Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 20, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1933
Page 2
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•PAGE two THE jfeRICHO iBdAb knbw tbb rbad to Jericho, It's in a pdrt of tovrti jiafs full oil factories and filth, .'ve seen' the folk go down, lall folk with.roses In their cheeks tiid star-lig^t in their, eyes, seen them fall among • the I thieves, " j ".Ana heard'their iielpless cries 'fhkh filing took their roses red K And robbed jthem of their stars Jind' left them, pale and almost . jdead. p ; .Tho; "While, Uji Jnotor-caxs 'tM priests and levitcS speeding by Bead" of the latest crim «-5 In headlines spread in bhxk or red -Across the "Evening l^ines." Ho.v} hard for ^hose in. iimouslnes •'Tb htal the hurt of inari! r, V as a slow-paced ass that bore "^^The Good Salmaritaii: i I Edwin ^c.NeUljPoteat ^r. Qtt ||t SfaW and Tea at Mrs, Bustard's I One of the most unusual displays of: quilts ever shown in lola was held Prldnx and Saturday at the home of •Mrs' Paul Bustard by a group from tgelRock Creek unit of the Farm Kir|!au, Quilts Hvere there ranging irfui' Mah: » from s fe\y weeks to .112 years, other relics arid curlce were; ;h6wn. Tea| was served. .> .8. <. Mn\ iBartlett Entertains At-JDbiner alijs. -iJ-E. Bartlett entertained Si^nqay noon wit)i a dinner in bono: of -nne .birthday of her si.-ier, Mrs. C .'jS .lOomnion. 'The gue.'.;3 induct i ed: Miss Delore | Gammon and Mrll and iirs; P. C. Hotzel of Emporia,; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Gammon, Mr. and MESJ M. T . Shinn, and Commission-^ erj S. Bartlett.; I . mfs JNichQW Guest of ;Hanor i Miss EJla Beth Nichols was thd; ftuest of honor atia party given Pri-- day .evening by Miss ,Glad >-s Cuppy. Ttie party was given in celebration: of the] 20th birthday of Miss Nich-i oisJ; The evening was spent work- iiigV J g. Saw puzzles ;and refr'esh- rhejits including \ a birthday cake, wjere served ;by Miss Cuppy and, Mrs. J. E.. Nicliols to the following, guests'; Mary Ellen Pickel, Lee Pickel. John Elliott, WajTie Osborn. of Chanute; EvaiHeinlien, Lois Barron,; of Cplpny; Mary Caddell of Bronson; Mr. antl Mrs. Dale .Nichols; fuid DJile Junior, jVVllma Ensminger, Rutji Card. Dorotihy Humes, Jackie' Nicholi, David Nichols and Donald Nlcholk of lola. • I K' <• • Wood-Moore Class; H614s Banquet Tlie jannual! February meeting of the rWood-Moore class of the Pirst Metiiodist church was a very pleas-' nntjDceasion .Wlien the members entertained their faiinilies with a banquet ahd programi in the baseinent of the church: Covere were laid,for 115 members andi guests. The iii^ vocation was r offered by the Rev. W. P. Wharton. A humber of toasts were g ven with Mrs. Roy Reed acting fls toastmistreks. A comedy entitle^ " The Pountailn of Youth Beauty &hp y was i presented by the following ladies:' Mesdames Roy Reed, Gertrude McGinnis, D. U. Burtnett, John Brazee, John Evans, Pinley, Walter Maudlin, Earl Williams, Otto HlUbrant, J, L. 8.mithf C. E. Newman, ri., W. c 'orr, JG. W . Pennimore, and:Grdrge ,Stratton. Another feature of j the progTE ^m was an orchestra jqor iposed of j-oung people, members' 0 f,;. the fa:milies of the class, which ilaycd a number of selections during the evening. MIS. Wilson Entertains At Dinner ' Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Wilson entertained at dinner yestentey the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. M. L. WUson and,chlldren. Grace. Dorothy, Ruth and Charles; Mr. iand Mrs. M. H. Wilson and daughter Anna. . • • •:• Surprise Dinner,In Honor . Of M3ss, Peterson and Mrsr Fryer A surprise dinner was held yesterday noon in honor of the birthdays