Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1928
Page 2
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THE lOLA PAILy REGISTER. ifRIDAY^EmNG/JANlAlRY 13; 1528. In the winter FIELDS ilinf we Walking In I he Where Where i Every 'Is go fields of anow; there is no grass :it all: ihe tojj tit evfry wall, fence • aiJd • every tree, white as' white can be. I Pointing out the way we tani*',' Every que or tUew the saijie— All act^bss the fields tj ^eVe be Prints in silver fillKive; And ou^ mothers always know, !By the:- footprints in the suow. iWiere jt • —James is (he children go. Stephens in Pochia. planned' to assist, in entert: ininK The Girls' Glee cluh of Ihcj Bn poria college over January ii oiiU W'he-n the cluh will give i c( in lola. Fifty-six C^IIH­ ported sined th)' first of »2 ncert Tweniy-fiVf giiests were lug. / ih. nic-nibers. and present at the year, seven i ' \ I •ed over by ilrs. P. R. Forrest. Plans were made to heipr entertain' the E ^mjioria College Glee Club girls who will jjive a coijcert here this month. Mrs. Thdnjas Herdsman gave a reading. Refresh^ ^ment.s wore served to sixteen nuin- Ibers. 1 jPanrake Kwliie for Two People . i As one' line was left; out and an|.'oIher: dnnlieated in yesterday'.s food pajce recipe for pancakes for two people, it is being reprinted | Jiere lo make the re<-;pe <omi )iet<.'. JI should read as follow.S': ,l'A\r.VliKS F«»B TWO PKOPI.K 1 I •.. rlips iflliUV I'.; cu;)s inilk the lafet year and his orflcial experience has been of Xho highest JEUW How Bridge Party -f ;Th6 sopial committee .fur tlie tbrldge pa/ty last night in the ?;Eik8 'club; rooms c|>usl:Ui'd <jf -Mi's. Uoyd . Caheif", cUuiVman; Mrw. W. 'fU!Cox, Mrs. C. A.i Swisgeit. -Mrs. . R. Enfield. Mrs. iFrau<ris Stoker, | ^;iv.' a talk iliictly tof Yates : Center and .Mrs. T. U. in,.v. cirt;ani/.aiinn. |>- Cenatsey .f i * i ' ; Favors- jii bridge: wen' ^ivin i.i 'Mrs.. Arthur Shatiuun :uid -Mr. Kmn§th Foust lor hinh .scores, the consolations Roln.f, (o .Mr.s. AlU Elli^ and .Mr. tYtil, Schmidt. I Those, attending wire: .Messrs. 1 '''SS I, 'I: •'.< a:'P<J01l salt. ; ; I I. ;. ,|/.;<in .sugar . ; .Sift i|r;.- inj;rfitleiit.s 'tiip-(hi -i-. <iit ! Vii .SIKII tt 'iiinfc,; atiil milk and lastlVj iriiiiik !.-• :ilightl> "svur add nljntil ! \n h-\(-l (.•a.jioon soda ID Ihe ijiilK ' lii 'iOM' ii>ini'.. ir inal ;iug llio-paii- i -ak's Willi ver.v .--'r .ur niillk i. .•• , )i ..I l<'--|)oOu soda aii'l uu'- of li.skil!^' iiowder. i I ; \h> Hill llo.ii tip- icriddle ,Avitii. j Kf'-.i.i^ v. 1.. :;• h:ikiiiK ilu- li<- <;iir.i.' Ill' : Ir -irt'Miitit^ i.ii \nA iMki'. ' jiiiipuSi'. IXil "1 I hi- j'iiddti- smoo ;ii.- aii.-u "'Is III- and Mesdames w. iji. Kin^, l<>-n- i »«th H. r;oust. J. J. u;rlffin. A. H. 8tiniaman],'J. D. Mundis, c. i'. (lor- doD. I* O.^Kessinger,! Arilnir Slian- .aoB, Mel Fronk, J. Kred Schmidt, a J. Marx, A. U. E(ifi.-ld. K. K. Jft^Donald^J. L. Iiiir. u. c. nuUea, H. B. i»erry, Louis Schlanger, S. "Hf. Fickle. U. It. Hark .M\ L,. .V. QHsh, C. B, Spencer, \V. i;. Iluud-.dl, J. Sortcin, W. F. Seneker, K. J!", Ilarrfaon, ; Francis Stocker. rfates Center; C. A. Swigpeti. T. Canatspy. W. S. Fees. .'. i . dtigham, E. E. Lyiin. Joe 'A \ C. J. McCapn, M. B. iirowiif;. < ' .'Ii.:;Elli8, W. G. Hurm^ide. !• ' 1|{U3)er,• Logan Uunsaker. .Me:^^!.-. ;P.;H . Hogim. and C. H. I'otirson: S C.: and • Airs. J. T., T^r. and M. O. U" Cox. Dr. and .Mrs. \V. "H4 Porter.