The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 14
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Democrab Can'f, lpre ' ider * Heor » Win, Green Says Convention Keynoter Sound* GOP Battle Cry Of 'On to White House' CONVENTION HALL, Philadelphia, June 22. (UP)—The keynote of this Republican National 'convention Is: On the White House. It was sounded last night by Git/. Dvlght H. 'Green ol Illinois, in the traditional keynote address -which each convention year calls the barty faithful to battle. Green asserted that the New Deal Is dying tnd the Democrats can't win. "We sre here," Grfeti told 13,000 hot but happy delegates, spectators and candidates, "to nominate the 34th president of the United Stales.' Fleos for Recall Of Congressmen WASHlNTOrfG, June 22. (UP) — President Truman was considering appeals t<xlny to call Conuress back Into .vsslon to do something about housing nnd approve a $65000 loan lo th 3 United Nations. W»?t»r Reuther, president of the United Auto Workers and chairman of Din cro's HousiiiK CotnniUtee nskcrt Mr. Truman to summon Con-' greis as soon as tlie political conventions are over. " He •said that in "scuttling" the THfl-E!|endcr-Wagner long - range housing bill. Republican leaders In tlie Mouse li.ive caused a "national emergency " "Millions of Americans." said Reuther, "and especially velemis . . . Inue lost all practical possibility of ob'ainliiK homos for years to come as a result of the clumsy but Obituary (ARKJ COURWR . With the GOP In the White House after 16 years of political exile, he said, the country will en- lay a new era of peace and prosperity and progress toward "n greater America." "We are not n°'i>B back to any j'Mterday," Green said. "All our ., .,„..._, „, ( .,| C ULUMJbV [Jill f ruthless collusion between the real die. estate lobby and a group "at tnlormi political bosses." . T )la T - K - W b '!l Pnssd the SenaU (but ran ml,, a stone wall In the House because or the Icnrlr/s' nj>- posltio.i to Its public housing and slum donrnnce features _. M_cnnwhilc,_ |_ c ,_. &,, m oom have a duty (o toi make this convention H real covenant for peace." Green accused Ihe Truman administration of weakening U. S. turned strength, appeasing Russln, ant) "losing the peace." He denounced "the New Deal falsehood that (lie Republican Party Is timid or provincial In its foreign policy." Promises Hrokrn The keynoter said tlie New Den! Is in such bad shape that It couldn't win with Wallace" <u>d "cunt win with Truman." rt said the | f ,, D T" ••"•I"" party In power tor the past 16 rorcl * "oy Hike Offer years had broken all promises ex- j GRAND RAPIDS Mich j, mn •>•> ,«ept "those it save Joe Stalin." -(UP;- The do United Atilo Funtral in Osceo/o For Memphis Child OSCEOLA', Ark., Ju,,« M-runer al wruces for Marjorie Ann Flan- nlgan, two-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Buren Flannlgan of Memphis, were conducted this afternoon at the Swift Funeral Chapel In Osceola by the R* v . E . H . H»li7 pastor of the Leachvllle Methodist Church, as»lsl«<l by the Rev L T Lawrence, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church In Osceola. Burial was in the Memphis Memorial Park Cemetery. Marjorle Ann riled In the Methodist Hospital in Memphis yesterday after an Illness of six weeks Survivors other than her parents are her grandparents, Justus A. Edringlon of Osceola and Mrs Betty Edrington of Memphis. yesterdays have taught us that we N. Y.. appenicd'Vo thc'pre'slteit Yn have a duty (o tomorrow... .we [gel C,.,,,,slo,mi actio,!'"''f'65 000,000 loan to finance comirucijon of UN hoadmiarters in New York. Bloom said there is danger the UN nilRh'. move its lioaclr_unrlcrs to an- Under the adjoi... lion adopted Sundny . by resolu- Congre s y ongre s e ther the President or the n«niili- •can Itadershlp cr.n call the legislators Pack to Wnslilngio,,. Auto .., •••- ^•i'-' uimeo Workers union today rejectee, to 14 cent hourly raise offered I U •Today, tonight," he said. "America is losing the peace... .New Denl — n <-».-m nouny raise diplomacy threw away victory long i ford Motor Company nnd ii. = i» ,. before our fighters had won it." I demanded a flat hourlv ,>, . if, The Republican Party. Green as- crease. * |MJ '"- .•ei-ted, will stop communism. , UAW Secretary-Treasurer Fmn 'Our best answer to Communism.- Mazoy. acting president of ll he added, "will be a sound Amcr- union, announced t!,e reiwtlm, IV. ica in which all the people shall attending the arm al meet ng J e ou/\« ecSnolS 6 '' Pr ° dUced by M ' cl "sn» CIO CoimcllHe lid the ° U H e r "teT >n th'a 1 t the Republican • — """ ' Ud "° l " leet ; ls sn expensive plan and wij have ] a right to expect a real rcllu-n on .•;our investment—a real return to v peace and security." .