The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 5
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SENATOR VMS' REPLY. i __^ Delivered a Scathing Rebuke tc ' the Maryland Senator, BE EULOGIZED TfiE Bis Motion to Strike Out One Eighth Differential on Sugar—Ifewarl does to dupe town—Proceeding* in thi ftonse — Japanese Minister Uncalled C6xeyltes Seeking For Assistance. *, July 2T.— Senator Vllns •Who was secretary of the interior anti , later postmaster general during CleVe- ' land's first administration, replied 'Thursday to Senator Gorman's attaoli •nfofi * tte president. For two hours h( : held the floor amid the rapt attention •of the senate and galleries, delivering his scathing rebuke of the. Maryland seiia •tor. He denounced Gorman's assault nt Wanton, reckldss and unjustifiable and •though he declared Cleveland needed no •defense at his hands, he took up seriatim . "the charges made by Gorman and mel them with masterly skill and logio. He made his statement/ he said, in the in terest of the truth of history. Bsn/itor Gorman was not in the senate at thi time and to this fact the Wisconsin senator called attention with regret. In conclusion he eulogized the personal character and public integrity of Cleveland in the' most glowing terms, declaring with dramatic fervor the president of the United States who had received so many evidences of the honor and respect of the people could not suffer from this attack of the Maryland senator. Vllai Withdraws His Motion. ' At the conclusion of his speech, Vitas explained that in view of the fac Messrs. Gorman, Brice and Smith hac assured him hisjnotion to recede fron the 1 -8th differential in favor of the re flners of sugar' must fail, and the fur ther fact that a Democratic caucus hac decided to agree to a further conference without instructions, he would withdraw the motion. After some general remarks by Senator Stewart against the interference o the executive with the legislative branch •of the government, Senator Hill's motion that the senate 'recede from it -amendments placing a duty of 40 cents i ton on coal and iron was voted on anc • defeated. The 'Republicans, excep Hansbrongh (N. DO, joining the Demo crate bound by, the caucus - agreemen against it. The vote stood tt to 05 ant • V to W. Irby (S. C.) was the only otbe Democrat except Hill who voted foi free, coal and. .iron. The Populists . Allen,' Kyle and Peffer, also voted in the • affirmative. Waahbnrn (Minn.) re newed Vilas' motion to instruct the con ferees to recede from the 1-Bth differ • ential on refined sugar, but Senator 'Gray made the point of order against i that it was not competent for the senate to instruct in a "full and free" confer •ence. -• . •• • • • • •' ' : The point of order was debuted for •• iomo time, but had not been docidei when the senate adjourned. There is a doubt, however, that it will be BUS tained and this motion ruled out. COXEYITES PLEAD FOR" ASSISTANCE Cnnfrrnuloiml Aid to Keturn to Thulr Homes Again. WASHINGTON, July 2V.— Large jtnd in • dlgnaut delegations from tbe Industrie armies camped about Washington ap plied at the room of the committee on labor of the house Thursday not to urge their bills, but to plead .for assistance The expected hits happened, their lead ers had deserted them aud they sough' • congressional aid to return to the localities whence they had cuiuu. Coxey's man said their leadur had loft them ii the lurch yesterday. Kelly's mun averred thoir louder had drifted away •everal days USD mid that they did noi •expect to soo him again, while' 1 Fryo's men said their lender hud probubly iibnu •doned thorn. Tho men who wr-iv lirougii from tbo Paoifiu const by K.'Ily w;-a pur ticularly indigimut and oxpr.:-ij.i d a for vid desire to tar and I'uuthor their general. Mr. McU-ann told thi'iii thoro wus not the slightest change of a govern meat appropriation