— Dr. and -Mr.s. A. 15. i"-. •— -• >• >». i IHtfadell, l3r. and Mrs. F. Lenski; Justice. II. J, Parker a'lid Richard Ea^t lolu W. C. T. C. The KaHt Ida unit of the V.'.ini-; an'b Christian Temperance riiioii | niei yestrrday afternoon in ili-! j home of Ihe i.residcni. .Mrs, A. I). Hawihorne, ' Kajil i.incoln stroei. Tills uult' was orj:aii;/< d last ;nion ;ii and this w'as the tii>i rr-gnkir ineetinj;. ' Twein.v-:-ev .11 iiu-mher.' Iiave enrolled. .Tile president led a SOUR sj'ivice .tiid .Mi:iK Minni>.- llainmer read INalm ."IT.. I'rayer was offered by the Kev. t'arrie .M. Flower. .Mrs. llawllioriie iiirrocl.ici.d the treasurer. .MIS. ."dildreil Parker, and eoini.:rniuK the , i,,, •„ .Mrs. Kdward I '|. lJuHsell. counly president, (/ave an | .;. inieresliiiK lalk on the w<jrk of llle j Hrclhrcu order and ihit lor wliich il stands. j|j„i;,.^ .\Id ,Society •Siieiil praver had in sympatliy | ;,' '. , ,. for S. ItuHsell. past coun.y i ; ' M eiin-.-n 1^. 1. president, whose i;amii.y has so re- I ^'^••'••=> ""^^ '"'irsday n. H.e cently been-liereaveil liy death. Tiio Iirojiident made an appeal for new members to which s-veral "respond ed. ClippiiiKiS were lii:id ami com- menled uiwn. The hostess was assisted by her daugliler.' -Miss lleltieolive Hawthorne, Mrs. J. IC. Mark, .Mrs. Frank Baker, .Mrs; Jame.s Ta>^or and .Mrs. W. -A. 'i'weedy in seryinK refr.eshnienl.s. I The next mef^lins will be iicld illie second Thursday in February in the home of I .Mrs. Pearl Moore. I7IG ICast Lincoln sireel. • /Those present were; Mesdames - i^iira Post, J. T. Worster. K.: K. , ftandel. Leaviit. •v.d tahles^poons sJiort <-n 'ii;j^ i :io» S#>i<.h t'olboru .-iree:. I' level laplesiioons baking- puW'j\i,s. i c. Kidney and Mr.s. 'I 'l' ! .M^.'Va:e as.-.i'iJii -JC -' 1 type. mai>3 h!a ie.-?idenre in Jloran Ion..; time and served the community as auctioneer. His geniai per- sonalivy f:.i? won for him coiint- U4-.- fiiienils over tlie (tounty who '.vill w5sh for ihcm .1 lonj; life of njj'.'intied [iro.'iperity antl liapi>i- ne.--i. The marriase of Mr. and -Mr*. Smcck is tiie cn'iminatii.n of a clilIdlKHjd friendship. Tlie niember.s of the Fiijj^iis class !.of l!u> Pirst. BintliM church held 1 mer iitt," .v('.'--terilay aftermoi! in (iie hoin^- of Mtv. .Vatlian I.."ffler. witii rio.vd Gives: Blilljdar Part? for Friday, jthe thirteenth,] i:^ Before !jio\inp to lola lie lucKy day for C. E. Kusseli; jr] a 202 South Co^tdnwood, street, uj t!i!i« ii f > -1 and hi3 mother. Mrs II. entertained k g •otii: liis blr!h<Ia C. E. Rugs of hi.s yoiink friends from fourl nn- til six oVlei-k in honor of ihe an- niyei'sary". .V ballo'otj game and many other ffames mad^ the time pass (iui< kly .\nimul bjilloons were given-as favors and ej eft guest was se -vert with Ice i^rianv^iii the form : o a' turkey ai^d an individual cake on wiiich wa^ a lighted candle; fThC honor guesr| receive*! many gift-s. The ^irx 11(1 Ml--.' Kiiie I K .;riM le -1 tlic 1';' vt>- r'-uiai--' .-i -iil if -X r-.ia;; rvice •'.•/i;i !i ilii e..:- held liie hyiijn "I (•:••• I • Ji .'^i:-." W .I ; •- -I'-iled fiiii-' 'ill e!;t - SiPiljr. .'•:ii:'le illlie waS .S)). !;i 1.1 111 rll -i:!.'- jn elj .iral loH -l •'lO' : i... I;i!]\* .<ni:d:'.\ mee! ii;,!/.; Ki i.. :liti.l le-i'.-. Il \\:\- \.,i.'(l i<i ai- -•11! ill ln.(i UPiio.T pr.iyi;- JiiM yii:. .•^! U'. die-iil.'V llii-lii at, the i 'l-. -!,>-e|-i;iii tllill !l. Befri.-lj ill 111- .•• I I'l vlA.-l 'I !." lie iiil). 1.- iii-.'.-.