The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 2, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 3
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the Leader is to t« ft«W* 6t AM, the social affairs of M*I*«#a and suf- ftmftdBnf conrntfysl**. if ye* gite ft dinner for friends, or a party, of any social function please phone 160 and teli us of It We Wifl apjH'eeiafe tt ter# much, please phone as soon after the event as possible, thank yont Birthday Oortttine farty Wednesday Mrs. I. ft. Hurst and Mrs. Clark Hilton entertained a group of yottfig people Wednesday evening, Feb. 22, complimenting their daughters, Miss valda Harst and Mrs. Hazel Hilton Cutler. H ira* a complete surprise to the honoreesv The Hilton fan* tly were invited to spend the evening with the Hursts and later the invited guests in old time cos- tntnes catoe In. There were five tables for bridge and delicious light refreshments were served later in the evening. Refreshments included a big birthday _ cake with seventeen (?) candles. It was a very delightful evening. Entertained Sunday School Class Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Grant Chamberlain entertained the Emanual class of the Baptist church last Thursday evening at the Davis home. The first part of the evening wa* spent in the election of officers for the coming year. The re' suits were: president, Sadie Me- Intyre; vice president, Mrs. Leslie Richardson; secretary and treasurer, Lottie Cotadj teacher, Mrs. L. R. Bobbitt. Very clever contests were put on by the entertainment commit'; tee: Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Richard- V. son and Mr, and Mrs. Grant .^.Chamberlain. ' "* * offihe.evenJng 4e- ' =_*_?•.*.;_* i"-_-_"''i> t.i 1 *"**"? il Mr*. B. B. Rerffti 2SL2S* ** ****** *ft*r*e»_a. otHwts IN** , . H. Asset, Mrs. staff* Saifffcw, ****«*•* . , . Verft fittjft, aaa Htn. Attttfft 6* Aft*«**m« "K'BFZiw^^VS. •' >" f s\ s B^Mft^Cburcbm •-"••' -¥* , , ? Mls«,Mae Churchill was the vie- tiro of a well planned birthday ' surprise on Thursday when Ida . Ireland dropped in to spend the evening, closely followed by a group of friends carrying with - them the makings of a delightful lunch. They were Miss Marion , Black, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Mrs. Bessie Mulholland, Mrs. Alice Keckley, Miss Fannie Clark, Miss Sadie Salyera, Miss Rebecca , Brothers, Miss Alice Bently, and Mrs, • Margaret -Mudfl of Kansas '"City. : .Told Farewell Party , Ht the Wilcox Home A group or young people au- toed out to the Wilcox home east of Malvern Sunday, Feb, ge, for a farewell party. Those present were the Misses Helen Jones, Helen Pace, Wah- peeta gcott, Pearle Coze4, Peggy Soott, and Edith Bell, and Raymond Waller, Woyd Walker, Edward Braden. Carter Bartholomew, and Joe ponner, uli ol Mai' vern. RolJle Qood of Emerson, * Air* Kempton of Tabor, and Mr, «nd Mrs. Wilcox and Enid, Merle ancU Gerald, The evening -was spent in dancing, cards, and wort- Ing Jigsaw puszles. Delicious re- frejbmeats were served and & der Mftoiful lime was bR« by all. Ml. afed Utt. LeofrtM AtoSst- ton entftttalned a titrap of thirfr- t*o frtefcds at their hoine thtirt- aay eteainc. carts and datrdnfc furnished entertainment folio-wed by * delicious lafreBi Mf*. fi. o. Canninghato received the gneit fcrtte for high tcota. Mrs. Clifford Alstrope of Omaha and feyron Cloud of Red Oak Were oat of towft gneets. Newt of the Chttfchei Methodirt episcopal church Roy; g. Otttelef , Partof Th<j World'* Bay ef Pfaye? will be observed this week Friday at 2 fi.-tt< in the Methodist church. This sertlee is sponsdfed by the Missionary societies of the' churches, Everybody Is Welcome 1 and urged to be present. Services nett Sunday win be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and preaching at il a. in,, gpworth League at «:80 p. m. and the union service In the Baptist church at ?i3d t>. a», The Inter* national Sunday school lesson subject is "Christianity and Human Suffering." The morning sermon subject is "A Source of Blessing." The Ladies' Circle will meet with Mrs. B. B. Bayes next week Thursday afternoon. Our Bible assignment from Feb. 27 to March 14 is Romans. PAGETHREfe M*fd Gif 1 in Soft MeCWs*. A f *ft*ftt f*fty Wat gfte* *t how* of Mr. and Mrt. E. fi. Hr. 4ft« MM. ettl*e*, ffc«jB&a> Wiyae, fceti, s*a tftittei, and »f. and Mr*. Fred Ateiauder and children, Edith