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Austin, Texas
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B6 Austin American-Statesman Monday, September 10. 1990 More channels COA City of Austin AISD Austin schools (D BET Black Entertainment Television (B UNI Spanish (Q TNT Super Channel (D NICK Nickelodeon MTV Rock music video ED LIFE Lifetime eees cnn a cnn2 Headline News CSPAN Sessions of Congress ffiG) Weather BRAVO with FNN programs CD CBN Christian, network (D KLRU-TOO Peoplevision SB NASH Nashville CD TV40 Logal programming and Country Music Television CD TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network CO Playboy Adult entertainment CD Cable Value Network Shoppers guide CD Showtime 24-hour features SD TLC Learning channel I CBS I ABC I NBC I KBVO I PBS I TBS I MAX I AMC I USA I WGN I DISC I ARTS I HSE I HBO I ESPN I DIS KTBC Austin KVUE Austin KXAN Austin Ind Austin KLRU Austin Atlanta Cinemax Movie Classics USA Network Chicago Discovery Entertainment and AP Sports Home Box Oflice 24-hour sports Disney tP 69 (D 6B CD 9 3 CB QD tD JL AM Morning News News" Tom Jerry Tom Jerry M0VI6 Movietime Cartoon Paid Road to War AP Sports 5:30 Say No? 5:30 Business Dumbo Circus :30 News Daybreak Woodpecker 6:45 Weather 'TomJotiM' Mr, Magoo Programing Little Women Nation's Pooh Corner 7 AM This Morning Good Today Nlnja Turtles Flying Gllligan JEM Bozo Wilderness MOVIE: Busness Donald Duck :30 Morning Gumml Bears Mr, Rogers Bewitched Cartoon Survival 'The Karate SportsCenter Umbrella Tree O' am" America Happy Days Sesame Little House MOVIE; Movietime Wake Roll Assignment: Kingdom of AP Sports Kid Part II' MOVIE: ilSs 30 Laverne Street on Prairie 'Beyond the Beaver Discovery the Sun Golf 'Strongest 9' AM" Joan Rivers Sally Jessy Make a Deal Regis Lookin'Good Utile House Poseidon Murder, She Success-N-Lile An American The Fugitive Mart World' 30 Raphael Concentration Kathie Lee on Prairie Adventure' Wrote Album Here's Boomer a am The Price Is Home" Golden Girls Buddies Beer Little House MOVIE: Movietime Joan Rivers Great Chefs Decades: 70s AP Sports Getting Fit Hey, Right M. Warfleld Mama's Family Dyslexia on Prairie 'The Sand Kitchen Chronicle Mel Gibson Workout Cinderella! AM Young and Match Game Love Connect. Carol Burnett Perry Mason Pebbles' Face Music iGeraldo On the Go Echoes (Pari MOVIE: Motion Lunch Box aL the Restless Ujvlno Generations DIckVanDvke Prlvate Jmm mmm Lmt JBareteoUn Shaplna Kaieioscope ejm PM News All My DaysofOur Hlghwayto Victories MOVIE: Movietime Stumpers iNews Your Healthl APSports the Par' sv America's MOVIE: A :30 Bold Beautiful Children Lives Heaven Private 'Some tike Hot Potato 1 Field Test w-W Wilderness 'They Wenl 1 PM As the World One Life to Another MOVIE: Victories Hot' MOVIE: Reaction Van Dyke GreatChefs Klngdomof NewstoUs American Tftat-e-Way' :30 Turns Live World 'Won Tcti i Downfall riyiyM-s- 'Hombre' Wipeout BobNewharl Kitchen the Sun MOVIE: Events Danger Bay 2 PM Guiding Light General Santa Ton, the This Game's M.v..w MOVIE: Squares Kotter Rendezvous MOVIE: AP Sports feds' Motorcycle The Raccoons :30 Hospital Barbara Dog for Keeps Fllntstones 'Chathe Pyramid Beaver On the Go 'The Racing Selfish Giant 3' pm Geraldo Donahue Instant Recall Tale Spin Hard Facts Flintstones MOVIE: 3:15 MOVIE: Press Luck Bears Your Health! European' Can a Guy AWA Donald Duck :30 Inside Edition Fun House 3:45 Speak Up Brady Bunch 'Mannequin': 'Conspiracy' High Rollers DuckTales Field Test Say No? Wrestling Win, Lose 4' PM Hard Copy Highway to Oprah Worldof Mr.Rogers Laverne DanceParty Chip 'n Dale Mother Nature The Fugitive ProWrestling MOVIE: K.I.D.S. Kids, Inc.

