Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 9, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, November 9, 1955
Page 2
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TWO Daltoii Again Wins Virginia Ballot Battle Democrats Retain Assembly Control In State Election By JOHN F. DAFFROV RICHMOND, Va I?—Republicans 're-elected their party's pride-Ted Dalton-to the State senate but failed to make any appreciable inroads on tight Democratic control of the General Assembly m Tuesday's general election. The GOP emerged from the elec- tion~3ust where it went in as far as the 40-member Senate was con cerned, holding onto three seals and failing in tries for three oth ers. Democrats swamped five in dependents in the other Senate con tests. In the House contests the GOP Increased its five-member strength by one on the basis of near com plete returns from Grayson Coun ty- Thus, if the complexion of the usually conservative assembly isj changed, the change will come from, within the Democratic ranks. Several new faces in the Senate , including Stuart B. Carter of Bote-j tourt and Armistead L. BoothCj from the "Young Turk" contin-j gent on the House side, bid fair to; liberalize the more cautious upper, chamber a bit. ; Dalton, in winning his fourth four-year term to the Senate, continues as his party's best hope to capture the office of governor in 1957. He roused the Democrats into an uncomfortable hard stretch drive in 1953 when he ran up about 45 per cent of the vote against Thomas B. Stanley, the Democratic winner. The Radford Republican easily- held onto his Senate seat by defeating R. Douglas Niniriger, former school superintendent of Eo- (i ; Three Turncoat i*Ws Take Life Ettxtj Young Airmail Greeting From Mamie CourtMartial ' ' ' ' Is Called Off HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. i?i—The Air Force today dropped all charges against an airman who had faced court martial for refusing to report to a work detail on a Saturday, the Sabbath j of his religion. i Airman 3.C Jerome Dyson. 22. i |ol Baltimore, Md.. a Seventh Day! JAdventist, had refused to report to! ''work detail Oct. 29. His special j • court martial was to get underway! tomorrow morning. j j The Air Force said today thati "further investigation has disclosed facts warranting the advisability of idismissing charges against him." i Yesterday the Air. Force said Dy- json had never taken advantage of Uhe option given him, of choosing ito work Sundays instead of Satur- jdays. i Today's statement^ said "there iwere apparently several sincere ef- i forts by Dyson to have his squad- iron commander excuse him from j duties on'Saturday so that he could (attend religious services." | 'The statement also declared that (the work Dyson was ordered to do ''Saturday. Oct. 29, was not of such ! strict military necessity as to warrant deviation from the policy of i allowing airmen to attend religious' I services of their faith on days oth-i |er than Sunday. The three American turncoats who were granted their freedom from TJ. S. Army custody following Supreme Court decision relax at San Francisco hotel. William Cowert of Dalton, Ga., gets a light for his cigar from Otho G. Bell of Hillsboro, Miss., as Lewis Griggs of Jacksonville, Texas, looks on. - (AP Photofax) 4 Happy 5 Chandler Elected, Regains ower Pastor's Wife Freed B> Red .LOUISVILLE, Ky. Lfl — ;A. B. Chandler, who quit poli- nearly two to one. Sixty-four of the 72 precincts in the Rbanoke- Radford area 21st District gave Dalton 9',119 to Nininger's 5.129. Only about a fourth of the assembly's 140 House and Senate seals were contested in the election and the best the minority party could do was grab nine of them. In district after district Republicans saw their hopes dashed' — pretty decisively in most instances. " Their hopes -were • bullish in the Bland - Giles - Pulaski - Whyle 19th where the strong Democratic incumbent, R. W. .C. Caudill, is retiring. But Del. D. Woodrow Bird overcame an early lead run up by Richard^. Oglesby (R), a Pulaski automobile dealer, to take the race 6,128 to 5,227. with SIX of the 54 precincts unreported. . v In Arlington,, yh'e're Republicans said Warren S. Parr would give Sen. Charles R. Fcnwick (D) a pretty good run, Fenwick \vas a 14,727 to 5,353 winner with, returns complete from the 37 polling places. . Sen. John A. K. Donovan; Fairfax-Falls Church Democrat,.turned back the bid of Republican "Victor E. Parker. 