The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1894
Page 12
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liighest of alt in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. !'">'. fe Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WBEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB SBMTiNBt. IB tbe only newspaper In Car- nil county that te printed all at home and It con- ains more local and count? news than any otber two papers ID this county. POWERS ft CoLct/o, Props. FBIDAY, JULT 20, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS "Montezuma's Daughter." Viait Moore's shoe store. Call at Martin & Clovis' for Gliddeo barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale •I this office. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton'8. 1 J. L. Powers made a short business trip to Sioux City Wednesday. Rider Haggard' e masterpiece begins in this issue of Tui? SENTINEL. Diseases of tbe eye, Mr, throat and OOM. Dr. O.L. Wright, Carroll. Diseases of women and children a ^specialty. Dn. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Late cabbag« and sweet potato plant* home grown at tbe green boose. Do not forget the ball games tomorrow and Sunday with Nevada and Breda at Minchea'spark. • Frank Van Erdewyk, of Breda, has been employed as principal of the . schools in that city. Belle' Plaine crossed bats with the Olidden ball twirlers Wednesday at (Hidden. "Choice new maple engar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure. McLAOAN & SCHU- VAOHEB. \; Mrs. 8. M Elwood, of Sac City, was attending the funeral of MM. O. T Wads worth. Dr. A. L. Rick returned Wednesday from Chicago, where he 'has been for some weeks, Try our canned goods, tbe prioea and quality .will suit yon. MOLAOAN & BOHUMAOHBB. F. Basom, of Carrollton, was a city Visitor and favored this office with a friendly call. Hisses Julia and Jennie Turk, of Cedar Rapids, are visiting with tbe Kirk family west of the city. Archbishop Hennesy, of Dubuque, will give confirmation at St. Joseph's church Tuesday. July 34. Miss Anna Wetland and Mrs. Nichols, of Council Bluffs, left for Lake View Tuesday afternoon. \ Joe Creager will be all right as manager of abase ball club, but we protest •gainst his umpiring. Miss Jean Stanton, of Milwaukee, Wis.. Is in the city visiting with Mrs. H. W. Macomber and daughter. Mrs: T. 0. Brunner and daughter and Mis* Helen Buckingham, of Omaha, are Tisiting Mrs. Jobn Guild of this city. Onr prioM on floor are right, anite •verybody, give it a trial and yon will oome back to tbe Yellow front for more. A. Docius. J. J. Wieland and A. W. 8wender left Yesterday for Brunswick, Neb,, on a land seeking expedition. C. B. Reynolds, TomGuthrie and Cbas. Lewis left for Lake View, where they are going to cainp for a couple of weeks, ' Henry«Wolfe and neighbor, friends of Jacob Sievers, left last Saturday for a visit to Germany and will be absent a few months. Read the opening chapters of Rider Haggard's latest masterpiece, "Mou- tezuma's Daughter" in this issue of TUB BBNTINBL. A sneak thief entered Dr. Sherman's rooms and took a box containing |25 frortfc of gold flllinR, No trace of tl<e thief is known. Wm. Arts left for NebraskaWednesday, Where he expects to remain for a couple f f weeks looking after his farm and other property out west. Aug. Stoecker, Cuss. Herman, Wm. Deuvel aodBam Williamson have gone to * Minnesota to put up about 800 acres of y during the fall. > CarrolUs well represented at tbe water:. l .;J«4f places these hot days. Both Luke VIlV and Spirit lake have largo delega- JJ0IM of Carroll citizens. • MM. Maclean, who has been visiting $•1 WM» »ome of Mr. and Mr J. B. Hupger. ~' ' tbe past two weeks, returned to her at Atlantic Wednesday. We could hardly believe that Churloy , frould refute to loan »ny of hit base ball '. DUtflt tp the boys of our city who pared |0 like part In a friendly game, A wttM, who gave his name as John HU«y l» J»»VW»g out u tun duy»' lenteucu in (he oily pay for having stolouioiuo tjoodj from kudwig Bros' slpre, J»etw BtcpUnny, candidate for county fflcorder from Hanging, was lo the city Monday talking politics. Peter is busily engaged these days looking up his chances for nomination. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were Used exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. Albert Gnam left Wednesday evening for Thousand Islands, Canada, where he will join his wife and Mrs. Merchant who have been there for some weeks. Paul Miner had a birthday party Tuesday and now he is loaded down with balls, whistles, cards and many other little presents presented,by his young friends, Miss Mae Wetherill was fortunate, for Chas. McAllister was the lucky one who found her pocket book which was lost and which contained quite a sum ol money. Merchant wants yon to call at his store and see how few goods you can bay for five dollars. Leave your sacks and boskets at home, but pnt a double box pn your sled or wagon. P. M. Davenport left Wednesday to be absent for a couple of weeks. He wil visit Des Moines, Oskaloosa and several other cities in that part of tbe state on business before returning. A. little son of of F. Sapj), living north east of the city, died Wednesday evening and was buried in this city today Services were held at the home, conducted by Rev. Huendhng of Breda. "Ed. Wolfe left Tuesday for the northern part of the state, where he has none to look atter the prospects for getting for shipment, as be will have to ship hay in to keep his stock during the winte Mrs. T. H. Hardy and daughter, Mrs J. L. Miner and children left yesterday for Marshalltown to be absent for couple of weeks. They will also vis! relatives at Reithsburg, 111., before returning. It will soon be spring weather and yon will need good footwear, as this is time whem money should not be waste iu worthless goods, yon will find it bee to take a little time and look at Moore' line before you bny. Jno. Hooting, of Breda, was a city visitor Monday. He informed us tha Mr. Venner, bis neighbor;who was at tacked by a bull one day last week, i thought to be out of danger, but is suffer ing greatly as he had several ribs fractur od. Sunday was a very quiet day in th city. Every vehicle that could be secur ed was pressed into service to convey the crowd of people from here to Mt. Carme and tbe busses made several trips to. accommodate those who could get no other conveyance. A widower wants a family in Carrol to take care of his two year old boy, German familv desired so that the chile can be taught tbe German language Money no object if tbe right care IB given. Address box 804, city. Chas. Bradford, tbe captain of the Stars, say he is nit responsible for the refusal to loan the parabernalia belonging to their club to tbe professional and business men- 'for their game and does not want tbe people of this city to think that be is. H. J. P. Mueller, of Newton township was in tbe city Tuesday on his way home tram attending the old settlers' meeting at Mt. Carmel. Mr. Muller was one ol the nrst to settle in this county and enjoys meeting with tbe old pioneers as much as anyone in the county. Glidden defeated Belle Plaine by i score of 14 to 34. The Glidden bal players are all right, but they will have to play belter ball than that if Manager Creager is successful iu arranging a game between there and the Stars for nexi week which be IB now trying to do, The Chicago and Northwcsteiu has put on a new train starting at Missouri Valley and is culled the "Fast Stock train." It leaves hero at 0:00 a, m. and arrives la Chicago at 5:46 tbe next morning. This train mukes the fastest time of uny freight train crossing Iowa. W. U, Smith, now for the first time In the history of our city, keeps two kinds of beer constantly on draught, lie has Valentine Blatz Brewing company. celebrated Weinor beer andAuueuser* Buscb Brewing company's Tony Faust's brand. These two brands are tbe finest n the market. As be receives several oars per week all been are fresh. For tbe first time since Sheriff Jeffrey »as bad charge of the county jail U Is free of prisoners. The last, a mother and ber two children from Wall Lake who were plaoeu in jail for assaulting heir busband uud father, were liberated Wednesday evening. Tha sheriff gays he going to improve the opportunity to give tbo bustllo a thorough cleaenlug, The tliiiif who entered Dr. tiberinan'g dental rooms Is undoubtedly n profession for uu linn visited a grout number of tbe loading cities Iu (ho atuio on a sliulUr wUilou and ba» met with uu- fprui success. Dr. Blieruiou f»id wben be ordeicd a new supply of gold he stated the house that he had been fobbed and be bouse replied that the some corn plaint HB ignite general all over Iowa and Minnesota. The Carroll ball club has arranged tot \ series of three games for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first two games will be played with Nevndi, one of the best ball teams in this patt of the state. Junday, Breda will contest for honors. The boys have a good team and will play good ball. Tbe second day's meeting of the old settlers at Mt. Carmel Monday Was not so largely attended as tbe first but there were a goodly number present and In the evening the young folks took charge of the program and ended the celebialion with a grand bowery dance Which lasted tbe greater portion of tbe tight Our stock ifl complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cuts no figure witb us. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on tbe street and beg yon to trade witb us, we don't want yoor trade. We dt ,'on» think yon ars wise enough to choose tbe best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHANT. A large number nf the members of the Eastern Star nocotnpanieri tbe retnaini to Boons, where they were given to th* order iu tbat city. The funeral procewion at Boone is said to have been a long one, M the deceased and her family bad lived in that city, where they have many friends «ho are deeply grieved at the and and end- den death of the one they loved so well, Iu this issue we commence tbe publication of Rider Haggard's latest masterpiece. In all of this famous author's work is displayed a wonderful power tor the delineation of savage and heroic characters. His Zulu ia recognized r tbe highest, most perfect and type o( the race. His English and adventurer is » trae nature's heioee, and withal. His inmgins' plated without this invention ot modern MietKte whioh is BO essential to the man behind the but, This was unworthy r that magnanimous heart of the oolt ni oBptnin nt the 8tare,wbotn we wotilr* t taken to be tbe lust mnr .' .. tbe world to do iinch a thing. « .. jetbber of th< Bis virtue as H 4(toK to the level o oraft wo believe be lost mascot and will now the orrituarv sotnb We trim re* . . .. .. b«i « U de; ' wt ° * Blte lh «, «rm existing oonditiotin o <0t>ke very tniieh that way uud ttift captain shows that tbere •4*'mktignting conditions to tl.« oven •ftVot iogrBtitnde which he ix'mdfd to the oraft tsat Friday we will have to let th'« record stand. thin • . * hnmM1 W, E. Sturges and E. G,' Pelsue and wives, in company with Gift Hoag and wife and Mrs. Simps?n, sister of Mrs, Boa?, left Monday for Lake Okoboji, where they will remain for a couple of weeks with Wm, Gilley and C, S. Whit man and families. The party will be e jolly one and will no doubt enjoy their short vacation during the he ated season we we now having. Der Democrat made the statement last week that a candidate fora county office had said that he had "put too much time and money in one of the wards to diyide tbe delegation with anyone." Since then a general inquiry has been made, "Can the delegates of a certain ward in this city be bought?" All we have t< say'ls "wail" until Saturday evening and see. Mrs. M. E. IT. Sherwood's article on "The Latest Caprices of Fashion," o, pe ns the Mid-Summer Number of Table. Talk that valuble little magazine bouse keepers, published in Philadelphia,—auc is followed by an excellent and helpfu, one from the pen of Mrs. Burton Kingsland on "Lawn Parties.'* The usual departments are •specially full of timely hints and suggestions for cqtufort and fashion; as well as reliable menus and recepts. The current number, ten cents, or a sample coply is offered to our readers tree. OLD SETTLERS' DA Y AT MT. CABMBL A OBANO BUOOKSB AND WAS ENJOYED BX ALL FBB8KNT. The celebration at Mt. Carmel on tbe 15tb in memory of tbe first German settlement in Carroll county twenty-five years ago was a grand success was largely attended by old settlere from all over tbe county. From early in tbe morning until late at night a large crowd was present. It was a lovely day for an occasion of this kind and tbe beautiful grove just north of tbe church tarnished one of tbe most lovely places in the world for a gathering of this kind. Tbere •band stand bad been erected which was occupied by tbe Breda brass band and tbe singing section of the Carroll Tarn Verein wbiob famished an abundance of vocal and instrumental mneio. Tbe Turners also gave entertainments wbiob were highly appreciated by the large audience. Base ball WM • feature of tbe day u two games were played on tbe grounds weet of tbe city. Numerous booths on the grounds tarnished refreshments for the