Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1933
Page 4
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; f PAGE FOUB yiSIIORS BACK j HOME fITB TWO CAGE, VICTORIES THAiNKSGlVlNG DATES SET K. U.-M. U. Games to Be Played on Turkey >Day In 1933-34. Kansas Gity, Feb. 18. (AP)—The annual Kansas-Mlssburf football games for the J1933 and 1934 treasons will be pteyed on Thanksgiving {day. I ^ , , ' Approval of the date was an- EdgeS Highs Out nounced here yesterday foUowlng a — — conference .between athletic directors Dr. F. C. Allen of Kansas and C. L. ] Brewer of Missouri. The return to j the date was llitaited to two years 7 'V i.-'J FAUATIC WHO SHOT FIVE TEMPyTOKILI. ROOSE;yELT THE IQIiA DAILTREGKTER. SATUBPAY EVENING. FEBRlJARY 18.1988. IN AT- Gait^tt As CbiFf^yville Defeats J 1^4 Devils - Tola highs cage team lost its sn^;- jso the officials !may determine if ond straight Overtime game of the the Thanksgiving meeting is more home season here last niRht. w^-'a popular than the Saturday preced- . Gp.niett wop a, 21^ victory to defl- ing the holidaiy.! r_-nitcly decide the 1933 court jdce ' ! =. - of the Neb§ho VaUey league in favor ^ J of S^ati^ Cfenter. undefeated i leader tT A QHT' T^^T A of the league]. Yates qenter won LL /xvO X J.' V^X ->x\ an bvc^ime contest here two weeks ago. in the I second game of the Jdoubleheader last night. Coffeyville Junior; college triumphed by 64-20 -over the locil college team, the |- wor-st idefcat ever suffered by a Red •"•Devil five.; The, first game between the high • school- quihtetjs ended in a AND OTHER! NEWS ITEMS idrnw at the regulation playing tinie (By J. P. BELL) Mrs. Elmer Sla'jck. 220 South Second. wa.s reportod; ill the first of the week. Mrs. William. b(oley. 19-19 ; Kentucky, was very L. E. Poster, proprietor of ilis and as3-mlhute overtims period was required tO decide the tilt. One field goal \^as cpu'iited by the visitors ir.! .show" ^Kansas* ci -the extra sessi ^ ^ ' 1^ registered onej point ;short o: ^own vwon the JVtustangs last 4rinlstice| ^nning goal Fo.sler store in Ekst lola. was an interested visitori ai the automobil y Thursday. I Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lundberg I and son, Happy Jack. Bronson, visited Mrs. Eva Smith] 306 South Sec- 11 South ill this week. on and the Mustangs free! throw to fall a another tie. Captain •;B<k)ts" Egger, big: guard ! ond'^FYidTv whof,e: backfi^ld play and , touch- i r. , , . r the Maroons over j -^^ O- Thompson made a busmes.s on the-gridiron here i'rip to Kansas city Thursday. He day. chucked in the • also attended the auto show. „„ , for Garnctt with a • „ ^^i"- ^nd Mrs. Jesse Chase, 517 ions .^hot fr^in the side soon aft-, South Jeffereon, v^ited Mr; and er the:, overtime play began. Ho had A- H. Shmn. 3(^ South Third, ^ previously kept his team in the run- I Th'.irsday evening ^ ,ning in the fourth quartet bj- an- ^ A telegram received here Wednes^ "'other ilong gokl and a free throw day brought the information that His tnree points in the final quar- f- ^- Harder had passed away at ter were all that Garnctt! made in I ^is home in Waco. Tex., that morn- inp. Funeral services were held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock and burial was in the Waco cemeterj'. that round and tl)e free toss followed & ^oal by Davis j and free throw by Griffith of the; Mustangs and tied t|ie scorcj just before the end of the; regular playing time. ^ ; Break! I with Egger. The-breaks were | with the Gar­ nctt daptain, however. He called his fourth time out' with the score tied at 19 anil but a few seconds remaining to play, giving lola one free throw pn[ a technical foul foi -calling too many time out periods. John Griffith.! forward, took care- Survived are the widow, a sou anu a daughter of the home address, R. 1 1: Harder. Martha and Mary Harder, 204 South Third; Fred Harder, a brother, St. Joe, Mo.; Otto Harder, a brother. Atchison. Mr. Harder was a resident of lola for several years before moving to Texas. The cottage prayer nieeting of the Church of God was held at t^e Lawi rence Hardesty home, 501 South ThiJd. Tuesday evening. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Harold fill aiiii on His try for. the win- h ning point while under strain, but i HamiltW Mr. "anid Mi ^.'lke wrUeitT the bftll hit the hoop and bounced I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stimpson, Mrs upward away from the netL i W. B.' Martin. Mrs. Elizabeth Hole- Eggffr's winning ^oal was dropped in soon after the start of the overtime play. 1[he Mustangs.. g.iineU iwssession of the ball-in the period, but with aboit 15" seconds left to go Dayis was fouled on a drive to the Gjirnett goal. He counted the free throw but the whistle sounded shortly after. — The.:scoring had been close all the ! way. ;The first, quarter ended at, 3-2 for Garnett, and the third per- j iod found the teams tied at 16. Thcf result left the opening fivef on art even score for the sea^jon as the lkj.ustangs gained a'l-polnt 10-9 win at Garnett earlier. ; A Runaway. • The second game of the twin-bill was wholly unlike the first contest.! the poffeyville cagers turning the j fray jinto a jrout shortly before the - end of the first half. They started off ^ a fdur-point lead and the Red .'Devils, hung on at awroxi- mately thit distance for about 15 minutes at| which timc-^the deluge -started. By the-rad.of the first half the Raven flocti-possessed a 29-12 lead. They droprjed in goals almost at will;in the ^cond half, scoring four poliitK where the Devils scored one. .Accurate passing and handling of the'ljall around the basket featured thejplay of the Coffeyvillians, with Hiti Dickesr, and Decker starring. Dickey andjHitt led in the scoring "•ATith 23 and 17 points respectively, Stirigcr scojred 12, points for lola. liie lolfins played without the services of Bob Donaldson, regular for?/ard who was out with a sore man. Mrs. Nelhe Teats, Mrs. Walter Gashe, Mrs. Clarence Hoke. Miss Cora Willett, Miss Inez Gashe and Ed Lane. , Mrs. C. P. McConn is quite ill at her home. 434, South Third. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Williams have returned to their home. 429 South Third, from Jophn, Mo., where he has been conducting revival ser- yicea. Mrs. Martha Fairmputh who has been staj-ing with her daughter, Mr.<:. .\Ibcrt Wilson and family, 421 South Walnut, has returned to her home, 731 East Jacksoji. J. B. Waldren. southeast of town is suffering from a serious cut oh the arm which he received while working on a buzz saw Wednesoay Mrs. Lawrence Hardesty called on Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker, 502 South Third, Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Othel Sinclair who have been visiting Mr. Sinclalr:s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sinclair and daughter, Velta. 19 South Ohio, have returned to their home In Minneapolis, Minn. The Rev. Joseph Nedcn, Port Scott, was a dinner guest Friclay evening of the Rev. and Mrs. Elzra Hood, 701 South Buckeye. Mr. Ne- , den was returning to his home from i CHICAGO'S MAYOR AFTER BJULLET^IMEli A DENT-ELECT gOOSlEVELT fiRA VEL iot;A.m^As PRESI- WOUNBS HIM M. U. UPSETS SQQNERS victory In Colombia Puis Kansas Into Tie tdth Oklahoma. Here is Guiseppe Zangara, who shot five people in a futile attempt to assassinate President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. The assassi nis shown as he looked in the Dade county jail, Miami, after ^is arrest.