Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1928
Page 3
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W. n. Bri»ter went to Kansas City ihis morning to attend the .loniial iiu'i'tins! of Uhe aRents of the Illinois .Lif«» Insurance Company' which is meeting at the Aih- Irtfk , cluh tlKTf- Janiiarj- I'i and IS. • .Sjiecial for .Saturda.v: IVaniii Briitlft 2(k- ib. Iloward'.s Candy Shop. Mr.s. .1. (i. Liiirell and soii. Junior. Ifft ihr.- afternoon for Ottawa, railed by the Ferlous illness of . Mr. ljHr.U*'i sislHi-, .Miss .Mary Lil- ir.ll.; —Lump Coal nn track: $.'•.?><) per ton off car. $6.25 delivered. lola .liink and Coal Co. Phone S17. First door north of Katy depot. . .Mrs.; .lani.s Mall, of 401 South JeflVr.sou aviMUic. wiio left Tue.s<lay . r »i!- I'oliiiuhii'^. Kansas where she was called liy the critical of her son, Wilhur Hall, returned hoim- iliis aflt -rnoon. llcr son • .-il away yi-sii-rday. •-.Ml furuiliire and household tffuids ill ihy IioMie at riiil South tjNdhiiru will I 'C for sa'c Thursday- Kricl ;iy :ind .Saturday this week. Call frmu 1-^'Xi v. in. to 4:<ii) p. .m. <ir tclc|.ii(>iic litD.".\V' fur appiiint- iii^ut. I). i(. I'arkeniuK. .\li-is Helen .McConnell, of Fort Scoit," puss<-i| ihrotmh here this af- IiM'ii<H)it oiu .li'Kr way II) Kaldwin where .-.In- will he tll.- guest of Iriciids ovi-r ilie week ->nd. i. —The lola Ice. Cold .Storage and Fu«-1 Coiiipuiiy sells Coal of hest ; ((iiality. Phoae IJC. The; Ki.v. f. 1 CiddsniilU Wont to KJin ^as City this nioniing on |jtisin<;s.s. Special Chickeir Dinner .Sunday at Kriiusts Cafe. Ifr.iand .Mrs. H. E. Duncan, of Cur^kii.-who Jiav- liet-n in City sjncrt last Saturday, arrived in TliriiWjplill Tui 'Silay evening for a short vUsit with .Mrs. Duncan's par-1 tntpi. Mr! and .Mrs. C. W. Hall. They li-li .lor home yesterday afternoon. • •: « • » *. • - W.H. F. CREW ' * I'li.rMcInn and ."^iinteon * .* Kye iuir. Nosti and Throat * * ' - Classes Fitted * • 2'/V s. Washington, lola • * Ofti<e phone Si'.<>: R PP . 11." I 9 * _ I foi.: H I). Smorkj and his daughter. .Mr.s. I.elia Weast anti soti Dick, moved from .•!2() to South Walnut Mreet yestt-rday. -The Ciiy Club is giving ;is firM dance y.itunlay night- .Ian. 14, at the V- Hall ^ver Creanier.v. It 1^ jiiiiiii; to be lalled the ••Spring- tini" Dane*" and the decoration;^ _\viirJ)e apple hlo.ssomH. The Bpe -f rial, song will he ".Apple Hlossom Time in - .N'ortuandy." Keiinetlj .<niith"H Orfhtsira. Tlanciijg froni » to 12. .An«mp holding h. niem- l.'rrsliip caul will; !)•• admitted. • ThonuTs n. Simpson went to Cof- feyvllle. Kuurjus today on liusitiess. •-Special Snnil«}- dinner af Portland Hofel. Cic. Iloiir-, l -J ;l.*. to Ji l.«etiire «•» Holy Laml The Rev. J. D. Babb. paktor o| the Finil (iiristlan church. Fort Scott will give aa illustrated lecture at the ChriBtian j church tonight a\. 7:.10 uiwn Tta(| Holy Lan4. St^reopticon slides of principal placeH will be shown. Rev. Babb I H being hrouglfi io loin by the Mens class of thf • clnirch. No charge wilf he made, hut a free will offering will be taken. Come and bring the whole family. Take a trip with t>s;to Paltstine.