The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on February 5, 1904 · Page 8
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 8

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1904
Page 8
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8 TH5 TVTETfUFEOr DAILY . TH lis IHTTj FHIDA.Y. FKllHUAKY . tool .A?. .JfP - ft. r. rj ,jr - atf - c ? ? s s. 'jw as:. i.a ??. c fi;. te fiss7 rvr rva tv. - - srm a - ".zx fc f taut rcvia - rs; - : ijvrk ,hi Vay4 tiittW 'i Wiki Sfi? jfl!a a3W2 VBSW SJTNa iVnar V3Hi WW f&&f JJ ii)AJ RSifcJJ t rCi3 foiStf iiiimii ii iii T ill ii ii ii i in m mi imiihiiiii m i ii in inn iniimii in 1 i mi imi imrnm r - Triiimrirtffliinii iiiiiiiim mhhwiiimmmpjiwhiiiiiiiii i hi i iiwihbi hm iw iiiimh ii hi i ii m ImIiimim & a vlI IE M If I las 6 mil W yiCil . B Months and months of careful planning have filled our showroom floors with the most reliable furniture that we have ever gathered together, selected from the most trustworthy factories of Canada and the United vStates. This sale rreseuts only furniture that is properly constructed from material that has been properly seasoned, well kiln dried and is faultlessly designed. No matter how small the price, each and every piece will stand our guarantee of reliability. Although furniture of all kinds has advanced considerably, we started our preparations for this sale so far in advance that our large cash purchases at dull season prices are responsible for the hrgt price concessions which enables us to place before you more attractive furniture values than we have ever had before. The assortment is complete and provides furniture of the most approved styles, and which will prove very attractive to all householders, hotelkeepers and boardinghouse people, to whom thrift aud economy are of importance. The magnitude of this sale will only dawn upon you when you see the enormous quautity of furniture that is displayed in our showrooms. Such economies that arc told of by the small price tickets attached to each pci:c will reveal to you the money - saving possibilities that this sale presents to furniture buyers. This list gives only a few of the different lines on sale. Folding Beds fillip EES l No. 22, Folding Boil, golden qimrter - cii t o.ik, fronlH filled wilii 11 very Hlron - Nprinn. ICi - Riilar Viiluo si'i. FEWUJ.UiY SU'IXIAL. JJ l.'.T. No 2 - 'l. Folding Red, noIIiI golden onk fittrd Willi bevel plate minor Jie - pnliir vnlue :l'.00 F - ElilSUARY i - l'El'IAL 821.75 No. 24, Folding Bed, inmln in H.e. lected iiimrtei' cut onk, Idglil.v pol - lHhed, fitted witli l.iriri - '.I'liinh bevel mirror iind patent wpriii - ;. Heftiiliir viilue S.'ij.OO. feriu;aj;y su'ecial, s:i.uo CASH OR CREDIT Coisches HuJ . r i k - LT UlA No "2. Coueh. uphcdNlered in bent A till' llfii ii VelouiH, deep tufted seal. An ele( - aii't roiieli, worth regularly (.".. (JO. FKi',K,UAi:Y hJ'ICl'IAL 927.r0 No 7.1, Coneli, npholKtered In fllte . Anieiiea.n viIoiiih, nnieel.v tufle'l, f pi liivt nine, and Irinjred all around. Iteulai' value SI. Mill 1'KBJil'AltY SPl - XIAL 9I0.H0 No. 71, I'oucli, iipholBteroil in fino fix - 11 red velours, Kprin edt;e and sprlnx wilt, nieely fluted leK, it. Kplendid i'oiil'Ii. Worth rrcularl.v .I7.."0. FiiEJlUAKY SI'KC'I AL 12.75 No. 75, Turkish Coueh, beautifully npholKtered ill best (pmlit.v of vei - 011IN, and deep tufted, Iieguliir value S20.00. FKBIiUAKY fc'I'Kt'IAL $11.75 EASY PAYMENTS 1 Iron Beds Msr tern r I.' . ' .1 t'f - : No 10, Iron Ted. white enaiiiel f i ri - -, heavy iiokIs. faney pattern, llejular value V5.00. FKritl'AltY f - l'Kl'IAI. .S - S.25 No 11. Iron Bed, white emimel f'n - isli, heiv.v iotH and erons rods, l.ire brasH knoliK, all widlhs, IIj - ku - la r value $5,311. FKPRt'ARY SI'IXIVL Ills No. 1 - 1. Iron Bed, white eniiniel fiu - inIi, head Ktjmiln GO 1 - 2 ineiieri hich, hi'uv.v hrnHN top rodB, kuolin and ra ph. 1 J - .5 Itieh pOKts, all wodttiN, Beyular value $10.00. fi:iu;uai:y spix - ial 7.25 No .17, Iron Bed, white enamel fin - lull, faney Heroll pattern, very hravv poHtM anil faBlciiins. Hernial - value S 15.00. FEIiKl AI! Y SPKI IAT, SI 150 No IX. Iron and Brant fieilhlead. very heavy posts and fillings, and 1 I heavy brasH Wiiolih. ThiN in a hiirh jtrnde bed. BrR - ular value St7. 