Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1928
Page 5
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' THBIOLA DAILY RgGISTER^THURSPAYfeVEyiNG, JANUAR-^ 12^ 1928 -IT PAGE FIVE Vse \ot a variety of saadwich fillings and bn-adstuffs is recom- >^nended for" liie cliiWren's luudh ' boxes, AVliolc wheat or graliam • bread may be «sed for a eliange, or bread made wHh part corn meal, rye flour,-or oatmeal. Breads • marfe with ri'.isins. nuts, chopped dates, prunes, figs, or combiaa- lionsj of tliese. are desirable. UEIIUKS FO* TWO (By Request.). Prized Winner Cottagtf cJiif^e IS good in a great rieh t HUgari Try many .ways. Serve it with [roam and a little salt, or with and erf •am or whole milk, combining it with pears, peathe.--,: or otlier fresh fruits: raisijis, :cut dates, or figs; brown sugar, niaple sugar or .sirup, honey, ' jam, marmalade, or chopped nuts. - U may 1i« mixed -with. Iwirlcon nut meals, cliopped pimento.", finely cut green pei>per.s. diced eucuni- b<^rs. <ir otiK 'i" I'ripp vegetables. llors(ir,itli--ii. onidu j\iiic'. and parsley ni;ike a g'>fMl conriifnatioii with cottage clicese. Staiu.s from rliot i.hit'' or cqc<ia are tl>nipt'?<'(| (if resifious coloring! nla^ter. filiroiis material. . .srarcli'. and sometimes milk wiiids. (if tlicsf s;ains are V 't, liy lint walei'. so if IIK - material is vva^!:ii)iii-. si ->':ii>, and \w. walii' I 'lUiKi.--" ilic <):;Iv ircalmciil tiece.s- T-'.iry. Wiidd al.diiol made alkaline wiih ainiii'<iii:i al.-o i-; ei'l<-(ii»>:. Jl llie f.ibri.; IMI wa.-halile. greas" soiv»-tn,s .siicli ,-is: jrood rarbnii ic- trai-|)l<,riii.'. ||. uzi -iie. and others. . uill di.:-}-olvc rliT- fairy i>.iil of the Stain. :ui<l 'in- ri'iiLiiiidcv (an be icinovi -ij ))y ))ydn>^'iu jx r'j.viile. I'AMAKES F(Hl TttO I'KiH'I.K 1'.2 cup flour l\i cups milk 2 level tables-poons shortening 2 elvel .tablespoons .shortening 1 egg !z teasT>oon salt 1 teaspoon sugaf Sift drj- Ingredients together, cut in shortening, add milU and lastly the -well beaten egg. \ If milk is slightly .sour-add about \s level teaspoon soda to the milk before using. If inaking the pan- cajies with very' sour milk use level teaspoon of soda and one of baking powder. Do not float the griddle with grease when baking the cakes because the shortening in the cakes answers the "purpose. Tse an oiled cloth to keep the griddle smooth.— T: I VltK.\>! <»F I'OT.VTO S(H I' iM >taloes 1 .•slices of onion :! table.spoons butli.-r 2 iab!esi>oous flour j Cayenne , i I hs teaspoons salt teaspoon Celery salt ' •lea.-puon iK-ppor " j 1 tea.spoon chopped parsley I 1 (juart milk' Cook powioes in Imiling sail ^ water; when soft rub through a strainer. There should be 'I cups. | .Scald milk with onion.s, add milk slowly to potatoes. .Melt half the niiUer, add dry ingredients; stir w.i -ll until mixed, tlien -••"tir into hhl fwuic boil 1 minute; strain, add remaining butler; sprinkle with parsley.—B. |:<liliiii; imint. Add m xed flour and milk; .-e.t.'on. ccinbine mi.Murts.—B. hulier to t he t wo 1 .son* ctip milk ;; tablespoons grated cht cse '4( .s-JJ«e onion U '^ teasp(>on salt ! egg i::h;es M)on flour I tablespoon butter '.Make u thin while sauce of |nilk, flour anil butter. Scaid Onion in the. milk. I Tour while sauce over egg well In -all n: heat until igg .