Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 23, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, July 23, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN Most Key Stocks obituaries Sheriff Report Show Gains in Mrs. emu Kongo* for June Given Rising Market NEW YORK and ?er' Mrs. Emil Kangas Mrs. Emil Kangas, 65. died unexpectedly this morning at ! BESSEMER— Activities of the her home on McKinley Rd., fol- oogebic County sheriff's depart- lowhu? ?. short illness. ment during June are reported She was born Sept. 19. 1899 by sheriff Axel E. Tenlen,' as fol- i^Pt — Motors at Ullava. Finland and came to' lows . i\ K nPe u-Pi-r tne Un ' ted States and to Iron- Men on cluty 7 including the issue. \M_it. wood af . a chnd Shc was tne Mieriff and sj - x ^^1^. man strong- ir a rising stock market f 0 r ni c r Hilda Salo. She at- days 214: man hours 1,717. in- jarly 'ri<= afternoon. tended the local schools and on c i uo ;ing 245, traffic patrol. 227. Gains of fiactions to a point Sept 20 1913 she was married spec i a i traffic patrol; 204. com- jr more \v<?r<? the general rule to Emil Kangas. They cele- p i am ts; 85. report writing: 670, ?.rr.o'.-e key stacks. brateti their 50th wedding an 0 - esk assignment (the sheriffs It v>.'i« t>-.t market's strongest niversary in 1963. office is open seven- days per 3eiv.o"-'W ; ot of an uptrend ^ rs Kangas was a member week 24 hours per dayl; m this v : ce'r " when other tempo- of the- Si Paul Lutheran Church other duties . rai-'v rites nave- all beer< abor- She is survived by her hus- Prisoner record— processed Stree: still band' e_ son.^DonaldI of Meno- ..,«, pr i soriers du ring the month. Hospital Notes GKAVD VIEW. Ad m i 11, e d Thursday: Wilbert J. B j o r k, Route 1, Bessemer, Denise Nasi, 116 Sutherland Avc., Theresa Ness 216 Vaughn St., Axel Puisto, 100 E. Aurora St., medical: Mrs Alex W. Bulkows k i, 208 Silver St.. Hurley, surgery Discharged Thursday: Edward .T Cocking, Mrs. George Isvorski, Bessemer; Mrs. Mag- _ gic tafo'.ia, Charles K. Riehm. county Board of 'supervisors, FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1965. Board Approves Various Items Recommended BESSEMER — The Gogeblc 11 1~ •' ""• ">"! }["* ft -" *-l ' ol VC£ Still uaiiu r own. i^wnmv* w. m^.**~ awai'eV'so'rr.e statement as tornonee Falls Wis.: three grand- p atro i record—cars on patrol, wha-'^J S poiic" would n^uit, children and lour sisters. Mrs . J45 h ours: traffic offense ar- fvo'i.n C>- hiaivlevei conferences • Helmi Buzz* ot Chicago. Mrs rests lwo . other patrol an . es ts, i'awi.r n^pln Washington about Alleer, Yokie o' Pamesvil e O taking piace in Washington about Viet. N&rn. one: cars assisted, nine: cars and Mrs. David Ryan and Mrs inve stigated. eight; Verbal warn- TRUCK MISHAP—A truck owned by the Perfection Egg Company, Eagle River, rests on its side after tipping over.on highway M-28, in Merriweather about 3.30 Thursday afternoon. Officers said the driver reportedly drove onto the shoulder of the road to avoid an oncoming car and trailer and the truck rolled over. The driver was not injured in the mishap and the truck suffered minor damage, stated Michigan State Police officers. Mrs Myrtle Richards, Law rence Ruts. Paul R. Gunderson. Denise I. Nask, Mrs. James Makinen ;md baby, Ironwood. DIVINE INFANT, Wakcfield Wednesday, approved v a r ious recommendatons of the building and grounds committee relating to improvement of the grounds of the new jail building and cor- Admitted Thursday: Ira John-rction of various items of con- ston, Mrs. Herman Ruclitys, Wake! i e 1 d. medical; David struction, and equipment. It was noted that the attempt Waino Rein 01 Ironwood. ings. 12: service calls, 15. Funeral services will be held complaint record -'number The aerospace stocks gained "reater n mUUary SP eTfo rT'and at 1:3n Monda - v alternoon 'P receiv^'lSS- from other depart- KlCHlri millLalj L