The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 12
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12 , V / ': * 7' ; ' , v, -V^y^v;^ .THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFOWiJlAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20,1«38 , *!_ CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON - " SKA UVIt OP THE GULF OF MIXICO »$. ALMOST A FOOT HIGHER. TMAK THAT Of THE ATIANTIC, DUE TO THE BANKING UP O^THE. WATER DRIVEN IN BY THE CONSTANT TRADE WINDS'. JONTRARY TO THE USOAL SULE AMONG BIRDS', THE |ii;t FEMALE PHALAPOPE IS !., BRK3HTER-COLORED AND DOES THE COURTING WHILE THE AVAXE INCUBATES THE FOR.THB VOUHC3. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "We're too well off to bother with our old friends, and not rich enough to travel with a wealthy crowd." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THE STORY, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Plcturti by King) R IND FREEZY took the trap In hand and nald, "I think I understand the way to open up this thing. I've seen such traps before. "I must bo careful as can be. The spring is very strong, you Bee. I also must be careful with the beast. Its paw is sore." As Windy watched, he said, "It's true that It Is very nice of you to be kind to that animal, but are you safe from harm? "I wonder, when the beast Is free, If 'twill get wild as wild can be. Bup- posln' It should jump at you? That fllld me with alarm." • • • Then Duncy added. "Wlndy's rljrht! You may be In an awful plight, why. I have heard that every fox Is tricky. Please watch out! "When once the trap is open wide, we all should race away and hide. If unyone In caught 'twill be the end of him, no doubt." This made old Freezy laueh aloud. Said he, "My, what a funny crowd! You Tlnymltus Imagine things that never will come true. "Who said this was a fox, my son? Why. It's a tame dop, full of fun. I'm positive, when It Is free, 'twill want to play with you." • • • "Then free 111 Free It!" Coppy cried. "I'll pladlv stand right by Its side and pat It, HO 'twill know that wo nro friendly little boys." Just then the trap sprung opon wide. . "Well, there's your new friend," Freezy cried. The dog began to bark and, my, It made n lot of noise. Wee Coppy did as ho had said h« would. Ho grabbed the big dog'n head and said, "Hullo there, pal! Now everything will bo all rlr"-» " The other Tlnios laughed in glee because It was a sight to see the Tinle.s' little rabbit friends ull trying to hide from slKht. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THE FOoviTAiM OF VOOTvA. e SyjTdS* me. ,-to, OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN AN' AT TH* fcELL, TH' "TURKISH SAN.DSTORM*RUSHED TROM HIS CORNER, AN" 3UMTED ON ME — «€>0 "POUNDS., OF MUSCLE. AW IVORY/ 1 LET HIM CUMB AROUND ON ME TOR HALF AN HOUTt—VJHIL6 I f LOOKED 'OVERTW' HALL. AN' CROWD 7- THEN I CLAMPED A^BOtY-SLAM ON HIM At4' SMACKEt* HIM DOWN OM THE rAAT SO HACO THEY WETLE '<* PICKIN 1 CANVAS OFF HIS *BAC» FOR A MONTH AFFER.WAR'O - TWATS HOW HE '^1 SOT TH' NAME "CANVAS-BACK •DUCK."/ , -BUSTER v^s ^LOWIM TOO LOUD Ot4Tr\ v •BLkSLE WHEW V\E .CHALLENSEt> YOU To <SO EASY WITH .. H\M— HE'S JUST A "DOWN-HOME •BOY /^i- V >UST "FOR 'FiUSTER.'S " MM.U.IMT. THE GUMPS By the Way By SIDNEY SMITH .-MAMA- HERE VXE ARE DOYOURitUFP/ YOU SI&NEO FOR VOUF ROOMS ANO YOUR HOTEL, BIUL IS NOW ONER C>L>E- KNEW THE BOX VJA-S COMING IN — KNEW THR BIU- BE V4HX PIO I EVER ALLOW MYSELF GET INTO *0*M A ~ CAME HERE AT INVITATION- THIVSUITE °" OUTI CAN'T V*tLL>- Wt'^E IN FOR IT-.CIND5WU.LA- H» TMAV FAIRY PRINCe OT YOUM% / DOEtN'T CAWHY tOO OFF SOON- J - RA«» MAN WILC - I HAVE TO GET <*o MWM TO THE: AND AAAKE &6ME EXCUtE YO AAANA&ER- ANb TELL HIM. VrfMY THE ttILL IS " TbO BORROW WMERE?j /^OH-BPf TME WAY/ AS I WAS PA*3IN6r BY* / tHAT UTTLC ACCOUNT I VJIU. BE. TAKEN CARE I f\b ^ r * - fc ~^^ -fc **^— \ TWO \WA\ >v-^ ALL RI&MT" ":«S*. "BUT _ RULES YOU CNOW- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Old Fox! By MARTIN t ONE. VOO TV\\K»\i bVKt UVt-b VO TEVL Of \.\\.' OOU'T , OR. V\EPs9. ' , OR FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Stowaway! By BLOSSER / MOW DOES THIS 7 MAW HAPPEN L T& BE OKI 1 BOABPx ( FLACIi? 1WI»D MATE FOOUD HIM IN THE MOLD. HALF STARVED HAVE STOWED AWAY AT SAN PEDCO...SAYS H6 TRIED TO see you AT TH£ HARBOR,BUT WAS REFUSED P'RHAPSITS ;»?WT . BE THAT'S IT!.'.' THATS IT.'. IT MEAMS AMLLIOKIS ID ,/we. ORMSBV.' BILLIONS// OH,VES...I REMEM3EP., -LEAVE HIM , FLACK ....I'LL WE A TALIi COME HAVE SOME HOT TH6 V^AY, VWHATS 1K1 THAT BOX CARRYIU6 BILLY.- 1 SEE CAPTAW COMMOTION COMMOPORE FOQ PETES SAKE.'.' UP FORWARD TAKES UNCLE MARRY FROM HIS MEAL... FRECKLES AMP BILLY FOLLOW! VKIITH SOME THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) It Speaks for Itself! By COWAN BOV! WWEOE DID HOW'S Dirzv THIS MOPNING NOT AS D177Y AS THAT TWCK TIE YOU HAVE DRAPED ABOUND VOUP ADAM'S APPLE ! IcTs V5 OTS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT!^ FIRST TIME »V/E VWORM IT- HOW DOES IT UKE SOMEBODY HAS PAtD OFF A GRUDGE!!

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