The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 15, 1958 · Page 16
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 16

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1958
Page 16
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'WANT TO BE COLONEL Retiring Guard Head Won't Take 'Phony General Rank AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRAlD Mondoy, Dec. IS, 1958 grow from its original 12.000 acres some 32.000 National Guardsmen i 16 Negro Pastor Defie* Threat of Police Head BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - A Negro minister defied police warnings Sunday and urged Negroes to | boycott segregated Birmingham i buses. The Rev. F. L. ShutUesworth | told his congregation: "You sin „„ . when you yield to the bus corn- reservation's fir*t regimental area |« years. You ve got to quit some-1 Rossberg will be succeeded byjpany's sin of segregation.'1 call was started In 1930, will retire ; tim e. and my wife and 1 want tojLt. Col. Dean K. Torney, now U.S. upon you to use passive resistance •l«n. 1 do some traveling," he said. property and fiscal officer at the to defeat this evil. CAMP JUPLEY, Minn. (AP) "I've earned the rank of colonel (to its present 45,000. mid that's all I want." *«v« »' "When I joined the man who doesn't want to be a i from six states each summer for! ttnva a TTIHJU * .['MUCH MIC NfltiOHai ' . . _-. i • VS ''Guard, all we had were a rifle! trmni " 8 e * crciSPS they come* jand a bayonet. Now it takes three i from Illil1ois . Iowa, Nebraska, general afler running the nation's pnges j ust to i lst , llp {iring ranRes !Missouri and Kansas as well as biggest slate-owned National!for all the different weapons used Minnesota Guard camp. here." Rossberg and his Col. Ray A. Rossberg. com-, Rossberg said he has no regrets movc /° Min "eapolis mandcr of Camp Ripley since the'about leaving Camp Ripley after tirst of thc wife will after the The reservation plays host to|camp. "I want to be a colonel," Rossberg said. "I don't want any! phony brigadier general rank." 'COURT BATTLE BREWS Minnesota's adjutant general, i Joseph E. Nelson, said in snnounc inR Rossberg's retirement that the- Camp Ripley commander could be retired with an advnnce in: , Transfusions Ordered He was one of 20 Negro ministers who had said they would j use their Sunday sermons to de- jnounce Birmingham's bus segregation law. Apparently most of them used some variation of this topic. Warning Issued uc i™,™ ». M , .... BUVHIII:.: in: TORONTO. Out. (AP) - Given'parents, served notice he will bat-! No 01 arrested nlthmirii rank If he wanted it, But Rossberg I life-sustaining blood transfusions! tie in the courts the validity of the I Police CommlLioJier EueeneCon said he didn't. {as the result of a court 'order,'Child Welfare Act Children's Ald|ner warned recently that anvone. The 04-year-old officer recalled! the first days of Ripley. Started in 1930 Campbell entered herjSociety took custody. He claimed eighth day of life today. A prece-ithat the section of the act used dent-setting le,?al battle was erupt-;was beyond the power of the Pro- ing around her. "We started buying Innd-about; Authorities at the Sick Chil- jvincial Legislature. 12,000 acres-ond putting up build- |dren . s Hos p ital , whpre Lori ings in 1930, then the we opened the first was * a !>ade a legal ward of the Toronto The act permits children to be taken away from their parents if, recently that anyone, "white or black," leading an attempt to boycott Birmingham buses would be jailed. Shuttlesworth was recently convicted of violating the city's bus seating law and sentenced to 90 " ° are -*.»*,.. »,. M j 4,4 vrin 1.1 id i JJtti CiliO 11, i . ••« Uiight, said her condition "seemed: "Then came the depression and satisfactory." the WPA put up the main entrance and a lot of roads and buildings." The society had secured custody of the baby afler her Jehovah's He said the Civilian Consarvation!witness parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Corps (CCC) established camps j Campbell, refused to allow trans- on the Ripley reservation and did!fusions on religious grounds. Lori much to build up the growing h s suffering from an Rh negative installation. i blood condition. Col. Rossberg watched Ripley' Glen How, lawyer for the baby's treatment is not & lven - j Negroes also were convicted and A special court convened at the hospital Saturday night and Judge Lome Stewart ordered the child taken from the parents' custody after doctors told him Lori would die without transfusions. How is expected to ask the Supreme Court of Ontario to reverse Judge Stewart's action. FOREIGN MINISTERS MEET — U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and