—Com­ mittee. —Four used Typewriters will be sold at anetion at Bishop's Sale Pavilion Saturday. —Special reductions on Pants this mointh. We piake them, illif}. Joe, The Tailor. In order to obtaiit relief from an annoying ailment which has tiouil)l*d him for .some time Mr. M. Wright, ob.server at the V. S. Weather Bureau in lola, will go to St. John's hospital ,this afternoon for surgical, treaimpnt.- It is ex- p't:tedi that he will he able to rC'. Rume the performance of his liutiiiM within a couple of weeks. In the interim these duiie.> will he performed hy Mr. B. U. Ke», tvho come.* from the Topeka office of the weather bureau (or that piii-pos?. —Phone jis .voiir onlers for <:as, Oklahoma, Illinois. Ctdorado, and .several other grade.s <>t coal and coke. lola. Junk and Coal Coj, phou» :J17. first, d<ior north Katy depot. —?2.9S Shoes at. the Spot Cash Shoe Store. Tbo Rpgi.ster had a most appreciated v*dl this morning from .Mr. Jame.<» Farr. one of the pioneers of the county, who still Uvea upon the farm in Elm township np<m which he located when he firct came in KatLsas in 1S71. In hl.s S2nd year Mr. Farr i^ hale and hearty, in the eujoyinent of all his facultie.s. and getting much out of life. It wa.s his first visit to the ne-w Register office and he ex-<l •?nri)rise and. admiration over the liuilding and its equipment. Death j «t Ftefc MlMn.. Frank Beradsen, aged 84 years passed awmy at 4 9'cldcfc y««l«rday afternoon au PtqaC tire funeral »ervic« win be St MarUn'f church at Pltjna at 9 o'clock Moh: day moriilnK. the Rer. Fr. Heinman officlaiing. —We pay 6* on Poll PaW and InstanmenC Stock. The. best iarest- meni. the beat method to save. 8e rtrltf Bide, is jMOt AnwtUOm,- Ma, Kaatias. -i-^veral grades of Coal intran- .iJt. Phone your orders to lola Junk and Coal (j'o., phone »17, flrst door north Kiity depot. ] .Mrs. Perry O. Haniwn was In Lawrence ;Wednesday and spoke at a meetiji^ of the Home and! Foreign missionary societies of the FH-st .Methodist church on c,ondi- tions in China. She also spoke at the church night supper in the ev ening, her topic beitag. "Wlial o( the Future of China T' —Call, phoiie or write ns for onr 1928 .Memorandum Calemlar. Shan- nofa's Hardware. —O. L. Cox, .U D. Specialist, Bye. Kar. Nose and Throat. .Mrs. Thomas Getx Hill, wilt of the Gplscopar minister of the lola i;nd Chanute chnrches, was callet? to Wayne. Pa.. Wednesday on aci count of the death of her stsler'f husband. Dr. F. C. l.ea.s. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor. Tola I-nundry BIdg. Phone 13S. —Dr. .A. B. Twadell, Osteopath. New GIob« Bldg. Phone 191. The Itineraries of the Collese of Emporia glee clubs for their an nual tours in 1928 have been an tioiinced hy Dean D. A. Hirschler of the School of Music. Both dubs will .start on their trips Januar>14 and will he goiie ten dayii. TI K young women will appear Ju lolp on January 21-22. .Miss Peail Picken.< will chaperone the ladie.s' club Miss Dorothy Gibson, of Chanute Is a member of the club. —Wanted to Buy: Copy of Nov. 10 Register. Bring or plioiie Reg isfer. IS. —Oood Coal makes warm iVfond.". The lola Ice. Co!d Storage and Fuel Co. Call lie for prices. —All furnttitr-o and household goods in my home a) "IJOl South Colborn will be for saJe Thursday, Friday and Saturda.'^ this week. Call from l .iW p. m. fo A:m) p. m. or telephone 1U05W for appointment. O. H. I'arkening. .Afr. and .Mrs. Charles Schulze and daughters, of liraiuird, Nehr. .