The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 1
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KNOWLEDGE Brlngi comfort and improTement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet. ngnuy owa. many, wno live net. ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. V r *^*B*» ,., illence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feverf and ^permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions aid met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and towels withdut weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. couple of months on a visit with relatives of Mr. Powers. Claim Agent Little, of the Northwestern was in the city Wednesday.' B. M. Parsons and Frank DoJson returned Wednesday from Chicago. G. H. Jones came up from Audubon Wednesday on a business trip. Frank Connelly has a fine thoroughbred mars he intends to dispose of. The county clerk issued a license to Roy Bigler and Miss Maude Young of Dedbam. Late oabbagA and sweet potato plants home grown at the green house. There were more Democrats in the city yesterday than at any previous time this year. Choice new maple engar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure. MoLAOAN & BCHC- MAOHKB. Fire at Boone Tuesday destroyed the Columbian hotel and a building adjoining same. Miss Ruth Bprague of Omaha, is 1 visiting her cousins, Mamie and Edith CAftttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1894. OHUBOH DIUCTOBT JBNING a. at. evening, 7:80 p.m. strvtees Bay. 6»o. fousoii, Pastor. BAPTIST. Iia. aw •venlnt servl** „ „ __ •»»• J-0. HWIDBIOIJOM, tutor W. H. OUBBI, aapsilntoaasBt, _. •.•_ *•*• W^- THOMMOH, ., Da. Wat. HtMHSMt. BBpsrtetsndsat. H .1 tl . » Halls at the offloeolOM u (olowt: —" - "it: 2&and7*)o ? elMkp t: lap p. m. and 7*0 o'e p. n. . . . . on Bandar fro»» to 10 a. si. aM ^» ; , • STABBOCTBH. voao Hsniasi Osmllloa. Wl XtariMr, Uatardsi, arrives il ss. O. * N. w. Tune oara. * I K f He. • Denver Limited. Me, I AtlantisI»»wss Macomber. '.try our canned goods, tbe prices and quality will anit yon. MoLAOAN & BOHUHAOHBB. ' Robert Hamill has returned'from an enjoyable visit with relatives and friends at Cedar Rapids. John L. Tarn, general agent for the Des Moines insurance company, was in the city Wednesday. Mrs. C. Z. Sanderson has returned-from Boone, where she enjoyed a pleaiant vitit with her sister. Crawford county has about ae many candidates for nomination on the Democratic ticket as Carroll. Mrs. W. A. McLagan, with the children, left Wednesday for Boone for a visit with her parents. The Ladies'band of Dunlap, Will accompany the next Hot Springs excursion, which will leave here August 3. MissJ-.O. Englemann of Hartmgton. Neb., is in the city having been, called by the death of Mother Colclo. Dr. Sherman and family left Monday for Spirit Lake, to be absent for a couple of weeks enjoying a vacation. W. L. Culbertson and J. B. Hungsrford were at Des Moines in attendance upon the Republican state convention. A man named Marcus Colgrove WAS struck by a pusher engine at Boone Tuesday evening and severely injured. For rent, my brick bouse on North TWBNTIBTH CENTURY MAWS WHOLE NO. 90& building and s more desirable location will be selected near the center of the city. H. 0. Hock, the proprleter, was fatally injured and died at 11:10 the same evening. The remains were taken to Mlnoncft, Illinois, his old home, for interment. The electric light plant at Manson, Iowa, was owned by H. 0. Hock and a brother. Mr. Kefflo has in his possession a couple of photographs of the wreck which gives one a Rood idea of the explosion and surroundings. Throw dull care away for a week or so and join the excursionists to Hot Springs next week. A number from Oarioll are going and you need the rest from your business, so make up your mind to go with the others and hare a good time. this city and Lake View, leaving for the latter place Tuesday. Merchant wants yon to oall at hie •lore and see bow Jew goods yon can Carroll street. Also furniture, stoves and carpets for sale. JOHN TOLSON. Onrpriose on flour