The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 4
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n What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, A BEAUTY COURSE. It Ii Quite Simple, and the Lending Medic* iiient Is Sonp mid Water, A young woman hns Intel/ published nn article telling how to becomo beautiful li two wooks without tho aid of n complex Ion specialist. She states hor own per eoiinl experience of the treatment she rec ommemls, which Includes such unusua medicaments as abundant fresh air, food .arid, sleep. It would not seem that two weeks of this regime, which the younf woman appears to think will appeal to the world as something entirely new, woulc suffice to metamorphose even a person to whom it was as great a novelty as she evl dently found It, but she snys It did and relates tho details of the wondrous change. Wondrous it was, for at the beginning ol the two weeks her hands wore rough and sunburned, her skin yellow, eruptive and covered with black speuks, her eyes dull, her hair thin and her joints stiff and even •qucaklng. What she could have been doing to get into such a condition is be- .jrond conjecture, but thus she was, and 'mere common wholcsomeness of appear ance must have looked like ravishing beauty beside her. In order to make the •most of her curative 14 days, she went Into the country, where she set about tho beautifying process in desperate earnest •by obtaining some warm water and CBS- MUSLIN GOWN. "tile soap and washing her face. The 1m- • mediate improvement In her looks encouraged her to further exertions, and she began brushing her hair thoroughly, a practice which she kept up conscientiously ev- > ery day of the memorable fortnight. By wearing gloves when she went out of doors she triumphed over the sunburn on her hands, and a liberal diet of sulphur and molasses—a remedy that smells to heaven, and the odor of which is as per- ••sistent as musk—caused the rose and the lily to quarrel for the supremacy In her complexion. How the squeaking Joints ware quieted the patient does not clearly state, but at the end of the two weeks they were silenced, and she was beautiful. The process is so simple that If It had only been found out before there would not be a plain woman on the face of the earth by this time. But now that the young woman has generously divulged hor discovery we can all retire for a couple of weeks, and, with the aid of soap and water, reappear so much altered and Improved that our friends cannot recognize us. A sketch Is given of a gown of rose colored muslin, with pale green stripes. The <«klrt, which has a pepluin, is made over a .rose colored taffeta underskirt and Is dec- -orated in front with green ribbons. The .round bodice has green folded bretelles •which cross over tho bosom and are edged with ecru lace. The gulmpe Is of rose colored gauze, and tho short puffed sleeves • are finished with three ruffles of lace. JUDIO CHOLLKT. PARISIAN FANCIES. Tendency For Different Materials and Contracting Color*. Paris is all alive over what It calls "Le Pas de Quatro," otherwise "Dancing In -the Barn," which is already out of date here. It was carried to France from England and bus met with an enthusiastic re- -ception. It is undoubtedly a pretty dance, infinitely more picturesque than the stiff kneed "York" or any other of its con• temporaries that were so popular lu America a fow years ug* It In altogether fashionable to have the •bodice and skirt of different materials and GlHt'S COBTOMH, contrasting color*. Kvon more variation is allowed th*n appeared lost year, for the •-eye tiM become thoroughly oooustoiuwl to abrupt (ransltlous. All white costume* are quite the mode, • and wblto often enters largely into Uiu • composition of costumes of combined color*. It is frequently employed with gray, brown, blue and black and Is considered very effective, although It Is perishable in i anything except wash fabrics. Whlu< and > colored towns uru tnuoh worn. Tussore silk it usud for children'* : »•• •luonts, and yellow is much llkwl for tii >, •tMkoolully in straw and coru shades. : <• •laed yellow Is !