•'I>et)f the, week-end with .Mr. and Mrs. FiedFisher. of near I.jHaVpe 1 • . ' — —Wanted Jo Buy: Copy of Nov._ 10 Register. Brins or plioiie Reg" is^ter. IS. Mrs. W. C. Crpwell. of Lallarpe who lias been the of rrlenil>= in Tulsa and Sand Springs, returned home yesterday. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chlroprac- .tor. Northrup Bl.dg. Phone 32«. -Mrs. K. K. Drake, of 209 South Sycamore street, who has been undergoing a course of treatments at the Johnson hospital in ChaniiK for,the two weeks, will he op erated upon tomorrow for gall stones i —Dr. O. E. Pendarvis. Dentist. jOfi. over Glolie. Pho. 38-1: R<',s. 112.1 The Humlwldt unit of the Worn en's Farm. Bureau is meeting ihit afternoon at the home of Mrs. Robert Hamtn. north of Humboldt j Plans for the 192S program of ih« unit are being made. —Dr. J. T. Rcld, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 337. —"Van's Bread." good as ever. Mr; and Mrs. C. S. Ritter .and .son. Hartien. of C21 East Broadway, left this afternoon on »h< Flyer for City to vi.sit over the week-end wUh their daughter and .sister. .Miss" Neva Ritter.. F. L. B. M ;.4VEI .Ii. .M. IK Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rei'turo. _ Elect ro-Physlotherapv Miss .Alic Ulurphv. of Lewis- 1* OfTIre lola State Bank Bldg. town. M:.l,o. who has been visi,in «'t . , /i'^rrl*! "'1^. . h.-r idoiln-r, .Mrs. John .Murphy and family, will leave lomorrow" eve- iiiiit; lor SfV York City on one of her r .'uulai- buying trips. fliickeii Diuii'-r :^Hn<l.:iy at Li -winai )s C;if.'. Robert WilJfOli, of Ti.peka. state college V. .M.'f. A. secretary, was ill' lula a .short time ,thi .-i iniorning t-iiroute to I'arscins where he will :-|irak toni>;hi at the Hi-V confer- "'nte.: While in lola he met .witli itie nieniliers of the junior college Y. M. C. .\. <::il)inet at which time Jilaiis for I lie fuiiae were dis- ciissisl. Notice. ;—It has been riitnoreil that Olen .Stafford and .\lva Flack were ac- I u.sed of my re<-ent holdup. This is a(l a mistake ^:is I personally know 'Where .these" two gentlemen wer<^-at-that time. And If any one :K < uSeil tlieni. they were mistaken ai they were innoceiiit absolutely. '}<aipned( JOHN ^V. BARLEY. Bayard, Kansa.s. ' ; B. .Moore, of Neosho Falls, c \v;is a husiuess visitor in lola this iiioinin;;. -Four ttperl Typewriters will;he ^•1M at auitioii at Bishop's S.lle . I'aviiton Satitnlay. .Afiss Christine Kramer, of near I'i«iua. went tn IIunil)oIdt today to vi'.tt an uncle. John Bniggeman and family. Wanted to I !ny: Copy of Nov. I'l Hegjsiei. Brin.t; or phone Reg- !^l.•t•. IS. - Charles Ahleson, of the Ableson Cltjaners. is leaving today for Wasiiington. D. C. where he will att 'iid the anniinl r-onvenllon of Cleaticrs nmi Dyers to he held 5n that city the first f|our days of ii.-xt weik. lie will, i join several hundred <*thers of his profes.sion in St. Louis and will travel from th'fre to Washington hy special train. The big event of the convention will be the oi>ening of the tiew $12 ."j.oon in.stitute of the In. diistry. Herbert Hoover and Ed- u':ir, Cuest are among those who will appear otj the program of the convention. .Mr. Ableson Is mak^ inp the trip simply to acquaint l.jmself. with all of the new ideas which have developed in the In- /dusfry during the past year and rxr jpecis Ui return 'home a week from tomorrow. 