-lit \Vi r-:' .di 'iiiif .!. H Si/V.erl).\, V,'. P. (' • .'.. .l ..;i!' .-.I- K.iiiiji. Fl.i.-cii,-' , '.•.\'.'..:\< .\\:-\<\- ,\\. N..;i !i 1, I*'.tll it l -'.T .'iS. Gib.sou, .Mtirjorie flarr... .1 lliy Coid.siiiilif. .-x.iiiey ii*ii;njs<i ker, .lot- l.iili>il. ir. .J^'imie] ri 'ii .li. lioi-ijon Hair. Do.;..Id .1 P.ii-rtifl. 1. "11 SuiKg Presbyterlaji (hureh At the morning hour of worship at 11:00 o'clock we join in the celebration of j tJie Lord's supper. ;The ijesslon will meet in the- stuify iof the church iit lOr.'.o and will islad to receive any who wish you . m. juper- MH-'i unite with the chtircli. Piildi: Buesr;:; included: ("'icon i,.ll.ach. Johji Ralph Fulmei^^Btbhy|;:;;;;;„^•';;j '^;;v^'n;;mbers"'al Siadler 8111^- Kfi^ d.Kar S^ I un- ,„^„,i„^ ler. Hetty A^erchant, WilUaiii ( l:int. Jimiirie (Niok. Ui<-yl luorninR hour. 1 Ih- pa:-; will ,_, . , . ^''^ievenlng servi<:e and the choir Tliompsou. Marjorie YouiiR. Edwa-d' • • Jireacii a,t nihenis .liaii l'anK Kiiier -.i.. I.; ii-,. - ji.rje liakiiV. !l-:i..i.l j.-'. i.ouis Jo.-.jdi S.i:;.i.. • ; ; :;eciiiid ItrtUiun dcels : The Secoi;d lini ioii in Uir- ind near; 4tt elt render' ajipropriaic liolii serviceH. fiabliafb school. lii:(ii.i, a. 111. J". S. c. K. i;::;ii' p. III. Voif" are cordially iiivite.-l lo lend these s.-rvice.;. Chnrcb iii' the Xazsmui Sycamore and Monroe, .\ warm \^eIcome await.s' here. Sunday-school'at 9:45 Uev. N, B. Herrell. district lie ; iuttndent of the'Kansas City dis- toitrict. wfll hieirhere Saturday? and ri-; preach at nighi also Sunday morn- the 'ing andnit:ht; t The .N'. y. R. S. meets at fi.SO p. the in. Subject, l"I*he Power of a Short will ! Life." The! Juniors meet at t;:.-iO at ^p. ni. Their rsubjeet is "P:issinK ;t>ver the Door." All boys- and luirts are Wel«(ime. Youn« pt>ojde ' ru Ill-Red to 4'"'"'' these most in- I crest itiK services. * .MRS. C. .M.<FLOWKR. Pastor. •. tlie home of-'Mrs. .Mary SDephard.e. Friday this week, January -j:{. -Mr.s. .\nderson of .Marshall, will put on a recital. She; highly recommended and TJre hope to have every one in to hear her. at the door will be free, but wp : as'lc a fre- will offerinic. the trustee helper.s^ -will .s^r- ve that evcninK a splendid chicken dinner. The doors of wards chapel stand f>pen for the hoiii.; of the . strangers. I would" rather be a doorkeeper in tli*^ house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents • o fthe wicked. C. A. J.VKSO.X. Minist .r. The Bapfist Temple. Let us come together agaijn next fireat at 1; ay as The .'{unday id W.S in iil- • Tlie • I Triiilly .Meitiiudfet (hurrh Itemember iili service;; Kplseop^ai lie ' T. ' Iof /.. \>' i'iiy ll' With •.W ;.'\i >rtli VI. . tlirii- K .Sli .HiM.Mja. .-..liider. \\ '\ 111 • lili:li .Tiiri r \\. Rl.i.ill-i .,11. ' ilKiial'.liiiiirs ne.-i .t.:i:::iy at' Ihe ; 'I'l'.ii- .Monroti- mony. lof .1. V. \ liers and five i eii: and ^l >enl ! and kiiottliii? Knock, visitors iiie day ill ifttJItiaK • oniforis. ,\ .siicrt T.ii were llUllie iiuni- lires- \.ii!;ias» DiilvJ.m ll.,l,N 'lU-da.v Aieclin- . .\\\ ;.ll-. .,.v [;..:, I a i I »ii. ^iiii. (•! iiijsiiii ;:M iiieeliiii: was pr<-ided ov-i r liv the president, Mr.-: (". .\\\|:l.'</n and .Mrs. Mary ('ioud coii- <lijeie(| iii(» <liivoikiiials. .Vlrs. .Mary' l-'iiltoil was ajipoiuied .secretary jjiiu, leiii. The ireasurer •wa.-; iii- .sit-iKled ID pay the .second ijuar-. tops jiledge to. the Harlan Thoiii- \ j as, salary. The hostesses, K.!-Kuo(k and -Mr.