Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1928
Page 8
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•: PAGE EIGHTl' TWiNGOF HORNSBYIS BIG PUZZLE Baseball Experts S^ill Try To Figure Out the Real Reason GOOD HITTER STATEMENTS MADE But Critics See Other Reasons for Trade With Boston ; New York. Jan. 12. (AP)—Unsat- Isflcd 'With the official statements promulgated by New Yorki Giant.s hfcadquarters. baseball experts continued guessing today as to why Rogers Hornsby was sent to Uos- ton; for two comparatively unknown youngsters. , Officially, the trade which brings Frank Hogan. promising catcher, ' and Jimmy Welsh, outfielder to the Giants In exchange for a fine sec- | ond baseman pjid one of thcgreat- «!Bt hitters the game has ever knb^TJ, was "mode for the best interests" of tlii- Oiauls and "to avoid any future conflict in nian- agoment" of the club. That wasi the siibstancc of two RIntcments Issued by the (JiantH" powers that be. The first wa* over the Hlguatures of both IVcHldent Charlifi A. fltonebam and Manager John AlrOraw. The Fe<:on(U by Htnneharo alone^was Intended us la furthci* "explnnatlon" of the deiil wblch stood the base'ball world on Us |>ead on Tuesday night imd so far. has left it there. : In hi? second comniunlqun. Mr. Stnnt>bam recalled that stiitements Kad been made that Hornsby would be the next mniiagor of'the club, and then added: | ' "I have never been consulted regarding this ,and hnve had no conference aiboVit the selection of a manager asi.Mr. Mc<iraw retains the management of the New York club." 'The sports writers contended that the only fault with .Mr. Stone- bam's "explanation" was that it didn 't "explain." If .some managerial conflict was to be feared, thoy asked, why did McGraw, when he •was |ill, appoint Horusby as acting maniger during the hottest part of the National league pennant chase last summer? ; • Fe*r If any of the experts- accept- p<i the "official" explaiiation at its -faW value. Hornsby. hlniself, in St. Louis, denied he had had any trouble with McGraw or had atr temirted to "undermine" the "Liule Napoleon." . Suggestions' that the Giants had .'tu interest in strengthening the Bdston club were denied by offi- ,clals and scoule<l by most observers. 'The Idea, advanced in several quarters, that the suit for,gamblTnt: , Ocfbts against Ilomsby bad played a part in the trad». met wiih a similar reception. Hornsby. wou this suit in court. CLEVELANDIS to HAVE OLD PLAYERS OUT Only Hope Is Reversal in Form From Veterans ' During 1928 PITCHINrr~IS WEAK THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THU^DAY EVENtNG. JANUARY 12. 1928. HARDY TOM HEENEY STANDS IN SHARKEYTS COME-BACK PATHWAY Unless Veterans Return To Old Form, Staff • Will Be Weak B:^cause he hits .Vm on tlio nofcp regularly. 5oc Shautc. Cleveland pitcher, is likely to get a chance to play first base for the Indiiiiis nti.M spring. Shnute batted well over ilic .'Mm mark la.-it season. HIGHCA6ERS TO MEET PITTSBURG CREW TOMORROW Stiff CiJame is" Billed 'on Local Court for Sniith Crew j Tills is tbe ninth of ;i series of stories on the 1H2S pro.-jpccis • cf major U-apriie baseball >lul)s. J'Vvclanil. - ().. Jan. IL'. lAI'i- J {!H -k>'(i by a proup of ni-w owners ••oinniiltiMl to "ii. winning team for ("u'veland" bin Willi virliiall.v the' sjinic old primp of jilii.vers that finislicil siMh liisl year, iln- Cl-ve-. land Indians lyill enter, tlic si'.-i.