for their return not •ent them to the local superintendent o: charities. _ Urlsp CtUU on GloveUud. WABIIINUTON, July 37. — Speaker Crisp was at the White House Thursday and his visit with the president caused a re iiewal of the comment an to tbo intoree of the administration in supporting the tariff position of the house, Mr. Crisp declined to wty anything concerning the .conference or to even intimate whether the tariff deadlock between th«* houMw pro* a subject (or discussion. Reprenen tativw Kilgore (Tex.) aud Bynuui(Ind. also saw tie presldont. To hU callers the president expressed the same determination shown in tho letter to Chair Wilson. • • Gold Reserve uu the Toboggan. WASHINGTON, July 87.—Tbo gold re- gem received another severe blow by tbe engagement at New York of (9,000, 000 for eiport next Saturday. This leaves tbe true amount of ths reserve, $58,1(45,. 786, or 13,054,570 lower tbau tbe lowest point reached previous to tbe February bond issue. Tb» MporUtious of gold •inoe tbe February boud issue aggregate about |78,UO,000, while the importations amount to about |ll.aW.Otw, waking the net loss of gold during tbo last aix luontua ubout 187,000.000. Kewark O«es »v <>»•* T0wu. WASHINGTON, July 81.—The Newark, which has bed» on duty on tbe Boutl Atlantic station slope tbe beginuiug o| hostilities in Brazil! suited front Rio de Janeiro for C«pe Town, Africa, wbero •tie will be docked and cleaned, Tbe Newark to the flagship of the South At lautio station and her depurturu loaves tbe YawMo tbe only United Status vewel «H tbe station. July »7,— iu tuu Uoutte wure dull iu vx- {reuie. The uonfwouw report uu tUo bill ww ugrood to i hud beM awlgnsil to the commltte( on iiitetstate and foreign commerce aac some W ot 80 bills repotted from thi! committee were passed, among them th« bill making Oakland, Cal., a pott ol entry. _ _ MRS, BEALE'8_NARROW KSOAPE. baughtar of the tntc ^nmon O, Hlalne Ven tutran Into Too Deep Watnr. Los ANOteLKs, Cal., July 27.— Mrs, Truxton Beale, daughter of the lat< James G, Elaine, had a narrow escapf irom death at Santa Monica bead Thursday. Mrs. Beale, her husband and a party of friends have been at Sants Monica during the past two weeks and have spent much of the time at th« North Qeach bath, where they indulged in the big plunge btith. None of the party can swim. Mrs. Beale is boldei than any of the, others and took upon herself to teach them. Three or foul were in the water when Mrs. Beate ventured beyond her depth and went under, By her struggles and' cries for help, th< proprietor, Boy Jones, son of Sonatoi Jones of Nevada, was attracted to the scene. Mrs. Uoale had disappeared nn der the water for the third time when Mr. Jones plunged in— hat, clothes and all — and, as he is an expert in the water, soon fished the lady out, and thus saved her life. _ Mrs. Blnokln Oets One-Thlrif. CHICAGO, July 87.— Judge Kohlsaat rendered a decision favorable to the widow in the first point presented in thi legal battle over the great estate of thi late Thomas Mackin. The decision ii against the son and the son-in-law of the multi-millionaire contractor. Theeffec is that instead of a dower interest in the valuable school leases belonging to the estates, Mrs. Mackin will receive one third of these properties as her share. Captain Maokity Answers His Aeefcsera. NORTH ENID, O. T., July 27.— Captain J. O. Mackay, in command of the troop guarding the property of the Bock Islanc near here has issued a card in answer to charges made by the mayor and citizens Of South Enid. He denies the allegation! wired to the secretary of war, . statinj that the arrests were made by Unitei States marshals and not by troops. Debs Not Connected With It. CHICAGO, July 27.