The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 15, 1958 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1958
Page 15
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AUTOMOTIVE-12 ... let..: iBBARMl plrtup #Utl WIM LARRY "Thrifty Auto Corner" Stop At The Little Red House! '57 Ford FalrlaHe "500" 4 dr. Hardtop, Radio, heater, hydramatlc. $2095 '57 Buick Special 2 dr, Hard* top. Radio, he«er, dyndlow, til other standard equipment. Clean *i n«w. $2195 '54 Pontiae 2 dr. Chieftain Deluxe Radio, heater, hydramntic, power steering. Real «harp! f $.745 "'52 Ford Customline V-8 4 - dr. Sedan. ; Radio, heater, standard tranimla- sion with overdrive, ; $445 ST. PAUL & WATER .1 HE 3-9169 MARKET o*c. >, c. , Th* tMiewiAt prieet win p»ia tt No a 14.7,1 15.79 No.t BarmWt IBS Out* ursding NO. l 160*170 ,,. 170-180 ,..,.,... j 180-ltO ..K _ 1MB 1M»2W ..,,,,...18,15...,17.78,.,,W.35 JOO-HO • .•«,«,..18,15,...17.7,.ii..J7.3i, 120*330 17,83....17.48....17.08 230-2-iO .........17.S5....17.15.... 16.7S 310.350 , ..17.25....16.85....16.45 ........16.93. .•it*. i« ,16.65. 8W-J70 170-280 880-590 sfe turn* if«d!fl| 70-300 18,eS..,.15,25..,. 14.86 OO-MO 15.40....1500....14.00 330*260 ••• 18.15,... 14.7B.... 14.35 VHMOO 14,80....14.80..,.H.JO 00-450 14/0....KOO..,. 13.60 50-800 13.M.... 13.80...,IS 10 , - 13.40....13.00....12.rO 80*\Jp 12.90,...12,80.... 12,10 . STAOB under 400 6.M Itftgt 400-800 Itftgi over 600 ,..,..,.....,,,.., 775 und«rflmih«d evill or filled tint* tut b« dtieminted accordingly. All •55 STATION Wagon. Pord V-8 4 dr, White-red Interior. Perfect oondl- ; _t>on. 1Q08 N. 8th. HS 3-9473. TRUCK SPECIALS '57 Int. \Yi ton chassis widi space saver cab. IV wheel base. $1795 '57 Chev. \y 2 ton. Chassis and cab. Excellent condition throughout. $1975 '5(5 Ford V-8 Vi ton heavy duty pickup with 8' box. $1175 '•10 Chev. 2 ton LAV.B. with platform. $275 THEY'RE WINTERIZED AND READY TO WORK. TRY US! FORDTOWN Corner River Gr Winona HE 3-3486 Nashville Newsman Dies - Heart Attack NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)-Wil Ham W. Kingsbury, 56, a long time member of the editorial staf of the Nashville Tennessean, died Sunday of a heart condition. He joined the Tennessean in 1926 and was a former editor of the Ten nessean Magazine. He was born in Booneville, Mo. UNWANTED RETURNS EMINENCE, Ky. (K> — Martin J. Kahn has stopped stamping his firm's name inside hats the store sells. Seems every time one of Kahn's customers loses a hat, it's returned to Kahn. .14.55....16.15 1«,M...,18,85 ..18.33....15.95....15,85 16.0}.... 18,6 ....18.25 .........15,75.,,.16.38,...14.93 tn« No 3 . .... sam» *i :t e!«MfMention* PACK INO taws Nn I No I . ... how »r» «ibj»8t t« Rrtv«rnm«nt m Dsotion IKS SPRING LAMB MA' KT time 1900 • !holc« 17.M-18.00 3ood , Medium 10.80-14 80 Common fl.SOdown All buck lambs dlocminten II pet nundred weight b» (rrid* Uimh* o»«t 00 pound! dlienuntftd lOo per ewt o«r onund Old erno l»mb« tt m*rk*< «alue. VEAL MARKBT V«»l ealtet or all weight! tnd elMa- 'hole* 180-230 ., 2850*31 00 dood 180-230 26.50*2800 Standard ,.. .24 50*26.00 maty 180-230 tbs 22.00-23.00 Chotc* heavy 2*0-300 Iba. ..27.00*28.00 OOOd hMvy 240*300 Ibs, ..25.00-26.00 OulU all weight 9.00-18.00 All culm over 300 Ibs. dUpntim*' 13 CWT Veal oalvea will be accepted at Aus tin until 9:30 a.m. Friday Mo market on Saturday CATTLE MARKET i 8 Prime atcer* * rear- ling- 27.25-28.00 U , 8 Choice steer* it »*a*. lings 25.25-27.50 i a Good ataera A vesr- Unga 23,50-26.00 U 3 Standard v«ert & yearling-. 2U5-23.73 Al^ heifers 23 oenU to 50 oenU OWT under steer prices All steer* over .050 Iba. and heifers over 950 Iba. are •I'scnunted icrnrdlng to weight. "i. 8. Commercial Cows . .17.00-19.50 U. 8. OtUtty Cows 16.00-17.50 Cutter 15.50-17.25 Conner* 14,00-16.00 rat auiia 1750-21.50 Sausage. Bulls 18.50-23.50 Lt, Wt. Thin Bulls 14.00-16.00 AUSTIN GRAIN MARKET Soybeans , $2.01 Oats 54 Corn 98 SOUTH ST. PAUL MARKET SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - (USDA) - Cattle 5,500; calves 1,800; slaughter steers and heifers rather slow, generally steady with last week's close; demand cento ues indifferent for slaughter steers scaling above 1200 Ibs; cows, anc bulls mostly steady; load