:30 Entertainment Heaven Winfrey Disney Sesame Good Times MOVIE: USA Tale Spin Mother Nature From Florida 'The Karate Reporters Mouse Club 51 PMNews News Jeopardy! Webster Street Hillbillies 4:45 MOVIE: 'Son of He-Man Jeannie Nature Decades: 70s BodybyJanis Kid Part II1 MotoWorld MOVIE: :30 CBS News ABC News NBC News Ropers Readino Andvnfftlh JTheJDeeg recula Hearbbot wndlife Chronicle Mikercier Sportsok News News News Who's Boss? Square One Happy Days 'I si MOVIE: Miami Vice Andy Griffith Rendezvous Wilderness Golf Show Mike Mulligan SportsCenter latiitf etma :30 Cosby Growing Pains Wheel Fortune Night Court Business Jetlersons 'Niagara' Bewitched World Monitor Survival Horse Racing Babar MotorWeek Shortcake 7' PM Uncle Buck MacGyver Fresh Prince 21 Jump MacNeil MOVIE: MOVIE: Murder, She Baseball: Challenge Life on Earth Golf Golden Age NFL Matchup Avonlea :30 Lenny Ferris Bueller Street Lehrer 'That Touch 'Shirtey w. wrote Montreal of Sport NFL Magazine 8' PM Murphy Brown NFL Football: MOVIE: Allen Nation Adventure of Mink' Velentine' MOVIE: WWF Prime Expos at Safari Agatha MOVIE: Wond Cup MOVIE: :30 pes Women San 'Joshua'a "'-'F: Mr, Lucky1 Time Chicago Christie 'True Jet Ski The Bab PM Face to Face Francisco Heart Star Trek MOVIE: Baseball MOVIE: Wrestling Cubs Coast to MOVIE: Rodeo Believer1 Powerboat fluth Story' TT :30 Connie Chung 49ers at 'Voices ot (Live) '8he' 1 Coast 'Dead Lucky' Racing HA PM News New Orleans News Arsenio Hall Serafinal' Having a MOVIE: Miami Vice News Great Wall of Mariette NewstoUs Baseball Ton. Ozzie Harriet 1U Cheers Saints (Live) The Tonight American Baby' s' 'Magnum, p.l. Iron Hartley 'J MOVIE: SportsCenter MOVIE: pJvT Taxi News Show MOVIE: Masters MOVIE: Crime Story i Sporting Life Life on Earth College 'Lethal NFL's '23 Pace 30 TheMldnlgh Nhtllne David JESSLbmmi Fareview tude mmiLmmmm2L ootEall Weagw? reates JoBaker AM Hour Into the Letterman Skltr' 11:45 Awakening' MOVIE: Hitchcock World Monitor Agatha SEC Game Moments Street' tjt :30 12:40 Paid Night Later Costas (Part 1) National -Mr, Lucky' Hitchcock Wndii'e Christie of the Week MOVIE: MOVIE: I1 AM" 1:10 News Twilight Zone News Geographic 12 50 MOVIE: Paid A Planet for MOVIE: frideythe NFL Yearbook They Went 30 1:40 Explorer 'Slave Programming Darkside the Taking 'Pead Lucky' t3th Part VIII' SportsCenter Thala-Way' i 2' AM Nlghtwatch 1:45 MOVIE: 2:15 MOVIE; MOVIE: I Carson Mariette APSports 2:15 MOVIE: SportsLook 2:15 MOVIE; 30 'f Totilwr, 'Cold feet' Charlie Darkside Hartley 'Amerlctn Workout 'The Babe 3' AM--" Lev' MOVIE: Echoes (Part Juitice' Bowling Ruth Story' 30 Movietime 1 of 2) 4' AM Heroes 3.50 MOVIE: MOVIE: APSports 3:55 MOVIE: Running Avonlea GomerPyle 'Anion 'CitadelJ 'Creephm' Getting Fit SAM Morning News CNN News Heat' Soap Signature Motion Mousercise 30 Centr'l Texas News Morning 5:45 Business Flintstones MOVIE Movietime Faith 20 ASE Preview Business Mickey Raunchy 'Uncle Buck' is insult to CBS prim me 7:00 8:00 GDQffi) Murphy Brown Corky gets cold feet on her wedding day. (R) (CC) Alien Nation A Tenctonese box is deadly to those unfamiliar with Its powers.