11,830 to 7,443. Among the independent Senate hopefuls Joseph R. Nutt Jr. threw a scare into Sen. Curry Carter of Staunton in the 22nd District but yielded 4,035 to 4,876, with only two of the district's 59 precincts not. in. On the House side, the Republicans saw 14 of their candidates go down before the Democratic power. They won three House races and three of their nominees ran unopposed. The GOP candidates .for" the House who escaped Democratic opposition were Dels. Joseph E. Proffitt of Floyd, Dr. C. E. Greear of Scott, and V. S. Shaffer of Shenandoah. Republican incumbent H. Clyde Pearson of Lee won over Democrat W. A. Keith, as did Republican Del. W. Ray Rouse of Smyth over Democratic Brodie Thompson. It was. Dr. J. G. Moxley, a Grayson dentist and former legislator.) who gave the Republicans their gain of one legislator. He defeated a fellow dentist, Dr. M. G. Cox, the Democratic incumbent, 4,331 to 4,186 on the basis of complete returns, j In Northern Virginia. Richmond.! . Portsmouth and Roanoke the Dem- j ocrats stood firm against Republican challenges. West Given _( Continued from Page.]) mil conference only three months ago favoring friendly negotiation on the problem of Germany. Kremlin Voice Seen Since Molotov just returned from Moscow, he was believed to be speaking with obvious authority of the Soviet government. He astonished the West yesterday as he indicated there were two kinds of Germany that interest him — a divided Germany or a Communist-dominated Germany. Barring some conciliatory gesture by Molotov to follow up his tough declaration — something-not impossible in view of past Soviet tactics—these conclusions seemed inescapable: l.-The cold war is still on in a big way. 2. The "Spirit of Geneva." born at the summit conference here in July, has collapsed like a balloon. 3 The Soviet stand may strengthen the Atlantic Alliance—contrary to the relaxing effect of the Geneva spirit. 4. The impact, of the opposed East-West policies on public opinion inside Germany is a critical consideration. tics 10 years ago to become U.S. baseball commissioner, has re-' gained Kentucky's political throne; Kentucky Democrats yesterday! elected' :him to anbther four-year term as r.governor by landslide proportions. • ;, . Headquarters of the 57-year-old Chandler, who served as governor n 1935-39 and .later as U.S. Sena- Polio Cases Cut :IBy Salk Vaccine .or,. predicted his plurality would reach 150,000 .votes. , • While his supporters sang 'Happy Days are Here Again," Chandler prepared triumphantly to take office Dec. 13, succeeding Democrat- c Gov. Lawrence W. Wetherby, who could not succeed himself. Chandler's smashing victory over Edwin R. Denney, the Republican candidate, climaxed a political comeback which he started in 195i after losing his $65,000 a year job as high commissioner of professional baseball. ••.. Returns from 2,336 of Kentucky's 4,032 precincts gave: Chandler 305,346; Denney 204,629. The entire Democratic slate ticket, covering eight other top offices, was assured of victo~y. And the Democrats retained their traditional control of the legislature, -which convenes in January. Also virtually certain of approval were proposed state constitutional amendments to: Lower the minimum voting.age from 21 years to 18 years. Exempt -all household goods from taxes. Georgia now is the only state with the lower voting age. Kentucky has a $250 tax exemption on each household's goods. -WASHINGTON — (INS), ^ .Welfare Secretary .Marion Br'TTolsom said today reports covering almost fiVe million children indicate the paralylic- ; polio rate has -been reduced about 75 per cent among those who received ^Salk--vaccine. Folsom said lliat_.pjeliminary reports from' 11 states show this reduction in crippling polio in comparison . with unvaccinatcd TuiiicoatGIs Gain Release .HONG;; KONG '(B-Mrs. ' Lau, - of '•Brougbton, Pa., the wife oi a Chinese minister, 'crossed the border from- Red:- China' today, border guards reported. P.eiping Radio announced on Oct. 26 that she was being given an exit permit. SAN FRANCISCO tfi — Three former U.S. soldiers—turncoats in} ^.j Korea—are free today in the landj ^ithey once renounced for commu-i !nism. : - " ' ' -Laura They indicated they will return ' Two Huntington, W. Va,,-junior high school girls. Betty Fletcher and Mary Jarrell. proudly pin a letter of thanks'from Mrs.-Dwight .Eisenhower on school bulletin board. The girls had sent a get- well card to the President. (AP Photofax) Baltiniorean Goes On Trial, \Chafged With Slaying Wife soon to their homes. The Army, acting on orders of a BALTIMORE U 1 ) .