Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1928
Page 3
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• -I THE IQLA DAILY REGltyfEH. THURSDAY EVEN IN Til*''l:;:Mt«rii null «( i\u' Wotnoii'H Piitii) riiirraii will i» I lommrow iilti'rtMKMi ;ii III'* lioHiV of Mrn. -CiM-il lliimllmii. Hfi Nonli Kli'«l I' i-iii-Kiiiilz'.- for IttJS. Atli-iilliiii '1. >V. A. \il WfKiilnifii itiiil ihnlr. fuiii- illi's ';itl<'4iil joinl illHUilliil^oil .'It W.MMIJIII II Mull 'riuirmlfiy. Jmi. 12. . \v, II. COIUKII. • Mriiltcii lines. Ki S.S.r.ii v.iliifM .;'i> ;ii-$i.1»S. Apnt {'IIKII Shop Store. Miriii .Miif Hinilriik..* will Ko to Is;iii-i(>j City loiiiKlit III vi.sit li«>r iii.i.-.. Alii - llfii(lri<k.>;. iif rii.eiry- Avhci \- in' Uo«..;in-li Hospiliil HliiTi: -111- li:is iiii(li'i(;<iii<' a nias- tiijil r;ii ioii. .Miss llciidrii-ks will jf-iii.iiii (iv.T 111!' wi-fk-i'nil. • \ i:ih 111' gioii ili'|irMiiI..)ilf Llimp (•<i;il ^i!i rnick. JrV-'iii pi.r. ton <ilf car, .^I'LJ.", j«'V lull •lielivcriil. lulii .Uiiik iihil (.'iiiil Cii. iilMn.- ;'.17. fiisi iloor iroitli: Kiily il'.-Jml. - - ijiauiti'iil H:its :it ..V2.:.i) ;anil l^'l .'lit.; :iii liiiliiiic iifW ^5l )^illK jiiini- I'-rs. i .Alsli *ilk iliiri 'iiii JfiLsifry. ::riii| .<1.7.'. I-Mw.itils MiUiiiPvy. .Mr'. H:'.r:ii(rri IIIHKII'! \vt»lll tn K;:iiii;i-i City liils iifliinmni lo visit lit-r ^1)11. (;l<'!i IfiilKni. :i s.Tlo--in:in 1(11.l*ii' .\;il Miii:il fjiiljoii C'.'iuliaiiy. 'if lt>,-iiv.-r. Cnlo.. v.hii will h.- Iliiri' liMir cl;iys ,ill<-iriliii^ .1 iipiiipiiiiy. 1'•iiViWiiiiPii. - For KP;II n -iaic Loans .sc*« the S«Ttiril.v HIIIL'. A i.tmn AsMx-iutioii, I(llu,;h>.. Oflir.. ill First JJaiik. .Ml fiiniiriii-.. :irir! Imii: I'liolil <.:iiiii|s ill liniiK' ;if .';iil Smith .('..lii.ii II will liir s;,|,. •riiiirsiliiy, I'rid.iv ;iiii| Sniiird.iv Uils uvi-k. C.iH irMiii 1 '"I |i. III. Ill l:iiii (,. ni. • 11- ioli.|iliiiii>. Iiiii .-,w iiir .'iiiiinlni- iiitiit, .(1. II. I'iuUi'iliiiK. ' ' i Ml-: l;i)v i':Mil :iii<l il;iii;;!ilir MO.'.I (.11 III,. 11 S:iiil;i I'- ii»il:iy jh.r I.<i, .\iuri.|i's. Cnlif ifnir p:iriiiir. ami ^ratid- ..ii <r .Mrs. 'I'. ).• Sinc- .MIHN TholiiiH Slii-llitu rciiirncil I 10 ('offeyvlllc. .K »u., todiiy iirtt -r ii i VIMII with lifr pnrfniH. .Mr. mi 'l i Mrn. Dun Itlip. —All fiirnltiiri* uiid hoiixfltolir iiixnln ill iny liotiip :iit 'Mtl South Colljorti: will he foi- i«nli' TlmrHduy.; Krltluy ami Siitnnlay ih'lt w»pk.' fall from l.On p. m.j to l:it(» p. in. ] ,ui- ti'lrplioni- lOtHiW for appoint- 1 j iin-nt. (). II. I'urkrnint;. —O. h. Cox, M. T). Speelttllst, Eye, Ear, Nose dnd Throat. .Mr. MrH. C. K. Alli>n wont to ChanuiH t<iday to vi'iii Mrs. .'\l- : IciiV! purfni.s. .Mr. and .Mrs. Hen I lli-i niloii. .