Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 26, 1974 · Page 21
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 21

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 21
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DRYING OUT — Residents in the central and southern portion of Florida were greeted by heavy rains and extremely high tides following early rains Tuesday in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota and Clearwater areas. Two Largo youngsters somewhat solved their problems by employing a small boat to row past stranded neighborhood autos. (ByUPI) Hughes Action To Jury LOS ANGELES (UPI) Describing Robert Maheu as an "enigma, a puzzlement," a federal judge Tuesday sent to the jury the $17.5 million def- mation suit brought by the one-time right hand man to billionaire Howard Hughes against his former boss. U.S. District Judge Harry Pregerson, in an unusual summation of the character of the plaintiff in the four-month trial, said that Maheu was a "walking paradox." "On the one hand he .is affable, intelligent, imaginative, articulate with an ability to get things done. He is a friendly man with important friends in.high places," Preger­ son said. "On the other hand he is a talkative, naive, artless, careless, imprecise, overly trusting man whose personal affairs were in a state of disarray." Maheu, a former FBI agent, brough the damage suit against Hughes' Summa Corp. after the eccentric recluse fired him in 1970* and then said in a 1972 telephonic press conference that Maheu was "a no good, dishonest son of a bitch' and he stole me blind." It was anticipated that the four - woman, two - man jury might deliberate for several days in view of the tremendous volume of evidence regarding Maheu's multimillion dollar dealings on behalf of Hughes during the time was his chief lieutenant in Nevada. Attorneys for Summa claimed that Hughes' remark was true —that Maheu misappropriated more than $400,000 in the course of his employment including misrepresenting the handling of large campaign contributions to Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey and Robert Kennedy. Hughes never appeared at the trial or submitted a written deposition. He is believed presently to be in the Bahamas. Pregerson told the jury the burden was on Summa to prove that the charge of theft was true. If the jury believes that, he said, it cannot return a judgment in favor of Maheu even if the remark was defmatory on the face of it. Admonishing the jury that they did not need to take his evaluation of Maheu's character and credibility as necessarily correct, Pregerson said it was within his purview to give them his assessment of the plaintiff. Without precisely saying so, the judge inplied that it was a wonder to him how Maheu got into a position where he was given the complete trust of one of the richest men in the world. "You will recall his (Maheu's) testimony about his first FBI assignment," the judge said. "He locked himself out of his own car." Should the jury reach a verdict in favor of'Maheu, the trial would proceed to the stage where the same jury would decide the amount of damages that Hughes should pay. If the verdict goes against Maheu, the Summa Corp., has pending a $4.5 million counter suit calling for recovery of retainers and funds it claims were illegally appropriated by Maheu. RESPONDING to a warm reception from Lisbon citizens, Portuguese Foreign Minister Mario Soares waves to them after announcing the govern- intent has invited African| rebels in Portuguese-held territories to negotiate with them. Soares returned to Portugal after April's J unta, ending a 4*2 year ex- le