i l u l L aiiu ,, „. -p 01 .i T nH-i£>ran P h u rr»h ~ * . * t• )_> i_ U 1C O' . tile* J i»iU( v n ti i v-11 in put c ^fl • f*r\mnl Qivit owo etc 1 more defense spending would be " ith t ,,. Rp .. Oliver * H a 11- f. , complaint an ests. l. HIP nntrnme of the talks umei A. n a 11 Mileage record—total trav- the outcome 01 me idiKs. b officiating. Burial will be cled Meanwhile, auto stocks at- at Riverside Cemterj. tracteci buyers because of. Tne rc . ma ins are at the Ketola Ford's records for sales and Funeral Home which will b e earnings in the second quarter open alter 5 Sunday afternoon, and firr-1 half and because of On M Cnday morning the r e peak car sales for the big three. ma i ns W ill be taken to the automakers in the latest report-; cn urc'i to lie in state ing period. : 0 [ services. The Associated Press average : of 60 stocks at noon was up .l| at 318 6 with industrials up .3. j rails up .1 and utilities off .1. The Dow Jones industrial av-; erage at noon was up 3.90 atj WIITA A. AUTIO 10,436, including 2.702 on traffic patrol. 3.740 on complaints. 3.994 on complaints. Driver licenses issued. 176. No Change Made InMSU'sFees The Iron County Sheriff's of- I fice reported today that a theft i was reported at the Emil Sha- I bel Cities Service gas station on ! Highway 51. Hurley. EAST LANSING iAPi—Mich- officers stated that the break- r • A Man Injured Campaign Opens , n CfOS/J Here In Iron County Miettinon. Wakefield. surgery 'of the building authority to in- Dis^nargecl Thursday: M r s . j elude the landscaping of the Raymond Pete, Marenisco: Mrs grounds in the original con- Joseph Pazdcrnik. Bessemer: struction project was denied by Arvo Ulvila. Vincent Ribich, the federal government, leaving ; wakeftelcl the county r e s p o n sible for grounds improvement. The | board approved the recommend- i ation that the county road com- j mission be asked to blacktop the parking area between the I jail garage and the courthouse. The Iron County Chapter igan State University's trustees ! ing in occurred sometime Thur-: the Wisconsin Council for Re- Aurora Sts. -••-•- conduct-i Injured in the mishap one of the drivers was arrested nd excavation, back- as the result of a two-car traf-. ,,„ blth crushed gravel> and fice accident at 2:58 a.m. today! blacktop and remov j ng an earth of at the intersection of Suffolk and „ j ft t anB Funerals 865.67. i MARENICSO — Funeral serv- Probate Court, four trips Amid expectations of a beef-; ices foi Wiita A. Autio, 51, Seat- Newberry state Hospital; ing-up of America's military tie, who died at Cecilville. Calif. prosecuting attorney one trip appropriation for MSU, which plant, Boeing and Douglas Air- l June 25. were held July 7 at to Ionia State Hospital to re- is expecting an enrollment of craft gained about 2 each. Unit- Memorial Chapel of Washing- turn prisoner- and one trip to 36,500 this fall—up 3,500 from ed Aircraft rose 1 and General ton Memorial Funeral H o m e. Marquette prison to convey two last year. Dynamics a fraction. ; Seattle, with the Rev. Gary prisoners In his budget report, Philip Ford started modestly then B o r g e s officiating. Interment other activities: J- May. vice president for picked up strength, showing a was at Washington Mem o r i a 1 Three Marine deputies worked business and finance. said gain of nearly 2 points by noon i Park. ar , av erage of 600 hours during "Certainly all of the legitimate fox: one bobcat. Thursday for preparing a 1965- : building being gained by r e - j ing its Friendship Campaign Joseph Howarth. 33, of Route 1, Hours of services for other 66 budget which raised neither i moving a window pane from the which is intended to raise funds; Wausaukee, Wis., who was tak- county departments— Justice tuition nor dormitory housing front door. f° r the betterment of retarded 1 en to Grand View Hospital for Court, 35; Probate Court. 