Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 8, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1933
Page 8
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'BUY B1TTM Of AMII'l AKBi DAILY TII10ir».TIIilg. AMM. IOW*. 8KPTXMBI1 8. FHEUaES AND HIS FRIENDS Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work will) our super service vacuum cleaner: Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Ave. Phone 1091 *•— Work Wanted. Male* • PART OR WHOLE-TIMB WORK I wanted by middle-aged man. I Twenty years bankin* experience. Write 2683 Tribune. • TRACTOR PLOWING. 56F13. Cl—Garden Produce DANCE at Moose Hall. Saturday, the 9th. ft—AficttoB gale* AUCTION SALE, SATURDAY, Sept. 9th, 2 p. ,m., 409 Lincoln way. A splendid bill of goods. Two nice twin beds complete, dressers, FOH SALK: TOiuATUfib 75c AND 50c bushel, beans, potatoes, carrots, beets, peppers, red and yellow onions, spinach, radishes, turnips, egg plant. Jensen's Gardens. Ph. 1770. VOU'Ct WHAT 1 CAll A ' RtAL PAL-7AXIM' CARE OF POODLE THCOU6H ALL OF .THIS!" WHEN DID voo l WELL ~i LET HER MOTICE THW I OUT AMD IN ABOUT WAb \ TEN MIMUTE^ 5HE WITH r CAME RUNMN4' IM THE HER? ^ HOO&E AN' 6HRIEKW* 5OMETHIM * AWFUL — I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WAOM6? O«MC Is Mixed Up! PAOB "T5 Why t CALLED DOCTOR JONES i ASKED HIM WHAT TO DO-HE SAID TO 6IVE HER A LARGE DOSE OF TABLE SALT IN HOT WATER-THEN, LATER HE CAME OVER AN' TOLD J ME POODLE WA& POI&ONEO ' _ POOR OL FOOOLE. r . f FOR SALE: SPRAYED, HAND picked apples, $1.00 bu. Windfalls 50c bu. Apples for jelly and cbiffoniers, rockers, book case, pickling. 50c bu. Jensen's Gardens, student tables, stands, double beds, \ Phone 1770, single, cot, ice box, solid walnut' antique bed and dresser to match, card tables, tools, bedding, dishes, Jv^ POP FIND DID VOU ANY CU>£5 AT ALL. OSCAR 2 • '•• •> *" -=^/VS~ ClUtS? CO**? I DOT! THINK I tVER 5AW ONt OF THOSE -ARE TH6V ANYTHING LIKE FLEAS? utensils, and lots of other goods too numerous to list Call 2338 if you have goods you want to turn into cash. We get the buyers at our sales. Remember we will sell every Saturday. Snyder^& Allen, Aucts. TOMATOES, VERY NICE, 50c BU. Pumpkins, acorn squash, large ripe, 25c doz. Melons at the farm or delivered. H. T.,Farrar. 8—Automobiles, Track* for WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PLYMOUTHS DODGES AND OLDSMOBJLES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth - Dodge - Oldsmobile GOOD USED CARS 1932 Chevrolet : Sedan 1932 Chevrolet Coach 1930 Chevrolet Sedan 1830 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Ford Coupe 3929 Plymouth Sedan See These Cars Before You Buy Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers . Phone 395 5th &. Douglas FOR SALE: TOMATOES, POTA- toes, peppers, carrots, beets. Evert's. Phone 490. POTATOES, TOMATOES, BEANS, carrots, beets, squash. 62F4. P. 0. Stone. TOMATOES, FIRST GRADE, 50c at farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. PICKLING CUCUMBERS. MEDI- um dills down. Phone 60F2.' ALLEY OOP CUCUMBERS. ALL SIZES. PH. 23F2. 84—Household Goods i GOT THE: SNAP IN MY WPWTS OUST AT THE t?«GHT MOMENT, WU A PERFECT FOOOW-THPOUGH. OSBY OONES COOLPNT H/VE TX)NE BETTEP. VT MUST HA/E. CAVOlED THE NEXT HIUU " BABY*. UJOKAT THAT'S WHAT 1 CALL LOOK KT JT-VTS GOOD FOt? 400 YA^DS.AT ALL SIGHT, POP! Exhibit "A" THAT'S WHAT I CALL. WSTANCE 1 , THE \NPtf \ V<tlPT MY CPTTC ON THE B^Lt, A.HB SMACKED VT CLEAN V*S NOBOOYS BUSINESS! t POKT BELIEVE THE »WUL PO5E OVEP TWCNTN ET- YrtWT A. -DBiVE _ ^ THW WAS \ By Q)wan f VES- rr« TOO BAD you ( CAN'T TAKE IT BACK HOME V AND HAVE IT STUFFED AI X^_ _^^ 7 Buy Your Furniture at the Wholesale House where you have the largest assort ment to select from. Call at Walsh's and get a customer's card. Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. USED CARS Priced to Sell '31 Ford De Luxe Coupe—$265.00 Dodge Sedan $150.00 LaSalle Sedan $165.00 '29 Four door sedan _$145.00 Mathison Motor Co. 79 FORD COUPE Perfect '29"Ford ._.: — Coach '30 Ford — Truck '29 Durant, mech. perfect __ Coach MAX DTJITCH AUTO EXCH. Phone 1000 323 5th BEAUTIFUL WALNUT FURNI- ture for sale. Bed, springs, dre?s- er, chest of drawers with mirrors, and small chest of drawers. Also oak Princess dresser, oak library table. Phone 896. FOR SALE: DAYBED, DUOFOLD. Call 1432-W. 70—Radio Equipment C. E. GORE'S SERVICE. ALL radio work guaranteed. 210 llth. 2011. 76— F«r Sale, MiccellaneoM 7—-Auto Repairs WE FIX THEM OR They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 323 Llnctlnway Phone 010 Well It's This Way! "How'll 1 know when I've gone three and two-thirds miles? The speedometer isn't working?" "You'd better go back to town and have .1'. fixed right away at Cliff Roberson's Garage FOR SALE. FRIGID AIRE ICE cream containers and resturant booths and other articles. See F. W. Densmore, Story City, Iowa. FOR SALE: CHRYSLER SEDAN. Wicker furniture. Girls bicycle Phone 2414. The Call to Arms! \OUR rAAJESTV THEV5 TWO (^DINOSAURS'KiNG;^ WESAWEM-BIGONES.^ (COMING THIS WAY/YUH \BETTER.DO SUMPIN^ 86—-Apartments, Flat* SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished Si and 3 room apts. S'ewly decorated. Light and water Burnished. ,1 blocL from campus. Phone 1457-W. BICYCLE, GOOD Phone 2186. CONDITION. FOR SALE: HALF-SIZED VIOLIN. Phone 2476. GOOD, CLEAN FURNITURE, REA- sonable. 1346-J. 'OR NICE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campus, reasonably priced, see M. A. Countryman, 2728 Lincoln way. NICELY FURNISHED 2 ROOM apt. Heat, lights, water. Washing pririleges. S15 Burnett. 1266-W. By HamlinJ a i«» er MM aoweg, me. CHICAGO (CP)—Grain range: 76—Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTED: YOU TO READ OUR auction ad in these columns. If you have goods you would like to turn into cash call 2338. We kno-/ how to get you the money. Snyder & Allen, Aucts. FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. Little Brothers. CLEAN APARTMENTS, FURN- ished or unfurnished. Also house, 4th ward. Phone 2147-J. r 9—Motorcycles. Bicycles WANTED: SECOND HAND cycle. Cheap. Phone 15S9. El- FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. 2 ROOM APARTMENT.. FIRST floor- Private entrance. . 302 Lincoln way. FOR SALE OR TRADE* LATE model motor cycle. Phone 612. I 12—Beauty Service I FREDERIC CROQ'UIGNOLE OR combination permanents. — Allene's Beauty Shop. Phone 427. T9—Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs 6c per Ib. Hens isc " " No charge for dressing and delivery. "Woodland Farms. Phone 435. APARTMENT: 3 ROOMS, SLEEP- ing porch and bath. 2927 Wood street. .. • FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT. Dr. Proctor. 13—Busine** 8«rrlc« Offered UPHOLSTERING Refinishing Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231 & Main Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces. New low prices on new furnaces. A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop Phone 662 400 Main Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES Gen. furnace repair work. Furnaces vacuum cleaned. Eva trough work F. A, Gould Phone 527-J 312 Main St YOUR CAR WASHED, THEN Duco polishad, $1.00. Call 1617-W. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED. 2& to 4 Ibs., 17c Ib. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. SPRING FRIES, FULLY DRESSED and delivered. 33F6. Mrs. Sorenson. FOUR ROOM Phone 662. APARTMENT. FOR RENT: Fifth. - APARTMENT. 716 Open WHEAT: May 90% Sept. 8214 83% Dec. 86^4 8?ii CORN: May 57% 57% Sept. 46% 47 Dec. 51% 51% OATS: May 4114 42% Sept 35 36% Dec. 3S& 39% RYE: May 76% 77% Sept. 65% 66% Dec. 70% 71% BARLEY: May 57 58% Sept. 47 49% Dec. 52%, 53% High Low Close 89 91% 81% S3?' 8 84% 87 56 45% 34% 75% 65% 69% 57 47. 51% CHICAGO (OP.)