>y no means u Juvi-i :.i color, any more thuu clear green or pu i: • •, «nd should Ihoivforo bo uvoldud, pun. ;i,J«!y 1" oonibluutlou with black. Hvil, FASHIONS FOB HOT WEATHER. At the left is shown a pretty shirt waist ot chestnut brown dotted taffetas. The sleeves are cool looking gigots. The waist may be worn with any skirt. The two handsome yachting gowns are of white pique and duck. The swagger cap for such a costume u a sailor's cap of white duck. due, brown and olive In various shades 'or dark colors and pale blue, rose, straw and white for light ones allow a quite suf- Iclent range for little people, who should ye confined to youthful-tints and styles as ong as possible, childhood being so small i part ot life, even when mothers make She most of It. The girl's gown illustrated Is of ecru silk gingham trimmed with a band of in- tertlou laid over ruby satin ribbon. The chemisette, over which the. ample crossed revers open, i» of ruby surah. JUDIC CBOLLBT. "STORY 7 TELLING FOR PROFIT' A Vacation Which Serve* to Earn a Livelihood. The information has just been spread abroad that a new avenue toward earning livelihood has opened itself to women. A young English woman has lately become a professional story teller and goes about to country houses In the guise of a fuest to amuse her companions on rainy afternoons. The Idea is a good one, but >y no means new, and the fact that the ust mentioned young woman Is the first >erson known publicly to follow the eating, at least out of the orient, does not >rove her to be specially original, for the lerolne of one of Thomas Hardy's novels —"The Hand of Kthelberta," If reoolleo- ilon serves—earns her living by means of i*r Impromptu narrative powers and Indeed supports her whole family by exercising her enviable faculty'in the houses o( her wealthy friends. However, if the •eal story teller did get her notion from Jr. Hardy, it is nothing against her, and t Is to be hoped that she will be success- 'ul enough to make the spinning of yarns a recognized calling, provided the publto will refuse to accept any except first class entertainment. We all like to read stories of adventure and supernatural Incident, tnd we even like to hear tales that we have already read recited by an elocution- COSTUMK OF BUKDE UENOALINE. st. How much pleanunter It will be to lave erlglnal tale* told us, with all the latural iutloctlo** ot tenderness, fathos, Ury and horror which we have to imagine n our reading I There are persons who can oik very cleverly and tell a joke or story o admiration, but who, when requested to write the same things for publication, •re utterly at a loss and cannot set down word. From the ranks ot these Individuals the corps of professional story tellers should bo recruited, for there U no reason why spoken narratives should have no market value while written ones have a recognized price. A ready tongue Is one >f the most desirable gifts that nature can testow, but heretofore It has been of little practical value unless the possessor became lecturer or political speaker. If women who possess the power of Invention and lowing speech wlllituko pains to quality hemsolves and put conscientious effort nto their preparation, they ought to make great success of tho now profession and will be more to be envied than actors and actresses, for tlio latter sway their uudl- ors through the medium of other persons' noughts, while the story toller's Influence s entirely personal. Tho costume shown Is of suede bcnga- Inc. Tho drupud skirt OIXIIIB over a panel of wlilto embroidered guu/.o and Is tied by knot of moss gruun moire. The blouse corsage has u long luwjuo und Is gathered ou yoke of blusbmidnof niolruund plaited l/J*. Thu balloon Bluevos arc of Bliodo jungullne, tho full opuulutu of moire over gUUZU. JUUUl (JllOLLKT. VARIOUS NOTES. Wliorolu I'arlslun Wouiuu Are K»r lu Ad- vuuvu of I ho AiuerletiiM. A French household writer recommends lipping nut or guipure curtains that have JUUM washed Into u mixture of gum ura- c uud \vutur lu thu proportion ot 80 uinj of ({inn nriiblu lu a quurli of wu- . A yulluw Uiigu may Uo obtained by icldlng u luilo buH'roii pruviously dlBsolvcd 'n WUUT. TVA inwy l.i« usi'U lu place ol saffron. A still deeper tint is secured by using coffee. Lemon juice, although it gives transparency to the nails, should not be used on them oftcner than twice a week unless the hands are discolored by fruit or ink stains, since it has the property of drying the skin about the edge of the nail, thereby encouraging hang nails, which