^. l-:arl I ; life : ! clui'i-.' ! ^Hilie* , .\iii I il I lU'l'.- •<. Ijle 1: "^'•y'- i'Je:;. 'I'll ar'. CUS---)1I l .f eiely v.'irii III. •:iK . 'I,K:I- Ml - 1:. •r t!.. .\. I. lilies' t Chri- rd .t .v ill I 'lM r. ill !ai. I.-. Mir 1: foy ;ivrritie. ;i i = (ii i'lli Ai .I li.iii i il.' l.-.V. i :ii.-ii f. Iri.- b;. leiiaii \\ •>• k 1 v,a •• Ill-Id 1< -li-rdav all. : .'.!r;v I-' W. .'-.nlcr on. . \Vaslii...f:t'o»l aveiiii, . v. il"; Ti.)ill-.viiie,as>'iKiiiii'.. ; • i .dr. . <-.!i I Uilliaiii-^ il the de -.dlioiial pi riod and ii.'aiis • wi r< Idfcmer, leaile 101 if riiiiiiiiaKe' Jajluary ' nuine. lh and -..'I :ii file Sii.i-.^ bult<flil« ' laaiah -I ;:!i.| ii.r I .i!'i;.i:iiii.eiii I.I' lueBibers -.h" l-:iiip ;P !i .f (-..Ii. (.•i;!.s';G ee pp. ;.r: ill t iHIc rl a ill Tl. Pkteen •seiii. .Mrs.llir- Internutiunal Itible .Sluilenis j Sunday l» a. 111.- K. <if P. Hall Uereaii. Bible jiliidy. .Iiiveiiile ela; Topic, ."Deliveiaiu'e." Allillt clas.s Topic. ".liliovah 'iiy. Alone l{<-.TIiy Fear." Isaiah Sunday tieliijol beeiim. at ftrli". a. 7::tu p. 111. Bereaii Siiidv "I'r'-jin. foll <>wei| by morning worship IKiriuK for Ihe Eaipire." [at 11 a. ni'. Kpwbrlh league at Weilne.sday 1:'M p. in.. Ili.s K. ii ;::;(i p. m. KvehinR sermon at T :3U layer, prai::e and ie..^ti- p. ni. Let the iconsregatlon Ke- ,i„ju. noli,.,, of l^e annual elex;iion Sunday and have we had last Sunda.v. schiKd will meet at !i:4.'> a hope to reach a n, «• mark tendance ami iV,ieie-t. Morning: wor.-iiip at 11. Iiastor will fiiii.-li iiiv iii.s<u:-:sioii begun las! Siimtay on the sub- JM! -The Church and the World." I -Hie B. V. P. V. will be led by t Ralph Wiiiie a:it! the topic i.s; —Do We .Seed a Clliinii .NUK".'" At. 'the i Veiiiiip .Service' at T^ttO the r pasfor -.vill preach on tlie hiil.- jj -r1. -Tile S::.'ii .of .'^ilH 'i rily." 'I 'iie pill.';; .4 e..filially illvlKi!. and le.-^ti- Te.M. "As four our the Lord of lio:-i,s is bis e Holy One of iM -eal. • i-Mii) ivliii h: u ill ill I 'll.i .laiiuai..' :;) iiieiiit.. IS pi-» Ki:e.':|.| 111. r was a KI:^ I. L. WebsteV, .Sei-ieiary. .M. FirsI (hrMlaii .Mrs. J i 1. KiKick. ! w \Ir-. i-iiii a;. pi • r.- 1,11 (df..! af 110011. si'heil a Iuncli»-on • •:• KnfertuJn Dinner Guests . Wr. and Mr.--.. L. .-v. .McMillan had Vii-Binia Diekerson, J.j.M. (for dinner Kiiests vesterdav. Mrs. .S. E. .McGinnis,.J. R. Bii-j Hose .\ash Walker, of .Arkausiis- A. !l. .Mi .irii :.|ii.-.. Nriieli-s i;;e ;::.!;!. r !.;::-aai luiirc'i The .s;realesl .and iiio.-t iiilliieii-' \ ieiorioii -i lial men of this coiiiiiry aiid everv I lotlier country apiinne of , tlii.j .e.-hwch and lis .Kieat -.MH I. \.\ help n »C !T¥)ir"l' -IX i i''"-' "I'l'l'i"" nuaianii; . They l/Jk>ilVJlyJ l\) ^ mot .only approve of its wurk, hiii '. H ;!acy- Roiifrr-• I ... j they' .spend consideralile of ilieir Li.iiiy- «:iinnin<;li ::i,i - .. ni ^Sat-!"''"*" """uey tryin-.r to d.i their ... '.i.rdav i :.g.,, and S.nidav iwitiii'''^ jPlomote Hie work ..f the III.--illad.r.: r .'oh. r;; ' ' : Ichurch.i The church is ilie miglii- " , -,, ... „ ..^icst aueiicv on earth for lli>- reali- .\lr. and ..Mr- k. L. Sinart; and ,i.f -human progress. The U'ltii " • a Ml' offiier-.i on Tiiesday 'iveuiiig of next w.'ek, .lanuary IT. It the duty <.f every member to Iw pres.-i^o'clock. '111. Aboilial the conference year is di.c.'. ill! iieifcrjio a elo.s»» lyhen •n-ryliiiily-s hef|i < ndiDK- I J i. C.j WIL.'JO.V. I I. Iree .WeHiud!...! Chureli .