Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1928
Page 4
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FOUR IDIA Knteri'd DAILY REGISTER CHAS. F. SCOTT lit th<» lola Pastofflco as Si'coiid Clnss Matter. Telephone .. 18 (rrivaie Jlrnnoh KxcliatiKe Connecting AIV Di>p:irlm<-IUs). SUBSCRIPTION RATES By C.-irri.r in I>.!a. City, Lallarpc and nassi-lt. On<^ •\Vo.-l; 15 Ccnt£ ~ On«.M"tith 70 CcntF One ViMi- ..... .............I7.8C BY MAIL Outside Allen County One Yr:,r J5.00 Six Monlh-- .1 J2.TE Tliroe ....J1.6C . ' lol Allen County One Y'-ar ...i J4.C"' _Six M.iiilhs .1... u i-2.-2t Threr Moi,:|,.s . J1.2E Olio; .M.villi ... ' 50c Meniber of— N.itlonal Editorla Association. Kansas Press Association. The Kans .TS Daily League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. Bible Thought for ToUay. He shall rail upon me, and I will ans -i »pr lilni: I will be with him In ti-ouJile; I will,deliver nini, ..and I'.onour him.—Psa. 91 :!.">. IVIIKAT .sr «.lW TO V.VI.UABLE TO BIHX. ' Thi; real value of wheat 6traw !;•^ not \vli;ii it I .S worth on the mar- k't or foj feeding livcsiock. but - v.!i.;( it i.s worth In the form of .firiUity aiid humus, when retutn- t(l fo tht.' i:oiI," says H. M. Baltier. Dirtctiir, Southwe.stern Wieat Im- ji-(.v.ii;<-m Assoc'iation. Continu- iiiR IK- .'-I'M-'-. ".'Miich of oiir farm ; Hid i.-: (Iil;<ii'nt inliuiuu.s -irnl fer- I'lity ami cviry pound, of wheat '".^!r;;'.v «v .'^i iibble ^ that is burned t!;aKts this loudilion worse. ; i ".ViKily.sis. of cultivated .soils in tl ;e Soiitliw' indicate that as uiucli as on<:-third of the original " iiilro.p'ii and ono -lialf of ihc'oric- inal organic niajter lias already ~ I'lfin E.xperimonfal data in- dkatejhat an average wheat crop I 'niovi-.s from • each acre of soil, aypi-oxiri !:ii. ly 20 Ib .s. of nitrogen, Ibk of-I'liosplioric. acid and 10 i!of potash. To replace this fer- i;"ry, in the form of a commercial I'Tiiiiz'M-. would co .st .somelhirfg :-ke .*I.."iii a>i acre. The f. rtility iL 'ircsonhd in returning the straw lo i\w soil is probalily worth $1.00 ai! atr.N but (he greatest value will rn\vi: from tli<' hiiniiis if will add. 'i-'Ol- tii-st' results, eadi crop of straW slMiiiIil l )p woiked in'lo the .•^'•il ii'r'lii away, but if this cannot !i" i .l-line. it -should In. rotted and rvtinn- d to tlio soil in the form of •niaiiure later. The liarvcslcr- tliresher lias solved the stfaw ;>i fil >l'ii ~i and it hati,' been fairly rvcll siilved by the header. Bundle s :raw shiMild be sta<-ked in' feed lots, whcf the f(!rdiiig ;ind iramp- iiiK by liie .stock will aij .sisi in con- .v'.'rtiiif." i! into manure. Such straw as- caniuit be handled tUrouch the f-"-!' loi (11 spread over t !ie fields should be piled in out-of-the-way places, wiiii lots of surface expo- sHr<-. -.vlure it can remain until rolled .-iiicl Is ready to bo hauled mil as manure. MR. REED A CANDIDATE. The aanoiincera^nt of Mr. Cl^de Reed, 'of Parsons arid Kansas City, that be will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor, is interesting^ akhougb it is not particularly surprising. In- the printed and spoken conjectures which have been circulating about among the politically minded for the past two years the name of Mr. Rqed has always been mentioned as' among the possibilities. Now that his candidacy has become a certainty, gubernatorial sentiment, ^hlch has up to this lime been in a fluid state, probably will begin to crystalllj'.e. .Mr. Reed's ambition is entirely Justifiable on the score of his wide acquaintance, of his public service, and of his character and ability. He is of distinctly gubernatorial size. AATiatever opposition there may be to hlni, and of course he will not be nominated. by default, will have political and not personal toundatlon. Incidentally this announcement will arouse more or less curiosity as to whether Mr. Seth Wolls, who announced his candidacy a year ago, will remain in tlio race; and if he does, what the