are painful as well as unsightly. Ornamental hairpins are very favorably regarded at the present time. Gold and jeweled ornaments are said to look well in all shades of hair, although dla- FRENCH PARASOLS. mond pins are scarcely favorable to the brilliancy *f blond tresses. Aqua marina or turquoise is better for golden locks, while coral Is as becoming to black hair as the more precious diamond. Plain gold pins are particularly effective in red and chestnut hair, while silver harmonizes well with flaxen or gray hair. It is a pity that topazes still remain out of fashion. They were highly prized 80 years ago, and the pure white variety, when it is a true topaz, still commands the respectful attention of the Jeweler in spite of public neglect. The pink topaz, being rare, is also valued, but no variety is more beautiful than the pure yellow. In one respect at least—and this is said with no thought of decrying American womanhood on general principles—Parisian women are far in advance of us. They esteem ornament for Its beauty and becomingness rather than for its pecuniary value. This must arise from the fact that their perceptions have been rendered more accurate by being developed amid the results of ages of artistic culture, whereas we as a people are artistically crude. It Is more honest to admit this truth, especially as, like love and cough, it cannot be con- oealed. Besides we have a preponderance of advantages In other respects, and seeing that we are crude Is • long way toward remedying it. Jc»ic CaoujtT. GLUTTONY~AS AN TbOM Who Understand Eating; Keep Tonne Longest. It has been said a number of times lately that women will never prove their equality with men until they take as much thought on tho subject of what they eat as men do. Therefore It behooves them to set about that task immediately. They cannot be expected to eat us much, not bo- Ing, generally speaking, as large, but they must cultivate a nice appreciation of flavors and know a gastronomlcully artistic menu, when they see it, as a picture connoisseur knows a Ana painting. If the caterers to women's clubs wore consulted, they might bo ablo to state, with authority, that women already know the differ- CltKI-ON OOW». •nee between good and bad food. If they put up with Inferior viands, as they often do, it Is rather because they aro not so Uol- llgonmt as men uud dislike to ''kick," as the phrase goes. Hrlllut-Suvurln Is quoted as saying: "It bus been proved by a sorlos of rigorously exact observations that by a succulent, delicate mid choice reglmon tho external appearances of age arc kept uwuy for u long tliuu. It gives more brllllunoy to thu oyo, inuro freshness to the nkln, more support to thu muscles. Those who understand eating are four yuan* younger thuu th(wp who am Iguuruut of that sol- eiioo." £* • No douUt food ha* muoh to do with bouuiy, but U |n doubtful It uxoernllng ulumuNs af pulMto in any uld to thu nttaia- lug of youtljfuiw**, A uultlviitud pulitte Is usually t4V<XU to inuuii a fondness for ourlouj ipuaoiiings uud. uuUjuy combina- thftt do not appeal to tlio multitude. It is desirable to be Able to ent epicurean cookery when It is set before one, but it would be hardly convenient for either men or women to be ablo to eat nothing else. Confinement to high living has not been found to have a particularly beautifying effect on those who have tried it. The sketch given is of a gown of bayn dere striped cropon In blue and white. The blouse corsage is gathered to a yoko of gauze and insertion, and straps of Insertion trim the skirt ns well aa tho bodice. The elbow sleeves consist of two puffs and have epaulets of blue moire. Tho back of the skirt is arranged to full in coquilles. JUDIO CHOLLET. HANDLE WITH CARE. The Difference lietween Gently Touching > and Itouglily Hanging. A rough touch is one of the most com mon of unpleasant personal traits. There are many persons who cannot set down a bit of china without running the risk of crooking it, nnd who cannot touch a flo er without bruising the petals. A person of this sort habitually pushes hor face into a bouquet 2u order to smell of it, dog's ears books and rubs her hands over the face ot a picture. She strikes an animal with the idea of caressing it, she hurts tho person with whom she shakes hands, nnd she leaves her mark on everything