1). W. ;Jeffer.s, of Selma. Kans.. was a Jutsiness visitor in ltda yes terday. We know Bakei^y Products are gotSd, Eur i Harei Voii Tried Ours? VAN HOOZERS. 1 .Mr anrl \UA. H. W. Crich. of 502 South State .street, left lor Tulsa Okla., U'ednesday. to visit theit daughter. Mrs. Paul Coman and family, and .son. Everett I'rich. .Mr ITrich will I IKI K for employment while there. : —Broken lines.jl.". to iS.'^O values go at $2.9S. Spot Cash Shoe Store. Mrs. O. Q. Marsh, of 208 South Buckeye street, is entertaining bet uifcle, Harry Babcock. of Kanaa? Cit.v, Kans. He will remain until Sundiiy. •' —A oar of good dependable Lump Coal on track. per ton off car, ?C.2.i per ton delivereil. lola Junk and Coal Co., jihoiie 317. first door north Katv depot. Mrs. Mary Bonewell (is quite III »t her home.. 415 South Buckeye street. —For Real E.state Loans see Uiel Seearlty Bide. * Loan Assoiiatlon,' lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. Joe Myler.; son of Mrs. E. W ' Myler. of "10 North Washing!oi>' avenue, was elected as.slstant ad-' verllslng mahager on the L'nIYer' T sity Dally Kansun at a meeting of! the Ransan board held Wedtje!*diiy I aherntNtn for the purpos;e of electing new officers for Ihe coming ye.-ir. —If yoti want to buy or build, city or suburban property. The lola Budding & Loan Association fW make y6u a loan, low interest rate no commission. See f;. E. Pees Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner of square. Cecil Oliver of 686 North Chestnut, if In the S. B.iA. hospital at Topeka for treatment This lio.s- pltal is maintained by the Security Benefit .As.sociatioji land ius servlc- ea are free to nieiiibers of; the so clety, ._ JMB NEOSHO VALLEY ; <C. L. Arnold) ilan. 11.—Service hours at Salem Cljapel aire a.s here indicatwl: Suii- ilay .school on Sunda.v. l.'ith, at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 7:lMi p. m. Preaching hy the pastor, llev. .\. L. Vczie at 8 p.; m. .Mld- v.eek prayer service on Ketiuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cleaver have returned" from a vi.sit in Nehrawka tor a short stay wiih -Mr CIraver's parent.s. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cleaver, before reiitrt;liig to their home i'l Colorado. Theyer Cleaver, who was at home for the hohday vacation, returned id Manha tan to resume his course in the aRricullural 10 lege. • .Mrs. Harold Cleaver, who w.os operated on at the hospital early last week, is able to sit up. .so will likely be back on the side in a short time. .Mrs. Christiana Young and son. A. W. Voting, siieut .Monday eve- liing out on their fari)i going ii'vi^r some busiuesjs matters and visitikig Jack Tawney and family. ' The extreme cold weather at the incoming of the present ye^r, that so ruthlessly beset our comfort, and fltistrated our plans for farm activities, is toeing followed by a I period of sunshine and mild temperature which brings 2 lull' to exerted energies^ that amounts to passive and phyaical composure, but it contiiiues till the ground dries some, wilropen up a field of labor to the farmer who firmly believes in winter plowing for the coming season's crops. Mr. and iMrs. Chas. France and children of San Francisco. Calif. j were visitors and supper gncots at, the home of J. W. Jobm^on and fatnily- Monday evening. The Mrs. S.