The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 22, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. .XXVIII—NO. 30 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevilla Herald, BlyUwvlll* Dally Neva, Mississippi Valley Leader. HI YTIIKVILI.K, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, Al'IUL 22, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Marion Aspires To Be Both Reno and Gretna Green MARION. Ark—This lltllc town oT 500 souls, long noted as a marriage mart of the soutli. Is preparing to be (lie mecca for divorce feekers as well. It has been a Gret- jin Green, now it hopes to become n Reno. too. Couples can be married at a five- minute curb service by Squire Wylie or be married almost equally as quick by Piirson Fleming. Across liie street, is the Crilteuden conn- ly courthouse, where the wheels fli'e commencing to turn so discontented couples can (jet quick divorces at bargain prices. Just across the Mississippi river and only a few miles away is Memphis, Tenn.. to gel a divorce under the new law for as little as $50, figuring' court costs as $25 and the bargain price for'a lawyer nt $25, One Is eligible to file suit utter residing In the slate for 00 days. "This new 90-day law Is a gooc Ihlny.' says A. B. Carter, clerk o! the county court, who holds HIP record for writing the most marriage licenses per capita for nils' lowl In America. "They can coine over liere and yet married or divorce! without losing any time." The lawyers aren't "losing am time," either. Since the moyeiu'jni that Hie ftrsl of the divorce seek' where members of the divorce col- ers . Mre - Gladys Smith, of Corinth ony may find plenty of amusement. Mlss " established residence in Ma During the past 12 months marriage licenses were Issued to 3000. In the past 21 ^months the squire has married 3200 persons. Parson Fleming—who is really the Rev. L. P. Fleming, a Baptist^- Uoes a big business, too. And now the lawyers and courts are going to have their chance. :lt has all happened because of Arkansas' new 90-day divorce law which goes into effect June 12. The gentlemen of the bar hope for an Influx- of divorce seekers that will increase the population by 200 per cent. Bargain Divorce Kates •It is estimated it will to posslbb STILL UNSETTLED i Board Will Present Minimum Budget at Meeting Tomorrow. rion and retained Attorney Newel N. Fowler. Memphis divorce spe cialist, things have been mnvhi' fast. IxiMls Want Businrss As soon as it was learned that n Memphis lawyer had been hire; the Marion County Bnr Associa tfon \vcnt fnto a huddle with fcelf It wasn't going to let those Mem phis attorneys make all the mone' if it coulrt help it. Out It came wlt> a resolution declaring counsel to divorce clients must be licensed I practice .law in Arkansas. Fowle countered. A new firm sprang u in Marion—Fowler & Berry—wit Frank lierrv licensed to urnctlce in Arkansas. It's a merry fight. It takes 20 minutes to drive from Memphis to Marion. It has been predicted freely that If this Crittenden county town does be ("mi" the divorce mecca, divorce seekers ill merely-rent a room-and go to Tcmphts for their fun and enter- inment while their Arkansas cit- enship is developing. Whether billboards and electric igns will advertise the town as a cccnd Reno and quote rates for Invite Marriage and Divorce Business Final decision on a program for solving the financial problem of the Iccal school district will probably be reached tomorrow, when the special citizens committee...gjfc. pointed at a public meeting Monday nieht will meet again with the sciiool board. The board and the committee met Tuesday afternoon, but adjourned to permit the board to reach a decision en some points involving next year's budget. Al a meeting this morning tho board completed a budget calling fcr slightly less than $90.000. This expected to receive the board's final 'ratification at anothrr meeting to be held tonight, ar.d will bs presented to the citizens committee tomorrow as the minimum under which continued operation of the full school system on a nine months basis will be posslblle. The budget provides for salan reductions for all school distric' employes, and for reduclion in th< teaching force. Four Men Arrested for Hawks Store Robbery "I Wasn't Even Cheery" .Famous Flyer Protests Low Temperatures Again Predicted Alter Close Call Last Night. While no reports