-• "We cannot permanenily support ;lb*'world," Green said. "Our task -is ;tq' put the world on Its feet •Ad tapt. on o\ir back." Mow Woman to Be First Feminine GOP Senator sured today of becoming the nation's Jifst GOP woman Senator by winning the nomination over three male opponents in yesterday's state primary. Hildreth and Sewall both conceded "victory shortly alter midnight when the 49-year-old Congressman's lead piled up to nearly 2 to 1 over her nearest competitor. ,. ... ---•: making tess than $1.50 nn hour nnd H cents lor those fh r "o",l S15 ° Or more - Heaved to i me (.,10 convention floor yesterday, Jllie offer wns booed. Back-to-Work Vote Fails In London Dock Strike LONDON, June 22. —<UP)_Union , endcrs forced a hack-to-work vote through a muss meeting of London's dock strikers today, but other nationwide dock walkout. The showdown will come tomorrow. I About 20.000 dockers, stevedores and cold storage workers nre on strike. Between 150 to 200 ships. 50 of them loaded with food badly 1 needed in this rationed nation, are I awaiting nnloadlnc „_._„__ . he S3 miles of London's docks. AIR TOURISTS ned from P»|e 1.) chrurtnnn of the tour Saturday afternoon 'the filers will iraUon return to Little nock for a buffet'J, d s ™, d dinner and ""''" *t«li of urael "mbject lo H., M , ter and spirit ot the United, Nations charter." The G0*> civil rights plank favored prompt enacloiem of leglsli- llon lo end th, "infamy" of lynch- Imj; abolition of poll taxes; elimination or racial segregation In the armed forces and legislation lo guarantee, "equal opportunity lo work — regardless of race, creed or color. "ills rjlank nrnnmllu ^>.a,., 4U_ u u . of thi lo t*i« "MI and control of water for Irrigation, power development incidental thereto and other beneficial uses . . ."adequate repre- wnljtlon °f the West In the nation- a! administration. Educatlon-Ecjuality of education.! opportunity for all "and the "motion of education and educational facilities." «nd ade- TUESDAY, JTJNg a, 1848 to rerinarw* the bondi of hl» com- dinner and dance at. the Marion Hotel to culminate the two-day affair. Mr. Halsell explained that this wns Blythevllle's party, and n »l Just for filers. "We want those participating In the tour to KO home talking about Dlylhevllle and our spirit of hospitality," he said. Among the outstanding participants of the tour will be the CAA officials from Little Rock, anfl 13111 Kerry, Fourth Heglo;i Inspector for Civil Aeronautics Commission of Fort Worlh, Tex. Wliiie.the visiting airmen are In Blyllieville "courtesy cars" will transport them to and Jrom the airport and town and the various places of entertainment. Although the spotlight wilt be on the hangar dance Friday night there will also be swimming and skating, Mr Halsell said. said In a statement that the uur platform coinmiitee, by using the words -we favor" rather lhan "we pledge, hat "outdone Itself In em - phaslilng their Insincerity and Broken promisei by more weasel Soiilherneri made . last-ditch / Bht to try to strip the platform of rln H . r , llrhL ' pill " k - A'though Ihey failed they pointed out that the 1948 platform does not call for the establishment of a Fair Employment Practices Commission as did the 1944 GOP platform. Tax Reduction Plmifed The platform also Included these other points: Taxes—". . . Continuation of the efforts so well started by the Repub- Ican Congress to reduce the enor- iious burden of taxation In order o provide incentives for the crea- lon of new Industries and new lobs '"•' lo bring relief from inflation." leral-stnte (axing -. __ j^j.cics lo "eliminate »-atcfu! duplication." Reduction or elimination of excise and inheritance taxes. Houslng-^Pederal aid for slum clearance nnd low-rent housing pio- HI at *'".* d ) Llstn >ent of oeneui-s for disabled veterans and for Ihe wi dows ond orphans of men who died in services. The platform committee also urged Improved conservation practices and.encouragement to small business through "aggresive anti-monopoly action," Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., R Mass who headed (he drafting committee, described himself Pany and found much u.rjuujce against Arkansas. Ever since then, tlon to do what he could to hflp pul Arkansa* up [rom the bottom of the economic statistics tables. "Now we are really on our way and going places," the business leader declared. "Since leu, we have Kamed here in Arkansas more than ' SA " —- Industries or He saW the , sa _., a _ the 2100-word platform was the shortest In Republican history. OSCEOLA (Continue* i ro «n Paje 1.) day |« becoming humanity-con- «lou s and is losing it s cold impersonal view of business. Many , . concerns | n lhe Nonh B , he said, are looking for new PLATFORM (Continued from Page 1.) nomic independence and (theirt human rights and fundamental freedoms ... We shall insist on businesslike and efficient administration of all foreign aid." The foreign policy plank pledged supiMrt ol the United Nations anrt promised a policy which "avoids ,.'