in France. W^Mean ^ usiness I That's Why Bay Countians j Do Their Shopping in the \NEWS-HERALD •| Unrlilii frm /iini .»w «fMifM , r' First Call For Your Advertising Counselor Today! NRWS'HKKAIM ADVERTISING REACHES MORE PEOPLE MORE EFFECTIVELY! Thtff't wmflthini in |ht nfwtpjptr lor tvtrybody. that's why ptople from all .walks of lift rtad the ntwtpiptf. And uiMikt radio or IV, your ad in a Atwtpaptf dottn't |uM wcfdtnfy appear on * certain putal ac*rl*inlim« lor only 10 ucofMh iinrl ihtn rfitapptAr loritytr Your prin|r«l mttuign in It* nrwifbiptir %Uf\ around ionjtnr - (wnvtrlmjj you mwirmum f ifinuec lo >t m.mmum tnm\\*t ol |H<opU> win v.irtitt inli'ii^K j (ABC Audit) Circulation May 1970 Civvulutitm May 1974 Daily Sunday 19,771 22,936 24,117 26,891 Load Teams Announced twenty-three Aerospace Defense Command and Air National Guard teams and four Canadian Defense Command teams will compete in the biggest Weapons Loading Com- petieions ever held at Tyndall AFB, Sept. 4-14 According to Lt. Col. Clarence K. Bruce, project officer, the I teams will'compete In three [ weapons loading categories: F-106,F-10landF-102. The ADC active-duty F-106 units entering competing teams are the Air Defense Weapons Center, the 84th Fighter interceptor Squadron (FlS)at Castle AFB, Calif., the 318th FIS at McChord AFB, Wash., the 5th FIS at Minot AFB, N.D., the 49th FIS at Griffiss AFB, N.Y., the 48th FIS at Langley AFB, Va., and the 87th FIS at K.I. Sawyer AFB, Mich. Representing the Air National Guard In the F-106 category will be the 191st Fighter Interceptor Group (FIG) from Selfridge AGB, Mich., the 120th FIG, Great Falls, Mont., 102nd FIG, Otis AGB, Mass., and the 144th FIG at Fresno, Calif. Competing In the F-101 category from the Air National Guard will be the 142nd FIG, Portland, Ors.; the, 141st FIG, Spokane, Wash.; the 148th FIG, Duluth, Minn.; the 107th FIG, Niagara Falls IAP, N.Y.; the 101st FIG, Bangor IAP, Me.; and the 119th FIG, Fargo, N.D. Four Canadian teams will be | entered in the F-101 contest. They are the 409th AWS, Comox; 416 AWS, Chatham; 425 AWS, Bagotville; and the 425th AWS.ValD'or. Air National Guard units will compete against each other in the F-102 categories. Teams entered are the 124th BIG, Boise, Idaho; the 112th FIG, I Pittsburgh, Pa.; the 106th FIG, Suffolk County, N.Y.; the 115th FIG, Truax Field, Wis.; the 163rd FIG, Ontario, Calif.; and the 154th FIG, Hawaii. The Thomas K. McGehee Trophy will be presented to the unit sponsoring the winning | load crew, while the individual members will receive personal awards for their efforts. With moral rearmament in mind, some people have an arsenal of pretty small caliber. CLASSIFIED ADS 2. Cards of Thanks We wish to express our sincere thanks to all our neighbors, friends and relatives. Dr. Tim Smith and Nurses of Lisenby Hospiital, and Wilson Funeral Home, who by their many acts of kindness, helped us to bear our burden during her illness and the sad hours of bereavement when God called her to her eternal rest, our Dearly Beloved Wife and Mother, Norma E. Mowbray. W.Wood Mowbray And Children 3. Notices BAY COUNTY COUNCIL, ON AGING 859 HARRISON Avenue Panama City, Florida TO ASSIST DISTRESSED ELDERLY AND OTHERS REGARDLESS OF RACE OR CREED. TO OFFER PROGRAMS THAT WILL PROMOTE THE WELL BEINGOF THE ELDERLY IN BAY COUNTY. TO CALL ON THE COMMUNITY FOR ASSISTANCE IN THIS PORJECT. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. PLEASE CALL 785-6467. THE FUTURE OF THE DOLLAR Pelham Bookstore 33 Harrison Ave. Masters degree, and eating-meeting, Harry Jackson Lodge, 314 Lynn Haven, Tuesday June 25,6 PM. Glenn Black W*m. 4, Personals We want to welcome every new family recently moved to Panama City - Bay County. Call now for a welcome hostess and free gift cards, 763-1780 or write P.O. Box 2211 No cost or obligationl Panama City newcomer welcome service. PREGNANT Family planning of Florida Inc. Toll Free, in Florida, 1-800-432-37S3. WANTED: Persons interested in providing a home for a mentally retarded child or adult who needs a chance to share in faaily Activities. Contact Division of retardation, region 2-A Office, Panama City, Florida - telephone No. 763-7055 or 7634090. AL-ANON Deeply concerned with the drinking problem of someone very dear to you??? Cal AL-ANON 769-0335. DIVORCE KIT for uncontested cases. For free details write: Kit, Box 791, Pompano, FL. 33(61. Anyone Can STILL Make A Million By Morton Shulman Pelham Bookstore 33 Harrison Ave. Redduce safe & fast with GoBest Tablets & E-Vap "water pills" Gibson Pharmacy, 898 W. Uth S. Lost & Found S. Lost It Found 8 Services offered. I. Service! Offered . • "• REWARD! 11 LOST) Hewlett Packard pocket electronic calculator. If found, call 7637427 or return to 2900 State Ave. FOUND IN Cove area, puppy multicolored, female. Call 769-2780, Lost: Black poodle, Tyndall rabies tag. 2fe mites south of Wausati. Call 733-3405 Chlpley. LOST: Large Black cat-strayed, last Weekend lost In vicinity of Forest Park. REWARD I Call 763-8947 or763- 6742. LOST: Light brown Wallet with leatther stltchllng. Western style. Lost in vicinity of Memorial Hospital. Keep the cash,Just return papers, Coll Hubert W. Brown, 234- 9516-durlng business hours only. LOST: Male dog, color, between Red and Brown. Fiest and Peklngnese. Reward! Contact R.V. Quattlebaum at 785-4231 or Langford Garrett at Chlpley. 8. Services Offered TREE EXPERTS Cutting, Trimming, Removing, 7856764. FREE Estimates. 763-4005. PAINTING: For all your interior and exterior painting needs call: C.E GIBSON 8t^ON, Inc. 785-5740. Weather's Construction Co. Painting, Roofing; Remodeling Free Estimates. 763-2437. NEED HOUSE REPAIRS? NO JOB too small. I believe 4, can please you. Call after 6p,m. 722-4267, Ralph Turner. MILL'S TREE SERVICE trimming, topping, removing and stump removal. Free estimates. 7635605 or 286-5222. S&T Construction Co. Free estimates. New construction and remodeling. 769-1541. CENTIPEDE GRASS SOD Delivered. Lawns planted, fertilized. Free Estimates, 769-1078 D & D Roofing: Repairing, reroof ing our specialty. 20 yrs. experience. Free estimates. 265-3267. DEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. Bldgs, Repairs, Remodeling, Free Estimates. 265-5670, Lynn Haven. TRUCKING, DOZING AND CONCRETE WORK, fill dirt hauled. Call John Housner 722-4377 PERRY'S KEY SHOP LOCKSMITH • TOOLS - SHARKNED 2124 E. BUS. HWY. 98 PANAMA CITY, FLA. J&H PAINTING For all your Int. and Ext. needs Can 234-6338 FREE ESTIMATES wall papering. WASHINGTON PAINTING AND CLEANING SERVICE Paint Int. and Ext. Guarantee Satisfaction Call 7694550 ELECTRICAL WORK Save money- low overhead in county area. 769-4506 or 785-8284. HAULING, FILL DIRT, CLAY, BACK HOE SERVICES. 763-8649. BULLDOZER WORK - LAND CLEARING and leveling, call RAY KIRKLAND - 763-8217 or 265-3844 HEU-ARC welding call Dennis Hopkins 785-4242, 265-3648. Great EnsemUing! Printed Pattern 9178 8-18 RICKS STRUCTURE CLEANING Kill Fungus & Mildew on eaves k Homes 769-0333 Bull dozer work • land clearing • dumptrucks. S, 0. Johnson, 234-6167. LONNIE WHITE'S ROOFING, re- roofing, repairing & built up roofs are bur specially. FREE ESTIMATES. 