6ATlia.Y SPI - X1AL S.SUII i" i.v' ir 3 I, Parlor Forsiifiii 1 2S 4Ji n I St iTTV i The Largest Assemblage of Goods ever shown in a Furniture Sale in This Store No. SO, siiielioirilR, pol.U'ii ipiarter - r.ut oak, hiclily poliluil, Kivell front, hu.n Isomely li 1 ml - i - i rved, l - i'k - i fitted witli la'rsa Brilish l.vtl mirror. Kegulir value .75.1I. 1 i;iu:i'. r. Y sj - e 'Ial sra.oo No. n7, Sideboard, ixohU n a.i, la rue l..; vel plate mirror. Kegular value 21.HJ. I'I'.BKl AP.Y Sl'KflAL ... : $16.00 No. 81, Si, hardwood, polilen finiHli, nioely oarvvfl, b:ickn fitted with 1424 IikIi PHtish bnvel mirror. Beirular v - .ijue S2 - 1.O0. FEBRl'AKY SPECIAL 816.50 No. S(J, Sldlxi.ird, h - olitl uol len oak, tiiirpi - ntino front, nicdy rirved, bat k fitted with nicely carved bevel plato mirror. . Regular valu Si. - ,5.HI. FEBRL" ARY SPECIAL S25.95 No. 55, Parlor Suite, 5 piivw, 11 p - linlstt'red in fiu! hi Ik. K - r Iiilt fde and Kprintc wnat and bark. TIiIh Ih an ele;;L!it niite, and worth in llio li - uulax vcay SI 15.00. I Elllil ARY SLE PRICE SHK).00 Vo. .Mi, Parlor Suit - ", T pieces, up - hoUtereil in fine won rue;u, uh - mirted folors .unci eh'tVit patU'riiH, I.IukIi banded an! laed all around. IN'Rular veluu JdO.iiO. FEBRUARY SPECIAL SI5.O0 No. .IS, Parlor Suite, mahogany fn. Uhed frames, aj hi.lst"rs'.l In line AiiKrieiin vi'lourh, h tIhk rdpe and f.lahh bandK. Reirnl ir vilae ,st()t):j. FEBRUARY I - FECIAL ?2U.75. No. ."!, Parlor Si:ile, niaJiouany framcw, upholstered in - fine American veluurf, with 1 hi ,li b.unled tiK'kK. lN(;ul ir valuo SO.OO. FEBRL'AKY' SPEC1VJ. $22.75 You Got Married. We Feather the Nest. The C. R. STEELE FU Company, 29 Mam "S Dree THREE DEAD NICHOLAS II PQWEHLESS Fatal Fire in Montreal Dwelling During Early Hours This Morning. Tribune Special Service. Montreal, Fell. 5. Four sleeping IniuateH of a dweliinj; al 778 Cad - - , ieux (Street were sulfoealed early thiH tnorniiiR. Four otherx were badly burned und injured. Two of thcHo will probably dio. THE BEAU. Mrs. Edward Crawford, 10 years of Jije ; Willie Crawford, 15, noli; JameH Hare, 2;i, Hon - iu - law Craw - lord Lapin. INJURED. Mtb. Ethei lioi;an, '27 years, burned on haudu, faee. aa.l arm eut. Jamea K. llonan, !s moiitliH' in - 1 flint hoii of Mrs. llouaii, badly burned, will die. Edwurd Crawford, 10 yearH, liiiru - (Hl all over body ; will probably die. TliomaH Hare, :J5 years of n ce, faen Rnd hands burned. Three of the iniuateH, Mrs. Ilosan, with lier infant, and Thus. Hare lumped rrom the wer'oiid story of the burnilic: bonne. Tliu oilier oeeuriant, Kilurard Crawford, was earned out lifter tin was badly burned Tin - fire evidently started from an overheated kitchen stove on the lower flat, and spread to the slerpiiiu npnrtmentR liefore the people in thd hoiiRn were awakened. Tlp ItuHH wiiH be nvwnrds tf ?1()(), - 000, with only partial insurance Ruled by the Nobles "Who Use Him as a Tool for Their Intrigues. iOBlTUARY: A rionble funeral will be held tomorrow nioruiii.., from ,'lolui Ttiom - Min's nndert . k i a ; room - :, fo wood cemetery, when the liodi. - H of William and Isaac Ballard will lie laid to rent. Typhoid was the eau. - .e of death in both eases, an - l the; came to the WiniUpen tieneral Iioh - pilal for treatiiiKin. William J', ilia rd was 42 years of ,i ;i', a tinsmith by trade, and braves a wife and family at Beausejoui'. 