-ilighlly thickens. ; I'our mixture ovi (• graU'd checsi-.— 15. tile- the ( UKA.M (•F TO.MATO SOU I can t<miat<ies U . tea.-»poon .soda WAFFLES!FOR TWO I'EOI'LK "1 cup milk 1 cup flour - •'S'g yellow.'? beaten stiff egg whlte.-i beaten stiff I teasiroon sugar teaspoon salt ;; level teasjKJiis baking powder .Sift drj- insredien's together. Cut in 2 level tablespoons shortening, add milk, i-gg yolks an<l egg wliitcs. This makes four waffles. —T. • (oi{.\ ,soir 1 can of (-orn 1 pint milk 2 teaspoons butter J leasjxHJn salt 1 pint boiling water I sl:cc of onion 1' teaspoons; flour Kew grains: of pej )p(r -nl \VJjoln wliiat cDiKi 'd j'l a .-l.sim pnissun- cook-r i- v.ry palaialile ;ii a lnr'akfa-I li-yi'ia and l< high;' l.n-par.- it. sort-, If sour milk ^ us.-d make above, adding very little soda lii f<wiil value TA th<> cr.iiii. wasli it tliorouglil.v. cov- ( r with limes its volum<- of wafer, add salt ak for any cereal, anil cook under l .'i to 2U pounds of prossurd' for half an. hour, or longer if iiided to make the . grain.s soft. Sf-rvi- with milk or cream, •.and fruit. The germ and the outer layer."? of the wheat grain are rirh iti vitamiiis and minerals, while the rest is an "exicllent source of energy. IM.SdITS FOI? TWO TKOI'I-K L level Clip flour - leytjl teasixiotis baking iiowder • 1 teaspoon sugar teaspoon -all ' I t level' tablespoons cold short-; eniug. • - ; 'a cup .sweet milk . • ' .Sift dry iiigredieiit.s together, cut I in the shortening, add lAilk. Toss J on a I'loiireiJ lM)ardand roll dough I about oniv inch thick. Spread'top | of cmb bi'-iiiit Willi melted fat ' •Mid" in (|uiik oven fifteen op I rwiniy minutes. I tO.MUINK A,s'( KFA.M OF H )TATO SOI I' CKEKV I'KA SOI I* 1 cup peas 1 tea SI 11)011 sugar .1 pint cold water 1 ]iiui milk • 1 slice of pinion 2 teaspoon.H butler '1 .teaspoons flour 1 teaspoon salt.—11. Ir;'. cup butter l-'i cup flour i: tyaspions. s;!lt '- teas'iHion' tt'liiu- pepper • 1 nuart milk . • Cover and .-^.lew the ; j slowly one half hour, rub through i a sMiiiner. and add soda while hot: \ 'make -while sauce of milk, flour | ; and-butter, and add the s-trained f I tomato. Add salt and pcppor.-—B. \ ' COrOA (OOKIKS '•.•iiup butter 1 ^uji sugar • 1 "gg teaspoon vanilla ;: tablespoons cocoa ! 2 '4 cups flour j 1 teaspoon baking powder i U cup milk ! Cream butler :and sugar, add •cocoa, then well beaten eggs: sift j > rloiir and baking powder, add al-| Iternately with milk. Klavor with ' v;iiiilla. drop by si)oonfulls on Tjut- lered tins. Bake in moderate oven. A little more floyr may bo used, j 'the mixture chilled then rolled '. very thiii; cut with small cuttiV. heat spinach, add soda; drain, j sprinkle with sugar and bake in ihen rub through a sieve, i moderate oven. Add chonied iiuis Phrine 23o — Iii Greene's Gash! Grocery LARD—Brin^r your,pails, 10 lbs... SIIOin.DERS—in i-ough, per 1^.. HAMS—In rough, ber lb. .... . { SAUSAGES—Home made, 18f. lb.^| 2 for HAMBURGER— Nr pound ''..... PORK CHOPS—P^jr pound .... PORK {^TEAK—18i: per lb., 2 for.!. Bacon Squares andtBrisket,.per lb.. Bacon, half or whoje, good, per lb . Hams, smoked, halt; or whole, per lb. I)ry Salt, (5 pounds ^for .12 !/2C . .15c ..35c .15c ..20c .. 