she touches. This habit is exceedingly displeasing In a man. In a woman it Is Intolerable, since TAFFETA GOWK. she Is naturally more delicate and has more to do with fragile things. When a woman of this sort borrows sheet musio she folds and soils it. She takes the freshness out of every ruffle, ribbon or bit of velvet she lays her finger on. She handles ft baby or a sick person as she would a log of wood, and she steps as If she would put her heels into tho floor. This Is entirely habit and can be conquered like any other superficial peculiarity. Parents ought to suppress the propensity in their children as soon as it appears, but if they do not tho child herself can control it when she grows older, if she will take the trouble. Her own vanity ought to be sufficient to make her avoid being a source of continual nervous irritation to those about her. There is nothing restful In the society of a person who is always banging furniture, slamming doors and making the house jar with her walk. It Is said to be the fashion for women to be feminine just now, and it Is to be hoped that we will all be feminine to the extent of touching persons, animals and things gently. An illustration Is given of a gown having two skirts, the lower of which is of pansy colored 1 taffeta. The second skirt is of pearl gray taffeta striped with pansy color and sprinkled with bouquets. The plain corsage has a double ripple basque and is trimmed with a wide, pointed collar of white lace. The balloon elbow sleeves are finished with a fall of lace and • pansy colored knot. A white lace hat Is worn trimmed with pansy ribbon and •> spray of flowers. JUDIO CHOLLST. GENERAL TARSNEY'S ASSAILANTS. tourer Detectives Go luto Kl Pitso County And Mal» Two Arrest*. COLORADO CITY, Colo., June UO.—De- tectives from Denver on Wednesday arrested John Mulling, Herman Rubbake andC. C. McKimme at Colorado Springs for complicity in tarring and feathering Adjutant Qeneral Tarsney. They were held in bonds of $6,000. Before bonds could be furnished Sheriff Bowers ol Colorado Springs demanded custody of the prisoners and took them' to tb« county jail. Sheriff Bowers asked by what right the Denver detectives bad made arrests in El Puao county, and was informed that they have been specially authorized by Governor Walte to act in the Tarsney matter. 'Legal complications may grow out of the matter. The Denver detectives swore out a number of Warrants, just how many is not kaowa. It 1s claimed that of the number tot whom warrants have been issued, two are women and of the remainder, two •re visiting in Iowa or Illinois and will be brought book. It is said that enough evidence has been secured to convict tno suspected parties. Arresting Striker* at llutte. BUTTE, Mon., July an.—Several more A, R. V, men were arrested for cow- tempt. The complaints are sworn to by Assistant Superintendent Van Huuseu of the Utah Northern road aud charges, them with obstructing and damaging tb« railroad property. They were all placed under $500 bonds. A warrant is out lot the arrest of J. B. Oalderhead, president of the A. 11. U. and Populist cuudiduU for state senator. Uuul*t>'« III* firm, DUNLAI-, la., July W.—Pire destroyed Chamberlain's restaurant, Phillips' law office, Bryan's millinery store, Porter's harness shop, Wood's millinery Htore aud Jensen's meat market. Lous, 97,000. KUutrlu U»llw»y fur Fut'i Hodge, POUT DOUUK, lu., July 20.— At a special uity election held here u majority of 85i was relumed In favor of grouting exclusive eloutrlu light and »trout rail* way franchises to home cupltulists, Urukw Ueoorilt. SAL/T LAKK, July S«.— Cuwnotitura In the Piouuur iluy bleyulu ritcos here broke tho rucunl of tiui wast, Juiison making one mile iu »:I7 HJ>, aud EVUUH a. halt mil« in 1:0,5ft. The Latest Charade. Mr dm If he wonld fain encceed, Must give nnd keep my wliole: My tecond's remedies hiive saved Jlie life of ninny » soul; Mr third la what my whole will be, Tho'ngen o'er us foil; Mr fourth mj first won't need to fill If you will take my whole. The answer Is one of the best remedies for female troubles ever known. For periodical Imlns, excessive flowing, prolapsus, bearing down, lulliimmatlon, nervous headache, and all diseases resulting from "female weakness." There Is 'lothlng BO good as Dr. Plerce's Favorite Praecrlpiion. The onlr