foreign ministers from three European nations pose for photographers in Paris today. From left to right: Britain's Selwyn Lloyd, Dulles, France's Maurice Couve de Murville and West Germany's Heinrich von Brentano. They are preparing for foreign ministers meeting in the French capital. "TAP Photofax via radio from Prais). received suspended sentences. Question of Freedom The Rev. J. L. Ware was one of the first to announce plans for attacking the law, but he said he did not preach on segregation. He said, "We're not just interested in the buses. The big thing we're interested in is that we do not have to clear our sermons with the officials." The ministers said their anti- segregation sermons were planned to "protest the Nov. 25 arrest of another Negro pastor, the Rev. Calvin W. Woods, on charges of urging a boycott—a violation of state law. Chinese Reds May Replace Mao as Boss TAIPEI (AP)-Chinese Nationalist sources predict that Gen. Chu Teh will take over as head of the Red Chinese government from chairman Mao Tze-tung. The Nationalists also say that a face-sav- ng way has been found to ease Mao out as head of the Communist party. The change reportedly would be made to quiet unrest on the main- and. The sources made their predictions after reports from National- st underground agents that the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist party in an urgent session at Hankow had decided to replace Mao, now 65. Santa to Remember Children of 51 Mothers in Reformatory CHICAGO (AP) — Santa Claus will bring toys to children of the 51 mothers who are among the inmates at the State Reformatory for Women. The Salvation Army, for the first time on an experimental .basis, has stepped in to help imprisoned mothers play Santa to children 12 and under. Representatives of the Salvation Army visited the prison at Dwight over the weekend with samples of 14 different toys. Mothers could choose which chey wanted, sign the tags and supply addresses of their youngsters. The 5l women have a total of 110 children, from 6 months to 12 years old. The Army plans to provide the .Vm> on Suit' 1 Tht Ideal Christmas Gift! YULETIDE FOLDErtS OF THEATRE TICKETS . . .L IT TONIGHT and TUESDAY Cvenlngi at 7:10-9:05 P.M. Hie story of a town TEENAGfRS ™J£ n "™"mM^m «*. JOHN SAXON-SANDRA DEE ' ' «TERESA WRIGHT- JAMES WHITMORE toys, wrap and mail them. No one would Icnow what place they came from. Mother Finds Son Dead in Gun Mishap TWIN VALLEY, Minn. (AP)His mother found the body of a 13-year-old rural Twin Valley boy who died of gunshot wounds, a block from his home. Floyd Th ornton apparently stumbled while hunting Saturday and a slug from his .22 caliber ROYAL GOD PARENTS — Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco, stand for 12-day-old Elizabeth Brenden Kelly, as the Rev. Augustine J. Schulte performs the christening for the daughter of the Princess's brother, Jack, jr. The ceremony took place yesterday at St. John Baptist Vianney Catholic Church in Philadelphia. (AP Photofax). CANINE SHOP PROVES POPULAR Mink Coat, Traveling Bag Available for Your Doggy BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -Wondering what to give you dog for Christmas? Maybe he'd like a mink coat. Custom-fitted, it's $475 at an ex- elusive canine opening today. Other coats of felt, flannel or wool, some lined, most belted and adorned with gold braid, beads, bells or other trinkets, are offered at $12.75 to $30. Also available to help your dog put on the dog: Solid gold neck chains at $24. $52, etc. Tan leather collars set with 10 yellow rhinestones, $6.95; matching leashes, $2.95. Even Water Bottle A dog's wicker traveling bag, "The Doggery," as they call it, is the idea of enterprising Dick Grossman, 32, a nearby San Fernando Valley movie exhibitor, and his wife Enid, 30. For years accessory shop | they've won trophies with their Felt letters dotted with rhinestones. Contains water bottle, Blanket, a leather toy to chew on, two cans of dog food, two plastic dishes, can opener, spoon; $26.50. A wicker arm basket, trimmed with white bows and imitation pearls, in which milady can carry her toy poodle. A foam rubber pad keeps him comfy. $22.50. Seattle'King Cobras'Continue Reform That Began at Dinner SEATTLE, Wash. (AP) - The King Cobras, who reformed publicly 10 months ago, have made it stick. They're the juvenile gang members who gave a "restitution dinner" last February after some of them took part in a grocery burglary. The dinner netted $133.08 to more than repay the grocer. A rifle struck him just below thejJ ud e e save them another chance. heart. Area residents started a [search when the boy did not return honje. His mother, Mrs. Harold Thornton, discovered