— President Debs of the A. R. U. says: "I have seen in the newspapers mention of an organitation called the American Labor Union and my name has been coupled with it. i have no connection with this organisa- tion whatever, official or otherwise, and any use of my name in connection with it is wholly unauthorized." Fearful Windstorm »t Pierre; ' PIERRE, S. D., July SS7,— A fearful windstorm* occurred -here. The weather bureau reports that it attained a velocity of 60 miles an hour. The smoke stack of the Northwestern steamer Jim Leigh ton was blown off, piercing the bottom of the boat . which sunk. Crops were badly damaged. ' ,'..'. JTIrst Result at F«rkliur«t'« Cru.ade. NEW YORK, July 27.— The police board 1 has found Police Captain Doherty and ex-Wardmen Mehau .and. Hock guilty of having received money for .police protection and they were dismissed from the force. This is the first tangible result of the Parkuurat crusade. Declared the Strike Off. DENVER, July 27.— At a meeting of local lodge A. R. U., 850 members present, it was decided to declare the strike off. This step was taken because it was thought that strikers could regain their positions better than if tho matter should be postponed to a later date. HOT WINDS 00 DAMAGE Corn Producing States Swept by Withering Blasts. BEPORT ON THE HEAT, Low Water In the B DDBUQUE, la., July U7.— The Diamond Jo Steamboat company has notified shippers that it cannot accept freight for points above La Crosse, on account of low water. SPARKS FROM THE WIRES. Wilson Soule, mlllioimlro BOH of T. A. Soulo, w«s killed by a runaway horso at Uochuster, N. Y. Henry Bennett, colored, wag hanged at Mumphia, Tenn., for the innnlor of his wife in May, 1893. Jonu H. Bryant, brother of William Cullun Bryant, celebrated bis 87th birthday at hl» iioiuo In Princeton, Ilia. Lou In Holder wan hanged In tho United States jail yard at Fort Smith, Ark. Ho killed George W. Buokford in 1801. TheRt. Kev. Thoiniis 8. Byrne, the newly appointed bishop of tho (Hoeene of Nashville, Tenn., wan consecrated. Tlioums K, Mitchuin took charge of the Sedrtlia, Warsaw aud Southwestern tut receiver, It In a nurrow-guuge road owned by the Missouri Pacific. John Stevens was sentenced at Salviu, III*., to 19 years in the penitentiary for robbing M safe at luka, III*. Bunttvr and ShermRii Brttloy, brother*, •ged 84 and 88, were overcome by uss in a well at Wood Kails, Mian,, and dirt Iw font help came. Fire starting from • locomotive »p«rk did 1700,000 damage at St. Joseph, Mo. Ex-SeurBtary of the Navy Nathan Oofl ii critically 111 at hii borne, Clarksburg, W.Va. A boy in Birmingham, Ala., mistook ill* father and sister for burglar* aud shot and killed (hum. The North American Turner Bund, in session at Denver, decided to locate executive board headquarter* In St. Loul*. ' Populist Ktutu oftioUU of K«n*a* oou- dttuiu Obass's assault upon Judge Mo- Uouald. The govetuor may remove dBase, Kx-Qovcrnor St.. John will remove to N«w York, whoru hu lias a position with a life iuiurauou company. Tbe Novoe Treuiya-HHuuloflloUlly— status that iiuusla will probably »U» with Gltlua iu the COMMMI wrap. '4'vvo ships of tho United State* Bering soa squadron have been ordered to the Chinese *Utl»a to look afWr Uuole Saw's tutwwits. Mayor Draper, ex-chief of police of '1'oroivto, Out., and a noted military man, Udtud. Muatllou, O., caul operators have de- cidud tu pay iK) ceuU u ton or nothing, MO thum atoms uu prospi'ot of u sttUiwivnt uf thu atrlku. Ooluuol KUwunl Jlurrlck OunUj), out) of the livst wtUww o( Chicago, dUM Itfu. Ho was baru lu 1*11. K»ln Mint Soon or Crops Wilt be En- tlrety fenrnod Up—Dlscottrnglns; Reports From KmiBdn—In Localities Where there Has Been tight Shbwers There It Some Hope, ' OMAHA, July 27.