- T. and L. J. Baxiey Thirteen' Bound Ck^ely To, Nation's Fortime-:^ JHistory Proves Day Is Goe^d One for U. S. By >EA Service Don't feel that you ought to rtay indoors and keep your fingers crossed ]ust because today happens to be Friday the 13th. According to the sus >erstitiqtt8 lore of the ages, Friday the i3th may be fraught with' evil xunens— but Amertca, at ought to regard the day as the luckiest on thr calendar. Frlttay and the number 13, either .together or separately, have piayed a large and beneficent part in'American history, antl anyone who thlnk.s He is unlucky will have to take a second guess. PerslilnK's BlrtlAar. To l>egin w-fth, it'si supposed to b<--"the height of ill luck to be born on Friday the 13th. .Yet Reh. John J.' Pershing, wai'-tlme commander of the .\. IH. F.. wa.<? born on such a date, and'it must be admitted thai he has risen pretty high for a man whose Vi<f- hegdii umier an unfavorable star. The exact date of his birth was Septemlivr. 13, 1S60. Then, everybody knows, there are 13 strijffs In the .AmericiiB flag. ' Originally, when that flag was most in need <if fortune's smilc.-i. there were l:', •tiatu also. "And. of coiirse. there were. 13'colo­ nies at the time of ihe Revolution. If 1.1 were an unlucky number for Amerita, C.eorge IH otrght to have won that war In no time. But the comliiiiiitiou proved so lucky for .-Vnierica—whose revolutionary i-onnuauder customarily S !gue<l his name Ceo. Washington, in which there are exactly i:! letters—that on Jutie 1 :1. :T7S. the kingdom of France dci idc; to come to the new coitiKry's aid. iiiid thu.^ made cer- ti>in the. success of the war for indepenileiice. now llown west of ^Humboldt i " 'l'''^'';'.*' »^ve- ^a,•h"^vin^'or^AZ}^ Ins l" fe'lf .l 'i-h*'^'"'' ''^ '"""l'"^'''" Ott liillbrant, """^ •'iteiult:.,- play and chili .Mr ajtd Mrs. Scott .MtfKmley of Volt might notice that there are 13 letters in 'revoluiionary." too. As if they were aware of things, the fathers of the Republic proceeded to work I.' into the .Aipericaii sclienic- vci-y effectively. For our uaiional motto . they pickeil "K Pluribiis I'uunl." which has Vi Mters. On the escutcheon of our country they put an eagle, 1' , i -rs. They laid the fonmkitions of the White H<)iis«» 011 October l.f. 17!I2. They organized the Northwest territory on July I't. 17.S7. So much for our eai'ly hi.story. Now l<t's (ome ilowri fo modem times. Woodrow M'iJ .'Mh. wartlmo ileni under whom .\merica wa-s victorious in it.s greatest war. had 13 letter.s in his name. Ani there arc 1.1 letters in the .'•Ignature of his military chieftain, the afore- mentioiied .Tohn .1. Pershing. The great American victory of St. Mihiel was won on, the l .tth. . Our pro.siierity rest:-- on ot|f in- In .'trie.s. and if they should have had luck the country as a whole would share in it. Bhf there are wactly 13 letters ih *he name of one of our higgcsl corjKirai ions'— General Motors—and then* are i:{ letters in the title of another in^ dnstrial giant, the Stamlard Oil Co.. Whwh )y.i'\ enjoyed fortune's smiles for years. N(iw let's examine Frhlay a hit 1= it unlucky? Friday a OnnA Bay. Not for .America. Colum^>us sailed on a Friday and (?Iscovert'd land on another Friday. The Declaration of Independence was introduced on a Frida.v. Comwallis surrendered on a Friilay, And as if that i .'in 't enough, in 1776. when fleonre III calliid t'..r a day of I 'asting and i>rayer in Bifitain t.