The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 13
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' TUESDAY, JUNK Zt, 194B OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilJi^nTbur Boarding House w*h Maj. Hoo]>£ VTLT.K (ARK.)' COTTIER NKWS LOO*: AT THEM LEGS--WE WEED A GOOD START ON TM' WAGOi WITH GREEM APPLES WOULD S1000CXJER BODY wi in A PiSTou BUT rue BO A^eiODS—C MOSTM'l 66 HORSlV.BO'l VLL H^vfi ro_^ J <; BORN -THIRTTY VT5AES TOO SOOW . Disease to Claim of G»rJ in Denver DENVER. June 22. IUP> _ All II -year-old girl, whose skin bruises at the slightest touch, today was given six months to live by physicians who suit! there was no cure (or the rare skin aliment slic is suffering. For the last nine years, Maxine Perry has been sulferinj- „ cliseaw winch leaves her skin almost, void of an outer layer. The child's 40- CUE [cH ashamed an *-^ She went into her own room and moved the sleeping Betsy back into her crib. She flung herself , _ ,. a ,„_ across her bed and pulled the pound body forulsps at the lightest' blanket close about her shivering touch and the skin of her small i body. Already, gray dawn crept hands and feet Is drawn tightly I through the long front windows together. nt hnt- h^mnm ^Maxine's father, Chester Perry, •*id that his daughter often had asked him. "when am I Bolng to run and play again," while looking out her bedroom window at neighborhood children. "I have told her everyone runs »nd plays in Heaven," Perry said. He said although his daughter usually Ls patient she often asks him when the pain beconAi Intense, "Why can't I go to Heaven now. so there won't be any more pain." PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 39 SUBMITTED BY FIFTV-SIXTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OP THE STATE OP ARKANSAS AND BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, A MAJORITY OF ALL THE MEMBERS ,, ELECTED TO EACH ' HOUSE ^J AGREEING THERETO: That the lollowing is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the -State of Arkansas, • nd upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a. majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt .such amendment, the same shall become a part of the constitution or the State of Arkansas to-wit: SECTION !. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended by modifying Section 2 of Article 3 of said Constitution so as to permit the Legislature !o enact m law providing for a registration of voters. Said constitutional amendment shall read as follows, to-wif "BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OP THE STATE OF ARKANSAS:" "The General Assemoiy shall have power to enact laws providing for a registration of voters prior to any general, special, or primary election and to require that the right to vote at any such election snail depend upon such previous registration." ^Filed in the office of Secretary of •pirate on the 28th day of March, of her bedroom. It was Sunday morning. This was Sunday morning, and in just .1 few hours she had planned to leave this house forever, put the past behind her and enter upon a bright and carefree future. Now she lay dispirited and uncertain. "You and I will neve-r be happy together, Tom. We never loved each other." That was what she had planned to say so glibly. "Our love didn't last. It's dead." Love! she thought now bitterly. I.ove had no place in the pattern of events this nif?hi had tossed into her future. For how could she leave nt once and abandon Torn and Lucy in the lace of trouble? Finally she fell into a heavy sleep and did not open her eyes until the November sun was high in the skies. For an instant she could not bring her thoughts into focus. The events of. the night before were unreal, like a terrible dream. This was Uie day—she sat up and buried her aching head in her hands as she remembered This was the day she was to meet David. There were voices outside he. door. Betsy's low chuckle, quickly hushed by a deep voice. The dooi flew open and Tom came in with Betsy perched on his shoulder. "Daddy!" cried Betsy, with fatuous smile. "Look—Daddy. She patted her father's blond head • • • JESSICA snatched up her rob •* and huddled it about her Bar shoulders. She was startled, at disadvantage. Tom explained, "I heard her cry and came in. I've been gettin acquainted with my daughter." H down oti the bed beside Betsy nd fondled the baby's soil curly eud, but did not glance lowyrd essica. Jessica bit her lip. She asked. How's your mother this morn- ng?" "No change." Tom ros« and accd back and forth. His voice ost color and became dull and nxious. "1 called Gencvieve Miles his morning, hoping that she might know where to locale Lucy, "encvievc didn't go with the roup which left yesterday. She ays it will be impossible to get .