35c . .20c . .25c . .20c ..$1.00 tO .MUnE .\S (KEA .n tIF l'(»TA. TO SdlK SI'IXAI H SOU' 2 quarts spinach qu .-irts iKiiliiig wai '-r ^•2 cup butter 's teasiroon .soda ^ |cupH milk 1-:; cup flour K the will sonr milk before cut six ordinarv as to using. This biscuits.—T. i .\dd stock r.v water, iieat to. the | for v;irie!y.—.V. P. REGIPES KOAST llA .H STEAK .Miist:ird Suucp. i • Hniwu a three-quarter or one inch ham on both sides in an all Spiced hul cider is a good bev- nietal fryingpan. Add water one- erage to oflVr callers on a cold half dt')>th of ham. Bake in a mod- •\viiiter eveiiinir. r.=e a fourth of a eraie oven or s-iminer carefullv on cup of sugar to one quart of sweet top of stove until thoroughly done, cider, one-eighth of a teaspoon ofl adding a small piexe of bay leaf salt. 'eiE :ht pi," e< of stick c-nna-' ii> the -vvater. Drain off waii;v and nioii. 12 whole cloves, and a fourth crisp the ham while making a .of a teas-pooii of powdered allspiee. brown sauce. .Season the sauce ' Bring to the Imiling point and let until hot with prepared mustard.--; Island for several hours. Reheat K. B. \\". and remove ihe fore serving. whole spices be- OnCk (OFFEK (AhK The following Calibage recipe is j ,. recouHiK jided:' Crease \a baking,'' A'"'"'! •ind! niike a layer of cabbage.! \?a !tecnal(.;d with a layer of pared I and .sliced ainiie sprinkled' with] siigar. salt., ami dots of butler. lie-.! peat, until Z quarts of shredded j cabbage have he( u iisei!. 1 quart - eggs ; j t> tablesi>i>ons sugar • ^ tablespoons melted shorleiiing ^ '•J cup milk ! cups Swaiisdiiwn cake flour j 'L- teaspoon salt - i 1 teasiKions baking iiowihr ' Beat egg .-i until light and add •^ugar: gradually, bvatlii-i iin-.iu- of aples. 2 to ) iable.<i)oono of but- wiill... Add the melied shortening, i ter, 1 teasimon sugar and 2 lea-; sift il;e finur. measure, add bak-; spoons v-alv .Spread 1 cup of but-i ing i .owiUr .aiid salt and sift. Add; t<-red bread crumbs .on top. Cover 11;^. flour and milk alternately to i the fir.-t mixture. Turn into a I greased pan. Jiriish .lop dciigh ; with melted butler rand sprinkle; with the follovvifg nVviire: | :! lablesiiiiiiu'- fii • liread crumbs j :: lali'esniiili- ^UL•:l!• 1 I" a-" 1:1 • in;::'iii^ie MALONEY'S STOP^ lola, Kuns.- i(W! .S. Second St. i. ' -i— • S Ills. Cane'- Smrar .Vtc Knlsy !,eaf or S»Nh'f 's I'renifnni lard, ir.e jli.: Id jSi.l.V (oinpiiiind, per lb. Vtv. 1 (1 lbs. for !«I.I,V 1 lb. can- ( ri -cii 'SAy' '.I lb. ca;i» ( ri«f(i IMC I'lirJ, { lii'po, pi^r 111. '.IPr Beef Sleak, pertld. .'ZM- HmplMirger.l per lb. !,> Sau>age; per lb. |.">c Fre«.b |N>rk Side. lb. . !,-,e •Z lbs. Ijjiy Br.ind Oleo . .VK- 7 lbs. Bed or .spaiiNIi Onloiis 'lUv I'oJ.'iJoeo - rjr peck 2.'>c ivr KM) ib«. *i.;.n. S«»e<'» I'OIJUOCS . !» IbM. . . i.'»c >«. 10 White S.vrnp . .VJe ."i While .Vjriip • ><•. id Biirk Sjrup ~. ; l»e >o. ."> I»iirk Sjruj) .27c lbs. ( iirn Meal l.'ic: l» lbs. -.Ne 4S lb. llliie Kibbon' Flour , Ji1>."> 4.- lb. Zepjivr Flour _ , #i.<Mt if- lb. Larjibee's Bcsf Flour ^-lA't Vti or (jirnaliiin Milk .V, lOe T;ill .caji<. i'lnlt Salmon , llie ><>.-L'V. I.ibby Brand i'eaches- vllced or halic* in heavi s.vr- • up. per can , -. 'iUc .Nil. 'IM Sliced I'hiejipple 20c w.. can Oystcrx,. .