remedy so certain Iti results tli,it It can be sold under a guarantee. Money returned If it doesn't cure. K. II. Glenn, John Williams and John HoMon v.'ere arrested at Whiting, Ind., for coi;; -nipt of court in declaring the strike not off. "Oh! stay, themfllden said, and rest Thy wvHty head upon this breast," "I can't" said he, "I must climb the hills, The summer Is past, I now sell pills, Not the pills of old-fashioned make That caused a dreadful stomach-ache- lint wee little things, that you e'en can smile AB the] xentlr remove their enemy—bile. Who u*e them once, thereafter are zealots, In praise of "Plerce'i Pleasant Pellets," Ther regulate 1 he bowels, and cure sick headache, the res nit of constipation or biliousness, without disturbing the diet or occupation of the patient, Bugur-coated-achlldcantake them, •VTiSle'ms.rute, as the re'tfalt of a quarrel with her hnsdmid, Mrs. Merrill Baker of Montgomery, Vt., hanged her four young children to bedposts. Station's Cure, the great Coughand Croup Gate g In great Uumand, Pocket size contains twen tr-flve doses only 25o. Children love It. Sold by C. B. Westbrook. Stephen Terrel was aenteinjeti. at Uouge ville, Wis., to life imprisonment in the Waupun penitentiary for the murder of John Quir,k. CaptlanSweeney, U. S. A., San Diego, Cal. •aye: "Shlloh's Catarrh Bemedy IB the Dnt medlclne.I have ever found that would do DM any good." Price50o, Sold'bjr C. H. Westbrook. 'Kailroad managers report an unusually large corn crop everywhere. It will re- ciuire t\vo years to to market. Buokleo's Arnica Salve The beit salve In the world for Cull, Bralm, bam, Uloeri, 8»itBhenm,.Vever Sores,Tetter, Chipped H«nd», Chilblain*, Oorni and all Skim Krnptlone, and positively onrei Files or BO pay required. It li gnaranted to fire perfeet •atlifMtlon or mon«y refaodtd. PrloeHotBtt pwtox. ForMleb J. W. Ratton. Improvement bonds tor 850,000' were soldi at Racine, Wis., to the Manufacturers' 1 National bunk of Racine foe $3,063 over at 6 sgr fient premiunu Xarl'g Clover Root will purify your blood, elear 'our complexion, regulate your bowels and make roar bead clear as a bell, 26c., EOc. and $1.00. Sold by C. H. Westbroojc. of the Son* of Veterans aiuUhe Ladies' Aid society will meet at Plymouth, Ind., Aug. 8. A Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, of Cunnajohrle, N. YI, gays that le always keeps Or. King's hew Discovery In the louse and bla family has always found the very best results follow its une; that he would not be without It, If procurbale. 6. A. Dyltemsn, drug- glrt^Oatsklli, N.Y.. says that Dr. King's New Discovery Is undoubtedly tbe best cough remedy; hat he has used in his family for eight y«arg, and It has never failed to do all tbatls claimed or it. Why not try a remedy BO long. tried and tested. Trial bottUs free at J. W. Button's drug •tore. Regular size 50c and f 1.00. KewTorkVa rapid transit commis»lo» idogted plans for an underground road A ord«r to get tbe matter before the voters aex.Lfull. Specimen Oases. 8. H. Ollflord.Hew Oaiiel, Wis., was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, hit atomach was disordered, bis liver wai effected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he us terribly reduced In fleih and itrengtb. Three bottles of Wleotrlo Bitten cured him. Kdward Hhepard, Harrlaburg, III., had a running sore on his leg o( eight years' standing. Used three bottles of Glee trio Bitters and seven ooxet of Baoklen'i arnica salve, and his leg s sound and well. John Speaker,Oatawba, O. ( bad five large fever sores on bli leg, doctors said be was Incurable. One bottle Electric Bit on and one box Bucklen't arnica salve cured him entirely. Hold at J. W. Hatton'i drag store. a Coinmoaweulurii encamped in the vicinity of WiiHhliiKton are in dire straits for food, and desertions are daily taking place. The Democrat* of Terrell, Tex.,. Indorsed Hon. John H. Beagan for gpv- rcuor. Mr. Kormait D, . Y. Helpless as an Infant After Pn«umonia-W«igh«d80lbft N*««J'«lara«p«rlll« Mad* Him F**l ••• Young •• • B«y. "0. 