—Li-restock: HOGS:' 30,000, including 57% 46% 51T4 42% 36 39% 77% 66% 71% 5S% 53% 9,00.0 NICE TWO ROOM FURNISHED apt. Close in. Adults. Call 751. FOR SALE: SPRING FRIES, 50c. .Drive out. 1429 Kellogg. Mrs. Weston. BARRED ROCK Phone 23F2. COZY 2 ROOM FURNISHED apartment. 939-W. TWO SMALL AFTS. las. Call 1809. . 622 DOUG- FRIES, ALIVE. 88—Rooms Without Board TWO MODERN ROOMS, ONE could be used as, living room. No other roomers. 1 Garage. 803 Duff. 511-J. FOUR ROOM APT. Phone 2367. 4TH WARD. FOR RENT: COMFORTABLE sleeping rooms. Business people preferred. Phone 817-J. FURNISHED ROOM. BLOCK from business district. 50S Kellogg. PLEASANT SOUTHEAST ROOM. Also garage. 609-W. FIRST FLOOR SLEEPING ROOM and garagr. Phone 13S8. THREE ROOM, UNFURNISHED apt. 412 Main. Call 560-W. 94—Houses toe Kent FOR RENT: FIVE ROOM HOUSE: Nearly new, basement, garage. 229 South Russell ave., $30 per month. A. T. LerdalJ. Phone 489. HOUSE: MODERN, 5 ROOMS, maple floors. Cheap. Call at .^27 South Kellogg. FIVE ROOM MODERN FURNlSH- ed bungalow. Hot water heat. Garage. Write 2661 Tribune. MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE near college. Redecorated. Phone 277. ROOM. COOKING Call 1196-W. PRIVILEGES. AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE* Phone 20(51. at—Help Wanted, Female 1 I 84—Housekeeping Koouis I TWO FURNISHED HOUSEKEFP- rooms. Phone 743-J. 1*6—Wanted, Rooms or Bonrd WANTED: WOMAN BETWEEN 30 and 40 years of age to do gen- i era! house work for board, room' and small wage. Write Tribune j 20S2. 27—Work Wanted, Female EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS :. lixrnlnr, rug dunning at yotinn man, 20, w«.ntB v 'ork, good driver. 475-W. TO RENT: ONE OR •* o rooms near campus and bus ^^He 26S4 Tribune '«nto, Flat* Apartments and housM. close, (0 college, clean. u > Haywooa Ave. directs, and 10,000 government pigs. Market active, strong to 5c higher. 180 to 230 Ibs., $4.45@$4.55,- top $4,60. 270 to 350 Ibs., J3.40@?4.45. 140 to 170 Ibs., $4.00@$4.50. Commercial pigs $3.50 down. Packing sows, $2.75@$3.35. Light light, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice. ?3.75 @?4.50; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, ?4.25@?4.60; medium weights, 200. to 250 ibs., good and choice, |4.20(g)?4.60; heavy wt, 250 to 350 Ibs, good and choice, $3.40@$4-60; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and good, $2.50@ 33.40; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, $2.50@$3.75. CATTLE: 1,500, calves 700. Fed steers and yearlings fully stead". Best yearlings $6.50. Largely $5,0*0 @$6.00. Bulls, active and strong. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs.. good and choice, $5.25@$6.75: 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, |5.25@$7.00; 1100 to 1300 Ibs,, good, and choks, S5.50@$7.00"; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice. $5.75@$7.ffO; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, $3.00@?5.75. Heifers," 550 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, $5.00@$6.25; common and medium $2.50@?5.00. and choice, $4.25@$5.00; common and medium $2.75@|4,25. SHEEP: 18,000. Market active. Native lambs rather active, steady and up to $7.25. All killing classes 17.65. Rangers steady. Feeding lambs steady. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice, $6.75@$7.50; common and medium, ?4.00@$7.00. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice, ?1.50@$3.00; all wts., common and medium, 75c@?2.00. Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, $5.&5 @$6.40. Today's Markets Prices bid by locaf dealers No. 2 corn Ear corn 32%c Oats .... , -.:26%c Hogs .: ....$3.75 Cream, sweet .. Cream, sour Eggs, No. 1 ~..~13c Eggs, No. 2 g c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs., and up ..7c Heavy hens under • 4% Ibs. and leghorns Be Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over ..;. 9c Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs ... ..y c Leghorn springs .....5e Leghorn cox .'