(R) (CC) GSQ Adventure Fat Man Goes Gau-cho. Radio broadcaster Tom Vernon entertains with stories and humor as he bicycles through Argentina. (CC) 8:30 Designing Women Char-lene's spouse-abused cousin (Kim Zim-mer) visits. (R) (CC) 9:00 (BO (BO) Face to Face With Connie Chung The puppy industry; Cybill Shepherd; bisexual encounters In highway rest stops; rural Mississippi doctor. (CC) K'Q Star Trek A Piece of the Action.

(SOi Uncle Buck (Premiere) A lout (Kevin Meaney) gains custody of his brother's orphans. (CC) fan MacGyver Comatose MacGyver meets his parents (Martin Milner, Sheila Moore) and grandfather (John Anderson) on a psychic journey. (R) (CC) 7:00 PM Series Premierel The hip, hilarioua 'Fresh Prince 01 Bel Air'l (Advertisement) Offi Freah Prince ol Bel Air (Premiere) An urban youth (Will Smith) moves to his rich relatives. (CC) S'Q 21 Jump Street The squad poses as runaways to find a missing teen. Guests: Bridget Fonda, Heather Fairfield.

(R) (CC) CD LA. Law Television news-anchor Gill (Barbara Bosson) baffles Kuzak by rejecting a generous settlement; Sifuentes bets that he can win a dog-bite case. 7:30 (DUO) Lenny (Premiere) A working stiff (Lenny Clarke) cares for his wife, kids and parents. (CC) 2503D Ferria Bueller Ferris (Charlie Schlatter) pursues a pretty new student. (R) (CC) The Enterprise discovers a remote world bearing an unlikely resemblance to 1920s Chicago.

Guest: Vic Tayback. 10:30 (BO Cheera Sam fakes impotence to be treated by a beautiful psychiatrist (Ma-dolyn Smith Osborne) GEO American Maatera Celebrating Bird: Triumph of Charlie Parker. Saxophonist Charlie Parker excels, but destructive habits cause his untimely death. (CC) Movies Evening 7:00 TNT The Loat Capona (1990) Adrian Pasdar, Ally Sheedy. Al Capone's brother Jimmy turns up as Richard Hart, a Prohibition marshal out to get Al Capone.

(1:36) 7:00 Q3 BRAVO The White Dawn (1974) Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms. Three stranded 1890s whalers corrupt the culture of their Eskimo saviors. 'PG' Language, violence. (1:49) 7:00 03 ACSN Little Men (1940) Kay Francis, Jack Oakie. Grown-up Jo March runs a school for boys.

From the Louisa May Alcott story. (1:24) 7:00 (D MAX Shirley Valentine (1989) Pauline Collins, Tom Contl. A Liverpool housewife talks to the camera and her kitchen wall about life, people and going to Greece. 'R' Lan-i guage, nudity. (1:49) (CC) 7:00 CB SHOW UHF (1989) Weird AIYankovic, Victoria Jackson.