were received here today of damage to cotton or other crops froni last night's low lempeinture farmers WX'ie apprehensive today as the prediction of host, apparently unfulfilled last night, was renewed for tonight. A minimum -temperature, of W WHS recorded here last night, low enough for a light frost.under certain atmospheric conditions. With a clear sky and absence of wind damage might result from an equally low temperature tonight. While the principal damage In this vicinity from frost would b? (o cotlon. there U also the possl- Jblllty ot Injury to beans, tomatoes ] potatoes uml oilier tender vegetables. The roadside sign in Marion to dire ct marriage couples to (he home of nev. L. 1>. Fleming ISaptisl preacher, Is shown above, with Rev. Fleming just btlow. Al the rifht is Mrs. Gladys Davis Smith of Corinth, Miss., Marion's first "divorce immigrant 1 ' to file suit tliere under Arkansas 1 new law and, below, the Crlltcnden where her suit.will be iH-urd. Even though there should be no rost cotton growers ar« hoplne for lie early pacing of (he cold-wave which descended on .northeast Arand southeast-Missouri last night. Cotton is essentially a ho! weather plnnt and Is susceptible t- damage by low temperatures even when there Is no actual frost. A good deal of cotton Is. already u; in tills vicinity. WINDSOR. Out., April 22 (UP) — l.ady Mary Hi-alh, famous British avlnlrlx, failed to appear In magistrate's remit here today to face Irlal on ft charge of drunkenness, mid her ball was declared forfeited. Booked as Mary Heath, she spent six hours In Jail before she was released on ball of $1660. When she failed to ap|>car Magistrate U. M. lirodlc look brief testimony. "She was In n very drunken condition," Constable Alfred Carter, who wllh another constable made the arrest,' tesllfled. That concluded the testimony and the fine and costs were entered against her. Reginald 1). Williams. New York, her secretary, who was with her, was arrested loo, but subsequently was relsascd without charges being llled. At her hotel room I.ndy I^eath was Informed of Hie for felturc of her bond. "Honor bright," she suld, " wasn't drunk. I wasn't even cheery It's Just a mean dirty old trick." She spoke last night at a Y. W C. A.' meeting and n private ban qiiet, nick divorces Is a matter of con- ecture. But judeini; the future by ie past, that will happen. , Signs Point Way Lock for the roadside sign—mar- iaije-minded couples can't go vroni now. "Tfn.'TWaf to a. Baptist Minister." >ne sign atnn? the road re^ds. An rrow points the wav. At niehl t'i» ign Is electrically lighted for the lenefit of moonlight wedding par-1 ics. In front of Parson Fleming's home s a huge marker with letters two eet high bearing the advice "Bnp- ist Pastor." It costs $3.60 for a license and S3 'or performing the ceremony. Some Bel by by telling the preacher n hard luck story and paying onlv one little dollar. He's a goo3 fellow, but usually he and the squire hold out. for the standard fee. "And that's cheap enough when you're called out at any hour of the night." they will tell you. Reverend Fleming often sits on the porch of his little frame house, apparently waiting for business. It's within "hollerin? distance" of the courthouse, as is most every other house In the village. "Try to Include Prayer" "I try to complete the ceremony with prayer, when they give me time." explains Reverend Fleming "But most of the time they are in i hurry." Behind the counter of his general siore. Squire A. B. Wylle. quiet, middle-aged man with drawing speech, stands, waiting for bus- ness. He's a cotton farmer, a gln- ner. a merchant, but most tmpor- ant of all. a justice of the peace He's naturally endowed with tin southern trait of slow speech—bu when the nmriyl'.q business picks up he tvpifies prtion. "Most couples want the five minute curb service." he diawls But some want to come in an have me string It out to about 1 minutes." Couples deciding in Memphis o plans for marriage can have th hookup made in 30 minutes. Tha gives them 20 minutes to drive t Marlon, five minutes to get a llcens and five minutes at the "altar There's no red tape. They just step to a telephone, ca the Marion operator, nsk for No. 1 I (lucky or unlucky) and say: "Co; MEMPHIS. April 22 (UP)—Rear ing rlgnl overi ge t a preacher an Admiral Richard E. Byrd. world. n u censc ready." Lots of younj cou famous