-ioii with tlieir Iiopes pinned pviiii ipally on a hflfer sliow'intr «>r jihi- last year'K veti-raiis ami the <ciiiiin« out iif M-MHii promislnK 'ri-i-niiis. I -'iii"111!' in:irlt '<'il all eff 'Tls itiir- itiir the uliilcr in iidil any major li amii' ^lars lo llir ClfVi'laiid caiiip i'lKl Hilly Kvaiix.llie Irllii 'M new HftiiTal ni:ina );i 'r. Iai'<>< ilie.Wpril' Mart witli almost tin- same .proven mat.Tlal that Jink MiAIist't r flu-1 IsliiMl w'.lli laxi UiliihiT. • i i;vatis Idoli 1 lia;-(;i> nf llie Icaiii ilii Dcii-mbcr aflerit lia'l lici'ii piir- VON ELM HAS DENIED PLAN Former Amateur Champ Declares He Prefers To Trim Bobby OFFER REALLY MADE But George Considers It As Only One of Jokes " Of Jack Kearns cliascil Iroiil Mr.'-, .lames ('. Hi ipi 'iv 11- group (if CIi-vi 'l.-iiiil liiislii liH'ii • lii'iidi 'd by .\Iva llradlev. a baiikiT. The new cilviicrs salii ilK -ir j'liU'f <-(iiii 'i"ni wan a winiilii); team Coacli Smilirs high scbool has- 1 ^,,,1011 up the playc kelbali K'JIKKI will make a scroiid Tlicv pronilsed what lale^npl to store a victory lu tlie neiMtcd. Soulheasl Kansas League lonior- , Kvai.s foiiiid the g-iim hard. , , , ... , ! liiiil II" good men to trade wilh- row. night when |l meets I'ltlibiirg ;,„„ „.r,.,ki..,R his team iiivl no other on .t lie local high .school court. ! ,„aj<>r leau'ue niaiinjar would .«ell The lola squud IcoKeil good in | ciiy-;;o(;(l men .oiitright for the »°criiniuage last (light antl sie'eincd s;iiii<' r'-asmi. .S<i when the slove to be working very ..--inooihly dur- Icapue season i>iiili-il ICvaiis ha:i ittg the majority of Uie workout, 'mostly sohi" rnriiits UMII part of llowj'ver, the.ineii .seem to be ratU-I last yeais team to build on. He er'erratic in games aguinsi-tilhcr ; did. .howivt-r. ad'l It'iger IV<-klii- school.s, beconiiiig especially piiiigh. as fii-ld iiiaiia!;i'r. when meeting the rarsoiis quintet KnowiiiL' that il lakes |>it>'liin^ last Friday night and shouting ' to \viii ball games. Kvar.s is hopint; wildly. that I'lilc and Levsi-ii will SIK.VV jp O. JfcCuire. center and former this year back ;n coiidiTion I'.otli forward lead the tioring attack nun were consistent 'winners in lor the' first stjuad ii last night's V.^2<'t. Iiiit both had lame arms la.-t workoiil making i:l his tt-am s sva.son. iludliii and Walter ;tliller 34 points. The guarlls were also vho came throimb last year witii adding some pointH to tlie .-core, --ood records (iespiie tlie rather thereby making the' I 'litire .squad u , inedieure siiiiport bciiiiiil them, will scoring comb.nation ior bo DI : band ijcaiii. am! I'eckin-; time. pang!: is planiiinu some intensive ' •'ahu invaders, have! no! pla.ved ' traiiiiiiR fer Sliautian. littl •! many g:;uje.'^ this season so lltlJc ,soiMbjiaw who has been aeciiseil <if is know^n of their comparative i Ijrinp •mechanical. IVikinpaiigh sireugih, although Jt is known ar.d bis two new assistants, catcher tliat Coach Morgan of I'iu.sburg f;rrv..«r Hartley an<l lioward Shanks usually turns out a fairl.v good "believe they can make a wiiinci- team, and it is reported that lie out of liiin. Miickcye. c-oiher has some good iiiauiial back'tlii.s i soiitlipaw. am' Craiit. iieiM 'i- of year. ' •whom ma'-keil up many vi ;'>ries In tJic preiiiniiiary Kriiiay iiigiit.' year, are still with the .am.: iiid t (i!d Kvaii.s lo Syndicate i Talk Denied ! Boston, Jan. U'. (API—If then'; is-iinything to the story thai "isyn- dinate" baseball brought llogers Horntfby to Ftonon from the New •York Clnnts. President I-^nill K. Piichsr of the Uruve .M doesn't know "No man Mho l.x inlerested in any way with the (tliinlH owns a lilck- el's worth of stock in the ^ra^[e.s," he; Bald In regard to HUggeHlionH that the Ginni tftur hnd been traded It'^re to help holHter up a club which wuH fulling down financially. He tooTi occasion at the saino tlnie to HHyert thfit when the New York club got FranciM Hogan, HO.S- j tott's sinr c.itcher and outfielder' •tiriimy AVeish. it wan taking no lo.ier's <*nd. >'uchs wild he valued the pair at $150,000 and considered thctn worth fulhr that lo the Giants. • "If Hogan and 'W' were to •he 'sold bv the Braves I would ?150.00n for tliem.;. Thafs their value to me and any Btalement FUch as one 1 have heard from New '^'ork that Rogers Horn.sby. a $20X'-000. player, was traded for $25,000 worth of material is ah- suiid. A deal ha.s been made with the Giants, the, same as any other clujbi In the league. Why • there Fhduld be any criticism or mystery ovflr this particular one is beyond nie;- go oul and rs he jip'eded. money he Atler nearly six iiionihs in whicli he tried to forget hilt knockout at the luiiids (if Jai k Dempsey. Jack Sharkey (right) enterii tlVe>riiig again .It .Madison S(;iiaie Curdtii. January 1». with Tom Hcency (left), a burly Irishiiian Horn the .Vntlpode". who wleldH a newly-dlftcovored knockout piinili. ..Sharkey is shown above taking the count inj-thc seventh niiiiid ill lli.s bout wi'': IJemp.sey who (fldn't forget to takChU corner at that lime. . . * . " More Rumors of Western League Club Sale Out Oklahoma City. Okla.. Jan. 12. (.\l'l—Humors of 'a possible cbaiise ill owmrship of the Lincoln franchise in the Western League, and a resuitani switch of llie club to Pueblo became moie iiersistenl loday as ilie leagues cliili owners w'eiit into scs.'ion hou' to draft tlte IHl'.s bisi ball s; liedule. Silencer Ablxitt. former dent und manager of the Junior High to Play Two Cage ClashesEriday Tomorrow afternoon ; will find the local junior hi^h school team imceting the first junior>high school team that it has met this year in interscholastic competition, when it me^ the invader.s' from Fredonia Junior high schoil in a double-header. : . - J^ast year the loia :Janior high] first team, ami tlie Fredonia-first Tulsa , •squad broke even, as both won the Vo& Angeles, Jan. ,12. (API- George Von Elm. former national amateur golf cliampion, "would rather deteat Bobby Jones for the title than receive a Iniilion dollars as a profetssional." ' That was Vou Elm's an.swer today to a report that he would accept an offer to enter the professional ranks under the wing of Jack Kearns, former manager of Jack Dempsey. The golfer admitted that Kearns had made such an offer hpt declared Il had been made "kidding- ly" and had not Ijeen considered as a serious bu.siness proposition. ' If Von Kim took the offer as a Joke, the manager of leather-ini!-li- ers apparently took si'riou.sly his proiHisal to enter'into the inan- ;ytpment of golf professionals. <Keurni< d«>clarisl he believed there wa.s plenty of money to be mode out,of golf If it were giviii "the, proper ballyhoo." A •r4»porf that Von Kim had accepted Ke.arn.s's offer to embark on', a professional tour was follow^-d by Von Elms denial. Last night a close business asso<'late of Kearns h'aid thoagreement had been entered' into by golfer and manager bin that Von Elin desired to withhold the • announ'cement temporarily. Von Elm denle<l that this was the case and dispatched a telegram to the president of the United States f;olf A.ssociation declaring lie had no intention of becoming a professional. STILL HURT PADDOCKIN ON AMATEUR ! Sprinter Declares Many Violate Spirit of w Rule - ^ ; Here's Jackie Taveiier. niidKcl .'sliortstop of the Detroit Ain: eri<-ans.. who finds the l:l2.