of Mrs: J. A. Pryer and Miss liattie Peterson. There were covers for Miss Barbara Seay. Mi-, and Mrs. C. O. Peterson .and their daughters Misses . Manetta and Hattie Peterson, and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pryer and their cliildren, Marcla and Buddy. I Whlte-O'NeaJ j Mr. land MrfJ E. G. O'Neal announce the marriage of their daughter Virgil White of Chanute. The ceremony tflbk place in Garnett last Saturday .afternoon and the couple will be at hoine in Chanute after JMarch 1.: Mrs. White grajlu- ated iiqm the lola high school in 1925 and was well known here, Mr. White operates a.Standard oil filling stfttiori in Chanute. ' •:i « <• W, B. C. Me^ti at MenioHal.iiall: 'McCobk p<>st|0f.the W. R, C.Jio. 145 met Friday af^^moon at Memorial haU. Mrs. Pblla ^olt presided and Mrs. Mary Prlerniuth read a portion of the Scripture. At the last meeting the chf^rter was draped in jnettiory of Mr. Barnett. Notice - was deceived of the death of Mi»i iJellle Hardy, p^at de- partijient president bf Kan^ City.' It was announced that Mrs. Jennie Mosher, secretary of the' local corps, was mUch impi;bved. Relief work of $155.23 and 88 sick calls were reported. Mrs. E. W.i Myl^r of Humboldt was a visitor. • •:• r.ood WUl ClBl>;JMeeU With Mrs. Williams •The Good Wi'il .club met Thursday for an all day jheetlfigln.the home of Mrs. Sam Williams. The ladies spent the day quiltihg and pleCing Quilt- blocks. .It was planned by the club to s^rve dinner at the Thompson and . Hfeniiinger sale Fcbru.iry 27. , Dinner guests were Sam Williams, Ora Williams, and John .Oelckers;; visitors were Mrs.' Harold Denning aiid sons, Ha Broughton, Vera Cleaver, Betty Es­ top, Donald Baker, and Max Lee Willis; members present were Mesdames Elmer Baker. Leslie Bamett, Emmett Belknap, Elmer .Belknap, Charlie Bennett, Russell Boyer,Walter Broughton, Glen Cleaver, M. E. Denning, George Este^, Virgil Estep, Will Gay, Henry Grimm, Clyde Heldebrant, Ployd McKaig. Earl Monfort, Will Scott, Will Thayer, Mike Troutwine,, Lee Willis; Misses Hazel Wallace, Margaret Monfort, and Letha Troutwuie. -The. next meeting will be March 2 in the home of Mrs. Lee Willis. • •:• <• Fosfer-Comell Eenjamine T. Poster, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Poster of Carlyle, and Miss Grace Cornell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Cornell, west of lola, were united in marriage. Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of the bride's brother, George Duggan. The ring ceremony was u.snd.. perfoi-med by the Rev. L. A. Stone, United Bretlu-en pastor of the church west of town. The couple stood in fi-ont of large bower of ferns. The bride wore a blue chiffon-dress and carried a Ijouquet of Sunburst roses. HORIZONTAL IThin Uiiil. .. ^Serf.- JO Armadillo.] li Part ill a fjraliw. 15 Hairy. 16 6adk- ot neck. ;17 "To level. 'iSCeriter of ampliitheator. isyat flyers, iorfotplne. 21.8ource of V.I.A. ;^oy|ernnvenlal income. 22 Birds' home. 23 pnager. 25 SilkViorni, 27 near the imi. SO'^&rsMe hotel, 32 iUl eves,. .".eskaing liall, [37 Aui urs, ,S9 To kill as a fly. : ^OPatt of circle •41 itejitlng to the; orii in oC , fljliigs. 43 Frozen water. 4i Hatter's Answer <o.Previous Puzzle ia [5 ]EiEi0.5]raaB • aasao HH. •..(awi?! ^mm- .aaaa isaaara laasiiB 1 i i 1 e6 mallet. 46 Cipher. 4.S Pile. 50 Embryo birds. 51 Fairls-.-. 5'4Suml 56 One.! 60 P.orti-ait statue. CI Unev ^L 62 Drive. 63 Naked. 64 Toothlike notches. C5 Entreaty. VEHTICAI, 1 Brought up. 26 Second note. 27 CpnsteUatloii Cancer. 2S Irish tribal society. 29 Indian tribe. 30 EiectrlfleU particle. 31 Meah of lace. .•53 To set up taut. 34 Every. 35 Let it stand. 37 Scolded. 3STenAt8 gam^ with two players. 