the body. i "They're Making Good" What's happened since? "They're making good," said James L. White, executive director of Neighborhood House, Inc., STERLING Tonight and Tuesday 7 & 9 P. M. TODAY'S SPECIAL Juvenile Folding Chairs Birch and Metal Conduction ONLY $2.88 feTOMBvat- ..._.... _ MICKEY SHAUSHNESSY VINA MERRILL A NICE LITTLE BANKTHAT SHOULD BE ROBBED* DUGAN'S DAILY Gift Suggestions LANTERNS Plain or Red Flasher Flashlites - 2 to 6 Cell Head Lanterns - Penlites Batteries COME IN TODAY Your Gift Dollars Buy More At Shop Early • Layaway Nou free Gift AUSTIN FREIGHT SALES I DUGAN'S ! ** US i. w«t*t St. - HE 7-4844 Union Hail 130 E. Mill HE 3-6190 the social service agency that helped them 'with the public repayment dinner. "Not one boy has been in trouble with the law since." The King Cobras gang has been dissolved and the youths have gone separate ways. Answer: Redirection *The -answer, says White, was "redirection." "Everyone has weaknesses—but he has strengths too. What we have done is built on their strengths." Two of the boys organized a dance band. Several others made athletic teams at their schools. Another has been elected to his school's student council. 2 Move to East White has lost track of two of the former gang members whose families moved to the East. One of the former Cobra leaders will be graduated from high school in June and plans to study! engineering. "I know I'm not going to have any more trouble," he said. "I just wish I could erase my record. It was pretty stupid." Soviet Airman Hunts Belgians LONDON (APi — A Soviet flier searched across frozen antarctic wastes today for four Belgian explorers who abandoned their crashed plane and set out on foot. The flier reported by radio early today that he had not found the men, who had set out Thursday for a supply depot 80 miles from the crash site. Soviet pilot Viktor Perov found the wreckage of the Belgians' plane Sunday and landed his ski- equipped L12, Soviet version of the DC3, to look for survivors. He then took oil' over the crevasse- dotted site and patrolled the area. The Belgians' plane had been missing since Dec. ti. They are members of the Belgian antarctic expedition. FKEE 2ti4 PK1SONKKS TOKYO (APi - The United States today granted freedom to 264 lesser Japanese war criminals already out of prison on parole. poodles Kip and Dandy. "Six months ago we were playing bridge with friends and talking dogs as we usually do," said Dick. "I said. 'Why isn't there a fine shop for dogs, where dogs are catered to the way people are catered to?' " Prominent Location He looked around five months, then chose a prominent location in this home of movie stars and other well-to-do dog lovers. The shop offers dog cologne, bows, English hair brushes, chrome-plated combs and dog portrait photography. A sterilized whelping box for an expectant mother dog can be rented. "We'll even cater dogs' birth- j day parties," Grossman said. I "We'll provide a hamburger cake decorated with dog biscuits and dog candy, and napkins, cups and so forth. The price will depend on how many dogs are invited." Under Tummy Enid designed the coats. A seamstress in the back shop makes them. They fasten und.'r the tummy and look like a child's garment without arms. An elastic band loops over the tail. Why put a coat on a dog? "To improve his appearance, mainly," said Dick, "protect him from burrs and dirt and keep him warm on cool evenings. Dogs are as subject to chills as humans." today, a week before the official:the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. One garment, of embroidered silk and net with black ribbon trim, is a dog's party coat. Party coat? "Sure," said Grossman. "Some people, when entertaining, want their dog to be well dressed too.' Oswego Can't Believe This Can Be Autumn SAYS BILLY GRAHAM Sun Will Again Shine on Clinton High School CLINTON, Tenn. (AP) - Evangelist Billy Graham brought a message of hope to Clinton Sunday, declaring that "the sun will again shine on Clinton High School.". • Speaking to an overflow crowd in the shadow of the bomb-shattered high school, he called on Clinton to become a symbol of Christian love and understanding. An estimated 2,500 'persons jammed info the undamaged gymnasium of the racially Integrated school. They included a few Negroes. Another 1,500 persons heard the evangelist via loud-speakers in a nearby grade school and a church. Three dynamite blasts last Oct. 5 did extensive damage to the school. Gospel of Christ "As Southerners, we must not allow integration 'or segregation, to be our gospel," Graham declared. "We must stand on the Gospel of Christ. "We must recognize that love of mankind cannot be enforced by bayonets alone. The law in itself is powerless to change the human heart. Only love can do that and only Christ can bring that love." Columnist-commentator Drew Pearson presented a check for $27,000 to R. G. Crossno, a member of the Anderson'County School Board. It represents donations from all parts of the country, to help rebuild the school. In addition to the private donations, the board has received $45,000 in federal aid and $73,000 in insurance money — a total of $145,000. Damage to the building has been estimated at from $70,000 to $210,000. 