The new manager of a lowly television station beats a big-budget rival with off-the-wall shows. '13' Language, violence. (1:35) (CC) (D 7:05 PM That Touch of Mink Tonight 7:05 on TBS (Advertleement) 7:05 0D TBS That Touch ol Mink (1962) Cary Grant, Doris Day. A bachelor proposes something a virtuous secretary wants to avoid, but she coyly leads him on. (1:30) 35 8:00 PM World Premiere Moviel Meliaaa Gilbert In 'JOSHUA'S (Advertisement) 8:00 NBCffl KMOL KCEN Joahua'a Heart (1990) Melissa Gilbert, Tim Matheson.

A young woman and her lover's son form a bond so strong It defies the end of their relationship. (1:40) (CC) 8:00 03 AMC Mr. Lucky (1943) Cary Grant, Lar-aine Day. A floating-casino operator cons an heiress into having games of chance at a ball for the war effort. (1:40) 8:00 Q) LIFE Who la Julia? (1986) Mare Win-ningham, Jameson Parker.

Doctors put the brain of a body-dead model In the body of a brain-dead housewife, confusing two husbands. (1:35) Grammy winner Will Smith, center, gives a memorable performance In tonight's debut of NBC's Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which also stars Janet Hubert, left, and James Avery. St? CP Diane Holloway Tasteless, crude, infantile, stupid. Those are the words scrawled at the top of my notes for CBS's new sitcom Uncle Buck (7 p.m. tonight on KTBC-TV, Channel 7 Cable 2), based on John Candy's hit movie.

The now-famous line, "Miles, you suck," heralds the arrival of the No. 3 network's fall season. Delivered by an adorable 6-year-old girl to her 8-year-old brother, it is the first of many gratuitously gross lines in the show. Only seconds after little Maizy (Sarah Mar-tineck) spews forth, brother Miles (Jacob Gel-man) responds by calling her "freckle butt." Later Maizy, the more foul-mouthed of the two, gets in trouble at school for calling her teacher a "sack of (the omitted word is obvious) and even later tries to explain her older sister's crankiness by declaring, "She's ovulating." More sinister than the foul language, however, is a shocking mentality that crops up in one scene. Miles wonders aloud if maybe he actually likes a girl at school, a bully who was picking on him, because he enjoyed giving her a black eye.

Come on, CBS. Where are you going to draw the line? When the kids set fire to the house? Hearing such vulgarity come from the mouths of sweet-faced children is too much. Not only are the kids saying these disgusting things, but they are encouraged to do so by a howling, clapping audience. Young viewers will think such behavior is a source of endless amusement to adults. Oddly enough, Uncle Buck (Kevin Meaney), who was raunchy and outrageous in the movie, is tame compared with the kids.

He's sloppy, plays poker with a group of meatheads and chomps on a limp cigar, but his mouth isn't nearly as foul as his charges. In fact, Buck's worst offense is that he has no control over the revolting children. For those of you who missed the movie, Uncle Buck is called in to take care of his brother's three children the aforementioned Maizy and Miles and Tia (Dah-Ve Chodan), a manipulative 16-year-old. In the movie, the parents eventually return, but to keep the series going, the parents have been killed off. Uncle Buck is supposed to be an ill-mannered slob with a heart of gold, but the gold heart is not obvious in the pilot.

He insults the kids' grandmother and is more intent on playing with his buddies than parenting his nieces and nephew. For reasons that are beyond comprehension, Audrey Meadows, an otherwise fine actress, plays Grandma Hogoboom. At first she seems to be the only sensible character in the show. But after threatening to take the kids away from Buck, she abruptly changes her mind because the younger children babble some saccharine story Uncle Buck told them about a snowflake. There are no redeeming qualities in this show.

It is not appropriate for young children, and older viewers should watch it only at their own risk. CBS's second offering tonight is considerably better. Of course, it is unlikely (if not impossible) for anything to be worse than Uncle Buck. Lenny (at 7:30 on Channel 7) is a nice, unassuming little show with a lot of heart and a couple of good laughs. It may not win any Emmys, but it won't send you screaming from the house either.