\otke, , —It has bt-en rumorod that fllen .^tafforcl and Alva FJaik wt-ri' ai- (•UKed of my rei-enr holdup. Tlii.'i Is all a mistake .is I personally know where the«« two sienllenieii !were at that time. And if aiiy one I accused them, they were mistaken ja's ih<*y were,innocent! absolutely. I {Sisiiedl .TOH.V \V. HARLKV. i Bayard. Kansas. Pntirrul of .Hr<«. »."H. Brewrr. The rijneral »ervlce.s for ..MrH.^ Dan H. Hrewer will lie held «t the Sleopcr Si-rvUe Room tomorrow iittifrrnoon at .'t o'clock with the Iter. Harvey <i. .MathlH officiaMnR. HiirlHl will take plare in the loli^ eetiielery. HeKular inewfinB .\niericuii 1^- Kluii .\uxlllary toniorrov.- at ."iXt'i oVI_o<k. Meuiorial Hall. Installu- lioii of offlci-rs. Every member iiri{ed to he prettent. -Special reducilonK on Pant^i IhlH luonili. Wo make them. $7.'<(i. .loe, The:Tnllor. Mr*. U. K. >'»]:ton Head, .Mrs. E<Iith Kthelyn Russell Norton. HKed 4" yjeura. |>aH«ed away Thursday morning at 12::!<) o'L-luc.k ut the home of her pui'cniii,' .Mr. and .Mrs. S. E. Itiis^ell, of near fKrlyle. Tfie |{.-v. (• C. Hamiltob will . hold a lui. r servlee at the houii^ of her parents nt 10::iO Sat- urxlay inorninK. after which the body will he t.iken to her home In ilronsiin where .servlccM wiil he held HI the Itaptist church Sunday nfternoorf »i l:lii o'clock, the Re». C, Troiif. dean of the Teachers Coli'ege III IMiisiinrK. who baptized her. offlrlflMi;. She lK»re her .i<uf- r -rlnes like .1 i"lii-lHtiah martyr, iand he- Imi!.-• was net In ord*r. Mrs. Verna Walker Sharer. nfjWeek.s ai;o ,she gave her partjns I'aiiipn. Fla.. arrived this afternoon'ailmoiiition to her two hoys. Uuc- irallefl liv the illneHx of Iter Krand- j father i>. T. Nash. i "Are Voii ii .>Iii«onr —TonlRht. S o'clock, in the ! Senior MIKII aiiiliioriiini. I. .1. C. \ :!-iul lomeilM, Ant' and Zat. sell nnil Kirk, and Kave them into the tare of th' Savior who she haa so faithfully served. IJeslde the it wo'sons. .':he leaves her husband, C. IC. .N'orioii. her parents, and an aunt. .Mrs. »». W. Witt, of lola.— fontriliuted. —It you wont to liyy or build, city or suburban property. The loFa Bttlldlnjj & Loan Association .will make you u loan, low Interest rate, no commission. See (S. K. Pees j Secretary, at old Heglster building ' —.Cppci.-il for Friday and Salurli.iy: t;iir:ham flooil .MorniuR Frocks, assorted l•ldl>r^; .-iuil stylcn. priii'd :it iV.i<-. Tin. Style Shop. —Dr. .MoutRomery, Chiropractor. soutbweAt corner of square. MiUjons, 5 G ; JANUARY Igy 1U28. jlola Laundry lUdR. Phone 13S. | WJUlain iCpods Plankhaton. Ji.. of Milwaukee, who hoit Just Inher- Mrs. Kmma liozier wem fo Kan- -Vr.-. -I- E. fiiitdress, TIH; .North j Ited tlfree Or four niilMon.