30; charges. Sheriffs officers also reported! children. treatment of facial lacerat i o n s prosecuting attorney, 25: Circuit "A highly commendable; that the pop machine, cigarette! Workers have been appointed; and then, released. Court, 10: Civil Defense, eight; job." said Warren M. Huff,; machine and the cash register! by the county chairman, Mr.: Mrs Floyd Ramme, 37. of superintendent of schools, five; chairman of the board of. were broken into and about $10 and Mrs. Jack Giovanoni of I South Davis Rd., paid a $10 fine ether county departments, 90. trustees which approved a bud-| was taken. for other departments— get of about $115 million. j Tne c'epartment is conducting to Huff praised the 37.187,398:^ investigation, for increase in the legislature's 1 total cost of $1,365 to be paid was from the balance in the build- Salesman Pays $120 in Fines Hurley, in most of the towns, i and $4 20 costs this morning in ing fund. The committee told the board n the con- correction, Axel Ten- len, were discussed at a joint meeting with the County Building Authority, on July 15. The equipments, chemicals, steels, and a companion were vaca- capsized boat; checked 150 boats Improvement spread along a' shawar.o. Wis. lost'Hsherman"""receove"d""a sfol- He saicl tne budget "recog-j cipal Court after pleading guil-j broadening front, into the office Mr. Autio, his son, Gerald, en Doa t: rescued occupants of a nizos tne need {or additional ty to a disorderly conduct ef'forr^eTthaV'thei-e^'are'manvi can be done for re-j in Iron County,' is going to ; In those towns where h e a d s| Ironwnoc' Municipal Court on a. "* mb ',' were a ssL red bv the have been named the drive is in'charge of fa , llng to yield thei™ 0 ^'? throuRh a communi- full swing: however, there are right of way. 1 c a J,n -ece ved bv the authority certain towns where workers Ironwood city police, w h o I f loni a rchfteO G ArntzS £ Co are still needed to help in this filed the complaint against Mrs. i tnat t ' ne responsible parties for important effort. | Ramme. said she was goi n g | each of the irregularities have Iron County Chapter w a s south on Suffolk St. when her! been contacted and correction started several months a g o vehicle was involved in a colli-j vv jji be made within the near and it has a dual purpose—to sion with an auto driven by! future, at no expense to the work with the parents of retard-i Karen Johnson, 24, of Ramsay, ; county. Items pointed out for ed children, getting them to-who was traveling east on Suf-- correction included a clogged folk S1 • ' sewer line in the cell block, Police said Howarth was a blocked by terrazzo. (This has passenger in the Johnson car. rails snr electronics. tioning at Cecilville, when h e ^"""gafe boating McKesson & Robbins, was up; suffered a heart attack while Sheriff's officers worked to teach an expanded charge. student enrollment, it provides David C. Mandt, 19. o f on salary adjustments which' Brooks, Minn., was fined $ 1 0 0 2. Fairchild Camera added an- mountain climbing. thrppYm-pniip rn'sM wmTmnharp should bring MSU salaries to'for disorderly conduct and $20 j r. ,,thn,M^ ^ar the midpoint of Big Ten! for contempt of court and he First Public other point and a half. '. A sister, Mrs. John Strasser IBM tacked on 5 points, U.S. : Wakefieid, attended the funeral. Smelting nearly 3, Zenith about 2. MATHEW CRY AN Prices on the American Stock Funeral services for Mathew iaj . ( Exchange were higher on bal- Cryan. 