> insure the ilffeat <,f the i.--bellinit colonies, h'' issued I I I P jiroi lama- tion on Friday the 13th. anil Robert were Tuesday forenoon callers at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. E. G. Oshorne. .Mr. E. E. Reynolds is helping his hrolher-ni-law. J. B. Pouletic with his farm work at present. In week or two Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds ami his parents., Mr. an.l Mrs. .\. W. Royutdd.s will . move out to Wichita. Mr and Mrs. A. W. Hicks of I.a- Ffarpe were at the Williums-HiVks home one evening early last wefck.j Mr. and .Mr.-. J. W. .iohnson .iml Sam Jidinsou made a business trip to El Dorado Monday 1? Mrs. Gulletf s Itei^ Sam Baker of Golden jValley neigijAorfaood got a message k Sunday saying t^at his brother Charles had ilied Su^iday; morning it Pueblo. Colorac^. Mrs Arthtir Edwards is jenter- taining her .-daughter through the holiday season. i If you read 3 chapters of J.salah you will woi^er what will he com of the fashion of the.preseiit day. We sure l^U sorry for -Mi^ Sam PAGS THREE mo w5 Baker wheii we heard of her jchick- ens being '^.stolen for she ;has a large famlyiand works hanl and Is sure a gtiod wom.-!i:. ' ' Mrs Paradiue ..Mitchell wa? orer in ,La Harpe; a Sunday the ^st of Mrs Logan, r She has "many t warm friends who; are all ways glad to see her over hear.' O bow !he -:snow did meli nhi the mud was fearce. : Mrs BecKey Arnolds sjstier Is ver.v- loWi she liv.;s. ou her? farm clOctJ to Eh-a. Mrs Hunt has opcncit a liovelty i counter in bc-r humo ou iust; house jin block three South Washington, {east sMe of the street. Our heart-aches for Mrs Beckey ,j Arnold and ;Mr3 Bell Lee Davis it the .sad hours. How we rfn^-mbe: in 62 .Star.ding by our .netiitr grave. Jan i. that always win i- isad day to its., And bow ^heiie^ nt; had ever swor an oath or lommtt- ted a crime. I taught them hbiiiier from youth up—so Is Dad ;80 Is son—Is an old saying. Oh how many sad things are ocurlng In life. We would rather be the njother of the 'rlttel girl than the mother of the boy if he don the de«L Many thank to .Miss Bell Horwitz of St. I.,ouis who U8t 10 run i.the New York store for a Ultel black poodle dof(. with ^'^ass eyea. Il dont 'ir. She" ne*.' r forgets to make si >ni one. bappie. God bles«'h -i. , Say tlu'iinv- <;ure onjoy the rabbit bunt viih 4iir-ar dog ami rabbit eats! Sa'^/bit pie is faard'to I «at. Bofaett Jury butchered a h >g Ibr Mr Richt. he Is a good faaind and wilt butcher for anyone. Mr Roberts the iarmers union man was delivering chicken 'eed a ifonday eavning ^n J=-otith Washington after lamp h-^ht a i^oc au acconui of the isuoa ;!i <1 AM1 cent lots. ' We got a Plesanti .ii Enterpri."-*? the first v,.. saw on.l if Is sure ;•. :. paper M<iv it Hve Jo .u- h9*-23 CA.servei^ •wf- evTr-'- ^ newsy per. It h :t& ;?um (?