—A more withering blast never swept across parched Sahara than that which scorched the great plain between the Missouri river and the Rocky mountains Thursday. For two days the simoon had blown from the southwest, and each day was hotter than its predecessor. Wednesday the maximum temperature was 80 degrees at this points Thursday it was 100. From all ove» the territory tributary to Omaha, a strip 800 miles north and south and .100 miles east and west, come reports of the terrible effecte of the hot wind. Where- over the ground WM already dry .the growing corn has 'been baked, Where there was any moisture left there is still hope fort.lie crop. A rain in SS4 or BO hours would be Worth a great deal of money. Small grain has been harvested generally and will suffer none. Potatoes are fating better than 'com. The. latter crop is jus): outing in the ear and'is therefore more susceptable to the heat. Very Few Prostrations From Beat. A special from Chadrbn says rain fell there just after 5 o'clock. The temperature there reached 108. At Superior, on the southern border of the state, the maximum was 112. All points reporting place the temperature at above 100. Very few prostrations have been reported. •' A. M. Wright, private secretary of Governor Crotuwe, was overcome at his 'desk at the capitol at Lincoln while alone, and was found unconscious by a newspaper reporter. Bis condition is critical. A policeman was ,also overcome on the streets of Lincoln. He may recover, two young men were slightly prostrated at the Lincoln depot. In Oinaha no cases of sunstroke are reported. ]People kept in doors' as much as possible. < In Council Bluffs and South Omaha'much the sarnie condition existed. THt '(OFFICIAL REPORT ON HEAT. Hot Wave Embraced, A teqre Area In the Central West. . ; . .... CHICAGO, July 27.— Professor, W. L. Moore, in charge of the United States weather bureau in this city, has furnished tho following special report oh the •extraordinary hot weather now prevailing, in the central portion of the country. Ait: abnormally low barometrical condition, attended by extreme heat, and brisk south w^nds,, covers ,the middle Mississippi and |pwer v Missouri,. Valleys. , An -, area throughout which ,the temperature Thursday "afternoon,' exceeded. 10i» De- greesembraces 'the states of South Da- ,kotaj Kansas, Iowa, south half of Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northwest part of Illinois. 'Throughout 'the entire' Mississippi valley, Ohio valley, Texas 'and Indian. Territory the temperature is considerably exceeding 90 degrees. • Must HaVe Kaln Immediately. ' 8T; PAUL, July a7i—As indicated by reports from various points in Minnesota, North and South Dakota and north- era Iowa, Thursday was .one of .the. hottest ever recorded in the northwest. From 100 to U a in the shade is reported. The long continued heat is proving disastrous to the crops. Corn must have rain immediately iu. South Dakota to eave it. Reports from northern Iowa say corn is injured beyond the power of rain to restore. The situation is some better in North Dakota. £ MILITIA TO RETIRE. Strike In Northern California Sonns to tto Nenrlng the Enrt. SAN FRANCISCO, July a?.—That the railroad strike in northern California is believed 10 be ueafing an en'd is shown in ths fact that preparations are being made to retire the state militia from the fioid. Tho mllitiatnen are expected to be ordereil homo on Saturday or Sunday nost. C.mipany H, First United States in ? 'intry, arrived at Oakland from Los A'ltf.'loi 'iU'1 was assigned to duty at the O t>..l'fid mole. These regulars were bi'ongUt north to relieve the militia and thu two companies of United States uiiirinoi from Mare Island that havobaen on duty nt the mole. The marines haVe gone to Mave Island. At Sacramento a large force of militia and regular soldiers are still maintained. Troops are also held at Dansinulr and Red Bluff on the Oregon branch and at Truckee, Rocklin, Woodland and Port Costa. At Truckee and Rocklin there is a strong force of regulars and marines. Armed guards continue to escort many of the more important trains, but of late there have been no serious disturbances. At