— Milton Price, gas company employe from subur- federal"Vudg'e"yesterday~ielea r s'"ed ban Brooklyn, was' on trial today for the --murder . of his 32-year-old Otho G. Bell. William A. Cowart and Lewie W. Griggs from Ft. Baker Stockade. ' As photographers and reporters ( c ^__ r _____ Mrs. Lau, ''the former Laura "crowded around. Coward, * 22 of Louis- Augenstein" of BroughtonJoalton, Ga., said as spokesman was arrested March 2, 1951 andjf or the three: imprisoned until same time in the! "\v e feel now about ' American Spring of 1954 when the Reds re-!j us tj ce .th c same as always. We're leased her. She has since lived atjj n the most democratic country in Canton with her husband and three i ne world. children. Her mother is Mrs. Ida Augenstein of Pittsburgh. Pa. Mrs. ' Lau, of the Church of Lad Follows Dad's Car children in the same age groups, until her arrest. Christ had worked with lepers in Lienhsien,. Kwantung Province, Hall Refutes (Continued from Page 1) publican Indiana. Incumbent Republicans were toppled in Indianapolis and South Bend, Muncie, Evansville, Michigan City, Marion, New Castle and' Bloominglon, among others. crats but held control of the State Lcgislalure. Things went as expected in Virginia", a"iro r'm'a 11-y- Democratic state. The Democrats remained firmly in the driver's seat in the On Bike, Dies In Mishap SALISBURY ffl — Nine-year-old Cecil Miller was killed late yesterday when Stale Police said his bicycle ran under a truck as. he followed his father's car down Johnson road. •'-•'--'•-• - The.father had noticed the. boy riding behind the car but when he General Assembly, but they were looked up a few blocks further unable to overcome State Sen. Ted Dalton, the GOP's most consistent vote getter and a gubernatorial New CM Slock Rises NEW YORK (.F,—Genera! Motors' new common stock, carrying with it a $1 year-end dividend declaration, opened today on a block of 35,000 sliarcs up a point at 47!i. The panda has a body like that of a bear, feet like those of a cat and a face like a raccoon. Over all. the Democrats re-j threat to the Democrats in 1957. versed the lineup of Indiana mayors — from 70 Republican andi32 Democratic before the election Ho 72 Democratic and 30 Republican. Democrats also registered gains in Pennsylvania. For the first time in 50 years, they were leading in Bucks County balloting. And in Allegheny County i Pittsburgh), Republican Disl. Ally. James F. Malone was trailing his Democratic opponent. Malone has been considered a possible candidate for senator or governor. In New York, the Democrats racked up a net gain of one may- oralily. They wrested control in Troy, and Schenectady and five other smaller cities. The Republicans, in turn, defeated Democratic mayors in six cities. In neighboring Connecticut, Democrats uprooted an eijrht- year-old Republican regime in Waterbury. In New Jersey, Republicans lost three Senate seats to the Demo- down the road realized the boy no longer was following him. He turned around, drove back and discovered the accident. wife. ' : ' Dr. Paul F. Guerin, ..assistant medical examiner, testified yesterday that Mrs. Margaret Price died of asphyxiation. The .cross-examination indicated the defense would dispute',- the, State's theory on the cause of .death. Big Brush'Blaze* ; Out Of Control' TUJUNGA,' Calif, ta —, A .'fire that has charred an -estimated 10,000 acres.of brush, and timber- in Ventura County north-of here j is "out' of cbritfol on a'three-mile j front moving toward Los Angeles j County," "an 'official reported' today. At least 250 fire fighters were; at the northwestern edge of Los' Angeles County as the blaze, burning into its third day, crackled to within less than a mile of the county line. ' Neighbors testified they heard the couple arguing when they came home from an oyster roast' last Jan. 17. Mrs. Price's body was found in the. apartment the next morning. Dr. Guerin said "fingernail scrapings'' on the woman's cheek and bruises on the neck indicated some pressure might have been applied over those areas. The cross-examination included questions about the position of the body and the possibility that the woman had tripped on a rub. Handiest Locations in PITTSBURGH! Judging from a recent nation-wide survey, 76% of the people in 'this country don't understand how the New York Stock Exchange works. This advertisement is being published to explain the Exchange and how it serves America. We hope you'll find it informative.and worthwhile. What goes on at the Stock Exchange? 