-lie 10 oz. cans _ j.2«c Van Camp*^ i'ork k Renn**- —-Se Van ('iunii's Moniiny, I cans 2."»c Macarohi. SpairhdfS and NIMHIIC^ per package I 6c Mother's Ihl '-M Oals. pkg. L.nic ktr. I.'oiied Onto- - !»c pku. - - Iflc KMIC : I! be _2 .'»C lie-1 L 'lail-' < rack'Ts ''Or •»!ir.«'» 4 "CO I'M' \a»> Beau- .V)c .v. K d I .lliii iiike i::;i!i I he ea !ilia '-'e a lid a ji- pie- ur- li liiji r. il' liinve liie idp acd liriiwn tiie erniuli- Si|\e ju 'he l>-jking dish. VltAMIN A CaxCt Be Manufactured ."•^cieiilists have never been able to make a vitamin. They kiiinv. fori iiislance. that butler contains vitamin A; Ihey can . ri 'JijKVi'; it from butter; bul they 'can't put it in. Vitamins are created only by living plants uuil animals. .No butler substitute bodily health. That is contains vitamin .\ one reason why which Is essential to "THERE rs NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER" Insist Upon the Best—Tell Your Grocer SHADY BROOK It's the Butter That Betters The Bread GREENE'S CASH GROCERY Phone 117 Cane .Siijifar We Deliver $3.00 2-) 11). Grocer.v Orders ack Flour is 11). sack J..... Oleo 2 lbs. Primes or Rai.sins 3 lbs. . Palm Olive Soap 1 bars • 10 Bars Kirks Flake Soap ^- - , Whole Rice 10 lbs. . . .Monarch Kelchup I,ar?re Bottle . . t Corn. No. 2 can Cood qualit.v Peaberrv Coffee ' ;i lbs. . _ .. : iWatches 3 boxes . . . $1 68 $1.85 37c 25c 29c 35c 65c 21c 10c $1.00 10c Cigarettes Pkjg. I5e Small p{ I.anre 4^4 lbs. •i 1I>. ini\{ M Ibi ci'iN III 7»- Ib>. Iar;:i 2 lb. pku'. .M:;rl .e; l»:i> Special liaf-Ins /or I.K- li ."ic boxes Matches T ,'ir ' (ioiid Bulk < oi"iW. per lb... _2.V -'PiclJMiCk Ciiiw. per lb, . |.-,ei i «r .31l boMles S.vnip IVp*.ill..i!;l.lN): «OeJ bottle Syrnp Pcjisin .Vic !!.|.l(l IMIIMC Tanlac . 3.V ^n.W -boHle S. S. S. noc I.Tilla- F. l'Jn|ihani'» Vea-. Fonip. •per bottle . ' . ._i?l.0<> 7 ."ic Vick'". Vaporiib . ...Bilc :!,".c Vick's Vapurub . . . ..nOc Brornos, ;{0r bo.v lor . , .iTic .1 oz. boftle TuriM-nllne l.'.c 1' "z. UitiWe (uniphor iTtc Men's Overalls. *»0 wl. pair *1.UI Bovo Overall* '^Oc to .Men's rnioiisills _ Roys' rnloniilN !M)c to iVJiu Men's Work Shirts IHIc to SOc ; Phone 291 for jirfces «ii Win, dow (^lass and hnndrplils of Items not listed here. Tlie ufnivc prices, irood as lonit a* <Mir prpsent 'sfoek |n<i<s. i THE world is full of women who are beginning lose the fresh bloom of health. Eagerly, hopefully, they haunt the beauty shops; Trying this. Trying that Buying beauty ' by the hour. ... At best what an empty achieve• ment they attain! Secondhand beauty. Life could tell a different story if more women knew the part constipation, plays in wrecking y6uth and beauty. If more men but realized how this terrible scourge undermines strength and health. Constipa- '•• tion is at the bottom of many a trouble. The cause of literally dozens of diseases. And more's the shame when it can be so easily and quickly relieved. Kellogg's ALL-^RAN is guaranteed to bring prompt relief—lasting, safe prevention. V/hy "all-bran" Is so effectioe. It is "bulk" that combats constipation. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is rich in bullc because it is 100% bran. It distributes moisture throughout the intestines—gently exercising them. iSweeping out poisonous wastes. Part-bran products seldom contain' sufficient bulk to do this effectively. That is why doctors ^recommend Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. Because it is 100% bran. Better than drugs Unlike habit-forming pills and laxatives — the quantity of ALL-BRAN you require need never vary. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN works as nature works— naturally. A pleasant, healthful cereal. Isn't that much^ better than pills or drugs? ' Eat with milk or cream-—or with fruits or honey added., Use it in cooking too. Sprinkle it into soups. Mix it with other cereals. Just eat two tablespoonfuls daily—chronic cases, with every naeal. Be sure, though, you get genuine Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. Don't, risk part-bran substitutes. ALLrBKAN is sold by grocers everywhere. Served at hotels and restaurants. On dining- cars. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. ALL-BRAN mm Catu-atitetdl Ktllogr-M ALL-BRAN i, told with thi* dtliniie Mtarantn: Eat it mecord- <»( to diroetiont. U it dotM not relitvo eonttipa: tion Kdtty, tot wUl rHand (A« panhMMm price I.OW priors at lIic A&P nican <i foods iiliat jou know ^ur their nalioual reputation at a saylvig —a value that goes iMJyond inefc price. j Nucoa Oleo For Serving Lb- Wheatena^'ti ^^^Zic W^^mmmm r»an Det Monte JrFllIlCS sizMO-50 Pillsbury ''not' Beans Navy Miches ^ Franco- American Spaghetti 2 Lb, Box. 3 25c ; Box • 5^ Can lie CSTABUSHEO I8S» TIA. CO. I 5^ In buying Groceries and Meats all conies from 'sGrocery JUST CAf.L 291 AND 292. We Sell FRESH FRUITS arid VEGETABLES! - • In our Market: Beef, Pork, Veal, Poultry . • GALLON PEACHJ5S— Good ones, can .... .49c GALLON GOOSEBERRIES—per can 63c GALLON CHERRfES—per can .-...$1.37 10 Bars Kirk's Fla^b, White Soap 37c- A. W. Anderson CORNER '2nd. and LINCOLN Par/i YoKr Car and Shop • Wc Deliver Home pf Quality I'F.KUI.FSS ^% OCT RAISINB-i3 lbs. New Crop Seedless 25c BEANS^ IBs. Idaho Navys' 30c MACARONI—Bulk,: 2Vi lbs. for .25c APPLES—Black Twigs, 4 lbs ..... :25c POTATOES--Burbank, peck ...28c No. 1 Ohios or Cobblers, peck 35c SYRT^P—Penick Brand, gallon . .50c PEACHEvS—Pick>\iik, No. 2 «/2 size, 2 for .45c PINEAPPLE—No. 2'; size, 2 cans ;45c COFFEE—Self Service Peaberrv, 3 lbs.. ..$1.00 FIGAR(> MEAT SALT, per can .. 90c- MEAL-^Fresh shipment, 5 lbs. 18c; 10 lbs. SOc; SPECIAL COOKIE SALE SATURDAY! Fancy- as.soi-tmont; 4(Jc Cookies shipped today, fi-esh-fronr factory, specia], pound, 25c. Look lor Extri^ Special with Red Tags Everything in Fresh Fruit's and Vegetables ON THE SQUARE AT THE EAST SIDE Mlwn Old .Mother Huhhard (iimi» from the cnpbonrd She ,..illi-d 101 And Her Cupboard Was Soon Stocked Rich-Nut Shortening, in quarters, per lb. Sunlite llelly Pow der, 3 for ., Prunes,:goodi per IB. Pancake Flour, 4 lb. bag Broken Taffy Candy, 2 lbs Hickory Nuts, per lb English Walnuts, 2:lbs. for.. Almonds, 2 lbs for- Fryer Choice Coffee, regular 40c value Pork Steak or Roast, per lb Pork Moulders, wh^le per lb Pork Hams, whole, per lb SausagCj per lb. . ; Hamburger,.per lb.;. PHONES 401-402-403 .. .32c .. ;25c ...lOc . .33c .. .25c ...5c .. .45c ...45c . .31c .,.17c . .13c .,15c .. 15c ..I5c we DELIVER

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