Sacramento nearly 1,000 men are now at work in the railroad shops. The strikers who have refused to return have been paid their wages in full. The rat}road company is still badly in need of men for many lines of particular work", but there is no longer any doubt that the strikers have lost their cause, and that there is no longer any hope of a compromise. Judge Klner Imprisons Strikers. CHEYENNE, Wy., July 87—Judge Biner in the A. R. U. strike cases sen tenced Thomas King of Rock Springs to 20 days' imprisonment for threatening .to bang an engineer and fireman unless they quit work; Nick Buoher, Green River, imprisoned for 30 days for assaulting a fireman: C. H. Milter and Will Einbrey, Cheyenne, imprisoned for one day and a fine of f 15 respectfully for attempting to induce an employe to stqp work. • __^__ Lincoln and Grant Rejected. LITTLE ROCK, July !J7.—In the state Republican convention held bere q resolution was introduced indorsing Robert Lincoln for president and Fred Grant for vice president in 1H06, but the voioe of the secretary was drowned with cries of McKinley, and the resolution was withdrawn. The, sentiment of the convention was overwhelmingly in favor of Moginley. _^ Infill* Speaks at • Plcnlo. ATOHISON, Katf.,July 27.—The retail grocers of the city ' gave a picnic at Forest Park,.''at wbiJS* 10,000 people wer4;presetit f Speeches weJ* iwiaftrby ex-Senator John j! Ingalls, { the flist be has made hare,' bis home, m 15 years, and by Hon. H. C. Soloman. " '" ' Brink Plant Burned. OTTUMWA, la., July 27.—The entire plant of the Ottumwa Brick Manufacturing company, which employed the most .men of any concern in the city, was ..totally destroyed • by fire. Loss, i; insurance, $15,000. NUMBERED WITH THE OEAO. R«porU fraiu Kansas Dlscouraglne;. TOPRKA, July 37. — Reports from central and western Kansas are very discouraging. The com crop will be a failure in more than 1ml f of tho state. In the western third of tho state the crop is ruined, While in the central portion a fair crop will be raised only in suctions where local rains have fallen. Tho corn iu many fields has burnod up, and during the past three days, hot winds have swept over the western half of ' „.-•», leaving destruction iu thoir pi; . MlMourlaus I'rayliiB For I KANSAS Cm 1 , July 27. —In TV.!"'.! county, Kan., on the Noli ..i :;:• . line, the hot winds have pr • I : r threo days, causing vegotntii. ' v v\ i rapidly. The corn crop Is already nu.i.y injured and if the present weather continues much longer will be a total failure, In Audrain county, Mo., tho com crop is seriously threatened. At several prayer meeting* held m Mexico, Mo,, fervent prayers for rain were made, Holiest Day Kver Know*. MARSUALLTOWN, la,, July a 1 !.— Thursday w«i the hottest day ever kuown here. The thermometer registered as high a* 108 in the shade. A torrifto hot wind prevailed ull day, scorching aud withering everything U touched. ( The corn crop is believed to be nearly ruined, : ' ll»nk Clerk SteaU •SS.OOO. BAN FRANCISCO, July 97.— William Melville, the correspondence clerk 'of the Bank of California, has' made a confession that during the past 13 . years, be has stolen |85,0(Ki of the bank's funds. Olenwood Grain Elevator Burned. GLEN WOOD, la., July 97.— The grain elevator of Winter Bros, was destroyed by fire. About 2,000 bushels of grain in the elevator was consumed. The loss, is about fa,500, with insurance of $l,7cO. Another Suit* Fu Depot llurned. PCEBLO, July y?.— The Santa Pe depot at Nepes.ta, 85 miles west of La Junta, was burned. It is believed this fire and that which destroyed the La Junta depot weru of incendiary origin. Destroyed a Uozou Iloiue*. ANTIQO, Wis., July 27.— A fire which started in tho livery baru owned by Timothy O'Donnel destroyed about a dozen business houses and residences. Loss, of Oennrnl PniLAbELPHlA, July 27.