Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 9, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, I RON WOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1W5. TRAIL BLAZERS—These soldiers from Honduras, Costa Rica and the United States on patrol in Santo Domingo are with 'the first inter-American peace force in Western Hem- isphere history. Helmet lettering stands for Organizacion de los Estados Americanos- Organization of American States. The Washington Scene By RAY CROMLEY | (Apollo-sized) spacecraft and an- WASHINGTON (NEA) Now other "satellite" will likely win here will be a race between the moon race, regardless of he United States and the Soviet where each country stands to- A. Hendrickson C-C President MASS — At a recent meeting of the Mas s-Greenl and Jnion to see whose astronauts day. So knowledgeable space!"' 8 U1 . U1C ™ d " b -" iee '" d " u iriii hf. NIP first tn rpnrtpsvnns S riPnti R t R h P rp think Chamber of Commerce, And- the first to rendezvous scientists here think. md hook up two vehicles in . pace. Both countries have failed ince. The country that first accom- ilishes the full docking (hook- ip) technique between a full .uci Tells About Weekend Fling WASHINGTON (AP) — Luci Though the Russians are ahead with their big booster, U. S. research men feel in their bones we are ahead in the creation of the exceedingly small, accurate and reliable computers crucial for accurate rendezvous and for rew Hendrickson was e 1 e c ted Da Nang Airport Now Is One of World's Busiest By HAL BOYLE DA NANG, South Viet Nam (AP) — The Jet planes raced down the runway with an ear- cracking roar. They rose gracefully, then, like angry hornets, darted toward their targets in North Viet Nam. The sight gave a thrill to Col. William O. Ezell 44, Chattanooga, Tenn., the base commander. It always does. He takes a paternal pride in the huge air base here which he believes now is one of the 10 busiest, airports in the entire world. "Less than a year ago this wasn't much more than just a country airstrip," he recalled. "In terms of traffic, we've gone up 10-fold in the last 11 months. "We average more than 25,000 landings and takeoffs a month, not counting our helicopter operations. We can hardly keep track of them." The base is full of ironic contrasts between the old and the new. The 10,000-foot runway is in the suburbs of South Viet Nam's second largest city. The base lies in a stretch of sand and dust between high green hills, laced with white mist, and the endless blue waters of the South China Sea. It is bordered by crumbling old French forts, a poverty-strick- presid7nrVo'"«rrtne""vaVancy"of en > one-street village known as .. __, ... , . « ( nrtrr»>r»roVi * * ov»rt n rtamnrovtr the office and W. J. Marttmen was elected vice president. i Hendrickson reported on t h e chamber sponsored swim p r o- gram said that all phases were th^Voon "an " TJatfiolr «*»»£,«•<•« ,t,)ll „ «• I U1C Ud&C House Defeats Another Attempt To Cut Mackinac Bridge Tolls LANSINO (AP)-The legislature was ready today to let more water flow under the Mackinac Bridge before it does anything to change the tolls on the traffic that flows over it; But, while the House defeated another in a long series of attempts to lower the bridge tolls, another group of legislators urged asking the federal government to contribute to the bridge's support Seven House members, most of them Democrats from Northern Michigan, introduced a resolution urging Congress to take whatever steps are necessary to pay 90 per cent of the cost of the $100 million structure. The resolution was referred to the House Policy Committee. The latest toll-reduction effort was launched by Rep. Richard A. Young, D-Dearborn Heights, whose Wayne County district is far removed from the Straits of Mackinac. It would have poured an additional $500,000 a year into the financing of the bridge by increasing from two to three per cent taxes on gas and oil taken out of the ground Young said the amendment would allow lowering the $3.75 one-way toll on passenger cars to about $2.75. The amendment Was approved in preliminary debate, but defeated 24-19 in the final voting stage. Only a majority of those voting is needed to approye amendments in the preliminary stage but 56 votes —a majority of those elected and serving in the House—is required for concurrance in the final stage., 'Majority Floor Leader J. Robert