^ -baseball season iiroiinil the corner and Ilis tbriiwin;; 'arm still on-the blink.-Tli.- Tigers hope Tavener's right iKiml •will not lie as great a 'haiiiii- <ap til bis throwing this year as il was last year. ONLY ONE AMATEUR INDEPENDENCE TEAM CLASHES WITH lOlANS Jay Gould Stands Out As Only One, Charles ^ Paddock Says Los Anseks. Jan. 12. _ (AP)— Charles w: Paddock, champion sprinter, declared in a- signed article in the Los Angeles Evening K.xpros^• today that Helen Wills, iSobhy Joue.s. and Johnny Weiss- iiniller had all broken the spirit, of the amateur rule. He n:,med .lay Could as tlie only , real ima- ;eiir of ))rominence in the con itry. He advocated overlfcjokjng the •Iiy-prnducts of competition" iir;.'i(l ilie professionalizing of letes f .iiiy ill the sport.s in wl I hey receive niDiiey as lui'aiis to eliiui;nate Me t '-nip -it tile ."f.-ilse fafrness liyiM )crlsy iliat exists today." .Ian. ;t DIAMOND Wilberla and !i )ewe,i| and ath- hich coinpetl- likt and Al: viii I'eck 111' Iota spent part of ijie lioliflay.s wiMi ilieir graniiparentsl^ Kreil Kennedy siieiit ilie holiilny" with relatives at Cbannte. .Il.irold France vislied his old ifiiends, ilarolil and Lloyd Stiff (iame Scheduled tolKi 'i'y a week ago. He formerly p Plov«/l TKi«t-i. iliverl liere liul lias been working in oe I layea mtrt- jtl,.. western states the Inst six . F'riday I years. He and his parentsj arrived -. " 1 I from California a few daysj before The l.-la junior (oUeue'basket-I f'hrislnuis ,. , „ , ball team uill ..i,vii its season in >''' 1'"='' « children and the junior < oUe^-e .ciuer-I f-n ''!'''s helped them e,at gojose-ami eiice lomorr'iw wi!liit» inv;i>iiiii of Inilependiuce where it w;ll ylay the meeting, •home game. This year the local d on reliable I junior liigli has a feanj that looks authority that lu' wis in l!i< ket for the l,inr<|ln franchise, ponenis to stop. club, wa.s here for and it was riixirl Indrpenrleiice is credited with having a strong team this season, taking in some of the best basket- b&li men from high SCIIOH !-, near iiTiiependeiiee as well as .some for- iiii-r Independence jiiiiinr kolk-ge playeri-. The gamewil! probably prove toJ be one of the hardest Kaiiie.'i of the .season for |o!u as the h>.ais will be sli.i.-t !tie ser„ „. , ,, , . vi?es ly: Fvong. Hubbard and'Iba f.eorge Stroh called on Koss, -..-t ,„,. ,i„,e. with Cress Siin.lay .ntternoon. j i„a „,„ back in as .vet. Mrs. Paul A.ktmspn. who caught M„t.„ ,he sani.^ that ..iefeat- her.hand in a saw and cut off fonri „,.. (..„ip„,. Knuvoria Ite- fingers on one hand, is getting'..pves willi pn.l.a!,!v b:- used. r.ll the extras that po with it for Cn-isiiiias. "TJiey also enjoyed a lu'fiepeudence junior cuileK.;. Coach |''••""''>' '"bristinas tree. I«t^ SKMkebnnd will i,robabiv I Mr. and .Mrs. James .lonrfs spent take eigbt ni.n on the ui;^ iSiiiie.-.y afternoon a week a^o with DEWITT .Ian. 11.—Mr. and ^Irs. Walter Baker and Dorothy Mae spent Sun- dav at the parental, home in i::i-l Harpe. 'Mr. and .Mrs. K. Stinson spent Siturday H'ght at the I^aul Acktin- son home. which is owned- b.v i)ick lirecu. I'urcliase of tlie cluii by .-Mibott would not arfeet Hreeii's plan to transfer the fraiicbisie to the Colorado (,'ity, it was said. Representatives of the St. Louis Cardinals also were reported ready to biii for ihe I.,iiieoIn title, with a view t<i making'the club a farm. There was declared to be opposition among the other team owners, however, against iiwiier- sliip of a team by a major league club. NORTH L0(;AN the high school s.