Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 29, 1965 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1965
Page 11
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: What should a mother tell her 11- year-old son when the boy's father is mentally ill? I've always felt it is needless to burden a child with adult problems. They learn soon enough that life can be cruel. About two years ago my husband lost his business. He went into a .depression and would not speak to anyone. He began to drink heavily and it became difficult to distinguish between the alcoholism and the sick mind. Two weeks ago I signed papers which committed him to an institution. I told our son his daddy was taking a vacation. I am exhausted keeping up the pretense but I don't know how else to handle it. Am I doing right by the boy? — ANXIOUS MOTHER the attic. Every year he takes off her storm windows and puts up her screens. When I ask him to go to the store for me he starts to wheeze up a storm and tells me he is a sick man. If I am being unreasonable 1 would like you to say so in the paper. — THE NAG (His name for me.) Dear Chump (MY name for you): Any man who is wel enough to do all the things yoi listed should be able to hold clown a part-time job. I recom mend it. Dear Ann Landers: I am a woman 70 years old. When my husband died I felt very much alone. It seemed like a goo< idea to ask my married daugh ter, her husband and three chil dren to move into my home They have lived here free from Dear Mother: No. Please tell! your son that daddy is no longer on vacation — that he is ill and had to go to the hospital. Your son must sense that you are anxious and trying to hide ™ <° <«"« ° r Bomber attacks reveal no signs of weakening North Viet Nam |so this was nothing new to them.) I pay the taxes, half of the utilities, buy my own clothes, pay my own doctor bills, do all the cooking, most of the ironing (EDITOR'S NOTE: UPI foreign news analyst Phil Newsom, on special assignment in Viet Nam, reports on Communist military strength and the ability of government forces to deal with it in the following dispatch.) By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst SAIGON (UPI) — A splotch of red spreads like a bleeding wound across a U.S. military map of South Viet Nam. It shows the areas under Commu nist Viet Cong control. It is bigger this year than last, and bigger last year than the year before. The U.S. and South Vietnamese air attacks which have been hitting North Viet Nam since last February show no signs of weakening enemy determination or bringing him closer to the peace conference table. And the deep U.S. involve ment in South Viet Nam may become deeper still before the North Vietnamese Reds are ready to talk. Both the South Vietnamese and their American advisers believe Communist forces are massing for major effort which DANANG; something. This will make him! and } take . c .f e of m / s ™ a " could Involve organized units anxious, too. And if you don't .srandson while m,-daughter backed art let him know there is always nwks wjth hcr hu ^ and - They believe the most likely a chance that he will learn fromj Last week I told my (laugh- ^.^ {(j bg lhe big Amer j c an outside the home that his father 1'" 1 was making out a w 'l l U ir ° base at Da Nang and the is mentally ill and in the hos-iand that I wanted everything I| __ __ pital. This would shake his con-1awn to be divided between herj fidence in you and add to your and her brother. She said. »lj means write your *>11 that problems. lihink you arc being unfair. You;way. SOUTH VIET NAM QSAIGON COMMUNIST AREAS MEKONG RIVER DELTA Redlands Daily Facts Thurs., April 29,1965-11 . Children often understand a should leave this house to me." great deal more than their par-- Actually my daughter and he ents give them credit for. AntI husband have been able to save 1 Bride's Guide." ANN booklet, gives au- ihoritative and complete information on how to plan a wed- To receive your copy of TROUBLE SPOTS — Splotches of "red" spread like bleeding wounds across U.S. military maps of South Viet Nam. They show areas under Communist Viet Cong control. The territory held by the Reds is bigger this year than last, and bigger last year than the year before. UP! newsmap shows vital Da Namg air base in the north and Saigon, the capital, and the important Mekong River Delta ',n the south. (UPI Telephoto) on the military maps has been draining the life of South Viet Nam for 11 years. The effort to close it is costing the United States $2 million a day, a figure which shortly will be increased. As the war has escalated, so has the cost in American lives. The number of American dead now stands at more than 350, double what it was a year ago. The more than 32,000 American troops in South Viet Nam are twice their number of a year ago. More are reported on the way. Aid Has Failed Up to now, despite the massive U.S. aid, the record is one! of failure. As the U.S. has increased its aid in the south, so the Communists of the north have stepped up their own flow of infiltrators and supplies to the Viet Cong. In the last five years the number of infiltrators is believed to total at least 34,000 and possibly another 10,000 beyond that. U.S. 