The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1 MR Tall-Hartley Law Hit by High Court Jurists Rule Union May Use Its Paper To Back Candidates WASHINTONG. June 22 <U!>>~ I'he U. S. supreme court ruled yesterday that unions may use their newspapers in behalf of political candidates regardless or the Taft- Hartley law 1 ., ]>„„ on |)() u,ical i .snendins by labor organizations. 1 lie court refused, however (o t nile directly on constitutionality of the, polHical spending ban. it agreed unanimously lo *al of a government indict- mom against the CIO and its ,,rcs- Went, Philip Murray. They were Indicted after Murray, deliberately seeking a ( . 0 iiii test of Hie political spending ban, ortierod raples of a CIO newspaper rfi.qri- buted in a Maryland Congressional Dislnct. The ne«s|japer strongly supported one candidate in a Congressional election. Justice .Stanley f need handed do-An Die court'.s unanimous decision, it agreed to dismissal ol Hie liKliciment against Murray and the CIO aim held iliat the political j wilding ban does not bar the use , of imioti newspapers to support a . political candidate. Favor lnv:ili,l.itii,n But four justices—one shori or i a court majority were in favor of invalidating ,he political s'»iidin<- ban section of Ihe Taft-'nartlry law. They were Justices Wiley H. Hiitlcdge, Williinn o. Douglas. Hugo i- Black and Frank Murphy. Speaking lor the entire court Keecj declared: "U would require explicit words i*i;--u act to convince us llial Con- taSs intended to bar a trade journal, a house organ or a newspaper published by a corporation, from expressing views ou candidates or political proposals in the regular course of it.s publication." The CIO and Murray deliberately invited prosecution bv endorsing Edward A. Garmatz. a Maryinnt! Democrat for election to Congress in Baltimore last July. He was elected Murray and his union wanted he constitutional issue settled so labor could know its legal rights during thc 1948 election campaigns. Murray wrote an editorial in tl. One Good Term Deserves Another Ttl/YTHFAMU.E (AKX.V COUTUER NEWS Rciul Courier Ne»» Wmil Ad*. NOW! at FOUNTAINS Kvery where! PAGE ELfc'VEW S«t E. H. FORD ••for* You DIE! NOW! Refined Woman i Sides minded, 85 In 50, (food character ri'ferenct'K, for permanent ivork. Hutirs ronven- it'iil for women selected. Write, itive phone l(> Suite 225, Hiillimor* Hid*., Mem- l>1iis, Tcnn. V ailing to enter their rhtldien lor thc [all te, „, at O.,r CJtieen of Marlyrs parwhial ,,-(,«ol m .New ,ork. more than 40 parent, pull a World's Series Muni, and sit outside the sVl oc gaVe, „ night Reputedly one o the br-st parochial schools in the city, it will accept only 2 child.e, fur the first grade. Chans, blankets and hot eoflee helped the parents throuaii the , igl t Philly's Weather, Kleig Lights Make ; With the Courts GOP Convention a Shirt-Sleeve Affair By Samlor S. Klein i western delegate. U'mti-d Press Staff Correspondent) He was tanning himself with n CONVENTION HALL Pliiladcl-' "Vote (or Dewcy" fan and chewing suit for divorce" phia, June 22. —(UP)—It's a shin-1 Sinn, also donated by the Dcwey sleeve convention already. ChantTi y: I.etllce VnllKhun vs. C. H. VnilKhll, l.suil Tor divorce. Ocrtrticle Swift vs. Jnines Swill, NOW!" STEAM BATH MASSAGE For Reducing A Nerves Phone 2539 VI 1*(U Rlorj{ui), B. C. l>»vl», MHSMCIII- at FOUNTAINS •everywhere! • rnonc L\)L-J MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 at- FOUNTAINS Kver.v where! THE TOT SHOP Kmythin* for Children Up to fi 110 S. Second Phone 2308 Wednesday tfltr- noon A combination of Philadelphia Summer weathc'i- and kicig lights turned tliis massive hall itUo tin oven. One sweating de legate peered through Hie haze generated by denret ami cigar smokers and remarked : " smoke-filled room in the forces. Two-Man 'Party' Is Organized for Gen. Eisenhower PHILADELPHIA. June 22. (UPj —Two New York veterans yesterday ^^ Before the hall tilled for the kick- opened up campaign headquarters CIO news favoring" Oarma'ii "A i °" °' the Republicans' 21th nation- ; for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in thousand extra copies ot the paper al convention, it wasn't, too tad. llle most modest—but conspicuous were shipped into the district, dur- : Gut " 1C ncal °' 'ig' 1 ^ KliiiinR —Site in Philadelphia. Ing the campaign. .