- Much of his clothing, was torn off as the ofiacers took him through .the excited mob, and after reaching the jail he was stripped in a search for weajjons. At the left is Sheriff Dan Hardie; at the right. Patrolman L. G. Crews, who assisted in capturing the fanatic, is holding thje gun used by Zangara. Mayor Anton J. Cermak of Chicago, gravely wounded by a bullet meant for President-elect Roosevelt, is shown here in a i)hoto taken a few seconds after the shooting. : Mayor Cermak is being supported by frierids; the bloodstain from his wound is visible on his white shirt frbnt. The picture was^taken as Cermak weakly walked to the Roosevelt auto which took him to a hospital. NEWS OF COLONY High School Home Economics Club Members Entertain Boy Scouts At Schbol Wednesday. COLONY, Feb. 18 —Tire trouble resulted in the following people attending the lola show Tuesday even- I ing, instead of the high school bas' ketball game in LaHarpe: Mrs. l<e- ona Beard, Miss Marguerite Beard, Max Townsend. Dale Yokum, Dorothea Godden. Arlene Crammer and Ellis Chatterton. ' Members of the Home Economics club of the high school entertained seventeen Boy Scouts in the club room at the school house Wednesday evening. Thirty-eight was present and all seemed to enjoy the party very much. .The high school Home Management class is busy this week planning and furnishing miniature rooms of a home. The girls are taking a great interest this year. Under direction of Miss Frances Conard, and their department is rapidly forging to the head in all parts of the school. Kansas City Thursday night and saw the wrestling match in Convention hall.l The Farmers Union is moving the O. W, Ramey belongings to Missouri this week Guy Crammer and R. W. Gooden are doing the trucking. George Jones of Mound City visited relatives -here Thursday. : His father, Cl W. Jones, returned home for an indefinite visit. Clark, oldest son of Mr. C. V. Clark, slipped and with'himi ' Harold and Mrs. fell on the sidewalk in front of the hardware NEOSHO FALLS Caucus to Be Held in Memorial Hall for Purpose of Nominating City Officials. .. NEOSHO PALLS. Feb. 16.—-The attendance at church and Sunday school at the M. E. church was not so good as has been for a few Sun- days.l. Several were absent on account of illness. At the morning service the pastor gave sketches of the life of Lincoln emphasizing the nobility of his character and also bits of his humor were mentioned. At the evening service the older people of the community had the first part of the service. The pulpit store, Wednesday evening, [was tastefully decorated with flags dislocatirig his left #inkle. He will be forced PhllUp to lose a to stay at home for a week. Graf had the misfortune wheel from hjs automobllo Thursday! night. No great damage was done! because he was driving at a slow speed. BASKETBALL RESULTS (By the Associated Press.). toot. Box scorps: Ibia jDai-ls, f. Lott, f. . Giiffith,! f, Crfek, f. „ W. N. Skourup, Independence, Mo., Strawn, Kas.. where he was calleci i ^ business visitor in Colony to conduct a funeral. He was the I Thursday. former pastor of the Church of God .Several representatives from the here. • Home Economics club will attend The Nazarene Young People's Vic- i the State Home Economics associa- tor>- Zone rally which was to be 'ion meeting in Topeka March 24-26. Fairweath^r. c.; .2 Smith, i. V/ason. g. Fihlcy, g. PG .3 .0 , ,1 D jTotals Oarnctt Flt-nn; f. 'ri |5ton, f. ; McCabe, i Eftger. g. Hugglns. g. ; Totals .0 . .1 ..2 ' .,9 FG . .1 . ..0 ..2 .;5 . .1 ..9 FT 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 FT 0 1 1 1 • 0 held at Clianute last evening'.was postponed "until Friday. Februarj- 24. Mrs. Claude Frazler spent Friday afternoon, with Mrs. Wad White, 211 South Fourth. ! Mr. John Vancll, 211 South Ohio, 1 ! who has been quite ill is slightly im- 0 j proved. • 1 ! Mrs. W. R. Martin called on Mrs. 0 ! Lawrence Hardesty, 501 South Third Mssed free throws—Griffith, Fin- ! lejr. Tlptoh 2, Egger, Hugglns. ^Technical foul-f-Egger. 1! Tliursday evening. 1 ! Floyd Kunkleman and Harold 1 {Williams returned home Thursday 1 i afternoon from a business trip to — i Kansas City. S' Mr. and Mrs. Monroe MeWhinney, '522 South Kentucky, announce the birth Wednesday, February 15. of a ^ 12 pound son. 0 i Mrs. Lawrence Hardesty called on 1 1 Mrs. D. C. Lyman, 416 North Third, "•^ ! Thursday afternoon. :1 ; Mrs. W. R. Martin called on — I Grandma Little. 