66, of 14 Silver St., Hur- fp ' *-. i . .... . ,._. , , . I V-l lOt been corrected): electrical work arrangement has been made for replacement of a portion of wiring with heavier wire; operation of the freezer—the Hiawatha Co. has assured that the freezer will be checked and corrected; !. salary averages, it increases j also was assessed court costs Some of the objectives are! WASHINGTON 'AP) — FBP flo °d!ng of the hall ways dur- day-care centers where these Director J Edgar Hoover and ing "tank" operations will be ^TnivC' infMTHncni" and Provides for the mainten-! Judge C. C. Keeton also retarded children and adults Atty . G en.'Nicholas Katzenbach f, orre ^^ t3y , co " str , uct ! on of a to Du me Infant Hospi- Qf new facilltles/ . ; sentenced him to serve 90 daysl c *n occupy thir time and be have had their first public dis- threshold under the tank r o o m nmt. m MVO civil De- The for $5197 : in the CQmt ]al , but sus . trained, recreation progr a m s ,, agreement about the FBI's entrance door The architect ance UP about 2 were Comput- lev will be held Saturday at 1 ^'A ov "*."; f t f * million to operate the East pended the jail sentence on the; a nd sheltered workshops. The; role in the fignt agai nst crime, advised the building authority to CT Sc'eScS Solltron Devices P m at the Engstro Funeral f Prov . lde ^ safe escort for two j campus, up $8.4 million condition that Mandt left the! Iron County Chapter feels that The disagreement, first since e i lg , age Ha loral "^t"""" lo ln " and Syntex Home Hurlej• l-ith the R e v lun f als ' the movuig of a boat ^ t p andPS3 . 43 mimon , cltv within one hour. the classes for retarded children Katzenbach assumed-his post as sta11 . a , do ° r dJiu o.>iitc«^> J.AVJHJC, , liviiic^. \\iLii mt. i\. t~ v . ,.— j alj'p SlinPVim*' fm* tnP TPtlirn • •, . , mi ir th0 cnVinnlc Q VP nr»t ari*iniiatr» » . j r\nt nirtiiirln — , _i-rrnm MT-.- --n • .ce-'i -'^ • Lj c 1 "-^- ou^Jt,! lui. ivji n ic, iCLuiii f-^v <"™\QVlanri TTni^rAvcifir iin A/Tanrtt u T a c ari-AQf prl T^Vinr^- *-^ J L-Ilc oL>IlUUlb die I1UL clLlCtJ UdLtr ; Unr^TPi* c 01 inoi'ini- 1 o cf Pnrn.irafp nnri U S TrGasurv ' Rpnmmin Rnnnpnvisp nffinat- r , i i * tor vjaKicina univcisiiy, up. iviaiiui \vas dricbica inuia- M xioovti s supeiiui icist V^UIj'OidLC CIllU (^.i>J. 4ii*c**jUJ.t, v JJC1 1 JCll I ill . J-JVJi llJ^f^llo^, >JillV.l.ClL f-.f n O"IT\\ 1T^/SP/l nlQlTP T T* f\ m I ^ lr)v>x'l(!V^^»O»-IV*rirtWir-,«*4rtj-] 1 _ *^ bonds were mostly unchanged ing. Burial will be at St. Mary wakefi°eld to the Countv A i r- 678 ' 3 °° from 1&St year 'v • day by l ™ mvo °* Police. w_hoi and in Heht tradins. i Cemetnrv. Hurley. l\ a , e „„, .,° _.£°" n l y A 1 ' « also includes slight in- charged that he trespassed into _In in light trading. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS ^Friends' mafc'all at the fu- ' agricutural a privatehome m e today rom heeto sn home beeinnme at 4 Dm .. , \ f ^ experiment station, which will disorderly with the occupant. mnm e al 4 P' m - Mme to Huriey and return: and receive S4 7 mimon , an d the 1 Chief of Police Donald Nevala .H 1 said he did should be expanded. ber stemmed from the attorney ' s not ^ customaiy to provicie a clty of Hurley a n d general's statement in an inter- door beil to the sheriff's office, some other communities. . the vi e w that the FBI and other inasmuch as it is open 24 hours drive is taking a house to house l government agencies fightin^ per - v some one on duty basis. However, if any one crlme "have a great deal of pro°-| continuously. TY*r\vvi T t*rvv\ r'/M»»^ririr'»-»/-ifrti-i*-i4-rtrtf - . - .. . r T^ho f*r\i~\~\ >*»T Jrtno xi'nc r»/^T^/^ot'nori is not contact- The committee was concerned MRS. DAVID CAVAN Funeral services for Mrs 75, of 305 N. Lo- died Thursd a y provided safe escort for the L.L cooperative extension service,! today noted that door-to-door I fr om Iron County is noi contact- fessional pride and organization-! Wright graduating class on its wh i cn will receive $4.9 million.: soliciting is prohibited by the|ed. they may send their contri-l a] jealousy While that's a good that these C01 ' rect) o ns be made May said the business office Green River Ordinance w h i ch: bution to the Iron County Chap- thing, sometimes it's a problem before Dec - 26 ' wnich closes the ------- tor fnr TJotorrtort Ohilrtron Ti^ct A. .. .. . . * ... vpar allnwprl fnr pnnRf nipf inn outing to Black Riyer Harb o r Park and on the return to Ironwood. : Conducted Washingron School NEW YORK .