Third district will do with Its two candidates. In the :Old convention days two candidates for Governor frbm the same Congressional district Svould have been virtually unthinkable. But since ,we have gone over to direct democracy tbc locality of candidates cuts little figure,—as Topeka exemplifies. ^ From Mexico City comes the report of another court declsion'con- stnied In well Informed circles there as further evidence that the Mexican government does not intend to apply-the oil laws •retroactively concerning tl\e property rights^ of foreign oil companies existing before the constitution of 1917. The decision: consisted of the granting of an injunction by the Third Distiiei <:oiirt to four oil cnmiianifs against the ai>plica- tion upon iheiii of four articles of th.' "petroleum law considered ret- rWactrve. cmfis; aiory and unconstitutional by the foreign, oil'lom- panios. This is the second decision rex-ently rendered by .Mexican <-oarts in support of the contention out- S'taio n .-p.ulnienl made from tin- beciiinina of the controversy, and i; iniisl. be niost embarrassing to the anti-Adminis- trationisls who a few months ago so loudly piotesled that in slan<l- ing lip fur .\iiii'iiian risibis in Me\. ICo I'resideni CnolidP' was a-sii:ii- ing a bull-dozing attitude toward Mexico in the intercut of AnTerican ojl companies. LINDY •TAKES OFF'—A FUTURE POSSIBILITY ,5V FIFTY YEARS AGO Editorial and News Hems from Ifie lula Koalster «f .Ian. li, ls;s. o \k Tni .Mi IIKARNED. Lyons Daily News: If wo have learned anything in 25 year.s of business it is this: There Is no nioney made in <-ulting down e.v- ".\ soil "iiiat Is deficient Jn hu- penses. That statement will be questioned but by no man who understands the value of advertising. We have seen hundreds of business houses built up by liien. who were not afraid to spend money for stock, .supplies and advertising. When the business was -making money some other man would come through periods 6f ;along, buy it and immediately begin trying to cut down expenses especially on the adverlislng. In- varlahly ho iTiakes a, failure of the business or drags it down where It is making only a portion of the profit that came to. the more liberal man who founded or built it up. The way to make money in business is- to apply all your efforts to increasing the' business, letting the expense largely take care of itself. The bankers of .San Kr .iucisco have formed a silver syndicatij :uid til for to take f .-.ii.'Mio.Oiio of the new fotjr per cent. loan, and pay tor the sani" in siandard sil'-cr dollars, i provided the IMand bill passes, so that su( h money <an be <-oiiicd at il'.p mints. The \eu- York Tribune .-ays: ,"Tlie whole l)oino<-ralic party is jdiilicing around the l'r*sldeiil. and •shouting: '<), don't b u-k ilownl Hrii (e »![• agaiiivt your own party and'we will sii|)jiort yoa^" The jicr- f<irmanee Ueais a luarvelcuis rc- sonib'ancc to a I'iiile war-ilanen. cxeciiied as a preliminary to. a ! sc;i||)in:; expedition," County Treusurer, .1. It. Y<mng. sent about' $.S,000 to Xcw I'ork last week to pay interest on railroarl and jail bonds. Allen is one of the few couiitlcR in this State that has never repudiated a dollar of bonds, nor compromised ati aO cents .on the dollar. iiius is also deficient in fertility. ; lUinniy ad(l-i life In a soil, it pre- jvcnts piiddl. cracking, baking and bl>)winL ii -.nins improved the phr.s!c:!l ei.i. . MI of the soil, making it melJcnC ri .ihle and easier 'to cultivate. It ..,.so assists In hold- inc ninisture, tiius helping to carry • rrojis drouih." It took three days to find a jury for the trialof -Kay Moody, the Chorryvale youth who is, on trial for the alleged murder of the girl he e.^cnnerl to the Xeewollah at lndopendeiKO,_ the difficulty, of cour.'--e. beinu due to the effort to find twelve persons who knew iiotlsinp about the case. It is an iilii.stratinn of the change that has taken place in the idea almut the •qualifications of a juror since the riglu of trial by jury was wrested from Kins -lohn - at Runnymede. The demand then was for the right of .1 m.