. ...3c All roosters .... .;...4c All number twos, two cents less. Little Georgia Star Will Face Big Calif ornian NEW YORK OLE)—The quarter-final match in the men's national tennis champloaship Friday between Bryan Grant of Atlanta and -Lester Stoefen of California will prove one of two things: 1. That Grant's victory over Ellsworth Vines Thursday was a signal that the diminutive southerner is headed to national supremacy. 2. That Vines had slipped so badly that he was ready to be taken by anybody who could keep the ball in play. If Grant conquers the giant PRODUCE CHICAGO •OJJRi— Produce: EGGS: Market steady; receipts 6.469 cases; extra firsts 17; fir»ts 15%; current receipts 12%@13%; dirties 12%. BUTTER: Market unsettled; re- Cows, good, $".25.@$4.50; common and medium, $2.3'5@?3.25: low cut. ter and cutter, $1.50@$2.35. Bulls (yearlings excluded) good (bee:) ?3.25@$4.00; cutter, common and medium $2.25@$3.35. Vealers, good and choice, §6.50@$S.OO; medium ?5.50@$6.50; cull and common ?4.00@?5.5C. Stocker and feeder cattle: 'Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good UNUSUALLY GOOD FOUR RM. house. A bargain at $25. 1290-W. FOR RENT: SIX ROOM DUPLEX. Phone 1752-J. FOR RENT: MODERN BUNG Alow in good shape. 730-W. FOR RENT:..HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnlslied, call 4S6-J. FURNISHED HOMES, ALSO LOW- er apartments at college. 20S7-\y. FOR RENT OCT. 1ST: NICELY located cottage. 628-J. FURNISHED HOUSE Day telephone 809. OR UNFURNISHED SIX ROO" bouse. Inquire 91 fi MOT) K R N BUNGALOW. NEAR Phono 1S39-J. 64—House* for Rent HAYWARD AVE. 507: TWO RMS. and kitchenette. A odern. Garage. $22.50. Cozy home In fine neighborhood and in fine shape. Write G. W. Gray, 1512 Woodland ave., Des Moines, la. FOR RENT: SEVEN ROOM brick bungalow. Modern. Garage. 504 E. Llncolu way. $20. Phone I. J. Scott. ceipts 16,389 tubs; specials 22@ 23%; extras 22%; extra firsts 20% @21%; firsts 17%@18%; seconds 16%@17: standards 21. POULTRY: Market steady; receipts 1 car. 32 trucks; fowls 10 @ 11%; springers 11%: leghorns 8; ducks 10%: geese 8@9; turkeys 10@11; roosters 11@13. CHEESE: Twins, 11%@12; Longhorns 12%@12%. POTATOES: On track 400; rivals 55; shipments 275; weak. ar- market Bright Spots in Business J. C. Penney Co. rf ports for Aug. ust sales of $14.203.842, against $10,747,070 in August. 1932, a gain of 32,1 per cent. POUR ROOM HOUSE AT 1016 Tenth street. Modern. Garage. Price $2f.. Phone 853-J. 100—Wanted to Rent, Lnnd WANTRU -K. RB.\T: SMALL stnrk fiirm. R. G. vVhlttlespy, Houtc 4, Boouc. Industrial Rayon Corp. raises dividend from 75 cents to $1 after an Increase three months ago from 60 cents a share. FINED FOR SPEEDING L. F. Marat on of Denver lined $R in municipal court Thurt day afternoon on a charge of fast driving:, Marston, who came thru Amos south on Ornnd avenue and oast on Lincoln wny. \vns arrested near Puff avniup by Officer Ow*n '""t of UK- Ames police i in on t. Stoefen, the man many experts consider the finest prospect this country has seen In years, there will be nothing to do but admit that the little five-foot, 120-pound chap from Georgia is of championship calibre. Grant and Stoeffen are certain to draw a laugh when they walk on the court, for they are as exact opposites as tennis has even seen. Not only in size but in the type of game they employ. Grant Is the earnest retriever, the pit-pat, player. Stoefen, better than six f«*t four, hits the most tremendous ball in tennis;. America cannot possibly place more than two men in the semifinals, for its other-two representatives, Frank Shields and Gregory Mangin, are pitted against each other Friday. Picking the winner is almost impossible, so brilliant did both perform Thursday. Mangin played the best tennis of his life in eliminating Jiro Satoh of Japan, and Shields looked unbeatable in trouncing Satoh's countryman, Ryoaula