__ is a soctioned list of stock tran- i will be held Saturday. _The bur- grade school students and Cub Scouts from Harding, through other items. Received five dog complaints Major sources of income will Exchange at midday with i change from previous close. collect and disburse about has been in effect for several j ter f ° r Retarded Children, Post Office, Hurley, Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Giovanoni state that this is perhaps the mostj drive ever conducted! to get the agencies to contribute f ar a ' low ^ df for their information for the good f" er that da ?, e ; repal ,^ s wl " "? e of others, rather than keeping H 16 responsibility of the county to themselves when they think y can make a good case by j Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Copper Rng Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fciir Gen Motors Gen Tel Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Steel Interlak Ir Int Bus Mach Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kim Clk LOF Glass Ligg &: My Mack Trk Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up, D—Down. 46^8 D 49'. s 66^8 U 3534 u 34^8 U 20=8 66V2 43" 8 U 79 3 4 U 571-8 U in Iron County. They feel that a: go ih g lt alone successful fund effort will give; -There's not a Other recommendations of the committee approved by the scintilla ofl board authorized the admin- « H t i?-m ered by t thCMB 6 V f the new jail building. RODert Kiibourn at a Mass at Rec eived five dog complaints Major sources of income will 1 I. ^-.--. — — - .^^ o ., u ., « a ^^ ia . Wi ,, t . 11 a.m at the Chuich o the and disposed of five dogs. '', be the state appropriation of IS ^611/60 s Impetus to the objectives of the truth to that as it pertains to: is V" atlve se " e t*ry to obtain araton, Episcopal, in- Registered and safety inspect-' $38.5 million and student fees! DETROIT (AP) - The threat or samzaUon which are equal 1 y the FBI," Hoover volunteered i est ' mates ofv , cost and P urcl ? ase will be at Riverside ed fivistols totaling an expected $11.5' of an indefinite bovcot"of^^s ea i- important ' They also emphasize Thursday to The Associated' a fl °° r scrubbing and polishing Ce ™ et "r ir .„„ . ,, Assisted with traffic at soap- million 1 test daWes in Drtroit and Lan- that there are more retard e d : Pr ess through a spokesman ""»""""""• »-—"-' The McKevrttrKershner F u box derb t uts in Iro n W ood, Of the $51.97 million for the 1 ^ bvSS Michigan Milk Pro- children ancl adults in Iron Coun - ?fon at rthi SOP atte?noo 0 n aTd A ^mson* oy th P Junior Cham- East Lansing campus, $36 mil-; Srs^ffiK^ gei: ^ y i™ wn „ tat ~ J== uon at 4 tms artemoon ana A ber of Comrn erce; and assisted lion will go into salaries : dav witn an agreement that the th P ublic - The y h °Pe that Litany for the Departed will be ith t ffi t stock . car vace s May said S2.8 million in the clairv firm would stoo imoortinE ! through this or g anization tne i' C ? n ? u ^ e ^ byhFa \ he l K ! lbouri ? at the Gogebic County F a i r- budget was for 200 additional ™Jn™,™~ ,,^°L™ portmg can effect a better understand- THE WEATHER : home ' grounds. [GEORGE W. SULLIVAN ! Funeral services for George W ^ ' Sullivar, 83, of Hurley, will be =9,' u lit I held at 9 a.m. Saturday at the ' ' St. Ma?ry Catholic Church. Hur- 68 2303H D D Reminder of Summer Jobs raw milk from Wisconsin. ing by the parents and the pub- helped. Va 80^8 D 94\4 U V 39 3 ,s D li 35 ] .4 U ', 55% U '.: 48' B U v 4214 D i: 34'a D J 462 U 1 80^8 U T ley, with the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mi- WASHINGTON .AP) - The plus 197 122 new ical - technical positions and: largest*' !L?