330 South Ohio. 4 : Thursday afternoon. -MiS£_Prankie Letslnger and Miss flola -Sanger, f. Hathaway caark, f. . Seid. c. . 3|ehrtchs, |g. ^aJESon, g. McBee, g. Totals ? Coffeyville '"" 'f. f. Brighton; Smith; f. jHitt.f. Dicfcey, c. 0chierimann, g. .Briggs, g Becker, g": ^ileri g, , Tongier, g FG ...4 . .0 ...1 ...0 ...1 ...0 ...0 •-•6 FG ...1 ...2 ...8 -10 , ..4 ...0 . .. .1 . ..0 ...2 i Irene Wilson called on Miss Dorotha' i Baker, .502 South Third. Thursday j afternoon. . , ' FT F; Mrs. J. C Baker spent Monday 4 4 ] afternoon with Mrs. Nora Johnson 0 .Gland family. 201 North Second. 1 2 Mrs. J. T. Mattox and Mrs. Law- 0 2 rence Hardesty spent Thursday aft- 3 2 ernoon with Mr. and Mrs. Irwin 0 1 Mattox and infant daughter. 41^ 0 1 North Third. Mr! and Mrs. W. T. Wilson, Cha- 8 12 I nute. •i'islted Friday afternoon with Mrs. Ora Wilson. 426 South Third FT 2 ^olby—Hubert Carpenter, a farm hand, was sought last night by Thomas county of fleers . after they had received a report he had shot and seriously wounded Mrs. Tom Ackard, 60. wife of his employer, during a quarrel. Officers said Mrs. Ackard's daughter, Alta. 16. had Informed them that the farm hand had shot her mother and then compelled the two •Sanger. Reid to accompany him in a motor car 3, Mdxsori 2, Brighton. Hit:,-Schieri- for a distance, later foriclng them Inanri 2, Tongier. ' from the machine. " Heferefri-Kemb, Kcujsas. Mrs. Ackar^was taken to a Good-4 j7 'L land hospital where her condition ' Chicagi-Mrsj Myrtle Schwengel i described as dangerous. Suburban Glencoe sued, her l Totals I Missed if ree throws- .28 8 11 W fieifchbor, Mrs, Gertrude Kemper, for $492fTor medical expense incurred utter Bh4 stopixd a fight between the chow] dogs they were taking for A atiroU, Judge Stanton,: pointing put that!the niinolj supreme court Ms held every dog U-entitled to one bite sugg^ted they spUt the ;i -/j !t.Ii{t}^-«fty .:l- •, 1 Thfey ilun-eed.i I Oakland, Calif. —Franklin. 14- mbnth-old son of Mrs. J. P. Belngo. tumbled from his high chair and fell out a second story window 10 feet to the pavement. Emergency hospital attendants, who could find nothing more than a few bumps, and scratches, resorted to the old "show-baby-the-watch" trick to stop The Foods I class will sei-ve lunch- cons for six next week. The girls work In pairs and do tlicir own planning, preparing and serying. The Clothing I class has completed the making over of woolen garments. John Hamilton has been 111 with influenza. The basketball tournament is being held in Welda this week end. Bronson. Kincald. Garnett Reserves, Colony, Unlontown, Neosho Falls, Westphalia and Welda are participating. Miss Margaret .Lawrence, Cherokee, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Herbei-t Henderson and Mr. Henderson. • Miss Lois Wells entertained with a Valentine party Wednesday evening. Games and refreshments were enjoyed. The guest Jist included: Misses Verley Smith. Margaret Lawrence of Cherokee, Edna Pearl Wilson, Lois O'Harra, Doris McCai ghey, Dorothea Gooden, Nadine Christian, Marguerite Beard, Frances Goxlell; Messrs. Dean Broqks, Paul Gcoden. Wade Mosing, Ellis Chatterton, Wallace Jackson, John Tonkin, Kour- nies Cramiher, Gordon Molest'orth. Lorraine Townsend. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wallar were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. tVank Johnson Thursday. Mr., and Mrs. A. E. Brooks entei;- tained the following at dinner yesterday: Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Damey, Mrs. T. Hurd of--IlUnols. Mrs. Alat Courtright, Mrs. H. J. Denton. Mrs. Nettie Denton. Miss Gertha Shreck. The afternoon was spent with music and quilting. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Swickard entertained at dinner Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Alta Court- Tight who is soon leaving for Wichita. The evening was spent with bridge and dancing. Those present were: Mrs. Alta Courtright. Mrs. H. J. Denton. P. V. Denton. Charles Knoepple. Miss Jean Denton. Miss Prances Goodell, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Swickard and Frances; , Miss Dorothy Gooden entertained the following girls at a slumber party Thursday night: Frances Goodell, Edna Pearl Wilson and Francer Swickard. [ • Alyln Baugh ha.s been working in the Free Press office since several of the force were laid off. | , W. A. Argo will return Sunday from Chetopa. where hej has been visiting at the Ira Willilt home. A. F. Huskey and Emerson Hipies made n business trip to Garnett last Thursday. Charles Schainost. Dr. ^. D. Pul- 26. rensburg i Kansas College College. Oklahoma 30. Missouri 40. Maryvllle. Mo.. Teachers Springfield Teachers 13. Kirksville, Mo',. Teachers 28, War- Teachers 33. ' Wesleyan 41, Ottawa V. 35. of Emporia 22, Bethany 24. EI Dorado Jr.; College 19, Hutchinson Jr. jCollegb .23. Coffeyville Jr.: College 64, lola Jr. College 20, New Mexico 25, Arizona 47. High School. Garnctt 21, lola 20 (overtime).^ Hutchinson 13, Newton 30. Topeka 34, Ottawa'7. Parsons 33, Coffeyville 8. Fort Scott 21.. Columbus 26. , Cherokee 47, Mulberry 12. College High Pittsburg 27; Frontenac 2. Arma 22, Olrard 21. and potted plants surrounding the picture of Lincoln. Mrs. Paidley was leader. She read for a scripture lesson favorite , texts of Lincoln's, giving comment^ on his life. Prayer was offered by | W. G. Tidd. The congregation sang the Star Spangled Banner. Mrs. G. W. Smith gave two readings, 'The White Rose," and "Depression," a poem in Negro dialect. Several tural application. The evening service was very pleasing and well attended. For several weeks the pastor, has selectedj groups to have charge of the first part of the Sunday evening service and he has given, book reviews for the latter part. Each service has been well attended and much enjoyed; Instead of the j about five O'clock in the morning. A short jtime' after they started fire was discovered in the house and it was impossible to save it. Neighbors saved most of the furniture. We understand there was insurance on building and contents. Mrs. Mary Crane is much improved from her illness and is en- Columbio, Mo;. Feb. 18. ^(AP)—Aj)- parently inylnciblo in their own lair, the Missouri Timers last night threw another Big Six conference basketball leader off the track fay coasting to a 40 to 30 victory!overUhe Oklahoma Sooners, \ The result forced the Sooners into- a first place tie with Kansas, a team the Tigers' toppled oiit of the leadership last' week; enabled the Missourians to taKe tmdlsputed possession of third -place, and was recorded as'the Tigers' ;thirteenth tonsecutive victory on their own court. Coach George Edwards' Tigers beat the Sooners at their.-own game —the fast break. With Wagner getting the tip consistently at the pivot, the Tigers did not use their usual delayed offense until late in the contest. They led from ,the outset and by the intermission had gained a 24 to 13 advantage with Wagner in the scoring role arid iDenver Miller, stiaBTlng on the defense. They increased this advantage to 20 points early In the final period. Cooper. Stuber, Wagner and Jorgensen sinking goals in rapid succession to run up an unsurmountable lead. A: Sooner rally, led by Browning, high scoring guard of the conference, late in the session;^ fell short of overtaking the Tigers^ who protected their margin with cautious play. A crowd of more than 4000 persons, the largest in attendance at a basketball game here this season, watched the Missourians| avenge a 31 to 26 defeat the Sooners handed them two weeks ago at Norman. KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press; IThe Endealvor league is having a social at the parsonage Thursday evening, j A. Schiefmeir. A. A. Ling, Tom Salsburyi, Ora Cooper, E. E. Rush of Neosho Falls are jurors for this mid-week prayer meeting this week joying the calls made to her by her a