^ from s-i.; fifv this afternoon to visit her Hiickiye, \vlu> ha:; llt^Ml confined j his father, and who is. a trustee d"aiii;hter .viis. A. II. Anthony anil;t" f'-'T bed sine- Moiulay. wti.s r.- of the $10,000,000 trust fuiid Ui.^ SALEM I Hazel Marklej-.) Jan. 9.—^The Sjilein Social club met Thursday afternoon whh Mrs. iieprge Markley. Those present were: Mra. Claude Htutftville. .Mrs. j. W.-LowVr, .Mrs. E. I-.'. Kahn and .Mrs. .Karl Hoffine. I)alni> re- I 'reshmenfK .w>re served liy • Die hotrtciw. Mr. and .'Mrs. (ieorKf'Uu'-..-lI aiul family returned •UiiU wn!: from > visit with rcltttlveft and trleiiils i.i MImouri. .Mr. nml Mrs. l. coltrane at; i Rlsa, Crandma ('olitline and .Mr»; AVrsy wpeni Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Markley and family. •Mr and M'-'. Kay Iloiveii- and I I'am;;.*- visit i! Tliiiv • 'V at th- I Kred ' tUnveii home. The little son of Mr and .\lr:i. .Vcroii WinnjT has b .-i -n very ill for several dayi,. but Is reported lieiier. Mr and Mrs-. S. .T. :\rarkley and Keniieth sipent .Monday yi the Oeorge .Markley home. Lloyd and Arthur (.V.ilraiie mn'ul Sumtay with Charles Herins. .Mr. and Mrs. (leorge .Markley entertained at Sunday dinner. Mr. and .Mrs. .1. L. .Moore, lllieiuia .Markley and Joe Johnson of SaV- owbitrg. Mr. and ^Mrs. Earl Hoffine of .Miirdock. and .Mr and .Mrs Merle Markley of ..Madison. ifSB • V •:• V <••:••:••> *^ <-1 l-i^it-e, an addit;or rn li>e Oity of • "• ^ : •iioiri. 11.00. : ' <• rot.i 11Xii.\ .inSTRArT jt,l,n A. WlJUmiv-. and wife Etla <• Issued from uffice of lola ; * • .- Abstract Company ' • L. fo G. W. and Nora .Anderson, . - . S'-i of SW^ 21-::::-in, le.".!* one acre * > •J'lin SE corner, which i.s- occuplijd • <• <-:<• « * « « « .> • • « t *i,or a public school. i |.rnnuai7 11, 192SI . ; K., W. <:eery, hushond, "to 'Bertha f;pery, wife. Lot In Richards Shakespeare')* play. "Menr)' YIU" wiis orlRlna'ly named 'All 1B True." WM. r. <RK>V ^ I PhTsician and Sunteun ' • Kve Ear, Nose and Throat Classes Fiiteil' • 2',i S. Waahlngton. lola • Olfice phoiie .S3; Ke.s. H.'.'.> * Mrs. (). L. (;arlini;hou.<!e left this afiernoon for Topeka. to at)end a conference meeliiiRof (heipresi- ijents and Kecreiaries. of ihi- missionary .societies of llie First .Metli- odisi i-hiirch in this lonfereiice wliich is heinji; hidd ilier" |iiiiit:lii land loinorrow. son. 1.. E. Dozier. Card 01 Thanks. ; —We wish to extend oiir appreciation to all those who su kindly assi.siid II?: iliiriiiR the illness and IHirlfil .iiiiie hetier loday. —We pay C*"' o" Full Paid and father created, says hci'll v,aU a little while-' before niBtr>-in6 because "the viKht Rlrl hdsn't come •d.-!!tii of 4iur lov..,l one. We ».H -!l"la. Kuo'ias, lii.