«™! nistrative " professional ; drinking"orTry'ing* to'^'undeT-j mine raw milk prices by im- Dlftf4 Wisconsin. I • I f Deliveries of milk to Sealtest i f'f/5/| jGCJfTlGn machine for the new That bids be invited on fluor- rescent lighting installation in the Circuit Court room and the County Road Commission o f - fices; and on lowering the light fixtures in the administartive secretary's office. That the administrative sec- positions. libSry. Si s'a^as^an a^ ^L>°™* supplies from time high for MSU" but still beow ntional , . . . , . chael A. Prock officiating. Burl- , White House has reminded _ the i standards for Iibraries at , rom association members vir- 541 s D 48 l /j D 549 e U 83'4 U 33 3 4 U 31'-a 47's D 675 s 38U D '5 5 8 D 40i s u 66's 46^8 D 76 D 42 59' 8 U 46',8 37% U al will be at the St. M a r y ' Post Office Department that it SC h 00 ls of MSU's size. Cemetery wants all government agencies Friends may call at the Eng-' to Ii]I summer jobs under the strom Mineral Home in Hurley y° uth employment program on after 2 p m. today. The rosary the basis of need rather than pa- will be recited at 8 tonight. i tronage. j Press secretary Bill D. Moy- S - \/ • i . . H -. [Crs made the point Thursday) IT Mligms TO KCCire j shortly after the department de-! Apology Made To France tually halted Wednesday. The least four Irish seamen were Albany, cloudy association supplies more than, killed in a predawn explosion Albuquerque, clear 85 per cent of the dairy's needs, and fire which roared through Atlanta, cloudy In agreeing to stop Wisconsin the crew's quarters of a freight-; Bismarck, cloudy imports, Sealtest general man- er tied up here. | Boise, clear ager David Falconer denied any A fifth man was reported Boston, cloudy TEMI'KRATI'RES IN IRONWOOD Frldny. July •;:!. HWJ. For 24 hr. puriod ending at 12 noon. 2 p.m. 84:10 p.m. 70 fi a.m. fi 4 p.m. R:I Midnight fis s a.m. 7i retary be authorized to obtain R p.m. 81 2 a.m. 65'10 a.m. HO pctimfltp"; nf rnst nf npw flnnr 8 p.m. 78 4 a.m. 64'Noon 83 ; cbUmdlBS Ol CObl OI n6W HOOT Barometer: R a.m. 29.80: Noon 29.88. tile for the Office Of the 1'Oad commission superintndent; and THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE ; on repairing the north entrance By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j and install a new door, in this High Low Pr.' entrance of the courthouse. intent to influence Michigan missing. prices. He said the company! The explosion Buffalo, cloudy of undeter- Chicago cloudy Rosary for G Sullivan ' nieci P a . trona g e was involved be- ( United States has apologized to ! tuations in"demands. Sir kniehts of'thp Perp Mpn i cause il used lists su PP lied by i France for accidentally violating I nrri oVnprni A«Pmhiv TPniirth congressmen to fill some of Its! French air space over a nuclear jobs. A spokesman said this wa.s j production plant last Friday and tn HP m-pspnt at thp Fno- < a s P eed ' u P device used bcausejhas promised to take steps to Fnnprai Hnmp HiiviPv i th U ' S> Employment Service! prevent such incidents, for the recital of thtI'rosary for i Service _ was slow in providing! state Department spokesman Sir Knight George Sullivan at R WASHINGTON (APi — The was merely trying to meet flue- 1 mined cause ripped through the Cincinnati, cloudy B ? tonight. t ? Faithful Navigator Paul Mar' tilla announces the roster of Sir ,. Knights who will serve as honor '/si guard this evening as follows: 7 to 7:30 —Ralph Massa and William Wagner. 