and Dale. Others pntettt wefe: Mr. and Mrs, Dais McClnrs a*4 tS«fc efcfldfea, M*. and Jirl. A. L. Haines aad toft, Mr. and Mrt. tester Mefcdfirson and two children, Mr. aad Mrs. F. A. Bnl- terfleld and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. La Vern Francis and son, Mr. and Mfs. R. (j. Ruse and daughter, ttfc and Mrs. Afch Clay and two daughter*, Mr. and Mrs. Stete ftaine* and two children, Mr. and Mftt. Ben Martin and Walter Howard, they enjoyed a pleasant social time And pot lock supper together. Program lit Ea»t Liberty Church Baptist Church Minister, L. R. Bobbitt It would be interesting and helpful to know why Sunday schools all drop in attendance at tho same time and increase at other times the same. Last Sunday saw quite a slump in the attendance in Sunday schools. The Sunday before attendance increased. What will the pastor preach about Sunday morning? This is Tuesday and he does not know but to help get The Malvern Leader out on time he sends this in. We do expect a splendid sermon whether, we get it tor not. part —^ ,,„,. _.,,». of friends thai in past jr«w» often met together r-%1 f we^n&giijn on Friday responding "" :,to ftsJavitfttiou far a pot Ju<* , -'totter at tjh$ noepitftble hosje of =:; Mfl" »B4 Mrs. A, J, fierkhimer ' ' e, they ate and visited m of make; ft better mon.' ; l- The men's chorus gave us an excellent program last Sunday night, A crowd which overflowed the main auditorium was very appreciative. "The Community Service" next Sunday evening will be at the Baptist church. Let's fill the building, A "Day of Prayer" at the Methodist church Friday at 2:15. A dramatic sketch will be given. B. Y. p, u. at 6:30, 1'resbytcrlan Church Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning worship'at 11, Blessings upon those who fear the name of the Lord, Malachl 4:2 will be the theme of the morning. The attendance at the church services for the past two Sundays have been encouragingly good. Our church year closes March 81, Let us then make these remaining Sabbaths of this fiscal year red letter days in our church calendar by a united effort to meet our obligations towards the benevolent 'boards of the church. The Ladies' Soots! - Union will meet tale (Thursday) afternoon with Mrs, Alfred flail, Qw>r_e-Albert jjj, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs, fleorge A. R«menfeld t was presented tor bap* Usm on Sabbath lust at the Pres ? jan.. church, None present soon forget, the inipj'assioas &» the child smilingly received, the sealing tpkens of baptism. At the-conclusion of the warai»g worship &u4 celebration of tbe Lprd.' 8 gupnej? ofte Qf Jfte elder? prese^- sa^, «Jf churches cg U J<J hare ope m evw? gmi4fty ia ftlj tfee tfee the Ladies' Aid society of the Bast Liberty church sponsored the following program which was given at the church last Friday evening: Song, Congregation. Pfayef, Rev, Barnes. Reading, "At the County Fair,' Evelyn Latchaw. Reading, "ttattc-resqtte," Eva Long, Vocal solo, Corwya Parker. Play, "Mr*. Jenkins' Brilliant Idea." Directed by Mr*. Mary 8warts. Cast of characters: Mrs, Jones, Mrs. Orace Doven spike. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Max Coburn. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Grace Schroder. Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Bessie Parker. Mrs. Scott, Mr*, t.,F. Hays. Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Fern Rew. Mrs. Hodge, Mrs. F, O. Barnes. Mrs. Jenkins, Miss Dora Burgoin. There was a good attendance and everyone enjoyed the program, each number of which was well given. Refreshments were then served consisting of sandwiches, cherry pie, angelfood cake and coffee. A small charge was made for same and the ladies cleared 17.60. They wish to thank each one who contributed In any way, Surprised Mrs. Haines Mrs. Frank Haines was pleasantly surprised Friday, Feb. 24, when a few of her neighbors ar- U? 1 HAD A Wynne Gibson plays .the role of a hard-boiled cafe hostess in Paramount'* fifteen-star attraction, "tt 1 Had a Million," which Comes to the Empress Theater Saturday and Sunday. She's one of the fortunate group, each of which gets a check for $1,000,000 from an eccentric millionaire. Mr«. Wfll 2andftr8 who ftas &*& stefc for ftetefal months re- »*tt« aboat the *a»e, stfll con- flaed to her bed. She felt well enangh te ftave fter children all ftoflie Stttday so