explorer whose pet dog i p]C5 from Tcnncs see do just that. Igloo, his companion on trips toj „ . _^ D Soon both the North and South Poles, lfsl c , ., died yesterday, arrived here today Members of th£ bar asso:iatlo for two lecture engagements, drlv-1 and county officials are watchln Ine qnictlv from the railroad sta-! anxiously the prozress of the fir lion to the hotel where he said j »» the divorce seekers, Mrs. Glad he would remain In seclusion until Davis Smith. It's a test case. She time for his lectures. (Pretty and she's pttite-but sh; Pubilc receptions and a banquet wants to leave her husband, a con- honoring him were cancelled at his. durtor. ""'* Incompatibility, she request h*^ admitting this is the third . | estrangement. Just now there Is only one dark cloud on the horizon. Various ministers and club women In Arkansas are circulating petitions to set aside the new 90-day divorce law. flTTrl ALFW FIELDS Farmers in Osceola District 'Report Serious Damage by Plant Lice. Little Eleanor Hojtfi to Go Splash . Into Mivlflo Zicgfeid's Follies By NEA Service NEW YORK Miss'.Gleaner Holm, one of the- youngest: but onn of the greatest of America's women swimmers, has landed with j a- considerable splash In Hie ne^v | Ziegfcld Follies. 13ut not as a diving OSOEOLA, Ark.—An -infestation istar, to pose and plunge, or evrti of green nrihlds .or plant lice, such. os a pretty bathing girl. EleanM as commonly attack flower andl,,/ lQ ' bc cast ,„ , lu i c gir , parts , Frar Fruit Crop Hurt BENTONVILLE. Ark., April 22 (UP>—Fear that extensive.damage was suffered by fruit crops In northwestern Arkansas last night when the lempcrature dropped to nea: county couHhouM freezing lavels was expressed today 1 by orchardists here. • Fruit growers In this section were unable to estimate the" extent of the damage but declared that prospects for n million dollar crop were ma- erially lessened by the cold snap Berries, grapes and truck gardens verc tlic hardest hit. It was be levcd following n check-up today Whether the apple -crop suffered could not be determined. Prior to the cold wave fruit men had predicted the largest apple crop In this section In the past six vegetable gardens, has spread to the alfalfa fields of south Mississ-' iupi County and is doing untold amagc to the crop The leaves are ginning to curl and the plants-to rn yellow on large acreages near •re. i The infestation on field crops to ich. an extent as to effect inater- 1 damage is new in the experi- ncc of local farmers, and no prac- cal. means of control is known, ccording to County Agent S. D. arpenter, who recommends spray- i order to save it. is not advocated by Mr. Carpenter who says that 'hllc the present crop may be sav- d In this manner the result will e permanent damage to the stand f alfalfa. Four men were confined In jai this morning charged with the rob bery of O. C. Hawks store on East Main street last night. A. D. Gwyn of the city police force and members of Constable Harry Taylor's force recovered part of the stolen articles and arrested the men within n few hours after the robbery occurred. The men held were Jorm B. Bak- tr, B. O. Moody. U. V. Moody and Hugh Haynes, all charged with burglary and grand larceny. Baker is also charged with Illegal possession of liquor and will face trial in police court while the others will be given preliminary hearings on felony charges. A quantity of tobacco, cigarettes, potatoes and a .25 automatic pistol were stolen from the store and later recovered, officers say. Admiral Bvrd Arrives for Memphis Lectures with hd'lr ribbons and ruffles. It was nt the national swimming championships- at Lon<; Beach. Cal., last summer that Florenz ZtegfeM first saw Eleanor. She never had given a thought to a stage career. But when Mr. Zlegfeld began: casting the other day, he offered the 17-ye»r-otd naiad a job. Assuming that-he wanted her as a swimmer, she. refused. For that might affect ; h«r amateur standing, and Follies 'oryno Follies. Eleanor ig with nicotine sulphate or Black | had no Intention of giving lip com- taf 40 where practical on small r pet it ive swlmmin" mas such as flower or vegetable "™™ s - , , . A sugsestlon made by some armers that the croft be cut now T|lm R WM explaincd thnt . „,. though she might have to hang ^ Qf her c]oU|CS on a h , ck |(mh M , rs Ho , m wollWl> . t , lave to go near the water. She has, Mr. Ziegfeld assured her, plenty of the necessary requisites—looks and personality. Standing 5 feet 2 inches, Eleanor looks like a candidate for the pony ballet. She weighs 112 pounds, and her method of train- Ing is very simple. She doesn't. Just the other day, In celebra- (oJin Frashier, Pioneer Little River Farmer, Dias . tion of her selection for the Fol- OSCEOLA. Ark.