— General Augustus J. Pleasanton tiled here after n Hngerihg illness of pneumonia. He was born in Washington 86 years ago and graduated from the United Stabs military academy in 1826. He enlisted In the Pennsylvania militia and at the outbreak of the civil war was made commander of the home guards of Philadelphia. General Pleasanton was the 1 originator of the theory that the sun's rays, when passed through blue glass, were particularly stimulating not only to vegetation, but to the health and growth of animals. ___^ _ Prominent Hainan Denel. ATCHISON, Kan., July 27.— Luther C. Challas died here. He came to Atchison in 1855 and was a member of the first territorial council. He was the principal builder of several local railways. In 1804 he was an operator in Wall street and was rated a millionaire, although he died poor. He became editor of the Atchison Champion in 1878 and gained a wide reputation by his bitter fight on John J. Ingalls, that led to the senator's defeat. Knnnns Pioneer Dend. KANSAS CITY, July S»7.— Gustavius A. Colton, a well known Kansas pioneer, one of the frainers of the Leavenworth constitution and a noted Free Boiler, died here. Veteran Preacher Dend, READING, Pa., July 27.— Rev. Francis A. Hoffman, aged t*8 years, the oldest preacher in the Evangelical church in the United States, died at his home here Death of a Pioneer. NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., July*?.— Jama O'Rourke, an old and highly esteemet citizen of this county, died at the age o 75 years. He came, to Nebraska in 1867. South EnMJ ^rouble Over. GOTHKIE, 0. T., July 27.— Governoi Renfrew left the city again, leaving Secretary Lowe acting governor. Low* at once wired the war department, re questing tUat the soldiers be withdrawn from Enid and Pond Creek, as they were no longer needed. The territorial administration has prevailed upon the rail road bompany to erect depots, so th< trouble can practically be said to foe a end. i ' ' ,T I -ML-- Whlte* and Black* Fight. JNDIANAPOIJS, July 27.— The telegraph wires have been cut in Green county .aid the full details of a fight between white* and blacks, employed in the mines of the Island City Coal company at Linton, have not been received. , A report from Sullivan says at least one miner was, killed and others wounded. Con U«u fak«U to MlMourt. NEBRASKA CITY, July 27.— Hennewey and Greene, the two .confidence men, were taken to Marysville, Mo. As a last resort their attorneys attempted to secure their release on |2.500 baU each, but it was refused. The reward of |333 Officer Warner generously divided among his fellow officers. Chloece Furchulni; Arm*. NEW HAVEN, Conn., July 27.— Two representatives of . the Chinese government are in the city purchasing arms. They visited the Winchester Repeating Arms company and the Martini Fire- anus company and, it is understood, left orders which are to be hurried. Railroad Ottolal* Very „„, Sr, JOSBPII, July, ST.—Tbe thormoiu- ster reached tOV iu tbe shade bere Thursday aud tbe weatber reports from Ksnsas and Nobrasks are very discouraging aud tbe ratfroad ofticiaU iu St, ' sro fouling very blue. ' liurnod the Uooue Stockyard*. UOONK, la., July 87.— The Chicago and North western stockyards and water fii k burned hero. Loss, i|tU,000. The i 'J ) probably started from a locomotive • 15 .ark. _ _ DeBchanol Cli»llon«e» Oleuionoeau. I PAIUS, July 3V.— Deputy Dogohonel 1 ias sent a ohalbjuge to M. Clemonceau u consequence of an attack upon him iu M. Cloinenceau's newspaper, La Justice. Deb* Ctae* to Terra llwute. CniOAQo, July 27,— President Dabn, of the A. R. 17., loft for hia homo iu Torre Haute, Iiid. Ho will remain tliero until thu convention of Aug. 2 iu Chicago. Colopel llnuderion Henoiulu«l«d. WATKKLOO, la., July 27.— Colonel D, B. litmderaou of Dubuque wan ri'iwmi- natud for congress by thu Thinl district Republicans . Muilod In a Draw. TOUONTO, Out., July 27.