'Decisions for Christ' The service ended with an estimated 150 persons answering Graham's call for "decisions for Christ." Mayor T. L. Seeber said, "There Rotary Fellowship for' Rochester Man is no bitterness toward criticism that is based on honest convictions , . . but we are human enough not to be so lenient to those who come under cover of darkness and with the compulsion of hate to destroy the things which were of benefit to our children." Clinton High School admitted Negroes first in 195(5 under federal court orders. There are eight Negroes now enrolled in the student body of 800 attending classes at nearby Oak Ridge. / Groups Hold Party, Service at Faith EUB Faith EUB Men and the Women's: Society of World service held their annual Christmas party Sunday beginning at 5:30 with a pot-luck supper. After the supper and fellowship period a program wns presented with Harvey Joseph president of Faith Men in charge. An ensemble composed ot thc Carol Choir and Miss Janet Lewi' son, flute, Miss Dana Lillie, clarinet, Barbara Saholt, violin and Adrianne Ziemer, violin played. "Winds through the Olive Trees.". The members of the craft class played "Jingle Bells" on various types of instruments which they had made during the extended period on Sunday mornings. Mrs. Ziemer led the group Irr the singing of Christmas hymns and carols. A film strip was shown on "The Otterbein Home" and a Christ-' mas offering for the home was received. The traditional Christmas candlelight service sponsored by a Rotary Foundation fellowship has been awarded Michael A. JBerens, Rochester, Minn., a Uni- jversity of Minnesota law student. OSWEGO, N.Y (AP) — This The fellowship will finance ad- northern New York community vanced study abroad during the the Youth Fellowship followed i-t 7:30. Presiding was Dana Lillie, other participants included: Richard Borg, the prophecy; Agnes rwAMCTnu TII , Ar>x T, . Kirkwood, the annunciation; The EVANSTON, 111. (AP) _ Rotary j Mlflcat led „ Dflna Lim ft InternationaI announced here that fulfuimenti Carol Brand _ th ; of . " measured a full winter's snowfall 1959-60 academic year. Berens, beginning of that season. A U.S. Weather Bureau 'Berens of Rochester, will study ob-jlaw at the University of London. fering presentation Janet Lewison, — the Christmas Prayer, Diane Schonsby. The service of candlelight was the concluding event. server said 88 inches of snow had \ fallen here this month. The snowfall for all of last winter was 88 inches. Squalls off Lake Ontario added four inches over Saturday night to'| help produce the new total. Oswego police reported Sunday night that that city of 23,000 was winning its fight against the incessant battering by snowstorms that paralyzed it much of last week. Most streets were opened and downtown stores were jammed over the weekend with Christmas shoppers rushing to make up for lost time. Schools reopen today. Most fac-j tories are working at normal ca-| pacity. FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p M- MOOSE LODGE Glasgow's YULE SPECIAL EFFECTIVE NOW Dry Cleaning Men's Suits... 95< Men's Trousers 50< Ladies' Skirts.. 50< Ladies' Dresses 95< (plain - 1 pc.) FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY On Orders from 95c and Up - (city delivery only) Phone HE 3-5950 113 E. Bridg* St. - North of Courthou» Square ^-^ We Won't Let You Down When You Need Cash Quick Loans NO RED TAPE! AUSTIN LOAN CO. Licensed Under Minnesota Small Loan Act Downstairs Home Federal Bldg. Maple and Main TONITE and TUESDAY 7:00 and 9:00 / BIG BOOKI '*- BIG CA8TI BIG PICTURE! — JEFFREY HUNTER DWNNE FOSTER-PAT O'BRIEN BASIL RATHBONE-DONALD CRISP JAMES GLEASON HOP HERE! SUPERVALU FOOD STORES SAVE MORE! TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ONLY! Hormel's CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS.. 69 PURE GROUND BEEF 49 HILL'S COFFEE.... 79 OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 9 P.M. Austin Super Valu Gold Bond Stamps 127 West Mill (Next to Ptnney's) DIM. HE 3-3553 - FBEE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OF $5 OR MORE Wf Reserve The Right To Until Quantitiet

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