-John Frashier, Hcs. Miss Holm donned a bathing ,3 died nt his home on LIU'* Riv- suit and won the SCO-yard medley er 12 mllrs west of here following crown for the fourth consecutive n ten day's Illness, of pneumonia, year. She followed this with n vlc- Fiinerr.l services were conducted tory in the 100-yard back stroke, from the residence followed by Thus she came nearer her main burial in the Frashier family ccm- j objective — the Olympic G.imes Eleanor Holm etery. Mr. Frashier, who was a well | - j next year. [esse James Outclassed bv "Political Hiqliwaymeri' Says lYlemphian. MEMPHIS. April 22 (UP)—Congressman Ed Crump, west Tennessee political leader, broke his silence regarding the Investigation of the Tennessee state government of several weeks duration today and In a crisp statement criticized the methods employed by Governor Henry Horton. ' . "It JCMO James were 'to enter the- capltol of the old' Volunteer state he would put the spurs and cluck to Ills horse,"/ the statesman said, "realizing that the nitroglycerine political highwaymen were ahead of hini and he had better go on," GED RS EJF ILLS Threatens Capitalistic System Declares Senator James Couzens. WASHINGTON, April 22. (UP) — Senator James Couzens, Republican, Michigan, a multimillionaire, attributes unemployment and attendant UK In the United States to unrestrained greed. This wealthiest member of congress Is convinced the capitalistic system must be put In order by those in charge of It or suffer the consequences of regulation by tho people. Although he prefers the scheme of private Initiative upon which American business and industry have based their phenomenal development,. Couzens says he ' Kentucky' Wants CaldweU .. LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 22 (UP) —Governor Fle'm D. Sampson of Kentucky was asked today to is-, sue requisition papers for the return to Louisville 'of Rogers CaW- well, Nashville financier, under In; dlctmeut for irtaklng false ' statements regarding.the credit of his firm, Caldwcll and company. ; A bench warrant was Issued for his avu'st by Judge A. T. Burgevln- mid bond fixed at S50,000. W. Clark Otte, CommonwtaUh attorney, who sent a representative to see the governor today said .he doubted .If Caldwcll could bs brought here until charges against him were settled irt Nashville. Tennessee law, Otte said, prohibits the' governor'fiom honoring requisition papers white a man is under i»- dlcfmcnt in that state, | - '3 .Is .beginning. ' the Ameri: . . . can people can continue to rely on .' He discussed such matters in an Interview the United Press. Indicted In Ashevllte . A3HEVILLE, N. C.,—Conspiracy io defraud the Central Bank & Trust Company of this city of more than $1,000,000 was charged . against three prominent Tennes- seans and two Ashevllte financiers today in a new batch of grand Jury indictments naming 18 men In all. ' ' , Col. Luke Lea, Luke Lea, Jr., and E. P. Crtarlet of Nashville, and Wallace B.'Davls,•president of the brink, and J." Oharles Bradford; cashier, were Indicted on the |1,000.000 conspiracy county. Previous Indictment had charged the' Leas,' »» i • to Memphis. . Real Reason for Return J ects clalm ' s of ' n ' B Republican pnr- Ixelurn ty upon his vote when party prin- |clples counter his own Ideas. Ths __ [senator spills his vote between th« MEMPHIS. April 22 tUP) — «B"Iar and the. progressive Repubr Clarence Saundcrs, nationally prom- llnin groups and belongs to neither. incnt grocery store magnate, said The best definition of his status In His Ideas llhiftrate the extent to^Charlet *nd Davis'with conspiracy which he rejects the accepted rich; *V lcfrr '" d the instltutlcin of * MO '' man's philosophy and similarly re-' """ here today his return to Memphis had been made sooner than he had planned because of the expected birth of a child. Snundcrs who recently .lost control of the Clarence Saunders stores the senate Is "Irregular." The United IPress sought from Couzens the answer to tills question: "Who is rosDonslble for the economic strain?" MO. of California and who' was not 1 "? doubt it you can say who U permitted to continue the sale of'responsible." he replied. "But you Ills stock through a ruling in the can 'say what Is responsible. Tt •!