-iii to be tried by_ a "jury of pecf." by men in the same, rank of life as himself, who lived in the same neighborhood and who presuiiiably knew all the parties to the lltigption and a good deal about the i , ,"\Tayor llobart .is in receipt of a letTi r from .Mr. R. K. .McDonnell, the engineer-who has been stufl>'- ing lulu's water iirohlem. in which he s.-iys t-Uat his report h.-\s been aboiii <-oiii,.|i 't.fl a.nd suggesting tliat on sonu" dav ,of week after n-xf le'. i-o!!ie In lola and present it, first to'tlie mayor and-commis- iioners. and later lo a mass meeting of citi7.i 'ns. .so that all may un- (lersand just what has been done and just what it is i roposed to do. The sntrffe.fiion has met witli the apprij \;Hl of the Mayor and ho .(doubtless will arrange in due time lot .s ; a meeting'. . IX THE l)AY'.S >EMS. Sir Frederick Lugard, whose elevation to the peerage was among the notable \ New Year houors bestowed by King George, Is a celebrated British colonial administrator, for many years High Commissioner . for Xorthern Xigeriji. . He has harl an adventurous career, and probably the notable'of his achlilveuicnts was his race against time and France to secure a treaty with the King of Nikki. He left Kngland in .luly. 1S94. tour days alter a French officer had left France, and. when the latter arriv- signature, ugard had brc-r. there five days before. Lady /,iii.'ard is equally fahious. She was Misis Florida .Shaw, noted author head of the colonial depart- fu nt of The London Times, and was the only woman witness before the Jameson Raid committee. edwith his treaty f^r s he found that-Colonel Lii Five carloads of cattle and one of hogs were shipped last Monday. Tuesday thrcO; cars of hogs were shipped. A 'prominent stock dealer tells us that lola; is the "boss" place of shipment of stock this side of Kansas City—beating Ottawa, even. Garnett gets away with us on cattle, at times, but that is more than equalled *y the shipment of hogs from this point. And of the cattle shipped from Garnctl, a' jfreat many are bought in this county. 1st quality of butter, 12'{: ce'nts. 2nd " •• '• V 10 Eggs per dozen, 12',r And now step up. Mr. John McDonald, and tell the printer whether It 's a new iboy or' girl at your house. Wc are certain It is one or the oth,cr by :your magnificent strut. ! A. J. Simpson, of Topeka, Is visiting his brother Cy. at this place. He came down on account of the PRAIRIE DELL Jan. lO.-i.Master Ca^l Beaty is on till' sck list and missed the first two days of .school this week. Mr. and !Mrs. Ben iFoster and family werej vi.sifora In the: home of his sisteri Mrs. J. ic. OvCi-man. dangerous illness of his tno.her.i ^":!. f?""">':'^'!""'!^>'-„ . . who ha-s been sick for ta.ine tim- ^ :«'tor.s iti the Geo. Boaty home past. Sunday aflemoon were: Mr. and . Mrs. Avery; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan lie-aty, and yi 'i &s Cora! ' Beatyi of The events of the past feu days lola, Mrs. Vern Tlppey of Havana, have demonstrated that th- —-••' . . ... ,. . nance Should other it would be somewliiii hetter if they would make some ]>.rovi- sion for giving notice sufficient in time and proininejice toj allow the loser to bid <in his own property. It seems a pity that the :Warshai f'hould be compelleil to biil in hog.s he sells. ilcmonstrated that the ordi-; minois. and Mr. audi.Mrs. Genu concerning swine is •shaky' a„,i family.' I the City Council pass an- r, .....nhn,. nnon..o We are informed bv Mr. (Jorrell that the condition of the jioor farm has 'hecn excellent for: the past year, and that it has been run in a. pains-takins maimer by jhe present superintemlent. Mr. A. S. Haii- kins. The closing paragraph of the meJlieal superintendent's re- tiuite a number of Grange member.