-talliiieiit si.H I;. Tiie best invest-'along." Y6ung Plaiiklnton, just nieiit. till- 111.St iiii-iliod to .save.! turned 21, iias been jdpinR engl- .Seourilj- llldL*. .V l.o {iii .Association, j netrlng work In New York for his erandlatlier at 520: a week. till. Spi.l Casll Mil i>^ii ."•<r..|ii 1. .Ml •I'vaiil. - $2.9.S Shoes at jSIliie .Store. •Sevi'ial v''adeM of ('ii:il in transit. I'hoiie voiip orders in lol.i .lii'iU land ''oal t'o. phone ;:1T. liifi ilo"r ' imrtl' Katy depot. peilally mention Kev. f'oldsmitli. Dr. Ilarlin^liuuse. The Hearts of Cold Club. The Wood-Mooie Class and Circle .No. 1 of the First -M. K. Church. To these ami all others we extend oiii\ heartfelt ihanks.-- .M'-. and Mrs. C. H. Kratise. Jr..., Mr. and i.Mrs. William Kraiisi;. .Ir. .Mr! c. Ii. Kraiise. Sr.. .Mr. ami Mrs. W. F. F Kraiise. Sr.; [ • • • F. I,. P.. I.KAVEI.L. M. n. * • Special attention given DIs- • • eases of Coloii and Rectum. • • Electro-Physiotherapy • • Office lola State Rank Bldg. • Phones -H7 anil 7o:. — Dr. Lucy E. I»id:-on. (ThIroprac- | lor. .Norihrup UU'IK, Phone .".:.'6. j Miss .May Tliolen, who. lixs lieen ill the Wiehila hospital for the past ihree wreks for tr-'atment, and hiT iiiDili'r. .Mrs. II. Tholeu. sr.. will coiiii. to Yatis Center tomorrow lor an indelinili- stay wlih .Mr.!. Tlioliii. sisii-r.'.Miss Minnie Kofip M's. « - Try our drive in battery and tire.ver\ici' iliiriiiir this cold wealli- er. l.'idliiiKer Service Station.' Miss Coldie Mason, of Kans.'is Ciiy. Mil . _:iiTiviil the first of the wei'k I'm a' vi.ii in ih" lioiiin of her f We know-Hakery Prioductt •are good. But ; flave ; Voti ( Trietl; : Chira? VAN HOOZER'S. Jupiter i^; esrimateii limes lieavli-r. than thfj to l.c ^arlh. Earl SLeyer. of llie Steyer Cro- ceiy. who • injurt-d his knee nuiie badly about u we«.-k ago when a step of" the stairway leading from the store to Irhe liasenieiit i;uve way letting him fall, was aide m li^ back in the store thi.s liiorniiu-. —Phone us your onlers foi Kan- na.s.' Oklahoma. Illinois. Coloiado. and several other grades ol coal and coke, tola Junk and Coal Co., phone first: di.or north Katy depot.. • Profi-ssiir Uo Theremiir. the;>n f'cientist who has bewil- ilereii Kurope with "ills amazing invention. "Music from the Ether," is only .vear>s old; l-r., Clli . .1 : i' t; tllll .lllII • lill/ ; .Miss A'erle Tin-, of .Mi.iail. went fur F:iil,iv .Mill s.itiir-i'o Top<.|ia lodav lo \isii .Mr.s c' ^li'iii Co..,! Hl ..rn,i|.^{:\. Niid'^oii. illiil I oliii s .111(1 vl'.lis. ' -:. ".\re Yon a Mii -oM.'" ! TonlKlit. .S iiVlock ill ihe .'ieiiior Migh.aiKltiorioni I. .I .e. '•'••.lil roiiji'.d.v.. .".Vc and L'.'.i-. ' ^i^ll•r. Siiill!i .Mr.i. Ii. Waiinil K Wauner. .