Traxler, D - Bay City, urged defeat of the amendment and promised that the "legislature will study this problem and come back with recommendations next January." . Young argued that Michigan's taxes on the removal of oil and gas from the ground are far below those of other states in which any such drilling is done. Rep. George Montgomery, D- Detroit, the leading Democratic fiscal expert, objected that "gas and oil production is not increasing in Michigan. If it were our revenues from this source would increase each year, but they are not." "This' is too weak a vehicle to carry the Mackinac Bridge financing," he said. Rep. Rollo Conlin, R-Adrian, the generally acknowledged tax expert in the House, objected,to "raising a small amount from a narrow source to pay off the Mackinac Bridge bonds." Rep. Joseph Swallow, R- Alpena, sponsor of a measure to raise the gasoline tax and lower the tolls,, opposed "this half-effort." Swallow's proposal would have raised the gasoline tax by as much as one cent a gallon, producing up to $28 million a year. It would have recalled present revenue bonds outstanding on the bridge and refinanced it with bonds backed by the fun faith and credit of the state. These new bonds would draw an interest rate about 1.5 per cent lower than that now paw on the $100 million revenue bond issue, he said, saving the state $1.5 million in interest each year. Some of this saving could be passed on to the motorist, he added. The resolution was sponsored by Reps. Josephine Hunsinger, D-Detroit; Sanford Charron, D- Pinconning; James Constantini, D-Iron Mountain; Dominic Jacobetti, D-Negaunee; Russell Hellman, D-Dollar Bay, Fitzpatrick, D - Detroit, John and Clayton Morrison, R-Pickford. It argued that since Michgan has been a leader in the implementation of the Interstate highway program (for which the federal government pays 90 per cent and the states pay 10 per cent), and since 1-75 crosses the bridge, the federal government should contribute to its support. 4 . tl , and * cemete |"y studded with forgotten tombs lonely Winds bl ° W On the 3.4- go." Patrick Monette will at-' »nd a Red Cross traini n g (school and will be -mile area of of life ft ft ft There is growing belief here ting to the moon by 1971 will not be the time required in building the big booster but in a myriad of little problems in IJaines Johnson told almost all developing, building and per- Tuesday:, She had worn a dis-! fecting the final big spacecraft . ;uise, she had danced at the j with its individual modules, its iarquette University prom, she communications arid power sys- lad picnicked with friends. : terns and such things perhaps as Throughout the weekend fling * retrorocket System that will -primarily in the Milwaukee,' land the LEM (Lunar Excur- Vis., area —her whereabouts s i° n Module) on the moon right ming instructor for the classes J u 1 y 4. | and death are enacted daily. I In a five-minute period a heli-j copter may whir down with dead and wounded. A C123 supply plane may bring in an ailing selected as the area! isolated mountain cam P A cl ' ocici'Ucu da tnc died ! villein C/3.F3V611G Staffed foV u c 11 on R£&fisi>i*&tiioYi' *. • * • years. All^SzSons^fSI | slffi^^EH* 1 ?^ asked for financial support andj of Saigon busmessmen - A mothers will be asked to assist in the supervision of the children. The chamber, supported the /ere a secret from the public. 'I'm human, too," the Presi- side up and not "kittywhacky." This is not to discount the ilent's ;7-year-old daughter said enormous advantage that hav- ' Tuesday. "I wanted for once to i ing big boosters early in the ie out with my friends and have game gives the Russian sclen- un." tists. They are in a position to She flew to Chicago with her experiment ahead with larger complicated space- ather Thursday, then with par-1 and more •ntal approval she disappeared 1 craft. rom the public eye. Secret I Men who have analyzed the i service agents remained with' latest Russian and Ameri c a n Uer, but tool' extra precautions o sta.v in the background.' "I wont to a lot of trouble," :he said. "I did it because I 'ranted just for one time to be nut with my friends and having flights are cheered by cejtain U.S, superiorities. The American space suit seems superior. It is more flexible, gives the astronaut more freedom of action with good time. • •nough 1 always .dults around and chaperons." Then she