mostly prime 1191 Ib slaughter steers 28.00; good and choice steers largely 26.00-27.00; high choice 1286 and 1307 Ib weights 26.50 high choice 1518 Ibs 26.00; short load high choice 963 Ib heifers 27.50; average to high choice 950 Ib weights 26.75; good and choice heifers largely 25.50-26.50; utility and commercial cows 17.00-19.00 commercial and good bulls 21.5023.00; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and choice vealers 27.00-31.00; high choic and prime 32.00-36.00; good and choice slaughter calves 24.00-28.00 stocker and feeder classes steady few loads good and choice 950 to 1,000 Ib fleshy feeder steers 25.00 25.75; good and choice stee calves 32.00-35.00; package gooc and choice heifer calves 31.00; me dium and good stock cows 17.00 18.50. Hogs 9,500; fairly active; bar rows and gilts 50 higher; sows steady to 25 70; 1, 2 and 3, 190240 Ib barrows and gilts 17.5018.25; 1 and 2 hogs 18.50-19.00; 2 and 3, 240-300 Ibs 16.25-17.50; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs 17.25,18.25; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-240 Ibs 14.00-15.50; latter price sparingly; 2 and 3, 400550 Ibs 13.00-14.25; odd head 3 sows 12.50; feeder pigs strong; good and choice 17.00-50. Sheep 3,400; AUSTIN (Minn.) HfftAlD f £ Monday, Dee. 15, 1958 19 Group to Decide on Complaint filed by Coya WASHINGTON (AP) - A lpe> ial Rouse committee decides to- ay whether 1 to Investigate a com' lalnt by Hip, Coya Kmitsot. (D- Minn) that • malicious conspiracy Bused her defeat for re-election. Mrs, Knutson asked for the in* uiry after she narrowly lost to )dln Lsngen, her Republican op- onent. the,campaign was high- ghted by a plea of her husband tndy Knutson thai she get out of Jolitlcs and come home, The.special committee will have o make a report and recommend- tions before the new Congress onvenes Jan. 7. Any formal contest would have o be filed by Mrs. Knutson with he House Elections subcommlt- ee. Mrs. Knutson, in her petition to he committee, said she lost by ,390 votes out of 94,330 cast. She lamed the outcome on what she ailed false charges by her hus- and. She contended such charges 'were a basic part of a malicious onsplracy by persons attached to and associated with" Langen. She aid this constituted a fraud on lie voters. Langen, however, said he had 10 hand in inducing her husband o issue his "Coya come home" .ppeal. Langen also said he had lever discussed the Knutaons' 'omestic difficulties in his cam- aign. Kingfish' Moore, 70, Dies in Colifornio LOS ANGELES (AP)—Harry R. (Tim) Moore, 70, the Kingfish of the Amos 'n' Andy television series, died Saturday. He had been in critical condition since Nov. 4 with advanced pulmonary tuberculosis. Moore, who was born In Rock Island, 111., had been in show business more than 50 years. 'Grand Old Man of Petroleum' Dies HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - Hu M. Harris, 82, recently named by the American Petroleum Institute as the "Grand Old Man of the Petroleum Industry," died Sunday. He was in charge of production of 011 tools and rotary rigs with Humble Oil & Refining Co. from 1928 until his retirement in 1942. He eev Meets e* ASWMA Ulbricht Soys Poland Backs Soviet Drive BERLIN (AP) — East German Communist party boss Walter Ul bricht returned from Warsaw to day with Poland's pledge that it fully supports the Soviet drive to get Western troops out of Berlin. Ulbricht told several thousand workers who had been marched to the East Berlin railroad station to greet him: "We reached complete agreement on the Soviet suggestions on Berlin." Emphasizing Poland and all at Cape Canaveral CAPE CANAVERAL, Fig, (AP) —Guards at this famous missile test center wet* faced with the problem 01 removing a whale from the premises today, the 50- foot whale washed ashore Sunday near a service tower housing the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile. Jeweler Wot Right; igh Hii was born in Jackson, Tenn. OUT FOR NIGHT CAP SCARSDALE, N.Y. (AP) -A pop-eyed resident called police to report he saw a dog wearing blue pajamas. Mrs. Cybil Jailer later turned up to claim the animal. She told police the dog had run off just before bedtime. Humphrey Says West Should Show Firmness