1. It oil began 'way back when;-.? Washington was-President Thftr-i; government had sold bonds to pay ' for the Revolution. Infant companies had issued securities in which there was scattered trading. But there was no established market place where buyers and sellers could get together. So in;fs 1792, a group of businessmen cs-Tg] tablished the New York Stock'{t Exchange, where the public's'-^ orders to buy or sell stocks and bonds could be handled. • , L the heart of the Golden Triangle " 400 outside rooms "bath * television - • •AirConditioning • ATlantic 1-5370 Hotel Pittsburgher MOTEL Opposite Greetor Pittsburgh Airport j • 56 air-conditioned rooms • tile both j • television • private phone t Courtesy car to and irom mol«I | XWher.M-5152 J . JOS, f. PUPPY. GEN. MGH..X \\ 'Live' Virus Found WASHINGTON W - The Public Health Service announced today that "live" virus hns now been found in all six originally suspect lots of Culler polio .vaccine. An earlier study had indicated live virus was present in only three of the Joi*. . . Be Our Guesf . CD EC DEMONSTRAT| ° N Mitt MEETING OF THE DALE CARNEGIE COURSE in Effective Speaking Leadership Training Human Relations Dale Carnegie ARE INVITED ATTIWD PUBIIC IMKfcMATION MUTING Tuesday, No v.l 5 at 8 p.m. at the CENTRAL Y. M. C. A. Cumberland, Md. The purpose of this meeting is 1o organiie a Dale Carnegie Course Class in Cumberland. COME AND BRING TOUR FRlENDSl You will heat graduates and instructors explain what this court* will do to help you. A successful course for 43 years. O««i«J by Ih* Boltimort Institute ) 2 West Madison Street BALTIMORE 1, MD, 7hi» Adult Training Will Help You— A Ccnqvir F«or •* Ovvilop S*H-Confr4*nt< * Speak »(f«ttiv«ly * S.II Youn.W and likol ^ liKrtm* Earning F*w«r * l« A Uo4tr * D*al Su«t,tfull y WHk Ntp1« Cumberland Heodquorterj; CENTRAL Y.M.C.A. CUMBERLAND, MD. Telephone; PArkview 4-5445 ^ My name is Newt Kook. My whiskey . is made in Kentucky. There's an old saying we like around these parts... The only way to have a friend is to be one 1.. And I don't know of a better way of being a friend to so many as to give them so much for so little. So won't you try some of my J.W. Dant today? It's a real fine Kentucky sour-mash Bourbon. Enjoy Dant! Bye now, President DANT DISTILLERY DANT, KENTUCKY AMERICAS LARGEST SELLING BONDED BOURBON SINCE 1IM 100 PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOORBON $148 $459 $985 • h PT. * 4/S QT. im PIN' 86 PROOF Kentucky Straight Bourbon mad* by the glow, coitlier genpln* tour-math method. Old* Bourbon 2. It's still a market place . . . but it now serves more investors than there were people in the .whole country in 1792. And, by providing a market place for securities over the years, the Ex-change has helped make it possi-^ ble for'business" t"b'"raise" the capital it needed to build our great industries. 3. The Exchange docxn't own slocks which are bought and sold on its floor — never has. What it does do is bring together buyers and sellers of securities through its Member Firms. Orders are handled on the floor of the Exchange by "floor" members ren- rcsenting the Member Firms. It's the responsibility of the floor member 1o get the lowest available price for a buyer of stock and the highest price for a seller. 4. If you want to own your shara of American business, the man to see is a partner or a'registered representative with a Member Firm in your community. He can give you information about ..the 1,522 common and..preferred stocks and the 739 corporate"-, bonds listed on the Exchange-si Cost for his help and advice: not.; one penny. Before you invest, get the foets. Investing is a serious business. There always is some risk. So before you put your money into securities, be sure you have adequate savings to cushion you and your family against emergencies. OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS FREE lOOKLtT tell* you how to buy or sell stocks, the cash dividends particular stocks have paid, and about the new pay-ds-you-g-o Monthly Investment Plan. For Fre« copy of Investment Facts, writ*, phone or call on any Memlxr Firm of the Exchange. Or write directly to New York Stock Exchange. Dept. 1-V, P.O. Box 252, New York 5, N. Y. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE dvmoL#7 THE DANT PlSTlUHY COMPANY, DANT, KENTUCKY, OLDE 86URION, 4 YEARS OLD Mj» to your local Member Firm o! the Stock Exctunti, cr New York Stock Eichinie, Dept! i-v, P.O. Boi 25J, New York S, N. Y. Pltise send me * fru copy of inmtniit FKtt. • oow$l_ tin— sun.

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