Comedian Lenny Clarke stars as Lenny Callahan, a hard-working family man who holds down two jobs to support his wife Shelly (Lee Garlington) and their three daughters 13-year-old Trisha (Jenna von Oy), Kelly (uncred-ited in the pilot because the role is being recast) and baby Elizabeth. Lenny is close to his stubborn, retired father Pat (Eugene Roche) and his mother Mary (Alice Drummond), who live nearby. And he supports his deadbeat, con-artist brother Eddie (Peter Dobson). Lenny has a definite attitude and spends much of his time railing about the absurdities of life, such as a television announcer identifying a black boxer and a white boxer by the color of the trim on their shorts. Why not just say one's white and one's black? Seems obvious and much more logical to Lenny.

Lenny and Shelly have a warm and loving marriage. They don't yell at each other, and they don't tolerate smart-mouthed kids. That alone is. to cheer. jHL- The only lawman Al Capone couldn't buy or break was a small town marshal named Jimmy.

Jimmy Capone. In the pilot, Pat learns he needs a hip-replacement operation, but refuses to have it because he can't afford it. Lenny decides to help but is embarrassed to get a loan from his credit union. He finally swallows his pride, but then has to convince his father to swallow his pride and accept the money. There are some nice moments in Lenny, and Clarke is a genuinely funny guy.

But his acting needs work, and the rest of the cast will have to gel before the show is worth coming back to every week. Mark my words. Will Smith is going to be a major television star. By the end of the season, he will have fan clubs across the country, and his show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, will be a hit. These predictions are made not because the NBC comedy (which debuts tonight at 7 on KXAN-TV, Channel 36 Cable 4) is superior television but because young Smith, a 21-year-old rapper of the group D.J.

Jazzy Jeff the Fresh Prince, is a winner. He's funny, charming and completely natural. When he lopes across the screen in his hip-hop clothes, tapping out a rap beat on the furniture with his big, floppy hands, kids will go wild. And parents won't mind. In fact, many will be smitten, too, because Smith is so refreshingly normal.

But the show could stand improvement. The premise is a fish-out-of-water story. After getting in trouble in his tough Philadelphia neighborhood, Will (Smith's name is also the character's name) is sent by his parents to live with snooty rich relatives in Bel Air, a ritzy Los Angeles suburb. The goal is to learn "good old-fashioned American values," but the relatives learn a thing or two from Will. Aunt Vivian Banks (Janet Hubert) is a down-to-earth woman who immediately takes to Will.

Uncle Phillip (James Avery), however, is a snob who despises Will's carefreefattitude. a Hi Comedian Lenny Clarke stars In Lenny, a new half-hour series premierlng tonight on Channel 7. Phillip is the only black attorney in a prestig- ious law firm and has forgotten his humble roots. His pomp is exceeded only by that of the butler Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell), who affects an English accent. The Banks family lives near Ron and Nancy Reagan but doesn't socialize with them because Vivian can't stand Nancy.

Phillip's oldest daughter Hilary (Karyn Parsons) is a spoiled Valley Girl, and his son Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) is an obnoxious preppy. They are both disgusted by Will, whom they see as an embarrassment. Carlton's hero is Bryant Gumbel; Will's hero is Malcolm X. When Carlton tells Will he used to fence at Bel Air Academy, Will asks Carlton him how much he could get for a stereo. Little Ashley (Tatyana AH), however, becomes Will's ally against uppercrust snobbery.

There are some syrupy moments between these two that threaten to turn the whole show sappy, but Smith manages to hip-hop his way out of them and save the day. Smith is such a strong presence it almost doesn't matter that the supporting players chew the scenery like hungry rodents. It almost doesn't matter, but if Fresh Prince is going to succeed, the rest of the show will have to live up to its young star. ifl TI2E njxcius)yf "waJ MONDAY, SEPT. 10 ONLY ON CABLE jfttMICKt I ENCORE Austin Cablevision 448-1000 Channel 16 IftdO TurnB! PlclutBI, Itw:.

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