«Oil to'.ti-iry resfwndents. •: We received a Now Yea. .i^: eet- ing from Mr nnii Mr- Ti;; 'vVJ !;;;i»:s iof Colorado. T !i on Friday 15-.and lias always laug 'JieA at ihe tlaclo -Mill tl pv v.-er r ;us lo-sav "Kow 7 lay me d-i^vn to! I^"" ^ •, •- -t^ter :sleep- and Thr Prayer, be- •,'' 1 ,K '-i for shodiodJfor fettr we would not!-. l-"''^'' •.-armers . father. Mi;. Cary Roush; who went i vorabJ.; weather for p.whiuK il.. up there recently on a .Visit, waswork on the new l.rid}.-e that a.. partly spans the .N'eosiho river." (; L course the middle .-.pan which i.- the longest, has not yet :been ti)uchi-d. The old neiji,bhors and tri 'Mids 'if haviui; Nerious trouble iwith his heart. . ' ' " S. T. (lui! L. J. Eaxley jiut in the daysawii.i w.-.uA on Clare?!'" LUH'H plade Monday, and Tuestt.'v thev oul' learn it afltk n" r.'.qr.-. .Many ib3 .-til>.-'. iv-: the gifts- from Kansas Clty^ and tJirard, Kaiis. We received a greeting .- from Mrs WilHnghty RiWng of Lawton; Okla. This"; Is fenre a sad CI H^I I T-: mas lime tp her as her aisteri is no more. '. .Matiy thaJiks tii our friends Mr and Mrs ; Harry Boekin for a Chri.stmas box also one fro» Mr and ^irs v.iil u iRgonti. • ,May >-jur > be many.,yuiir s«rr" ."s few: Thi.< is^tl-..- greeting X give io you. ; t.di how'niaii:. ^ribel tbinga are happuing in our i-.ome |>aper., • We wonder liow the Poleace Cazett i.s. ather n Tuesday, glad M; Shaffer ciri sawed f('r:<i. W. Cornell Jiiid imiav • .\, w Vouf. n the side note j We" rememlier when w>> usr to slip liav^ a yke.engagement for Llwight uitii no .^tuiU .l-m^^' "i piiue ili?i;h.r Puleace Cazen William's.! ' , expansion of his pi'li''al (,-ipacity .Mr. and .Mrs.. J. K. Hutchinson or juri.-diciion. f'f cur-e a hon made a driveto Oklahoma Sunday, from the city vi:i;in« er's > tfice ;o returniiigUioine .Monday.;' .Mrs. C. .that of the offic- iUe .-.iutity •'fcnsiiieer is imt .-ml; a loi.:; .stride, but il i.^ lii'liiiilely 111 III - .liiubiiig .li:octi<iU. A nun>ber from ilus utiKiibor- .M. Johlisiin Went down •iith them 1 ivihiiin' awhil.- with Iwr daughter. Slrk Clara Vaughn. ' ' Air. and .Mrs.' Charley : llillbrantj A party of slioiks - n.K the film varieiy^re<-ei;tly visiud r. town for the first time. .-Xirpl.'nies anil motor cars failed to •impress iliera. But water faucets wer<-' objects of The brulge contractor,- Mr. Dan I veneration atid a staiivase filled Walttrsj takes advantage^'of all fa-;i them with woniicr. South I^ogan township w ^cre at the Williamfl-llicks home Su^iday, and in the evening Mr. and Mrs. CIay-|i ton Hicks land Miss Gertr.'ude Hicks Were tlwre. •It of our <-(ii|sin's wiic-n visiting thriar aiul jjre .•.•hat awiul) things wel- happnijif;. a.s they Iwer. not Mawted in 'lii.! home paper. Bui thf m ('.^ys^i-jre gon forever, the chiidrrn of; today taulk tike old folks as th.i old cullard .Mama^.said doiivu South to mo. Soni one! in the .S'orlh part ot tovn is haying a seag gettins ihear ifJi k as .soai one coms along and taltes milk bottel and goes oft with if. .-V. person may bo pooi!; but they iieed not steal.; Remember honner goes faithcr then any thing. A few .vears ago we got a letter-from the Dr that" was in Crofford Vben _ we.first.came to Kansas. He said*! hi.s children wer grown and not see edi- rmers •ii'U .sure has. ;i i .ir:;'.'.