41 Driving command. 42 Wooden tooth, 45 tours. 47 To arrogate. 6 Monetary unit 49 Tiny opening- of Italy. _ Jh skin^ , 7 Famous Borgia 50 6rleht, Pope. VI7 51 Peg. « Weathercock. 52 Small shield, 9 To rub out. BSWand. 10 A famous liar. .55 2000 pounds. 2 To wander about. • 3 Opposite of aweathir. 4 Where is Copenhagen 5 Gaiters, THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. A! ONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 20, iSoo. • . lOLA. KANSAS VICTIMS OF ASSASSIN'S!:SHGTS 11 step. 12 Imitates. 13 Slumber. 24 Therefore. 57 Ndtlilng. 5S Pish. SS^EOglish beverage. El IT 19 1 NEWS OF COLONY Dale YokiBm,Rec!i»Yering After Broken Aim Sheered at.Openihg of ^ Bdli^etball ^4son. Resting comfortably after being wounded in the assassination plot of Guiseppe Zangara are deft) William Sinndtt, New York detective who was aiding to guard President-elect Hopsevclt, and Miss Margaret kruis (right) of Newark, N, J. They Wre shown at a kliiqil hospital where theiihju'ries were found to be riot .serious. Critically injured by Guiseppe Zangara's plot to Klii President-elect Roosevelt was Mrs. Joseph H. Gill :(abDve)'of Miami, wife of the pres- still managing to smile after on0 of the bullets intended for President- ident of the Florida .Power and ^^^^^ Roosevelt is Russell CaldwcU pt' cocoanut Grove, Pia., .shown above Light company, who* was shot through the abdomen^ In his hospital! bed suffering from a' slight flesh wound in the head. The groom wore a dai-k blue suit. Mr. and Mrs'. Everett; Loomls, sister and brother-in-law of the grocm were brides maid and best man. Mr. and Mrs. Poster left yesterday evening for chanute for a few days' visit with the bride's sis.ter, Mrs. Chesslie McConnell. Alter this visit they will make theu- home on a farm near Carlyle whlcli is ail prepared for them: Those attending the wedding were: Mr. and ;Mrs..Charles Poster, Pauline, and Donald, of Humboldt; Mrs, T. E. Dunakin. of Kansas City; Mr. and Mi-s. W. E.'Eastman and Miss Dora Donica of Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Poster, William ahd Charles, Mrs. Madeline Harris, Glen <RandaIs, C. G. Randals, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whiip. Mr, and Mrs. Everett Loomls, all bf Carlyle; Mr. and.Mi's. A'J O. Cornell,'Mr. and Mrs. George Cornell, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jolnison, west of :iola. Mr. and Mrs. George Duggan. <• •> •:• Mr. and Mrs. Townsfend Celebrate Golden Wed.ding Mr. and Mrs. Ira Townsond of Horse Shoe Bend celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday with a family dinner and reunioh at their home. The table was centered with a huge golden cake bearing the year of the marriage. A large basket of Calendulas was also Used to carry out the color scheme. Many gifts were received from the children and thoughtful friends. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend were married in Nevada, Mo., February 21. 1883, *Three children were bom, two girls and one boy. There are now eight grandcliildren and six great- grand childreft. The children are Mrs. Pearl Biggs, Santa Monica, Cal.; Mrs. Charlie Slack, Wichita; Steve Townsend, lola. T^e grandchildren are Mrs. George Rohi-back. Wichita; Mrs. Huber Scroggins, Wichita; Mrs. Chester Fields, Topeka; Ray, Clifford and Harold Townsend, lola. In the afternoon an open house was held and many friends came in to wish the couple happiness. One out of town guest was present. Mrs. Anna Kelson of Scott City, Kas. Refreshments were served. • • • Henderson Circle Entertains Families at Dinner Ladies of G. A. R. Henderson Cir- clel No. 147 entertained their families at a 6 o'clock dinner Friday In Memorial halL An excellent.dinner was. served to about. 