martitt, ww (mite nick f few baiter at tW» wrUluj j * * ffft r •^IwWSS' -' W. E, Agan, supervisor—County Fund 53.90 Guy Breeding, ftupervisor-^County Fund - 6740 O, R, Hy4e. supervisor—County Fund —_ 68.87 Boyer Hardware, supplies, cou,rt bouse—County Fund .7? 8. V, Cooney, boarding prisoners—County Fund 119.40 - - - -• j 0() 99.04 CUoate Publishing Co., printing—County Fund Citizens Power & Light Co,,", services, court house and jail .-—County Fund ._,„„,, , .__ _._ <M.«I Cook & Caok, defending wfjapnerg—County Fund lO.Qo ,.,-i.B**?/ wasting Co. 8WPA,—County Fund — W. 8. QeStosa, rnUeaje— County F«»4 _ — Ii, JJ, JJanieU supplies, court feousa and iull—County Fund » Chronicle, grlnU^fHOounty Fund »GO.. nupplloK, court hou*t>— B — —-r _, — — — — - uMlee t 4« f«e«- ---• fi 25.00 86.20 66.75 90.31 16.13 tm 4.61 1,00 .60 7.00 W.J .00 56.40 51.60 76.20 29.70 54.28 54.28 50.70 38.93 24.00 9.30 13.20 4.80 37.99 40.80 40,80 48.15 48.15 57.90 71.40 29,40 29.40 86.80 60.78 61.88 55.83 61.88 33.75 87.20 59.95 59.95 59,95 9,90 40.75 4.95 4.95 4.95 17.23 17.23 7.80 7.80 54.11 3.50 8.2 a 6.67 American Book Co., text books—County Fund 1-1.11.111 18l!58 Glnn & Co., text books—County Fund - •— 67.24 34.53 48.86 Ivan Shook, labor—Maintenance Fund Art Davis, labor—Maintenance Fund -I I IIIIII W. C. Edmondson, labor—Maintenance Fund Ben L. Ward, labor—Maintenance Fund S, D. Mayberry, labor—Maintenance Fund ._ W. A- Pollitt, labor—Maintenance Fund Ray Chapman, labor—Maintenance Fund ._ _ Orton Kier, labor—Maintenance Fund Argil Bacon, labor—Maintenance Fund Wilbur Benscoter, labor—Maintenance Fund *. Alvin Fader, labor—Maintenance Fund . _ Fred Bishop, labor—Malntennnce Fund W. C. Kruse, labor—Maintenance Fund Lewis Myers, labor—Construction Fund .. Zopher Perkins, labor—Construction Fund Cal Hoosier, labor—Construction Fund Clarence Myers, labor—Construction Fund Orant Chamberlain, labor—Construction Fund __ _ _ Bill Scott, labor—Construction Fund . Walter Glenn, labor—Construction Fund Ben Reed, labor—Construction Fund .. '. W. H, Pobemecker, labor—Construction Fund ... Ross Messlnger, labor—Construction Fund ,. Lowell Wiles, labor—Construction Fund W, A. Pollitt, labor—Construction Fund Ray Chapman, labor—Construction Fund __. _ T. E. Martin, mileage—Construction Fund J. W. Fulton, office supplies—County Fund _._.___ Holley School Supply Co., office supplies—County Fund Metropolitan Supply Co., office supplies—County Fund — American Press Association, text books—County Fund Henry Holt & Co., text books—County Fund Hall & McCreary, text hooks—County Fund Boughtou Mifflln & Co., text books-—County Fund 179 89 Laurel Book Co., text books—County Fund ...'. 120 34 The MacmiUan Co., text books—County Fund _--_-_-__- 477.68 Chas. E. Merrill Co., text books—County Fund 160 79 A- J, Nystrom Co., text books—County Fund _ 6 44 Practical Prawlng Co., text books—County Fund „_ 20.U Row. Peterson & Co., test books—County Fund _ 106 64 Rand McNally & Co., text books—County Fund 264.45 Scott Foresman & Co., text books—County Fund . . 691 Silver Burdett Co., test books—County Fund 231.66 Chas. Serlbuer's Sons, text books—County Fund 417.75 John C, Winston Co., text hooks—County Fund 104.55 Wallace Publishing Co., text books—County Fund Choate Publishing Co., printing—St. Marys Ditch Fund B. F, Anderson, election board—St. Mui'ys Ditch Fund Tom Carabar, election board—St, Marys Ditch Fund Walter K. Kllndt, election board—St. Marys Ditch Fuutl Carl Schroeder, election bourd—St, Marys Ditch Fund A. A. Arii, election hoard—St. Marya Ditch Fund -- .". Joe Beam, old sacks—Pony Creek Ditch Fund .,.,_.. 0. C, JUu'tti&u, 4uiuagt>8 by dog* — I). Animal Fumf— (Claimed 19.00) Allowed „ .. A, L. Lovell. damages by 4oK»—1). Auiiuul FuuU—< 1 J83.75J Allowed ., „,.„ Mluu. Moltue Implement Cu,, duplktUo wuri'aut -- MutmVu- 18.55 3.15 3,00 3.00 3.66 3.(JO 3.00 1.U5 7.SO IS.20 l.tifi TUo annual Mijmrl or llirdeUo Wilkiiw. Ju^ie*. pf ihw i*oat-o w«« The official bwi4 yf Win. Qrevn itmutliiu u The uffldal h«u4 of CU»». Hamboeb wu» «i»pvuv.u, ot (U« ivTuv wu* XV UK itut

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