added: "If you have 10 havt them, I couldn't ask for tetter ones." This time, however, she want"d to enjoy life without the press and curious sightseers. She succeeded. She attended : rtarquette graduation exercises, ;he prom, Sunday Mass and picnicked in the Wisconsin country- difficult' which to meet emergencies. The lave to have Soviet suit; by contrast, seems it^ Hav ; ide without ; Attention. attracting undue There were reports she had attended the prom, a silver- i ilonde wig hiding her dark hair. cumbersome and rigid. Astronaut Edward White proved the United States has a highly efficient "space gun" to provide him with motive power and control. The Soviet astronaut dangled in space. 0 a a White's actions in space indicated he was better prepared for his mission than was the Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov. Films of Leonov's walk in space, analyzed by experts, showed him unprepared and relatively clumsy (untrained). He The Milwaukee Sentinel said had a difficult time, for ex- i he mystery girl at the dance rare such a wig, and quoted father Leonard Piotrowski as i aying she was introduced under the "nom de prom" of Miss . Vmy Nunn from "just outside . lustin, Texas." The Sentinel said Luci con- rirmed her date had been Patrick J Nugent, a Marquette ,-enior from Waukegan, 111. He • ouldn't be reached for com: aent. Luci, however, declined to say ample, getting back into his spacecraft. He apparently was program and pomised to aid in any way possible. In a discussion on the road improvement program for Greenland Township, the action of the township board on the 1 1-2 mill proposal was approved. The committee which had previously met with the road commission stated that the road commission did a good repair job on may of the country roads. • Miles Plutchak, a member of the Ontonagon District S c h ool Board,'explained his action in voting on the Ryan site for school construction. He said building on the Ryan site was cheaper in all aspects, the shape of the property Was ideal for a school and for future expansion of the future education of our children for 50 years to come. He further said the present site and adjacent properties are inadequate in size and that only five additional acres are available. E x p e r i e need personnel, who were consulted on this matter, recommended 20 acres for a site, he said. Plutchak also said that he believed the Mass school would probably be constructed on the present site behind the old school building. Suggestions for communi t y improvement were urged by citizens of the area and members of the chamber. not provided with a reserve sup-1 Pa . ul Siren reporting on t h e ply of oxygen. i coming election of an REA di- These may seem like minorjrector from this district points. But space scientists say it is on these little things, frequently, that missions succeed or fail. The Russians normally are very careful in space preparation. Their men are usually highly trained before missions, their equipment adequate. It therefore appears to some /hat sort of a disguise she had 1 ! analysts that the Russians may- •/orn or how she avoided at- be were pushing themselves a iracting attention. She said she might want to try mother masquerade sometime. , Attendant, 22, Drowns n Country Club Pool ST. JOSEPH (AP)-Fitzhugh little too much. Pushing overly hard in science can bring im- announced that he will be a candidate. The members went to Toots Restaurant for coffee after adjournment. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Holmstrom Jr., Seattle. Wash., are the parents of a son born recently. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Holmstrom are the grandparents. Michael Sullivan, Detroit, spent a weekend here visiting portant firsts, It can also bring! his mother, Mrs. Carlson, and disaster. j other relatives. On the basis of critical booster I Wayne Moilanen, Detroit, and superiority, the Russians must be judged ahead in the moon race. But the wide range of U. Joanne Moilanfen, Burlingt o n Iowa, spent > a weekend here visiting their parents, Mr. and : lawkins, 22, of Benton Harbor, i S; military and civilian space; Mrs. William Moilanen. tlrownert Tuesday in the swim: ning pool at Berrien Hills Country Club where, police said, he •v&s employed as a locker room : ttendant. Officers said Hawk:ns and three companions had i limbed a fence before dawn to mter the pool. An autopsy ihowed drowning as the cause < >f his death. Alumni Give $60,485 To Hope College Fund HOLLAND (AP) — Hope Col: 3ge alumni headquarters says :, record $80,485 has been re• elved tot accept the challenge <f one alumnus who said he '/ould match the first $50,000 < ontributed by bis fellow alumni 1o the annual fund drive If the jooney was raised by June 8. 