-conds will m,-et but the veteran Sherry Smitli has the .Mildred firsts in a game thai; been released unconditionally. ; t-hould prove a s;iti- c^jiilest. In addition Kvaiis will tak- The mala game will probably s<mth with him a biiiicb of iiltclilnu' start at .s o'clock iwll.n the pne- recruits including Walter Hrowii liminarv sUirtiiig at 7 or 7:ir.. of N-w Orleans. Mel H.'jn er <'f; , : tiiinilia. Harold AIcKa'.n of Water-j .)y„ u. The men in Onion <\\ VFR f RAF l>o. Iowa. Cny llollon of Terre ry^.^.\^ ,Ii,siricl killed rabbits while ,. , rT « Haul' Iii'l.. and Vern rnderbill of (,„„^^. ^vas on and the proceeds iMrs. 1-red nuffeyl iq-vbr T. x. William P.ayne. who, ore „pi,„l for an oy.ster supper for We sure, liad •'^'M"<'„ i vears ago with the St.:,,,,. „„.„ „„,| ,iielr families. The weather last week The iberinom-, j lln.wns also will mi .-.Ion;:, isnpner .was given Friday night at ele'r stood at I., below zero here llavni' and llolton. how-. „„. ,,,.,,„„, ),„„.^,. ;,„,! was enjo.ved Tuesday inoriiliig. I • • ••• ' • •• mar-'like it's goinc to be lihrd for op-ialons nicely at this v.rilinir. | jf the local- niaiia-'e to win over 1 The men of, this community.or- 1. i,„i,.,,fc,„i,.'i:ce will, ilie tea-n that ganized a rabbit hunt and sold the: ji 1,;,,^ -.a pi-.-scii, it wonl.j seem rabbits for the purpose of givin.uj ,n,,,p i„ ijn., ,or a sod nin of win.s an o.vster supper at the school season, house Friday night. I - • A large number of friends planned a for Mrs. Whitenian at the home of Iter daiichter. Mrs. Will Moon. Sunday. It was Mrs. Whitenian's seventy-fourth ' birthday. • .Mrs. Wilson and Pearl spent Tuesday morning with Mrs. Cress. Bill "Scobie spent Sunday after- j noon at the. Stinson home. I Mrs. Wm. Krueger spent Monday —Clean white rags wAnted at the • morning with , her motlur. IleglRter office: will p.iy Ifrc lb. Illi-wley in Humboldt. Both Coach Van Canip's firsts ttud ,Heconds will get lei -see action tomorrow afternoon. Jvight • men will be saved out for the first string with the other eleven : being used for second team work. * The starters on the first of the junior high tomorrow.' afternoon will be Sharpe and Th<(mp8on, for-, wards; Harbison, center; Driggs and Skinner, guards. "iJuck" Trom- bold and Grant, forwards, and WImsett, center, will fee on the bench. \ . (By the Associated Pre^s" .^raiid Kapid*, .Mich..-l(oloaii.x SlsViicro. Cilba.' defeated l^raliki.; WiiV.' of Koiiniiiii). .Mint.. (iO>. Jlot Sprin;;s. .\rk. Aliltoij \tan-Mrs. JKijia. Hot Spriiiu's. won fn.-in Joe |Scti;iy. Cbicaiio jdoi.- .M;-. and ,Mrs, ,Spiirgeon. The Baker medicine inaji. Ifar- I i^oii I'atierson. was in ouB neighborhood last week and spdnt Fri- iV'y nip'.-* with bis old friends. Mr. ai.d .Mrs. Spurseoii. The recent bad weather Jeft the i(i.;<l> ill bad sliape. .Mr. and Mrs. Will Ross shopped: In i.jillarpe Satiirilay. .Mr. and Mrs. Will Ross and sons spent Sunilay afternoon with Mr. and Mrs! Spiirgeon. • | CWNONS % HARDWARy& ij IMPLEMEinS lOLA-kANJ-Air Jincei837> HI larmed out <!i'orj;e Itiirns. the American league's most valuable player in liC'i;, will coiit.iiiiie to hold down first i -ack with Joe i -'i 'Will at sborl. Iiditiiiy Iloilapp wii; replace Liilzke at third base, while, the <di.l' owners have tossed their lines toward Mr. and Mrs. Ke „i ,e„ Reui.bcrg are rejoicing over the arrival of a "lioy December .Ml ('iiiceriii>d ar"» ilolng nto ly. R. I). Xnillli has liieii nursing 11. sore foi>( the jia.