-treel. •| 111- Si.vl,. simp. ^ . . ol 'lOS .Mrs .1. I!. .Smith and daiiKliler. .Miss .Margan-i: Smith, wejit to' — Wichlia todav to visit over the Allenlinn M. n. \. ^ we,.k-end with llieir son and l.rolh- - .Ml Woodmen and lliiir fain-, i-r Paul K. Smiih: ilii •< :>'i''"' in-'illation at i 'Woodiinn Hall 'n:"rs.lay. .Ian. 1-., I>cpeiidiili|e - I l.iiiii;i nil irailc -,ii p..,-; "II <;,r. ,!..|iv,.r..,l. Inl.i i K ail,I Ciial Co, I'lu .n,. KJI-HI i I li":tli ni Js\.l. .1,.,,„(. i~ Cull, phoiie or write ns for our V.rjs .M'-inoniiiiliini Culendar .Shan- iniir.s ll;:rilwi'r". —Dr .1. T. Reld. .Surgery and •K-ra.v. Phone .1.i7. W. li KI.DKIt. Van's Hre .ltl." good as ever. -Dr C.K. Pendarvis. lieniist.' -fir A. H. Twai'.eil. Osteopath. Ofi. over fJlolie. Plio. ;!M; Res. lir!. .New t:lobe Pldg. Plione 19L RICHARDSaN'S January Clearance and White Sale! $1.25 White 3- Ib. stitched Cotton Batt.s Special 89c Kxlra Fine .Spring has com.- to Riciiardsl U's a lO-Day Oppor(unit.\-. UeKinning Tmnorrow in : New Spring .Merchandise, is arriving now, and there's lois nioie on the wa .v-;- radiant new .•-lyles. and fresh m-v: lines for Spring and Summer. Consequently the winter gooi There isn't .so very rediiclions. We repeat. "IT .'dC <i!d and slielf-worii. It's just W Deeciniier ami January, hiii goin ft ill plan aiii 'ail. There's plfiilv Ut cOMie; So here lliey are th( iliere are more at llie :;toi'e e(|u:il|ly .'is valiialil will move these items (il'K.'K: .Ml'ST go lu make rfiom for llie .NEW. mm-ii I'ifl--and what there is. goes at ireniendous price ii'V COV It isn't .NEW (jut neither is it iitei' .Menhandise. sold at' a full prici-' in ; ai rock-hottiini prices nOw. Wise hiiver^; As cold weather iel't. and lilcwiy of Winli-M KXTKA SI'IOCIALS IN TIIK SIAIM.K DEI'.VRTMKNT .'.('c Salines .'iflc jard. •Jllc PercilU**; l.'ic jaril. I'lic ( oniioif Chnlllex HW-jiinl.' :::.4-- la-t PrlnU -JUc «iird. LV.C \aril Wide tintlnir, lf)c,jard. Per «>n» Kediiclion oiijill lurlrtln (Jei.ds. I •:• littc Peppi-rell .Sheetlnic. !M nlilr. Spe- cliil i;ie )ard. i IJ-iiicli Pepperell Tuhfni; :Wc jard. :i.'.c riirkMi riinel.<.:!:ii- earli. I. l-J-incli Pillon « a»rs rt'ic tiillie. Special i-J:ie eiich. .»l..'l.".. sl\!M> sheefiv »7r eiicli. r^Uit:, Peiiperell .Sheets, SKnO. •jperlai *!.;l;i each. :i:,v Lingerie <'repe ilc .Turd. Jllc llronn Mnslln jur'd. I.'.c; I. I. Sjieclal Mc Jiird. l',"-c I. I. Special !»c jnrd. Hlr Onr Special 7^ir yiira. j ' UnliiiL' (.'itttns up fo ^I..'i0. Choice n.'tc "each, -Jti Per lent l>i«couiil on nil I'nrket' liiM)k<. While lleiner ApniU'.. SjiecIal MIc each. \ll i:.iiic> PariixtN. Owe-Half Price if. Per Cent IHscoiint on all Blankets. f'l.'J.'i Suede <;iofes MIc pair, , .