\olVs I ISiinday school promptly at 10 ;a. III. Preaching: at II: Subject. and 'fiiaraet^-r." YounR , at G::M |i- m,| ,' , . ' • P.el.!;i.;iii FIrsI riiHrcli Sunday :;.'ivie.- : Siiljjecl; • Sunday seiu,,,i .,: Wednesdiiy s-iav. < lnl>(. SeieiilM ai I! a. 111. .-. a. III. Itieel in-.; " nt li.r- smiuger, Lafe Conover, Fi-ank Baker. L. E. Chezem, J.' .M. Hollis, H, M. RiKKs, J. C. Wilson, W. I). Mesdames '.'A. E. Anderson, of JBWrdlck, Kansas; |l. ^ F. .\i^ii. JX P. Northrup. I). C. .Miue- fliilger, George Works, of Hiim\ botdt; W. Jennings, of HiPKins- •vilie. Mo.; Mrs. E. H. Ware, of I Cpour D'Alene, Idaho; .Mi.vs .-Mice W^rphy, of Lewiston. Idalm: -Miss Hlizel Bowlus and Miss Kathleen Lkayon. • ^' J ("H^ciofl-^roore tia'ss JiMH'i 'ii meeting of the memliers of tlie WpOd -Morr? cbo-sa of the First tl^tbodist ; '.liMK was ll^a Th .i! -Jar in the ^btt^men- ' •':• ' •.•.•\\. j /t song With .MiSi Otio-llillbrant Bti the piano opened tl\e meet ing. Mt^- O. E. I^ces was the devotional leader, giving ji lesson oiK^ihi 'Uifu f )t:7acob. Roll call resi)ot"i«e;; were N»w Year 's resolutious. All incs- ent" took "part in an old fashioned .Spieling bee. llerreshmeiits^ were BeH^ed by the who w«ire^ Mt^. Kennclh Foust, Mrs'; Otlio Alirtcander, '.Mrs. L. G.: Bowker, MM . John Evans, Mrs. 1). S. Brown, Mni. John Brown, Mrs. Oiiier Culd- tralTl/ Mrs. Nina I^angsfoid. ian ,d Me«. E. L. LeChien. The mcm'bers present were; MCHidames Bessie Farlini:. llruce ArtaacoBt, M! E. I.*wls. .M. R. Ilar- clijpode, R. B. Warner, .\. II. Kn- -smlnger, E. I. • WoodHid, K. A. Mo.«ire, H. B. Kossinger, C. B. Tipple,'-,G. E. Pees, G. W. Feuimore, J. A.'Evans, R..D. Stephenson, .M. M. Close, H. L. Waguer, Otto llill­ brant, Walter Arndt, Clint Bail, t.'. A. Jlubbard. C. Newman, Walter it-ytle, D. U. Burtrieii, Johu ^raiee, Leslie Wolf, John Henry, Su^ie Stratton, and; guoBts: Mrsi JSanr LaMunyon and <:hildren, and Miai Maxine Wolf. JBABtesses to Fourth lilvMnn Mi-s.- B. L. McNiel and .Mr.-. J. Marr vere to the Ftonrth Division of th • Presbyler- JainiWorking society yisiv-rday afi- emoon ih the home lU' liie former. MJ -S. A. R. Sleep I- was tlie .de-! Vottenal leader and the chalririan,' .Mr8< J. G. Siadler, presided over the business meeting. Plans were madp for a food sale which will be held in the home of Mf.f. B. L. i 'McMei Saluid.iy. The members City. Kans.. and her dau.cliler and ?r(inil.-ou. Mr.-. R.-!ymond ."^liarer atijl soil. Pliilip Shar «ir, of Tauip.-J;. Texas, and .Mrs.' K. W .i .Myler. • • SiiiiK-k-Koirers .Sheriff. 11. 1). Smoik and .Mrs. .Mary C. Rogers, of Bron.soii. were united in marriage Thursd.ay evening at 7::!'i o'llock." January 12. in till' jiarsonage of' the. First Laura Hester, W. A. Tweedy, Taylor, G. D. .Moore. R. J. Hulbj-rt. B,'n Fricdiund. .1. E. Mark. M|ar- !.;aret Cloplne, E<lward Russell, Carl Martin, and baby daughter; E. J. Wrieht and daughter, Juanita WrlRht; t'he Rev. Carrie .M. Flower. Misses Kate Wadsworth. .Slinnie j .;),.)i„„ Episcopal church of lola. Hartley, Minnie Hammer. Hetti--; ,i„, i^..^,. j. coldsmllh solemn- olive Hawthorne and Louise Sam- ^ ,(,4. ceremonv. Thev were upl. \ iin.-ittenrled. ,v -Mr. and "Mrs. Smock will he at j I KHfert.-iiii'Flr>*t HhWon l„„„„ ,„ ,i„.ir friends after Feb-; ' .Mr.--. V. C. Archer anil Mrs. W./'.ii ruaiy 1. at :!02 South Walnut • Faiisi ciiteriained the uiemlier:; of: . 1 r.