^t week, the horse hi' WHS riding hliimbleil and fell ill such a way as lo bruise his foot Quite badly. The giis plpt* line fro/.e up and biir.sted la.-.! week and >ev< rul ;ii Ibis coinmiiniiy were will oV i;.is for awhile, niure was no ai the .•••••{loolhouse and there was no school .Monday morning. The line W1IS repaireil and everything is going fine agDin. Homer Dpffey! spent the the minor leauue ranks for a sec- •'••""''">' "'V''">K- by nc.irly aO. Oysters, celery, pickles, crackers, candy and <-igHrs Here served. .Mr. and .didrib spent .Sunday afternoon wiili her imilber. .Mi's. Ktta Doiiiiiz. ill Hunibiddl. .Mr. Reeily cijled on .Mr. Cleim-nt 'ond liaseiiian since i=piirgcoii. a ^ensnik.n 11 in2<"i. Mill stilf< rs from ii'.iiries in an aul'i aicideiil Foii- ,'e .'a with a reeor.d of !tfi games .it i ;-e (,,!'d V;>;t Se ::soii. is f!piire(i mor-- '.MS utility iiifieldi.-r; Kxtra infield are Dan Jesse, shortstop from Sal; ,L:ike City, and Carl Lliirfj farme.l Chas. Woma<-k of City came Saturday for an extended \isit with his parents, Mr. and .Mr.s. .1. .V. Womaek. .Mrs. Sears of .Ml. Ida .".^piiit the wi-ck-end with her son, Harold, and family. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. 0. Kinney and .Mr.-and .'VIrs. Ray Kinney and-family spent Sunday at Roy Calla- There's at Least One on Every Pullmdn By BRIGGS 1 -1 •! I""' '" I''*"^''''' l"-"^* yi-ar. week at Richmond hunting. lie ?• . t'^'""'?''" i.-^ comlled >•"• ^ ... .f.eld. witHi a battle for other fie'd ! "'t-, „ •• • ... „, ; Mrs. Burrell Howell spent Thurs- and 'hi> civen; and afforded mil a Christmas gnib bag:''" ''•7"''i!"'^ =V^"".'.'/''I'' ^"'.'-^ . ,1 nch amusement. Offi-; '-"ke ^^ewell wi.l be defended Iter. -Mr. Van P'ossen of Hunrboldt is JEDDO ('.Mrs. J. StrubharLI Jajn. 9.—^MLsses Jo and Ann klbtkbach and Martin Klotzbach TiHltM relatives fn Chanute .Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Verna Hiiss. Lyle Wln.g and Oliver Struhhart ass-'st- edlR H. Clemens with the butchering Wednesday. -Mr. and Mrs. Tim Williams were jjltoprping in lola. Wednesday. , Mr. and Mrs. Saunders sneiit J h'ursday w-ith Mr. and "Mrs. H. H. I6mcn?. .\Irs. Alvinia St'rubhsrt und Oliver sipent Th.ursday with Mr. and Mrs. Hugo S'trubhart. Mrs. 7>oren Rosrer.* and children spent several dav« of IOKI week at the pnrenliil Hyruum honi". B\erett Hess drore down from RK'hmond Sunday to npend Sunday with home folks. Harv*>y Ch-menn cunie up from C-lianulc .«?un(|ny for a vicit with home folks. F:dn« Brlnkmewr of Chnnute wr/t Sundiv vlth Ann Klotjshach. Martin Klo()rt><.ch t««ft Wednes- iiJiy to re'im)e hlH wbool work ol .Manltattan. .TOP GerA-ais. sr.."rcturned giitit'- diiy from an rxlended \-|sit with relatives in Oklahnmn. .Tames Hes* t--pent Siindny at the Setter home in Hnmboldt. Mr. ind Mrs. H. H. Clemens and fatrjih' spent Sunday evening at H Husy's. wood. George LaWry. J. Birdsong. i,^^"''''r^=',7'-' '^^''l'' M. A. Fender. Ben Grieve. Cl.vde ^ •'"<' ''"""svlv a Ilia league^ ' Bruenger entertained Cook. Harry .MaU.fion. : J. F . F^ast- wood. Fred Duffey and .Mildred lluffey. The next meeting will he with Mrs. Charlie Wrav, Januarv 12. • •vhere he batted sensationally. j AVilling Workers cinb last Wednes- jday afternoon. Roll call responses jwere .Vew Year's resolutions. Klec- tifin of officers was held.' After WAVERLY Tlie many friends of Mr. Harr.;adjournment a.Christmas grab ba? who is at St. Johti's hospital iit : was, enjoyed. The liostess served J.rJ, I-'iizpalr'c .k is risiting at the i loia oil account of a very .