-TLIHI Fiiilled Cunil ins. .".flc pair. >i>i.itO Kui'ded Voile Cnrfalns, Special si As eaiU- ttiie I.ol Silk illooiiiers. Vests Teds, flic ClUiice s[iv giirnient. Last Chiince. Filial Cleisra Come earip.- the low pri.:i.;. ice liargain.s .ind SPECIAL Tomorrow Hope Muslin JOcYard Ct YartJ.s lo a Cuslo- mer. We cli Flul ( trepe <4. Special *•> III Inch Wnshiilile Crepe. Special fi^iajiird. Inch l-'nnc) Itrucades, Special inch lieorKPtles, Special $1.17 Si k Department Our Silk Drpnrtnienl Is o>erloudiil. | iiiiist red 11 e tlfls slock nt once, i:\lra 1 a lues nil e)er> }»ril. Kt.i:,. II) inch Sal In Hack ( rcpcs fcVW yarA. !t::t.ll<l, |ll-Il |i \ ard. de Chines *'.MMi, :i ('i ••l.:i:i .lard. Ill jnrd. ifS.7:,. Klflnch Prinleil ( repijs vanl. :*I-ill Sliki Siiliiis s»c jnrd. i «-_Mlll Peisiun Crepe itLls jurd. TUM» \HC Silks taic jurd. «'w«r S»k RuyoR »#r ynrrt. «'IJI1> Fubcy Silk RHyon4 KXr yard. Saturday Special We have had. so many calls inr mnfr- a/ine rucks, we put In :innther order. Itiu nn Sale Sainrdu). "t f\ Choice. eiuU ... «PX A«/ Miss Bettie Rose is here acatii. See,her pretty new suits; nilh little iidded styles that are entire' ly dinereul i One.Third nfi on nil Sweaters. in Per Cent Discuniit on :ill Robes. ' Klinon «H and House Dresses.- . \ll Silk Arrowhead Hosiery sOc pair Coats 26 Left These foats run up In friO.OO if wo havf your sl/.v. I.nst iippnrliinily. Sale price Dresses Never before at this, time of year; have we shown so many new siJk: in all the hew shade antl styles. $5.98 $10.75 A 1 1/3 OFF ON THE ENTIRE LINE »2.0S double Oixsa Special diMible 72\S« Special 1 't^H Anuhlr luncy pinid S|ieclul . i:tSM dnnlile func} phiid Special lii .VJ^' double fnncj'pinid Specln'l tiTUO double fancy, piniil Special . ( .*l-«»7 -«.77 -«3J97 Big fancy Indian Blanket. Pa*-' wool 72x84. S3.50 value, choice $219 ONE BIG '^'ABLE FULL REMNANTS PRICE DRYG 60 DS-*QMEN'S WEAR-MIILINER^ ' • lOLA- - - -KANSAS lOLA'k POPULAR STORE 25 Late of be^iutiful Black and and winter lar SI5.00 \ ary Clearance— Winter Dresses Sillh Crepes, cither new fall colors. Regur ijlues. Janu- Make yoUr selections early! as tlie,y won't last al this |irice. ALT-. OTHER DRESSES AT GREA'n.Y R^^DUCED PRICES , . - . $19.75 Dres^s, sale price .$13.75 $29.75 Dresses, sale price $19.75 $39.75 Dres.<ies, sale price $24.75 TODAY LAUT ir ^JbiS : Stiy.lni/ drama of n pure love that dartd lo . 'sjHitcIt itscJ} free from the arms of datire. Vo|i must sve. Biil.v Dove. Kver .lince hi>r first starring picture, farts aiiil critics are callinR'her the most beautiful and taleuti.-d Slav iliat-i-ver faced -a earner^. And she Is at her charming best " ^ - THE STOLEN BRIDE. .\I 5 DED —"The Relay.'Via Collegian^ Also novelty -."A. FRI1>AT 0\LY CH.U.V i;l;.\V.'lhe pol.jen gii] of neu Rroadway, in a .Hiiectiule dniiiia ol niKlit cliib lit'-. .