(town from thc high ceiling plus Their base of operations was n The government took up thc Philadelphia's own special brand of battered old jeep, parked ciiree:l challenge. Murray and the CIO .humidity soon began to do its worX. opposite the main entrance of t] were indicted by a federal grand : Newspapermen and delegates clos- swank Bellevuc-Siratfoirt Hotel - Wfy here. i est to tfte platform, on which was the Republican headquarters. Tl'lie caw was heard In District focused Hie intense light of great A huge picture or tSiseiihowei Court here and Judge Ben Moore lamps totalling 50,000 wats, shucked : topped the jeep. And while one of declared the political spending ban : "it'll 1 coats early. i the "Draft EiM-nlion-er" mannei-i an unconstitutional violation of free! I>elcg:Uts Generate Heat i slept, the other handed out i,,ie Moe Jackson vs. Warren Jackson. Mil! for- divorce. 1 Myrtis Shaw «s. Gordon Shaw,' suit for divorce, j THIBESTT'ST FOR WHISKEY.. ft rour some (//ass epeech, press Hllrt assembly. Wallace's .Supporters Plan Arkansas Meeting j Part of the heat was generated usual candidate button and a .by the delegates and convention of-' pamphlet. It said: ficials themselves. They expended; "Our boss was General Dwight billions of ergs of energy pumping'£>. Eisenhower—the man whose each others' hands. ' : mighty leadership brought victim j The coolest plare was the gallery, j to the allies in Europe. He's sa ti ; The big lights missed the people up! time and time again '.hat he Is n t -1 there. a candidate for the presidency of AiTaix£ements Committee Chair- the United States. . June 22. (__ A Universite of Arkansas enulnate j ^mi^Lr"* 1 ? t0 f. a ' V tht>t , 'iV 1: ' ' S ma " Walt cr S. HaJlanan had !i the "We have the crcRtfKt reflect fo .-.uinxirir-i^ tor Henry Wallace for • roughest. It was a hard convention lii-s wish lull we feel that this •10 sjet going. Ho pointed with bis country of ours needs him ami needs president will hold a state convention this week. Cody,' mcnt f< ! gave! 2S times by actual cotml ^ s ^ (i on ^made the announce- , ore hc collld nuke 1)ls VQice heard persons in North "uul" Rock °Sun- I " b ° VC the IU " 1UU "' Cl> ' Ut " le Ae]K ~ day. Wilson said he wa-s named cxecti- Post Favorite gates- There were some things that. narte j you forget the heat now and then. Take the page Kirls. Blondes, tarini- him badly. "We want General Ei.^enhow i nominated aim elected—by Amc Scans!" The two men identified themselves: as Morty Snyder and Johnny who said liiRy U'cre boLh FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN • VOICE Mrs. l)Hl(<.n C. Kowlsion, H.A. and M.S.M. IMIton C. Kowlsion, M.S.M. Certificate A Special I'rice for (he 12-Week Term li Offered Km Information C'al ULYTHEVILI.E S(H9 W« Need SO STUDEBAKER T U D E B A K Chamblin Sales Co. r. "Vnur Krivniliy SI udeliiikei' Deiiler" R. \(. & Asli I'houe 2HI5 We |<md u*r* rurn mirf truckn. S<-«> UA hrforr y<iu sell. ,fv,rnl l;.tr m,,,lrl nr» and trurkl «n »r~ fiii jinn M-)ri linn. ST.HVIOK mTAKTMKNT I'ARTS AM) ACCKS.SORIK.S S T U D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE RS WHEN BUILDING GOOD LUMBER YARD! Buy the Best in Lumber from a 100% HOME OWNED BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. riion* 2S82 .1. Wilson Henry 61 South W. H. I'eas* the TASTE! he PRICE!, "V ' * mess sergeants i» Europe- They em- phasi^eci thnl "we're connected wi'.h nettes, at k-nsl a couple of reti- lieads. Meyer Davis' band plnyect . ... ......... , ..... ... them a special number— "Prcily | no political party or any organized Lit tie Baby Fnce." 1 group." Still, H was hot and smoky. Hut ----- - ---------the di'JegnU's didn't seem to care. They had the look of n hungry bear by u honey tree. They have doubt, whatever tlmt this GOP's big year. Republican National Carroll Recce stopped by the press | , Marriage Licenses ' The following couples obtained Is the 1 marl iage licenses yesterday in the i office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe Chairman I county clerk: t Charles Edward Stewart and Miss Distributed by box Ion? enough to mop his brow i ami size up the show. | "Thi::," he said, "is our greatest convention." Keen Johnson, above, is currently (he favorite for Uic post of Secretary of Labor, to succeed the ln(e I^cwis SehweHonbach. Johnson, an official of a metal ctjinpnny, \ ( .