• California commission said that a unrestrained greed. And all who are hospital room for the expectant actuated by unrestrained greet 1 mother already had been engaged, share responsibility for these con- The present Mrs. Saunders who dltlons." rotumrd here several days ago' from California is his second wife Assesses $10 Fine for and is about 12 years his Junior. By his first wife from whom he was separated about 3 years ago two boys and one girl were born. Saunders made this announcement while toying wllh blue prints I of a new downtown store he Is I planning to open here soon. theatrical swim now. known farmer in the Little River | section of the county, was born; here in 1888 and wos a member of the pioneer Mississippi County family lor whom the Trashier community on Little River was named. He Is survived by two brothers, W. H. and Sims Frashier. and a sister, Mrs. Sam Gant, all of the Frashier community. European Airways. Three Hurt Fighting Big Washington Fire WASHINGTON, April 22 (UP) — Fire early today which for a time threaten-d an entire -congested bvsi'iess block In downtown Wash- . breaking non-stop flight from I/m- ' ' ' Legion Holds Annual Outing at Big Lake About 250 members of Dud Cason ! post, American Legion, gathered at ' Pcttyvlllc last night for the post's Fried fish was Frog Pond Cafe In the dance pavilion, and <ie- Q.. or 'spite a sudden drop in temperature u • there was every evidence that the annual outing, served by the |criwd enjoyed the affair. Robert Sisson. department Failure to Buy Auto Tag Charley T. Nash was fined $10 by Judge W. D. Gravettc In police court this morning on » charae j ^"f i""' ! „* /..u...... i~ i..... tn<n _u.. *...*„] Deu nere Infant Son • of Burdette Couple Dies This Morning Funeral services are belnj heW this afternoon for Robert L. Smith, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Smith of Burdette, who succumbed at the family home at 1:20 o'clock this morning. Interment will be made at Sandy Ridge cemetery. Funeral plans ate in'charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. Tho deceased is survived by, besides his parents, a brother, 1 Er- wln. and a sister, Bosetta. Safe Blowers Get $300 ,, From Marked Tree Store MARKED TREE, Ark., April 22. (UP)—The safe of the Cole Furniture company was blown nnd rob- today of $300 ac- ly Hancock, manag- wln says a more drastic flne will Prohl Offensive probably be meted out to others iir-n o »i . i t founded up In the police drive Will Start Next July against city motorists who Rave not yet purchased city car tags. DENVER, Colo., April 22 (UP)— IIuff and Davis, two negroe crip- Plans for a national offensive P'". were arraigned before Judje against violators of the 18th amend- Gravette this morning on charges ment were announced here by of fighting. The Judge released Federal Prohibition Director Amos ] the pair after lecturing them an.1 W. W. Woodcock, who today was' admlnlshlnf Cripple Davis end jtlgated the safe anc blown with nltro-glycerlne. Hancock said he believed the job was done by local persons familiar wltti the building. The safe was demolished. Inspecting department forces this district. Woodcock said by July I the prohibition force would be tncreas ed by 500 men and by the midJle of that month the new men would "be trained and in the field." l n ! other negroes to desist from teas ' ing Huff, a paralyzed negro who has been a pathetic figure on the city streets for many years. r ' ' I Robert Sisson. department ad- pn\ip An-ll •>•> MTPI rantaln ' lllt '" n( " and J - Q - Kel ' lV ' ot Llttle r-L- ni •! L Frank LfksAnLcanmer^r-: Ro<:k . ™* Dr. Pratt, commander of Chinese Philosopher 5SS k .» H ft« »^r»ni "''Lord «« Jonesbsro post, dropped in for n ..K... I 11:43 a. rn. after a record fngton. was brought under con- trof after three hours. Five alarms brought apparatus from all over Washington. Three don to Rome. liuwks said he had averaged 17< miles an hour. required only five ho'.irs and pas' a brief visit with the Mississippi county legionnaires. . firemen" were' Injured, one perhap',22 minutes for the flight. Th: for- scrlnnsly. He was struck on the mer record was12'.t