769-418]. - RICHARDSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, building, remodeling, repairs, painting & build up roofs, 7854772. FREE estimates. < JUNK CARS MOVED. FREE OF COST. DAY, 785-4667, NIGHTS, 7(3- 12S3. Lost, male & female Brittaney Spaniel, orange & white in color, in Forest Park. Ph. 769-4S46. MarvelouB 'round town or travel bound — team tunic with pants or wear tshlrtcoat-. dress over pants, too! Perfect for cotton checks, knits. Printed Pattern 9178: Misses' Sizes 8, 10. 12, 14, 16. IS. Size 12 (bust 34) pantsult 3V& yds. 60-Inch. Send $1.00 for i-acli putd-i'ii. Add 2.V for each puttcrii for firm-class mail und special handling. SHHI to Marian Martin Newt Herald Pattern Itept.. 232 Went IXlli St.. New York. N. V, 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, 8IZE and STYLE NUMBER. ONK h-UKK I'ATTKUNol'your (•holi'i' io wild for. oni' l'ivt' imtlorn Inside NKW SPUING- SUMMKU PAT'PKHN CATALOG, inn hiyh'K. all sizes, live pal lorn coupon. Send 7fi<' now. SEVV-f KNIT Uool( Willi basic tissue pattern. $|.2. r » Instant Fashion Honk $1.00 Instant Sewing Hook $1 00 CR0N-T CORP. 2504 West 26th St. Landscaping, Bushhoggtng, top, etc. Go with tcnow howl Beat Our Price? Call 785-9205 ; 785-6889 or 785-6712, E-Z Flashing signs on trailer. $795; on stand, $745; you mount it, $695. $25.00 monthly rental purchase plan 7026 Thomas Dr. 234-2666 Anytime E-Z MAGNETIC SIGNS, $9,95 pair, All sizes, colors. 7026Thomas Dr.234- 2666 anytime. PORTABLE WELDING no Job too small. The price Is right. Dennis Hopkins, 785^4242,265-3648. PATTERSON BUILDING Contrac tors Additions, Remodeling, Repairs. FREE ESTIMATES..,763-5439, FURNITURE REFINISHED Cabinets Madel C&L CABINET SHOP 763-7441 769-1992 WELDING all types of metal. Dennis Hopkins, 785-4242,265-3648. ACTION BULLDOZER SERVICE Land Clearing • Root Rake. No Job too small, or too large. 76MISS E-Z Trailer Signs • "Share Our Sign Plan" is your lowest rental or purchase cost any where. No other company can match it! 234-2666 Anytime. Billy Newsome construction company. Building, room additions, remodeling, painting, roofing and repairs, small jobs welcome. Free estimates. 7634819. BAY COOL, INC Specializing in window air conditioner repairs. Phone 265-3459 or 769-2323, We PLACE CONCRETE By CONTRACT OR YARD f) Polios •Driveways • Woks All Materials Tested By The State Road Department. Free Estimates. Bulldozer and Crane Rentals SIKES CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY E. 15th St. 763-2811 HAULING Oyster shell, fill dirt, top soil, clay and gravel. CaU JIMMY HICKS- 7634391.234-5873. FRED B. WALKER PAINTING Free Estimates ' Satisfaction Guaranteed Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior 763-8292 CALL ME for Driveways, patios and screen porches. Remodeling. Phone 7(1-7857 anytime. SMALL CARPENTER REPAIR Free Estimates 265-5556 Building, additions, repairs, Beach area. 25 Yrs. experience. Contact Jim at CAST-A-WAY MOTEL. 9819 W. hwy 98. 234-2880 • 234-3129 After 5:00 PM, REMODELING, REPAIR, ADDITIONS, ALL CARPENTER WORK. 7854087. LEE'S TREE SERVICE Trimming - topping, complete tree & stump removal. Also specializing in SOD, GRASS SPRIGGING & TREE SPRAYING, FREE ESTIMATES, call nnow, 785-6485. THE HANDYMAN Complete Residential & Commercial Repair Service. "No Job too small.' FRRF, FSTtMATtfR "One call does it all" FINANCING AVAILABLE 769-2323 ^jcense^BondedJnjjj(jd Swimming lessons: private backyard pool, small classes, qualified instructors, 2 week sessions. Ph. Ronald Carter, 769-1741 or 7694501. LAND CLEARING Bush hogging, discing, dirt moving. Reasonable rates, 722-4222. 1974 Buick estate wagon, 7,000 miles, purchased new in December, 2865721 after 5:00. Will mow lawns on weekends & afternoons. Free estimates, 785-7676. WANTED HOUSE PAINTING TO DO. 234-2419. Ask for Calvin. Need help for your projects and repairs? Workmen on call. Call JOHN NICHOLS-763-6872, Painting, wallpapering and minor repairs. Free estimates. C & H Contractors. 