-as formerly undcr- Ec^rc'ary of labor and governor of Kentucky. He is believed lo have the support o£ holh CIO End AKL, and Pr^sirJent Truman is friendly toward him. I>c\vry USPS Oasis l.urr PHILADELPHIA, June 22.— (UP) — While delegiUcs at convention Hall mojjpi'd perspiring faces under the klicg lights, there were cool biTe/e.s and iced tea on the house at the De\vey hesuUniEii tors. j UelCEisitcF. could "and a lot of them i did* relax at tables ii\ the sidewalk j cafe ntcnosptiere of the Bellcvue- | Stratford bnllroom nnd -stp cold .drinks while watching the pioceed- j 'Jicr.s on television. [ "Frankly, I'm not a Dewey n\an ; myself, but anyone who goe-s out I there in that heat before hc has to | is crazy," commented one beefy Mtcl- (•tivc director' of the third party's ' j executive committee. Tlie grottp | J discussed proct'tJurR in placing Wai- ,' i IEUT'S ii.irnc on the s(;itic i 's general ; 1 elect ton ballot in Kovrmbrr, Mary Katharine Lane of Blythe- villc. Edu'iird F. Huffman and Mrs Litlie Marie Huffman of Sikcston. Mo. ; Jame.s Maurice Bnnghnmn and , Miss Allicc Lucille Abbott of Ely- thevUle. Schools Arcii'l Rich DECATUR. Ind. lUP) — Thieves • who entered the office of the Gen- : eva high school were disappointed • at what they found in a safe. After i . hauling it from the office to thc' I school's gymnasium and .spending a long time jimmying the lock, they found S3 In petty cash In one of the drawers. ARACIDE Kills Johnson Gress E. C. Robinson Lumber Company 3lfl West Asli St. Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Rig., Gal Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies Seagram "7" . Calvert .......... 1.35 Bonds ............ 2.25 l-2Pt. Pt. 1.35 2.65 2.65 4.35 Cigarettes (any amount) Ctn. 'And you don't have to buy gasoline) 5th 4.15 4.15 6.90 1.38 SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales - Service - Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO. to be a Big Event Seagram's SEAGRAM'S^CROm BUNOED WHISKtY. 86.8 Ptoo.. G5K G,,in N,.l»l,. FOR SALE ('•cl our prices on tested 12 inch lo 48 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Lei* Osceoia Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 693 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Til* Slzei 4, t >nd II Inch Culvert Tite Slu* It, 12, IS, K, 21, 24, M *n4 3f Inch A. H. WEBB Hirj. II ill out* I.IM rk«w Blrtherillt 71* If you're hurrying—we can rebuild your shoes in shortest lime possible by REAL workmanship. Of cowrs*, close prices, best material. HflLT€RS QUfllLlTY SHO£ SHOP 121 W M « I M S T Local A Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main Sf. Phones: Day 918 Night 2986 /** *(*t *s*cu*y sewce MMS* $n you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer "KvcndiHlly We Will 1(« Ke«»mnicn<lccl lo Voil" altnil >1 First Plione 4.MJ »r 1334 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Does Your Car Need Washing? Greasing? Oil? Tires & Tubes? Tire Repairing? Acme Accessories? Se« Cotton Graham at Cotton Graham Service Station Cities Service Products Ark-Mo Slate Lire 1'hnne 1904 (!afe Now Ol>en i Radio Service • ! at its Beit! i All N«w FM J Test Equipment J All Service Guaranteed i Btytheville Salts Co. ! F«lix Cornxy ! 138 K. Main Phone ,1618 STOP LOOKING/ were ccr rftfaw & COME IN AND SEE THEM EAST END AUTO SALES K. Main Phone 4191 A NATURAL AID TOR EXCESS ACIDITY Mountain Valley U'fller, botU<*<i «nd fMled it the springs, is a uatural aid in eliminating poUont from (he system. Not ft laxntlvc. It works gently llirough thc kidneys. Ask your doctor About thi* ftimous health water from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been proscribed (or more than 15 yeara. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP . Mate an* Mrhlm Blythevillc, Ark.

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