an right, suits everybody, give it a trial and yon will come back to tbe Yellow front for more. Qeo. Cretsinfcer, Isaac Harris and Carl Oaswell, of Coon Rapids, were in attendance at the funes/1 of Mrs ™-«p «•—•• »ww «ww KVW guuua fun ,%3mu bay for five dollars. Leave your sacks and basket* at home, bnt pnt a double .box on your sled or wagon. Aug. Staak returned Wednesday evening from Fender, Neb., where he has been attending the funeril of his foster mother who died suddenly from a stroke of paralysis. W. F. Harvey, formerly of this county, but recently engaged in business at Au • burn, has disposed of his interests there and will move to Independence, where he has purchased a farm. The four new stares contracted for on North Story street makes a total of sixteen business houses that will go up in Boone this season, a pretty good record for a dull year.—Boone Democrat. Most Reverend Archbishop Hennessy will give confirmation at 88. Peter and Paul's church tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. The candidates will meet preparatory to the confirmation today at 1 o'clock p. m. Dexter Bros., the firm that was awarJ- ed the contract for drilling the eight inch well at the river for the city water works, commenced work Tuesday and the well will be pushed forward as rapidly as possible. C. L. Wattles was attending the Ropub lican state convention at Des Moines, going as a proxy for A. U. Quint, who was called home by the death of his mother In-law. Mrs. H. J. Colclo. It will soon be spring weather and yon will need good footwear, aa this is a liiae wbem money sbonld not be wasted in worthless goods, yon will find it beet to take a little Urns and look al Moore's around for several blocks. The city was left in darkness and as the plant also pumped the water for the citv water works they are without fire protection. Last Sunday was the fiftieth marriage anniversary of Mr.and Mrs. J. J. Crouch. Nearly two hundred relatives and friends of the aged couple gathered at the beautiful country residence of Mr. Henry Thompson, a son-in-law with whom they make their home, and spent PEOPLE ANp IVCNT». Visit Moore 1 * shoe store, Excursion to Hot Spring* Aug. 8, Call at Martin 4 CJovis 1 for QlMdw 1 ?*•* '' • PAteot pbotoKrepb envelope* for Ml 1lbi*o«oe, .geitoo, of Ollddst, WM • oil Oilu «u<l i)ru«lie« « Colclo. Chas. Spater, of Oalhoun county, was a Carroll visitor Wednesday and report* bis part of the country about as dry ss it Is here. W. B. Smith 1* having a big sign paint. „, IHV .„.„..,„. ed on bis building, one tkat|w!!l be sure to line before you buy ^ ^. i V....- a telegram last week announcing B. A. Olericb. of Omaha, who was an the death ot her sister-in-law, Mrs. John over Sunday visitor at Lake View, come Kueinbel, at her home at Mendola, III. down to Carroll Monday evening and Mrs. Feld left at once for Mendota on retornsd borne Tuesday. 00r Md „„.„«, , 0 attvod , be ,„„„,, Mrf.U.8. HeflelttngerreturnedTuesdsyl j. A. Lyons and 0. H. Dickinson afternoon from Panora, where ibe was have just gotten out a directory of called by the Illness of her mother. She Carroll's business houses, which will be left her much improved in health. framed and hung in public place* in Ml**e* Cella and Cuthie McAllister, our city. Tbe Job I* very complete and Mtmle and Fred Gutbrlo, B. T. Drake reflects credit upon the originator* of and F. T. Vori*. wire among tboie wbo! Ibe «aterprltc. took Tuetdty'i tnln for Lake Vi«w. GOO. W. Bowen bM been appointed to OfcaM 4 Qwbora isae and ouffot* were «•«« depr*ilion* in the ca*e of Davl* v*. Med eicluaively on tbe World's fair the Milwaukee railroad company, a cite gminoX itJeotMi for their superior arising out of the Coon Rapid* wreck, qoaliiy. Bold only by MsrcUnt. , Ofer tw w j loeMM n , V e been summoned the day in a social visit.