\icy until afternoon. Slic prom- sed to come right over and help vie." Jessica met this announcement with angry silence. Why should 5enevieve Miles enter into their iffairs? She made the excuse iliat she must dress. She was irritable when Bclsy proposed that her "ather stay and dress her. She saved an awkward situation by linling that she could manage Betsy better alone, and .Tom lei with a baffled expression on his lired fact. Must she always hurt Tom? Later she led Betsy downstair^ and found Genevieve bustling capably about the kitchen, a prin npron tied over her best rayon print, her cheeks flvished with ex citement, her small eyes curious Genevieve refused any offers r> assistance. The breakfast wa ready. Excellent coflee and loas and bacon and eggs. Geneviev. hurried about importantly, urgin, Tom to eat whal slie set befor him. But Tom .nade an excus and went back to stay with hi mother. Any interest he migh have had earlier in either Jessie or Betsy was lost now in deepen ing anxiety as he awaited Lh doctor. • • • f* 1 F.NEVIEVE sat opposite Jessl and delicately sipped her PC Xee, her cup held in a hand wit ,e little ftnaer ricidly extended. "Queer that you don'l hear from Licy," she stiid. "You said th;U she was oft on hike." "I snid it she went off on * ke.slie would be liaclc this after- con." "Where else would she go?" d«landed Jessica. Genevieve said. "1 wonder." Her mall colorless eyes were hard and xpressiollless. "What tlo you" Genevieve set her clip down arcfullj in the saucer. She icked up a bil of toast nnd nib- led daintily. "Maybe she went onie place else." "Without telling her mother?" Genevieve finished her toast and ijjed her fingers daintily on her apkin. Her thin lips parted in a ly smile. "I.ncy didn't tell her miner everything." "Why should she?" "You thouRlit she did?" "I don't concern myself with Aicy's affairs." Hut she did concern herself with Mcy. Right now a cold, appre- .jnsive chill shook her as she met Toiwvlcve's spiteful glance. What did Genevieve mean? Wha< did he know? Suddenly Jessica losl her self- control. She said furiously, "You Icspicable little fraud! You never were Lucy's friend. You just spied on her and tattled to her mother. Torn came irt, suddenly and without warning. Re said, "Have you heard from l.ucy? 1 thought 1 heard you speak her name." Gcuevieve answered. "No. No, we haven't heard." Her sly glance traveled from Jessica to Tom and back again. Should she voice her cvvn anxiety? Jessica wondered. No. She couldn't add to Tom's burden now. She said briskly, "I'll go and stay with your mother just as soon as I come back from taking Betsy across the street." With only a brief explanation, ihe hurried lletsy away. Doris would take care of Betsy. Could Doris know something about Lucy's whereabouts? Why .should Lucy go away tell no one about her plans? (To Be Continued) witness my hand and seal of o!-\ flct on this the 12th dny of April 1948. ' 'i C. O. HALL, ! 21-83-10-17-34-31-9,7-14-21-28-105-; 12-19-26. ' ! JNOW! Sec E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209'i W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2112 Blytheville, Ark. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Political Announcements The Conner News has been' authorized to announce the follow i Ins candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 27 and AllgUSt 10 ] COUNTS' TREASURER Prank WMtworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONtR E. M. HOLT , FOR COUMT ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATK REPRESENTATIVE Jinimie Edwards L H Alllry H. K. "Bud" Fisher Leslie H. "Dtilcie" Srwck For County Jndg* "eland Green Fielder pecry Tar Circuit court Clerk jU Harvey Morris ~ CONSTABLE (Chlskasawaba Township) J. Robert crosskno Arch Llndsey • ! You Are Cordially i at FOUNTAINS Ji *_ Everywhere! } J Invited to Visit The IAccessory Shop! F«minin« Apparel • M«b*l Hog»n Jessie Sr)(« 'I • Hotel Noble BWr. J ! Blylherilfe, Ark. •! K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake S(. Phone 52.3 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You \Yail! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS 0 Complete Line of Auto Parts It's Not Too Lofe for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Stcond Street Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 1301. Main you HAM'S AM |C.TIC •W Tue rnwor A H»NI e SECOND--- "H«'» cutting iip » llttl. bit, but hl» moth»r told m« to inor* him when h« trwt t« »ttr»ct attvntion!" HISCH.LA'S J'OP Volte of Kxprrirncv f'tv had enough/ By MICHAEL O'MAU.EY WU DOtiTTHWKA UTTIS THIWG tIKf A IOCX n GOINC K> BOTHER SltK tlfl, DO VOU? GET THE GIRl OUT Of THE CAR. OKAY. 1N5IW 80IH Of JOlWTHING «S<Oe. SUK. SHADOWS AND i / WASH TUBBS IS'ite ,S|X>I, Air. dooms LESLIE TURNEB »Hl HtRE VOU ARE, MV/WU SN*KE-IM-m-SRH«! I'VE DtcrpED 10( O0t AGM.L SHOWIM9 VOUR FfXCf ItT VOU K THl FIRST \ HEM *CMW, pf\m rmMWERtlU TO TRY OUT KY MIWO *«OW» WITH fKOSt VOWIi WrSStS 1 ~7/ y , WMM! BUT-JUI ? ws, MWtQURf SURtW 1 DID NOT l, HE'S TICKED UP . 'JER. COCKEYED OH BUU>, M|< COMB VWD WR1 1'Uf TOOK eHWDOH OffSM 1OU\ By FRED BARMAN 111 AO1IT IT'S EASY TO ROB \ A STASE COACH , JAKE, 0UT ) MOSt Of 'S.fA Alr-J'T WORTri J TrlE TROUBlf.' — —-^ wm AII THE CASH :V\ CAR«T " I WON'T RIDE A STAGE- HAVE A GUARD PIUKYOVER AT THE DEPOT Wilt VJHICH HAVE TtKi WORRY, f\IST£R.' THERC'lt. 0£ A GUARD 03 THE StASC f I HAVE TO RlOe STASE DEPOT Wilt V4 BOOTS ANJU~HEK BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTUt 1 OONft «.\_vto% aooo row. COOV. O.KO DtUtV^'S'JOV. CKiT Pftone 973

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