-^ accompanied jtbe team to Harmony la.'it FrieUy uighrt to as- ;,Mst in cxt'inplifying,'! the degree ' work, and on this account the iti- .stallation of officers •nfas postpon-^ cd until next Friday night, and It Was voted \o celebrate the event with an oyster supper. Mrs. Rivers of lola and Mrs. J. C. Overman and Max were visitors in the Fults home Mondiiy afternoon. .. Dinner guests in the Kllnk home a week ago Sunday were:'Mr. and Mrs. U. McHenrt, Ml<Ji. M. a. .McIIeurv and Mr. Kligc JJcHenry. Tlie M; I. C. met with :MrsJ R. K. Sullivan. Wednesday afternoon. Roll call ivas ans>w*ered ^y each port, is of itself a strong testi monial. The county has belli for- 1 tunate in securing a gentleman of j member telling what she would .Mr. llaiiklns's ability to run the farm in the past. From what we have heard, we judge the Gilkeson bovs will keep it up to ihe olil standard for the no.xt year. likt« to see the club do or accom- jillsh the coming year. After the les.^on stu(l>- and husln<}ss session, refre^iments wero scn-e<l to ' the followi'ng visitors: Mrs. C. J. I Hrkker, Mrf. Briney and daugh- I ter: members". Mrs? M. B. Landis, -Mrs. Harry-Shelton, Mrs.' B. X. Baker, Mrs; Llllie Waltejr. Mrs. Dale Nicholsj Mrs. R. E. McHenry, -Mrs. J. C. Overman, and Mix, Mrs. R. K. KaufiAan- Mrs. Louie Slm- nions. Mrs. Frank Barth, ^Irs. T. A. SimmoTis.'.Mrs. Bert Japhet and .•^Irs. G. F. iKIink. At tlie next X'^ a thermometer in rib roast of;beef and avoid guess work. The thermometer is thinist iirto the thickest part of the rib roast. Beef i.s- rare between I.IO to I.IO degree.-j Fahrenheit, medium between l.">0 ami 170 degrees, and well-done at about 180. Take the meat from the oven at onco when the desired I meeting there wfll bo a'program d<'gree is reached. Many homemakers excus<! thqm- selvc.t for not having a plan for. _ impending by saying they aro "poor : called on Mh- R- E. Sullivan in keeping with Kansas Efay. and will bo held: in the home .of Mrs. Walter. Wednesday afternoon, January 25. _ • , .' yira. J. c! Overman and Max at figures." Figurcis are not the important thing in a budget. It is not a matter of addition and sub- tractloii. It Is a inatter of deciding Jlonday morning. Those whd attended the Xirange meeting in Neosho county last wo<!k from I^ralfie Dell wete: -Mr." upon what type, quantity, and j and Mrs. B. N. Baker, Mr. and quality of articles and services to, Mrs. Dale Nichols. Mr. "Wayne Os- spend one's Income. '•born and Mrs. G. F. Kllnk. Afeoidini: to the - Now York Worii! iiior- than Ijlu.OOU.OOO worth of conir;iI );pnd liquor and alcohol was sei/.>d from . sbijis ill i;t27 by the conc(bined forces of the -marine pottep,-' customs service and.coast guard, operating from the port of New Y'prk. (The boov sr>"""*!>iie' I'ti'^-ii^ss vvlf";!- 1:- :. ." ^.: . I i .\nd now it Is Leon Trotsky, the first autocrat of Russia, under -the Soviet revolution, .who has had! to walk the plank.—banished by the new masters who reign in . Moscow. He has been exiled front the capital with an allowance of-16.40 a mouth as subsistence, and probably is 'luckj- to esca^ie with his life. If he Is familiar with the history of the. French revolution, as he probably is, he will not be surprised. In the words of Ironqulll '''\" =i r' -yy. ; i.i al-.-. 1. .- : i- v-.i:. " ; BRONSON Jak e.-^ohn Popp is'\'isiting his daughter. Mrs. Nellie Radix at Omaha. Neb. Percy ^Thonipson has" resumed employment as traveling salesman for; the InternatloDal Harvester Company. Mrs. X<onIsa Tan-over and granddaughter, who have heen in Wichita have returned home. Edd James moved last: week to the Covault property in the north part of town and Alibert Lund- berger's have moved into Mrs. Smith's property in the south part of town. Rax Lantz is clerking for Wright-Ireland and Company, taking the place of Darwin Wright. Darwin Wright has returned to Manhattan to. take up his school duties again. The big sales at Wright-Ireland & Company's store and the Jenkins irarlety store are progressing nicely. The Baptist missionary society