.ie misunderstandings from which wars result." And it promised to "protect, the future against the errors of the Democrat administration, which hns too often lacked clarity, competence or consistency in our vital international relationships and has too often abandoned justice." It also promised support of the reciprocal trade system while "at all times safeguarding our own Industry p.nd agiiculture and pledged full recognition to the new Jewish _ .„ „ ,i.,i.i, mjuMil^ [JIU- grams "only where there is a need P" that cannot be met either by prl- ! " cUiuncs »»a in social vale enterprise or by the states and ' Or 8anirations. They want the o™ n, r e "M»!oycs can cwn their own homes, and have gardens anr! rear their families simply and healthfully. "They are greatly Interested In good schools and adequate recreation and hospital facilities. They are particularly Interested In libraries '" -'" and in social welfare * iJiree-Jold Increase In our payrolls, »l50,ooo,ooo spent in new productive facilities. "Our retail sales here in -Arkansas cer altily reflect these gains. They will total about »1,500,000.000 this year, compared with $315,000.000 In 1940, Our tier capita Income of $252 In 1940 will exceed »150 this year and may reach $800. "This whole Middle South area Is bursting out of Its clothes Progress Is In the air. At last our' voice s being heard. But It must not be he voice of the demagogue, nor of the quack reformer, or of any selfish "Our voice must s|>eak for s mission, it must be the voice of men governed by truth, men of balanced Judgment and good v'll 1 am impressed by the fact that °" r i. T 1 "!, 11 alld our Arkansas h »s such leaders." <<auds Prew ol Nation Mr. Moses also paid tribute to the newspapers of America, terming the press "the voice from the crossroads—our strongest bulwark." He sa d: "The people arc on trial; our fnitli and courage are being tested Don t give ear to the honeyed voices of the demagogues. Tlie press will .«., *- ti V -'"-J waul, me Clina..--,--. '«» of their workmen to have the Labor—Continuation of the Taft- flnest opportunities afforded any Hartley law with a "continuing I>c .?. I 4 e a'V'I'ere. study to Improve labor-management h ( , , smflrt business men will -_, -.- —,,,.„,,, niij V i -iiiniiiX____,i;[|it;iH legislation In the light of experience and changing conditions.' Agriculture—A long-range agricultural program with "reasonable" price supports; 'bona fide" farmei- . ,, es men will build a fine community In which to live, and then industry and expansion will follow." Arkansas Develops . Moses told how the Arkansas - o—o—.j. j. *iv j/i uoa Will lead you in the paths of rirht- eousness." DescrJblnu the Build Your Home loun program sponsored jointly by the Economic Council-State Chamber and the Arkansas Resources nnd Development Commission. Mr Moses said the community development clinics which have been held In some 30 Arkansas cities since February i are achieving outstahd- "" ' " think- -• —-——.o. Warren, Magnolia, El Dorado and Sheridan, He was accompanied to Osceola by Frank cantreJl, general manager of the Economic Councll-StaU Cham- Zaharias Foyored In Women'sWeiternOpen CHICAGO, June rt. tUP)— Thlr- play in the Western Opc_ _._ >m m to win. ** * th * ^P «hoic« — consei Communism—". . . Vigorous enforcement of existing laws Hgainst Communists and enactment of such new legislation as may be necessary to expose the treasonable activities of Communists and defeat their objective of establishing here a sod- less dictatorship controlled from abroad." Armed forces—"Effective action" lo keep tl\e armed forces manpower at "sufficient" strength, Including a draft IB.W; effective unity ot the armed forces for the sake of ccon- only efficiency and military effectiveness. To Attack Inflation Prices—"An attack upon...Inflation ' by reducing the cost of government; stimulation or production; reduction of the public debt. Women—A constitutional amendment providing etiual rights for women: equal pay for equal work regardless of sex. Tidelaiids—Restore to the slates "their historic rights to the tide and submerged lands trlbutory waters lakes and streams." Reclamation—A comprehensive reclam.itlo/i program (or arid and scm-arid areas 'with full protection of the rlghU nnd interests of the OVER 300 PAIRS OF TROUSERS T O SELECT FROM ^ ' l ^ _ f * . >X^ As Cool As A MOUNTAIN BREEZE Washable Cords Gabardines Rayon Tropicals Woo! Tropicals River Cools From HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR •lytri«Yili«. Ark. CLOTHIER St««U, Mo. h POOLE If you've ever visited Yellowstone Park, you'll never forget the bears. And if you have tasted Yellowstone, you'll never forget the excellence of this fine Kentucky Bourbon. 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