— Auburn Recorder. : ,, The ballarame Friday between the bicyclists aid the Stars was a go-as-you- please affair on the part of the Stan. Score 81to | tin; favor of the that club. The bicyclists are good handy fellows on their wheels, but they cannot play ball en them. Mayor Parsons went to Omaha Friday to purchase casing for the eight inch well which will be sunk next week and also to purchase an eight foot point. U is thought to at water has been found in abundant supply and that the well will be finished in a week or tui> days. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cute no figure with ns. Don't think because we don't button bole yon on the street and beg yoo to trade with us, we don't want year trade. Wedo, bnt think yon are wise enough to ohotse the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. John Tolson returned Wednesday The summer meeting of the Upper Des Moines Editorial association will be held at Spirit Lake on Thursday and Friday morning and evening, August 3d andrfd, 1894. A splendid program has been arranged and a good time as well as a profitable meeting is expected. General Superintendent Sanbbrn, Assistant Superintendents Hallenbeck and Hughes, Land Agent Cleveland and Superintendent of,Buildings Walden, of the Northwestern, were in the city this morning and left for a trip oyer the Northern Iowa in Messrs. Sanborn and Hughes' private cars. The railroad company has purchased some more of the property lying west of West street and between Sixth street and the right of way. They now own or have an option on all of the property south of Sixth street in that vicinity morning from Lyons, where be had been with Mrs. Tolsra. They intend to make tb»lcity their future home. Mr. and Mrs. Tolson are old residents of Carroll and the people of this city will be sorry to lose such worthy citizens from our midst. Mr. Tolson will be here for some Tbe boot and Work shoe factory returned I *«d George will bold quite a court when I be get* lo work _ iMsoileghotxrlbM remrned from vlill lo Uhlcago, , ft. WJitoo rvturoed Mondty from I0JI At Like Vlf w> • • l|rj*. F. M. Power* bM ret«rne4 from P»rk returned Mo«id*y ' Frank of women kud cblldno § |, B,o. and children for Ohio, lobe «oj»i and Mlis Bertb* death of bit foi|er mother, Mrs. Freder- B«ngf left Mosdsy for Uk» Okibo- \hk Kru.iusrk, it her borne at Peoder, Jl, whor* Ibey will remain for a couple Nub, Mr. Staak left Monday for of week* the gueits of the Carroll colony Pender to attend the funeral Thorn*, Arthur, of LOK.D, was | 0 tbe time, sealing up his affairs before going away. Whin he returns to; Lyons he will )>e the oldest settler in that community, having meved there 43 years ago. Patrick Murphy died at his home in tne Fourth ward Friday at 1 p.m. The deceased had for some lime been a sufferer from lung trouble and enjoyed very poor health. The funeral services were held Sunday at 10 o'clock at St. Joseph's church, Rev. Father O'Connor preaching the sermon' Mr. Murphy had many friends in the city who regret the sad news and sympathize with bit relatives in their sad loss. Tuesday ai Misses Gertie Lohman, Ida Boeder and Anna Batlerman were out riding they started to crosa the rail road track near the mill on Carroll ^^ " -— »•«» TtlflUlfjV What bearing this may have on the ques. tionof a new depot it is difficult to ascertain. Friends of Harry Emeis will be interested in tbe fact that he has become a great bicycle rider. We recently received a bill from Halt L»keCity, that announces a free exhibition by "Harry P. Emeis, champion trick rider of the west, and Box Groshell, tbe only team of trick riders; in the world." Harry seems to be strictly "in it." The school board Monday evening awarded the contract for moving the old boiler from the north to the south side, building the boiler house, putting every thing in position and fitting the south side building for'.steam, to Sheffield & Pattenon, for $1,988.85. The competition was close and this firm got right down lo bed rock to get the job, other bids being in for f 1,385 and f 1,410. but they expect to do a good job, one that will give perfect satisfaction to the board and tbe people of the district. Hon. Ei. H. Hunter has been appointed by tbe president to be postmaster at Dee Moines. Mr. Hunter, though a young man, baa for year* been a hard worker for tbe Democracy and the appointment is bnt a fitting recognition of his services to the party, while hie well known executive ability guarantee* to the patrona of the Dee Moines posloffloe the very best aervioe possible. 