enjoyed a fine meeting at the home of Mrs. Noble last >Wednesda>-. The "W. C. T. U. met at the home of Mrs. R. S. Elliott last Friday and a very interesting meeting was held. •The Woman's Home; Missionary society of the'M. E. church met at the home of Mrs. Claude Crowder last Thursday with a good attendance and a good study of the lesson was enjoyed. Era Miller and family are moving soon to Kincaid to make their home. -, - C. G .i Stevenson and wife went to Tha>-er, Kansas Sunday to attend thp funeral of Mrs. Stc'\en- son's aunt E. Zimmerman was an lola visitor Saturday. Chester Harlan of Chahute spent Sunday with home folks. Mrs. Jones who has been staying with her father and Mother, John Conner died suddenly Suiiday evening. Mrs. Jones had hecii A poor health .for some time. Dr. Gaither of Ft. Scott preached a fine sermon at the .M E. church Sunday evening. Mrs. Julia Bowers has gone lo Ft. Scott to spend the winter. Misa Stairliper and Miss Widner spent the week-end with home folks at Pittsburg and Hepler. Mrs. Evert Rogers of Ijalfarj)* visited Monday with R. S. Elliott and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Boatwright attended; the funeral of Mrs. Boat- wrlght'g sister, Mrs. Edd Hastings at Kincaid last, Sunday. Mrs. Willshire visited over Sunday with Mrs. John Bowers. Marion oJlmson's maiiy friends will be glad to hear that he is recovering nicely from his sickness. Mrs. "Wm. McKean wag . taken very sick Sunday morning but is better at thlsi writing. The 3Ioney Doesn't Come Bifcii. Commenting upon the n.4>orts sbowhig enormous receipts o% the big mail order houses dui'in^- the past 'year, the .Colony Free fress makei some remarks that' ^very patrofi of these houses should?read, •with eare. not lo say with prayer j to b^ forgiven for patroiyzing them.,] The Free Press says< Thf Free Press Editor k^ows that some Colony people helped to swell ,'the business of the i(l)ove A Riawy Scire Throat eases quickly when you apply a little Wusterole. It penetrates to the sore spot with a gentle tingle. loosens the cxnagpsr tionanddrawsout the soreness and pain and won't blister like the old-fashioned mustard plaster. Musterole is a clean, white dntntent made with oil of mustaid. Brings quick relief from sore throat, bronchitis, tonsillitis, croup, stiff nect asthma, neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy. .concerns to the staggering totals: j rjigun^tisu, lumbago, pains and aches But not one cent of this nioney of the back or joints, sprams, sore will erv-er be spent in t'oloipr or muscles ,bra :se3 .chilblaJiis,frostedfeet, with Colony people. If these com- colds on the chest. panics;.' -(vould give Colony, several hundred dollars for the new and- itoriuin we need so badly it would be a different matter, but the local j people; uf this eomiiiunity pay our own ,ta.\es here tor the maintenance -(if all our enterprises.'. The local ^lercha'nt helps you -every day aiid the person that sends off fdr gootls should be ashamed to look tlfe local grocer in thl' i'ace. Som'e .years ago. we knew a fatiiily: that bought cverytltlnt'— groceries, dr>' goo <ls. shoes. A-ery- | thing Itom Montgomery Ward and Co. Tlje head of this famih- was empIo.v|d. ns the engineer of the local ircht. plant, that was in the | days \Qien all little towns' had j their (fwti expensive light plants, j He drt*>v his salary of $ltM> per* month Vrom the little town', but he' sent it 'all away to the big (-oncern in the {city, "riie local merchants were "too high" and couldn': sell as choiip to him. He knew iwhat he wasMloitig too. By and by the rainy day c:inie and tlie power plant «;ngin.'er took sick and. re- mainediliedfast for .soveral months and w .