>. t. Uu« home which Mr. Smock : the First Division of the Pr(;shy-j reef ntly pun based and' remodeled. | teriaii Working society Thiirsdny ], Mrs. Smock'has been' a resident j "ill pi.•'-•MI Jaiii-.- afteriiooii in. the home of tln-l for-] ofBourhon county most of her life | m: I .\ii .-IaJi!.- K'iil. m-r. .MO l-iist iJtre .-t. - | i and her boine recently has been in I -""•lelils. in .1 jiflo 1 ' .Mrs. L. A. Kral2 was iif ihai -Kc I'li -;iii. She is widely known ! day evi iiiiin. .l ;.h>i :.!y of~tJi» (!«-votioiml.s. a«<l III liie- alt- and liit;lily rcwpected for her many | in the audiioi iiiin nl seiK 1- <«V. ilie eliainnnfi. Mrs. .\. .\. \\\\" iiiialilles. Mr. •Smoi k ' has I •'•"'Pl'-- l>i->.'i:-- Milhiuii, the business was pn sid- i sirrved a .i* sheriff of Allen <Ountyju "i:iici -d la'er. llo -ie--c* til Tliiri! I)!ti<.i<iii .Mi .-i, IJieliai'i! i!'.'. .ia.i 'Wis I K. Lemon -,..i>- U >. •-in-d: y Iil lie 1111 ion 111 llu- III. aittii—. of l!.< Tli:nl I)!') i-iiii ill.- (e-ii. v. t •\Vorki'-s Sii(iet'.- 01 il'i- i-'ii ! I 'M I )Vieri:iii rliiii'.l. ;!i ili. Iinaie .if tin former. .\ri-::im<'iii-:.i-s y.-i'- ;i>-ii!.- 10 • n- lertaili \\-:- C;!-|-',M;1.-I- rliili 01 111. Krnpori.! > -.iliir..- Iiifli will KIVI- T coiicc:i here ili-- iiiKiits of .laniinr.v i'l and Jl'. i'.an?-,-- for ,-i riiiiiiiiaj;.- sab- in . i.ajiinitioi wi;!i ihe ;Seeoiiil l»;v'iii-i:i in h !u III in lite Si-.ei,. biiibliritr Friday .-iiid .^atiji'ilay. .la;lll.•lr.^• i". and ;'l .Mr.-. W I;; llejliipri -.-..-e^ i;,.- 1;.- volioii.-ti II ^d-r :i'al fil^Mi i.,v-:)i b"!-; Were in atli iid.iiK 1 . iiriby .Hpi:i!^ Sunday witli tlie iiiier'; iiareiiis a;-;|r I..;ll;irp-. .\1 .s. Kstfcer Wllit- .-p.iil ae.:<l:ly \evi iiiriL' ttiiTi .Mrs. Roll -rts. ' = Jidilinie' i '..-!ivpred I o: :i In I'hiinJr.e. Fui;a.\.\ \ . . \(r .-iiid :^ri. Ciia-les BncoiiimO- Inn-'l to Ft. .'»<'ot^ -.Vonday. . i .\lr. ami ;.\lVs. Rriy !'i.!iii!y ate .N 'eiv Vear's dinner >vitU (>f human pro.ijre.' !church is the efficient Ari>..A. W. Koheitsiaud j,,,rnin« subject •Prohilmion and . M'-. ail.I 'Miles CuubiUshan: spent. SuAdav.i'^'l^""""" afreinooii with Lesier Robert^'. 1 ^^^\. \'\u. R(;;»er;s >-benjt advocate 'and ally of every jireat reform of , . lOdr day. The church iire.^enis ili- »' "'^ J noblest ideals of life. ;rrd points thi- way to 'heir' reali-/.aiiiin.. If you are hot worshipins in soin- intlier thurcli .i we invite yon lo ><-ome with us Sundiiy. Yon will .find a. splendid Biliie^+i. hool at IkiRRs ;and !9:4r ,.h'cIock. the communioi! and 'preaching* service at 11 o'chick. •^Ved- karir; ".Stl-ecgtil pi-o'.de's servic;'. Preai-liin.!; at ''X-M- Sulijecl '-K0111 Calls of C.oU." ; Class meeting at 7;;!" I).. ni. Tiue^day, .nnd pr .-iyiCr nieetinK; Thursday evening. Every i):wly is invited,, fo .services, (ome and briOK; Voiir friends. i,B. KIER. P. C. Fhs( A.^;; K. rfanroh. (Lincoln £iit<l Buckeye) Sunday school •!»:.10 meeting at li»:ib The reading room i>-.i-r Itanisay'.- Pry Goods Store. li'M- Kasi .Madl.-ion .-\venue is open each week day from 2 to .", p. 1:1. illoliilavs except- edi;. The inililic is eoriiially iiiviled lo attend the cluinli si-rx ii -t .s. and, to make use of tin- reading; room. lia-; just .put into .'-ffeci a S'-nera! iiic-rease ill posliil rates. M Fiii- Poll M •iiid '-;.ei: M «i ml -. and .\{rs ly WTlii: ris. ^: '. aiiiT Mj-si Ciiarli Mrs. v.. K'lv, ! Frill Willi Si'.