The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1894
Page 9
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"Tllll »uVnliiiiI §w. IIM 0 III II tt Wllll'll II.IW All vvnlw fur tin. ouu now lie bought uf in or our aiiUin lor RELIABLE^ MEN SCARCE Scarcity of Competent Trainmen Troubles Railroad Officials. STRIKE UNITES WESTBEH EOADS, ..Wo Illi ' UltNM* ' uW*. inaku «litriiu ni'lut/ of tUuw ,l>bnip lyaclilii wliuun uot ZtwUlu llw Ufet. flu i uuvly duUuixuir eaivf ituy muUu u* llm JJ01U13 t for aw ' but WB Ut'AltANTKK KVKUY OMK,and ouruiuinutleu f««iujil, Wv huvo lunmW lu nearly every town wliuiii you von not lii.truofluiu, itwullw or re|iiur» H'o Wewnutyuui'onlvr. If iiglfortho Ikwl, furuui'"CM Uwt. ^iini (I iirlouh ityJw iunnn «uul vjuarv liouHau *W»!$lttAHeKiVKit u iiituOiliwat yuur liwuii for n- MiluaUim, M"i*> lum'lwwiiK, fivu of I'lluiK''- Write -i en*. jy«Mi Jfrto* i7««Triv«. TIK NEW WMESEflNQ WHINE 01),, , IbM., 88V*lw8v»w.».T., OUewfclU. fc#rr«Pl*«, W., AIM* 94. rvuuuc *\r LUDWIQ BROS., i IOWA* P , c ty Ogden Strikers Indicted— Debs cl)v' 0 * to Glte nnll ~ Vlco Wlo'" k '* Talks—A, K. P. Officer* Say No Violent" Wlli Be Ofr""" 1 Troops al Buttc, »i,.'»»>*.-"» 1trlltors Sentenced. SAN FBANOJS'.W, July J>°.—Tho strikers' view of tho raih'oad situation in northern California was tersely given by on« vf the strike leaflets ill Oakland. "Under ordinary conditions," he'iaid, "about 18 or 20 freight trains are dispatched from Oakland daily. During the past few days the railroad company has sent cut five freight trains. If this is running trains, then we are beaten." It is apparently a scarcity of competent trainmen that is troubling the railroad officials. At Sacramento almost the same conditions prevail. One hundred and fifty workmen were induced to go back to the shops there Wednesday morning. The methods prevailing in Oakland were adopted and the nonunion men were escorted to and from the shops by a troop of cavalry. The strikers made no attemjit to interfere. Evidence waa afforded, however, that the railroad company has still to guard against violence and treachery; a track •walker discovered that the fish plates had been removed from over 100 yards of track-. It Is believed to have been an attempt to wreck the Ban Francisco local train, and violence is {eared at Truckee, where the strikers are in an Ugly mood, Fearing' trouble there, Qolonel Graham dispatched the First infantry, nnder command of Colonel Sullivan, ordering him to co-operat* with other troops of the state militia now at Truokee in preserving order. The troops left Sacramento on the eastbound overland. Summoned All Their Switchmen. The preliminary examination of Knoi and Worden, who are accused of murder in having wrecked a train and having caused the disaster west of Oakland a week ago, began at Woodland, Wednesday. This afforded the striken another opportunity to cripple the Southern Pacific. The strikers' attorneys summoned as witnesses two switchmen who were the only men remaining in the Sacramento yards. Their going compelled the company to abandon several trains out of Sacramento. United States Marshal Baldwin sent tbe following reply to the strike leaders who offered to furnish a force of 2,/>00 deputy marshals to preserve order along the Southern Pacific lines: SACRAMENTO, Gal., July 18. Messrs. Tedry, Douglas, Hale and Hurley: GENTLEMEN—Have the honor to acknowledge your communication. The best service you can render yourselves, your wives and your children Is to refrain from unlawful acts and allew other* the privilege of living and enjoying their property without dictation, interference •r violence on your part. When you re frain from committing these unlawfu •£* there wi\l be no occasion for the prea ehce of the military nor the' need of your services or the services of ethers as deputy marshals. BABBV BALDWIN. STRIKE UNITED THlT RAILWAYS. Scheme to Organise All the Weatern BaaOa Into One Association. CHICAGO, July 18.