-TS unable to work to support hi^' wife and three or ; four children. The big hearted eilizens of the town took up a subscrliitiim for their neighbor and all > con- tiibuteil liberally, even the local incrcliajits- that he Had refused to trade with contributed liberall.v to tht> fund, because . the f^iniily really >yas in want and he was a neighbor. One iif the men who was (jircu- lating tlie i)etition for Ihe fund was aware oi the fa<-l that this stricken man did ^all of his trading witii the mail ort '-T bouse. So he decided, that it would be a nice thing for} the ,eity ;.-t-oneern to give its Miare to the fnnd-. The i )etit .ion waK sent to the city, and in a few. day.^ it came b;rck.'not with a substantial donatioij' to their customer. ; whi) hart stnelc by them against ajl the jeers ofrtlieir Io <-al neighbor.-, but dill contVibute the neat typewjitten letter that that company diit not j contribiite to local charities lyt all j their dc ^.ations wer^ made to or-1 colds on the chest. To Mothen: Moiterels ia alfo made in milder form f«r babies and small childraa. Atk for Children's Miuterola.. Jars & Tubes Butter than aamstard ptattm» Motherhood ; May be made a joy ! . "Mother's Friend" is a comfort to expectant mothers. E.xternally applied, it • relieves prenatal dis;- tress by relaxing tight tissues and muscles. Its daily use makes the skin soft: and pliable, j "I am prjjud of Mqthet'a Friend; It saVe.! my life," •writes Mrs. Thos. Shcrosky, Leechburg. Pa. "^lyO'/s pound baby boy was born a fev/ minutes beJore the doctor came,and I didn't know I had him." . Start using "Mother's Friepd" tonight! It is sold by all drug stores. "Write for free booklet on "Things to Kiiotv Before Bahj Corner" (sent in plain envelope). BradfieIdRegulatorCo.,Desk27,Ailant >.Gi. COLDS THAT PNE Persistent coughs and colds lead, to ELM CREEK (Mrs; Ben Friedlund) .Tan. 2.— yu. and Mrs. Alley were pleasant callers in the John Sherrill home ^jfonday. Mrs. Allej' has purchased . two hundred baby chicks. Miss Fayei Cramer returned Monday to Kaiisas City to her work after spending a week with home folks. i . Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shenill re turned to their home in lola after spending several weeks in the parental John Bhcrrill home. Mr. j. H. I Grayson seems to be getting alonf; as well as could be wilh his broken leg. whii-h he re ccived as the result of a kick by a cow over ^ week ago.' His neighbors and friends wish him an extraordinary speedy recovery. Mrs. J. S. Reed has been in Mis-' .souri aibout three weeks, called there by the serious illness of her father, Mr. James A. Marsh. Mrs Reed returned Saturday. January 7. and brought her father in an anrbulance to Tola that .she might care for him in her own home. They were accompanied by Mrs. Reed's brother, Charles W. Marsh, of Kansas Cli.v. Mrs. John Cramer's parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. iF. Gillespie, went 'o stay indefinitely in, the home of Gene Evans, inorth; of Gas. Report of I Elm Creek school. District 13, for the fourth month ending Deceiuber 23. 1927: -N'um- %er enrolled j 1-1^. girls 9. boys .=>: percent of attendance, 87 plus; no cases of tardiness this - month. .Those not absent were Mary Jane Friedlund. Laura Gra.vson. Mar garet Graysop, Ray Cramer and J. H. Grayson, Jr. Those on the honor roll for this month were: Winifred Balja. Mary Jane Friedlund, Margaret Grayson and Laura Grayson. "Visitors cordially invited.—Reita M.j Sherrlll. Teacher. The tcachet and school gave a very 'beautlfuj CbrlRtmas program Wednesday night before Christmas. Thp dcc'oratiohs were verv artistic and beautiful.! with-Ithb' mail order houses; that he tiiinHs they know him ' Im hi< liandu*riiing. but you liad better forget ii\ They never know^ you when you want to build a; new aiiditoriitm iir buy a i!<-w fiitnace for the school to k'-oj) your children wariii while iliey are ii] the institution of leariiing. "Uett^-r slay v.ii..;i the who is with .von i!:roui:li tlii(-b anri thin, fair we,-ii|].