769-4798. Use Bank America Card and Master Charge for all repairs. Call THE HANDYMAN 769-2323. STOP-SUN DAMAGE Reduce HEAT, FADE, GLARE, with flow on j bus tint applied to existing glass, Free estimates. Call collect, 904-222-9121 or local after S PM or wk., 763-3518. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES P & H Painting Inc., Licensed Building contractors. Painting, Texturess, Wallpaper, Sand Blasting, and Pressure Cleaning, 769-1831. U-LOK-1T, Individual Storage Bays, various sizes, short or long term rentals at 2509 E. Uth St. CALL H.P, NORMS 763-1525. Petes land clearing and raking. No job too small, Call 769-0857, Can't find anyone to do your homeorbldg, repairs?????? WE WILLI Free estimates Panama General Malnt. Co, , 769-0523-763-1472 • ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIRS Minor Repair to Complete rebuild, Call for free Estimates SCOTT'S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE 763-7426 BROWN'S Small engltne repalrss, lawnmowers, and Mini Bikes, 5215 E. Bus. Hwy. 98.769-3060 open Mays a week 8-SPM. Landscaping, bush hogging, grad- ding, top soil, etc. Go with know howl Beat our Price? Call CRON-T CORP. 785-9205, 785-6889, or 785-3712. DOZIER WORK; Root-Raker and landclearlng, Reassonable rates. 7885-6603. • , j CITADEL PAINTING CO. INC. DRY WALL SPECIALISTS TEXTURED CEILINGS , STUCCO BLOWN ON EXTERIORS . COMMERCIAL . RESIDENTIAL . ARTS. . BONDED • ESTABLISHED .RELIABLE 265-5602 OR 769-0335 FREE ESTIMATES 16. Nurseries Mrs. MACS CHILD CARE 24 hours, 6 days a week. Convenient location, 210 W. 11th St. 763-7918. COLLINS Child Care, day It night. Weekly, babysitting & board 130 Clay Ave. Ph. 763-3896. LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE NURSERY 24 Hr. Serv. 7 day wk. 915 Kraft Ave 7634449 CHERRY HILL DAY CARE , CENTER 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M'. Weekly - Daily 785-0244 or 763-5043. Child Motel never closed. Ages, from birth to 90 yrs. hourly, daily or weekly. 785-1550.3702 E. 7th St. Hiland Child Care any age, 6 days a week. Hiland Park, 7854087. Newly opened FAIRYLAND CHILD CARE & NURSERY. 24 Hrs. - 7 days week. 3907 W. 25th St. 763-7040. 17. Radio & Television KIRBY TV Authorized RCA Sales Service. 212 W. 15th St. Phone 763-3802. MOORE'S TV - Authrized - Admiral • Sales - Service We service all makes. 19-Years at 1312 Beck. St. Andrews -763-5962. T.V. needing repairing, you've tried the rest, now try the best. Free estimates, pickup and delivery. Repair on all sets. Motorola and Admiral warranty. Ph.(24 hrs.) 7692486. FRANK'S TV SHOP ZENITH SALES & SERVICE 1101 Ohio Ave., Lynn Haven 265-2771. T.V. Repair for fast and dependable Service. Call 763-9226 all work guaranteed. 22 ,Hi1pVvtH Hair drcsjMr niededt good ellsntsls { and werMng eendltlMiV TtMIMor J , i. ,.,.,.-„••, v. qjhwf v,, ,, fite.- ' J Maldwanted.GrandtagoonMarlna, i Motel,.Must have own transpor- ? tation, 234-2948. f HELP WANTED 1 FuUorParttlme t JB and over ,< t Year Round Employment ' ' • Apply In Person ; PASQUALES ! {v PIZZA l 17458 W, Hwy, 98, Beach j Night auditors, marnterfa'nceJ | workers; maids, linen boys, desk i clerks, waitresses. Apply In person,' f Red Carpet Inn, 9900 Beach Blvd. i Panama City Beach. 