community tea was given at the I many friends, church with program consisting of ' several music numbers. A men's chorus composed of L. L.. Thrall. Guy McKinley, John Williams, iGene Leedy, with Mrs. L. L. Thrall accompanist, Ray, 'Herbert, and N. G. Tidd, gave several selections yrhich were much enjoyed. The high school boys quartet' composed of Dwight i Cochran, Geprge and John Trout, and Jack McFall also gave several selections. Piano solos were given by Dr. G, M. Richardson .and jJohn WiUiame, a guitar Jack McFall. and a reading by G. W. Smith. The Rev. C. M. Orr had charge of term of court. A caucus of qualified electoi-s be- I longing to the Citizens party will be held at Memorial hall on Thursday, March 2, [1933, for the purpose of nominating: a mayor, five councilmen and a police judge. You probably have something you the games in which was an Tath- ' want to .^ell and the best way to let Uetic contest causing much merri- i Ihe peojilc know about it is through ment. Captains of the sides | were i Reeistpr ICln.'wified Ad.<: John Williams and Dr. G. M. Richardson. Refreshments of cup cakes and coffee were served. A silver of- ^fering was taken. The good sized all songs were sung by a qucrlot composed of the older. people including Mesdames Pred]>9rowd enjoyed the evening as ^ Jackson, G. W. Smith and W. T. report who were there. iPyke. and Messrs. L. L. Thrall and Mr. and Mrs. Mentzer are slowly W. G. Tidd. Mr. G. W. Smith read recovering but Mrs. Mentzer is stUl an article oh "Youth" with com- I very ill. i ments. The'latter part of the serv- I The house belonging to L. S. |Rey- EmiJorla—Howard B. Morse, the only nian who ever sei'ved. three terms as mayor of Emiiorln, died yesterday at Tc^eka. He was n veteran railroad man. holding the iwsi- tions of yardmaster andtrainmas­ ter for the Santa Pe railroad here and as fuel agent for tlie road at Chicago He retired in 1917. He was doorkeeper of .'the Kansas senate for several se^ioru;; and In the 1932 primary, unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for state representative. \i ' Pour daughters and a - son- survive. Emporia—Debaters from St. John's college of Wlnfield,. and-juji- ior colleges at' 'HutchinsoJi. Arkansas City, -Independence and lola were second round winnel-s yesterday in the annual tournament being condiicted at the College of Emporia. Ten senior and junior colleges of ^he state.were entered. Finals were-Scheduled for today. Topeka—Studying meaas of ending the depression Is the»objective of an economic council organized here yesterday under the? auspices of the state chamber of commerce. One of the major subjedts to be considered by the council] Is the po.ssibility of the formaiJon of .i new credit policy. Marco Morrow of Topeka was named chairman. ice was conducted bv the pastor who gave a review^ of "The Man 'Who Lived in Eternity Now," with scrip- nolds burned Monday momingl Mr. and Mrs. Holcbmbe . Who occupied the house started to Kansas i City Duluth. Mipn.—Carl Johnson was arrested byV-flpeclal Officer Martin Johnson, who called Police Dispatcher Robert Johnson, who notified Patrolman TV. C. Johnson to take the captive to the police station, where he was booked by Jailer Louise Johnson. ' Martin Johnson, father of Robert Johnson, is a special officer in the place where Johnson was arrested. -TODAY!« Admission IQc to AD! llirills nttrifyslf, achoti 1 tithe Norihuesit Km L _ _.. ' "ttle Pranki;n s howls. j uam and Fred Schainost MoliDted ADDE "SO " With GRETA GRANSTEDT j<KAZYKAT .DIi:R OLD MAN' [rRAVELTALK "LENINGRAD" "JLwbLE MYSTERY' tlrove KELLEY Showing the Greater Pictures TODAY ONLY KIDDIES—This Coupon and 5c> ITS YOU TO S^E TOM AND TONY ; Kathleen NpRRIS' SECOND HAND WIFE ' PLUS—Screen Sonf SALLY M.i^k With Mills Bros, Singing ••IB E>Bf "''P" "I Ain't Got Nobody" 11» t K ^ Bellamy A distinct and enter- Helen Vinson Victor Jory gaining novelty; ">few»"

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