hours. heH by head by falling timber and removed to a hospital for treatment. Spanish Republic Gets American Recognition WASHINGTON. April 22. (UP) ] They are trying to obtain slgna- 4-The state department announced' tures of one-sixth of the voters to today the formal recognition by th? ^lop operation of the law and fore 1 . United States of the new republl- i It to a referendum. But the Arcan government of Spain. Secrc- Xansas Bar Association and the Ar- tary of State Henry L. Stlmson per- \ kansas County Clerks' Association sonnlly announced the government's' are back of the law. They want the action, | business. Commander Charles Klngsford- Smllh. Hawks reduced It by 7 hours and 8 minutes. Three Bound Over for Theft of Cotton Seed R. J. Pillow, W. W. Fletcher and Norman Harrington were bound over to await the action of the grand Jury by Justice Ed Walker this morning on charges of grand „ „. ,„,— ilre „.,„ „„... larceny In connection with tha pany announced today that Cap- theft of approximately a ton of tain Frank Hawks had landed In S lit Is Back to Jxmdon ROME, April 22. (UP)—Cap'.sin Frank Hawks departed on his return trip to England at 1:41 p. m, today. Down In France HESTON AIRDROIvIE. England. April 22. (UP)—The Texas corn- cotton, seed from the C. S. Stevens gin near Dell. Bond for each of the men was plawd at $1,000. a field about 150 kilometers south of Paris due to bad weather. Bolt he and his plane were reported safe. Chinese Yale Graduate to Build Model District PEIPING. (UP)—Dr. James Yen. a graduate of Yale University, has been asked by General Chian Kai- shek to take charge of the task of D H • M V t I making General Chiang's native KOValty in new I OrK I district south of Nanking into a I model district, where all the peo- SCARBOROUGH ON THE HUD-' pie may learn to read and write Crowd Greets Siamese _ Declines Lecture ray SON, N Y., Apm 22 CUP)-A jour-'.Chinese. ney that brought them half way I Dr. Yen la founder cf ths PEIPING. (UP)—The foremost D r C L n' -Chinese philosopher, Dr. Hu Shlh, rOHCe Sabres Disperse |has declined to accept half the pay Rioting Berlin BERLIN. (UPWTumu,- to Dr. Hu, , ..,— — ._-. irijs oner was mauc iw I-M. nu, luous scenes occurred today when and he rwd to Iec . ure two hours police clashed twice wllh several' a weelc ,rtt). |OU (, M .. hundred -jr.amployed who tried to ,. R . en lf th ' '£ !uch R prece . storm the clly hall. They vrere| denti I do not 55^ ^ teneftt by dispersed with scbrcs. Lands Autogyro Plane On White House Grounds ill," said Dr. Hu. "I have a full- I time Job with the China Pounda- jtion, so that I csn afford to give my time to lecturing wllhout pay." Colleen Moore Through With Movies She Says NEW YORK, April 22. (UP>Luban House Approves Colleen Moore has quit the movies. D.l't:/. 1 A Mn «.t D:)! !he "inounced today upon her re- r OlinCal Amnesty BUI mm from a vacation In the West Indies. "I'm out of pictures and HAVANA, Cuba. April 22 (UP)— don't expect to go back," Miss G. Ray piloted a Pltcalrn ClervalThe house of representatives today Moore said. "1 may go abroad for Autogyro down beside" the executive j approved a bill for total political a while but my plans are still In- WASHINOTON, April 22 (UP) — An alvcraft was landed In the White House grounds for the first time In history today when James mansion. amnesty In Cuba. around the world ended today for Education movement in China. He King Prajadipok and Queen Rambl has worked for years In the coun- Baml of Slam, the first reigning j try of Tin^hslen, in North China, Oriental monarchs ever to visit the making *.it:i perhaps the most pro- United States, peveral thousand gresslve county In the country. Gen. persons were at the station at noon Chiang wants him to do the same to greet the royal couple and their , iSO rt of Job In his native county, and picturesque entourage at the ter-' has agreed to supply, the funds, minus of their transcontinental 1 railroad tourney. WEATHER ARK A N'S AS—Fair, probably with frost tonight, Increasing cloudiness Thursday. According to tiis official weather observer, Charles Phillips Jr.. the minimum temperature yesterday was 40 ric rees and the maximum, 79 dcgrxc~. cloudy 'rtth .02 Inches o! rain. Today a year . ago ths minimum temperature was 50 degrees and the maximum, 76 degrees, partly cloudy. | definite."

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