\ iial.;.lo.M Dpii- caljin i .Ivrntiiie without the COOTerl! SATI'HO.W-lie.\, lire wild Hor-se In **lVUd Beaut.v."; MO.M»AV .\N» i; •Sill v.;Colleen .Hoore la -Uer V' i On!." ff^strnmoM' ** u /here savings are greatesi * * SOl?TH irIDE SQUARE TOLA, KANSA$ Medium Weigbt Underwear for Mten. Si.xjcen pound Union ,j?-itj "ith ;slcev.J -?ito' .la'iti'-.' ..^.h Icg.s; i"cru ribl'-.i' Cu: '"'I /y I'Ut wci: ~: • 'd togiv-e •Ci.mforlah'c .ture value st . A tea- $19.75 Coats^ $ale price .. $25.0b Coats, sale price . $29.75 Coats, sale price .. $3.5.00 Coats^ ^le price .. $39.7.?5 Coats, jfale price .. $45.00 Coats, sale price . $49.75 Coat^, jsale price . ....$13.75 . ..$16,75 ....$19.75 ....$21.75 ....$24.75 ...$29.75 .. .$35.00 SPORT • ! 17 Sport Coats I af 1/2 PRICJE Children's Coats One rack, Choice— $3.95 20 Per Cent Discount on all Sweaters, Knit Underwear uiid.FL'innelette Gowns. SENEKER'S ; •» r...!Mci-,»%i^...: 98c[ Big Value in Work SbirU O a r o w a "C o ra 4> a » s" m.-tke in chambray or khaki-/f; jean. Battnn- / lia flap pockets'. .cnntinubus- N^* faced .sleeves.. . 98c Work PaiiU of Khaki DriO Heavy - «eigfi1 khaki, with Tside, 2 button-flap' hip and watch pockets. Cuff t)ottotns<' and belt loops. Sizes 30 to 46. A Tet /value at— $1.60 Fancy Afl-Woo! ; Warm, durable and comfort. able, toa Big. '.{ull-cnt bodies, large sleeves . and rcomy arrr: holes. Size 17 finishes 54-incb; other sizes in • proportion. Do Toil Live In Never- Never Land Do -3 yocx family, too l^-e on the borders ; of Ni^vor -Ndvcr Land> Arc yov- never quite out of 6zbt, uever quito c^tugWt up with the stack of monthly bills, never able to, resiat the whim of the moment and My firmly. "I won't charge it. I'll wait until I can pay cash and then see if I 'want it as much as I think I do." Never-Neyer Land can be e( very disturbing and worrysome- place to build a home. Its citizens have tirid eyes and dreary lines about the mouth ti '.-.j: all of their finery won't eradicate. Better follow the solid road of Pay-As- Flannel %iriS f Y OU- G O y^ich insure* S3.98 •"Tnie Blue? Flay Suits Save Wttik Easily washed and keeps boy loqking his best. ^ves mother's tr.;* Durable rals. Drop sea: C^-h.-r features as ihov .o. 7M freedom of mind ahil eventual indejjendence. Buying only what you, need putting the savings obtained thru cash purchases .-into a home or bank account is the better plan. You can then enjoy life undisturbed by thoughts of what would njsppen if your eauning o.pac- ity should !9uadenlyr cease and char^'.; i .V,c-' coiuits come due. Ii the diiierence betvje.'^a racceM and failure. NEXT WHEK IS V\HiTE GOODS WEEK AT THE PBNNEY STORE •••4 T

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