they ail went and took their dinners with them and enjoyed * few hows together. The ladies of the Ea*t Liberty Aid Society are to serve lunch at the Roy Brake sale Friday of this *eelt, March 8. They will appreciate donations of pie* and buns from the members and friends of the Society and chnrch. MT. VEKN0N East Liberty Methodist Church the Ladies' Aid program last Friday evening was fine and ev eryone present enjoyed it, The Church Night committee for March is as follows: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks and Miss Hazel Owens. The dale will be announced later. The Scripture reading until March 14 is the book of Romans. Half of the conference year has gone and our superintendent informs us that there will be an effort all over the conference lo get all of the local finances paid up for half of the year. Let everyone cooperate to this end. Please come lo church next Sunday at 10 for the worship service. Church school at 11 with a good lesson on the subject, 'Christianity and Human Suffering" Some farmers are taking time by Ihe forelock in beginning farm work this year by breaking stalks and we saw one farmer busy raking and burning stalks. Tom Wills was subpoenaed to appear in court in Glenwood last Monday as a witness In the Frank Cook Vs. Otha Hyde aulo accl- denl case, the case was continued until April 20. A robbery of gasoline took place at W, A. Bower's one night about two weeks ago and again i few nights later, the gasoline belonged to the state and was Used on the road maintainer operated by Wilbur Bower, the thief or thieves evidently parked their car In the road between G. F, Wilts and the Bowers place and with cans sneaked up to Ihe gasoline lank close lo the road in the barnyard. Removing the faucet, which was padlocked, from Ihe tank they extracted the gas in quantities estimated at from So to 160 gallons. They left no clue excepl where some of Ihe gasoline was spilled In Ihe road where Ihe car was parked, bul not a hair as to Iheir Identity. Chas. Parks Is now busy on several Jobs of painllng and paper hanging. Edwin Wills is assisting Robert Stroud with cutting and hauling wood from Ihe Nlshna valley. DRS. KLINE & KLINE" Or. D. M. Kline Dr. 4. A. Kline Oiteopathlo PhytleUni Office houret 1 to 8 p. m. snd 7 to • P. m. on Wednesday* and 8«turd«y*. Other Hour* by Appointment Office over low* State Savlngi Bank X.Ray Dlagnoiti Phonei: Office 132. Hou«e lie LOCAL SPORTS Oriole* Droft Ltii Tilt to P. Junction Score Bat 9 Point* Af*teftt Toll Athlete* ftom We*t tiy DotiAld Mitilkftfi The Malvern Orioles Journeyed to Pacific Junction Wednesday night for their last scheduled game of the season and also their worst defeat. The Oriole seconds also were beaten by a 22 to 14' tally by the P. J. seconds. Halney waa high point man for the opponents, collecting a total of 16 points. Wills and HOlden tied for high honors among the local hoys with scores of 4 each. The Oriole regulars were handed a severe trouncing of 33 to 9. At the start of the first halt both teams seemed to crave the desire to turn this particular fray Into a wrestling match. Toward the end of the first half the lift was fast becoming Interesting. The score at the conclusion of the first period was 1? to 4 In Pacific Junction's favor. The start of the second period saw the foes run up a very decisive score in the first few minutes of play. Fazel was put from the game on personal fouls at the start of the second period. Hosteller collected 10 polnls for P. J, lo come out high scorer. Summers of Malvern tallied only 4 points to be high man for tho local quint. The local boys played very hard, In fact they played harder than any previous time this season, but It was not enough to overcome tho fast Pacific Junction team. This defeat could not but be expected as the P. J. quln- lei were winners of Hie counly lournamenl held recenlly al Qlen- wood. The sectional tournament is to be held at the same place the early part of next monlh. Pnc. June., S3 tg tt pf i»t«. Kizzier, f 3 2x0 0 8 Melody, f 2 1x0 0 5 Anderson, c —2 2x1 1 0 Ralne, g 2 Oxl 2 4 Hosleller, g ..5 0x4 0 10 Totals 14 5x6 3 33 Malvern, 0 fg ft pf pt«. Armstrong, f _1 0x0 1 2 Summers, f 2 Oxl 2 6 Teams Play Two teams of volleyball players from Tabor will clash with local athlete* this (Tharsday) evening on the Commnnity bnild- ins floor. The usual admlsalon will be charged. Much Play Brings No Rating Change No change in the standings of Ihe various teams of Ihe volleyball league resulted from Ihe strennon s play of Monday evening. Games of Ihe evening: Firemen _.