Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 9, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1955
Page 7
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Dial PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Ttker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, 1955 Special Meet Of Legislature Slated On Port ••"" BALTIMORE Ml — A special "~ ; session 'of the Legislature will be "'"'needed to consider a bill creating " an independent authority for the • Port of Baltimore and will be called next year, Gbv. McKeldin " '/said last night.. • • '.'.!;,' McKeldin said, " apparent "" from the attorney general that the bill cannot be brought up in the •" short (regular 30-day) session, so a special is necessary. The bill : ? definitely will be handled next '••• year." The governor wasn't certain • whether the special session would ^,.be set before or 'after the regular S 30-day session in February. After ; hearing-details of {the Joint Port '. Study Commission's preliminary •' report to the Legislative Council, •'. • he said the time would depend on / what "looks best,for the bill." Assignment: Aiiieriea Margaret's Decision Seals Fate, Not Like Aver age ^American Girl t*«a. U. S. fat. OWJ : By PHYLLIS BAtTEUE National Defense CAMDEN, N. J. -(INS)-Vour policemen detailed to keep gatecrashers-'out of a high school football game did an air-tight job for! a while. Then the band began to play "The Star Spangled Banner." The policemen snapped to attention—and a score of small-fry swarmed over the fence; $ 5°° Funeral Baskets at HOME GROWN FLOWERS Phone PA 2-0033 LONDON -(INS)— When an American girl, aged 25, falls in love and must give up her man because, of insurmountable obstacles, she has a good chance for' recovery. She can leave town. She can change jobs. She.can ; laze around her- boudoir eating miniature ihocolates until she,feels like facing her friends. • . Her immediate world wiE soon forget all about the unfortunate romance, because that's the way casual Americans operate; and unless she .is one of those phenomena —a woman .who loves only 'once— she can forget too. But' it is frightening to ponder the future fate of one Princess Margaret. Now that her . romance with , Group Captain Peter Townsend has jbeen blown up till it's bigger and brighter and louder than . Cinera- ma, she can never leave London for long without causing talk- The press will remind bar she's "getting away from herself." • She can certainly not change her gilt-edged career, -for . she has pledged herself to royal' duty. She caii never meet other, men without creating an international stir. And even should she decide to marry a man of distinguished lineage whose name would be approved by Parliament and her family and the'Church of England, the wedding'day "would be marred by suspicion. ..:.'.'.-This romantic.old,world,(and the sentimental new world too)'woulc speculate' whether ~she really lovec the'man. It will always be assurh ed, I Relieve, that Townsend was her first and, therefore, true de votion. . ...'.-• ;Jn years to come, Margaret's every sidelong glance will prob bly 'be interpreted as having leaning. It is even .conceivable men who contemplate taking er but for formal, dates will almost prefer to forego..the charm- ng company rather than face the ossip which might come of seeing er too often. • The delicate little Princess will ave her troubles compounded, if he loves Peter Townsend as deep- y'i'as it is, presumed she .does, by le constant awareness of his r ords and actions — at least for many months to come. For there can be no doubt that e will be'followed and observed almost as closely as she. If he suf- ers, or if he sees another woman, if he makes even the smallest move to demonstrate" that he is till in love with her — Princess largaret will not be able to es- ape it. It will be recorded in her morning newspaper.. It is the nature of humans to ramatize the wonder and import- nee of the- prizes and privileges vhich they cannot have. And o 11 the prizes and privileges which exist, none is greater than a per on to love, and the right to keep lim-ior her) beside you. Even though Margaret has been rained to be strong of -will and 3roiid of -bearing, there's a wo man's high-strung emotion' and magina'tion functioning beneath he surface. It's to be expected, herefore, that she will suffer not inly from her own, normal drama- ization of the affair — but from he merciless