—The great strike is likely to have the effect of uniting the railways, particularly tl.oso oil the west in a closer union than they have evei b,,d up to the prevent. The General Managers' association handled the strike in a manner so satisfactory to all the roads concerned that they have begun to ask why th* same spirit of harmony which enabled them to w.iko such a fight in dealing with the srrikura couM not ba utilised to groat advantage iu traffic matters. Thore U tho strongest kind o! feeling that all roiuls shuuM bo concentrated in an effort to maintain rut '.-a and as far as possible diminish nxp:.-uBos. Tin thing is largely in thu embryo yet, but several schemes have alroady buuu proposed, the principal ouu of which ia that all the road* west of thu Missouri rivor ahull be formed in un association similar to the Western Passenger association, but ut thu aumo time uiitirt'ly independent of that body, but working iu harmony with it. This would iitouu that the Union Puolflo and the Southern Pacific would be members of the association west of the river, while the Atohlson would bo a member of both Hsaouiatious, Situation at Helena. HELKNA, Mont., July It),—The strike situation in this vicinity u uioro fuvoru bio than it has been at any time for three weeks. All engineers and conductors have applied tor work and wore it not for the destruction of bridges west of this oity thure would bu uo difficulty iu operating trains ou time. Flfljr Olden alrikers Indloted. OO.BKN, TJ. T., July )0.—About 60 strikers who were indicted by thu grand Jury, charged with interfering with thu united States mail, w»ro before Judge Miner au4 pleaded uot guilty to tho charges, They woro released on bond* ranging from |300 to f l.OiH), Iteu* IfeuMuet la tfive 11*11. GHIOAOO, July it.—M«wra. Debs, Howard, Hodgere and Kelther were brought front the county jail to Co«uni*> sl0u«r Hoyu's office by Marshal Arnold for the purpose of oouiultlng with their attorney*, who again Insisted on their giving b»i|, put the prisoners declined. i. WHY Clara—I'm itoint .. Charlie-All right! tl. THE ELOPEMENT FAILED. down! A moment later Clara dropped down, but it was all wrong. —Miinsey's Magazine. """"vitHi rrvildtmt Wlvk** Talk*. CBIOAOO, Julr lO.—Vioo President Wtokes said that the works at Pullman uW to opened a* goon «g 150 of thu ueii eipresn a desire to. go back to work. the doors wijl be opened for tiium whether tbt military forotw are still on duty or uoV. _ lu lireb*. SovTM MoAuwTEK, 1 T.. July 18.— ouiptuy 'i\ Tfutb ijifautry arrivoU lert and have bt»eu ordered to proceed to Krelw, I, 'f,, for tit* tearing the mines and property belonging! to the Osage Coal and Mining company. The Uaited States troops will remove! from the Indian Territory as intruders < all the men engaged in the present strike who refuse to work or allow others to work, . NO VIOLENCE WILL BE OFFERED. A. B. O, Official* at Butte Have Appointed a Committee of Safety. BUTTB, Mont., July ID.—The local officials of the A. R. U. say that no violence will be offered the troops when they arrive. The union has appointed a committee of safety, whose duty it will be to restrain those violently inclined. The Union Pacific and Northern Pacific railroad attorneys have been looking f01 the arrival of troops for several days. The railroad officials expect to resume business on Friday. Tbe regulars an expected to arrive on that day. Dillon, 7<* miles south of Butte, is the present terminus for the Union Pacific passenger trains. A company of regulars in stationed there and also at Lima, the end of the division, 40 miles south of Dillon. Four small bridges have been burned between this oity and Lima, on the line of the Union Pacific, and one blown up with dynamite. No damage has been done to railroad property here. Striken Sentenced tor Contempt, Los ANOELES, July 19.—Judge Ross found John Howarth and Engineer Martin Kelly guilty of contempt of court (or violating his injunction at Baratow and sentenced each to eight months in jail. The severity of the sentence waa • surprise to many, it being thought as this was the first conviction for violation of the injunction the sentence would U light Threaten to Use Dynamite. GCTHRIB, O. T., July 1ft.