'air attacks may have slowed the flow, but it continues at a rate possibly as high as 1,500 a month. This is a faceless war and a nasty one. Yet this is not the war of a year ago or even two months ago. In the beginning, as defenses in neighboring Laos crumbled and the Communists began turning their attention to South Viet Nam in earnest, the United States under-estimated Communist determination and it overestimated South Vietnamese capabilities. U.S. military men began ar- g with their families in seemed almost a lark they adjust better to an un- a lot of money by living here, happy truth than to a candy-:They have free roof, cook and a coated lie. i built-in nursemaid for their M" 1 - . ! child. They buy only groceries)""' comprehensive guuie, w.te^ ^ ^ _ Dear Ann Landers: I am a and pay for half the utilities. I 1 ' 0 Ann Landers, in care o i • ~~^ nortneast O j sJigon 'into action and the Communists they are coming south to fight, mother of four children who want to treat my son and daugh- j newspaper, enclosing a long, , ... ... UlUincl UI 1UU1 CIIllUlcll «liu *%cun IU iiuai. in* fvu aim uau&ii-i - • . must work because my husband ter equally. If you feel I am I self-addressed stamped envelope i wrong please say so. - ANi and 35 cenls m C0ln i HONEST OPINION WANTED i Ann Landers will be glad to I help you v.ith your problems. I knowiSend them to her in care of to'help her out. He has" fixed;of few sentences more grasping! Redlands Daily Facts, enclosing has asthma "and can't hold '• wrong please say so. — ANj and 35^cents in coin, down a job. The widow next door calls j my husband almost every day] Dear A. H. 0. her plumbing, painted her kit-jand ugly than the ones your chen, put new fixtures in her; daughter uttered. If you want bathroom and helped her carry 1 your son and daughter to share barrels from the basement to 1 equally in your estate, by all a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1965, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate. who guard,thousand a month since coming.mese infiltrators are being told MOT t of Saigon.'into action and the Communists they are coming south to fight. H is from Da Nang's dusty! have a two-fold reason for hit- if the Reds do hit it, then the runways that U.S. jet fighter- bombers scream off on their ting the Da Nang base. war will have escalated another One is the destruction it is i notch and U.S. ground forces ______ „„ _„ ............ ... night and day missions against wreaking against the Viet Cong will be involved, just as they North Vietnamese supply and! and against the North Vietna- already are in the air. The ad- _____ __ ____ : __ *•_ i:_ _.„ n «j ;« M. nn A nnnni-imi. rim.- 1 r»n i*4 inn ("if ' ificnrv rnln will rppprfp Tlirtnpr. communication lines and in!mese economy destruction of support of South Vietnamese ground forces. The jets have been killing off Communists at the rate of one its roads and bridges. visory role will recede further. And another challenge will The second is the desire to j have been posed to Red China humiliate the Americans and the Soviet Union, against whom the North Vietna-1 The wound marked off in red nvin what They were to play a strictly advisory role. It didn't last Ion U.S. advisers in the fielc were being shot at the were shooting back. U.S. casualties began to mount. Terrorist bombs thrcatenec the American families and thej were sent home, leaving their husbands behind. Then came the Viet Cong at tacks on American installation! at Qui Nhon and Pleiku. The climax came with th terrorist attack on the U.S. Em bassy in Saigon in which mor than 20 were killed and nearl; 200 injured. Concrete street barriers anc an ugly scaffolding along the embassy outer wall are today's memory of that attack. For a year and a half South Vietnamese Buddhists and generals virtually forgot about the war while they scrambled for power and six governments fell. Nearly Won The Communist Viet Cong built up their forces and seemed about to win the war almost by default. Since February there has been a change and the development of a new, cautious optimism. The arrival of the U.S. Maines gave new confidence to ae wavering South Vietnamese n the United States' own determination. In Saigon, a new regime took iver headed by Prime Minister 'ban Huy Quat. In Saigon and the ancient :apital of Hue, Buddhist demon- trators quit the streets and ioth the Buddhists and the Catholics promised their co- iperation. Just as important was the act that the Quat government •eceived the support of the two South Vietnamese generals without whom no South Vietnamese coup can succeed. Two Top Generals They are air force commander Brig. Gen. Nguyen Cao Ky and Brig. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi, the tough commander of :he 1st Corps area, which abuts North Viei Nam at the 17th parallel. The Quat government is a quiet one but so far has worked effectively. In an interview with this correspondent, Quat banned a neu- ;ralist settlement of the war, which he described as the final test between communism and the free world. Appeasement, he said, only could lead to an Asian Munich and new gains for the Communists. The shifting nature of North Vietnamese tactics, he said, made it impossible even to predict when peace talks might be possible. The civilian program he is pressing hardest is "hop toe," literally, working together. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready mar- set through Classified Ads. MAYTAG GIVES YOU MORE Dependability.... and More Work Saving Features.... BUY THEM NOW ON McMAHAN'S EASY TERMS G AI02 MAYTAG the dr|rent1dblr juluituttf 1 . BIG FAMILY SIZE AUTOMATIC PUSH BUTTON Maylig dependability, for J low-budget price. Large load capacity. Clothes-brightening gyrafoam washing action. 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