memories of the vhole world. This is the hard, virtually impossible way, to forget an unhappy romance. • Don't Let Your Head Cold Keep You Awake Tonight! New Vicks Wonder-Drug Nasal Spray lets you breathe almost as if your cold had gone—so you sleep! Relieve head-cold distress of blocked, stuffy nose — so you sleep —with Vicks new nasal spray, Medi-MisL Use th e Clinic- Style Atomizer as. directed. Feel swollen membranes start had cone.' Helps fight germ-infection with Vicks new wonder- drug combination, Cetamium and gramicidin—plus antihistamine^By makers of famous Vicks VapoRub:- to shrink. .Breathe again for ./^»»>„._ hours — almost 03 if your cold We* VICKS I Pick Tour Own Pa/marts I 15 Mo. Plan *ioo 1*300 *600 ? ;8 ; .38 25.13 44.68 2D Mo. Plin $ 6.72 ; -' ' 20.16 : 34.44 Loam $300 and ten mad* under tht Maryland Small Loan Act.. (Md.J GET UP TO $1000 plus.. •. LIFE INSURANCE-NO EXTRA COST ON LOANS $300 or LESS V Phone for 1-trip Joan. Upon approval, pick up cash. Loan custom-tailored to your needs. Plus, your life insured at no extra cost on loans $300 or less! Phone, come in today! loom up to $1000' Beneficial lOt FINANCE CO. ( feixmnf HNANtf to ) City Considers Laing Avenue One-Wav Plan The Police Department is consid- ring changing Laing'Avenue to a one-way street eastbound from Vir- Jnla Avenue .according to.Police and Fire Commissioner William V. •Ceegan. He said he and Police Chief R. Immett Flynn have made a comprehensive study of the traffic Droblem at- the^.point where : Vir- ;inia and Laing avenues intersect and have conferred with Street Commissioner. William V.. Buch- iioltz on the problem." Commissioner Keegan said the department's traffic division • installed • a mirror at the intersection to show up. a hidden spot but that the mirror was torn down. Then a blinker light was placed at the intersection, he said. In the three-month period it 'has been in operation, no accidents have been reported since the firs!: morninj the warning device was installed. Residents of the area are still complaining 'about traffic cdndi tions, he.added. . He said he believes the one-way traffic move being considered wil eliminate the complaints from tha: section. Classic Flattery KC Dance Set At Home Friday The annual "Turkey In Th'e Straw" .dance of Cumberland Council 586, Knights of Columbus, will be held Friday at 10 p. m. n the JKC Home. The costume for the evening will >e "country" style and a live "tur- cey in the straw" will be awarded at the dance. Music will be by ..the Delighters. The committee in^ charge of arrangements includes Joseph A. Soethe, Thomas E. Simon, Joseph T. Sirna, Leo T. Powers, Michael L. Lindner and John F. Vocke Admision is open to members and friends. Five Sheepish Teachers Held On Traffic Counts CHARLESTON, W. Va. - W) .Five sheepish school teachers were among more, than 40 motorists ' arrested in a single day here in a police crackdown on speeding in school zones. Police Judge James McWhorter let the teachers off with three months probation but warnec them: "The next time, the lesson will'be different." ENTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. of Cumberland (Tik« ilevator to 2nd Fl.) CUMBERLAND 2nd Fl., Rooim 202-204 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. 'Phone: PA-2-0721 Ask for the YES MANoger OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT—PHONE FOR EVENING HOURS loom mad* to fttldtnts of all lurrounding town* SAVO GRANS Certificate Shows Child Loyal Fan Of Crockett SAN DIEGO, Calif, tf) — Some youngsters may switch from to Davy Crockett cap to the Mickey Mouse headgear but not Laure McCracken. The 5-year-old came home from Sunday -School with a promotion certificate. Her Mom and Dad not ed that her religious studies hac )een conducted for a whole year under the :rockett.. alias of — Laurel Me •SEVEN Bus Drivers Union To Nominate Tonight Local 1110, Bus Drivers Union (AFL), will nominate officers for 1956 at'a meeting today at 7:30 p m. in the AFL Labor Temple, according to James H. Morrison. president. A discussion on proposals for a new contract with the Cumberland Transit Lines will also be held. The present pact is effective through February 28, 1956. Seven U.S. Presidents havt died in office — W. H. Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln. Garfield. Mc£inley, : Harding and F. D. Roosevelt. ' J_ IF EVERYTHING YOU EAT TURNS TO GAS • You dan'l have to suffer front zas pains and heartburn due to acid indigestion after every meal! Thousands have tound relict tlirous'n th« effective stomachic tonic action 01 Dr. Pierce's CoMer. Medical .Discovery. taken resularly. No more :>!. heartburn. btoatinz! Get Dr. Pierce's Goiden Medical Discovery, liquid or ubitu, at your druseist. Advertisement -i.,:. T «, HOPE'S SON GETS IN ACT — Kelly Hope. 9, youngest sori of Comedian Bob Hope, asks his father if he should "be funny," while plaving his first movie role in "That Certain Feeling." "If you are"," Hope tells him, "you'll have the shortest career on record.';, The'boy ; playing the role of George Sanders' adopted son, appears in a comedy "scene with his dad. > (AP Pliotofax) Always neat, always new — ri matter what season! Your favorit shirtwaist dress, in three smar sleeve versions.' It slims, trims flatters almost every figure (cu in Sizes 12 to 42)! You'll want t sew several—it's perfect for rayon gayx striped cotton, woolen. Pattern 4698: Misses' Sizes 12 14, 16, 18. 20; 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 42. Size 16 takes 4Vs yards 39-inch This pattern easy to use, sim pie to sew, is tested for fit. Ha complete illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five cents in coin for this pattern—add 5 cents fo each pattern for Ist-class mailing Send to ANNE ADAMS, care The Evening Times, 42 Patter Dept, 243 West 17th Stv, New Yor U, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, AD DRESS with ZONE, SIZE an STYLE NUMBER. lunter Receives Suspended Fine Francis Loren White of Balti- nore was fined $50 Monday in Trial Magistrates Court' of a harge of hunting game with an mproper license, and Magistrate Milton Dick suspended the fine n conditon that.White purchase a proper license. White was arrested October 29 ,n Green Ridge Mountain by Jame Warden Joseph J. Keating. At his hearing, White explained hat he recently moved to Maryand from North Carolina and had lurchased. a resident license. .,iagistrate Dick informed the Baltimorean'that he had not been . resident of-the state long enough o qualify for the resident license. Trailer Truck Requires Five Hours To Overturn WACO, Tex. —W— Most traffic accidents happen fast. But it took ive hours for L. 0. Wilson's big trailer truck to overturn. Wilson had a blowout and pulled onto the road shoulder to change the tire. But one side of the trailer began sinking into the soft dirt. Wilson feat back and watched as the big trailer, over a five-hour period, settled on its side "as gently as if you had'laid it down with your hands." Seagrams Acquires Overliolt Distillery CONNELLSVILLE — Announcement is made of the sale, of the "Old Overholt" distillery of .the National Distillers Products Cor- YOUR GOOD HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN! OUR MODERN PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY IS READY TO SERVE YOU IN TIME Or NEED... — FREE DELIVERY —• Automatic Telephone Answering Service , 10:30 p. m, 'till 9:00 a. m. Call and Leave "Yoar Order f C. MURRAY ALLEN, R. P.I. s. REGISTERED PHARMACIST I3J VIRGINIA AVE. PHONE PA 2-3644 form«rly.Th« Truirt Drug Company f poration at Broad Ford to the Distillers Corporation-Seagrams. . Ltd. The plant employes 43 persons and is used for warehousing only. There has been no manufacturing since 1951, John-\V. Kelly is the resident manager: The -deal included two other plants — the Montmorency Distillery in Canada and National's Baltimore Pure Rye plant at Dundalk. The consideration involving the three plants was $5.000.000. Total money transactions in the United States total about six. billion dollars a day, only about 10 per cent transacted in currency the rest in bank checks. SIEGLER'S GAS AND OIL HEATERS WARM MORNING COAL HEATERS FOR CASH THf CHEAPEST FOR CREDIT THf EASIEST PEOPLES FURNITURE STORE RCIHHART'S 17 BALTIMORE ST. ant to moisture and sunlight —provides protection against dirt collection and stains.' PITTSBURGH . PLATE GLASS COMPANY 317 Henderson Ave. Ph. PA 4-3434 PITTSBURGH PAINTS KUP THAT' LOOK UNUR How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your false teeth, annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat. laugh or talk? Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly and more comfortably. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or reeling. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at any drug counter. 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