7 Forest Fire In District Robert J. McCloskey announced 7:30 to 8 —Louis Paoli anci; in tne *- T PPer Peninsula state Fred Tezak. i protection area for the week 8 to 8:30 —Alex Bielaws k ij ending July 17, according to and Charles Santini. (Karl Kidder, regional fire the U.S. action Thursday but declined to explain what the violation was, how it occurred or give any other details. France j had formally protested Monday : the overflight by a U.S. Air Seven fires burned 3.9 acres Air Force reconnaissance plane. Briefly Told Defense Costs Show Decline WASHINGTON (AP) — Final figures on government spending in the fiscal year which ended June 30 showed that Defense Department expenditures declined by $3.5 billion. But the total spending by the federal government decreased by only $900 million, from billion to $97.4 billion. B.3 Figures Wednesday were released CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (API — lUSDA)— 8:30 to 9 —Leo and Leno Zadra. Beauchamp by Secretary of »v u L , ntuui.1, j.^ B iu,.ai i i i c T . i| 1IP |- v Knip-htK nf fnliim ; " cuncouajr "y octicicu y ui superviror, Department of Con-' h * ,f ri ^Lv^ a J] ™ ^ l^t the Treasury Henry H. Fowler 1 servatior. Marquette. One fire was reported in the bus wii! recite the rosary tonight 9 to 9:30 —Henry Anderson - - ""« ^^IL^, IL , ^^ wnmo Hogs 3,000; butcher steady to: and Clyde Simmonds. [Baraga District, which is com-j nirpptor UirBCtOl • Bchultze. T L. 25 lower- 1-2 200-220 Ib butchers i On Saturday, the honor guard 24.75-25.00; mixed 1-3 200-250 Ibs! will assemble at the funeral 24.50-24750 load at 25.00; 2-3 240-1 home at 8:30 a.m. Members of 270 Ibs-24.25-24.50; 1-2 190-200 Ibs | the honor guard will be Henry 24.00-24.50; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows Anderson, Alex Bielawski, An- 21.75-22.25; load 325 Ibs at 23.00; ton Gust, Fred Tezak, William prised of Baraga, Gogebic,; Houghton and Ontonagon coun-i The White House said the fis- hold of the freighter Irish Syca- Cleveland, cloudy more, a 449-foot vessel based out of Dublin. The blast triggered a fire in the superstructure of the 10,550 ton ship. The blaze, was harnessed shortly after dawn. The Erwm Conservation Club acres!-^o date cnlp " «heduled for Sunday at de Hcit which had been estimated ' Dems to Have Picnic Sunday The Gogebic County Democratic Party will have its annual picnic Sunday aftern o o n and evening at the Extens i o n Camp at Little Girl's Point. Party officers report that food and refreshments will be served and live music provided for dancing. A number of prizes cal 1965 deficit was $3.5 billion wi U be awarded. —compared with the $6.3 billion i Officers said the picnic is the area has had 21 fires ing 20.3 acres. A to'al of 155 fires have burned 308.2 acres in the U p- p ' m ' r , families are welcome. 400-450 Ibs 20.75-21.75: 2-3 450-' Wagner and Leno Zadra. 500 Ibs 19.75-20.75; 500-650 Ibs —. i per Peninsula to date. Last 18.75-19 75. CHICAGO PRODUCE ; year at this time, there had Cattle 3,500; calves none;] CHICAGO (APi — Chicago i been ?09 fires burning 1.037.7 slaughter steers steady to 25 Mercantile Exchange — Butter; acres higher, two loads prime 1,300- j steady; wholesale buying prices 1,365 Ibf slaughter steers 28.50; \ unchanged to 'i higher; 93 high choice and prime 1,175-, score AA 58%; 92 A58%; 90 B 1,375 Ibs 27.50-28.25; four loads 1 58; 89 C 57; cars 90 B 58%; 89 C i e Park, has been post- in January. Expenditures tCT J™ d ^\.A Ug --. 1 ' *5 dropped by $1 billion and rev- l " 5U enues rose by $1.8 billion. ' Non>iePark ' starUn 8 at All members and their; open to the public. 58. high choice and prime 1,4001,480 los 27.50; choice 1,100-1,375 Ibs 26.00-27.25; choice 950-1,150 Ibs 25.25-26.50; good 22.75-24.75; i lower: 70 per cent or better i gan State University's 38th neighbors. Eggs unsettled; wholesale Booth Party Makes Request on Revenue DAMASCUS, Syria (APi — It Is Cold at South Pole Reserve Officers Ask Merger Action Halt WASHINGTON (AP) — 78 67 93 68 86 68 97 68 77 49 81 64 72 63 91 73 89 77 86 71 94 63 87 68 .81 .86 .01 .67 Denver, cloudy Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks, cloudy 68 49 .08 Fort Worth, clear 98 77 Helena, clear 76 47 Honolulu, clear 84 76 Indianapolis, cloudy 90 74 Jacksonville, clear 87 65 Juneau, cloudy 56 45 .25 Kansas City, clear 94 79 Los Angeles, cloudy 79 60 Louisville, cloudy 90 78 Memphis, clear Miami, clear .07 Milwaukee, cloudy Mpls.