-. -.1,-. • I i .Mrs. .f. Bacon, i .Me. and i;::!"l o'clock we hjive three awake christian Kn- deavor -societies ni-eliii!;. Tiiis hour is for the youuK people and conducted by them. ' KveninK preachini; 'services at -7 ::{U .o'clock. Subjeci. -Tbe Cities a. m. Class a. m. .Morning worship at 11 a.' in. K. ('. E. lea-' ;;ne i\/M\ p. m. I-Jvening worshiti- af 7 ::!(i p. in Itev. '/i. I). Johnson llie e-.-anj?list will i'preach. Sitpday iiif;hV. Wedne.-vlijy at 2::!U p. ni. .Missionary l)':«>.d will meet" at home of Mr.i j ^llen. .V. Cotton- si reel. Friday at 2 p. 'm. the sfewardce hoiird will m"e! ,at the the wood Take NI-NATiJRE'S REMEDY— tonipht. you-|lbe"f ;tandf5De "bymoriiin:f —tontruc clear, hruiliii-lie eone, UMiutitd hack, towtli, a, tins l .i.-iiKint !j-. bilious attack forgottt-.-i. I-'orcor ,3tipa ;i„n. to* B.;t- ter than any mere laxative. Ouly;:oi-. Safe, mUd, purely vegetable— »I> TO HIGHt I Tl TOHOPIlCW;. AiR|.CHl, RecomnicDded and SoM by THE FOUR lOLA DRUGGISTS and. l>.:„f itpfiipe." xi .j.s subject will deal I're^dil .Slndenls f:; Hecilal .Mr. and .Mis. I .loy.i .\',-fr !;rov. |. ill. vio'iuist Mn-e. .Nina Gries;. widow of'the , eniinept .N'orwtiKian <-ompo.ser. il-Mf : ward Irie^:. bat; i;iveii nian.r scaler l':i(;kf .^ of heri. liiisb/iid's pi;-iiisi. reelial I'*.' •> llle «ill • a 1-1 i SI Thins- ii 'iaiel; !;ii pri.-J lie aii- paitkf .-I of her liiisb/nd's amllheB 1 .'"^ V.^ , i",--."," o«1i et,e,-s i„ iiu- pMhlic liltt-ar.v /"'^ and complete re of Brirpeil. They are not ui j/o wejiave in Jesns cl .rlst. pen»'d until ;!>il.-r her deijih. •; ^"^ jwilh a brief discription of eacli (if ;the cities, th.- m -,aniim of their names, and sliowiuf; thai each city was chaiaclerislic of the : Christ life in some way. all the cities taken lOKether represent fuse that the antitype. ji .L LEE IlELKFORD. ..Minister. WAS HELPED By TUdsK Lydia Pinkham's ; Vegetable Gimpound As Mrs. Weaver her;,ulf says, 'I was npver very strong." This Is a ' I nj i 1 d siatement de:icriblng her condlliou '' cordlng 'i . i er letters, i.i ^ A: subjected . :i!> small amou',- Ill health. I-'...- tu7iatel>:. her sis- lor was familiar with Lydia E. Plnkham 's Vegetable Compound J- , -«"d begged .Mrs. ygfealfer to try it. "After thre- or B^Orweelts." writes Mrs. Weaver, "I f^t a great difference in myself. I -Ritoutd go to Ued and sleep sound, iwd'although I could not do very : B^ncb work. 1 seemed sironger. ' i |oipt: on. taking It and IK>W r am well Bfid istrong. do my work and take s care^of three children. 1 sure do tell zlgiy Jfriends about your wonderful i n^p^cine, and I will answer any let* Cersffronl women asking about the I 'Vegftable Compound."-rtoi, L.\w- iksCE WrSTT^.. Bast Snflrbfleid St., lit. Pleu .-:nir. Pr. 'KnKlJ 'oii kl;e•^• I'l ..isaads of •;i(f(mien ^^.f*.'.!-;:,;.' M ,, mb es siml- .:lar to tii-jse yoj are enduring had improved their heclth b.v taking -lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Com- .poujW. wouldn't you think'it was 55roi ^h ;5 .Jrial? HATl^EE lOe undl 2 <lc • MGHT iOc and 30c ONLY HEY! rHEYli IT'S 6S ^ Power Supply, but without tuba House- current or battery? Either way— yourmdney. counts I F you want to operate your radio with the same power that lijbu yourelectrie lamps —Dotfaini to do but plu4 into • sookeC —let ui •bow you the new Atifater Keot Hoate-Current set. It utes the new A. C. tubes and gives you a wonderhil quality of reception at • c;ost df only • fraction of a cfot an hour. |f your choice is battery power, ask to see that kmd of Atwatcr Kent seL It has made good in more than a million homes (many o( them aije neighbors of yours). With tbe new low 192i8 pricet, it is radio whose'purchase_ you'll never regret " ^ We can assure you, out of durioytn experience and that ol our CMlomets.'