1 - man wns 21 years of aire, a. id was a bio - ther of William Bjillard. The funeral of M.n - Hoo, a Ctiina - man who died at liriswold. on Wed - ti - eRiLi.V afterDoon, will lie In Id her,, tnmiirniw i.Jtenioon Iroia .lolin Thoin.ttms un'lertakiiu: rooms, to Elmwood cemetery. A imiuber ol t'.o lending CTiilianien of Winnipeg will atti - nd and full CliinesM rites will Im observed. Two Sentences. At tho sitting of the suprenie etiurt tit Prince Albert last week several Citwes were disposed ol, nmonK thorn bein the ease aiiainst. Albert l.e Kay, w do was (ouini i;u.l - ty of shooting al his wife with intent to kill, and was sentenced to two months in jail. At the same court Christopher (inridersmi was found Euilty of stealing two kecs of lieer and was sentenced to xix iMouths in tho same iail. Tribune Special Service. I who know my Kussia well and th; power that bu in that empire, am amazod at the rcporlt of the powers and intentions of the present autocrat of all the HiiHtias whk Ii, are often published, Hays a writer in the London Express. The simple fact is that no Muscovite ein - I ror ever Kjwessed less actual power th in that wielded ly i His imperial MaJ.'jtty Nichoiaa II. lie is a ixacefully Inclined young monarch and remarkably well ln - teiilioneil, but he is the sxrt of the 1ioi!m oi Romanoff and those who iin' all - powerful in the councils of the empire. He may think and lie may dream ; he may de - fire nnd lie may propose, but he cannot perform. Correctly cireakinK, it is the em - Mror alone who can declare war or who can say "Let it Im peace," but, to tell the plain, unvarnished truth, the I'reMit Ciar is tut the puppet, w orked by Htrontrer hands, who holds the Ktriuirs. Every tlmiK will lx done in the name of the Cn - ir. The clory or the blame of it all will be his, and yet how small will be Ills perwona.1 responsibility, and how well he knows it ! The son is I, v mil ke (he father. Tlu Ctnr Alexander 111 was r.ot nil exiM pluiiimlly clever num. but lie was a ma ii ol treat dotrriinliiallou and tenacity of jturixMe, He ruled; none ruled Ii: in. ALK.X AN'DER WAS A Rl'LER. Hiis ininisti'i's were ever a little alrajd of Ibiin. He ei cted tliein to folio h.:,s h ad uiidiesita tinicly. Never once was Jin known to follow the lead ol any one ot lu nimisters. He was all lioniwt man and an out - sn ken one, and indignation at hal lie coiiMidered IUs,marL'ks duplicity would have in a war between Kuwiia and Germany had he n - 1 1 eventual Uy been coinlncisl that (lie da,iijii ents iiin hiirh he bas. il his conclusions were a forgery. The Ciar Alexajider III did not like licnim ny ; neither did he like England, He luid, luywovor, a fn - orabl ei.neli na ticrii toward tine Unitiil States, and a real syniipatliy with France. But, alKv - aJJ, lw was a Russian. He sp:ke FrtUK'.U fluen.tly, tierui'.in iiidiffrreiiUy, and EhkIIhIi badly, but In - was meeiiHed at thfl pre a l; lice of U'. - e 1 reach laiic;iiai:e in liitrli and official ns - iety in St. Petersb'irj; . In Hie latter day of Ikis reijin the order went forth thnt In thi - S" cirelrs Russian! should spink tlii - lr own Ia.iiKiuit;e, and this order had to be obeyed. While it cannot be said thai ihe pu - seiit Czar tins anything of hm father's religious eninuma m, nr. may lie reckoned ainoug tho religious nioiiarclis of the nge, nntl he has lately taken to writing by inns. But 'tho Czarina Is a religions enthusiast Born a Lutheran, shp on her marriage had to embrace tht luith of the Urcck church. Today her majesty la more orthodox thai the most orthodox, tio pure ol mind, ho elr - barrificiii, so intensely