^._15 15 Farmalls 9 14 Leader is 15 Bulcks _*_ 10 11 Cold Slorage ^..16 6 15 Collins _^__ . 11 IB i Mulhollands _.* _. 15 e 15 Post Office H 15 u Annual Volleyball Tournament Next the annual short tournament of the Malvern Business Men's athlellc assoclallon will start next Monday evening. Volleyball team pairings will be announced Ihe evening of play. Bower, c o 0x0 0 o" A. Benlon, g __i i x o 2 3 H. Benlon, g .0 0x0 0 0 Fazel, R 0 0x0 4 0 Conner, g 0 Oxl 1 0 Totals 4 1x2 11 9 Uefcrce: Baldwin of Essex. Fop High Gradn Tankage or removal of all kinds of DEAD ANIMALS call WAYNE LOGAN Phono 15ft, Malvern op RAMSAY RENDERING CO., Bhenandoah everything so well planned that the surprise was complete. A very delicious pot luck dinner was served at the noon hour with home made ice cream and two kinds of cake for dessert. The large birthday cake was baked by Mrs. A,. L. Haines and looked pretty with the decorations and lighted candles, During the afternoon the ladies engaged in needle work and social conversation and Mrs. Haines was presented with several gifts, among them a beautiful lavender bed spread. Not only those present" but many others as well wish Mrs. Haines many happy birthdays. The ladles present were:-Mrs. A, fc. Haines and son, La Vern, Mrs. Dale McClure and son, Dwight, Mrs. A. R. Bird. Mrs, p. B, Crawmer. Mrs. T. E, McClure, Mrs. T. G. Markel, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Laura Kerney, and Miss Josie Kerney, The men folks privileged to par* take of the dinner were: Frank Raines, A- L. Raises, -waiter Howard, and,, Harry Msrkel, Mrs. Frank Hsi.nes spent several daya last week near Bartlett with Mrs. Ruby-Leonard »»»<* children, Mr, and Mrs. g. R. Hurst of Malvern spent » couple of days last week »t the home of tneir daughter, Mrs. 0. M- Nelson, ft»4 fainlly, • • ~ • Misses H»?el Owens and Irene Frlnk, Mrs, Clyde Bargey "and .daughter, Betty, were Glenwaod Saturday afternoo^ The ALE f . arm and moving away I will sell my entire farming equipment, hay, " 1 ' h ° me 11 mUeS ^ n FRIDAY, MARCH Commencing at eleven o'clock ••^•••••••••-•ii^^MB^MI^HBBBMBHaBBMBBM 8 Head Horses 8 Bay mare, 4 yrs, old, wt, ^__ jgOO Bay mare, 4 yrs, old, wt, -,- . "i860 Bay mare, 6 yrs. old, wt, ___„ ""1400 These three mares just broke a year ago, Brown team, mare and gelding, wt, about ___ 2700 Black mare, 8 yrs. old, wt. ~"l400 Bay gelding, smooth mouth, wt. 1300 Gray saddle pony. —— njeetJn§ there, Mr. ftnd'Mra, R. o. 8e»to» were pf •t tlw and wife, Mrs, Qlen, BOB, •• — ..-......—..... - p -^^-».««>^^*^^vvin>^pp*HiBB^ii^BfBii||iii9||MMMi^^HHBIIHHIHHBHHHMI 28 Head df Cattle 28 in TT j ^ 19 head of dairy cattle JO Head of CQWS, giving milk now, Guernseys, Jerseys, and Shwthprn, 3 of them just fresh, a Fall heifer calves j 3 young bull calves, 4 Cows due to freshen right away, two Jerseys, one Guernsey and one Swiss, Shorthorn bull, two yrs, old, and some stock cattle. This is all young stuff and good, M ,. 8 , ftftfl ifn, fi. M, N«}so« 20 Tons Alfalfa, 6 or 7 tons in barn and balance in stack, o Staap, about 15 tons oat hay. 800 bushels of outs in bin, 4,000 bushels go,Q4 yellow corn in crib, HARNESS 4 Sets leather work harness complete, Some extra straps and collars, 14 inch Olivtr gang tractor plows Oliver tw0 row trac, and ftambi&sd corn Joan Peere corn Gao4 MoCormick- ultivator! '' ' ~ "' '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BPBHMBHIBMBHII Implements and Machinery one a good John Deere; Hay stacker! MeCormiok 5 foot mower! John Deere 5 foot mower; John Deere two row Go-Devil; g New Departure cultivator-; Janes* viJle riding cultivator! Good John Deere 19 foot harrow; Four asetloa harrow 5 able elevator and jack; Power feed grinder; Sweep feed grinder; 14 inch Walk* ing plow; Walking lister; John Deere JSudgate seeder 5 4 wagons, low wheel wagon with rack, low wheel wagon with bos, g High wheel with bos; Hob sled; John Deere grain binder; Gainesville 8 foot disc; John Deere 9 foot disc, a good one; a foot disc; Tools? Extra parts, and many other things too numerous for mention, ^PMP fflP^iRlp jjlJ^I^IJI^ 4iraPJttvffw4fiv lag. Liberty Udies with limoh,

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