0. H. Robinson, of Knoxville, b RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. whereas It has pleased the Grand Architect of the universe to remove from lier earthly friends sister H. F. IKads- worth of Signet chapter No. 1, O. E. S of Carroll; and ' Whereas, it is but just that a fitting recognition of her many virtues should be had; therefore be It Resolved, that while we bow in humble- submission to the will of the Most High, we mourn (he loss of our most worthy sister, whoorganized this chapter, March, 1887, and who visited us so recently. Resolved, that we extend our heartfelt sympathy to tbe bereaved husband and family and to brothers and sisters of O. E. S., in token of our deep sense of loss •nd regret, and the additional assurance that we mourn with these who mourn and' weep with those who weep, trusting that" the mystical sblp which WAfted her soul from this tempestuous sea of trouble has . anchored It In that peaceful harbor where tears and sorrow ate no more, and where joy and gladness reigns supreme. Resolved, that a copy of this memorial; be furnished Signet chapter and a copv thereof furnished tbe family of the deceas- ed sister and also to the paper for,publication. MBS. J. J. ALLEN. MBS. EMMA DOWLING. MBS. MAPDC. FOSTKB. RESOLUTIONS OF RXSPBOT. At a regular communication of Signet lodge No. 264, A. F. & A. M., the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: Whereas, It haspleasedthe GreatArch- tect of the Universe to remove from our midst the wife of our Brother O. T Wadswortb; and Whereas, It It but Just that a fitting recognition of her many virtues should be- had; therefore be It Resolved, By Signet lodge Ko. 264, of Ancient. Free and Accepted Masons, that while we bow with humble submission to the will of the most high, we do not the less mourn and console our brother in his great loss. Resolved, That, In tbe death of Mrs. O. . iradsworth, this lodge laments the loss of one who was ever ready to proffer the- hand of aid and the voice of sympathy to the needy anddlslressed, a friend who was dear to us all, whose upright and noble ' life was a standard of emulation. Resolved, That the heartfelt sympathy of this lodge be extended to her family in tbelr affliction. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the records of the lodge, and a copy transmitted to Brother O. T. JFads- wortb and family, a copy be published ia the newspapers of Carroll. J. THOMPSON, ) gf. SIMON, i Committee on R. T. JKFFUEY, ) Resolutions. CABBOLL, IOWA. July is, 16M. "How to Cure All 8IUn Diseases." 8luply apply Bwajne's ointment. Nomternai medicine required. Core* tetur, eczema, itch —-m. on the l«co. bandsTnow, stal iSSASL'.Si 1 " _•«« n «'« n »- »& Ibs they tefl. W« presume they enjoyed the liy M <».jr found »»Mwy«i.,oy» tt to euroutt companiopi Up tlt«N, s U wsataasrs street, first looking up and down to see If a tram was coming. Seeing 01 hearing nothing (hey wool ahead and had gotten almost across when, as they claim, a freight train without warning of any kind, backed Into them, airiklog the rear end of the buggy, smashing it to piece* aad throwing all of them loth* ground, two of them under the can. By what Menu almost a miracle no one was seriously injured, though jMlfies Reader and Qattermao were badly bruised and scratched, Mitt Lehman escap- appointed pension agent at Dee Moinse in plaoe of Jadge Trimble who declined the place. Mr. Robinson has a splendid record aa a solditr ot the late war and is a hard working Democrat, wboee appointment givse general salisfaction. Of recent years we have read very wise discussions on the theory of the earth having moved several degrees away from the tun, which would eventually result in leaving ibis mundane sphere a frozen ball. Of how tbe sun was annually loj. ing its heat and a number of other theories all Irving lo account for the apparent lowering of the temperature which ills claimed we have experienced during these (rears. But this summer has set these wue men al rest, as there is no cause for their efforts to prove that either old sol or the earth has iu any way $jok:0| o| the Nor«Uw«t»»rn Or, W.8. Locks, of Ciaolnaitl, Ohio, i in lh« diy tod will liktt oh»r«e of Dr. ih»tu«B'i d«ouibu*loe»i for • week or «« <1»yi, While lltu i||(ar u euJoylpg ao uUog it L«k« OkiUoJI. f. W, hit work at Qoub* loj » w««k !