—A large body of men are organized in Enid and they are loudly proclaiming that they will destroy with dynamite the first train that attempts to pass through the town without stopping. Company H of the Thirteenth infantry, from Camp Supply, O. T., reached Wellington, Kan., and are hastening to Enid, Troops Bemoved from Chicago. CHICAGO, July !«.—CJenoral Miles has appended his signature to the general order removing federal troops from Chicago. The infantry will take trains for their respective posts while the cavalry and artillery will march to Fort Sheridan and remain there until such time us General Miles thinks best that tboy be •eut to their posts. Illinois Militia Ordered Home. —iNOKiELi), July 111.—Wednesday night Adjutant General Orondorrf issued an ordur directing the entire Twenty- second brigade, Illinois state troops, and tho First battalion of naval militia, ou duty at Chicago, to proceed to their homes at once, Three thousand men ro- uiuin on duty. Colored Oltlstiiin Auk Federal Prnluotlon. BROOKLYN, July 10.—A meeting was OPPOSED BY THE SOCIALISTS. Closure of General Debate on the French Antianarehlat Bill Toted. PARIS, July lU.-In the chamber of deputies, M. Goblet combatted the government's antianarohist bill claiming that if the measure became a law, it would be a violation of individual liberty and of the freedom of the press. The. true remedy was not repression, but Democratic reform. M. Guerin the minister ef justice, said that the peril was increasing and that they must "uproot the|abominable seot." Closure of the general debate OB the measure was voted. 258 to 104 and urgency was declarea by a vote of ITU to 167. These votes were taken in face of obstructive tactics of the Socialists. Cleveland Offera to HeiMat*. LONDON, July 19.—A dispatch from Berlin says that the London correspondent of The Vossische Zeitung declares that both Russia and the United States have done their utmost to avert war between China and Japan over Corea. Th« United States, the correspondent adds, has even exceeded the limits of friendly persuasion over Japan and China. A dispatch from Washington to a news agency here states that President Cleveland has offered to mediate in the Corean question. Offlolftl Reports on the Plague. WASHINGTON, July IU.—Reports have been received at the marine hospital bu reau from the consuls at Hong Konganc Canton regarding the prevalence of the plague in those cities. Consul Seymour writes from Canton that the deaths from May 1 to June tt at Hong Kong wen more than 1,000. The deaths in Canto* since the last of February are reported at 10,000, ^ Hawaii Prootaimed a Repnblle. AUCKLAND, N. Z., July 10.—Advices received here by steamer from Honolulu show that ii republic was proclaimed on the Hawaiian Islands on July 4. Safe- ford B. Dole, the provisional president, is the first president of the new republic. When the steamer bringing the advices eailod many persons had taken the oatk •f allegiance. Russian Veaaela to Be Inspected. BF.HI.IN. J\iU- U).—A post mortem ex- auiination of toe t^utjU o! s cook Vf longing to a ship which arrived ai Ltt beck from St, Petersburg 'hows (bat deuth resulted from Aslatio cholera All Vessels Hereafter arriving from Russian ports will be subjected to strict i» spoctiou, HldrmUb on S»MOa. AUCKLAND, N. Z., July 10.—Advices that have reached here from Apia, the capital of Samoa, are to the effect thai a skirmish botwot'U government troop and robolH took plncn on June 00. The former woro victorious. The rebels lost »a killed. Will Contlmio tlin Strike. EAST LIVERPOOL, O., July 10.—At nieotint; of tho oporativn nottors to du- cido whether thoy should aucupt tho prautico v>f lynuhing lu'grotm in tho Houtli. KottolutioiiB wore ailoptod to tho ulttHit as thu prtyiilont hud ulroaily unlit*! out tho fodoral tnxi|ti to protect properly iu Chicujjo during the ivct-at xirlko, ho iilfcml thu Bttiiio protection to tho oolorutl dtiztiiitt of thu south., ult« Sliouka tit M«iii|ilila. — July IU,—Throw ulwcks of earthquake wm> Cult lioro Wednesday morning. Thu rirut shook occurred at »;U7 and luatod four suuiittU, tho second «t 0:51 aud th« third at 7; 10. Thu vibrations woro from north to south. Tho •books iiiiulti tail buildings sway liko u pendulum, but no damage waa done, I'kwuuocku