-St.P., cloudy New Orleans, clear New York, cloudy Okla. City, clear Omaha, clear Philadelphia, cloudy 80 67 Phoenix, cloudy Pittsburgh, clear Ptlnd, Me., cloudy 95 76 85 74 89 68 92 76 90 73 1.92 75 66 .01 99 76 91 73 98 77 86 64 82 65 102 65 82 64 96 77 Rapid City, rain Richmond, cloudy St. Louis, clear Salt Lk. City, cloudy 85 62 San Diego, cloudy 73 64 The] San Fran., cloudy That the request of A n d r ew Bednar for office space in the courthouse for use of an expediter in the Economics Opportunity Program, be granted and that he be assigned the room between the jury room and the board of supervisors room provided that the drain commissioner is not using it. Approved the recommendation that the kitchen range in the old jail building be sold to the Ironwood Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, for $50 and the refrigrator in the old jail be sold to Edward Strahs, operator of the Tip-Top cafe, Bessemer, for $50. Strahs was high bidder on the refrigerator; other bidders were Griews k i Market, Ironwood, which o f - fered $25; and the Ironw o o d VFW Post, which offered $50. I Reserve Officers Association, in a new move against the contro- Seattle, clear Tampa, clear D' i ' 1M ' > '*""*" X *" <J .£*" 'Syria's ruling Baath party has' fore you complain about the DOCK to ClaSS at MbU [called on oil-producing Arab heat: EAST LANSING (AP)— Some; nations to earmark part of their The Navy's Amundsen-Scott 1,000 homemakers go back to ! revenues for a joint fund to arm versial Guard merger, said to- Washington, cloudy , day a halt in the action is neces- i Winnipeg, cloudy WASHINGTON (AP) — Be- S ary to restore morale and effec- 64 57 77 58 86 74 84 68 85 66 South Pole station has recorded tiveness in preparation for a poossible reserve call to active duty. Brig, Gen. Donald S. Dawson, buying prices unchanged to 1 class next Tuesday for Michi-'and develop Israel's Arab [ a record cold for the place, 113.2! RQA national president, said below zero. RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:43. Sunrise tomorrow 5:31. Moonrise tomorrow 1;27 a.m. New Moon July 28 Tonight the planet, Venus, is year; 0,934,999 net tons of coal that although intrnational de-j a little- above the star, Regulus, were shipped, an increase of Great Lakes' Shipments Up CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — The Lake Carriers' Association said Wednesday that 50,784,938 net tons of iror ore, coal and grain had been shipped over the Great Lakes this year to July 1. Oliver T. Burnham, vice president and secretary of the association, said it is the largest, first half year tonnage in five years. Last year 50.777,063 tons .32 were moved. June, shipments also were a .14 five-year high. There were 20,745,848 tons shipped, compared to 19,242,162 in 1964. Iron ore shipments in June totaled 10,163,842 gross tons, nearly a million tons ahead of last choice 800 - 1,000 Ib slaughter, Grade A Whites 29 1 : mixed annual "College Week for In ,i lengthy policy statement. The Russian station at Vostok vejppments and cnngressional re-1 and the planet, Mercury, is be- 600,000 tons and an eight-year heifers 23.50-2o.25; good 20.75- 29'2: mediums 25: standards Women." It features 16 classes, the Bnalh Socialists said libera- in Antarctica, however, is action had forestalled, the mer-'Jow the star. Venus is always record; and grain fell to 2,427,23.00; cows 12.50 - 15.50; bulls :25',a; dirties unquoted; checks discussion sessions and a num- lion o( Palestine was the "high- claimine the over-all record,, ger no pentagon order to his ef-: brighter than any other planet 346 tons last, month compared 17.50-19.00. 121. ( ber of speakers July 27-31. jest pan-Arab objective." , 126.9 below. jject has been issued. i or star". ; to 2,621,493 in 1964. , t '

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