1, H«o« • Co.. Lowsll, Moss, t "OsntUmeu-I wish to okgceM s*r frtteful (bauds for Hood's BartaparUlft. I on on toy MvsnUtbotUo and It IMS Uulybeea»bl«Mla| to Myself and wife. I to! » sever* aUtskot (•asuwouU iMl Peoember, out U wu thought * ' but I grsdusJIr vullsd through. I •oon CUIM0 In •trongth so (tut I could ilt up, aud thta tovlug a ssver* polo In th» small of wjr Wik, seui for • Tui8*M I'laster, whloh soon cured KM ol Hood's";>Cures Uwttroublo. Todtyl I«el as well M «m li luylll*. »mla»youugiuS) boy, KUhouch I aja luuy fist year. I oattuot eivrtiss th» grikUtud* a my hutul for HooU's SMUBJurlllii;" ff< p. Vouwo, OUUsws, OUego Co., Now 1 Hpod> rill* *itro QoustfuiUou l>r reitor. UtUMtlOAOiUM THAT ?HT XW COUGH rr W T H SHILOHS CURE r 1 ll.CO Bottle. One cent a dose. hits GREAT Cor/o a CORK promptly eurtt here all others fail. Coughi, Croup. Hero jliroat, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough and Asthma, For Consumption it has no rivsJ; has cured thousands, and will OTTRE rotr If taken in time. Bold by Druggists) on ft RUST- LOH'S^CATARRH ^ ., REMED* Ha\^ -ouc'atarrhy This remedy is ruaran. teed to cure you. Price, COota. Injector free. Sold by G. H. Westbrook. DR, DOWNING This well known and successful specialist In Chronic and Nervous diseases and diseases of the Bye and Ear, by request of many friend* And paMents, will vlsl rlslt CARROLL, IOWA , Saturday, July HO ' Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Oonsultntlon free. uiwaie* 01 ayes ana cars, > Cataract, Cross Eyes strait pata or danger. Discharging eto., Disease* of Nose and DR. DOWNING iAtbor ot "Nervous Debility,'.' "Qeneratt Exauitloo, It* Ouuse and Care," ate. This Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known tbcangbont the) northwest for tbe many wonderful cures of all forms ot CHRONICMNERVOUS 4 DISEASES 1 Uck be has effected ibat bad bafled the*kll M vf etber physicians and •poetallst*. He Cures When Others Fail. DlMases ot Eyes and Ears, OrannVated Ltd*, •alghteaed without Bar*, Deafness. BrosichitliT Asthma, etc. 'Disease* of Stomach' and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn. Blllionsness, Jaundice, eto Kidney and Blad* i*r Troubles, Blood and Skin Diseases, Sorof- 01*. Pimples, Blotches, Eczema, Ulcer*, eto. N*rvous Diseases, Besdaolie, Hysteria, Insom* ola, Lack of Vitality, Langor, Nervousnet*. BhemmatUm, Neuralgia, eto. DIMM** of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations of all kind* •ucoeasfully performed. V onnfr aud Middle Aged Men •aflerln* from Lost Manhood, Newon* or Pay- steal Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Vigor. Decline ot Manly Powers, Drain*. Discharges) or Losses, Varlcocele, Hod «11 tb* train of evil* ••raiting from Exoasses, Error* lu Youth, *to, producing come of tbe following effect*, aa Nervousness. Emissions. Pimple*, BlotohM, DeMUty. Diutnei*. Del eutlve Memory, Abseao* of Willpower, Oodfnilon of Ideas, Aversion to . «o«l*ty, flexual Exbansllon. Pain In tbe Hack, ulo.. blighting the most radUnt hope*, rendw- daring marriage unbappy and business a fall- ar*; sweeping thousands to an untimely grave >o natter wbo bas failed, consult tbe Doctor. H* DM cured thousands wbo have given up in despair. A perfect restoration- Consultation* sacredlv confidential. Dalai* are dangerou*. ^MARRIAGE. 1'hoso contemplating marriage who are aware of physical detect* of weakness which would render marrlag* a disappointment wonld do well to call on us. TREE examination of the Uriae, chemical *ndmlcroico|ilcalti»*JI case* of Kidney Disease. Bright'* Dl*fuse, Dlulwte*. abd Sparma- tonhoaa. Bring sos*)meu. HEMArtKABtC Cures pcrfeotad in old •MM wblobliHveTaen neglected or unskilfully treated, No experiment* or failure. Parti** treated by mall or express: but where possible person*! consultation preferred. OMC* and correspondence sUlcllr oonBdwa* tlal and medicine tent to au.v part of tM ""^^afl United HUM*. List of Questions free. AB- V r*s* wltb . wltbiioctape, DK. DOWM1M6. T nsWe*tMadl*on8treet,Oblcago,IUi. L9ST MANHOOD RESTORED. fm '****' urvluo known. SulU vllb « wrltua nunmnui« to euro «U uurvoui dlnuuvK «upl» KI ^l'|•vou• I'roim- II on, WkkeCulnais, Low ot Ur»lu 1'ower. ' .K ».i. l ' wlluu *. 11 '' wc1 •••» iciwl to InsaAtiy ur «uu>uin»iloii. I'ut up la cs,irr 'i tke v<m* iHicluit. Svuthyiutll In plain uwkwaln >»rs',Ur«Mfor<l, ornl-. tar W. wS alv« HT wrttts*, »or MI* laoanrtl DI a. w. Hsiton. nooae, PHAZE *co. 315 HIAUT9. OHIOAQO. •MUlwni of lu* PDOVISION9 •»4 STOCK* |*VV/« Hofuroiioji DQHN BKOHANCW BANK) rkut 1 Itur 1

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