-r or foul,. : iinrl when at Tast .yon (oni" to the end with iCreomulsion, an emulsified creo-' sote that is pleasant to take. Creomul- sion is a new medical discovery with iwo-fpid action; it soothes and hea the inflamed membranes and inhil^its germj growth. Of! all known drugs, creosote is i ognijsed by high medical authoritic^as one olf the greatest healing agenciesJfor persistent coughs and colds and otber forms of throat troubles. CreomuIslon contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and.stop the of life's jo'iriie-,-. he is still . witli ! creosote ROCS on to the stomach, is ab- , - ,, ,.f , irritation and inflammation, while the yoij. and fidlows .voiu- lifeless re-i !. , L J_ . mains out throuch the trees t.j th last resting placp. ,4mong recent arrivals in Canada is! a namesak^ and direct descendant of Martin Luther. WP WITH HHEifiTIG PIS! 1^ "Wearly evenTday, especially in damp weatherj I suffered terribly from shooting) pains and sharp twii^cs in my legs and arms. Nothing gave me any relief and at times I thought I would go mad. When I tried 'St Jacob's Oil' Jt was with no hope at all. The very first application brought reliei and I have had perfect comfort since." Good old "St. Ja_ cob's Oil" certainly does reh'eve the pains and aches of Rbeumatisffl. Sdatica, Neuritis, Lumbago and Neuralgia. This soothing, penetrating oil seems to reach right in through the pores and draw out all the iain and ache. And there is no baniinK of the sksn. Get a small trial bottle.of "St Jacob's Oil".at your dmggistland tryj iclic, . rain or iv it out on any pain, •c!li :i~. snrbed into the blood, sttacks the scat of the trouble and checks the growth "This ,s your . eommun.ty . ami . „f ^^^^ It s up to every living one oi jis to | Criomulsion is guaranteed satisfac- stick.tOKether and help ea.h other I ;„ treatment of persistent In ouj- eommnnities. ^ | coiiglis and cold .s bronchial asthma. bronchitis »nd other forms of respira- Sir Henry Irving, the great J-:ng- lish actor^ relintiiiished his Original snrjiame. IJro-Iribh, and 'later oiy diseases,' and is excellent for building lip the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold is cave it a.s a Ciiiist.iau name tp his ; relieved after taking according;to eldest snij... Hemy I',. Irving.: I directions. As!c your druggist, (adv.) IS THERE NO RELIEF FROM SKlN TORTURE? Must I Continue to Suffer the Unbearable Itching? Are you one of unfortunates _wh6 are going through; life suffering .with. ji .skin disoase, making you uncomfortable, mak- inj; you less elTicicnt, interfcfipg with yourlworking hours, ruining your sleep? Ycu may have t^ricd many things without relief. Why not try S.S.S.? For more than 100 years «it has bjjen givinj^ relief ip many forms of skin disease, i Thousands of letter? of gratitude prove, its worth. "I feel so happy for what S.:3.S. has done,'for me that I want others to know about it. I suffered- twehty long years from eczema. At times the itching jvas unbearable; D'aring that time, I used all kinds of sah'es withoui receiving any real benefiti Afti taking si.-t bottles of S.S.S:, was cured of this dreadful d case; I recommend S.S.S. to an; one suffering from eczema, cause I cannot praise it eno for what it has done for me.' Cleophas Fori?, Soldiers and Sailors Hoiiie, Quincy, 111. S.S.S. is purely vegetable. It is extracted fronj the fresh rooti of medicinal plants and herbs aril gives-to Nature what she needa in building you up so that your systeni l3irows off the cause. S.S.S. is sold at all good irxig stores in two sizes. The larger is more economical. L. E. HORTiLLE, President F. 0. BE?iSOX, Cashier 1. W. BECK, Vice-President; E. D. 1A>D, Asst. Cashier UAKRr SIUYELT, Asst. Cashier lOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS Capital Stock ; .$50,00a00 Surplus $43,000.00 THOS. U. BOWJ.rS, Presldejit G. B. BOTVLUS, Cashier Alle^ Couffty State Bank lOlh, KANSAS , ^ Established a [Quarter of a Century Capital Stock ... .30,000.00 Surplus ........... 100,mOO Deposits ....... 1,000,0C*).00 INTEREST iPAIi) OS TIME PEPOSiTS ? SAfETY DEPOSIT BOXES-iFOK KENT I

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