75 ' members and guests by Mrs. Emma Robinson, the chairaan of the kitchen commit[ tee. and her staff of helpers. Threfe guests were also .present, Comi-ades Dunlap, Huff,bnd Smeltzer. : ] The dining rbom committee, Fraiif ces Slawson cl^irman, decorated t' tables with wliite, spread with blufe ruiiners and biinches of small flagsj. Large flags aiid pictiires of WafJif- irigton and Lincoln completed the decorations. After tlie. dinner, the group assembled in the Legion ro<^ for a patriotic .program which was put on-under ithe direction of wfiti. Emma Robinson and Mrs. Margaret Christy. , Twenty school children were on the program which was opened witlji a iJiano solo by Opal Haney. The flag?salute was given and an appror prlate reading was given by Mary Mosher. Rev. A. V. Howland gave a patriotic address and the meetirig closed with the singing i of the Star Spangled Banner. WISE Feb. 15.— Reita Sherrill is spending this week visiting her sister Mrs. Henry Eyler.and Mr. Eyler. Mr. and Mrs. David Bryan, kr. and Mrs. Charles Tlce and Gene-- vievc spent Sunday with Mi-, and Mrs. Edd Tice. Miss Lola Mac Johnson Is on the sick list this week. Ml-, and Mrs. E. H- Powell, Katte^ leeiie and Cecil, near-Lone Elm, and I^Miss I^iicille Davis called at the Powell home Saturday evening. , . I Mrs. Paul Eyler, M!rs. Pranlt HeiigS ley apd Phylls were business visitoi'^ in lola Monday. , : j Mr j and Mrs. Henry Eyler spent •Sunday with Mrs. Eyler's pareritsj Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sherrill, souths east of lola. ! Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilson took dinner at the Chartes Tice hoipf! Tuesday. Miss Leaima Louise Grieve was absent from school, last Monday on accoiint.of sickness. Raymond Lantz visited CUfford and dhn Gardner Saturday. <] Mr.; and Mis. Elmer Strlckler aijd family spent Sunday at the WJ^ Grlevje horned "I , Miss lone Gardner and gu-1, friend of Colony, spent the week-end witq Miss [Gardner's imrents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gardner. , -j ,MrJ and Mrs. (Fred Shapel and daughter of lola, took supper and enjoyied skating oh the creek, at the Henry Eyler home, Friday eve-i nlng.| ; j NORTHL FAIRVIEW (Mrs. Oscar jihns6n.) Miss Winifred McKiever stayed in LaHarpe most of las^ week to attend scliool owing to the bad weather. Mr. and Mi-s. G. M. Templeman were callers at Hershel Smith's Sunday afternoon. MI 'S. J. S. McKaughn and ^frs. G; M . Templenmn attended the Sunshine club at the hpme of Mrs. I.' O. Morrison on Thursday. They had an all day meeting. Mr. Harley Dean is still feeling quite poorly. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevenson and Waunlta had as Uieir dinner guests i Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cox and baby and Miss Effie. Stevenson, of LaHarpe. Ml-, and Mrs. Jack Litteer and Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Smart attended a public sale near LaHarpe Monday. Mr. Litteer helped auction the sale. Ml', and Mrs. W. L.. McKeever and Winifred were callers at George Teague's Sunday evening. Allan Tengue spent. Friday night with his grandparents, W. S. Teagues. Miss Dorothy Stinnett had a.^ her week-end guests the Misses .Doris Clark and Thelma Stevenson and Ruth Culbertson, all of LaHarpe. COLONY, Feb. 20.—The baby son of Mr. and Mrs. George Schlick is quite,111. •. ; A.