woru plainly felt throughout tho lowor Mississippi valluy. HAPPENINGS BRIEFLY TOLP. Senator Woloutl uf Colorado Is •xnuotiul to return huutn about AUK. '• Tlio encampment of (h« Toxua inllltiaut Austin ulo««d with a shuiu butllo. TUB l?opu|Ut» of the Fourth Missouri (iiitriut uontluuteti W. U. Mlsauuur lor OQ ug nan, The New York constitutional oouveu* lou'n eutfntifu uoimuiuutt UtiBUtwUUul uil- •fiiwily to ull form* of wuuiuu sun'rugo. Frank 1), Zlminorinan of Cultfornlu has uwu appointed vice cuimi! ut Borllu, to •""wooti Abbott, rvulgitutl, .ruiuorous Oliluumou have uwu arrested u Now York, ulmrgoil with muUKgllug othor Chluitinnu into tho United Stilton. Tho SftiiUi i-V UUH applied to the Unttutl Itwte* oourt for leave to borrow to n«ty off Its hired b«udi. was decided by a vote to 9441 to 3Atf to continue thoir striko. Cholera Hltuittluu Hurloua. WASHINGTON, July 10.—A cablegram received from Burgeon Fairfas Irwlu in Berlin says that the cholortt *ituation iu St. Putorsburg in serious. On Momlay tht-ro wtiro yi8 oasos aud uioro than l,t»IU cases have appeared aluca July 1. IIUMla Will llulld a Ballwuy. LONDON, July 10.—Russia ban decided to build u railway front Saiuaraoaud to Ferghana, ou tho threshold of the Pamirs. England is building two forts to dsfoud tho piwuca between the HungK country aud tho Pauviw. liulluled lh» Murderer of Caruul. PAKW, July 10,-Sunto Ceasario, tko MUirdortir of Prtwldent Caruot, has b««n Indiotod for trial at the Lyons asaliw. Judge Uroulllao will preside at tb« trial. ftemuau* Ask Qernienr le Aunei The«u. UKM.IN, July 10,—The Bamoaiu hnve tout Emperor William a petition praying that Qoruiany annox tho islands. O'Nual fur £ui<uitu, Kuu,, July 10.— Thomai J. O'Noul of Uiutgo County WUB noiuiimtod for cougrww by thu Dtmiuoruta of the Fourth oongruBDiomil distilct. Nulliiiml JowulviV <i»»uvUtluu. CiNi'iNNA-n, July IB.— Tun National lU'ttul JuwcUnu 1 ikaaooiution opened with tho annual uddrww of Prealdent Arthur B. Goodiuwi Ot PliiladeJuhiH, R^STSTOyEPUNTINTHEWORLD Are the outcome of 30 years' experience in i designing, constructing and . testing of stoves. In them 'are combined all the best tlfevitx.? known to thej stoVf-maker, - They are i built ifpon right lines to give the greatest: degree of heat at the; = ; , M least expense of fuel, of i | the right material to give the longest service at the I I least cost for repairs. They are of the latest patterns,! 1 finished in the handsomest manner. Ask to see theiu ! ff at the dealers. The Trade Mark will identify tlie genuine, \ \ ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Boos & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS ' CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In en'Hess variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fact, they are prepared to Furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line and repairing. ISlPDon't forget the place. BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa. . Green Bay Lumber Company, Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. ^New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll, Iowa. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains its tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn all kinds of stock without injury. It is manufactured in lars, call on or address C. M. NfOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. K. A. 1'ortur, Utiaden.ln. Offlae with Duncan dt Sprout, H. Lainpe, AroitclU, In.; WalloraohclU Bros,, llulbur, Ia. IIIV"*T«THOK» A 1'UUiq.lMAlX Wm, LYNCH, TUBT1QE OP THE PEAQB. jj ABSTRACT, LOAN «••» .' LAND OFFICE I bat« » ooaipU>t<> aet of absusot* ni Carrot 'ouutjf. ill business will be attainted to proui|it I'UBUUUKH OK 1 Dailv Report of Transfers " OOoe, Utnm door* aoulii ot pout oUoe, upatnin WM. LiVMUIi. awroll, Iowa, AT- W II I UK OUIt HTOCIi LAHT8 — WH WlUi 6 ft. Hard wood Obuulwr Bait ........ woo4 Outtir*, p<ur ael. . . , uwl wdm» our ilook ou ff bl t» do ||, KANNE & ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET 4UL OUDKH3 4UK rHOMPTL l)KLlVKtt»U Oormar OU aud Adaiu* ttrww, Carroll, la.

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