^everc , delectable refrieshments to ten ICrnes: Smith home indefinitel.v. ; caibuntle. will be sorry to hear he |members, one visitor and sevewl .Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Duffey and ] has (ontnicted pneumonia. Hi"w-j children. The next nieetiiig will daughter. Betty Jean, !»pent .Mon-(.ever, the docior .•'eems to thiiu !i:'• be January IS with .Mrs. Ralph day an<l: Tuer^lay nt the home of; has il ch «Mk«Hl so mat It w4ii not Kills. hl .-i brother. Fred Duffey. and fain-j prove quite lis seriou.s as if il had Krnest'Ortli spent Sunday after- ily. ; 'not bad Imiiiediate atfejiton. All noon with the Hay hoy.^. Report of Sllve:- Leaf school for , his liieiids hop.- for 11 n- .\ large crowd of friends g.nth- fourib month ending IDet-ember 2.1: cov. ry. er-.d at the W. L. Moon homo Sun- N'tilirber of Ixi.v-.s enrolled. U; girls | 'I'lie Farniirs' I'liion held a bus - ,;ay to surprise ^lrs. .Moon's moth.'i. loial lit: average ' (Jaiiy att«'iid-•fe.s nii'>'' -•• • nnce: Imys l:!.s. jcirls I 72. total l.'>..^2: number cases t:iriliiiess. t; number of those neltlh'r alisent nor turdy. l.'!;--0|»al Hrath. teaclivr. tin-.' at Fairvifw scool-' or. Mrs. Wblteman. She was en!'...i-.- Saturday night. The fo'.'ow- joying the rifdio «ben the guests ii;g officers were elected for the.,unived and wh. n they walked Int.n eiisulng .vear: Mr. Wj-sley Lust.-the room where she was II was a HC Gives Ai>i If^lXATIOM T>\m f«40-r«S. OAi^lS <=!ocrrBAuU, TeA**^ _ AMD H6, CAUSES^;A /AtSDEAU JORR.V Boss, DiS AlWT Yo'^CAT-- YCH;.' ALU'S Ir* NUMSAH 9'\ - /MsJD vOHCN/ Vou'Re TRVIIJS PGy •Re<,NO, He lOTCR-Rof'Ts Yovy WITKi HIS l=OOl_l £.H QueSXlOfOS CfKM You Tet-L MS TIME ? i .se -r voATCw BACK pn-sident: Mrs, t'ha.s. s •eietary-trea-urerl Mr. Strangler l^ewis Wins Match Off Rudy Dusck Kansas City, Mo.. .Inn 12. lAPi. Kd "Strahgli-r',' Lewis took two oul of three fulls I from Hiidy Dii .sek. .S'ebriiska. h 'ri- liisi ii.'uhi. lo win SI lieiivyweiiilii wrefPim iiiateb, • .\ roetil witness in nil l-:n,i;'.ls!i court stated he was l!ie faih"r "f .'SO children. 01 whom 2!t were .-drl -. i Siewart. nli asaiit surprise for her. indeed. Kdd Mo- The guests presented her a lovelv Vev. conductor; Mr. Wesley Lus:.; bouquet of roses and cariialloii's l<-.iuier: Mr. W. K. Smart, doc-land the Willing Workers clufb pre- keeper; .Miss Opal I..lltej>r wa- ... itil 1(1 pre^id^.^lt !t|ie phiiio an.l y'f->. .\ii.iiia ei- .\(, S'mp.foii ^Jong ieiid- llie busilies' s.^si.ui —Kxtra large bundles of clean newspapers, ,10c, at Register office seiited her. a cup and saucer with, the word •Mother" on it. Then the, women who had brought 'welt filled baskets soon had the table loaded with Kood things to eat. The^cen- ler piece w»« a !arge fruit cake., decorated with 7.S candles, w^llch .Morris<iu , was liaked by .Mrs. .Moon. .\ riin- an'l 1". mily. Kirov IVirr.. Cl.ireiice 1 ner fit for a kinc was ^heartily en- .Moirl-oii. Charles. Ralph. Robert, Joyed bv .ill. The afternoon was .ind Sjin Gerd.sen a^nd Mr. Conrad j ."pent visiting und listening to the Gerdseii attend<*d the oyster sup- radio. The guests departed for per held at T-i Grandie SatunUiy their homes^ wishing Mrs. White- evening. ^ njan many more happy birthdays. • mfre.-limetiu of oyster soup. < e'­ er •.'enckers. .oflee. pie ami saiid- rt f •" s was served. Mr. ai:d .Mrs, CharIi The Smbother and better ^igarette .not a cough in a carload O • • OIS28.F. '. LoriUard Co.. I !

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