-Ei DePpe is quite ill. His daughter Mrs. L. O. Nickels is caring for l ^ls^es .l^uby Craw;ford and Lois Barr()n attended the basketball tour- nintent Ito Welda Friday afternoon. Levi K ^ily Is 111. Johp fjplzapfel made a business trip to Eiireka Friday. I A correction—A. H. Martin Is a brother of Mrs. Lila Culler instead of . Mrs. • Smith Culler, as befor(f stated In this colimin. Mjrt. Altpi Cptirtrlght l(jft Saturday for Wichita to work ;as a trained nurse for Dr. Suttei'. Mr. and Mrs. Blza Chesebro left Saturday for their home in Wichita after a visit of sevei-al weeks in Colony. j Dale Yokum, who b'pkc his arm the first of the basketball season, is recovering from the; injury. Miss Catherine "Tonkin, Emporia, spSnt the week-end vflth her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. G. N. Tonkin, and family. . j Clartince Colton made a business trip to lola Friday. j . W. t. TJipmpson, Charles Gregg. Billy Tliompson, and Paul Gregg were Welda visitors Friday. O. L. Christian and Mr. Olmsted made a biisinbss tl-ip to lola Sat-' urday. * Mr. and Mr;s, O. R. Stilwell were lolA visitors Saturday. •Mrs, ,W. ,W. MincHley left week-end fcir a ^wp; weeks' visit in dswtjp.o with her eoh', Ozro Mincklcy and Mrs. Mlnckleyr . W. J.'Sttaford and were business' visitors Saturday. Florence and Phil Graf were visitors in lola Saturday morning. Raymond O'Harra,. Topeka. spent the Week-end with home folks and friends. ' I Mr:-and Mrs. Henry Wells made a business trip to Scranton Friday. Charles Martin jretiirned Sunday from a business trip in Missouri. • Joe Hood hacl his left clieok cut very badly Friday when a tree limb fell on him. He received niodical aid; in Colony Just after the Injury, Edgar Foster, Topeica, spent the week-end with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Foster. j Mrs. V. J. Hester and Miss Nola Strickler were in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bell and family. Tonganoxie, spent the weekend with relatives here. They visited her father, John Post. ^ Mr.: and Mrs. O. L. Smith were business visitors in lola Saturday. Earl Knauss, Garnett. was in Colony on business Saturday. Joe Hood made a business trip to lola Saturday. Clark Williams, who has been ill in town, was taken to the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams, northwest of Colony. Miss Lois Barron left Sunday for Chanute on business. ' PRAIRIE UNION Beb. 15.—Mr. and Mrs: W;' H:" Nichols and family were Sunday visitors at the Geo. Kettle hohie. Miss Mary Heinheh was a Sunday guest of Misses Lois and Wilna Heinrich: Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Paine and Mr. and Mi-s. O. W. Eamey and Dudley were entertained at the CharUe Martin home Friday evening. Mr., and Mrs. Van Hester and family were/Sunday guests at N.T. Stricklers. Mr. and .Mrs. O. W. Ramey and Dudley attended a birthday dinner Sunday at' the Corbin home In CJol- ony, in honor of Mrs: Rameys mother, Miss Corbin, and .Mrs. Oscar Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilson and Miss Edna Pearl were aJ-sD guests. , , Tlie Ramey sale was quite well attended in spite qf the' bad roads. • iMr aid ; MI-S . Arch Cuppy and Mrs. John»Heinlien were Sunday j evening visitors at C. Heinlien's; ; There seems to be quite a little sickness in the neighborhood oi flu ahd colds. i Mrs. Lee Tippie visited Monday a.t C.[ Heinlien's while Mr. Tipple attendcdj the A. p. bliatterton spent last week at Ihe George Cliatterton home. Mr.' and Mr.s. Rjuney and Dudley' woi-o. six o'clocli dinner guests of Mr: and aMis. Will: Tlu-eldkold Tue.sdny evening., I Mr.s. George Chatterton and girls sjienl Monday in Colony with Mrs. R:irl Chiitlcrlon. i Mr. and Mrs. Scplt McCoy and Mr. McCoy attended a funeral of n i-plntlvc nt Klncald one day IIL-^I v/fok. son Gladden in Garnett iNWHAj^yEARWAS THENORTHWEST MOUNTH) POLICE IISHED?.' Hbw MAMy TABLESPOONS, INAPINT ?:. How MANY COUNTRIES'" ARE THERE IN .THE WORLD?" (Answers \vih be foUiid on' Page 5) MT. PLEASANT Mr. and Mrs. Emmit Smitli and Ir.i Smith called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Mason and Bill Friday evenmg. ^ " Mr. and Mrs. C. E{ Enos and family and Mr. and JVIrs.. Ferguson were Salvirday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bennett and son Paul. The evening was spent In playing pinochle. Mr. and Mrs. Ployd Everett and family spent Sunday evening witli Mr. and Mr.s. J. Glenn Bangs and family. Gni.nt Eumn.n, Neal 'and Everett Hov.