ipir - itual is she that in another age sue would have won canonization. THE CZARINAS INFLUENCE. The L'zur worships her, and her influence over linn is tremendous, of tho two bile, is decidedly the stronger, iut her inliuence over her husband excites (he au'tr and opposition of the family. The (.'zaiina's instincts are liberal and prurittflive, and her husband, so threat is his belie! in her, would indorse her views and policy unhesitatingly were it not for those august relations of his a:id thai formidable council of nobles. '1 he Czarina, all powerful with her husband, ' proposes, and tlie Czar'u uncles dispose. Of all the Jloinanoff relations, the most autocratic and al the jjame limn the most powerful, is the (Jiand luke Alexis. He is the Muscovite la - earnate, beloved by the. navy, of which he is the chief, looked up to by the nobles, and worshipped ny the common peole. His brother, the late Czar, alone was strong enough to soften his j - ough humors and bend his powerful will. Alter that Utile affair jvilh tho Countess li , t - 'kobelelf's beautiful sister, Alexander 111, in Luna, led that absence I mm Russia for a period would be highly beneficial for Alexis1 health. The sojourn abroad was but temporary, ami the grand duke returned with un Influence and power greater than, before. Today Hiey are. I Kliould say, at their height. He was antagonistic to the liberal nnd pacific policy ol M. Witle, and in the end M. Witte, was retired. Ho It was who induced the Czar to appoint Admiral Aleili ff viceroy of the far east, with powers never be - . fore given to any one outside of the imperial family. He entirely disapproves of the views held by the Czarina, and thwarts her in every possible way; Jfe has never. It is understood, been in favor of peace, but of war. However, well intenlloned the Tzar may be, however much hi; may bo under the Influence of his wife, who is all for pence, the last word will be with the Grand Duke Alexis, Case Continues. The cast against John 71. Haney, for perjury, warn continued at the police court thie morning and no concliu - ion had tkvil rvnuiicd al the tini'i of going to p - reww. Yesterdeiy iifiernoon the evidence for the jto - N - utlon was concluded nnd to - day the witneisses for the defence nre being hoard, .1. A. M. Aikinw, K. C, is ncting for Mr. Haney, nnd R. A. Bonnar for the pronoontlou. Oddfellows' Smoker, Eureka Hall was crowded to its capacity last night with a J'dly crowd of In xklfeilowK nnd their friends. After the lnltatory degree had been conferred on seven candidates, the lodge, room was thrown open to nil comers and ref reshments were served, followed by music tui'i addresses. R. II. .Shanks, tirand Secretary, gave an interest Address. A piano duett by Messrs. Hardiman nnd (Stockman, was a pleasing number, nnd a vocal icleeiioii by Mr. McFadJen was encored. Several humorous songs were (jiven by Mr, Wakelin and Burca, Watts & Weston, also added much to the enjoyment of the evening. Another smoker may be held soon. WIDOWS' SORROWS. Fifteen Women 'Whose Husbands Were Killed in Mine, Go Home. Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 5. Fifteen widows, and their families, bereft by Hie Choswlck mine disaster, have bi'i'ii ticketed to Finnic, and Trienie, Austria, by the relief committee. In ail over one "hundred widows of foreigners who list th"ir lives will be wilt Kick to Euroiic. NEW YORK f - 'TOCKS. New York, Fel. 5 Wall street. Op'iiing prices In stocks to - d.iy were Hlightly lower under pressure of very light sidling orders. United States Steel preferred and Amalgamated Copir were Inclined to harden in fiuve of the general tendency. "But," said the F.ngllslinian, "you have nothing to see over lure nothing in the way of giyind old things that have long since fallen into disuse." "We haven't. elW Wait till 1 get yon a ropy of the city ordinances." ChieaB Re o:d - Herald. 