Nunoi, in straight sets. Fred Perry, Britain's No. 1 performer and Davis cup hero, should defeat Adrian Quist of Australia. Quist played magnificently in defeating Wilmer Allison, but Perry, right now on top of his game, is no Allison. The Briton's touch is exquisite, especially at the net, and hi confidence unshakeable. Even when Keith Gledhill led him two sets to one in their fourth round match Perry played with an assurance tha told all of those looking on that thej need not fear, that he would put on the pressure when he had to. Anc that's exactly what he did. Jack Crawford's quarter-final opponent is not yet known, for the match between Vivian McGrath *nd CHff Sutter was called on account of darkness with the Austrian leading 6-4, 3-6. 3-6, 6-3, 3-1. They were to resume piny Friday, with the winner meeting Crawford later In the day. It really doesn't matter much who wins, for Crawford can take them both without removing his sweater. NAVY LOSES TACKLE ANNAPOLIS. Md.. <F.R)— Navy's football team has lost a regular tackle. Couch Rip Miller announced Friday. He IK "Bull" Brooks of Corpus ChrlatI, Tt'X., who developed ear trouble from swimming this Unnrmnr «nrt whn will he linavftil- Savoy Beer Ten Will Furnish Entertainment The Savory Beers of Fort Dodge who meet the Miller Painters at Carr's park here Friday evening, will provide some varied entertainment in addition to good dia- Hiondball. Two of the negro boys who make up the team will put on a dance and their catcher Possum Lomas is a big feature. Lomas has earned the name of King Kong with his physical build and actions. Jack Wells, pitcher for the team, who,is only 17, has a record of seven-and eight strikeouts a game for the season. Sonny Roberts, pitcher and inflelder, has played with some of the best negro teams in the country. The Savoy game will be the second on a program which will open at 7:30 p. m. with a game between the Miller team and the Nevada Red Devils. Junior Golf Near i Final Stages at Ames Country CluK. The finals of the boys and girl* -' golf tournament at the Ames Golf; and Country club will be in the'' final stage Saturday. In the boys division, Menze was to meet Knudson and Snyder was to play Hickok in the semifinal! Friday. The winners of those two matches will meet in the final/ match Saturday. . Phyllis Simpson and Josephin*.MacRae will meet for the girls = title Saturday. EXPECT $75.000 GATE ; IHICAGO (HE)—With approximate-" ly $15,000 worth of tickets sold an<T reservations for as many more, th«Jack Sharkey-King Levinsky hiavy-T~ weight bout at Comiskey park next Friday night promises to draw^ gate receipts of more than $75,000. Sharkey continues to rule a 2-1- bet- ing favorite. Bummer, nnd who will be unavail 4 §ble for the t ntire stason i TPHOUOM Washington has set up : A tlie NRA, the RFC. the NAB, the | TV'A, the AAA and many other i flgoneles to ftld bii«ln«s«i, merchants ! report thut rcuoh bu.slitbM Is s«.IU b'lnj; conducted under tho IOCJ V'an, TN bright fall plaids, her* is a school drew that will five complete •*• lAtisfaction to Us young wearer a* well M to her fond mother. The pleats gire freedom for the llvellett game* and the dress I* e**y to launder. Designed In four tttteo: 4, «, 8 and 10. SIM 8 require* 2fe yftrts of 35-Inch material, plus % yard for the cottar, belt and ileere- banda. If made in monotone, It will require 2% yards. To «ecuro a pattern and simple sewing chart of thlt model, tear out , thfa iketrti and mall It an Julia Boyd, 10) Park Arenue, New Vert, ! N. Y.. together with IS cents in coin. B* sure to enclose, OB a Mpa* { rate, sheet of paper, yonr name, fall addre«», your site, the number «f thlt Miura (No. SOMx), and mention the name of thla n«wip*i«r. Add.-c.-.R your rnvplo]>« to Julia Uoyd, Anieg Trlburi»-Tlm»ia Bureau, 103 TaiK Avenue, N-nv York, N, V.

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