The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 15, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1958
Page 13
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ANN!! CANYON -TUB MOTHER. INSTINCT) '— » AT WORK I j 5AVANNAH- ARB YOU ALL RlfiHT? •'•AND HER MOTHER B AWAY. UNTIL TONWMT! A'MO lltU. AN AIRLINE KHEOUlE-ANOTHAt MNGERft AODM95IM HOU.YWOOD! THERE CAN RWflONWHYDORWE INNERBAfii MARY WORTH I MAY NOT BE ABLETO/1^ TALK THE CHILD OUT OF ^^ THIS TRAGIC AAlSSTtP'.-BUT J I CAN AT LEAST... -/ POP-By At V«rm«er AND MY DOG OLIVER AND ALL THE KIDS AT SCHOOL] KE CARE OP MOM AND POP AND CARLYLE AND DON'T PORGETT IT a 1W >, HtA «.„*.. >». T.M. II... U.I. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wlfh Major Hoopl. ^^^MUL MATCH THE MONEY, BUT PLAY& INS SANTA IS YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN/JUST MAKE SUR6 4. THE FUNDS SO TO THE NEEDY FAMILY AND MOT THOSE REt>- 6EAKED euzZARDS WHO ROOST AT THE OWLS CLUB- OR YOU'LL BE THE FIRST SAlt^T MICK TO SAIL THE SKIES WITHOUT A THE INMATES OF HOOPLE MANOR HAME DONATED GENEROUSLY TO HELP THE NEEDY FAMILY DESCRIBED IN THE NEWSPAPER/—/ HAR-RUMPH/-"- 5INCE I'M 60SY WORKING MY NEVNJ I TURU THE POMDS JSR TO MOO/, OUT OUR WAY-ByJ. R. Williams •NOW t SAW, IM MV ^\ DREAM.THAT CHR1ST1AN\ WENT NOT FORTH ALONE, FOR THERE WAS ONE WHOSE NAME WAS HOPE* FUL, BEIM4 MAPE 5O"-- SAY, VOUN6MAKI, YOU'RE NOT LISTEN SIT UP IM THAT CHAIR, I^T» MM t 'PILGRIMS PR06RB*S* .•" ?2X!&^ IZ-K CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner T.M. Ri|. U.&. Fit OH. t 1MI b TIZZY-By Kate Osann "Alfred would just love me in this—it's his favorite price!" I M' II I I I I I I'I 11 Surprise them with packages of delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum in their stockings and [around the house. Get several boxes today. NOTE: I Wrigley's Spearmint j comes in bright * Christmas colors-! red and green on white. Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! BEAK DISTRIBUTION Bears are widely distributed throughout. Europe, Asia and North America, while one species inhabits the South American Andes and another the African At~~ " las. Not a single member of the IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS b ? ar fam >* * to * *»>* ^ of the Atlas Mountains. "After school we usually do whatever the boys decide to do. Why do boys always decide to eat?" MAYFLOWER'S FLAGS The Union Jack, known alos as the King's Colors, flew from the mainmast of the Mayflower, which brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620, while the Cross of St. George was displayed from the foremast. / TAKE MORE TEN DOUL AHS ( BACK/.'-MAltfTNOBOt* AH WOULDN'T KtLU~W»F A SONS IN MAH HBAW- ABNIR AH W3UUDNT KIU. PQ'TEN (XXLAHS-IMCLOODIN'MAH THANKS 6V6NIN6iSALLY,,. A CIGAR WOULD HAVE B RESPONSIVE THI TOODUt ARCHIE x Mff.SVENSON, 1 VASH DEI? WOULD VOU AvifOOWS..., CARRV MV w^* NOW I'M BAG TO V DOORMAN THBTAXI? J ANDPORTERf G VM GOING TO A CONVENTION N BALEM, MASS./ JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and J«rry Brendfitld BREvrry«N'TTHe IMPORTANT THIN* HERE.DH.UICAS/ WHEN WE QUIT WORK yes TBRDAY. THE SAME A3 ANY My. SORRY TO BOWER WU, PR. LUCAS, BUT I HAVE TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT STEVB WRISHT .. RNOm&OR.WRISHT If/WHEN 1710 YOU 'SKOR HEAR FROM HIM* VERY WELL. BUT PLEASE MAKEITE>RIEP