^tfaat there's nothing better of its kind than ^riOirr kind of Atwoter Kent Radio. And our;repatatioo fur fair dealing is another pledge; of your satis- fiiotioa. ' Asic for a demonstration TODAY. No obligation. ALSO Model 36, the wrmlerful new Houie-Cuirentiet. Plugs imo tiiy •odcet, jmt like * reading Unip or eltaricioMttr .Uiej the ne|j A.C tubej. Takes all IM ixmct from yoor home drcuit chrou^ the Power Supply which can be put in any ourof the way plare; Com pact solid l]ul -.oganT eabinet only - - I high- With Type Y Modd 35, • powerful O.VE Dial, tix-tul^ Roccivec with »titcIJed cabinet, finished tii two lonrs of brown crr»ul'inr. Ideal for • Without acccMoncs .! Model 35, a very powerful ONE Diai. iw tube Rccotrr wtrti solid suhogany obtrKt. liJnusuallv cTfective where distance -g«ctmf is ruential or inside antoina it ne :esMr>' Scm- pk antctuia ad^ustmrnt device •a.^sare* re- markable sckcavitv. WitfoDUt artes- STEy^^ART WARNER MATCHED UNIT RADIOS K. C. ELECTRIC & PLUMBING CO 109 Eas^ Madison "The Radio Store" I'iione 65 iM^nrruT/ON- 'wht^e savings are greatest »» SOCTiJ SID|SQIJARK lOLA, KANSA.S i;il.r).V\\; th.' gold.'H iir:tlii:ii tit iut;lll rliib |i(<). .\ l-;il<.iiln::<.-01)L<.- glrl of new Broadwity. iu a .spectarlo i-:ib .-irt'l advi^uturi- without tlie eouvtrl*' Added—("ompdr iiiid Xews Reel SATURDAY • A HENAY MAJp BAB PBODUtfTl NIVJSRSAJL PICTURJE HK.V. in Jiis bigKest. UIOH| tlirilline I)piiilouH Vfjinipedc bt tlioiiBands ol" fe liiiU .s jiliifa<l Ol iiil bis previou.s effo <<iuln" ili-ao:a- tho Kiealefet hors^ pic cliire with the stu- ;ir-i)iufl'liors^es. Hits iu this .slirri:iK tun" evf-r uiiidc. ANo Comedy uad New* Keel uind^nd lhapler "Trail of 1 lie Tiiter" : MONDAY Udi TUEJ J DAV A ltr.MI>EK CROP »F CO .WtlJV I.S Printed^^in Distiitctly Unusual Patterns Tilt' .story of w'hat i.s .smart tor Spring Wu .sii Frockstaiid Childi -iMi 's School Di-o.s .se.-; i .s,: fii^ oj" prints, ixnd dainty light pbin colxtrs. Tiny i'lorai aritl .spiing dq- sigii.s art' qiiaintand chariri-. .squared patlfcni.s, anjl iaiiily plain color-s too. The fre .sh (olor.s art;. d«;hgJitfiiL ' GLABIO ^PERCALES In a large .selection of .strictly new sliadc;; and tt'rnti and piaiii color.s. Yard .wide. The yaid--- pat- , AVENUE FROCK STYLES In an array of new .spring pattern.sand.shadf.:. folor.s. Yard wide. The vard onlv— 19c Witb CAT A rupturou.^. rollicking romance of n who wound up Iu the Kociat regLs'iT. l).-it jiiaUi-.^ a.ff-aRt of ra>-e enterlaiuiucnt—the kind th:ii .--Hrv.'rt oKiy by th'* screen's Pilma I)onna of .J'ep! luneh-vfagon- las.<-it» Collefu's Oiif Willi A .MARSHALL .\ETI..\.\ PRODUCTIO.X -Ml.. GEORGIAN DRESS STYLES : PONr.EiE FINISH iA fin'e.soft material in-imu.snallv new pattorn.s and .shades. color.s. Yard wide. Thtr vai-d— 23c RAMONA CLOTH • UNEN FINISH Thi.s material has a thou.sand hold. In a large selection of colois. colors. Yard wWe. The vaird— alwiit tlio lioijsc- CJilarant(-<(l fast 9AM0NA Linen FinLsh. .13 inch 36- inch CLOTH In White. wide _-_23c wide...... ; - 25c 44 inch wide 4_ L__-___.Tic •54 incli wide ..J ___3f)c i . \ IVEXT WEEK IS WHIT^ GOODS WEEK AT THE PENNfiY STORE

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