4WWdnpwmwwwmii Juke's Sanitary Odorless flncpfc J W1VJVUI i in Drsl i ioet .o niim iui ubu where modern sanitary ronv,il - rnirs are atwnt. Tbry sv clir tor'M hills nnd cxptiguro during tho cold wculher. Inviuabla for Invalids and ClliMl CL 1'rke complete Only $9 I.lhnriil llrount to dRlTa Writ for Illustrated pamphlet. If you nrod Furniture of nv drm - rip'toa w nil to CHnadii a largest n hrrt Furniture Storr. "High quulity and low prlcJ," our mono. Vkll To prom to yon (hac Pr. hna Oinlmeat la a certain B 1 gt ami ahtiolut cure for rarh and every form of itrhinu, bleedinvand prot.mdinBr pilem, U manufacturer have mianinUwd it. face ten - timonialu In the daily pnwa and ak yonr neighbor what t.hy think of It. Yon can use it and (t - t Tour monry hack if not cured. Wio a box. at all dealer or KnMANSON.llaTrs & Co Toronto. Dr. Chase's Ointment 1 John Leslie 324, 3:6, 328 Main St. Importer and Denier In Of f I f Ou', Si hool Diske, High Orailo Furniture. Great Quick iiddesiee Sale - OF - JSB m ii We are now at the end of the first week of our big Quick Riddance Sale. Have you had your share of the bargains? Perhaps the suit you want is in the lot. Better drop in. Don't wait too long. Size up the "SNAPS" in this list. 177 Mea'n Fine Suit In the best fiO Boy OvrreoatH. Urpular prlrfi A rholrc of 90 Men's Overroata. Ito - pa. terns. KeKulur JIT., lti.r0, i rt In.riO, 7..r.O and J8.U0. Kale tA Eft gular price J);).r0 to 110.50 rt J18.00. Sale price - M" price, 3.50 and ..... .3U Sale prii e .. . .. $10 9r Mcn'n Fine Suits, in Worsteds fi Each Qannrnt A lot of Heavy nillnv C N I F anil SergfH. lieKunr price, Jlo.oo, Underwear, shirm and drawirs, odd I NBI I" Jl - '.r0 and Jl t.."iO. Sale 7 - JA lines. Sale price, each CCt WiiiJi VKka price . Pv garment .... . Shirt Sale i Kill! oru Hun - c About 20 Mnn'w Ifeavy nfers. 10 doz. Heavy Flannel Shirts, frroy drcda to sekct from ... Reguhir price J4.S0, 7,r0. a - y - j ftud blur, all siy.iB. Beg. l jCi , r, , , , . Sale price. JJ.Dj to ' and 11.25. Sale price 5C 1 Doen Colored Cambric Shlrt - J, collar attached. balo prioe... CJQg r.O Pslr Jloys' Odd Knic ran'jj. 150 Pair Men's Fine Worsted rants SUos 23 to 28. Sale "lC Regular M.75 and Jt.OO. "7C H Doen White Dress rA, price JJ Salo price .... O Shirts. Sale price ..... . . DON'T MISS THIS SALE T D5G MAIN STREET mig m rm rfwr - irr - ri'wmwTTwsmmw iiiMTiiBMtMB - r iiu hiUiHi iThir' m junr - " - ' I HAVE BUYERS for City and Farm Properties SEND ME lOUR LIST. MONEY TO LOAN ROBERT YOUNG LOAN" AGKNT. CANADA LIKE AS.SL ItANCE 'X). .'174 Main Street, Winnipeg. I!ad Tlie Triljine nud git all the ne - . Manitoba Land Company, Ltd. This company is about cloning out the balance of its properties as below, and offer to sell its lands in bulk. Application, and an to tertnH to be' axJdrcuocd to Winnipeg, February 5, 1!io4. W. HESPELER, Manager, 2rii;rortage Avenue. S.W. CITY The WeHtmi'isrtcr Rulldln;, ronier Donald St. and Klllcc Ave., ron - talruns' 1S Kiiite. of T. and ii rom"i wltb V It - hen. and baih roomw oa n. Ground looxl.'o feet to bine, buildlif 88188 fect. Solid utonc an 1 brli k' four story high. ' ST. LALItKM J - 4 24 and . 1 - 2 of N.E. 1 - 41.3, 10, 3 W 1 - 4 ilfi and N. 1 - 2 of N.W. 1 - 128. Hi, ;t. W. WOODLANDS All HI, 14, 4, W., N. 1 - 2 2, 14, 4. W. l'EMBINA S.K. l - 4 - :tH, 4, 8. W. RLANC'HAHD - S'.E. l - 4 - n:t, 15. 21, W. : N.E. 1 - 4 15, 22, W. DL'FFEKI.N S.K. and F.. of S.W. 5. 8. 5, W. KLLICIO - .H.W. 1 - 4 Iti, 17. 2!, W. ; All 17. 18. 20, W. LORNE - N. 1 - 21. 5, 8. W. The Tribune is Ihe People's Paper. 1

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