— The Philadelphia-Toronto uriokut match ended iu a draw. _ TharxUy Uanoball (lama*. Olovol»iu(.» Ui I'Uuburn, ti. Kllouu, Khmt and Buinlun; Mullanunud lilmmur. Umiitren, Lyuuh anil Hunt. Wuslilumou, ft; l'lill»(Uillilil». *K MudMlre »iul Mikulf'l'aylur ami Qrady. Umpire, ' -' Vtmn, Dm MoiNiis, July 87,— The hottest lyeatuor in IU yean wa« experienced bore Thursday. Blrtiot thermoiuoten thowed 110 iu the shade. A hot wind blew and grunt \njury was done to crops, A»KHDKUM, 8. U., July 87.— Furnace. liku heut UMP prevailed for the punt weak, uulmiuMtluj.' Thumluy ufturuoiui at 107 dugrixw iu thu Hhudo. Vc'Kotutiou of ull kind* Ut suKurtug badly. Corn »n<l Vuiaiuv* Hulitud. ,, Wia., July a?. -The ther- . 'KiiJli>('i«l 10(1 in tho tthudu hurt) Thuiwluy. Fivo wooks' drouth bas [uiu«d tiie coru aud, (wtuto oro|,u. i Brooklyn, H. QualrlglU, K»rl» lull Hti'liii NlulluU Hint HtlvetU, CimimuKU- luti ami ttuloj . Umiilru, MvQuultl, Now York, 16; Italllmuru, 4. Huwku 1 il ttutilunuiii WlUcin «u«i ticrmuu. (Suu^jhi. WMWIS ).t!A(HI|l UAMM. i; ToltHlu. 111. k>H4i>r, Witt. unit KJey»; I<U|MIIIIII, Kluu, Kuruinuu ami MvVarlaiiil. I'liiplrv. Hliurliluu. KuuxtiiOUy, 1!); lirnml IlittiliU, 11. Darby, Kltiitf >UMl Uowuliuo; Klllcvu uuU Puttta. Uut- l>lru,- Kurlu*. , 15; llulmtt, W. Mi'Fnrluinl, uiul liurrol; (laylu ami Juul»i>n. Diu* 16. Juuuu, Muryby. WK»'4'BMM AMOl'IATIOH UAMM. Juoknuvlllv, i; Qulii>'y, *. ltui>k UlauU, T; IVorlu, a. UUy, U; liultikiiu|ioUi>, ami Kruu»; Alpaca is enis year used for bathing suits, this fabric, it is claimed, being :n every respect better for bathing 111 ;he surf than serge or the heavier woolens that absorb a great amount of water o no purpose. Very pretty tennis and yachting cos- lutnes are made of cream white hopsacking finished with white silk machine stitching, the short open jacket showing a blouse of white fayetta striped with wool lace .insertion. REPORT OF THE CONDITION — OF TBS — FIRST-NATIONAL BANK (3969) At Carroll, In the State ot Iowa, at tbe cloee of business, July 18, 1894. HK8OUI10K8. uoans and discounts {189,283 (M Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.... 228 M U. 8. Bonds to secure circulation 25,0110 00 Premiums on U.S. bonds 8.603 00 jtocks, securities, etc 2,V&91 tanking house, furniture and fixtures 2,326 M 3ther rent estate and mortgages owned 13.998 94 Due f rum approved reserve agents 13,851 67 Cbecks anil other cash Horns 717 25 Notes of other National bat.ks 1,236 00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 148 27 lawful moner reserved In bank, viz: Specie.. 10,610 00 Legal tender notes 4,766 00-17,475 62 Redemption fund with U. 9. treasurer (6 per cent of circulation) — 1,126 00 Total »2G9,21876 LliBILITIKS. Capital stock paid In 1100,000 00 Surplus fund 6,00000 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 1,811373 National bank notes outstanding 22,500 00 Due to other National banks .,692 38 Due to state banKl and •bankers 87,709 U Individual deposits subject to check 56,61668 Time certificates ot deposit.. .24,043 03 Demand certificates of deposit.9,819 80-128,881 OS Bills parable 10,000 flO Total. $269,21376 State of Iowa, County of Carroll, as: I, C. L. Wattles.- cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of mr knowledge and be- C, I* WATTIES, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this i ** U '^ W m.uj Public. t COWWCT—Attest: C. A. MAST. ) , j. •. GRIFFITH,}-Directors. V. UINRIOHS. ) Conference of Textile Worker*. MANCHESTER, July 27.— At tho international conference of textile workers Mr. Howard, an American, presiding, it was resolved to invite the governments of Europe and America to adopt measures legalizing eight hours as a day's labor. ' ut In FiMMmiier Bute*. KANSAS CITY, July \J7 — The Kansas City, Pittsbnrg und Gulf railway has made a big cut in passenger rates from points ou its lines to Kansas City. Tho out reduces the rate about one-half. Moduli) Livery Stable Ilurimil. MODAI,E, la., July 37.