NEW YORK (AP)-Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-MInn) says the western powers should impress Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev with their determination to remain in Berlin. If Khrushchev is sufficiently, Impressed with such determination, the senator said Sunday, he will be more receptive to sensible discussion. In any event, Humphrey added. Khrushchev is unlikely to go to war over Berlin because the Soviet's satellite states are too reliable. The Minnesota Democrat said he doubts that force will be necessary if the United States and its allies stand firm on the Berlin question. In Paris (Sunday) the western big three foreign ministers "reaffirmed the determination of their governments to maintain their position and their rights with re spect to Berlin, including the righ of free access." Last Nov. 27 Khrushchev proposed making Berlin a demilitarized free city. Humphrey recently interviewed the Sovie Premier for eight hours in the Kremlin. Humphrey was interviewed on a television program (NBC* "Meet the Press'). He neither con firmed nor denied that he migh be a candidate for the Democrat* nomination for president in 1960 The walrus, whose deadly tusks extend as much as two feet, is really an affectionate animal. It is a friendly mammal allied to seals. STOCKS NEW YORK (AP) — 1 p.m. Stocks: Intl Paper 113% slaughter classes Abbot L 69% Allied Ch 92% Allied Strs 54% 27% Jones & L Ken'oott AllisChal 27% Lord'lrd Amerada lOHi Lukens Stl Am Can 50 Minn MM Am Mtrs 38% Minn P&L AT&T 199% Mon Chm AnacCo 60 Mon Dk U ArmcoStl 60 Mon Wrd Armour 22% Nat Dy Pr Beth Steel 49V 4 No Am Av Boeing Air 49V 4 Nor Pao Case J I 20% Nor St Pw 20% Norw Airl 66'/4 Penney 24% Phil Pet 29 Pure Oil 49% Radio Crp 6Hi Rep Steel Celanece Ches&O CMSPP Chi&NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cent Can Cent Oil Deere Douglas Dow Chem 74 du Pont ZOOVi EastKod 134 Firestone 130% 56% 97H 78% 68 107% 32% 58\i 29V. 41% 47V« 43 '48Y4 2m 2444 110 46* 41H 46% 72Vi 52% Rey Tob B 58% Rich Oil 99% 56% Sears Roe 37 57% Shell Oil 5B« Sine Oil 57VJ Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ 80% 47 64% 58% 46% 27% 45ft 36V4 46% Ford Mtr Gen Elec Gen Foods 76Vfc Swift 4t Co 33Vfe Qen Mtrs 48Vi (Joodrich 71% Goodyear 119% QtNorRy 49 Vi Greyhound 18ty Homestk 41 Inland SU 142V* West Un UJMach 485 Westg El Intl Harv 42 Wlworth Yng S & T 116 Geerce 4. Horwel * Ce. Conunoe Stock (Wright Wella 4 Co.) 46% Stud Pack 72 Sunray Texas Co Truax Tra Un Oil Cal Un Pac U S Rub US Steel 32Vt 71 Sid IHfr Asked not established at 11 a.m.; open- most good and choice feeder lambs 20.00-50, few choipe 65-75 Ib feeder lambs 21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — The smallest Monday run of butcher hogs since the middle of October boosted prices as much as 25 cents a hundredweight today. Sows were strong to mostly 25 cents higher at $13.75-16. Cattle were mostly steady to 25 cents lower but offerings grading good and below and choice and prime steers over 1,400 Ibs were 50 cents lower in spots. Vealers were $32 down and steady. Sha sheep market was steady on all classes. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP>-(USDA)-Hogs 10,000; butchers strong to mostly 25 higher; 2-3 mixed grade 200-225 Ib butchers 18.50-19.00; a few 3s 220-225 Ibs 18.25; several hundred bead 1-2 190-220 Ibs 19.00-19.25; some mostly Is 190-215 Ibs 19.50; 37 head Is 216 Ibs sorted for grade 19.75; 2-3 mixed grade 230-250 Ibs 17.50-18.25; * few 2s 230 Ibs 18.50; 2-3 mixed grade 260-280 Ibs 17.0017.50; mostly 3s 280-350 Ibs 16.2517.00; mixed grade 830-400 Ib sows 15.00-16.00; most 400-55 Ibs 13.7515.00. Cattle 25,000; calves 100; slaughter steers mostly steady to 25 lower; several loads prime 1,125-1,325 Ib $t«ers 28.75-29.00; « dozen or so loads prime steers up to 1,350 Ibs 28.50; a load mixed choice and prime 980 Ibs included at 28.50; bulk choice and prime 1,300 Ibs down 26.75-28.25; choice 1,500 Ib steers down to 25.00; good steers 24.00-27.00 according to weight; 2 loads choice and prime 960 Ib heifers 28.15, a few loads 28.00; most good and choice 25.75-27.75; utility and commercial cows 16.50-20.00; bulk canners-and cutters 14.0017.25; utility and commercial bulls 22.50-25.00; vealers 32.00 down; 2 loads good 7S5 Ib stock steers 27.69 a load of good 507 Ib stock 1 heifer* 26.00. Sheep 3,000; steady on all classes; good and choice 96-108 Ib wooled lambs 18.25-20.00; cull to low good 15.00-17.50; good and choice 99-106 Ib shorn lambs No 1 pelts 18.00-18.