-ard spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs.^-L. B. iEvereti. Mr., and Mr .S;. Eboii Burk visited with iMr. and Airs. E!: A. Dey Monday evening. Mrs. Emmet Smith called at tlie home of lier sister, Mi's. Avon Doty^ of Stark; Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Dey have been on the sick list the past w.cek. Earl' Catron has been helping With the chores. : • Kenneth and Howard- Enniuii spent Saturday with Joe ET.'ereii. The community meeting av ihf pchool was postiwned inciennit<^'l>- because ot bad weather. . ' Mr.;A. L. Genimiliand Mr. C. L. .oir spent Sunday: at tlie Emmit Smith hoiri 'eJ Mr. and Mrs.^ Arthur ;Eskinond ajid family of Bloom, Kansa.s. spent the week-end wiili Mrs. Eskmoiid's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. tA. Weddle.. Mr; and Mrs. C. E. Enos iind fatjx- lly hud .tlie.following callers Prtd£|ll evening:Ml-, and Mrs. Bert Bennett ^ \ and $011 Paul, Mr. iiiid MJS. EIIUT : Ma-'i.son and children. Chicago—Moi 'P about, technocracy. .AmonB' the m:icJiine.') being' cxhibii- ecl at the coin-openUcd nial^huie industry convention is one for dis-, peiising beer, for use, if apd when. A/ICKS A NTISEPTIC a.t HALF the. j price of other Quality I Mouth-tcashes ' your druggist's At' \uggist'i TRIAL SIZE (aiS^t value) ! REAL|E.STATE TRANSFERS I I .(From; the Office of The lola 1 ! Abstract Co:, 108 W. Jackson) I : : : A am so the lasi; piin|»le is gone" —Tjecau-se pimples- tend to thrive wlien normal resistance is lacking, your lirBt tiiouglit should be to build ui> your blooil structure . . . the way to do this i.s by incroasins the rod- l.iootl-cell.s and their hemoglobin eon- ti-iu . .. this will [lermll a greater o .xyyoh inlnko —from the lunp:.«—Into llio blood .'ind tlssuoH—Includitic: tlie .skin . . . nourishment will be better lonvirtcil into oncrKV and ti.s.sue re- l)air . . . body coU.s. which fight against I inicro-ors:ai?isms (pimple germs) wjlj^ bo slrengU^ened. .: ' Then . why not try SiS.S.—the proven touiovfor aeca»les? IJroved lective by \ 'ejctensive scientific search- ;inJ by uiilliona .y£ happy u.sor.s. YoU„'.too, may hav'n a clear .skin. Get .S:S.S. at any drug stpre. The big 20 ;u2. ijizp i.s more: economical and isi good for a two week.s' Ircatnietit. . 0 The S.S.S. Co February; 18. 1933. Alien County to J. Fred Woodin. lot 3. block 1, McDonald's Addition to the City of lola, $6.! fWafchYour Kidneys/ Pont Neglect Kidney and mamritKemms . If bothered with bladder irregularities, getting up at night and nagging baclcache, heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. For 50 years grateful users have relied upon Doan's Pilli. Praised the country over; lid by all druggists. Annotueiciatg Ouv New Sun l^eiitod Wall Paper Dejpartnieait — Beautiful Patterins fi^ 2 G to l^e Per Ro^^ MANY OTHER PATTERNS AT EQUALliY liOW PRICE EVERY PATTERN IS FRESH. CLEAN 1933 STOCK. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNm^ TO PURCHASE YOUI^t WALL PAPER NEEDS AT A VERY LOVV: COST PER ROOM. Cost of Paper for room 10x12 at 2c per rolL.^_-_$1.31 Cost of Paper for room 10x12 at 12c per roll $2.21 COME IN—LET (is SHOW YOU, CLARK LUMBfiR COMPANY PHONE 115 M 301 WEST iWApiSON

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