1 ! Help wanted, experienced wain- tresses, cook and cashier. Po Joes, 14702 W, 98 beach across from Tour- way Inn, Cabdrivers wanted: Applyinperson only, Florida Cabs, Springfield, Ideal j for retirees, men or womern. < ; ; ; ' Wanted maids for general cleaning >, must be over 21 years old. Apply In J person to manager, Edgewater Gulf '<•*<> Beach Apartments. $ Need set-up girls ft bus boys, See 5 Gloria or Alex, Dunes, of Eng Res- 1 • taurant,4to6only.8028ThomasDr. I NocallS." , '-rf--. f ---! ' ' \ tun •• 5 DOMESTIC MAID $2,00 an hour, 1 day a week, own transporatlon. Efficient; fast," thorough, references. Write J-115, News Herald. Waitresses ft bar maid wanted. Apply in person to Chateu Restaurant, W.^B, 12525, AVON ~ says... BE THE BEST BOSS YOU EVER HAD. Schedule your own hours. Make good money, meet interesting neighbors. It all begins to happen -•. when you become an A von Representative. Learn more about it by calling: Call or write Sarah Skinner, Avon District Mgr., 769-0334, Rt., 4 Box 686, Panama City, Fla, 32401. Need lady in Panama City to cook and keep house for aged lady. Would furnish room ft boardplus pay salary If you wanted to live in. Only respon- ' slble, congenial person considered, Prefer one with car. (904) 785-5614 June 30 to July 3rd for details. Alarm Sales And Installation , Interstate Engineering Starting Salary to$150 week fulltime or $70 week parttime. Immediate openings in local area for 15 people: No experience necessary. For interview call mr. Balnter 769-32A8. SUMMER HELP " UP TO $200 PER WEEK NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED CALL 769-3208 MANAGER TRAINEE- $130 to $200. a week starting salary, on the job training. No experience necessary/' *' Excellent benefits-unlimited earn- - ings. Call 785-5721. „ Ladles take orders anywhere tor STUDIO GIRL COSMETICS, Hair Fashions. Full or Part time. Will train. Ph. 763-4370 Toll Free 800621-4005. Excellent job, bartender, for attractive lady. Cocktail lounge will train if qualified. Apply 100 Harrison Ave. UAM-SPM.,. , •••ill NEAT experienced waitress. Year i around employment. See Joby at Joby's Seafood House, 1213 W. 15th St. EXPERIENCED fiberglass workers. Crosby Aeromarine Co. Bldg. 50 Port Panama City. Earn extra Income in your spare" time with our company. We want married persons over 21. Call.763- 7261, after 3:00 PM for appointment. Hairdressers and haircutters. We have a total redkins salon moving forware into the scientific approach. We need hairdressers that are interested in progressive learning and promoting herself in the hairdressing industry. CaU 763-2695,7858560 or 763-5992. Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Night before 4 Morning < (poet,) 8 Daybreak 12 Bulgarian coin 13 Double- reed instrument 14 Thought 15 Before (poet.) 16 Day before today 18 Miens 20 Writing tables 21 Light brown 22 Always 24 Ignited 25 Neat 26 Mariner's direction 29 Of this day 31 Having caudal appendage 33 Feminine name 34 Fall flowers 35 - Vegas. Nev. 36 Gaelic 38 Miss Tangway 39 Otherwise 40 Musical syllable 41 Prize framework 48 Pungent oily liquid (pi.) 50 Over (contr.i 51 Shooting galleries (Fr.i 52 Lease 53 Regiment (ab.» 54 Kyelid inflammation (var.i 55 Spreads for drying 56 Theater sign DOWN } Elementary lab.l 2 Girl's name 3 Evenings 4 Means or manner (Fr.) iNKWSI'AI 'KIt K: 5 Above (German) 6 Term in logging 7 Seine 8 More dreadful 9 Putstp 10 Not strong 11 Negative votes 17 Dropsvlpl.) 19 Native 23 Lives (Latin) 24 Broad- lopped hill (Sp!) 25 Former Russian rulers 26 Used to ascend (pi.) 27 Pathological fluids NTKItl'IIISK ASSN.l 28 Newspaper officials (ab.) 29 Metal cymbals (India) 30 Profits 32 Roman roads 37 Small sofa 39 Gnawed away 40 Assav.s 41 Deeds 42 Legal document 43 Like air' (poet.) 45 Tear asunder 46 Grimace 47 Therefore (Latin) 49 Worthless •scrap I 12 13 12 IzT 21 29 33 35 W 16 8 w ii H 17 20 41 43" 51 54

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