inner man, It WM • pleasant sight lo see tbe old pioneer settlers of tbe county moet and talk over early experiences iu Oarroll "onnty. Tbe day WM one long to be remembered by those who partook of the pleasures and amiuemeuta of tbe occasion. ____________ AT Run. Tbe funeral services over the remxiue of Mrs. O. T. Wadsworlb were held at tbe residence Friday evening at 8 o'clock and were iu charge of tbe ladies of the Eastern Star of wbiob tbe deceased was tbe worthy matron. Rev. Dr. Foleom preached tbe funeral sermon. Tbe large audience assembledon ibis occasion lo pay tbeir last rsspMla to tbe deceased who bnt H few hours before was tbe life of every gathering in which abe mingled, spoke plainly of tbe esteem in wbiob sbe was bold. Tbe floral decorations were elaborate and each pure blossom WM a tribute to tbe many virtues of Mrs. Wadswortb who WM universally admired and beloved by all witb whom aba osme in oontaot. Tbe members of tbe Masonic order accompanied by tb» ladies of tbe Eastern Star escorted the remains to tbe 8:10 traiu Saturday morning. The company placed a special ooaeb at the iisposal of the numbers at the family and friends. ,,n»ritd esque and daring n nd hie otell tionsslB,t. le by their Vjoldnees and entrance by iheir ro^sry, < rigiiality and ing* A nity. In "Montezome's Daughter" boldly ventures into a new and. field of fiction and acquits bir ^if as brilliantly as' he did in «ghe" and "King Solomon's Mines." It ^ n vaio for us to go into the pur ^fet, of tbe plot. We have seonr." j thia 1D te D sely interesting story exclr ^ ive|y for reftdw8 of THI SBOTIKBL. chapters in this •' opening JBM CLBVBLAND. The Mar Aalltown Timea fairly babbles over • rith admiration for President ClevelHi 4 8tld BdggMta that the Republic ^Q a t a ( e convention ebonld pass reer /ration indorsing tb« position he baa tr jfc«n during thes trike. It says: "The (Us} 1 ly of anarchy at Chicago baa reillnm- ed tbe Cleveland star again. Right in the face of the assassination of Oarnot ol Frnuce the American executive bus shown splendid moral, political and personal oouruge in taking American anarchy by the throat. It ia all tbe greater credit acd honor to him that tbeDebsee, Sovereigns and MoBrides whom he had to attack were men of his own party who claimed to have helped raise him to the presidential office. As a candidate for office Cleveland bud many a cajoling and even caressing word tor the men be is now fighting with bayonets, but to hie lasting honor as president it will be said that no man could invoke mob power and still count Grover Cleveland his friend. "Mr. Cleveland's splendid display of perflonnl and political courage and official fidelity is, we repeat, the more worthy of admiration because it is directed against men of bis own party. He stands M Jackson did wben be throttled Onlhoan and other southern Democratic nnllifioa- 'ionisfe. He bss acquitted himself nobly and bis fearless stand for law and order will be a cloak to bide many of. the wretched blunders of bis administration. The Cleveland star shines bright above tbe horizon once more." BELLE PLAINE VS. OARROLL, BBTBIBDTIVX JD8TIOM OVIBTAKU THI OOLOBHD CAPTAIN AMD A QIiOBIODB VIC- TOUT IS TCBHBD INTO lONOBfcB DEFEAT. Sunday tbe ball teasers from Belle Plaine crossed bat with the Oarroll Stars at tbe park WMt of the ci:y and for tbe first time this year defeated tbe borne team on their ground*, The visitors did ucti do much buaineM in tbe fore part of tbe oontMt.but closed witb a grand sprint wbiob covered them with glory and sent tha Stars banting tbeir horn** by tbe buck alley route. At tbe close of tb» •igbtb inning lb« score etuod 6 to 18 in favor of the Stan. Tbe visitors went to bat a'nd piled up seven suorea thus ti< iog tbe game and abut tbe Stan ont. Tbt tenth inning was played, wbiob net If d the viaitora two aooree and the Stan a ggoet. egg leaving tbe game 15 to 18 in f tvor of the visitors. A number of theories have bf < <j vauaee to uooouut forth* defeat of the home players aud nemo have gon<< ao fur 110 to make Ibe ueeertiou Ibut Ubmlae "dumpiHl" bis friend** aud sold nut the gome, tout we du nut believe tbl", for we liave a little theory uf our ow i which nppeare lo be more reosouabl. Wuil<* we are not superstitious we a»» too many uumiatokubla evidences of rulribulive ustioe nut lo place some oredouoe in it. baet Friday wben Ibe professional* and ibe bueiuww meu play-ad their gnat lameof