— A. L. Bessiro'a livory stable ami cont< v "t- were entirely consumed by fire. K. 0 .u horses ami four buggies were burned. Loss, $1,500; insured for fl.iUHl. LutUr Oitrrler Stricken. NEW YOKK, July 97.- •'- iwaias Doran, a letter carrier, was stricken with tho heat aud diod before a physician could bo called. _ _ LATEST MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Chicago Oralu Mid Prorl«lom. CHICAGO. July a).— Crop Rilvlotui wore fa- vornblu an to wliout tiutay, ouulilo mnrkeU woru lower, tho wiling hero wua truo aud S«p- teuibur, ootn|>uitxl with lust nUiht, closed with » Ions of %o. Other markets were firm, corn clualuif Mo hlifher, ouu 140 higher and provU- Ions hluhur all around. OI.OS1M1 PHICK8, WHKAT-Stwuly. July. Wl^o; September, MHO. C'OHN-Hluher. Cash, i8fto; July, 43»<ot Kvptembor, ittftiv; October, WJjc. Juty. Ul)*>; Au«uit, . . MWK -UUjhor. July 113.70; •ID. 70. I.AUD-UlgUur. July. |d.lW; September, ft.Di. HI HS-Hlgher. July, *d.T6; Ueptatubw, Chicago Lire Klook. OIIKUDO, July W.-OATTI.K-TI.e market rtniialnuil llriu. Kat U»ltl anil uiltUUo wetvliU will eniKHilully well. TUo ilny'ii iwlva ot im- tlvon w«ru liirgoly at I4.MX34.AU fur Ht««m auit fH.iiUiM.UU fur ««w« »U<1 bulli. I1OUH— Tliv demand wan kuou ami aalea «uluk at H.WWfr*.* fur common u» nholo* lota. bcttrouly (UtflUlug tit Iu wmu uu (ho markot •ulil uuilur |«.U5, whllu thu Krvatvr iiumlwr nolO. at |4.U4^4.»). Th«M quuUktluun ludloata •U iulVMia-« PII yw»VurU»y of &e. MllKKl'-Tlii" i ( iurki>twa» Urm for gaud tu lirtuto i|imlllliwanil wa« uluw fur Ihu puurvr limiltui. l4»u>U» wure anolututiwl. ttliutu woru uuutcU «l ll.WOU.iW and lamb* m IH.iua 4.W. Uuuvl|ilu-C!uttli>, ll.DUOi ufttvoa, &UU; hum, *I,IU); «livo|i, 7,UUl _ South Umnlia l^l>« Hluck, SOUTH UMAIU, July So.-i'ATTLK-l- wilpt», l.*H liouJi l»U|u l&Utl IU., t HID tu luui IIM., |a.uu«4.)tt; two tu ru\v«, common , .9U44.«ii Mwrkut steady. 4. Mi mUixl, Murkvl 6t< lil^Uvr. HUKKI*-*Ui<4<vli)t«, 1U) «6a,U); lamb*. ; ututum*. |t.UO Murkul »tu«ay, CARROLL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. M. SBADLB, Fashionable Millinery. t MI33 ELLA TODD. Millinery R p.4 rtncy QagJi FINANCIAL. NATIONAL BANK. ' GOT. Main sad Flftn Streets. NOBTHWESTKBN BUINDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fltto Street PEED MILLS. I. J. * J. R. HATLOCK, Fifth Street. HARNESS. ETC. . T. ANDEKSON, Harness and Hone CloUUnt, Trunks, Tallses and Sewing Machine*. WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. 8TKPPCHN, "The Diamond," ' Fourth Street .PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD A PATTKR8ON, Wind Mills, Tanks and Pomp*. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SKNTINKL, Adauii Street Beat Kqulppod Printing Office In Western loi Professional Cards. BEACH & BOYT LAWYERS. Priwaee In state and federal oourU. OflUe oa Ham street, over Nlswongor's drj goods stoi*. GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. Office on Drat lloor German bunk bulldlnf. Will practice in state and fedorul courts. t»-Speclal attention given to foreclosures and settlement of estate*. QJtOHUK W BOWVll ATTORN EY A i LAW. OFtlOB. (IRltFITH BUILMHQ. F. M. DAVFNPORT, A TTOBNB AT LAW. Ltwal business ties*- rV aoleU iu both stale and federal oourts. Ujflw overMark'v il»\jv<><nlt>store, Carrol; T-MBE INSURANCE' to li'ave tueliestr BoUur'uaVe Do'lnsor^ aneo than (• be Insured In an unrelUbl* company, The bMl ouwpaules a«a b« secured of N. W. MACOMBER OFKIOK IN. THK BANK or CAUKOLL. PAHTIES Intereated in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 941 B. C, Co,, Chicago CITY MEAT MARKET Nio BaiTsa, CB* oboiosat M ««U, suoh sad Vaal BUaks, KuasU •to., o«o b« had. Poultry and Pith Hoalb sldt finite, OtnoU, «OM

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