- dot 'ibe Miii .sloD.11> "ho he am hiM wife lectured at tT.e- M. K. ,cjb irch a week ago Tuesday eave was well liked and ;'•. w:is Pete and Rf peat as the collard said * bOut working for th« Lor<l. The ones that went wer well repaid. We are sorry to boar Mr, Holt wa.s so poorly. Ben Gardner wa-^ over regavdl «ss ' of the weather We are so he cnn t.^ ;il .<jad witli h :s| torlal work. Yea ;s . u. ru*n died ni • Tie i-ountv fatTn. Tnft a son five vear.s old. ' n--;.-. r ...K him, he pn .w uf," man '.-r ''> Treasurer.^ Ui-'io ami ' . c'".! honerbel citizti!; was •<:.•••; ,1 i> every body—so thear : • n .1:: yi- ' .I'uren Mitchell and aunt . .Mrs ,Moi>!.- wer onr pleasant callers while Cathren Mitchell -wts up ' from Pittsburg where she is attending coUedg. M'e believe in home life, niiit -js-- ber your children will be a chui off of the! old ibloct^. 'is an-old .<^;i .vlnE. Y'ou wnuUl hate to have it said ho is no good but con}s by it ag[|g^- DABTSCOLOS 1^ ' ara soon "nipped in tba wlOiont "dcMnc'hy in • VAi»ORiUS .Mrs. J. .SV. Johnson recci midnight message from Oxfoid late last week stating that her ve .1 a rand- L.umbagp • Men and women evBiywIiw* uae and Tccammend Foley 'PiHs diuretic for relief from tomtet of Lumbago. Tbey satMy-Over 25 ycara Foley PUIc A dhmtic (tlmalant for U M ItMaaya SoUEtniutitn . nnoviS 'Si Dhuc STORB Plate Lunches Chill i SandivirheK ' .-25c ..lec -lOc dANDY SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY i 1 • • , • • - i3X Chocolates, 2 pounds ftr — .-_-35c Peanit Buttereties. pound .-..!.._22c Jack StraM'* Cocoa Pillows, Black Walnut Satinette^ pound. ---.28c 1 Pound i^o.v .Mallow .Milks . 9Sc * Effective January 10,192S New ChryaUr '*'SZ'* Two-door Sedan •eiO Coupe » -: - 670 Roadster « ' - 670 Tburing » - . » 695 Fpur'door Sedan 720 DeLuxe Coupe; - 720 beLuxe Sedan [ - 790 Great ^ew Business Coupe 'lOeS Rojadster - 10751 pouring - ' » 1095; TwoKloor Sedab 1095 Coupe l«WinaBbie;.in() ll45^ , Hour'door Sed^ 11751 Ifahdau S^lan - 1235 lUastrioiM New, two Pass. Cou^ »1^45j (•Rth nunblcmt) lloyal Sedan V 1595 Sport Roadster - 1595 JFpuT'Pass. Coupe 1595; Town Sedan ; - 1695 tonvertibleCijupe 1745 twfeia rnmbk ^tciO Crown Sedan : - 1795 New.ll»;H.P.' ; Imperiali »S6" koadster •2795 Bve-Pass. Sed^ 29451 Town Sedan :U 2995 Seven-PascSeiian 307» kedan Limous^e 349S • • / ' • ' ' diaUn ark fat ftUm Unchanged and upwards 4o IBodjy Styles C hry61 e ^ 8 sensational: rise froni 27th to !ird| pl|ice iir sales in 42^ months i« the result of a; phenome^ial jpublic pre-^ ference tl^at has contimv'* . ouslyden^ded arecord*: brealdnff^olume of qu^; ityjnotorixars. Chirysleils. tremendout productfjon and rapid growth are tjhe direct results of public recbgUi^ tibn of imoea and savn ings which only Chrysler Standardized Quality can provide. You ^"ill then in6tandy recognise why Chrysler cars — by the most astounding price sayings whichremdtfrom a h^e ankn^wdlygrowio^pi^ lie draiand —ate today miMre diian ever die most marvelous motor cat^ values in their respective price groups. Iiabe^ -80." in At item^inmtmticmlor cambinationt om d^at tk€ AmioSkowiuid In aU tUalarmilmroimi PHONE 56 .8 K 1 F O R D E ge i'tXZ S0UTH STREET M O N S' T R A T I O N

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