•« d»y« and will dJ»ia» the toe or . , Ibe tltraollou of ibe lion. . The boiler in lue electric Ugbl wor k* •I Perry exploded Tu«*d«y « veujug about 7 o'clock. M lb«v wore »uoul to n»rl ib« work! up for Ibe evening. Tb» building and pltul were completely .wrecked ••(] ibe ttOKlneer, O.I H. flock, fmllyipjured. Tbe ooi§« WM btftnl ail over W Wr0«ke«e ing with comparatively few brulwt. A. F. KeOtu returned from Perry Info •riernoou, wullher he weat to Investigate Ike ruined reinalni of Ike eleotilo light plant at that plaoe, which WM toro Iller- •llv lo pieoei by • boiler eiplouon the , _ „ , ^, ,„ _«^. .«• w **^ w*»j lost Its ability lo furnish as hot weather as it did In those palmy day* when the luge sea animals bathed tbelr feverish browa in tropical waters of;ihl« locality. Sorlbner's Magaslue for August U a r ictlou Number, M has been the ou»toui for several yeare. It oouialus six complete short stories, by U. o. Uuuner, T H. Sutllvtn, William H. Sliullon, W. Orally llewltl, Octave Utanoe, and Uir- rltou Robertson, Ibe author of one of the most famous itorloa ever published |n OHBAPOXOURBIONTOTHBHOT s SPRINGS August 8d, 18M, the Fremont, Klkhora and Missouri Valley Railroad will have another cheap excursion to the famous health and pleasure resort, Hot Springs. South Dakota. Tickets good for sixty days; through sleeping and chair can from Jflssourl Valley. Take your vacation now, and join this excursion. For rates or any other information, Inquire of your nearest ticket agent, or oall on or address the undersigned, J. U. Gable, Traveling Passenger Agent, F. E. & M. V. R'y, PeulBon.fowa. SPECIAL. Your choice of twenty-five patterns of Trouserings made to order, f 0,50 to |7,50; regular prices, »8.50 lo f 18.00. We must close these goods, and you will reap the •• benefit. MOSBS SIMON of the Famous. Ice season has now begun and the we* on Is now out. Uave your orders at the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store. OCT. Oommeaeing August 1 we will sell oar •look of groaeriM, flee* and qneeoe- wart at ooel for strictly oasb. We bav«, decided (o quit ibe grocery trade. do: O f He MJTI not • brick was left iu position, but «U were strewn prowl* cuoutly |o every dlroollon, The lottl low will reach 118,000. Llllle diwige WM done lo turrouudlug properly. It it ittdlb«t one of lue flues WM carried « dliUnoa of a quarter of » mile by lite ex- pleilOQ *ud drlr«i |hrough llie roof of • dwelling, Koim o4e«r Ibrougb lolo ibe cellar. AI a rMult • table w«« com. Pletelydeiuollibid, leafing a hols lu tbe WBt*rMUr««u»p*JI. Work will At ««M begin for Ibe (motion of • new \' ..«, J; A <*UowiheDerby was IFon." All llie«e stories are dl«llugul«hed by M ludlvlduallty and delloato fancy that luaket theiu of unututl quality, even for • It A Iklnlt ttS>M«<AA_ia _« _» . _.. . tlte high stMidard Amerloau of abort flollon In ..„ . . — Mr. Uuuner, lu "French fora Fortnight," describe* UM •dveulurerswhluhlwftfia *trl«lolergfiu»u while llvlug with » Freucb Umliy on lb« Uro»x,n,arN»wVork;Mr. UoberUon'* "tibe tad Journalism" U • love M>W RATBfl TO 8T. PAUL, On account of the Annual Convention of the Catholic Total Aballnenoe Union or America, the North.Wertwn Line will Mil eioun|otitlok«(a toft. Pau.1, Iflnu., and return al halt rates-one taje tw Ito round trip; tickets on sale July so »ad m, , IKM, Inoluilve. 4 . Korta-Wettem H'y. AU«U«I „ Fortlckalf and full |u- * Un WANTEC. solicit subwriplioni for A -_„ .. B ^,, _., vowtwu, in 1UO 4r|MI01I KvldenoelulbeOMeofthal'MDla versus i»ftu«rkl««,'' u,.U ai» OM tk*

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