ball "Obarlee" absolutely n to luau then tba uae uf tha obrsl pratootor wbiob tbe Stars claimed MtLeir jwnwual property. Tbe gum* bad to u* FRED MILLER, A BMTIOM HARD AT HAPIiH BIVBB, BTBCOK BT TBB OABB AMD BADIiT INJURED. Fred Miller, of Maple River, father ol Fred Miller of Saturday by this city, WHS run into frsight No. 21. Mr Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair, D*PR1C?S laking owner The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,—Ho 4uuB<wU; No Alum in Millioua of Homes—40 Yeirs tbe SUodard Miller is employed on tbe section and did not notice tbe train as it palled into the yards at the Junction. He was atanding witb his book to the train, and just as tbe engine was about to atrik him be attempted to get off tbe track bat wae too late He wae taken to hi home and wae Buffering great pain, when a reporter called tbere sbont 3 o'clock Drs. Kessler and Wright both examined the injured man end oonld find no bones broken,, hot the head was cat consider ably and tbe body injured in Severn places. It is feared tbat he bus received internal injuries which may prove fatal FAILED. 0. W. Adams, of Breda, oarne to tbe oity Friday end turned ell of bis property over to satisfy bis creditors. He bad i dwelling house in thisjoity and the prop erty at the southeast corner ot tbe public square, a creamery plant at Maple River and one at Brdde. For some time be says he has been running behind and the dry weather this summer greatly interfered with bis creamery business The amount of milk received was so final i that it would not pay running expenses. As be was quite heavily involved tbe interest and other expenses soon made it impossible for him to continue in busi ness. He tamed over everything he owned, bat Bays tbat be will save a little money oat of tbe wreck with which be hopes to be able to etart into some bnsi ness on a email scale in B short time. He ie as yet undecided as to what he will do, but bis friends earnestly hope tbat be will be able to get into business again, (or be is an honorable citizen and worthy of BaooesB. , REGULAR TRAIN SERVIOB. Wednesday tbe "Overland Fivers,' NOB. 1 and 2 wera put on and made their regular rune. No. 2 went east Tuesday night and Wednesday No. 1 weut weet with tbeir usual number of Pullman sleepers. Tbeee trains bad been taken off as they irry through passengers for the Union Pacflo to and from tbeooaat. Ihetwnp on roads out west interfered witb their traffic end for-that reason discontinued until tbe service wee in better shape on, Ibe Union and Southern Paoiflo roads. Now, M the trouble is practically ov«-r end-trains are moving as befortt the service bae again been resumed. Tbs great railroad strike is practically at u end and freight traffic bae assumed lie Moutomed regularity. CMreolare have teen sent out to all agente instructing them to receive ell kinda of freight with- oat restriction a* to kind or destination. OABHOLL HTABB Tbe Oarroll base ball olub baa been feorganiced witb tbe intention of teour- og .1 utrouger olub and also, to fli np the groumii uud construct aa amphitheater or tbe accommodation of tboae who pay tbeir money to see the game. At a meet- og Tuesday evening J, E. Oreagei was chosen manger, BertMoOlure, captain and Bebarnweber, secretary and treutmr- r, Tba memb«r« of tbe olub are as 'ollows: Bert MoOlutp, Sahara weber, Niawonger, Joe Egwrmayer, Del Ma01ure,8obiemer, Hamlll, Wtttew, Brier, Stultz aud Hart. Under Ibe new management tbe aim will be to keep the hoodlum element, mdsr ooDtroland parllee visiting tte grounds will not be annoyed by tbeir moulbings in tbe future. Tbe new organisation will pl»y (to (dree (MUM billed for here witb Nevada and Breda, Tueida? little Paul Minor WM flve years old and be gave a pleajanl birlb- day porly to bis young friends. About thirty of them were present and «pjoyed Ibe aflernoou us ouly little pu«a can, PellgbKul refratbnuutfl were enrved OB tbe lawn aud were thoroughly epjoycd, by all. It was. a pleuaaot slgbt to Bee lb>- little tola Qomipg to 'Hbeir piiriy," ««vi> aiie carrying a ulrtbday prewut for their Utile frisuil. They ware just ip imporlaot «• older ooea and no doubt •ujoyed the «ft«rnoou muob better Ibau th»ir oldw brothers and fistere would. IVORY IT FLOATS BEST TOR SHKTS. THB MOOTM a OAMBLK CO., OUTTI. v Just before dnrk the Imppy little party broke up with nanny well wishes for their entertainer who had provided BO pleasant an afternoon for them. People's Party. The People's Party congressional convention N culled fqr tFuiy 26. rit 1 p. m., at Hnmbolrlt Carroll county will be entitled to seven delftrntes. The committee * n. quests that the county convention be held at the court house of'tlie various •> counties Saturday. July 21. for the purpose of selecting delegates to. attend the • congressional convention. J. E. ANDRHSON, Chairman. CARROLL READING CIRCLE. The following program has been arranged for Saturday evening, July 31, 1894: Essny-Hnral tratnlnt In school room.Mae Wolf* • Reading—Ternti'Sbanter ........ W. A. Iteming Class Recitation-KlndneB* Or» Quint • ClansBeclUtlon-Truthfulness.....Kate Murray Class B«clt«tlon-Jes lousy... ..Catharine Zwwa* Value of Falk Lore In language lemons. ..H. Fox Reading—Norae Mi Urology and tbe BOOR of Tula ANNA V.KOQB, leader. Advertised Letter*. The following letter* remain uncalled for at the postofflce, -July 16, 189*. Unless delivered within thirty day8 from <tatoth«y will no forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C.: < Frank Both Gene Rogers i ieorgo Sohrek W. W. White Miller Carroll Mrs. John uarlgbar Mrs Jobn Condon A. Will Daniels B.C. Near. " . • ,' '.' -.'.'•"" '•; ; The law provides that one cent shall be • paid for all .'utters 1 iidv*rtUert. When Iliug (or same please state* date of advertisement. JNO. L.. POWKHB, P. M. PUesI Pileal Itchlnff Piles. Symptoms moisture; Intsnne Itching and stlne Ing. miist at nlKht; worae by ncratohlng. It ai lowtd to continue tumors form, wbtub often blued uud ulcerate, becoming very. sore. Sway- ne'i ointment stops tbe Itching and bleertlrii. beats uloeratlon and In most ciwej removes tbe • minors. At druggists, or by mall, tor Ml cents Dr. Swayne&Son, Vblladelphta. 6-1-96 WANTBD. ; To buy some potatoes at MpLagan & Jobamaoher'a. Sealed .Bids will be received by the 'independent die- iriot of Oarroll, lowu, for th« removal ot' loiter from north to aoqtb side school lonee,, bnilding' ;b<)ilor Imufie, setting toiler end putting ip the stetim beat. PI«D«i and speoifloatiouH wi|l iw in the aeojtatary'B offioe after July 4,1894. Bide to be opened July 28,1994, The board reset VM the right to reject any or all bid*r 0. H. Boirr, President. Carroll. lows, June 21,1894. Tho New York World never waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keep* so far In the lead that competition Is an Impossibility The reputation of Tlie Weekly IForld as the BreatestUeroooratle papur published Is ful- y eatabllshed li Is Democratic In principle • Demooratle in policy, Democratic In Its • »ympathles It lanotbUudly or dlsbonest- y partisan U will not nuport bad men or bad meaanrea ITS WOUK18 FOR THE PEOPLE, THEi WHOLB PKOPLE, and not for any class or faction U will be founu at all times eghting for th« great oardlniti principles of the Democratlo party, but new/for the selfish ends of any ring or individual Its wlsctillaiieoiiV- irtloies are treati. well siilecU'd and iu- xruHtliig lt<? pages Uuyoted to UOIOQ,. L-'uxhlou »nrt Auiloulturo are ropluto wtta irtiolHS of valimbln and Interesting In- Vi uiatlon to all The "Tariff Jlf ule'"artl- •!.'.« now running ftThe Wcwkly »Korli| mvo i>ecopi« Qulebrat«<d on account of tlie plain, priiotlonl wny In wlilnh tlui tariff ineotlon Ispnwn |pd Jt Ian large l2-un««, koluiun PBPCI- foronl.v«IOO n year We tavo suiice«nei| hi waking special arrange* nontu by which we onn furnbh TUB • WKKKI.V SKNTISKI, ami TJi« Weekly Vorlil on« year both for anlv 93 00. Address Tim Bmnvtsi,, Carroll. Iowa. An active agent In oaoli county In the United States, to-solicit subscription! for be TwIeo-a-WeeU Republic. A liberal ommlssloo will bn paid lo hustlers, Ad- Ir88». snperlntendeut circulation. Tbs iepubllc, Bt. Louis. Mo. ' TOUEIBT BXOURBION riOKWX^ At reduced raMi to the principal •ummer osortHoftheUulted 8t»t«alaro now «« ale vial The Kouh-Western Hue for particulars apply to igeuts Ob|o»|p * • Uit> title "oTi beouUfuiTy"TlTttiS|t«4' ooklot H'cejiUy Issuiul, de^prlutl „ Mg» ( M»Ulli l)«kotn, i|nd tlie »oy of tbeir WBters-for tltc ouro of inatleiu, nuuralgU aua klutlroa rt,U^,™, Copy «f Hits puinpliiu will be utalled free "iy W A 'I In oil, General 1'auengcr & North.WiMtprn r»liw»y, HI 1)1)1 8 m,D iwslysi cuau in no*wg«.«tumu» to W Cor. oorao Uulldlug, WoiiiUmtap, o; C.. alia you. will N0iim four uopig* itt KATB n*iM'» wvtS-

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