'lie funds are used each year :or faculty salary increases and; lo provide financial aid scholar ' i htyt to-needy students. experiments (as compared with! Mr. and Mrs. Howard firoe- relatively narrow Russian con- mer, Milwaukee spent a week- cent rat ion) may pay off. ! end here visiting her parents, If all goes well, that diversity j Mr. and Mrs. Larry Aho, and could conceivably put the United i his parents at Ontonagon. They States ahead despite bureaucratic misjudgments in American booster development. Timely Quotes McNamara is so irresponsibly wrong that you can't count his predictions. He should have been removed from office months ago—and Rusk along with him. —Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore., criticizing administration foreign policy in Viet Nam. We do not consider a flight to land a man on the moon as one of our major space programs. —Gennadiy Skurindin, Soviet physicist and delegate to recent meeting of the American - Astronautics! Society. also attended the funeral of her grandmother, Mrs. Ida Siren. Parks Head to Retire GRAND RAPIDS (AP)—Linus C. Palmer, 67, retires June 30 as Kent County Parks superintendent, a post he has held since 1922. Palmer also is president 01 the Michigan Park Executives Association. STRATEGIC MAPS In the age of discovery and empire building, maps were strategic weapons and Spanish sea captains were ordered to destroy their charts if threatened with capture. Bootleg map-m a king was likely to lead to prison or the torture chamber in those days. ron of propeller-driven Sky- raiders takes off to strafe enemy Viet Cong only a few miles away or flights of jets zoom up ,on a three-hour mission against bridges in North Viet Nam. "We thought we had reached our capacity six months ago, but now I think we can expand considerably more," said Ezell, who flew 394 combat missions in the Par East as a B29 commander in World War II." The booming base is a bewildering maze of revetments, ammo and fuel dumps, and some 40 buildings in various stages of construction. A shortage of building materials and skilled local labor has been .the colonel's biggest problem. About 3,000 of the 6,000 U.S. Air Force men still sleep in tents. The Vietnamese fliers and hundreds of their dependents also are housed on the base. The wives have created a flourishing industry by doing the American airmen's laundry. The base has an excellent safety record. ' Ezell, knocking three times on wood, said: "This field never has been hit by the enemy—not as of today, anyway.' Marines who surround the base intend to keep that record intact. General Returns To Work Tuesday LANSING (AP) — Brife Gen. Carson Neifert returned to work as State Quartermaster General Tuesday, after a seven-month suspension without pay,' and reported "a lot of things to get caught up on." After a 93-hour hearing Gov. George Romney found Neifert and Maj. Gen. Ronald McDonald, the State Adjutant General, guilty of gross neglect of duty and misfeasance May 20. He also found McDonald guilty of malfeasance and dismissed him. McDonald said he would appeal to the courts. Romney's hearing dealt with charges involving alleged illegal land transactions at Camp Grayling and illegal expenditures of local armory funds. The Governor said he did not believe Neifert's removal was justified. He said Neifert took steps to put the iarid files in order and to stop the questioned armory expenditures Neifert said he spent the day in a series of meetings to get oriented. The general returned at a busy time. National Guard units start arriving at Camp Grayling this weekend for summer training. Col. Leo C. Whitaker, who acted as Quartermaster General while Neifert was under suspension, returned to his regular assignment as Chief of Staff of the 46th Infantry Division Col. Clarence S. Schniple continues as acting Adjutant General pending the governor's selection of a replacement for McDonald from among a list of names presented by the Sae Military Board. 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