BECAUSE IM QUITE BUS/.. HOPE prf.WWiSHT CHC BUT IP mSAPPEARANCe THIS CAN'T RUN LON» WITHOUT"'" ' IOIC?NYHEAR WHAT YOU 5AIP, MORTY BLABLABLA MU5HYMU6H BLABLAH MORTY MEEKU I STILL CAN'T HEAR-OUST A MINUTE; MORTY/ , YES...TEU US MORE WE'LL GO WITH \OJ ABOUT THIS CHUNK ON THIS ITALIAN V OF LIGNITE YOU CALL PROJECT, BRONSONX OREOPITHECUS BUT WE'D LIKE TO BE BETTER INFORMEP/ WELL...COMRAREP TO OOP, WHOSE POUNJPS STACK UP TO ABOUT SIX FEET, OREO'P BE QUITE SMALL. ALLEY OOP W£R'E«AY(NQ? / <^Svu NICTURA.U.Y IP HE'S TEN MILLION YEARS OLD ANP PROBABLY A LOT CLOSER TO THE MI5SIN6 UNK THAN ANV- THING FOUND LOMGXWtS DOWN OUR FAMILY TREE DON'T BfLONC ID THE MIMING UNK6CHQOL OFTHaifiHT/ ELLEN, GO V*TCH FOR BUD AT THt HE'5 PUB ABOUT MOW EPIE, THERE'S A BIT PART IN MBXT PLAY THAT ELLEN MM TO HANDLE- WASH TUBBS WHr PBNT THE KIP A E>RE*Kf WITH YOU COACH WflHER- SHE'S NOT STASI-ftTRUCtC kVeTiMMl WHY MART MOW I I WANT TO 5PARB HER THB HARD KNOCKS I'VC WkP Mice l M« T l'l.'ffiPNfi'CHOICi THERB* A 80V WHO LOVI5 TO COMft HBRB AND OPIN MV IVI* THEy CAM BR (AMCRIBP...UKJLBM BUOS SUNNY HEY, SYLVESTER! YER SUPPOSED r SLOW DOWN TRAFFIC WHILST I'M WORKIN 1 .' SO WHAT! YA STILL SOT A .JOB T 1 DOI 'YOU'RE A HARP TASKMASTER! HMAA... FRECKLES READ CLASSIFIED ADS &RR.' ITU. TO 66T INDOORS / AWK.'irs* COLPCR. IN HERE THAN OUTSIPE//10 iVA AIR COMt>ITlON- I C .BUT,SIB— SURBLY you wouwWr - *XN<3 'LWS Of AN MOQQQ • RINKt ll» '* Ut. t AUSTIN (Minn.) HtffAtO fft Monday, fee. ft, 1M» IV _- ... ,J,J»*.»i.. ... **WUIHMMhHBftl SHORT RIBS m-H JACOBY S BRIDGE < By OSWAtO 1ACOBT ' Written for NBA Service PeMlmlstlc Pet* won* the optninf heart lekd and remarked, "I Imagine the trumps will all be In one hand. I hope It l» the We»t hand." Fete then played his aoft of trumpe and (ure enough West did hold four to the Jack-ten. Pete'i next play was hli elngleton diamond and when dummy's jack lost to the queen he remarked that he never worked at tin- ewe. last played a heart back and Pete won and led the six of trumps. West played the ten and dummy the queen. Pete carefully ruffed a diamond with, the nine of trumps and led the five. West played low and dummy won with the seven. Another diamond waa ruffed by Pete's last trump and Pete went to dummy with the king of apades. Dummy's king pf trumps pulled West's last trump and also allowed Pete to discard his losing heart. Now NOBTH AKJ4 if 462 KJtl 4.KQ74 EAST A9I8S 4J10IJ 4AQ191 44 + AMII Mo «M vylnwab** We* *««(» 14 Pax 14 Pw> 14 Vim 34 • 4 PM fut Paw Pete's spades were good for the rest of the tricks. Like molt of Pete's hands the pl»y was flawless. He had started with a safety play to guard against a 4-9 trump break and then when all tla- mond plays were loser* Pete managed to bring home bis contract by dummy reversal. Treat for Tots Baby la never lowly la or* w «*r- rUg« with thit cww of happy Plai- mutcs for company. '~"" Prettiest of all baby'e gifu — «*»• le$t embroidery 1 Pattern 815: traof- fer of » motifs Wi * a laches: direction* for cover. From* a pair as nu»- ery pictures. send Thirty . five Ce«ti («oin«) tot this pattern — a44 4 . tor » copy <a 19M I*ur» Wheeler Needd»cra/t Book, it UMlow- ly dMiKtui to ordur: embwlO«nr, t/Kte cU«t, kaltttog. vMvlOK. <iuUtI lit the book. » «p«oi»l " malt* a utti« yiri; Uoil, cloUie* to — 1W5^^ ^

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