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 6.00-7,50. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)-Llve poultry no tone; Friday's receipts were 121,000 Ibs; wholesale buying prices unchanged to % lower; caponettes over 4% Ibs 20%-22; mostly 21. Award Winner, Silen Diet PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP)- Funeral services will be held today for Bertrand Silen, 58-year-old former radio man in the Far East whose glib postwar comeback won him the Headliners Award. Silen, owner-manager of a radio station and NBC correspondent in Manila, was bombed off the air arly in 1942 while describing a apanese air raid. After V-J Day he began his first jroadcast: "This is Ber Silen. As was saying when I was so rude- y interrupted ..." He and bis family spent three /ears in Internment camps, then moved to Texas. He retired near here at Los Altos, where he lived until fatally stricken Friday. Camera to Detect Foreign Satellites CHINA LAKE,, Calif. <AP)-The Navy is tightening this country's method of detecting unannounced satellites. Scientists have built a camera they say is capable of discoverini and tracking satellites which might spy on the free world. A bank of nine, they say, coul< keep constant vigil on the night sky. COINCIDENCE? HONOLULU UP) — Three youths walked into Steve's Used Car Lot and tried out three cars. They left without buying any. After they left, the proprietor found the spare tire missing from each car. members of the Soviet bloc would come to the aid of East Germany if it la attacked by the West, he said: "Every attack against the Socialist (Communist) camp will be repulsed." Ulbrlcht didn't say so, but he was obviously referring to Western threats that tanks and air* planes might be used If East Germany attempts to cut the Allied military supply lines running into isolated West Berlin. The Soviet Union announced Nov. 27 it will give East Germany control over these supply lines in six months. Today's edition of Junge Welt, the official East German Communist youth newspaper, said that a single shot from one of the Allied tanks in West Berlin could touch off World War HI. Ulbricht spent six days in Poland, conferring with Gomulka and touring various cities. GASEOUS ELEMENTS The sun is a tremendous globe containing almost all chemical elements that have been found on earth, and so hot that all of them are gaseous. There is no solid standing room on the sun. Bandits Killed Him JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP)Holdup men finally got a veteran jeweler who once declared "if anyone wants to rob me they'll have to kill me." The body of Ira C. Faircloth, 71, was found sprawled in his store Sunday. Ke had been shot twice. The store had been looted of an undetermined amount of jewelry and cash. Faircloth hafl been a frequent target of holdup men. One tried to rob him at knife point but the jeweler shot and captured him. FARMERS Attend Thti Meeting Vocational Building The 20 per cent of income, pay- as-you-go tax bill was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 10, 1943. AUCTION I Stmi-modim four room homo | and florag*. 601 Jackien St. TONIGHT Dec. 15-7:00 P.M. MRS. JACOB FREESE, Owner. Albert Hopfa Or Sen, Auefi. I Speaker: LUTHER PICKREL Extension Farm Economist — University of Minnesota Subject: "Looking at Some of the Proposed Solutions to the Farm Problem/ 1 These Meetings Conducted by the Austin Area Vocation School In the Interest of Better Farming Practices, This Ad Sponsored as o Public Service by Austin State Bank "The Friendly Bank That Urges You To Attend These Meetings" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation < WANT ADS Pay for 4 Runs . Get 6 There are 430,000,000 acres of state and private forest lands in the United States. Indiana's Withholding Tax Is Disappointment Predictions of its advocates that conservatively forecast for it. The CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange-butter steady to firm; receipts 758,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 61V4; 92 A 61V4; 90 9 60V4; 89 C 60; cars: 90 b 61; 89 C 60',?. Eggs steady to firm; receipts 10,800; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1V& higher; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 36tt; mixed 36V4; mediums 32; standards 33; dirties 31%; checks 30%; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK (AP) — Canadian dollar in New York open market 25-32 per cent premium or 103.78% U.S. cents off 1-32 of a cent. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings light; demand active; receipts (2 days) 570,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) 63-63V4 cents; 92 score (A) 62%-63; 90 score (B) 62V4-63. Cheese steady; receipts (2 days) 150,000. Wholesale sales, american cheese (whole milk), single daisies fresh S714-39& cents; single daisies aged 48-51; flats aged 48-52; processed American pasteurized 5 Ibs 36%-S8%; domestic Swiss (wheels) grade "A" 45-52; grade "B" 43-49 grade "C" 42-46. Wholesale egg arrivals moderate; demand fair today; receipts, (2 days) 25,000. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume sales) New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: Mixed colors: extras (48-50 lb») 38%-39%; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 38-38%; extras medium 32%-S3%; smalls 30%-31; standards large, 35-37; checks 32%-33%. WHITES: extras (48-50 Ibs) 424$; extras large (4MB Ibs) 4142; extras medium 33-34. Browns: extras (48-60 Ibs) 40- withholding of the gross income tax in Indiana would result in additional millions of dollars of tax revenue have not been borne out by that state's firsr year experience, Charles P. Stone, general counsel of the Minnesota Taxpayers Assn., stated today. William H. Andrews of the Indiana University department of economics, in a speech delivered before the 51st Annual Conference of the National Tax Association at Philadelphia, had this to say about withholding in Indiana: "Before withholding was enacted, various estimates were developed as to its effects on'reve- nue, these ranging from $2 to $3 million up to as much as $9 or $10 million. After only one year of withholding, it is impossible to say anything definitive on this question. . .employing the best information we have, it seems possible that withholding has achieved the |2 or 83 million revenue gain question remains whether this achievement may not have been at a greater cost in trouble and expense to employers. . . For those who felt that withholding could convert weak administration into good administration, the results will probably be disappointing. . ." According to Stone, the predictions of the Minnesota advocates of withholding that Minnesota may expect to obtain additional tax revenues, over and above the initial windfall resulting from the collection of three years' taxes in two years, of from 84 to 85 million up to $11* million a year, have even less basis than the estimates of their Indiana counterparts, "Prior to the adoption of withholding in Indiana," Stone said, "the administration of its income tax was weak. Minnesota, on the other hand, has had an effective enforcement program in operation for many years. In Your Hour of Nwl . Th« courttoui, dtpend- •ble staff of Worltin's give careful attention to •II details in your hour of need. Traditionally fine Worlein services are within the budget range of all families. WDRLEIN ^T^^WWW 606 Lansing Avonue Hemlock 1-5000 SOME WOMEN HAVE A NOSE FOR SAVING MONEY! Some women con smell a bargain a mile away! But the biggest bargains are right under your nose every single day! WANT ADS ore a bargain any way you use them When you have something to sell, a WANT AD is the most inexpensive way in the world to tefl people about it. Or, if there's something you need to buy, WANT ADS are always your best bet for bargains. You'll find what you want at real money saving prices. So whether or not you have a nose for bargains, remember the biggest bargains of all are in the Classified pages of The Austin Daily Herald. DIAL HE 3-8851 Want Ad Oept

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